David Archuleta Monday Magnificence from David!! His Terrific Presence on Twitter Continues! Postcards In The Sky cd now available online at Target and Best Buy! David and Team Archie Open Merch Pop-up Store, NEW RECAPS: Beth’s Recap from Minnesota shared today and also My Halloween Magic Night in Minnesota, Reminder For Tomorrow’s event


Spotlight Down~ 

David Archuleta Nashville 2017 credit Joanie 2017-11-04

David Archuleta Nashville 2017 credit Joanie 2017-11-04



The Terrific Twitter Connection continues!!

@DavidArchie continues into this new week making wonderful waves of fun and inspiration on twitter! Today he began by sharing a very poignant video that’s gone viral from a young boy in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Keaton Jones has a personal story and message re: bullying. 

David then followed with a personal message for Keaton even referencing Sara Bareilles’s hit song “Brave.”

Beautiful response from David!! And wouldn’t it be awesome if Keaton were able to attend David’s Knoxville show on March 7th next year??? Hmmm We’ll have to think about how to make that happen. I think Keaton would love David’s wonderful uplifting music and messages. Keaton’s message as I mentioned has gone viral and he’s receiving support from other numerous celebs.

Keaton Jones article re bullying

You can click below to read more about Keaton and the response of support he’s receiving by clicking above on this New York Times article.

So many of us have either been the victim of bullying or had someone close to us bullied. Whether it’s verbal or emotional, both or otherwise, young or old, it’s a horrific kind of suffering and one that should never be kept in silence. It’s so very important to speak up like Keaton has done. It not only wakens the masses to reach out and offer support, but it might just even get some of these people bullying to think about their actions. We can only hope, right?

David also shared more on bullying a bit later~ Click below for more.


Then came this bit of Fun from David on Twitter !! 

David’s Booking agent, Todd, showed David a very special booking request from Bailey! 🤣

Oh my heck! You sure can’t blame Bailey for trying~ She’s very creative!!!
And the fun continued as David then responded to Chelsy!!

David also offered more sound advice just incase other galas would follow with the same idea. He shared a few IG stories about Bailey’s creative request!


You’ve gotta love Bailey! The sky is a very pretty color in her world. She responded to  David! 


Tomorrow afternoon: Reminder~ Christmas Concert on YT with David, the Piano Guys and more guests

Congratulations to Jamie Cox -Contest winner!!!

David took to twitter this evening to announce the winner of in studio tickets for tomorrow’s event! In addition, he shared a few more posts as wonderful examples of sharing your let and serving others.


David is in Manhattan Tonight!!


“Postcards In The Sky” now available online at Target and Best Buy!

*Thanks DFT for the find on this great news!!**


Postcards In The Sky (physical) cd is available for online purchases at both Target ($9.99) and Best Buy ($10.99- but will price match other stores) Also hoping they will add the images and track listing soon, but hey~ it’s SO AWESOME to see his new music offered in more places !!!!! In fact, Best Buy carries most all of David’s released music~ some of which is Sold Out!! Be sure to head over and check it out! In addition, they’re offering his CFTH cd for $6.99!! Click above on the ads posted to head over!! 


David Archuleta Pop-Up Christmas Store Open

Thanks Sheila for the quick heads up this am*

David and his team have opened a Christmas Pop-up store (as posted on his fb page) offering his latest physical cds and T’s ready to ship for the holidays! This is his fb post:

Then you can click to head to the shop to order directly!

Excellent idea! T’s and cds make great stocking stuffers!!


Monday memories of David in Minnesota

David Archuleta Minnesota Halloween 2017 credit Joanie

David Archuleta Minnesota Halloween 2017 credit me

Today we’re hopping back in time (already almost a month and a half!) to that wonderful spooktacular Halloween night when David Archuleta came as the best holiday treat ever to Minnesota.

We’re sharing 2 recaps today from that night, the first from our lovely fan and dear friend Beth. She initially wrote her recap of the night in comments, but it was too good not to also share on the front page, so she agreed to have me post it today. The second recap from the night is mine which is long overdue but finally here nonetheless! 

Beth’s Halloween Concert Recap:

Beth , (@WingsFOD on twitter and in comments “Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd”)  posted her lovely recap as a comment after the show and she ok’d it with me to feature on our front page today as we’re jumping back in time a bit to that spooktacular night!!

Hello Everyone!
Well, well, well, I went to this little concert last night. A wonderful singer & by
all accounts, a good man. Maybe you’ve heard of him, David Archuleta? 😀
Well, I’ll go back a bit.

My cousin picked me up & we went to Bakers Square for
dinner, it was really good. We then made our way to the venue. We got there 1/2
an hour early & found a spot right in front, but parking issues, we decided to drive
around, come back & there was another spot we took it, tried to find out how the
parking meters worked, lol, different from what I remember, made it to the door
a few minutes before they opened the door.

While waiting to make our way to the
VIP, I met Joanie, Pastel, Jani & Sharon. All super kind, loving, sweet people. The
VIP was great, bought 2 cd’s before D & the band came out. David sang 1999 by
Prince, such a sweet thing to do & he sounded fabulous. People asked a few questions & then we got our pictures. My turn, thought about what I would say, didn’t say any
of it 🙄 I think I said Thank You for coming here & he motioned, knodded, your
welcome, Kari translated, lol. Then my cousin got her pic & then Kari asked if we wanted one together, with David & we said, yes, lol. He was very sweet, on vocal rest.

It was general admission, standing, although they had some chairs, people requested. We found a couple of seats, sat for a bit, because we decided to stand for the concert despite back issues. Anyway, the concert started & David sounded great, although at times, when he talked, you could hear that his voice was a little horse.

I know we all have our own issues, how we feel about ourselves, things we need/want to improve, it can be pretty devastating at times, to be honest, but we carry on. I guess that why David’s music has always meant a great deal to me & the heart behind that music. I can’t believe I stood for nearly 3 hours, but once it started, I just loved the music so much & that voice that carries the love, compassion & respect for others right to you, your heart, that you start to feel better about yourself, that you can conquer the obstacles that you, yourself, put in your own way, or those others throw in the road you are on.

I know it may sound like this is in my mind, but David looked into my eyes several times last night, right when he was singing songs & particular words from those songs, that he knew I needed to hear them, he did it with the slightest grin, like he meant it, looking at me & to believe what he was singing. I could see him looking at other people too, he was really connecting to people with his eyes & his voice. I feel better today, about what I can accomplish, oh my heck, tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this sentence, but I feel like the goals I have for myself, I can achieve, that I’m worth it. That, the better I take care of myself, the better I can do for others, especially my family & friends and those in need.
I have a wonderful family, friends & the friends I’ve met here, on twitter, y’all are
just fabulous & have beautiful hearts, great sense of humor & kind souls. Getting to meet some of you last night, means more than I can say. Sorry, I’m still very shy, joined a speech group, so I’m working on it, lol. Please don’t mistake shyness for not being excited, thrilled to meet you lovely ladies, it was wonderful.
Looking back at what I’ve type, I didn’t mean to make it sound oh poor, sad me, I didn’t mean that, I just meant, I know I have a good heart, courtesy of my loving parents & goofy, pain-in-the neck brothers 😀 , but there are things I want/need to improve, having been slowed down by a couple of health things, etc…but last night, it changed some things for me & I owe that to the fabulous ladies I met last night & to David, his music that resonates so much with me, that has given me a new found strength & determination to reach my goals, not just for me, but so I can do more for others.

I am beyond grateful for the concert last night & for the love, understanding & compassion David has for others. Not sure how long this will be once I hit submit, lol, so I will say I’m sorry in advance, if this turned out to be too long, too wordy (I drove one of my teachers crazy with my extensive answers on tests, lol) 🙄 😀

PS: Thank You FOD, for giving us a place to talk about music, life & anything else we come up with <3 I love you all! 😀

PSS: The encore, the band, David in a Viking hat 😆


Halloween Magic in Minnesota~ My recap

David Archuleta Cedar Center Halloween IMG_4389 credit Joanie

David Archuleta Cedar Minneapolis VIP Joanie IMG_4345

My magical Minnesota Halloween night concert actually began back in August.  When the tour announcement came that David would be heading to Minnesota on October 31,st for a show at The Cedar Center in Minneapolis,  I WAS BEYOND THRILLED!!! After squeeing a little too much on twitter, I reached out to a few of my fellow Minnesota fan/friends!

I called Sharon M, and dm’d Beth to share the excitement. David had last been to Minnesota in 2010 at the Mall Of America for his Chords of Strength book signing and prior to that was the memory of the Christmas Concert that never was. A snowstorm just north of KC had prevented David’s bus from driving to Minnesota for our “Christmas From The Heart” show in 2009 and we had been patiently saving a big dose of “Minnesota Nice” for a concert return.

With other show dates popping up in what appeared would be a fantastic week for fans, I posed the question to Mary Lou (pastel) if she might consider coming from Toronto  to Minnesota to see David’s show (with me)! She’d never been to MN and I thought it might possibly work as a good lure! 😉 We could then consider other concert possibilities and end up the following weekend in Nashville! Mary Lou decided this sounded like a fun plan and prepared to make it happen!!  

Just over two weeks before Halloween, Mary Lou and I both traveled to Atlanta to visit Karin, her husband, and their beautiful little girl. While there, we attended the TOFW Friday event and had the chance afterwards (at the signing) to greet David and Kari. Kari teasingly reminded me that the upcoming show in Minneapolis was on Halloween night and that (my) “costume better be good.”  I told her it would be; I was going to go as a tour manager ;)!! Anyway, David’s album was released the following week and it gave me an idea for a costume ~something that Mary Lou and my daughter who’d also be going, could join me in wearing if they chose! Before leaving the signing line that night, I told David we were all looking forward to seeing him in Minnesota in a couple weeks.  Over that declaration we shared a nice fist bump!

As October 31st came closer, the costume wasn’t the only thing on my mind. I wondered how tickets might be selling as (a)the show  was on a school night, (b) Halloween is a big night for parents and kids to stay in or near their neighborhoods, (c) the Cedar Center doesn’t often host a well-known artist like David and (d)there hadn’t really been any promo at least that we were aware of.. The ticket office volunteer told me that it was selling fairly well, but still I wondered. I dm’d lovely Brenda @itsallbs2017 who designed a flyer for me which I printed off and distributed to a few of the nearby colleges and coffee shops event boards. If these flyers can even get the attention of a handful of people I thought, it would be worth it. Thanks again, Brenda, for helping me with this project! You are both talented and sweet!

Monday arrived and I was off to the airport in the late afternoon to pick up my Canadian friend who would be the “Thelma to my Louise” for the week! Mary Lou spoiled my family as she came with multiple kinds of Canadian chocolates, glazed nuts, maple butter, biscotti and more! We chatted about the upcoming concert, David’s incredible new cd, and our costumes, etc., all while trying to introduce her to my home state and town. The Chicago show was taking place that night and as I was also on duty for FOD, I was feebly trying to follow along gathering those concert highlights.


Concert day and we had so much to do before leaving for the VIP.  My daughter Sierra was working and would meet us at the venue.  My idea was to create a costume to celebrate David’s new cd and title track for Halloween by “becoming it;” I would go as “Postcards in the Sky!”  Sierra was all in! Mary Lou thought maybe she’d choose a different track, so before coming, she had a top made with carefully chosen screen-printed “ cracks” for a Cracks of Heaven theme.

Halloween cedar Minneapolis Mary Lou and Joanie credit Joanie

Pastel and Suttygal aka Thelma and Louise 😉

It was a very chilly windy Fall Minnesota day, and the sun peeked out briefly in the afternoon giving us a perfect reminder that David Archuleta was in town! I can’t imagine how tired David, Kari, and the others must have been as this show was sandwiched in between Chicago and Indianapolis, and more ahead that week!!

Scurrying to get all of our concert necessities in the car, we were off on a 20 minute ride from my home to the venue. Before parking, we spotted Maryanne and a few other girls already standing outside the venue. We were able to park half a block from the venue which were were very thankful for!  Sierra came to meet us at the car and changed into her costume…yup, she changed clothes in the car. 😉

It was wonderful to see Maryanne again and this was Mary Lou’s first time meeting her in person. Maryanne had come from Wisconsin with a friend and her friend’s 2 daughters. They took a pic of us outside the venue and we waited for the doors to open for VIP. Sharon, her husband John, and Jani arrived and there were many hugs all around!

Cedar Center Minneapolis halloween Maryanne Sierra ML Joanie IMG_4338 2

A very sweet young guy, who had driven from St. Cloud (about 1 ½ hrs away) joined in the line outside.He was still dressed in a shirt and tie, as he drove straight from work not wanting to be late.  He’d missed out on buying a VIP and didn’t have a ticket yet for the show but came excited for the chance as he had never seen David live.   I gifted him an extra ticket for the show, and he came to find us at the end of the concert to let us know how much he had LOVED it!

Finally the doors of the Cedar Center opened and the VIP group of about 25 gathered, waiting to be checked in. HERE after all these years in that little lobby area  I met THE SWEET SUPER SUPPORTIVE FUN INCREDIBLE BethFOD aka  keeper of the fine feathered friends, consistently sweet, positive and supportive in comments, and @WingsFOD on twitter! I can’t believe that it took us so long to actually meet in person but sooo happy that we finally have now, and hoping we can have a fan get-together soon. Beth has a smile that lit up the room. <3  She was there with her cousin, also sweet and kind.

Kari appeared ready to get everyone checked in, with lanyards and to hand out VIP treats. It’s always so nice to see Kari~ Professional, organized, kind, caring and also so much fun! She was happy to see the costumes and probably relieved to see me not dressed up as “her.”   Before entering the concert area, I left an additional extra ticket at will call for an old hometown friend,  a S7 David Cook fan who had always liked David A as well and had been to a couple of his past shows. I had invited her previously but she was unable to commit. With a sudden change in schedule, her evening was free and she jumped at the chance to come! We’d meet up with her later in the venue after the VIP.

VIP and Highlights~

David Archuleta Cedar Stage Minneapolis~credit Joanie

David Archuleta Cedar Stage Minneapolis~credit Joanie

We entered the Cedar mainstage area. It’s not a super fancy venue by any means, but welcoming, a bit quaint, and with good acoustics. The 2 staff members I spoke with both told me how wonderful David and “his people” had been to work with. (We know, but it’s very nice to hear from others).We quickly positioned ourselves next to the stage with purses and VIP gifts then went to the merch table to visit with Emily and Amber. I love these two girls! Emily is a ray of sunshine and Amber is so very sweet. Amber shared that she really likes tour but she was missing “home” and her cats.♥ We bought PITS cds and I bought an Invincible T for Sierra then returned to our spots as Soundcheck was about to begin.

 Jay Tibbitts MinneapolisBrady Bills Cedar Minneapolis Halloween

The band first entered and played a little of Invincible (just the music). Then David entered and the VIP group loudly cheered. David surprised the Minnesota crowd when he launched into singing Prince’s 1999! So incredibly thoughtful to offer Minnesotans that special connection! Kari let the group know that David was on strict vocal rest and saving his voice for the show. Because of this, he would not be taking any questions from the group but instead, we could ask the band questions;


@davidarchie singing a little “Prince” for us in Soundcheck! #davidarchuleta #minneapolis

A post shared by Joanie S (@suttygal) on

 1st Q: Sharon had a question from her husband regarding the earpieces that musicians use on stage~ what was their purpose…  The band members liked the opportunity to each weigh in.  They shared about how earpieces allow for the singer to hear how the music sounds as the sound engineer sends it back to him. When the entire band wears ear pieces, it helps all of them to hear each other better. Also, the ear pieces can provide an in ear metronome to assist with the ability to keep strict tempo.

2nd Q: Mary Lou asked Desmond as the newest band member if he was enjoying this new experience with David and the band.  Desmond shared that he has been in band situations previously with Brady (and Chad I think?) Des also talked about the (good) communication David has with his band members. For instance, if Desmond is playing a part in a certain way that David would like done differently , they talk it over and then Desmond adjusts accordingly.

3rd Q: A young woman asked if David could sing ”Somewhere only We Know” ~ In my perfect world, the request would have been for “Aiming For Hope” or another of his new songs but happy to please, David turned to the band to check out thoughts re: the request. No idea how they were able to have it ready so quickly but they did and the woman who had asked was smiling and nodding.


A special request last night. Somewhere Only We Know at @davidarchie VIP Minneapolis #davidarchuleta

A post shared by David Archuleta FOD (@fodfansofdavid) on

The situation without even the ability to ask yes/no questions to David was a little less than optimal for the VIP experience, but I get it; David’s voice needed some extra recovery time and needed to be conserved for the five concerts in seven days week that had begun. Perhaps Team A could consider a 2 sided paddle for the future (in a similar situation) where the VIPers could have a fun (silent) game of yes/no questions with David.😀

As we all moved to the picture line, David was all smiles and mouthing words adding a few whispers now and then. He was very attentive to each person in line and focused on every face listening to what people had to say.  When it was my turn, David smiled and gestured to different parts my costume mouthing that he liked the “Postcards in the Sky” outfits. That gave me a chance to let him know how very much I love his new music and that I wanted to celebrate it by “being it” for Halloween. I thanked him for coming to Minnesota and told him how much we’d missed him here. Kari took our picture.

David Archuleta cedar Center Minneapolis Halloween David and Joanie IMG_5008 2 

David was also happy to see Mary Lou as she presented herself depicting “Cracks of Heaven.” Her midnight blue T had specially selected screen-printed cracks and she added a heavenly pair of angel wings and a halo. She decorated her halo and socks with the tiny white LED lights.

Sierra was seeing David for the first time in 7 years and both were all smiles. David is amazing in the way he pays attention to everything (musical) in his surroundings. While Sierra was greeting him and they were getting ready to have their picture taken, he suddenly picked up on a particular track of house music playing (I can’t remember the song) and he reached out  pointing toward the sound engineer telling him to please change the track . “Skip that one”he was saying ~all the while Sierra was waiting for their picture to be taken…. I think she was fine waiting. 😉

 David Archuleta Cedar Halloween with Sierra 2IMG_4899

Oh! Almost forgot to mention something cool~ At the beginning of the VIP when David came out, he greeted everyone and was reminiscing about Minnesota. At one point, he brought up the “cancelled concert” back in 2009. This makes me hopeful that because he remembers the Christmas show that didn’t happen, that possibly one day in the future, Minnesota will have another shot at one!

After the VIP, there was a little break as the rest of the crowd was allowed to enter. The room was not full but filled in nicely. For a weeknight and on Halloween, I couldn’t complain. There were people of all ages including many young guys, girls, parents, some children, longtime fans, and those seeing David for the first time. Some people were in costumes as we were for the holiday.  My hubs arrived straight from work for the concert as well! It was his very first David concert and he was looking forward to it! He chose to forego our front row frenzy for the show and happily found a spot where there were chairs a bit farther back and to the side.   David took the stage as the band started playing “Up All Night.” The crowd erupted, and we started dancing!


@davidarchie UpAll Night! #davidarchuleta #minneapolis

A post shared by Joanie S (@suttygal) on

Some of David’s banter is similar at shows but there are wonderful nuisances unique to every show. As it was Halloween, David sought out Halloween costumes and enjoyed hearing about them. He came to the stage edge and offered the mic asking me about my costume. I remember telling him I (and Sierra) were dressed as his new cd and the title track “Postcards in the Sky”; he was going for specifics. 🙂 . He noted our lights and stars and made mention of Mary Lou’s as well.

 My friend who I’d left the ticket for at will call was standing farther back and caught this moment on video as he asked me then scanned the crowd for others in costumes! From Frida Kahlo, to Scooby Doo, scarecrows and pioneers, he enjoyed it all. As he mentioned scarecrows and Maryanne (the pioneer) he broke into snippets of songs successively.  There were also a few people there from Chile he found  which prompted David to break into a national cheer!

Although David’s voice was showing a bit of fatigue from the past couple weeks, his vocals were still great throughout the night! His 100% emotion-filled delivery and consistency never disappoints. As I looked around the venue, all eyes were fixed on David…whether he was speaking or singing, they were singly and collectively lost in the moment. During certain songs there were numerous “Woo Hoooos”, claps, whistles, and mini-sing-alongs. His intro messages were equally well received with occasional responses of “Preach David!” “Amen” and exaggerated head nods from the crowd.

His new songs from Postcards In The Sky were met with people singing, swaying, and dancing along. The messages and stories he’s chosen to share through these songs have quickly found a place that feels familiar to me. The messages about personal struggles, feelings of self-doubt, indecision are all places I’ve been and David’s lyrics find me in those places and offer a hand up.♥ He writes from his experiences and although they’re written for everyone, so much feels like it was written as a long “postcard” just for me. 🙂 

 And the covers he chooses? YES to the YES with the Imagine Dragons “Thunder”/PandA mashup!!! That combo is sheer brilliance and David’s ability to spin full 360’s while singing full out is beyond me!!! I also love David’s Beautiful/Scars mashup; it completely made my summer and I still love it!

Another mini fun spot of the night was David’s intro to “Spotlight Down.”(such a great song btw~)  He shared his sometimes humorous interactions with people regarding his age, or how he maintains his perfect skin, and his choice in hair products which lead to a couple of funny demonstrations. 🤣

During David’s explanation of HOLT and introduction to Baby Snow and “the little boy in green,” people listened intently. I really love that David shares a personal cause during his shows. He has such a beautiful heart and IS making the lives of orphans and little children better. It’s a meaningful, beautiful, powerful partnership and the more shows he shares this message, the more children will gain sponsors! Someone who is so completely humble like David, may not wish to assume that he has “power.”  Yet when you DO have that recognition and ability to use that power to be a voice for good and for those who most need it, how wonderful that “power” is!  What could be more awesome?!

David Archuleta talking about Holt- Minneapolis -Halloween 2017 Cedar Cultural Center

David Archuleta talking about Holt- Minneapolis -Halloween 2017 Cedar Cultural Center

The crowd listened and held onto every word. The girls in front ..yup…mesmerized!

David continued through the setlist and too soon we were singing and swaying along to Glorious and the set was complete except for that all important encore, the icing on the cake!

Tonight we were in for an even bigger surprise though. The band returned and instantly we knew something was up! Brady was in his blue Eeyore onesie, Chad had on a star headband (the one I’d given Mary Lou like Sierra’s and mine) She had chosen to go with her halo alone and before the show at some point had offered it to Chad. And Jay was covered in a red cape.

THEN! In finest fashion, David bounded onto the stage as a real Minnesota Viking!! He had long curly ginger locks, and a horned helmet that was a wee bit too big, but he totally rawked it!! Whaaaat??? Who was this Norski  man with the magnum voice?? SKOL worthy he was! The entertained and appreciative crowd went wild as David slayed “Higher Ground” followed by Crush all while successfully keeping his horns in place! How incredibly cool that David wanted to celebrate Halloween during the show!! SO COOL!!

David Archuleta -Viking- Minnesota credit Joanie 1

David Archuleta Viking Minnesota credit Sierra

He lingered long after the final notes slowly moving across the front of the stage shaking hands, greeting fans, and allowing for a few fan selfies as he passed. Then finally he rose, waved, and bounded back behind the stage.

It’s always so hard to see David leave as in that instant;  the reality of the incredible show and “Archuleta encounter” you’ve been completely captivated by and immersed in for the past 2 hours is over….but it was so so sweet…

Cedar Cultural Center Laura, Mary Lou, joanie Maryanne credit Joanie

Cedar Cultural Center ~ Halloween Laura, Mary Lou, joanie Maryanne credit Joanie

Mary Lou, Sierra, Maryanne and I chatted with people around us. We said good-bye to the young guy who had come from St Cloud who had LOVED the show. We also found Laura (@mybrightside), a long time fan and her husband Ejaz . Both raved about the show and commented on how much David had grown in confidence and ease on the stage. Both loved David’s new music from Postcards in The Sky!

My husband gave the concert a big thumbs up! After all these years of supporting my fan engagement and adventures, he came away with an even deeper understanding of how wonderful David’s live concerts are and how much my fan/family members mean to me.  I discovered later that evening that our personal family member snapchat held a special little surprise recording from the show of David singing “MKOP!” Thank you, hubs! 

We spent some extra time before leaving the Cedar talking with the band members and Kari . All were complementary of the crowd finding them responsive and engaged. We thanked Kari for an amazing night and for being so wonderful to everyone! We gave hugs good bye to Beth before leaving, too. As we were leaving the venue, Mary Lou, with her phone in hand excitedly told me to check out David’s IG. On page 2 was the surprise of a lifetime.  ♥

When Sharon agreed to write her story, she was happy and said it was like creating a memory to keep. I guess I’ve done that as well in an overly longwinded overly detailed recap…but I’ll have it for my memories as well. It was a most magical night spent with family, Mary Lou and more dear friends, with Kari, the band, and David.  I’m so thankful to all of them for making it all the Happiest Halloween in Minnesota ever!

David, if I was throwing my words into the air tonight, my much more succinct “Postcard In The Sky” would read something like this:

Dear David,

I’m grateful for the many ways being your fan has brought so much joy, enrichment, and purpose into my life. I’m grateful for your music; your new Postcards In The Sky cd is definitely your best music yet!

I’m also grateful for your voice, your inspiration, the friends I’ve met through you, for the adventures, new challenges, service opportunities, and so much more I’ve gained on this journey… your journey. Please continue to be “you,” continue to sing freely from the bottom of your soul, continue to throw YOUR words into the world, do what makes you happy… and keep looking up!

Thank you so much for coming to our state of Minnesota! Thank you for a most magical Halloween night in Minnesota.It meant more than you know and  I couldn’t have asked for more. ~  Sincerely, Joanie <3

Here are a couple more IG posts from the night.



Other Things In Sight @davidarchie #davidarchuleta #TheCedar

A post shared by Joanie S (@suttygal) on

My Hands


My Hands!! @davidarchie #davidarchuleta #minnesota

A post shared by Joanie S (@suttygal) on

If you haven’t totally checked out yet by my long winded recap, let me thank you from the bottom of my Minnesota heart for humoring me and hanging in there. 🙂

More to come as I haven’t quite finished this post, but I must get it up before Monday evening has past! And be sure to head over to our facebook page Fans Of David Archuleta as DFT (David G) has everything and more up for your enjoyment there! 

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  1. pastel says:

    Fantastic post Joanie!!!! Wow, so much happened over 24 hours! Your recap of the show is unreal! Written like a proud Minnesotan, its the best when David comes to your hood. Love all your details, it really was a special night and David was indeed making up for a missed event years ago ~ what a memory! He gave it his all! There will never be a Hallowe’en event like the one in Minneapolis, that’s for sure! Or a Prince song! Or the Viking, complete with beard throw to the audience!!!! So happy to be there with you <3

    • suttygal/Joanie in MN says:

      Thank you, Mary Lou!! We sure had fun, didn’t we, Thelma? or am I Thelma and you’re Louise? I can’t remember! 😆 ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Thank You Joanie, for your kind words, you’re so sweet 😀 Being a
    fan of David’s, sure has brought some incredibly wonderful people into
    my life. What a great re-cap!!! What a wonderful night that was in MN.

    Sorry to post & run, very busy, will check in tomorrow.
    Take Care All, TTYL! 😀 <3

    • suttygal/Joanie in MN says:


    • SKMcM says:

      Dear Beth!!!!

      Your recap was just so wonderful! You shared your heart so honestly and so beautifully! I am thrilled that I was finally able to meet you ! Please never apologize for who you are. We all have issues and challenges that we work at to overcome. I was also born with a very shy personality. I have had to work with issues of low self esteem and insecurity much of my life. I totally understand how you feel! It has gotten much better for me over the years….as I know my heart and am more comfortable not having to “fit in”!

      Hugs to you and your Heart Beth! Have a wonderful day! {♥}

      • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

        Hello Dear Sharon! Thank You So Much! I’m so glad you feel much better, about dealing with the shyness, self esteem & insecurities. I’m working on it. Can’t believe I joined Toastmasters & give speeches, but I think it’s helped me. Your friendship & understanding are wonderful gifts and I Thank You from the bottom of my heart <3 <3 <3 😀

    • Jani says:

      Beth, loved re-reading your wonderful recap!! It was so nice to finally meet this wonderful, witty, caring person I’ve enjoyed chatting with over the years! Hugs to you and the FFF’s! ❤️

      • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

        Thank You Jani, you are a fabulous person, friend. The FFF’s & me are sending you (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

  3. Jani says:

    Joanie, you took me right back to that fabulous Halloween night! What a joy to watch David for two hours….up so close! I’ll never forget it. Or you and Mary Lou’s creative costumes! What a fabulous, fun night that was! Thanks for the perfect recap. Loved your letter to D! ❤️😊

  4. Jani says:

    Ha, FB has over 2mil views and 14.3k comments on singing all the parts! This continues to crack me up,lol. So excited David is having fun on social media!!
    Will be watching him tomorrow for sure!

  5. kimk says:

    good morning folks! lol that hair what a great Halloween night! thank you Joanie!!!
    good morning folks David songs today!!! 😍😍😍

  6. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all! 🙂

    Thanks Joanie for the Monday Magnificence post! So many ARCHUGOODIES! FANTASTIC recaps with pics and vids, Beth and Joanie! More ARCHULOVE for the “sing all the parts” video! FUN times in Davidland! 🙂

    Tonight the Piano Guys and Friends YouTube concert in NYC! Wonder what David will sing? Wonder if he will sing The Prayer with Nathan?

    ENJOY your day! 🙂

    • GrammyJ says:

      Could be. Nathan and David both posted vids on Instagram showing they are in New York. Kari posted that she’s in New York too. I’m looking forward to the concert on you-tube!

  7. SKMcM says:

    Good Morning All!!!

    Oh My Gosh Joanie……your recap of David’s concert in Minnesota was just perfect in every way! It was a dream come true to have David come to our state and perform his heart out!!! You captured every single minute so beautifully!!! Sometimes when I go to bed and can’t fall asleep right away….I play back all the special moments of that night in my head. Hearing his songs and his messages really help me fall asleep! They are like lullabies.

    It was a special night being shared with special friends whom I would never have met if it were not for David! It was especially so nice to meet you Beth….for the very first time. I have admired you and everything you write….since I found you on FOD! Even though I don’t chat very much…..I can never go a day without visiting this home away from home. I have to check in each morning before I begin my day…..and each night before I head to bed! (at a minimum) It is a wonderful ritual!!! ♥

    Thank you Joanie for capturing this night and helping to make it even more special. Thank you …..and all the wonderful MODS……for keeping a ” light ” on here for David and his special fans!
    I can’t stay and play now, but wishing you all a wonderful day!!! I am hoping to join you all at the “Light of the World” concert in NYC today!!! It is another gift of the day!

    Thank you David…..for who you are and all that you do to shine your light! You truly are making a difference in our world….by sharing your heart….by being the real you!♥

  8. GrammyJ says:

    David was on the LDS living Facebook live talking about the Light the World performance that night. He appears about half way thru the video. You can still watch it. I thought his answers were great.

  9. GrammyJ says:

    David is going to sing at least twice- a duet with Nathan and a duet with Peter Hollens.

  10. GrammyJ says:

    David just sang with Peter Hollens – beautiful! Hope everyone is watching. It’s a great show. I’m sure you will be able watch at any time on the Piamo Guys You-Tube page. David did some Instagrams before the show too.

  11. Jani says:

    I had to be gone all day and missed it! ☹️ You think I can still see it? Going to try the Piano Guys you tube. Thanks Grammyj!

    • SKMcM says:

      It was great Jani!!! I am sure they will post it later….at least I hope so!!! Everyone …..gave a fabulous performance!!! The entire concert was filled with lots of warmth, love and caring! ♥

  12. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Hope y’all are doing well! 😀
    Just wanted to share, My Uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago &
    we had the service for him today. It was a moving service, a Gun salute,
    retired soldiers presenting the colors (flags). He had a very distinguished
    career, retired as a Major. Was offered to be a LT Col., but he said no, that
    20 years was the right time to retire. He served in to wars, earned the purple
    heart, served with honor. I learned more today, about my Uncle, he was a
    wonderful man. He had a great smile & always made me laugh. A great story
    teller. I will miss him. We didn’t get to see my Aunt & Uncle on that side of the
    family nearly as often as I would’ve liked, but when we were together we had
    a great time. They lost they’re daughter, my cousin a few years ago, now him,
    it’s tough. But, you keep the good times & love in your heart for that person &
    continue on.

    • SKMcM says:

      Thank you for sharing Beth! That must have made you feel very proud….in all your sadness…. to see the special celebration of your uncle’s life.

      I hope that all the great memories you have of your times together…. will help soothe the hurt for you and your family now! ♥ Hugs….{B}

      • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

        Thank You Sharon. Yes, I’m so proud of my Uncle, he
        was so funny & cared about other people, wanting to
        protect the country by serving in the Military. It’s been
        a tough few years, of loss, but like you said, the memories
        bring healing to the heart <3

    • Joanie/suttygal says:

      ((((((HUGS))))))) Beth~ I’m so very sorry about your Uncle passing~ he sounds like an amazing, intelligent, kind and well respected man. He held many stories of history. Love to you and your family! ❤️❤️❤️

      • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

        Thank You Joanie. I love that, “He held many stories
        of history” So true. I didn’t realize he worked in the
        Pentagon. He wanted to serve our Country, serve the
        people. We will keep him alive in our hearts. But, I bet
        he’s up in Heaven w/my Dad causing all sorts of
        mischief 😀

  13. Miss Vicki D#2014 says:

    Hi….so so sorry to hear about your Uncle passing Beth…..prayers going out to you and your family……Watched the video of Keaton Jones regarding his bullying at school….This just so so sad and so wrong…..glad David and others are jumping on the bandwagon to promote no bullying!!!!!…..Love it that David is back in NY….Didn’t realize that he hasn’t been back to NYC since 2011…..Is anyone taking videos of he concert tonight????…BTW….Would love to hear David sing New York, New York…..Hope everyone here at FOD is hanging in there…..I’ve been extra busy at work these last few weeks and not able to check in as much…..Miss Vicki

  14. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All! 😀

  15. kimk says:

    Bianca Ryan‏Verified account
    15m15 minutes ago
    SWIPE! LOOK AT THIS THEN & NOW 🎤 It’s been 13 years since I’ve seen this guy since we did Star Search together as kids & we remembered each others performances & everything! Crazy! @DavidArchie TY for coming out to my show! @HolidaysOnBway

  16. kimk says:

    concert was beautiful.. David was beautiful.. lol and he shaved on IG. ha again who is this?? rofl fabulous night think he went to a play too after.


  17. kimk says:


    The cutest human being #LightTheWorld
    Autumn 🖤‏
    6h6 hours ago

  18. kimk says:


    David Archuleta IG stories- shaving and pre concert LTW

  19. Joanie/suttygal says:

    New post is up with all the highlights of the day!! Wishing everyone a good night! ❤️

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