Celebrate Saturday! Task du Jour; 3 YEARS AGO! Lopezuleta, Bid on a chance to be “followed”, Tell Live-Nation, CivilWars Backstage, MKOP Cover, Latino Disney, Fanvideo!


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Credit to Kim. January 10, 2009

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Task du jour from David:

Well, this should keep us busy today, since most of the country is hibernating.  I don’t know about your locale, but it’s pretty dang cold in MY neck o’ the woods, haha.   Draw something, take a picture of it and send it to us as an attachment at   fodfrontpage@gmail.com.   Or better yet – twitpic it and send it to us at twitter.com/fodfansofdavid.  We’ll post it!  This sounds like fun!  Woot!  *don’t laugh at me I’m bored*

I’m thinking of  David’s squiggly pig.  That’s pretty famous in the Archuworld, lol.   Maybe he knows we’re climbing the walls during this Archu-drought and he’s trying to amuse us.   Just thinkin’…..


WOW!!!  Lookie what you have all drawn so far!  I’ll keep posting today so KEEP THEM COMING!

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Aired 3 years ago today – Jan. 22 introduced many to David Archuleta

On Tuesday, Jan 22 2008, many of you reading this were introduced to David Archuleta through this audition tape.  If David is reading this, he must be saying…”Wow….has it been 3 years already?”.  It has!  And what a wonderful 3 years it has been for all of us.  The happiness of David and his family in this vid say it all – David was BORN to do this!

Delurk or re-comment especially to let us know what this journey has meant to you.  Post a sentence or two on FOD comments today. We’d love to hear and to have each of you share.

One hundred and forty characters just doesn’t cut it all the time, does it?

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This will get you going on this cold Saturday (in Toronto at least).

Kool and the Gang!  Aww the white shoes!  Thanks for the blast from the past David!

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Lopezuleta <3

That really doesn’t flow off the tongue very easily, does it?

With all the American Idol X buzz this week, People was bound to pick up on this story which we published earlier from Entertainment Weekly ….

Which former contestant provided Jennifer Lopez with her “favorite moment ever” on Idol?

Click below to go right to the site…..

And the answer is……..

That was TOO easy!

I hope David realizes that THIS idol judge said the performance ‘changed my everything‘. A great way to put it JLo!  No argument here.  We totally agree!

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Bid on a Chance to be Followed by……

As the economic times get tougher and tougher, it’s more difficult for charities to thrive.

I have to admire the creativity of Twitchange, where you can bid on a chance to be followed, mentioned or retweeted by a favourite celebrity!  The proceeds go to charity!

So, is @DavidArchie in the Auction?

NOT YET…but keep checking back.  The auction starts on January 29th.

And you can even ask your favourite celebrity consider this campaign…..  Word of Caution:  David does alot of charity work so keep it sane!

Thanks SusanFOD for the find btw!

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LiveNation Wants to Know!

So…whatcha waiting for?  I made it easy.  Just click on the pic below to go directly to their twitter site to fill in the blank.

Let me help you some more – press REPLY and then CUT and PASTE the following:

If I only had to go to ONE concert, it MUST be @DavidArchie.  Tx for asking!

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Backstage at Leno!

Ever wonder what happens backstage before and after those television appearances?

We didn’t get any footage from David in the past but @joywilliams of The Civil Wars gave us a taste of what it’s like.  Click on the link to see how to remove scuff marks from your stilettos (as if all of you don’t already know!) .  Oooops!  I think I was to keep that secret…dang it.

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My Kind of Perfect-Cover

Listen to Mialani from Indonesia.   MKOP sounds quite lovely sung by a female.  I had to get used to it, so listened a few times, but it sounds really good. Esp from Mialani.

A nice story from Mialana on her musical pursuits too.  And she talks about David Archuleta “not only a great performer and also a great person too”.  Starting with To Be With You, she has also sung PandA, which we posted here!

Thanks for the shout-out to FOD!  Keep these videos coming Mialani! YOU ARE TALENTED!!!

Listen, and then GO OVER THERE AND COMMENT!!!

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Viva David Archuleta in Italia!

My pal @LilMermaidAlex posted the following:

@DavidArchie’ Something Bout Love is the theme song of the commercial4a famous Italian TalentShow

Molto grazie Alex!

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Reposting Disney Latino Poll

Deanna asked us to repost this…you can vote once a day!  I still LUV Something ‘Bout Love.  More people need to hear it!

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Fan Video -Feel the Same Way I Do

Finishing this post with a nice fan video – a mixture of stills and video. Tx Greggsfan209

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Well, I’ve done what I can to warm you up this morning.  Have a good day everyone……

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