IT’S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Pictures + Lyrics = Picture Perfect! On Pondering and AI Season 10, David Archuleta’s song list, Marge’s Stand Up to Cancer Story, MomJulee blogs: A virtuous man indeed

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Nothing Else Better to Do Pictorial and Lyrics. Credit: @kricket_rc234

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David Archuleta’s The Other Side of Down: Pictures + Lyrics = Picture Perfect!

Kricket_rc234 was so generous to share some amazing visuals perfectly paired with lyrics from Nothing Else Better to Do, My Kind of Perfect and Falling Stars.  Okay, I begged.

Kricket blends the perfect visuals with the most amazing lyrics.  A perfect pairing!

My Kind of Perfect pictorial and lyrics. Credit: @kricket_rc234

Falling Stars pictorial and lyrics. Credit @kricket_rc234

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I’m still pondering….

Credit: @kricket_rc234

I loved that David Archuleta vlogged about American Idol Season 10 yesterday.  I have to agree that last week’s Thursday show was one of the best since season 7.  But just as Kricket states up above, my heart belongs to Season 7.  Dance away David….such carefree days back then.  Pressure-filled in a different way, but full of wonder and excitement.  As David said on Larry King after the season ended “Who knows what’s going to happen?”.  David, no wonder you love watching AI with your family.  What an exciting time it was!

If you did not catch last Thursday’s American Idol show, David referred to the following performance from Stefano Langone.  Langone, 21, sang a rendition of Smokie Norful‘s ballad “I Need You Now” that impressed the judges after he was picked as one of six contestants to sing his way into one of three wild-card spots.  Good luck Stefano!

And fyi….David Archuleta’s vlog was tweeted to Stefano fans everywhere!  The reaction was outstanding!


About that pondering thing……

I do some of my best pondering just before I leave work.  It’s the time when my brain is still racing and it’s very quiet (yes, everyone is gone other than me and the cleaning staff).  While the vacuum is going, I think about the day and what is to come tomorrow.  Sometimes I continue my pondering on the drive home (safe pondering, of course).  Actually, I think I OVER-ponder!

Good point that David mentioned about capturing your thoughts, though.  I rarely write anything down afterwards.  I assume all those deep thoughts will automatically translate to action, or solve the work or personal problem at hand.  In fact, writing more down might prevent the thinking and re-thinking that often occurs.  Hmmm… I’ll try that strategy and see what happens.

As Vicki suggested yesterday, you are welcome to share your insights by writing us at

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PandasMama needs your help!

Knowing the readers at FOD….I’m sure you can.  Here is Margy’s request!


PandasMama here.  I am writing today to ask for your assistance in a project.  I am trying to compile a relatively comprehensive list of songs we fans have heard David sing. I’ve been researching some sites and have found quite a few but I know I am missing some. I would appreciate it if you could post a link to my blog page from today, March 7. I have a list of 129 songs posted there. I hope to write a short story using many, if not all, of these song titles.

I can’t wait to hear the final story!   And make sure to click on her link.  What an extensive list!

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David vlogs from …. anywhere!

Click to go to the article….

David Archuleta makes yet ANOTHER video blog for his fans… but this time, from a closet! David’s made videos outside, on planes, in airports and now, in a closet. Check out the video above to hear David dish about the new season of American Idol… and more!

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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

We PROMISED to publish our story regarding Stand Up To Cancer last year and, given this is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, we thought now would be the perfect time to tell each of you a bit more about what happened that amazing day in September in LA where DAVID ARCHULETA’S TEAM (i.e. YOUR TEAM!) was recognized for winning the team challenge in the recent SU2C fundraising campaign.  Marge and I were so thrilled to travel with PecanPie to represent David Archuleta’s Crush Kids’ Cancer team.  It’s only fitting that we share our experiences with all of you who contributed so generously!

Here is Marge’s story.   I’ll publish mine in a future post!  PROMISE!

David Archuleta and Marge at Stand Up to Cancer LA Sept 2010

David Archuleta and Marge Stand Up to Cancer - LA, Sept 2010

On Sept.10th, 2010 I had the honor of being invited by S^2C to participate in this year’s televised fundraising event.  It is hard for me to put into words what an amazing experience this was.  From the rehearsals to the red carpet to the main event it was apparent that this was going to be a day that I would not soon forget.

Although I was in the presence of many celebrities the day was not about celebrity status but rather it was about people coming together for a common goal.  It was about fundraising, educating & helping eliminate this awful disease that affects us all.

As many of you already know I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 after

David Archuleta at the SU2C event; photo credit David Daily

a routine screening that I had after watching the first S^2C show.   For this reason being in attendance at this event was truly emotional.

From the day I was diagnosed life as I knew it had suddenly changed.  Although I physically healed without much difficulty, cancer has a way of taking an emotional toll on its victims & their families. It took time and lots of soul searching for me to try & find the good in a bad situation or what you might call that silver lining in the clouds. For me it became obvious that although I had lost a part of myself I had gained so much more.

Through my involvement with S^2C and FOD I established my own support system of friends.  Many of you have shared your stories with me & have offered comforting & supportive words that helped me through difficult times. While I was watching the show and listening to some of the overwhelming statistics I gave much thought to the fact as to how fortunate I was to be there.

David Archuleta and Marge on Red Carpet. SU2C event, Sept 2010

I will share with you that the music was great, there were parties to attend & unlimited entertainment but for me there was so much more. I was in the presence of some wonderful friends who have been with me from the beginning.  I want to personally thank Stacie, Mary Lou,  David & Lauri for being with me on this very special day.

On a lighter note Mary Lou & I looked pretty cool being driven around in our hotel car that just happened to be a Jaguar.  Even a group of tourists that we met while waiting for our bus tour of LA were impressed.

You should all be proud of yourselves for your generosity & support of an amazing cause.

– Marge

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Happy Day!

It’s International Women’s Day and Shrove Tuesday, with pancakes and all, for those of you who celebrate it.  Before I send you off with a lovely blog below, wishing a happy day to all of you!

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Who can find a virtuous [man], for his price is far above tour dates . . .

The following is a guest blog from @momJulee.  As a member of the LDS church, she provides context regarding David Archuleta’s recent attendance and participation at a Young Women’s Conference in California in February, 2011, as we reported this past weekend.

Thanks for your contribution Julee and we appreciate you sharing your perspective with our readers!  Come back anytime 🙂

NOTE:  Due to length of today’s post, I inserted a jump below, but make sure to read it all (I know you will)!

Sister Elaine S. Dalton, center, participates in Young Women Conference on Feb. 4 - 5 with Diana Hoelscher, left, and David Archuleta, right. Credit: LDSChurchNews

David was recently mentioned in the LDSChurchNews as having participated in a Young Women’s conference in California. Besides leaving me wondering, as always, why he never mentions such things (despite multiple tweets from attendees PLUS Brooke White and full page spreads about it in newspapers and on the internet), I also thought it might be helpful to explain a little bit of background and why I personally had a huge smile on my face when I saw this.  It also may or may not be true that I miss blogging. 🙁

First, background: The LDS church has a program for teenage girls (ages 12 – 18) that is called the Young Women program. (A Young Women’s conference is a gathering of a large group of young women in a specific geographical area). The program has been around in various forms ever since the church was organized. For almost 30 years, the program has centered on setting goals around 7 values: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works and Integrity. In October of 2008, Elaine Dalton, who was the newly called general President of the Young Women program, added an 8th value: Virtue.

In a talk that she gave to introduce the new value at the time, Sister Dalton said: “Virtue is a prerequisite . . .to receiving the Spirit’s guidance. Virtue is a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. It encompasses chastity and moral purity. Virtue begins in the heart and in the mind. . .  It is the accumulation of thousands of small decisions and actions. Virtue is a word we don’t hear often in today’s society, but the Latin root word virtus means strength. Virtuous women and men possess a quiet dignity and inner strength. They are confident because they are worthy to receive and be guided by the Holy Ghost. President Monson has counseled: ‘You be the one to make a stand for right, even if you stand alone. Have the moral courage to be a light for others to follow.’”

Hmmmm.  Seeing as how it was 2008, I immediately thought of David Archuleta. (I mean, I never thought about him again after 2008, but during that year I really thought about him a lot).

Prerequisite to receiving the Spirit:✓

High moral standards: ✓

Chastity and moral purity: ✓

Numerous virtuous decisions and actions: ✓

Quiet dignity and inner strength: ✓

Guided by the Holy Ghost: ✓

Stand for the right and be a light for others to follow: ✓ and ✓

I also found two more interesting definitions that apply: Virtue can refer to ‘an order of angels’ and ‘manly excellence and valor’. (I am not making this up). Check marks going out the wazoo: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Sister Dalton closed her remarks by saying: “I truly believe that one virtuous young woman or young man, led by the Spirit, can change the world.”

At the time I was severely tempted to write to Sister Dalton and tell her all about David and how he was doing just that – touching people’s lives, changing the world in small ways each day by inspiring people each time he sang or spoke, by championing virtue. If they wanted a standard bearer for the Virtue Value, you couldn’t get much better than David Archuleta, even if he was a guy instead of a girl. As it was, I just circled, underlined and highlighted the passages in my magazine. And waited patiently for others to see what we already knew.

You can imagine I was more than pleased (and a little vindicated) to see the picture of David and Elaine Dalton together at a Young Women conference on Virtue. Finally and it’s about time! I guess good things DO come to those who wait.

In society today, virtue is not much talked about, in fact, it is frequently ridiculed as being out of date and old-fashioned, especially in men. (Watch this video from ESPN discussing the recent suspension of Brandon Davies from the BYU Basketball team for further evidence and because if I put the words Jimmer Fredette in this article it will get a lot of hits 😉 Mormon men are obviously held to this same standard. And David personifies this value very well. Moreover, he is unafraid to do so. The article about the conference says this about him: In between songs he shared personal stories and bore strong testimony of his belief in the restored Church. He spoke about the value of his temple recommend and how he makes a commitment to attend the temple every week no matter where he is. In keeping with the conference theme of virtue, he also talked about his respect for young women who dress modestly. None of those things – bearing testimony, attending the temple and preferring modesty over not modesty – are popular or cool things to do. They take courage and are not necessarily easy. But as they discuss in the video, there are more important things than being popular and cool, more important things than winning basketball championships and having hit singles. NOT THAT THOSE THINGS ARE BAD! I want them both. But I’d rather have them from people who have not compromised their integrity, who stand for the right and are a light for others to follow, who exhibit ‘manly excellence and valor.’

It’s a lot to ponder . . .

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