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Live Interview Chat with Margret Cassidy Robinson Tonight at 8pm ET on FOD!

Join FOD tonight at 8pm ET as Gail interviews Margret Cassidy Robinson!

Fan Sees Eva Cassidy Peform Live

In anticipation of Margret’s interview, FOD’er KT emailed me a beautiful, poignant story about seeing Eva Cassidy perform live and then experiencing the power of David Archuleta.

The Call that Did not Happen


It was Friday afternoon and I was tired from a long week at work filled with deadlines and office politics and I needed a break.  My boyfriend called and echoed similar sentiments and we decided that a Friday night filled with soulful music was in order.  But what plans can be made at the last minute…where can we go to receive the much needed break from our hectic schedule? There were a few places in town that occasionally featured bluesy soulful singers but neither of us had to energy to call around so we decided to go to Fleetwoods, a club in town owned and operated by Mick Fleetwood which provided an excellent venue for regional artists to perform.  I offered to call Fleetwoods just to check who was performing but the decision was made to just take our chances and go..  We were escorted to seats fairly close to the stage and slumped into the chairs when the waitress greeted us for our order.  We anxiously asked what band was playing and as she named the band we were slightly disappointed, not because the band was bad…no they were good but they simply weren’t a bluesy soulful band.  We lamented that we should have called ahead and agreed to do so next time.  Soon, however, we discovered that had we made that call we might have missed an amazing, unforgettable experience.  


I Would Like to Invite a Guest Vocalist to Join us on Stage


The band started playing and was greeted warmly by a sold out Friday night crowd.  The crowd mostly listened to the band but also ate their dinner and talked to friends at nearby tables.  About half way through the first set, the lead singer said that she wanted to invite a guest vocalist to join them on stage and motioned to someone from the back of the room to join the band.


I looked back and saw a pretty but plain woman, with her face almost devoid of any expression, walking to the stage.  Her body language suggested she rather be at home reading a good book than walking up to that stage.  I remember thinking oh this doesn’t look too good and almost feeling embarrassed for her in advance..


Dropping Jaws


As the guest vocalist got up to the stage and strapped the guitar around her shoulder; the two singers looked at each other and nodded as if to say let’s get this party started. 


The minute the guest vocalist started to sing my jaw dropped to the ground in awe.  Simply put I was blown away.  All of a sudden, eating stopped, conversation subsided and all eyes turned towards the stage in disbelief as to what we were hearing.  I looked around at the others in the audience wondering whether they were feeling the same and I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were mesmerized.  At the end of the song, the lead vocalist of the band said; “ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Eva Cassidy”.  


Left you Wanting More


Eva finished the rest of the first set and I hadn’t experienced anything like it before.  By the response, I could tell the audience felt the same way…the collective feeling was palpable.  Who was this person, where did she come from…why haven’t I heard of her before?  I didn’t know the answers to those questions but did know one thing, that whenever we had the chance to hear her sing again, we would go.  We were lucky to see her perform 6 more times before she lost her battle to cancer.  I felt so sad that the rest of the world would not experience her special talent but I was thankfully wrong as the power of her gift was recognized on an international level and rightfully so.  I felt so honored to have witnessed her talent in person. 


I have always loved music.  There were musicians that I appreciated, songs that I really connected with and certain performances that were memorable; but in retrospect, listening to Eva was the first time in my life that I had really felt someone’s music.  I didn’t just hear it…I felt it.  And there has been no other artist that has made me feel the same since, that is, until this year when I heard David sing.  


Makes Perfect Sense


It made perfect sense to me when I heard David say that Eva was a special artist for him.  I saw the comparisons immediately.  Like Eva, in listening to David perform I noticed:


His music doesn’t originate from him or end with him but flows through him.

His humility and shyness on stage boldly states that this is not about me but the music

He does not want to compromise his convictions for the sake of a dollar or fame

His music is 3 dimensional affecting the body, mind and soul.


I feel his music.  It doesn’t matter the venue, the song or the setting; every time he sings I feel his music.  That is a special gift.


Why Do I Feel Like This


By any objective measure my life is blessed in so many ways.  A couple of years ago I felt as though I was not living up to the important adage:  to whom much is given much is expected.  So I sought some advice from a very special person in my life, my uncle, who humbly served others for close to 50 years as a priest.  We couldn’t sit in a restaurant, walk down a street, go to the theater or attend a sporting event without at least one person stopping to say hello and offer special wishes to my uncle.  He touched so many lives that it was incomprehensible to me.  I thought he could offer some valuable insight.  He said that he would try to help but truth be told he was trying every day to earn his way into heaven and that he was no different than me or anyone else.  His humility didn’t surprise me but I didn’t truly understand the importance of what he said until a couple months later.  I received a devastating call that my beautiful uncle went to sleep and never woke up.  Being overcome with sorrow, I traveled to his humble room and sat on his bed trying to come to grips with his passing.  I saw a cross hanging above his bed and grasped it in my hands seeking comfort.  I soon noticed that the back of the cross was engraved with the words, “Christ is Counting on You” and in that moment I completely understood that his challenge was so immense how could he believe that it would ever be achieved.


So as this year began, this young man named David Archuleta arrives and I couldn’t understand why he made me feel the way I did.  I was somewhat baffled by it…I spent time trying to figure it out.  I finally had an “ah ha” moment.  I read a quote from someone attending one of the concerts that David said, ““This is why I do this. This is why I can’t get a big head, because it’s not coming from me. That’s what I like about it, it’s all in the music, you don’t have to say anything.”  In that moment I remembered my uncle and knew that David understood that Christ is counting on him….and I can see, that he is delivering in a big way. Plain and simple:  I felt uncomfortable because I had not made any noticeable progress in my effort to make a difference and the actions, words, deeds and voice of this seventeen year old provided a bold reminder.  


One Regret


Writing something like this is very atypical for me as I am an intensely private person.  But I share my experiences and thoughts for a couple of reasons.


I regret never telling Eva what her music meant to me and would like her family to know that she was so special and that her music really touched my life.  I take frequent opportunities to share her special gift with my friends and family. 


I was hopeful to have an opportunity to share this story with David in person.  I wanted him to truly understand, from my perspective, how special he is and the contributions he is making.  But it seems unlikely that I will meet him.  I thought that if I didn’t write this now that I may never do so and felt it was important to share my sentiments and to offer him a humble thank you.  It is my hope that this message makes it way to him.


What To Do with This


As for me…I have finally taken the step towards making a contribution. In another “ah ha” moment, after thinking about doing it for a couple of years…I finally made the call to volunteer at Make a Wish Foundation.  It is a small but important first step.


Thank you for sharing that, KT!




Margret sent me this video of a hug campaign with Eva’s “Imagine” playing in the background.  Pay heed to the expression on some of these people’s faces.  Life is beautiful.  I’m going to hug a lot of people today.

New Blog from David On MySpace

Be sure to go his MySpace and leave him a comment!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


My album is almost done!

Hey guys! We’re getting close to making final decisions on which songs are going to go on the album, and it’s pretty exciting! The last few days have mainly been recording still, and just finalizing the songs to see which ones will be the best fit. If you’ve been reading the blogs I’ve been doing, then you probably already know about what happened this weekend with my brother and sisters visiting to come to Miley Cyrus’s sweet 16. It was a lot of fun, and it was cool being able to spend some time with them. It was just unbelievable how big of a birthday party it was! I’ve never seen anything like that haha. I put some pictures up on the alloy blog, but I have some more to show to you guys too. So last night I helped out Brooke and her Husband, Dave, with rearranging their stuff in the bedroom haha. I don’t think I was a whole lot of help, but it was still fun. We listened to music, talked, and… moved stuff around lol. Brooke’s been in Arizona for the past week or so, so it’s nice to have her back! But she’s actually going to try and give me a haircut here before I leave to do some more recording. Brooke’s awesome haha. We only have a little bit of time for that though so I better get going and I’ll talk to you guys later!

P.S. A song I’ve really liked lately is Little Things by Colbie Caillat. So if you’re looking for a song to listen to and you haven’t heard it before, you should check it out.

Fan Pictures from Tulsa and Pittsburgh

Yes, there’s a wee bit of a warning attached to this first picture…

Amanda 1

Amanda 1

It’s never too late to send me your pictures!  Send them to Jenny at 

Thanks to Pam M. (Tulsa) and Amanda (Pittsburgh)!

Join us tonight for Margret’s chat!  8pm ET!

David on Memphis radio station this morning!

If you missed the interview, here is the MP3!  Wow!  I was quick for once!  Click the link below:

Click here to listen to the interview: q1075-interview

Q107.5 interviewed David early this morning.  A brief recap:

  • David misses the tour and being with everyone.
  • He just started songwriting last week and hopes that some of his own songs will make it onto the album: those decisions are being made now.
  • He doesn’t feel like he started singing too early in life: he really started to gain confidence in his performance when he learned how to sing with “soul” after watching Season 1 of American Idol.
  • His dad is a “cool, laid-back guy” who “keeps me grounded.” 

Thanks for the shout-outs to FOD this week, Q107.5!







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