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Yes, we have a warning this morning.

David Archuleta chats with a fan during the after-party at the final concert in Tulsa. PIcture credit to Angela.

Let’s have another warning picture, just for fun. WARNING! WARNING!

David Archuleta signs autographs before the concert in Tulsa. Picture credit to Angela.

Brett Update: Chinese food; Lupe and the Archu-siblings; Album cover photoshoot; Songs on the debut album; David coming home soon; Corn maze; David’s reaction to the certain wardrobe choices in the “Crush” video. WHEW!

I spoke with Brett Hales (a close family friend of the Archuletas) recently and talked to him about All Things Archuleta. I have to feed the FOD’ers, after all; they are a hungry bunch (I’m including myself in that bevy). So here we go…

Have you been able to spend any time at all with David since the conclusion of the tour?

No, not a lot of time…we got home Sunday and the next evening (Monday) we spent the evening with their immediate family, yes, that includes David and our immediate family…we had a Chinese dinner from the Asian Star…has become tradition with the Hales/Archuletas. We had it brought in and then we had a wonderful Family Home Evening together. Our daughter Ashlee shared a beautiful message about following the spirit at all times. We sang a couple of songs, notice WE, not just David…all of us sang…then we just hung out and had a great evening together!

How are Lupe and the Archu-siblings?

Lupe and the kids seem great! School’s started and everyone seems to be doing good…in saying that, it’s obviously hard to have your husband/father and sibling gone so much, but they deal with it quite well. They have lots of support here!!!

What do you and Cindy think about the album cover? Did you see other pictures from the photoshoot?

We absolutely love the album cover! I’m sure David had the last word, but Jeff and Lupe were definitely involved also and probably the recording people. We saw some of the other pictures…they were pretty awesome looking…similar to what you can see on [the YouTube video]. It seemed like it was in the Bronx area and we saw several pics of David standing on a ladder…probably some of my favorites were on the ladder. He took quite a few serious looking pics and they were some of our faves…I don’t think we initially saw the one that’s on the cover, but one that was similar to that look was our fave! Most of these pics were a more mature David look…

If you have heard possible songs for the album, what is your overall impression? Any hints for us?

We have heard several songs on the album…my impression…well a few made me cry…now that’s embarrassing to admit…I was overcome with one of them…big time! Seems like so many had these beautiful and meaningful messages…no surprise there! One was a little bit “attitude-y”…if you know what I mean and it may have been one of my faves…I think it was! I was floored how good all the songs that I heard sounded! I don’t know why I’d be surprised, but I was pleasantly surprised! Yes Pop and Rock of course! Of course we don’t know if any of the songs we heard will actually go on the album! I assume some will…

Will David be coming home to Utah soon?

Yes, David will be coming back to Utah soon…for his privacy we don’t pass on when, but he definitely will get to spend some time home…I hope he gets to rest and play!!!

Are you going to visit the corn maze?

Yes, we are planning on going soon with the Archuletas (minus David and Jeff).

Anything else you would like to add?

I have to tell you that I had the opportunity of watching the Crush video in advance. There were a couple of parts that showed a close up of this young girl doing a cart wheel in her swimming suit. I remember thinking, that shot looks a little too close with her swim suit on…purely my feelings…not anyone else. Then when the “real” one came out…there’s that same young lady, doing that same cartwheel and she has shorts over her swim suit and there was only one shot of her, not two, like I had seen previously! I called Jeff and said what’s up with that…he said “David said this video represents him”…that’s all I’ll say, but can you believe this “Kid”…17 yr old “Kid”…who is he? I love this kid (young man) more and more and more and more…my kids, some are older, some close to his age and some younger…have known David for a long time and their respect for him keeps increasing!!! When will this ever stop? We hope NEVER!!! Plan on it…NEVER!!!


I reflect back when I was very ill with my MS. I was in the ICU and was on a feeding tube and NOT liking it (too bad…sometimes we don’t get what we want)!!! I was so bad that I was bed-ridden at the time. When I came home, I remember so well on a few occasions when David would come over and be singing Karaoke with my daughter and her friends…I could hear them singing from my bedroom and one night I remember, so distinctively, David singing and feeling like I could get right up and walk (I was using a wheelchair at that time). I felt such a strong spirit in our home and knew then that this kid was “going places”!!!
I had several opportunities back when I served as an LDS bishop (I was not David’s bishop…we are in the ward next to them) to visit with David and would ask him to participate in firesides, baptisms etc…and I remember saying to him; “David, one day your music will go throughout the world”…I’m not sure I truly knew what I was saying, but looking back on it…that feeling that I had has obviously come to pass…Our family has been so blessed being a part of the Archuleta’s lives and living this experience with them, in such a small way! I will be forever grateful to Jeff and Lupe for asking me to help out with the media during AI…my wife and I have said several times…”that’s what kept me going” and so far so good!!!

Thank you, Brett! We are so happy you are an FOD’er!

David #15 on VH1 Top 20 Countdown!

Congratulations, David!  What a thrill it was to see “Crush” on the Top 20!  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for next week!  Let’s get him to #1!  And in case you missed it, scroll down to replay Gail’s live blog from this morning.  It was fun to chat and watch at the same time!

Update on Thank-You Project

Thank you so much to those of you who submitted videos or pictures for the thank-you video for David. Over 155 of you! WHEW! The project is coming along nicely, and I plan to post the video next week. I think David’s going to love it! Note: some of the captions for the pictures were a bit long, so I had to exercise some editorial privilege.

Results of Demographic Poll: Who are the FOD’ers?

We are a diverse group! Perhaps this won’t surprise anyone, but of the 1,388 fans who responded to our age/gender poll, 82% were females:

20%: Females 45-54

16%: Females 35-44

15%: Females 12-17

12%: Females 18-25

11%: Females 55 and up

8%: Females 26-34

5%: Males 18-25

4%: Males 12-17

2%: Males 45-54

2%: Males 35-44

2%: Males 55 and up

2%: Males 26-34

Less than 1%: Females and Males 12 and under

While our male contingency is spread pretty evenly across the age demographic (with a slight edge to the college-age males), our female fans are comprised mostly of women age 35 and up, although I was pleased to find that there were many more teenage and college-age females visiting FOD than I had predicted. The big surprise: where are the women aged 26-34?

As far as region is concerned, 76% of our fans responding to the poll are from the United States, with 30% of those USA fans located in the East North Central or Pacific regions. Canada and Eastern Asia had a large response as well, but what thrilled me that EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD was represented with the one exception of Africa. This provides a nice segue to the next section of this blog…

David on the International Scene: Malaysia

Here is a special note from Jolene O. in Malaysia:

I just like to let you guys know David is BIG here in Malaysia too. Last week there was a radio station named Flyfm that made the whole week as “David Archuleta Week” because of the overwhelming requests for David’s Crush. So they decided to make all the Arch Angels happy by lettng us indulge in our Archie Fan moments to the max.

Here’s the link to what they had during the Archuleta Week and what the deejays have got to say about David, oh they LOVE David too!!! And they said there’s nothing wrong for a guy to like David’s music…in fact, there was a guy listener that sent them a message saying that David got him to listen to radio again!!! You guys really have to check this out.

So in return the fans sent a lot of gifts to the radio station which really touched them as how nice Archie fans can be Here’s the link to the pictures of gifts and messages from the fans, the deejays made these photos, it was really sweet…

Hope you guys enjoy this news as much as all of us here in Malaysia. David’s love for music has spread all over the world, there’s no turning back, ODD is getting worse here 😉

Fan Pictures from Cathy (Houston), Laura K. (Kansas City), and Angela (Tulsa):

Click the thumbnails to make the pictures bigger! Let’s have a nice big picture to get us started…


Click “Read the rest of this entry” for a story from Angela (Tulsa).


Angela’s Story:

Well, should I go, should I not go, should I go, do I have money to go, NO! but you know what? Sometimes you just have to do what you feel in your heart and going to Tulsa was one of those things. My gracious husband said, “GO”. With a little prodding from Shari & Kalei, I said, “I am going!” (also knowing that this was going to be my Christmas / birthday / mothers day gifts for at least the next couple of years, but hey all worth it!!)

My good friend Julie (who is now a Castroleta) and I traveled from LA with a connecting flight in Phoenix. In Arizona I was able to meet up with Shari (what an awesome person and my new buddy!) Julie and I met Shari at the Los Angeles concert back in July. We both were a little disappointed with that concert. Not that it wasn’t amazing to hear David sing, but the fact we didn’t get to meet David. In Los Angeles David never came out for the meet and greet, bummer, yes! After the concert we rushed outside to find that there were about 100+ other people there waiting. David did come out, but right when he was making his way towards us, Ray whisked him away. Awe… Bye David!

“That was it”, I thought. I never did get to tell him Thank You! (I really needed to tell David thank you, because he really helped me, as I am sure a lot of others, thru a hard time in my life the beginning of the year.)
When arriving at the lovely Doubletree Hotel – Shari, Julie and I were at this point pretty giddy. I started to walk in thru the revolving door with my suitcase in tow, only to find that my bag was stuck in the door. I was laughing so hard and probably looked like a dufus. I looked up to find that all these people on the stairs were most likely getting a good laugh too. I finally made my way into the lobby and looked over to my right. Who do you think I saw on his cell phone? “Richard!!” I practically yelled it. He came over and gave me a hug as I introduced myself. Within minutes all those people on the stairs walked over. Yep, Karla and April and the rest of the FOD gang! A little embarrassed by my trying to get in the door fiasco, but there were hugs all around! It was amazing to see everyone in person. It was like we had known each other forever.

The rest of the evening was great! We were off to El Guapo’s – home of the saucy burrito! We got to sit at the same table that David Cook’s band was sitting at right before we were there. We also learned some cool facts about Cook from the waitress who new someone, who knew someone else and there was something to do with Cook’s roommate involved too. LOL Yummy food though!

Bowling any one! It was 11:30pm and we went bowling – some good advice – never follow Richard in the car!! Scary! And watch out for skunks! Getting to the bowling alley was an adventure in itself. Bowling was a blast! And NO I am not a “Bowling Queen” I just happened to have a magical ball that night – ha ha! At the bowling alley Kalei arrived from Hawaii -YAY!! (Such a sweet person!) and the rest of the FOD gang that drove in from Texas. WOW! More hugs!! I was just amazed at how we all connected, these are some wonderful people!

Saturday was David Day!! My dream of meeting and telling David Thank You was in sight. We all walked down to the BOK together at about 11am. We all had our David shirts on, gifts in hand and Kalei’s awesome Starstruck poster. WOW lots a people were there. Flashbacks of the LA concert were in my head. Jen had staked out a good spot for us, but than hysteria broke and everyone went running to the other side of the building. Well I think it was security planning there little strategy so they could set up the barricades. Anyway, a lot of running was involved. Finally we got our spot (barely) in the front. Julie and I were hanging on for dear life afraid to move an inch or we may loose our ½ inch of space, but we managed. Awe, there he was, David! He came out all smiles and waving. He started down on the one end and was taking his time with everyone, laughing and smiling like no tomorrow. As he started getting closer to our FOD group, the little space around me started getting smaller and smaller. As I was being shoved into the railing (I have bruises to show for it) I quickly handed him my gift and gave him a picture to sign. I than moved feverishly out of there. I wanted to let someone else have a turn with David. But wait, dang it! I forgot to tell him what I came there to do – thank him! My 4 seconds with David came and went in a blink of an eye.

Concert Time – The concert was amazing! The Idols all did great! But David, well we all know about David. Gosh, he just takes your breathe away when he sings! He has a power and radiance to his voice that grabs you and pierces your heart and soul. I was in tears. Just so proud of how far he has come, all the accomplishments he has made up to this point, and just thinking of the bright, bright future that is ahead for him. I didn’t even take pictures of his set because I wanted to be able to take it all in, and I did!! (Thanks Jen for taking pics for all of us!!)

The After Party – (still in tears thinking about this!!) I was speechless. Knowing I now had my chance to say what I needed to say to David. This was the moment. I waited patiently to meet him. As I stood there waiting my turn – you could just see the glow on David’s face and his smile just lit up the room. It was my turn, YAY! I straight out said, “Hi David I am Angela and I just wanted to say Thank You – you are truly amazing!” And David said, “Awe thanks!” he probably thought I was nuts, because I said it so fast, but I got it out! Than he said, “have you met my grandmother, she is here from Florida”. I said, “Oh that is so special she was able to be here for your last show”. He said, “oh sorry that was random” – ha ha! (That’s our David!) I than quickly had him sign a couple more things and got a picture with him. Just amazing!! As I walked out of the room I stopped and talked with Jeff – what a great guy. He sat and talked with me, Shari and Julie for about 15 minutes. He was just so easy to talk with and so kind hearted. I also was able to run over and meet Lupe, so beautiful and sweet. She loved to here about my kids. I just applaud her for all that she has been thru these last 9 months as well. What a strong women she is. As the lights started flickering on and off – our David was the last of the Idols to leave (of course). But we were all able to get one last hug and say our goodbyes. I told him we could not wait for his SOLO tour in 2009 and he just giggled – ha ha!

To top this whole weekend off we were so blessed to have been able to hear Richard play the piano and sing in church on Sunday – absolutely amazing! More tears and Kleenex!!

I have been on chat since the beginning of the “nameless” fan site, and to have been able to meet some of you after so long will be something I will treasure. I feel that I have been touched by Angels. These past months on this American Idol journey with David has been nothing like I have ever imagined. David is not only an amazing talent, but he has brought so many of us together from all over the world. That is something pretty dang special!!!! There are other special Angels hanging around too. None of this could have been possible without Richard, Karla, April, Becky, Jenny, Gail and all the MODS. Thanks for making this the best of the best fan sites for David. You have created this special E-family that I will forever cherish and I am proud to be a part of. I can not wait to see what is next on this wonderful “David” journey!

**HUGS** to all of you!

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