Bridgeport, CT Video (An “Angels” That Will Make You Cry); Two New Ways to Support David; Fan Pictures with a WARNING attached; Story From a Fan Who Rode in a Van With David!

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I’m not kidding on this one.




Picture credit to Valerie.

Bridgeport, CT. Video

Angels (Whew! I can’t stop watching this one. Great close-ups and wonderful audio!) Credit to archieandcook/likewhoaxox.

I haven’t seen him since…lunch…

This video from Cleveland is classic David Archuleta on so many levels. Credit to kelybel0319.

Two more ways to support and promote David Archuleta

This was posted on a thread at IDF: is a music site that is actually used to gauge public interest in songs, and radio programmers look at the results to help determine what’s played. Just register and take the latest survey. Your results are seen by radio programmers and record company decision-makers around the world, and you can have a real influence on the songs played on radio (traditional, satellite, and Internet) and sold online and in stores. Make sure when you register that you sign up for top 40. It’ll be there every week for a while (the entire top 25 are always there), so keep checking your email or go back every Saturday to rate it. Ratethemusic is run by Mediabase, the same company that compiles the radio airplay charts, most notably the top 40. It’s true that radio stations pay attention to ratethemusic.

Click here to get to the home page: notice that “Crush” is #1 on the Top 40 list! WOOT!

Click here to sign up to be a member (so you can rate the songs).

You can begin your first survey immediately: just make sure you choose “Top 40” as one of your music preferences. The survey will guide you through a list of songs, each for which you rate it on a scale that ranges from “dislike it a lot” to “like it a lot” and indicate whether or not you are familiar with the song and if you are tired of hearing it. When “Crush” popped up I got a huge smile on my face! I made sure to give “Crush” the highest rating possible (“I like it a lot”) and to say I was NOT tired of hearing it. I didn’t rate any of the other songs as “I like it a lot.” The whole process of registering and taking my first survey took me about 15 minutes.

Open House Party

From the website:

Open House Party is a huge radio show which airs every Saturday and Sunday night on hit radio stations across North America. It is and always has been totally listener interactive and is transmitted live via satellite from the homes of host John Garabedian (Saturday) and Kane (Sunday).

Virtually every major star in the world has been on Open House Party, from Cher and Madonna to Eminem and 50 Cent. Most artists love coming by live on a Saturday or Sunday night to party, due to our loosey goosey fun atmosphere. Open House Party has broadcast from some of the biggest social events in America, including Mardi Gras from New Orleans, Summerfest from Milwaukee, Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, Rockfest in Dallas, and the last two Woodstocks.

The direction of Open House Party is totally driven by the listeners. All music played is 100% by listener requests, which keeps Open House Party tuned in to what our core listeners actually want to hear on the weekend, rather than by CD sales, spin, or “callout” charts. This enables Open House Party to spot hot new hits first, to identify which songs are really the most popular, and almost as importantly, to determine which songs have died and have high “burn”.

To request “Crush,” send an email to You can also call in requests at 1-800-669-1010.

Fan Pictures from Valerie (Portland) and Ange (DC):

Molten hot lava bomb warning on many of Valerie’s pictures (especially #11-17)! You have been warned…proceed with caution…and #32 just makes me cry…Click to make the pictures bigger, and then click again to get the full size.  You won’t regret it.

Fan Stories

Ange flew from Hong Kong to DC to see David and she had the opportunity to meet him afterwards at the meet and greet. While she was walking back to her hotel (by herself, gulp) after the show, Richard and Karla, who were transporting David and Jeff back to their hotel, happened to see Ange. David recognized her from the meet and greet and remembered her name! They stopped and picked her up! Read her story!

Click “Read More” to read Ange’s story and Mari’s story from last night in Bridgeport!


Ange’s story:

Chasing the Dream
It was a 20-hour flight.
What’s the matter with me? I don’t know the country, I don’t get someone to travel with, I don’t even know if I’ll see him.
Having said that, the predominant thought is: NO PLANE ACCIDENT PLEASE.
Immigration and customs procedures are quite smooth. Yay, another step closer to the destination, and him haha.
The main activity on the next day of arrival was the site visit of the venue. At night I packed for the next day: signs, letters, gifts for him; water, snacks, hat & tour book for me. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst is what I remind myself.
After having a BIG breakfast the day after, I headed to the venue straight at around 12 p.m. I settled down near Cook’s nice fans. Later on I met other David’s fans like Donna, Christy, Mary, Andrew (to name just a few). To say this stranger soon feel the hospitality and warmth of the city, it’s better to describe it as the realisation of David’s kindness via his fans.
Time flies. At around 2:30 p.m. the coaches arrived and 15 minutes later we’re told that they will come out in any minute. Any minute, he’ll be here in any minute, IF he comes out… Suddenly I saw a familiar face. My frantic heartbeat tells me: THAT’S HIM!
He started from the right hand side of the crowd. I tried to observe him while waiting. His classic descriptions are cute & shy. I don’t know but I don’t feel much shyness on him. Instead, he is more like gentle and friendly. When not talking with fans, he signed attentively and patiently. You may tell he is somebody even he’s just standing there quietly. One may also feel the calmness and harmony when he’s around. I miss he giggles in the Shoparound era while he does grow up and becomes a more mature person.
He moves slowly along the line, a bit closer & closer to me. And finally, he stood right… in… front… of… me
Realisation of Dream

In front of me is not David in a pic, video, TV etc. This is a living human being who can talk and response instantly (no offence)!

I remembered I shook his hand, said hi and started my “preset message” (which is “saved” in my mind so that I won’t forget). He graciously thanked me for coming from abroad. I’m sure we had some conversations but I was so focus on my preset message that I can’t remember much.

Yay, meet him in person, misson accomplished!

Wonderful experience didn’t stop here. I read fantastic stories about after concert parties. With the kindness of Jeff, and the assistance of Donna and Richard, I got a chance to experience the same. Nice surprise!

In that after show gathering, David was literally surrounded by people. He is accomodating to his loving fans’ requests. He chats a little with individuals, signs, takes pics, says hi to cameras, does fun things, speaks Spainsh and so on. It is interesting to see how this 17-year-old alone handles the situation without ignoring a single fan who approaches him.

It was at least 11:30 p.m. when I left the venue. The street was darker and quieter than ever, with some unknown person staying in street corners. I walked faster, tried not to look at them as I feel they are staring at me and ready to say sth.

In this moment, a car stopped by and someone called my name. Oh it’s… Richard! He asked if I’d like to get a ride back hotel. That’s nice.

At the very second the door is opened, I hear a little scream. And the scream is from me. Maybe THAT is the only possible, natural, automatic response I can have. Cos in the car, I see D-A-V-I-D.

Better Than Dream
David’s in the car??? AND I’ll be in the same car???
Hardly believe my eyes, I got on it, I’m not sure if I head to the right seat I am supposed to go, but I didn’t identify other space except a small one beside David…
I tried not to occupy too much space of him in order not to make him uncomfortable. He has his bag with him which seems quite full. I guess he must receive many gifts from fans that day.
The Archuletas’ hospitality is pleasurable. Jeff starts by joking that I got a bonus, and the following chat with everyone is nice. Meanwhile, it’s interesting that when you turn your head, you see someone seems so far, and yet so close.
The trip to hotel is far from long. Soon it’s time to say goodbye. I dropped off, looked back, and saw him once more. With a smile, he expressed again his appreciation of my coming. It’s really late at night, and after a little chat, finally this young gentleman told me sweet dreams, before we continued the journey of our own.
It was another 20-hour flight.
I have pics in my camera, Nutter Butters in my luggage, and nice moments in my memory.
I have also one question in my mind, and that is: how to have sweet dreams when the sweetest one comes true?
Mari’s Story:

A few reflections before the concert notes. This was my 3rd concert and hard to believe my last. Each was unique and more thrilling than expected. The torrential rains did not keep the fans from swarming the venue and filling every seat. I didn’t even consider trying the buses with this weather and so sadly I never got to meet David in person but at least for this last concert I was about as close as one could get. One odd thing struck me about tonight’s audience.. there were SO many young children. I’m not talking middle schoolers here… I’m talking 4/5/6 yr olds and the tremendously loud sound had several in tears. I even saw two infants… surprising.
This crowd was wild start to finish. Harbor Yard is not nearly as large as the other two arenas, Hartford and Minneapolis, but this crowd made up for the numbers in sheer volume and noise. The energy level was so high that all the Idols responded with the best performances I have seen.
When David rose through the floor I thought the place would explode. I was sitting about 4 rows from the end of the runway, slightly to the side… perfection. In reality I was about 10 feet from David when he sang WYSYLM. His voice was strong and the cough absent. Ludicrous as it sounds I took binoculars out just to check out these eyes everyone talks about and my my my they are truly exceptional. He was so delighted with the crowd and seemed to let loose a little more than I’d seen before during SBM. Apologize was mind-blowing. WYSYLM was so heartfelt and I’ll carry it with me from now on.
Cook mentioned after his first song that he had heard how loud we all were for Archie and he hoped for more. . there was a difference. DC put on his usual great show with humor and personal touches. A girl in front of me tossed up a big brown curly wig and he put it on. … mentioning he felt like Beyonce in the Austin Powers movie..and did a line from it. I missed the Mavid dance because I was on the opposite side and was of course watching David, thinking .. well the next time I see him it will be at his own concert on tour, hopefully next summer. Watching this Tour unfold all summer, with all the wonderful stories and videos and comments has felt like an endless summer vacation. Now it’s coming to a stopping point, but not an end. I just cannot wait for the next chapter and with FOD helping with the script, it’s going to be a great, great story.

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