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I’ll Trade You 400 Carries for 1 David…

YES!  There was an intense voting campaign to get David on the AI trading cards, and LOOK!  We did it

Click the graphic to go there!



Glasgow Tonight!  8pm Local, 3pm ET

Well, at least one question has been answered: they LOVE David in the UK.  Take care of him for us, fangirls and fanboys!

Glasgow tonight!  David and the Best Dang Band in the Land will be performing at the Glasgow Clyde Auditorium:





Scottish Slang for the Day

Okay, here we go:

Hinka cumfae cashore canfeh, Ahl hityi oar hied ‘caw taughtie.

Translation: Do you think just because I come from Carronshore I cannot fight? I shall hit you over the head with a cold potato.

Wait, I can do better than that:

May yer lums reek lang and weil.

Translation: May your chimneys produce a great profusion of smoke (a general good luck statement).


The Rescue


David has been working ohsohard to promote The Rescue for Invisible Children.  The Rescue is TODAY!

For the past 23 years, a war has been raging in Uganda.  The LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) led by Joseph Kony has kidnapped over 160 to fight as soldiers.  It is time to free these children.

The Rescue involves a symbolic march and “abduction” in major cities across the world:


Click the graphic find out what is happening in a city near you today; it’s not too late to join the cause!



CLICK HERE for the Pay-it-forward campaign to help the Invisible Children.


Hmmmm…How Do I Follow That With Something That Doesn’t Seem Trivial?

How about this?


Edinburgh Poll!

So…what was your favorite performance from David’s debut in the UK last night?  Vote!  (I embedded the videos into the poll, but they don’t seem to be showing up!  You can watch the videos on the previous post right here on FOD.)


So Did You Get Your VIP Package?  Yeah, Neither Did A Lot of Fans.  Lightning-Fast Sell-Outs!  “WOOT!” and “Oh Crap” at the Same Time.

Check it out:




If you’re interested, VIP packages are $195.  Click the graphic below for more details, and enter “archie” as the tour password.



Jerry’s Tragic Tale of Woe and Just Plain Bad VIP-Buying Luck

Oh, Jwipe.  I feel for you, babe.

Could there be anything more stressful than buying tickets to see David? Especially when the tickets guarantee face time with the man himself, great seats, AND a mini acoustic concert? Well, 6 of us had carefully planned getting our VIP tickets for Las Vegas today (Friday). All but 2 of us would not have access to a computer at exactly 5pm to try to purchase those golden tickets, so the plan was that I would try for 4 and Shari would try for the other 2 (using Angela’s credit info).

I spent the day researching the situation – going through trial runs with other venues (since ours was so late in the day). Having been really worried for days about it, I began to relax a bit when I saw that most venues were not selling out right away-maybe there was hope! I went through a practice run when Newark came up. I had my page up, hitting F5 as I watched the clock tick to the hour. Bing! Up came the magical “BUY NOW” words, and I clicked on the 5 Star link. Up popped the window with tickets available. I kept refreshing that window to see how long it would take to sell out. It took about 1 minute! Yikes! That’s not much time, but as long as I was prepared it should be plenty.

4PM comes along – my last chance to practice – got it down now! I’m a VIP expert! I know that once I click on the number of tickets and hit the button, I’m locked in for 10 minutes. That’s all I need to do. Then disaster strikes. About 4:40 PM I get the phone call that changes EVERYTHING. Janet calls to tell me that Shari’s boy is missing, and she’s FREAKING OUT! She’s called the police – this is serious! We’re very
concerned for Shari, but we still need to get those other two tickets! So now I’m the ONLY one who can get them, and I need to get Angela’s info FAST (since one person can only get 4 max). I text her and she texts back from her class. I get all her info – address, credit card, birthday, the works.

It’s now 4:50 and I need to register her so it will be fast and easy. Luckily I have 2 computers at work, so I have browsers open on each – one
with myself logged in, one with Angela’s. All I have to do is get that 10 minute lockin on my account, then click on the other account and get that magic box that lets me buy the other two tickets. I’m READY. 5PM hits. I refresh. BING! BUY NOW. Click on 5 Star. Get the popup – select 4
tickets – hit the button – LOCKED IN! Switch to other browser. Refresh. BUY NOW – click on 5 Star.

WHAT??? Sold Out???? Already??? I swear to you, could not have been more than 10 seconds! I keep refreshing, but nothing.
They’re gone! I finish putting in my info, and my purchase is finalized. I keep trying the other browser, but nothing. Finally the dreaded Sold Out sign comes on the page. Sigh.

Well the good news is Shari’s boy is fine – turned out he was at baseball practice, but no one knew.

So, if ANYONE winds up with extra VIP tickets for Vegas they can’t use, PLEASE let me know! We really want to all be together, and we don’t want to have to decide who gets the VIP and who doesn’t. I’m still hoping everything will work out (it usually does), but I wanted to share my harrowing day with all of you!



Vote for Touch My Hand on This Philippines Poll

GO HERE! Bossy, ain’t I?


MSN Photo Album of David

I love, love, love the internet buzz.  GO HERE to wander amongst the fields of gold.


Popeater Poll

Don’t forget to vote here!


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