It’s a Fanbase THROWdown.. Vote VH1 Top 20

Have you voted today? Have you voted like we have something to prove? Have you voted like we can show the world that we are one heck of a FORCE to be dealt with?

It’s like they DARED us to vote David Archuleta higher. You bought the single; you bought the music video; you spent thousands on concerts… but right, now.. the thing YOU can do is VOTE your tails off. The charts… well the charts are a little out of our control. Radio spins..only so much we can do.

The Vh1 Countdown… that is ALLLLLLL US baby. So, GET TO IT.

And if you feel like it.. I’m remembering a little pledge we did on one of the fan boards during that TV show thing we were all once too wrapped up in….

“I Gail, do pledge to vote my tail off on the Vh1 Countdown between now and late Friday night. I will vote for David Archuleta and only David Archuleta. I will get the job done. Not someone else… not some other time. Me. Now.”

What about you?? Can you say this?

Seriously though, do you have any idea what a coup it would be to knock Daughtry out of first place? (no offense to Daughtry).. and Simon’s pet Leona? (no offense to Leona).

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