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Day Off

After my Richard-imposed “day off” from producing content for FOD, I am happy to report that I not only survived, but flourished! We ripped up the carpet in our living room and contemplated how to refinish the original hardwood floors underneath (hold on, it gets better). I graded essays (I teach college freshman composition); oh, wait, that’s pretty dull, too…but now for the good part! The hubby and I took the kids to a nearby state park and had a lovely day: we hiked down through a beautiful woods to gaze upon ancient Native American ceremonial mounds, waded through the river to pick up mullusk shells, and hiked back through the woods to bird-watch. Although I must admit, as I was frolicking amongst the trees I thought about David Archuleta’s comment about hiking away from friends while on a camping trip in order to “vocalize” for a few hours by himself. Can you imagine happening upon David Archuleta vocalizing in the woods? Okay, sorry; I strayed there for a moment. Anyone else have a Sunday report?

WARNING! Awwww…back to the warnings…doesn’t it feel nice?

David Archuleta meets and greets fan at Ford Day on September 19th. Picture credit to Pam.

How about another one, since we missed yesterday? Are you ready?

“Really?” Picture credit to Pam.

Close-Up Version of Crush Live at Ford Day!

Credit to MiMiCook.

Pam’s Book to David From Dude Fans for David!

FOD’er Pam has been working hard to put together a tribute book for David from his male fans, and while she was not allowed to hand the book to David personally at Ford Day (read her story below), she was able to give it to Jeff and explain it to him:

Ford Day Pictures from Amy W., Dominic, Pam, Janey, and Patty!

Picture credit to Patty.

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Crush on the Charts

Billboard Hot 100: #32

iTunes Top 100: #7

iTunes Videos: #1

iTunes Pop 100: #4

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Winner to Stand Up 2 Cancer Tour Book

Congratulations to the winner of the SU2C American Idol Tour Book (that book contains some killer pictures of David Archuleta): Judith! Way to go, Judith! The winner was chosen randomly from all fans who donated money to the SU2C Crush Kids Cancer team.

Judith would like to add:

THANK YOU to the “The Great Enabler” hubby of ArchieFanDoc who was the generous soul that went and actually got the autographs and donated this priceless treasure to promote the Crush Kids Cancer fund.  It was a beautiful thing for them to do and as the lucky recipient I am most appreciative.  I know David would say…”Awesome you guys”.  ArchieFanDoc your husband is a special guy!

16-Year-Old James from Canada Covers Crush on the Piano

James,16, from Ontario, Canada, sent me this YouTube video of himself performing an instrumental cover of “Crush” on the piano. The video is just the audio, by the way. This is a must-listen. WOW, JAMES! Can you sing, too?! Let’s hear it for another amazing teenager!

Click “Read the rest of the entry” to read Ford Day stories from Amy, Pam, Janey, Sophie, and Patty! WOOT!


Amy’s Story:

Wow what a summer I can hardly believe a heart could hold this much joy, and the Ford day mini concert just put me over the moon. I loved hearing David on tour but hearing him sing in a small hall no background singer, guitar, just David and the piano was unbelievable nothing I say will compare to how good he sounded or how his voice moved me I was so awestricken. I was planning on recording Crush if he sang it, but after angels I had such a struggle with in because I could not even move to get my camera and I did not want to see the concert through the lens. So I finally managed to get the camera and I held it up but just watched him so if the videos a little shaky that’s why. Both Cook and David were hospitable it felt like family sitting down talking nothing rushed or hurried. After the concert they stayed for and hour and a half signing autographs talking to people taking pictures just enjoying themselves. I had the strangest thing happen as I was among the mad house of people who wanted to just be near there Idols, I stepped backed and watched, took it in because this was my last time I’ll see him until his solo tour and I want to remember it, I all ready had his autograph and I knew I would get my chance to talked to him when the room thinned out. I got up on a chair and took just a ton of pictures. He is so gracious and kind there was a group of young kids and he bent down and talked to them it’s something I’ll never forget. I had a few things I really needed one being a good picture with David try’s 1 and 2 were not good.(check) I had a gift and letter I wanted to give him and when we got to the event there was a sign that said “IDOL FANS NO POSTERS AND GIFTS ALLOWED” I almost died but I did what every frantic fan would do and I hid it my purse and gave it to Jeff to give to David.(check) I also want to get a few shout outs but it was to crazy that I get when He’s on tour. For me this was the end of American idol, from January to now was driven by American Idol and now David Archuleta singer, song writer begins and I’m so excited for the journey.

Pam’s Story:

When I arrived at the Ford Day Event the security guard told me, I was not allowed to bring in a gift for the idols. I told them it was a book of tributes from his male fans, and it needed to go to David. Well, I must have had the crabbiest security guard, because he told me that if I bought in the book, I would be escorted out. Boo, hiss, L

To my surprise, when we got inside, I noticed all these people that managed to sneak in gifts for David. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper. When I got inside and we had our lunch, I meet a nice lady who was a cookie fan and we chatted and hung out, and sat with CBS NEWS. After lunch we were corralled in like cattle, with all the people pushing and shoving behind me, my body was moved into a direction were I didn’t want to go, farther away from the front. LWell, I was stuck sitting in the back of the room, then I people were playing musical chairs, so I joined in and managed to get closer up. Now I was a happy camper. Then David came out; first he sang Angels, it was breath taking, lots of runs, I absolutely loved it. J When he sang Crush, I could tell he was nervous or apprehensive singing this song. The music in the background wasn’t quite right, I don’t think it was loud enough, I could hardly hear it. This may have also made it awkward for David. But considering the circumstances, I felt he did great, plus he wowed the crowd. J The last song was Imagine, WOW, he blew me away, and I absolutely loved it. Wow! He really knows how to kick it up, many notches. J I have to say, the video’s does not do David’s voice justice. When he sang, his tone was so pure and breathtaking. The acoustics’ in this little room was awesome, because we were so close to David, compared to the big arena in Detroit.

After the show, David came out to singed autographs. I was in awe of his presence. He is the sweetest person on this planet, and so humble. Every time he smiled it just warms your heart. His face is flawless, could he be anymore gorgeous? He was constantly surrounded by people; I never got a chance to get all the way up to him, to get a close up picture of him with me. L However, I did manage to get a signed photo of him. Yea!!!

I spotted Jeff and tried to talk with him, but this one lady monopolized a lot of time with him. However, my persistence paid off, I got a chance to have a short conversation with him, I told him my situation with the book of tributes and he meet some of us out in the parking lot to collect gifts for David. Again, this same lady monopolized a lot of Jeff’s time. I see where David got his humble personality from, Jeff seems really accommodating to all of David’s fans. It really was nice of him to come out and chat for a few minutes with us and collect David’s gifts. I THINK he said that the Jingle Ball Concert was a go, and it sounded like we MIGHT hear a song of David’s on his album, if I am not mistaken. We asked Jeff about what David it going to do with his suit, and he said I don’t know. So a couple of us suggested that he sell it on ebay and donate the money towards charity, and he thought this was a good idea. Someone asked about future promotions with David’s CD, and I THINK Jeff said one of the reasons they chose Jive, was that they are really good at promoting the artists music. So it sounded like we will hear a lot of promotions coming up real soon. L Funnygirl took a picture of him and me with the book and then he gave me a hug. J I tried to show him a few pages in the book, but he said he was running out of time, and had to meet with this other group of people. It was really nice meeting the other Angels there. As soon as my brother in law brings me the software for his video camera, I will be able to upload my video from the concert, although it looks like someone got closer video than me, so maybe it doesn’t matter. J pam05

Janey’s Story:

First a very special thank you to Wanda, Dominic and Archiefanatic from Thank you so much. You are all angels. No not those kind, but the real ones. I will always have a special place in my heart for you.

To the Archeloony Roadies, elise, tinuviel, marc and daisycahin. You have given me strength and emotional support far more than you will ever know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To Masterclasslady, I’ve learned so much from you. Your ability to share your knowledge has deepened my appreciation for the Archuleta Artistry. Thank you so much.

Ford Day
A Two Year Journey, Where one door closes and another door opens.

Most of my adult life was fairly normal. When I wasn’t running 5 miles a day I was perfecting my skills on the tennis court and traveling to matches throughout Northern California.About 2 years ago things started to change. Daily activities one takes for granted like chopping vegetables and brushing your teeth became painful. The pain was accompanied by severe fatigue. My condition, initially dismissed by my doctor was eventually diagnosed by a specialist as an inflammatory arthritis much like rheumatoid arthritis. It wasn’t long before I had to simplify my life and pare it down to the bare bones. I told myself that even though the physical self that I once knew no longer existed that as long as I had the ability to make someone’s day with a smile or an encouraging word, life was still worth it.

It was around that time that I tuned in to Hollywood Week. There appeared a teenager who proclaimed, “I’m going to tell it to the judges. I’m going to make sure they understand it”. At that moment I knew this sweet young man knew more about music in his 16 years than I knew in 50. By the time he got to “yourrrr heart” I was a goner. And when David cried openly on national TV during Alexandrea Lushington’s final appearance I was in love.

The fatigue took over my life. I didn’t have the energy to cope with the pain. Getting through the day was difficult and living like that for the next 30 years unimaginable. I begged God to take my life. I listened to Angels and When You Believe constantly. At work I would look at the clock and with two or three hours left to go I would repeat the lyrics to Angels to myself. David’s voice and music was my lifeline.

With the help of a dear friend and her husband I was able to attend the concert in San Jose. I didn’t have the energy to wait during the afternoon to see David but I loved seeing him perform live and was grateful to my friends for taking me.

I read the reports of fans meeting with David on a daily basis and I was thrilled for them. I was happy that David was beginning to understand how much his fans loved him. I considered going to Tulsa as I believed it was possibly my last chance to met David in person, but all the wishing in the world did not change my physical reality. I was clearly too tired and in too much pain to make the trip.

I became aware of Ford Day when it was first announced. Again, it was something completely out of reach, something else I couldn’t do. There was every reason not to go. I wasn’t well. It was 2,000 miles away. I would have to go alone.
And I didn’t have a ticket.

Three weeks ago I started a new drug. Last Tuesday, the 9th I was online when Wanda of posted that she desperately needed to sell a ticket to Ford Day and needed someone to share the cost of a room.I posted immediately, “Hold the ticket. I’m on the phone with the airlines” Dominic of called Wanda to let her know what I had posted. She quickly posted her phone number and we talked. I knew of Wanda and Dominic from lurking and occasionally posting at rickey’s. For all of you who don’t know, the necklace David wears in the “Crush” video was given to him by Wanda.

The new drug was working. My pain was under control and the fatigue was practically nonexistent. Thursday started with a 2 hour bus ride to SFO followed by a 5 hour flight to Detroit. After a quick shuttle ride to the hotel, Wanda, Dominic and John also from rickey’s, showed up. Wanda had driven 12 hours from South Carolina, meeting up with John in Knoxville and Dom in Cincinnati along the way.

On Friday we arrived at the Ford Conference Center about 10:45. We met with other Angels from rickey’s, FOD, and notingdavid. It was amazing to finally meet everyone. Lunch was about 11:15 and soon after we lined up to go in where David would be appearing. There was a mad dash for seats and I ended up about 20 feet from the stage. We had to patiently sit through a brief newscast, weather report and talk about advertising from some guy in a suit. Finally they showed a recap of some of the Ford videos from AI so I knew it wouldn’t be long before David took the stage! I wish I could tell you everything that happened but my senses were on overload! Thank goodness for youtube!

“I sit and and wait” took on a whole new dimension with David singing it a little lower and a little slower than I’ve ever heard. My heart started to race and my breathing became irregular. David was spectacular! My favorite word in the entire song, “streeeeett” was the sweetest ever! I was in heaven.

Crush was simply put …amazing. Every heartfelt, longing emotion was rung out of every syllable in those seemingly simplistic yet raw and dynamic lyrics. I will never forget this performance, David’s first public performance of his very first single. I am honored to have been a part of the audience.

Imagine. Possibly the best performance ever of David’s favorite song. David finished to thunderous applause and a standing ovation. Writing this and remembering that day is giving me chills. How did I get so lucky?

David Cook sounded terrific as well. I’ve really grown to like him and his music. I can’t wait for his CD.

After the performances were over the Davids came back out to sign autographs. I was a little nervous at first. David has given me so much I didn’t want to ask anything more of him. He is as sweet as you’ve read. He signed like a pro acknowledging everyone he came in contact with. I finally handed him two pictures and told him, “David your set was incredible, I loved it!” To which he said “thank you” and then I added, “God bless you.” and he thanked me again. I backed away so that others could come up front. I was thrilled to be able to be in the same room with him and to watch him with his fans. Someone gave him a necklace engraved with the word “Imagine”. He loved it and put it on immediately.

I chatted with Jeff for a few minutes. I asked him to tell David my wish for him, that I hope he gets the creative space he needs to make the album he wants, if not now then soon. Jeff said that David spent some time at home after the tour resting and writing, He said he wasn’t sure if David’s songs would make it to the album but they he was blown away by the depth and how profound his son’s writing abilities were. He talked about David’s schooling and what a terrific student he is.

David recognized faces in the crowd from previous concerts. To the amazement of one person he remembered what she had worn and even though she told him her name he wanted her to know he had thought of it before she said it, but he couldn’t get it out fast enough. To another fan he remembered the concert (Grand Rapids) and he had seen him at and he remarked how he heard him from inside the bus, much to the startled dismay of the fan.

Cook had a plane to catch and came over to David. He asked him if they were on the same flight out. David said no, he thought his plane was later and Cook reached down and gave David the biggest, warmest embrace possible. David returned the hug and we responded with a collective “awwwwe”. The love and admiration they share is genuine. It was a high point of the day to witness this spontaneous display of affection between them.

We took a group picture with David, Jeff and the fans from rickey. FOD and notingdavid. And then someone pulled David away from us. With a couple of waves and a few looks back he was gone. We later met Jeff in the parking lot. He came to gather up gifts too large to take in. We chatted some more and I asked him about the vest David wore in Tulsa during PDSTM. He asked if we liked it and we said “Of course!” and then he told us as a wardrobe person had picked it out. He asked if we liked the jacket David had worn that day. He said they had been to the mall earlier and picked it out there. We asked if people on the street recognized him and he said sometimes, but not too often. Sometimes they’ll hear someone say “Is that David Archuleta?” kinda quietly but that’s about all.

A number of us from the different fan sites met for dinner. It was wonderful to share the events of the day, hashing over every detail making sure nothing was forgotten, making sure every detail was imprinted in our memories.

I still can’t believe this happened to me. I will never be able to explain the serendipitous events that had to occur to make this day possible nor the generous hearts that came together to make my dream a reality.

I am honored and blessed beyond my wildest imagination.

Thank you Angels.

Thank you, David.

Sophie’s Story:

When we got there, there was about 15/20 people standing around outside. We saw this Cook fan who told us that we weren’t aloud to bring gifts or posters! I was freaking out because I made him a DVD that I worked for like 2 months on and was scared I wouldn’t be able to give him. So we took the gift bag back to the car and just put the DVD in my purse. A little while later some guy came out and emphasized that we weren’t aloud to bring the Idol’s gift bags, he said nothing about gifts, just gift bags! 😀 So I kept the DVD in my purse still and then at 11:00 am they opened the doors and we all went in and this man stopped everyone and told us that we weren’t aloud to line up by the auditorium doors and if we did they would get security to escort us out. So we weren’t doing that. Then he took our tickets and we walked into the lunch and there was a huge buffet but me and Joy didn’t eat anything because we were too excited. Then at like 12:00 pm we saw a huge crowd of people lined up by the doors, which you WEREN’T suppose to line up by. So we asked this guy if we were allowed to and he said yeah, so we went and kinda cut to the front of the line. They weren’t opening the doors until 12:30pm so we just stood there and waited. I told Joy to have her ticket ready, because they gave us two tickets so I thought we’d have to give them our ticket again, and she goes “OH NO I THREW IT OUT!” and I was like “shut up, where is it” and she’s like “NO REALLY OMGOSH I THREW IT OUT!!” and she looked like she was going to cry and I was like “are you sure” and she said yeah it’s in that garbage! And then Adam looked through and found it and we were like, “Adam you are our hero” haha …phew…but we didn’t even need it, it was for the raffle. Then the lady told us we could go in now but DON’T RUN! And sure enough we all started stampeding toward the doors! She kept going “DON’T RUN! STOP RUNNING!” but we didn’t then we were running toward the door on the right and Joy was so far up I couldn’t even see her but I kept going and she got us in the 5th row, two seats from the isle. AH! They were the BEST SEATS!!! I was so glad she ran so fast haha. So we were SUPER excited and just freaking out. And I was about to text everyone in the Facebook Group when I realized I had NO SERVICE in the auditorium!!! Ah I was so mad but whatever it was ok. Then after everyone sat down these random guys were talking about stuff..i don’t even know what but we were like BRING OUT DAVID!! So then they showed some video of behind the scenes of the Ford Commercials and then the clip of the two David’s at the finale, like the boxing thing and then they announced the RUNNER UP DAVID ARCHULETA and he came out and OMGOSH I thought I was going to cry. HE WAS SO CLOSE! Then he sang Angels, and it was so good. Then he told us he was going to sing a song that it was the first time he has ever performed it!! CRUSHH and then he said it was his first single!! CRUSH!!!! Ahhh freaking out. Then he sang Crush and it was so amazing and WOW I was so proud of him. Then he sang Imagine and I definitely cried. Wow that was incredible hearing it live! He was looking at me and Joy the entire time during all of his songs…well for the majority of the time, I was smiling so big. Then he left and Cook came out and I don’t remember what he sang, other than TOML. Then they both came back out and it was so cute, Cook put his hat on Archie and his face was priceless! Then they left and we all went to the front of the stage just WAITING for what seemed like forever for them to come out…and no one could give us a definite answer if they were coming out or not. I was getting worried that they wouldn’t come out. Then we saw Cook behind the stage and then they finally came out! Archie came to our side I was soooooo happy! He was so sweet and took his time. He was very calm and unrushed. We were on the very end of the stage so he turns to us and goes “oops did I miss someone? I don’t want to miss anyone” aww. Jeff came out and we were all freaking out LOL. I gave Jeff the DVD I made and he had this surprised look on his face, as if he’s never gotten something for David before haha like father like son. I told him I worked on it for 2 months and it was for David. He was so thankful and so sweet. Then David signed my pictures and signed one for my friend Margot and I said “can you write this to Margot, ill spell it for you” and I said “M-A-R…” and he said “G-O-T?” I was like “ya, G-O-T” lol he is so smart. Then I noticed he was wearing a ring and I kept asking him what it said but he didn’t answer/hear me so I stopped asking haha. Then we got him to say hi to everyone who wanted a shout out. Rayna, Margot, Shereen, and Lena. He had a large stack of pictures to sign and give to people of him and when he got to the last one he couldn’t figure out who to give it to he tried to give it to someone who didn’t get an autograph but everyone did and no one would take it, then finally someone got it. It was sweet how he wanted to make sure EVERYONE got an autograph. Then he came down off the stage and took pictures, talked to people, and gave hugs. We kept standing by him (staaaand by meee lol) then going to Jeff, then going back to David, then Jeff haha we were trying to talk to Jeff so bad but then people kept coming in front of us and talking to him. We managed to tell him how we got Crush to play on our radio and we call everyday and request it and he was so impressed. He told us that David will be doing a version of Angels for the album and WYSYLM won’t be on it…I was sad but happy that he will have more songs that we have never heard and I’m glad about that. He will have his own written songs on there too. I tried getting a picture with Jeff but couldn’t. Then we went and took a picture with David and I hugged him and then my dad came running like “Oh WAIT I didn’t get it on video, ARCHIEEE!! Can you do it again I missed it” so I hugged him AGAIN and it was a greatttt hug and then it ended up my dad DIDN’t get it on video! L but it’s ok I got the first one on video. Then Joy asked him to say “Joy, do your homework” on camera and he goes “JOY, (points his finger) do your homework! Haha” and then laughed and she said “that’s me! I am always procrastinating because of you” and he goes “oh ok hahahah” it was so sweet. I wish I would have done something like that but I didn’t know what to do and he signed my phone cover. About a half hour before he left they told him he had 2 minutes and he said “uh oh” and then stayed for 30 ish more minutes lol. We were trying to get him to randomly sing and so I go “Joy you have to shake it” and he started singing “Shake shake, shake shake shake it” haha I was so happy. Then he and Cook left…oh I forgot when Cook left he hugged David and everyone went AWWWWWWWWW and David laughed and goes “haha you guys are so funny” it was adorable. Then they both left and we went home and listened to him the whole 5 hours home. We stopped at Culvers for dinner and kept randomly going “David Archuleta” haha we are crazy. And Joy’s phone rang (CRUSH) and she didn’t answer just so we and everyone in Culvers could hear crush and she goes who sings this song, it’s so good, David Archuleta. Hah we are so funny. We then got back on the road and left and got home around 8:00pm. WOW that was the best day EVER! In the car we kept saying Is this really happening? Did that just happen? I think im dreaming…

Patty’s Story:

As you already know, David was magnificent and his performance was breathtaking! To hear him sing live for the first time “Crush” was a dream come true. His “Angels” was, again, mesmerizing and “Imagine”, well….there are no words that can truly describe it! I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting in an audience listening to David sing the songs that have impacted so many people and have touched so many hearts…

After being stopped at the border and practically “frisked and interrogated” (funny but true, lol) and after getting lost in those ever complicated Detroit express ways, and driving endlessly in circles for close to 3 hours, It was worth every second of it!! David was not only perfection personified, his voice filled the whole auditorium and his incredible renditions of the three songs filled all of our hearts! He was as gracious and sweet as always, and he was beyond happy and relaxed.
Not only did he sign a thousand photos and knick-knacks, he sang, bounced and hummed, took pictures with fans, talked to his heart content, and laughed to our complete and utter delight! He has matured so much as a performer since I met him in Toronto, and his voice has become even more pure and magical, if that could be possible! There is a heavenly and angelic aura that surrounds him, and his whole persona is filled with a special joy that I have never felt in nobody else. We are so blessed and so privileged to be his fans, and to have had the honor to know him and celebrate his career and success!
As you know, his dad was present, and he is a wonderful man, soft spoken and humble, caring and giving…a fantastic parent! He truly appreciates and thanks David’s fans and our love for him! I know you know him also, but it is very much worth it to mention it.
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