ARCHUMANIA IS HERE: Watch video from Coffman High

David Archuleta Sings National Anthem Amidst Pandemonium

Consider this picture of Beatles fans during “Beatlemania:”

And now watch FOD’er Nancy ER’s video and read her story of the chaos at Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio as David sang the National Anthem tonight (and notice how David takes the DJ to task for introducing him as “your American Idol,” no doubt saying, “No!  That was David Cook!”)

Oh, David Archueleta, we love you.

Nancy ER’s Story:

What an experience. I thought I would have one more chance to get to talk to David and a few photos signed for friends before David mania got too big.

Luckily my boss let me have the day off with short notice. I arrived at the high school about 6:15. I talked to a couple of Snarky people and some others but didn’t find anyone from FOD. I went to get my ticket and dang it. David arrived when I was gone. I went back and the guys from WNCI talked about a short meet and greet if we did it in groups. The girls were screaming without even seeing him. I guess due to tight time schedule and I think the way the girls were acting they didn’t do the meet and greet. They guys came out and said David was already on his way to the field.

I went to the field to find a place to take my video. There was a spot by the rail in the corner that looked pretty good for a good shot of David on the Field. I had an older woman on one side and an older gentleman on the other side. They soon left and 2 girls from Indianapolis took their place. [Note from Jenny: this was Chelsy and Alli from FOD!]  They stated they left as soon as school let out to come to see David. From what I gathered, there were people from New York and Michigan. I am sure other states too.

I knew exactly when David could be seen because of the screams. He was still against the wall so that I couldn’t see him. As soon as he started walking on the field a bunch of screaming girls were behind me. I was smashed against the rail. But I was on a mission to video tape David singing the National Anthem for FOD. I tried to hold the camera as still as I could with all the pushing. I lost sight of David for a bit but recovered. The camera didn’t like the rain or umbrellas. The focus would go in and out.

As soon as David started walking to leave the fans started running after him. I turned to go down the ramp and it was insanity. I had people pushing from behind and trying to get by me. I literally thought I was going to be trampled. It was crazy. I lost sight of David because of the mob. I did make my way to the limo. Security was all over the place. Lucily they had parked the limo along a barrier to block the fans. The limo pulled away but stopped about 50ft away. Fans were flocking around the limo. Dave from WNCI got out an a bunch of girls stuck their cameras through the doorway to get photos. I have seen stuff like this on TV but have never been in the middle of it. ARCHUMANIA is here! It is only going to get stronger.
Nancy ER

And another video from dryeyestrain (the screams, my gosh, are unreal):



*Note from Jenny: I will be posting more videos and stories from Coffman tomorrow morning!

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