It’s David ArchuleTa! Larry King Live! Night Time Goodies!

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Larry King Live

Get it right people! There’s only one “T” in Archuleta! With that said, great job David!

Thank you r2rod2:


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Weekly Sales Update!

Idol Chatter:

David Archuleta, Christmas From the Heart (31,000, +2 percent, 185,000/2,000 digital, -52 percent, 23,000 digital total)

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Sun Bowl SOLD OUT!

No mention of David as the reason why, but we all know the truth…

sun bowl sold out


Also from the Sun Bowl:

Sun Bowl Halftime
By Amy Arsenault

The Brut Sun Bowl, known for its family-friendly halftime shows, invites David Archuleta, former American Idol and teen pop star.

Archuleta became a household name at 16 when he made his stint as one of the youngest competitors during the seventh season of Idol. Now, three years later, he will perform before a potential 50,000 fans at a halftime show presented by Helen of Troy.

Among those will be plenty of teenyboppers who appreciate Archuleta hits like Crush. The Sun Bowl committee announced a special opportunity for young fans of Archuleta’s.

Basically, we want to give 300 lucky fans the opportunity to have a front row seat. It also allows David to engage his fans on a more personal level, said Sun Bowl Executive Director Bernie Olivas on the game website.

How do they win those exclusive sideline seats? They have to be between the ages of 10 and 17, and they have to attend the Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta at the Judson F. Williams Convention Center at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 30.

The ticket giveaway is especially fitting because many credit Archuleta’s personal touch for boosting him to a runner-up finish in the seventh season of American Idol, with 44 percent of the finale votes. The singer says a personal touch inspires his own writing.

“I want to be as real as I can with the songs,” he recently told Live Daily. “Writing is the best way to get your personality and your character into the song.”

Since the culmination of the show, Archuleta’s debut album premiered at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and has sold approximately 900,000 copies worldwide. His mass appeal among young people was recognized by Nickelodeon, which honored him with a Teen Choice Award for “Most Fanatic Fans” in 2008.

With Archuleta, the Brut Sun Bowl committee continues its trend of bringing family-friendly acts to the bowl game. Performers for the halftime show over the last few years have included mass-appeal artists such as the Village People (2008) and Rihanna (2007, just months before songs like “Umbrella,” “Disturbia” and “Don’t Stop The Music” brought her to new levels of fame).

“David piqued America’s interest during his run on American Idol, and he definitely will be a fan favorite due to his extraordinary talents as a singer-songwriter,” said Gerald Rubin, CEO and president of Helen of Troy.

Archuleta gained his singer-songwriter talents as a child. At an early age his mother, a native of Honduras, influenced him with salsa music and Spanish rhythms. She also encouraged him to perform locally, in their hometown of Miami, with his four siblings.

Archuleta had found his calling. Ask what his dream job is in Seventeen magazine, he replied, “To be doing what I am now, only more developed and have more experience in this. But this is my dream job, that’s what’s funny about it! I never thought I’d be here. I’m in the recording studio right now, just looking at the mics and the headphones and it’s crazy!”

Archuleta, who has been busy cultivating his dream career, is currently on the road promoting his debut Christmas album, “Christmas from the Heart.” The 17-city tour will wrap up little more than a week shy of his 19th birthday and the Helen of Troy halftime show performance.

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Us Magazine Interview!

Click to read the whole thing:


us weekly

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Radio Success!

This is an email I got today from a radio station (warm 98.5 FM) that plays all Christmas music in Cincinnati. I sent the cd 2 weeks ago. YEA! They are going to play David.



Just wanted to thank you for sending us a copy of David’s new Christmas CD. It just found it’s way to my desk – it was in a large pile of mail with all of the other music, and it was just brought to me today. Since you were kind enough to send, i will try and get a song or two from the CD in rotation the next few days & plan to use it again next year for our full Christmas broadcast.

Thanks very much for your support & Merry Christmas!


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Musiqtone Video of the Year Poll

Dear FOD:

I’m writing to request that you post reminders – daily or otherwise – about the Musiqtone poll. I’m certain there are fans out there unaware of the poll. No doubt during this busy time of year there are some regulars who did not happen to visit FOD the day the poll was announced, or who do not read through the comment section. I’m not sure we have any hope of winning this poll or even retaining 2nd place, but I feel we should at least make sure the fans are as informed as possible.

Fans can get in their 50 votes for ALTNOY every 12 hours from PC’s, laptops, and web-enabled cell phones. The poll ends on January 15, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

the count

Thanks, guys!


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Holiday Art and 2010 Calendar

From Bianca, who has taken a great deal of her time to create a REALLY unique gift for David fans.  You can print these out on glossy photo paper, trim and give to your favorite David Archuleta fan!


That’s just one of my gifts for David’s fans this year.

Here’s a preview of the other one. It’s a calendar with David’s tweets in a bookmark form–people can print and cut them out. The actual file is found at


Merry Christmas to you and yours!–

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Melodies of Christmas Cover

Just wanted to share with you my piano cover of Melodies of Christmas that I uploaded earlier today.. 🙂

melodies cover


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More Baltimore Pictures!

Thank you Maureen!

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