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David Archuleta for IC25 in Nashville photo credit~John_AF~

Look at that happiness…that aura thing…. ūüôā Yup, that’s David!

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The Silence Was Broken In Nashville

Fans huddled around their computer screens, the¬†audience¬†in Allen Arena sat in silence (possibly holding their breath), ¬†the countdown clock ticked with ¬†increasing volume and penetration as the time approached zero, and as the 25 hours of silence for “Invisible Children 25” came to a close, an¬†eruption¬†of cheers, squeals, and celebration permeated the arena and our computer speakers!

We listened to an eloquent woman share her story of the horrors and injustice experienced by herself and so many¬†others in Uganda by the LRA in an ongoing 23 year war. She shared her experience with Invisible Children, it’s objectives, and her hope for the future. It was a poignant moment, and it felt like being a part of ¬†this experience along with many friends online, and David was to be something truly special…and it was!

At the close of a nice set by Landon Pigg, David was welcomed to the stage with thunderous applause and many high pitched screams! It was almost as if we were celebrating another kind of “breaking the silence” as well, and a time of new beginning for David and his new “foundation.” He was accompanied by his new fun and communicative drummer Steven J. Robinson and guitarist¬†Brian Green for an acoustic set that brought the houuuuse down!!! David Archuleta is made for an acoustic set! His voice with just the right amount of understated but most excellently offered accompaniment completely “finds you and fills you” in any size venue!

The setlist included The Other Side Of Down (with a better that ever “HUH”), My Hands (has it ever been better???), *A New Original Mashup* ¬†Daniel Bedingfield’s ¬†Gotta Get Thru This with added lines from Sting’s Message in A Bottle (artistic¬†and a very sweet surprise), Crush, ¬†Prayer Of The Children (completely¬†reverent¬†and sublime), and a final duet with Landon Pigg *GAH* Sound Of Silence (Yes! Really ! from the icons Simon and Garfunkel.

If any of you were listening and made it through without any skipped heartbeats, flailing or tears, I’m impressed…I did not. The hosts from IC25 were in awe over David, and rightfully so. His entire mini concert was livestreamed, and at many points they commented on him as a talent and as a person. And David had fun as well!

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“Gotta Get Thru This” and “Sound Of Silence” Up Close!!

Wow! These are 2 ¬†great vids from hughestube1003 !! “Gotta Get Thru This” is first! Listen to the crowd getting ito it! ¬†Thanks Tina @rhiminee for the find!

And 2nd from hughestube1003 (Thank you so much for the uploads) is “Sound Of Silence” Love this duet more ¬†and more every time I listen!

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Vicki in her late evening post shared some of ¬†@Zerogravity1 ‘s awesome twitvids! We also have online streaming video captured by Tom and Annie!

Tom’s Full Concert Vid

Tom (Thop1984) quickly uploaded the entire concert vid. ¬†Click below to watch it on You Tube as I’m not sure I’ve added a > 20 minute vid to the post before and wouldn’t want the site to implode . Thanks so much Tom!! ūüôā

Annie’s Videos

@AnnieDAFG also captured the livestream feed and uploaded the concert into 3 separate vids  (below). Thank you so much for these!!

Part 1~Intro, TOSOD, My Hands, and Gotta Get Thru This

Part 2 ~ Crush and Prayer Of The Children

Part 3~ Sound Of Silence (duet with Landon Pigg)

With very little practice, and despite quite possibly some reading of the lyrics on stage, they delivered a rendition that would have made Simon and Garfunkel proud I’m sure! David took the harmony and slayed it. His lower register¬†sweetly delivered his part, and even in a “back seat” role to the melody, it was a driving force that made the entire song soar! His voice is velvety and rich; plain and simple, David sounds like a true (and maturing) pro! Their voices melted into eachother for a soothing ¬†comfortable blend. Can you tell I loved it? ūüėČ

Upon finishing, the CEO Chris Barber enters the stage and (too quickly) David leaves the stage. A pretty perfect new beginning and an ending to the silence!

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An MP3 “Must Have”

Incredible audio, unmatched vocals, and a perfect resident for your iPod or iPhone! If you missed it on Vicki’s post last night, here it is once again! ¬†The complete ¬†@DavidArchie performance MP3 from @Abrra! Mediafire Account Download link. Thank you Abbra!!!

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A Slideshow!

Thanks to the contributors of this  slideshow! (@John_af, @zerogravity1 (Karin), @PaulaFOD, @ElizabethWood4, and @BrandyT09  I know more pictures will be uploaded and sent today, but I wanted to get a start.

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Tweets Showing Approval

David Archuleta had PLENTY of rousing support for his appearance last night. Here are a some great tweets that showed support! ~Just a few of boatloads!!~ Fun Stuff!

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Sending Out A Creative SOS

Kylie (from Calgary, Canada) was quickly inspired by David’s new original mash-up cover. She sent in the vid below with this description:

Hi Fans of David,

I have been a reader for a long time and am excited to pass along a link of a video I quickly did of David’s newest cover, “Gotta Get Through This.” It was enjoyable to create and edit this for such a fun song!

I’m not an expert at it, so please excuse some of my errors!

Take care,


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Nashville Mentions

MJ has already posted Karin’s twitvid of David’s new original mash-up of “Gotta Get Thru This” Click the logo to head over, watch it again and comment. ūüôā

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Another fun vid from Karen! (@zerogravity1)

Before David actually “Broke The Silence” on stage, he greeted the crowd with a perfect #IC25 “hello” in sign language! Thanks Karin @zerogravity1 !

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Q102 Voting Continues

David’s been running neck and neck with Jennifer. Her fans are fervent! Let’s VOTE go-getters! ¬†ūüôā

~I’ll be adding more news as it comes in today.

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