Another music day in Nashville, David working with @jeremybose! ❤❤❤ More Fans share their 2017 @Davidarchie Highlights, Singing and Dancing to #UpAllNight, Let’s Play! OhMyHands

David Archuleta at the mike in Minnesota

Credit: Mary Lou (Minnesota)

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Fantastic edit from Miss Bianca, with photo credit to iRocktography for   You are talented, gurl!  

Just another day in Nashville 😉

With a new musical project!  I mean more than one!  With Jeremy Bose!!!  No January rest it seems!

Spanish project, Christmas project, something else brand spanking new???  Anything related to the music video perhaps?

Nuf. Said.

For those of you who may not remember, Jeremy is songwriter / producer for a number of Postcards in the Sky song.  And he’s the person David chose to produce Upset with Me.  That says it all.

You should read David’s words again.  Because they say ALOT. 

This is writer/producer Jeremy Bose! Jeremy took part in writing 3 songs on the Postcards album. I gave background on "Say Me" on the Trent Dabbs post and how "Other Things in Sight" was a collab the 3 of us did. Jeremy and I worked with @cindymorganmusic to write "Someone To Love." (Which you'll see how the time flew in the picture since the day we wrote it. 😂) Jeremy also did additional production on the title track "Postcards in the Sky," (produced by Jeff Trott) and then I chose Jeremy to produce "Upset With Me," the only song on the album I wrote by myself. I knew Jeremy would get the emotional journey I needed to take it on, and wanted the song to feel like I was in the room alone like when I had written it. Many of you have asked about details on this song by the way. It was a feeling of being alone, nearly defeated, and surrounded by darkness, but also a sense of hope and movement forward. Although it was from a dark place there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It was finding strength to move toward that light. Writing about it helped me know where I really stand. It brought healing and closure. For a while it wasn't on the album as I've since moved out of that place, but I knew there are people in that same place now, and they may need to hear they're not alone and can have hope and get help needed just like I needed help. The rest of the story for now is still personal and I need my space and time with it. I didn't know how else to express the emotions of loss, darkness combined with hope and moving forward aside from chords, and melodies. Thus the section without words and just chords, vocal expressions, etc. I knew Jeremy would get this too. Jeremy and I have known each other for 7 years now after being introduced to each other through @sensibilitymusic and @joy__williams. We wrote 2 songs with Joy and producer Robert Marvin (though these songs were never released) and bonded after that. This lead to the sessions where we wrote "The Other Side of Down" (along with Joy and Blair Daly) and "My Kind of Perfect" (also with Joy, and Cindy Morgan). Thanks for all the wonderful collabs Jeremy on this album, and also Cindy!

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All that work makes a person hungry!

2017 Memorable Moments

We had some great shares from folks on Tuesday regarding memorable David moments; some of them were cool surprises.  What makes a lasting memory differs for everyone.  Some more shares below.

And we thank everyone for contributing.  It takes time and effort to write these up, so we very much appreciate it!


Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend two of David’s shows on his fall tour. The first was Cincinnati, at a small venue that made the show feel very intimate and calm, in the most David way possible. But then there was Indianapolis.

This was a standing-room only venue, small and with a very rock-n-roll vibe. There was something about this show, about being there just jamming and smiling and loving the music with everyone else. But there was one moment in particular that stood out to me for some reason. It happened to cross my mind just recently, and I wondered if anyone else thought of this particular piece of the show in the same way I did.

At one point, David regarded the crowd and claimed the group to be very “fun”, and then went on to point out that we could take the band fun.’s name and go on tour as a group. And then, in perfect David fashion, he broke into a short snippet of the band’s song “We Are Young”. But after he stopped singing the one line, we kept going. It was brief, but the whole audience was singing the chorus of the song all together, perfectly on rhythm. We stepped right back into the show and David’s music, but for a moment we were like our own little band.

I realize that this was a brief, small moment in the scheme of the whole show. In fact, some might have completely forgotten about it (I don’t think it was even caught on video, since it happened so fast). But something about that moment meant so much to me. For that one chorus of that old song, it felt like we were all connected beyond even just being David fans. We were singers, lovers of music, people together in a bonding moment. It was one of David’s random-thought moments that turned into a brief musical celebration among a very ‘fun’ audience.

The chorus of the song sings, “So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun”. This seems like part of what David always tells us. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s allow our voices to spark light throughout the world, allow our talents to shine in the most positive and beautiful way possible. It seems only appropriate that we as David’s fans took a moment to sing that out into the world that night.

Maritza from TMC meets David Archuleta

Hi there! Maritza here from the YouTube channel, The Millennial Chisme! I think I speak for the TMC team when I say that David Archuleta’s concert in Chicago was such a fun and memorable night.

Personally, I have been a long standing fan who has been on this Archie adventure for a while now – from his idol days, to the release of his albums, touring with Demi Lovato, Nandito Ako, his mission, and now to Postcards in the Sky. It’s been a journey that has given me so many priceless memories of music, fun, and knowing of people like David existing.

However, I truly feel like my David fandom craze reached an all time high when I FINALLY and personally met him in October 2017 at the Chicago show. After so many years lol, y’all I had met him and I wasn’t joking when I said I had reached a milestone in my life lol.

However, I have to say that my biggest David Archuleta moment of 2017 cannot be pinpointed to a singular moment. It would be easy to say that meeting David in person, taking a photo with him and getting a hug from him were the most memorable parts (which were quite memorable, not denying that in the slightest haha). However it would also have to be all the love, attention, and kind words from other David Archuleta fans, including having our reaction videos posted on FOD, which let me be real for a quick sec, that in itself was a highlight – FOD has always been a site I would (and still go to) for David news and tour updates!  (Ed note:  Thank you Maritza! ❤❤❤)

So all in all, I’d say pretty much since the moment we uploaded the first David reaction to Leo, to meeting David, his tour manager recognizing us, his return to Chicago, getting him to tweet at us, and to all the kind words and people wanting to hear our concert experience – THANK YOU 🙂 it’s all been so memorable, and I am so grateful. I will recognize that I will sound biased when I say that there’s no other community out there like the David Archuleta community, but…it’s true 🙂 I hope everyone has had a great start to their 2018! Can’t wait for more of David’s music, including en Español! Yay!

Maritza from The Millennial Chisme

Zelle ~ a memorable conversation with many

It was six years ago when David last performed a full concert in front of a Filipino audience.

In 2017, six years later, he was finally back.

It was an incredible night, David overwhelming us with his energy and warmth through every song and banter. Seventeen songs later, he waved and exited the stage, leaving us fans screaming for more. When he re-entered the spotlight and the opening notes of Nandito Ako rang through the theater, you can almost feel a shift in the energy of the audience.

Nandito ako – I am here.

David really is here, he really is with us tonight, singing in our very own tongue. David sang with such emotion that the words were breaking as he struggled to hold back his tears. But we were right there with him, filling in the parts when he had to pause and singing back to him with all emotion.

It was such a special moment, almost like a conversation between him and his Filipino fans. Nandito rin kami (We are here too), David. Nandito pa rin kami (We are still here), and …

… we’re not going anywhere.

Video Credit: Naree (Because for some reason my camera suddenly won’t record anymore, but it’s alright because I got to focus and be in the moment as he sang Nandito Ako)

Mary Ann ~ friends and the gift of David!

A very kind friend of mine purchased a ticket to David’s MN show! I was in the middle of a move and didn’t know if I was going to make it but with a few jumps through some hoops and with the help of another good friend, I make it!

The thing that was the coolest for me was that the friend that gave me a ride….. well…. it was awesome to see what happened in her life. She bought two VIPs for her daughters for Chirstmas and decided to go to the show too, even though she had never heard David’s music!!! She was going through some hard stuff and was depressed. I told her that the show would be healing and she was going to love it!!!

David and Maryanne in Minnesota

I watched her while she screamed her head off and cried! She didn’t want to leave and stayed up late talking about how David and his music were just what she needed in her life!

He gave her hope! He gave her peace! He brought her joy!

He did for me too. But he had done that for me many times! I am so grateful for David and his music! He is just plain awesome!!! THANKS David!

And thank you my good friend who made it all possible! You know who you are! HUGS!!! 😀


Roxanne ~ a date nite in SLC made memorable

From Nov 20 instagram post:

A quick but perfect little get-away with my sweetheart last night. A performance from The Archuleta, then a morning session in the Salt Lake Temple. 👍What more can I say than I haven’t already about experiencing a few hours listening to, dancing & singing with, smiling & laughing from, and thoroughly enjoying David.  I told Gordy for me it’s like what golf is to him. 😆 It was a homecoming for David at Abravenel. He announced his mission there 6 yrs ago when we brought the roof down. Last night was his uplifting artistic culmination of his mission and life experiences. It has changed him and his music. And he and his band #RockedTheAbrav! 🎸


I had just as much entertainment watching the audience comprised of old, young, men and women.  We sat by enthusiastic teenagers who danced and sang with him all through out, which I thanked them for so I could join them. 😉 Directly behind us was a young lady who could barely contain her excitement, and although she could not carry a tune to the other side, she sang her little heart out, busting out moves to match. 💓 

Included the shadow video of ‘Spotlight Down’ after Gordan pointed out the ‘shadow puppets’ David was doing on the ceiling. 😅 He threw in a bit of Christmas. (not enough imo)  Also the beautiful lights illuminating ‘Glorious’ and him always taking the time after the concert to shake hands. #ForeverFan 🎵I love the perspective, history, reverence, and spirit you feel serving in the Salt Lake Temple. We remembered how nervous our young selves were on our wedding day there. Beautiful day for the young brides and grooms starting their new lives together there, feeling grateful how far we’ve come.  Then lunch at the Lion House, after strolling in the warm sunshine noticing a few of the nativities set up (next post) for the unveiling of Christmas lights and decor this weekend on Temple Square.

Shelley ~ memories at home and on the road

One of the best moments of 2017 for me was when David came to Denver. The venue was awesome and he war really on fire at that show. It was also an hour from my house and Shirley and Heather came and stayed a few days. He talked to us by the bus for awhile too. It was so cool. My grandaughter got to go and Veronica and her best friend who loves him.

Also loved the release of Postcards in the sky.

Mine and Veronica’s trip to the Oregon and Washington shows were very memorable too. Her asking when we can meet his girlfriend twice was pretty priceless. lol

David Archuleta Denver with Annalea

Shanelle ~ ❤❤❤ all over the world!

By Shanelle Pustam

July 4th, 2017

It’s been 6 months and 4 days since I received this gem (picture below) from the lovely Miss Bianca, but who’s counting right? Lol. She is definitely an Archangel from the Archuworld. It was a normal day for me here in my country but it was a huge day for the US when I received David’s Orion EP and magnet in the mail. Instead it turned out to be one of the most cherished and special day for me. When I received that package, I said to myself there are still amazing people out there who are willing to go to the extreme to make someone else’s day or just to bring a smile on their face. I became so overwhelmed that I began to cry tears of joy. Also, seeing David’s autograph made out to my name was so heartwarming. It made me froze in the moment for a while to think about how David actually took time to make an autograph out to a fan he never met before. That was a WOW moment for me.

A special thank you goes out to David as well for being caring, genuine and himself. I have been a fan of David since his idol days and because of David and his music, I was able to build so many friendships with Archies from his base. It’s also been a joy and honor watching David mature from this young boy in a wonderful young man who finally found his voice and stance. I love how he keeps God at the center of it all and how he encourages us to simply be kind in this chaotic world. Many of you Archies may not know this, you guys make my day whether it’s from and fb post, twitter post or even pictures that you post. It motivates me and makes my day so thank you for that as well. I know one day I’ll be able to see David live and meet him at a VIP. I’m praying and planning for that day. Again, thank you Archies for everything.

August 20th, 2017

Last year summer vacation, I was able to visit my aunt and her family in Canada. Mannnnnn, Canada is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE it! You know what makes it beautiful? It’s the people that live there makes it beautiful. One person that contributes to its beauty is the lovely, amazing, kind, wonderful, joyous and sweet Mary Lou (or Pastel which you Archies may know her as). I had the opportunity to meet this lovely soul in which I was invited to her home for dinner. We were able to chat over dinner and I got to tell her a bit about myself, family and my country and she shared the same. It was so fun hearing her stories, her David memories and momentos and then I was able to meet her kids, they are sweethearts just like their mom.

After dinner, Mary Lou decided to face time another lovely soul called Joanie. I must say I admire y’all friendship. You two are the sweetest! I was able to face time meet Joanie thanks to Mary Lou and we took a selfie. (see pic below) If you look closely you’ll see Joanie.  Mary Lou, thank you for making my summer last year one that I will cherish forever. Here’s to many more visits in the future! So to all Archies who may be reading this, be sure to let other Archies know that you love, appreciate all that they do for the fan base because you are what help makes up the fan base. It is amazing how one person made all these friendships born by simply being himself and singing what’s in his heart. One life, One love, One David Archuleta.


A song and a dance!

Up All Night is finding it’s way onto Instagram.  ALOT! 

First a nice acoustic performance:

now the dance!

Never gets old

Anyone who has read FOD over the years knows how much I love this quirky song called My Hands.  There are about 1:10 seconds of it in the Postcards in the Sky tour and I love every single one of them, especially how David starts it with his MH ‘march’.  This song captured my imagination and has always been a fave.  David didn’t write it but he certainly owns it.  

The first 5 seconds are the very best! 

And here’s another screenshot.

Okay, for those who really are real aficionados, the MOV.  Could not post the mp4 because I blew the mediafile limit here


One of my fave performances, still, is AOL sessions.  I actually think it was the highlight of the sessions.  Those session performers were also so amazing.

Playing David games 😊

David from Texas has a bunch of great David puzzles to keep you guessing!  Head on over to Fans of David on Facebook to try them out!  Debut CD Song Title Game  Here and Postcards in the  Sky song title game Here

Thank you David!  

And did you do Joanie’s puzzle from Saturday?  It was great!  Here is a direct link to that one.

Make sure you are following us on Instagram as well as we try to post a few times a week including instagram stories.  You never know what we have on our phones!

Have a good one everyone.  I have a feeling I’ll see you again this week!

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28 Responses to Another music day in Nashville, David working with @jeremybose! ❤❤❤ More Fans share their 2017 @Davidarchie Highlights, Singing and Dancing to #UpAllNight, Let’s Play! OhMyHands

  1. Joanie/suttygal says:

    What a fantastic post! Thank you for reaching out, Mary Lou and for putting all of these wonderful moments and stories together!

    Chelsy~ How cool that must have been when our favorite “jukebox” David cued up the music for FUN. and you all sang together! Unique and very special That looked like an amazing intimate venue from the pics!❤️🎶

    Maritza ( The MChisme) ~ So very happy that not only did your dream come true of meeting David, but you were also able to do it in your home town!! Your pic with David I love as well as the one with you, Enrique and Kari!! So happy she recognized you right away~ Love that girl!!

    Maryanne~ I am so so happy that you were able to come to Minnesota for a most unforgettable Halloween!🎉 And we loved meeting your friends. Sierra connected with them right away. 😊Thank you! PS~You make a darling “pioneer.”

    Rox ~ Your IG post is a fun story of Abravanel amazingness! Thank you for “bringing us there” that night with your IG stories an “live” vids!! Sweet wedding memories too for you and Gorden. ❤️❤️❤️ PS Tell Gorden that being a DA fan (including concerts) >> golf! 😉

    Shanelle ~ Love having you in our fan family and was so happy you were able to meet and spend some time in Toronto with Mary Lou!!! She is a wonderful hostess and friend as well. “Face-timing was fun!!” 😃 Thank you both!! I truly hope that you’ll be able to get to a show in the near future and hoping we will all be there together!

    Zelle ~ You know I truly enjoy your writing and loved your 2017TopNine so much! This specific moment you’re sharing today of David singing NA with all of you was truly a beautiful personal moment.❤️ “almost like a conversation together” < -- Loved this!! Thank you! >>>> continued>>>>

  2. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Shelley & Veronica ~ So happy that David made it back to Colorado! 😊And so very happy that you and Veronica were able to share that special trip together in the northwest this past summer! Wonderful memories for a lifetime!
    Thank you again, Mary Lou, and for bringing together these wonderful unique David fan fave moments of 2017!!

  3. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Howdy all….Wonderful post Pastel…..Wonder what the new music project is with Jeremy Bose……Jeremy helped with all my fav songs on Postcards from the Sky….wonder if he is helping with a Spanish song or two now…..My Hards from the AOL sessions is one of my favs….love that song!!!! Hope everyone here at FOD is doing well……Got a question for ya’ll……When David does concerts without VIPS does he ever meet fans after the shows for pictures???? Just wondering…..going to see him again in Richmond but there is no VIP…..wonder if one will be added at this rate????
    Miss Vicki

  4. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Howdy all….Wonderful post Pastel…..Wonder what the new music project is with Jeremy Bose……Jeremy helped with all my fav songs on Postcards from the Sky….wonder if he is helping with a Spanish song or two now…..My Hards from the AOL sessions is one of my favs….love that song!!!! Hope everyone here at FOD is doing well……Got a question for ya’ll……When David does concerts without VIPS does he ever meet fans after the shows for pictures???? Just wondering…..going to see him again in Richmond but there is no VIP…..wonder if one will be added at this late date????
    Miss Vicki

  5. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Sorry for the double post guys….something’s going on with my laptop!!! Miss Vicki

  6. sydnie says:

    Hello Joanie, Miss Vicki, FOD!
    What an amazing post Pastel you’re awesome! Love reading all the fantastic fan 2017 David moments, thank so much for sharing guys! 😍
    Looking forward to the continuation of the tour! Hope there’ll be new MV & music! 😬

  7. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY TGIF! 🙂

    Many thanks Pastel for the FABULOUS post! That lead off pic…..PERFECTION! LOVE reading the 2017 Memorable Moments from fans! Gosh we LOVE David concerts! And EVERY TIME IS STILL A THRILL! 🙂

    David in the STUDIO with Jeremy Bose! Be still my heart! Hope it’s the long awaited Spanish songs! ❤

    ENJOY your day! 🙂 Back to Nana patrol and school! Been out 6 days. Dread the make up!

  8. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Stopping by to wish y’all a FANtastic Friday!!! 😀

    Excited to hear more about the new projects & for when he
    puts out a Spanish Album, can’t wait!!!!

    Gotta go, Take Care All, TTYL!

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello! Take whatever he’s doing….but the Spanish pritoject is the top of my list! And I don’ t speak Spanish

  9. kimk says:

    good morning peeps!
    waving howdy.. didn’t David say his next release was Spanish music an EP perhaps? maybe he has enough songs written to start recording them maybe even just trying them out to see what works? interesting he didn’t add sound to the IG story
    going to guess there might be a release of a music video first? .. will it be from Postcards or the new Spanish music?? think there was a clue it was from Postcards maybe even the song Postcards but who knows what they will go with.

    David is funny.. ha Arby’s has the meat and what Pokemon?? 🙂

    17h17 hours ago
    Because why not

  10. kimk says:

    thanks for the new thread.. gosh I love this new David he is almost perfect now!!!

  11. kimk says:

    I realize David and Kari might not of been in NYC but..

    saw this her twitter page says NY..

    ‏niniii 👑 🐘

    13h13 hours ago

    When you see @DavidArchie at the temple 😂❤️

    5m5 minutes ago
    NYC for 15 hours! Go! ✈️ Don’t worry I’ll be back in Orlando for the @GreatestShowman sing-along! 🎤🎪🍿

    David had Arbys well they are all over but hey never know he could be anywhere
    if they are maybe recording??

  12. GrammyJ says:

    Hmmm, David could be in New York. I’m sure he was recording in Nashville because Jeremy Bose lives in Nashville, but David could pop on a plane for New York any time. Who knows. He definitely has lots of frequent flier miles with all of his traveling.

  13. kimk says:

    David posted motab.. assuming he is now in Utah for President Monson’s funeral?

  14. kimk says:

    David Archuleta

    Verified account

    1h1 hour ago
    Flashback to filming a new music video… and it’s coming out very soon! Any guess what song it could be? Here’s a hint: It’s from my latest album #PostcardsInTheSky. 😉 #FBF

  15. kimk says:

    love the outfit!

  16. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Ok… Ninja David could be anywhere….NYC, Nashville, Utah???? Who knows…..Miss Vicki

  17. kimk says:

    northstarldsExcited to announce special musical guest David Archuleta will be appearing at the 2018 North Star Conference! His performance during Saturday afternoon’s keynote is open to registered attendees only. If you’re not registered yet, early bird rates are available until January 28th at!

  18. kimk says:

    think the conference is in March went to the link looks up and up dunno

    interesting conference.. is David as such? don’t know the answer to that just asking as it might be never know I mean how do you speak to it if you don’t understand? maybe it is a hoax?
    another question would be so just how do you do that and be lds?

    lol going to have my coffee.. diet coke twizzler this sure got interesting

    good morning folks!

  19. kimk says:

    dunno what will be just saying I think David is all that and a bag of chips I am so happy to know of him.. God Bless that young man really think about it guys. how lucky are we.

  20. kimk says:

    off today to look at lights for my bath.. got the cabinets picked out the floor tiles going for Bianco Orion marble totally gorgeous platinum gray cabs shaker doors brushed brass handles.. looking forward to tearing out the old bath. got a guy to help with all that our MB is almost as big as our bedroom lol even has a door by the toilet area with a little area you could sit outside lol why no clue going to tile screen it in has a half wall add plants little get away? small table and chairs I guess too rofl I love my house it is so cool

    blew my back out taking down my Christmas lights can’t do too much right now getting old stinks body wise anyway mind way nah I like me love my wrinkles with them come a lot of experience.

  21. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY weekend! 👋

    Looks like the beach might get more SNOW on Wednesday?! The kids already missed 6 days from the blizzard we just had! CRAZY!

    Looking forward to the new music video from David! He sure likes to keep us guessing! Hard to tell from the pics but my guess is Postcards In The Sky! AWESOME SONG!

    ENJOY your day! Mild and rainy here, but snow is on then way! Or so they say!

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