Baseball’s been very, very good to us…David Archuleta sings God Bless America

David Archuleta sing (beautifully), God Bless America, July 9th in Dallas, TX. Video credit to DavidFromTexas1 (aka, @DavidFTFOD).


Pics and Vids from Dallas!

Archie fans are….say it with me…….THE BEST!

Aside from David’s video above, check out skydancer1x’s video (because one can never have too many videos from too many angles from too many camera sources).

DavidFTFOD also sent us a few pictures of David in the dugout, signing autographs.  Cool angle we haven’t yet seen! Click to make larger.

Yvette did a great job moonlighting as a photojournalist taking pictures of David from behind the mesh fence.

Click on the picture below to head to her Twitpic page and see what other goodies she has there.

* * * * * * *

David is “HOT!” Sorry…had to do it…read on

David is featured in Hot Magazine from Malaysia. uploaded the scans and they’re great.  Read what David says fans should bring to his concert…and why (hint: cell phone).

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