David Archuleta ~ Manila Mania Continues! Day 2 of the Philippines ArchuTour – Interviews, Nashville Fan Lunch Deadline 10/20, Chelsy’s Project, Pre-Order Postcards in the Sky, Vids & Pics Galore! Tweets & Treats


Perfectly Imperfect & Invincible

– credit Archuleta Philippines from General Press Conference

– CNN Philippines Rockin’ the plaid shirt – screen cap credit Kalei



Trending Party Today! 

Hope everyone can join in on this trend to support and promote the release of Postcards in the Sky on Friday, 10/20/17. Get your fingers warmed up and start tweeting at the date and time posted on the graphic above. Let’s get a TT!


Nashville Fan Lunch Deadline

– I’m heading to Nashville!

Reminder that if you signed up to attend the Fan Lunch in Nashville on 11/04/17, please check your email for your lunch selection form. Complete and email to Holly and make payment $15/person via PayPal, check or cash – PRE-PAID in advance.

Because the venue requires payment in advance, the headcount must be guaranteed, so there will be NO REFUNDS. Deadline is 10/20/17!


Manila Mania – It’s A Whirlwind!

Day 2 in Manila and the pace did not slow down for even a second! After the parade of radio interviews yesterday, today continued with some Press Conferences, more interviews, a fun emoji game and a mini concert on the Wish Bus!

No matter how many interviews David does, I always learn something new about him – some little tidbit of information that I didn’t know before, even though I’ve been a fan for nine years! I was watching the interviews from yesterday and the DJs started talking about Pokemon – they asked David which was his favorite – I was expecting Pikachu – but David said, without hesitation – Feraligatr. File that information away for the next David trivia challenge!

Today’s post will try to capture as many of the days’ events as possible! I don’t know how David keeps up the hectic pace, running from one place to another all day long!

Thanks to JackRyan and many other Archie Fans who helped archive the the various press conferences, interviews and events. The Pinoy fans really do it up right with their enthusiasm and unbridled support for David!

General Press Conference – In 4 Parts from jr4DA:

General Press Conference Part 1 (credit: jr4DA2016 plus)

General Press Conference Part 2 (credit: jr4DA2016 plus)

General Press Conference Part 3 (credit: jr4DA2016 plus)

General Press Conference Part 4 (credit: jr4DA2016 plus)

David then returned to his plaid roots and rocked a pink and black plaid shirt when he appeared on The Source for an interview that ended with an amazing acoustic version of Invincible, with Brady Bills on guitar – the runs and change ups are fabulous!

The Source Interview 10/18/17 (credit: jr4DA plus)

The Source Interview – Invincible Unplugged (credit: jr4DA2016 plus)

David’s Promo Spot for CNNPH

Promo spot for The Myx from Ovation Productions

The Wish 107.5 Bus Mini Concert

David participated in a mini concert on The Wish Bus – lots of Pinoy fans showed up for the free event and David serenaded everyone with Invincible and Up All Night! Credit: Ovation Productions FB & Brady Bills:

News5 Features Interview

This interview made me tear up a little when David recounts his school days when he was the “quiet kid” that ate lunch alone – people made fun of him and he felt that he wasn’t special or important. He tells other that if they’re being bullied or feel depressed or suicidal to reach out for help and to know that they are important no matter what.

The Emoji Game! 🙂

Vince Bern shares this fun vid of David mimicking various emojis using props and animated facial expressions!


Chelsy’s Project

Have you participated in this project to celebrate the release of Postcards in the Sky? Watch Chelsy’s twitter and find out the theme of the day and share your memories with the Archufandom!


Tweets & Treats!

The OS has a new look! If you haven’t seen it yet, click below to visit!

Screen Caps from the CNN Interview

Pic credit to Archuleta Philippines


Pre-Order Postcards in the Sky!

– Click to pre-order


Win Tickets!


Another big day in Manila! David sure is busy! Tomorrow David will appear on They MYX and the tv show Eat Baluga – we’ll bring you all the exciting happenings tomorrow!

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48 Responses to David Archuleta ~ Manila Mania Continues! Day 2 of the Philippines ArchuTour – Interviews, Nashville Fan Lunch Deadline 10/20, Chelsy’s Project, Pre-Order Postcards in the Sky, Vids & Pics Galore! Tweets & Treats

  1. kimk says:

    Kalei one word… WOW!!! 😳

    so much lol never too much.. David looks great in that pink plaide shirt black pants! 👍😘

  2. VaBeachJudy says:

    Kalei what a SUPER POST! So many ARCHUGOODIES! MUST SAY, it is more FUN in the Philippines! So much support from not only the fans, but the media, friends, TV, radio and Ovation Productions! LOVE it all! Sure looks like David is ENJOYING himself! 🙂

  3. GrammyJ says:

    Thanks for pulling all the promo together! I’m so glad David went to the Philippines again. They know how to promote him there and to treat him like a star! I just listened to the six part press conference and all I can say is that David is beautiful inside and out! He has always been a fabulous singer but now he is a great speaker as well. He is motivational and speaks from the heart and can also be very funny. I am proud to be his fan!

    • Kalei says:

      It’s amazing how he has overcome his fear of performing and speaking in public – he’s a total pro now! He says he still struggles with it, but he keeps trying to improve himself, and we can listen to him talk forever!

  4. Cathy says:

    Just to clarify, David could sing all by himself on stage and it would be great! Just wondered why the full band was not there, but then he mentioned it in one of the interviews today that the opening act doesn’t have very many people to accompany them and he found it interesting. It will be awesome regardless. Love all the promo.

  5. Cathy says:

    The picture of him in the plaid shirt looking up!!!❤️❤️❤️

  6. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Love the plaid shirt…..looks like he is going back to his roots….clothes wise….he is just so real and honest and such a great motivational speaker…..little David has grown up!!!! WOW!!!!! Miss Vicki

  7. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Anyone notice how he talks about not having been in a relationship until he was in his 2o’s….hope that sweet traveling companion didn’t break his heart…..Miss Vicki

  8. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Less than a week till I see David at Meet and Greet in Sellersville…..getting so so excited!!!! Haven’t seen David since Stroudsburg 6 years ago!!!! Miss Vicki

  9. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Thursday! 🙂

    David sure has made the rounds! TV and radio! Sure has had INCREDIBLE support in the Philippines! Heck if I was David, I’d go there every chance I’d get! They get him! Can’ t wait for the concert! Hope he sings You Are My Song! He mentioned it was one of his favorites!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day!

  10. kimk says:

    good morning guys.. Postcards come out tonight!! 🙂

    JOANIE!! 😀

    David Archuleta‏Verified account @DavidArchie 4h4 hours ago
    David Archuleta Retweeted Joanie S
    😆😆😆can’t believe it already comes out tomorrow!David Archuleta added,

    Joanie S‏ @suttygal 9h9 hours ago
    Late tomorrow night I’m hoping we’ll get a notification that the preorder for @DavidArchie’s Postcards In The Sky is ready to download!!

  11. kimk says:

    heart echoes‏ @nareejo 6m6 minutes ago
    huhu … I cried when he sang Crush!! all the memories came back… “our love is never going away”! @DavidArchie #petmalu lodi

    heart echoes‏ @nareejo 3m3 minutes ago
    I’m getting emotional already @DavidArchie We missed you so much!!

    heart echoes‏ @nareejo 8m8 minutes ago
    But , I’m crying too because he sounds so tired already. Grt some rest now @DavidArchie . Thats enough. Stop singing and talking.. for now

    ahh time for a rest David

  12. kimk says:

    ha ok guys David is all over no way I can post it all.. woah nellie!!

    Eat Bulaga‏Verified account @EatBulaga 8h8 hours ago
    David Archuleta LIVE at Eat Bulaga 😍


  13. kimk says:

    Monster RX93.1‏ @RX931 9m9 minutes ago

    ALL OUT | 10AM

    Best jokes will give you a chance to win tickets to DAVID ARCHULETA’S concert 💯 #DavidArchuleta931

  14. kimk says:

    Rappler‏Verified account @rapplerdotcom 19m19 minutes ago
    Replying to @rapplerdotcom @DavidArchie
    #LiveJam: @DavidArchie now singing ‘Crush’

    WATCH: http://s.rplr.co/IcS7TSS

  15. kimk says:

    Rappler‏Verified account @rapplerdotcom 21m21 minutes ago
    Replying to @rapplerdotcom @DavidArchie
    “I’ve never gotten tired of singing [Crush]. To see fans still enjoying it 9 years later, that means a lot.” – @DavidArchie #LiveJam

  16. kimk says:

    David was trending #2 in the Philippines

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 12h12 hours ago
    Yo @DavidArchie you’re a busy guy all over media in the Phils and trending too 😉 I hope you got some sleep!!

  17. GrammyJ says:

    David was on several T.V. shows yesterday or I guess it was today as the Philippines is about 12 hours ahead of us. He just looks and sounds so awesome. I wish all the fans that drifted away would see him now. He’s better than ever especially in his speaking abilities. Oh well, I’m glad I’m here to see it. I agree that he needs to go to the Philippines more often.

  18. kimk says:

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 8h8 hours ago
    Full UAN vid from in-studio just now 🙌https://www.facebook.com/noblezajeff/videos/2059702090722127/ …

  19. kimk says:

    we watched the interviews David was able to bear his soul if you wish.. one interview had me in tears. he was bullied as a child.. one of his friends told him just cause he was mormon they’d wait outside with bats. idiots evil ones.

    this one

    snowangelzz 🍁‏ @TheSnowAngelz 17h17 hours ago
    This @DavidArchie interview tho’: 😭 https://www.facebook.com/News5Features/videos/1732955756716859/

    point I am trying to make David can be more of who he is talk about the real him and still be loved.. a lot. so happy for him lol so happy for me that they love social media and their idols like they do. very passionate indeed.

  20. kimk says:

    another thing about the Philippines is that the folks are different they are very passionate and they show it. not so much here. folks here hold back guess they are worried about being PC and such don’t really know. on twitter yesterday there was some cranky poster where even Kari had to come in and say something I am thinking it was a troll trying to take him down.. don’t know what is up except folks here are kind of cranky reserved whatever at times
    ok now The Troubadour concert was outrageous!! other concerts umm well some are kind of sleepers. . not talking David by the way he feeds off the crowd. by the way it wasn’t always that way folks used to go all bonkers for David here. ha yes do miss that hope to have a great time in Nashville hoping the crowd loves him to pieces. ha ok not literally of course.

  21. kimk says:

    Grasya‏ @mrygrcvna 4m4 minutes ago
    Where here at the lobby @DavidArchie 🙁

    saw lots of pics and such folks going around waiting for David and such there 🙂

    ha wonder if David is staying at the Drury.. once during Myrtle Beach we stayed where David was lots of going on his pops was all over we just sat and watched the fun. 🙂 never saw David but was cool he was in the same hotel. that was a crazy good concert… literally crazy but one of the best even those who were there just for the fun flocked to try and see him after.. so many loved David that day.
    I dunno maybe David should get out and have concerts like Myrtle Beach again.. know folks would love him if even just for the voice. folks can’t get excited if he isn’t out and about.. he is all over Manila doing interviews tv.. none here except for what one on a local morning tv show?

  22. kimk says:

    Hot Music Charts‏ @ihotmusiccharts 11m11 minutes ago
    Invincible by David Archuleta is number 2 in Hungary #iTunes top 100 songs http://www.hotmusiccharts.com/hu/itunes

  23. kimk says:

    Jimmy J‏ @_jimmyj 38m38 minutes ago
    Replying to @Absolutalbert @AtomicJox

    ha well NO!!

  24. kimk says:

    watched the live FB feed naree posted.. sure he was tired but he was ok think if anything the Crush being acoustic might of thrown her off. nice interview 🙂

    Miss Vicki ha well they were talking about the song Crush he said when he was 17 he was a late bloomer.. no crushes yet but later on he has experienced things like that.. 🙂

  25. kimk says:

    not sure I posted it.. lol got no sleep last night was up watching D stuff. 😉


    this one

  26. kimk says:

    Wish FM 107.5‏Verified account @Wish1075 2m2 minutes ago
    Watch: @DavidArchie sings “Up All Night”!

    “DAVID ARCHULETA live @ the Kia Theater” is presented by @ovationprod!


  27. kimk says:

    Keb Cuevas‏ @kebcuevas 8m8 minutes ago
    Matchy matchy with the real american lodi @DavidArchie! #LiveJam


    handsome blokes!

  28. kimk says:

    Jackryan4DA‏ @jackryan4DA 8m8 minutes ago
    Thank you @DavidArchie for the live & alive as yourself (not NUMB) @ Rappler


    #DavidArchuletaMNL #ArchuletaPhils #PostcardsInTheSky #OvationProd

  29. kimk says:

    ha this.. not sure if Brady is kidding but I love it.


    bradybillsAcoustiCrush #crush #whatsgoingonwithmyhair #davidarchuleta #manila #acoustic #acousticguitar
    pabuckieI watched it this morning on fb. You guys were SO awesome!!!
    karisellardsNot bad camera work if I do say so myself after being up 19 hours and 15 of that doing back to back promo today! 😜👍🏼y’all did ok too! 😂😂😂😂 @davidarchie and @bradybills

    bradybills@karisellards you rock! I’d say go to bed but I just saw David sneak out of the hotel. He was saying something about Spanish food…I told him to pick me up some jollibees while he was out 😜think he’ll get recognized? You may need to go save him.

  30. kimk says:

    ha now all the old ladies be like.. oh no David!!

  31. kimk says:

    copies of POSTCARDS AT THE SHOW!!

    Joanie S‏ @suttygal 2m2 minutes ago
    5 good reasons Filipinos should go to @DavidArchie’s concert< (along with a reason for each & every note he sings 😘)http://m.inquirer.net/inqpop/42264# !

  32. kimk says:

    it’s out!!

    kim‏ @kim_sng 3m3 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie Woohooo! #Postcards in the sky has arrived in Malaysia!! 🎉👏@kariontour


  33. kimk says:

    davidarchuletavn.com‏ @Huong_DAVN 4m4 minutes ago

  34. Rose says:

    Just tried to order Postcards in the Sky. Thought I’d wait until it actually came out. Now its “Out of Stock” (already?)

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