Wichita Pink Ribbon Debrief: We Came, We Moshed, We Conquered

David Archuleta brings great people together, and tonight’s Pink Ribbon Benefit in Wichita, KS was certainly no exception! As many of you heard, David is a bit sick but his vocals were so solid that one would have never known he hadn’t just had the best day ever!

The set opened with Something ‘Bout Love. If the song had it’s own personality, I would say SBL walked out on the stage and said “I’m The King of the World and I will own all of you Right NOW!” It just came out with so much energy. The crowd really lit up when the song began. Speaking of the crowd……….

Mosh PiT from Heck: I’ve never been so glad for my Central Kansas Farm Girl Body type in all of my life. Imagine the force of a thousand 14 yr olds pressing your body against a solid fence. It was crazy, crazy, crazy and unsafe!

Elevator was next and gosh it’s nice to hear new material. David’s voice was strong during this track and crazy confident. He was having a great time and commanding the stage.

And then some magic really happened. Its a blur so I’m excited to see the vids, but David’s voice on Falling Stars just, well, it just did what it does in a large space. It soars. It surrounds you and makes you happy to be alive, right were you are, in a mosh pit, in Kansas, with people you barely know but who are the friends you’ve known forever.

The set closed (I think? It’s a blur) with Crush and the crowd sang along. We made it out of the pit ok thankfully!

The anticipation of the possible duet with Natasha Bedingfield was hard to forget so it made listening to the test if the show tolerable. She. Is. Stunning! I held out hope up until the lights came up, but it just wasn’t meant to be this time /happy sigh. I could feel you all hoping along with us

Thanks to so many Archies that I met for the first time tonight! I hope to see you all again soon.

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