More SSB buzz…Juan Art…RIP Conditioner….Exotic Ice Cream

David Archuleta "Home" by Juan. So lovely.

Juan’s Epic Fan Art

I just love everything Juan does, but I thought this picture (see lead pic) was just GAWJUSS!

From Juan:

Hey Guys, its Juan!
So over the past couple of months I’ve been pondering what David’s next step in his career will be, and as much as I think about it I have absolutely no clue! However, whatever he decides to do I will be right there supporting him.
In the meantime I created this new “album cover” after hearing the song “Home” by Explosions In The Sky. Its a very beautiful and thought provoking song. Made me think of alot of good things, and it overall just made me happy!
It is also dedicated to my best friend Kylie (she made the animated “Elevator” video).
Thank you for always sharing your art with David’s fans, Juan… <3
* * * * * * *

RIP Conditioner

David tweeted this tonight:

So sad!  That is a long lifespan for a goldfish,  I believe.  I thought we had the only super-goldfish (we as in Pastel’s family) which was with us for 5 years!  It does happen!

And the condolences came in quickly for this family pet …..

David talked fondly about Conditioner in the 2008 (three years ago!) Question and Answer vid.  Watch the whole thing!  Loved his responses here.

* * * * *

SSB on JJJ and NL

Just Jared, Jr. posted some pics and an update on his goings on (AI reunion photo shoot, concert in the Philippines, etc.). Yea JJJ!


Thanks to the ladies at Neon  Limelight who ALWAYS give D the attention he deserves.  “Stunning performance.” SOOOO true…sigh

* * * * * * *


Fun with letters this morning!  David posted the Dodgers’ video with highlights from his performance on his Facebook page.  GO David!

* * * * * * *

Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream…Saffron? Rose Water? Wha?

David visited Mashti Malone’s in LA yesterday.  What an…um…unusal…group of ingredients they use for their ice creams and sorbets. Check out their flavors:

If you live on the west coast of the United States, you can pick up your own pint at Whole Foods.  If you do, let us know what you think?  What’s your favorite flavor?  Does saffron REALLY taste good in ice cream?

Wonder what did David got? Hmmmmm….

* * * * * * *

Steven J. Robinson (David’s new drummer) has a new website!

Thanks for the find, Sutty!  Steven has been awesome with fans via Twitter.  Now you can keep up with his goings on on his new website!! Good on ya, SJR!!

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