Stroudsburg, PA tonight!

David Archuleta performs LIVE tonight in Stroudsburg, PA. Let’s start this post with the twitter list! Woo whooo twitter!! More on the way!



Hey it’s your favorite webmaster and old pal Gail, filling in a bit for the hostest with the mostest, Becky!  Becky’s grabbing a HIGHLY deserved night off, so you’ll have to deal with my lame-o blogging for the night (until Fran rescues you later on..)

Rising Star Outreach

Rising Star Outreach’s ONLINE giving form is available!  Think of making a donation to one of David Archulet’as GREAT charities this season.  This form makes it super handy!  You can choose “David Archuleta” in the pull down menu for “What Prompted this gift?”

Picture 8

*Really, do you need more stuff?  Do you need to give more stuff?  Siblings are so hard to buy for.. make a donation in their name instead (to this or any wonderful charity!) (My sibs did this one year and it was AWESOME!)

Technology Chat

So last night was an interesting attempt by Billboard LIVE to live stream a whooole lot of cameras at one time.  My experience with that was … interesting at the beginning for sure, even with a computer hard connected to the cable modem.  I sure would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the control booth by the Archuworld’s Total Crushing Domination of their bandwidth!!

I found myself refeshing quite a bit and finding several… interesting… camera angles (when they actually were available).  Did anything seem to help your David Archuleta Billboard LIVE experience? (I still love that word you know haha) ?  Let me know in the comments below!

Whoa, I want this tree!

Ok, I admit it.  I don’t have a tree up our holiday celebration… as I along with all of the rest of you students of higher education, just got done with finals week!  (WHOO WOOO!)  Maybe this owner of this one will do it for me?  Take a look at all of those David Archuleta concert goodies!  NICE JOB!!


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