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When David Archuleta tweets a task, his fans complete it!!

Brunch at Caribe Caribbean Bistro ~photo credit “me” (Joanie)

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A @DavidArchie Caribe Bistro Cruise


A couple of weeks ago, David tweeted a “task” or challenge of sorts to his fans. It was a task that involved food. We all know how much David loves food (especially Thai food). In fact, he recently tweeted that he’s contemplating keeping track of how many times he eats Thai food this year….because David loves numbers and stats and such…and Thai food! But David also loves trying new foods and learning about different cultures, so his task for us involved more than just trying a new restaurant or ethnicity of food. He challenged us to also learn a little about the background of the restaurant’s owners.

And he checked up on us in his “snow” vlog (click to watch it again)

Our group of Minnesota ” David fans” (just a small representation of the MANY MN “David fans”) decided to spring into action! ~Yep David, we listen to you and we love food, too!~

Sharon (Gmax4) with the help of her awesome hubby found “a place to get awayyy” from this cold and lonnnng MN winter. <–(see how I threw in that Parachutes and Airplanes lyric?) It sounded perfect, a Saturday morning Caribbean brunch in St. Paul at “Caribe Caribbean Bistro !”  The sunny yellow cheerful entrance alone made us feel like we were leaving the snow and cold behind!

Once we were inside, the beautifully painted colorful tropical murals transported us to “an island of green and blueberry ice!” <—yep, did it again, another lyric! lol

Our waitress was a sweetheart; she explained all of the Caribbean brunch items to us. Some items contained breadfruit which she described because we were unfamiliar with it. *Our selections* included Sweet Potato Pancakes (mine..to die for), Caribe Eggs Benedict (Sally), Tropical Oatmeal (Sharon), Rundown With Poached Eggs (Laura), Tortilla Espanola (Rebekah), and an order of Cuban Pork Hash (to split because we just wanted to). Here’s what it all looked like and it was all reallly realllly delicious!! ~definitely worth going back for!~ (click pics to enlarge)

We spoke with Tony, the owner. He told us about his Puerto Rican background and then we shared with him what had sparked our (first) visit today to Caribe. Sharon had brought a TOSOD cd for them (I also always carry a backup in my purse if needed lol). I had asked if he was familiar with David Archuleta. He initially mistook him for “the football player David Archuleta,” ( not Ricky or Steven) but guessed “a singer” second!<– (always something good about 2nd 😉 ) Then, near the end of our meal, Tony came back to our table with a camera. We’d seen a few patron photos on their website, and were happy to oblige him by posing for what we initially thought was a photo while he continued to chat with us…. Watch below as Tony proceeded to record us!

Dear David, if you ever happen to see this, you’ll know once again how much your fans really do love to listen to you, celebrate you, and are willing to support you and your awesome music in every opportune moment! You’re just soooo worth it!!  At one point I turned to the others that day and commented on how very cool it was that we were there together because we were following the “inspiration and challenge” of a 20 yr old! Now that’s what I call positive influence!

*note* The video was made by Tony’s wife, Heidi who did an amazing job..and she used David’s music!! 🙂

Since our visit, I’ve emailed back and forth a few times with  Tony’s lovely wife, co-owner, and resident artist at Caribe. I’ve shared a little more about David with her and encouraged them to follow him on twitter @DavidArchie as he’s “very thoughtful, funny, and he loves food!”

I’ll share just a little of what Heidi said: ” How cool you all met because you are fans of his. I love stories like that. And Tony really had fun meeting you all. That’s one of his favorite parts about having a restaurant is getting to meet the people who come in.” ~AND~ They uploaded the cd to their iTunes and have been enjoying it! “ I really do like David’s music. He’s very talented; especially for being so young.”

“You never know what you’re gonna get what you don’t expect can come and find youuuu~” David’s right, and because we’re “willing,” there have been many sweet surprises on this journey with him! Following his “food task” and having a wonderful experience and brunch at Caribe with my beautiful “David friends” was yet another. I hope someday when David is back here to sing for us and experience some of that “Minnesota nice,” that he might also be able to visit Caribe Caribbean Bistro for a meal and chat with Tony, himself! 🙂

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Exclusive Interview with Samara Rivera

“If you want miracles to happen in your life, you have to put forth the effort and be willing to work hard” ~David Archuleta~

Samara Rivera from vivalariviera conducted an exclusive phone interview with David yesterday, and it is now posted to You Tube. It’s a nice very near 16 minute interview in which David talks about Idol, his “new single” Falling Stars, (helloooo my radio station) his new cd “The Other Side Of Down,” and a Spanish CD as a goal. Then Samara asks him about favorite Honduran dishes where he mentions many things ( Need Zully’s help here) but he likes many things! 🙂 He also talks about “fame” and how he views that changes it’s made in his life while he strives to stay the same while sharing his music. It’s a very nice interview and I especially LOVE the portion where David shares some of his Spanish speaking ability while voicing that he’d love to improve his “Spanish” as it allows him to relate to more people!  (Love that David! 🙂 )

Translation from Zully ~

David said

“I speak a little bit, but not too much, I am learning I practice with my Abuelita cause she doesn’t speak too much English and my grafather doenst know English only Spanish so when I am with them , I speak Spanish. I am learning!, I like to practice when there are people in restaurants like pupuserias, Catrachos restaurants (Honduran Restaurants ♥♥♥) and with my moms family and I don’t know …. ”

I cant believe he said Catracho restaurants!!!!! lol ahhh I love him! (from Zully)

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AOL Radio:Top 10 American Idol Songs

and Crush is in at #1 Woot! ?

This was tweeted but @Aolradio  this afternoon! I love all the voting and comments when we get news like this!!

And as we scroll down though the countdown past the likes of… “Heartless” by Kris Allen at #9, …”No Air” by Jordin Sparks at #6,…. Carrie Underwood with “Before He Cheats” at #4, Kelly Clarkson “Breakaway” at #3, Daughtry  #2 with “Home” , to The biggest and brightest numero uno (that’s #1 en Espanol as I’m practicing my Spanish today) which is David Archuleta with Crush!!!  CLICK HERE to read through the entire list of top 10 songs,listen to “Crush,” and be sure to read through some of the great comments.

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New SWRV Vid: My Kind Of Perfect Gal

It’s short and sweet, but in SWRV’s latest vid, David gives us a very nice little description of the “right” kind of girl for him!

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Vote for David Archuleta on the Favorite American Idol Alum Poll on Yahoo!

How can David only be at 5%?  We can fix that right quick right?  Click on the pick below to go to this yahoo.com poll.

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