A Listener’s Insights ~ Toronto’s CYMBA Music welcomes David Archuleta, Hosts Listening Party for Reflective “Postcards in the Sky”

David Archuleta plays at the piano at the CD listening party at the Orange Lounge Music Studio in Toronto on August 16, 2017. The Listening Party was hosted by CymbaMusic Publishing.                Credit @whatnowtracy on Twitter

David Archuleta plays at the piano at the CD listening party at the Orange Lounge Recording Studio in Toronto on August 16, 2017. The Listening Party was hosted by CYMBA Music Publishing.  Credit @whatnowtammy on Twitter

A fusion of David Archuleta words and melodies on a summer eve in Toronto

by Mary Lou Sinclair

Picture of the Orange Lounge Music Studio from the outside on Queen Street

Exterior of Orange Lounge Recording Studio, Queen Street W, Toronto

On Wednesday August 16, a “listening party” was hosted by CYMBA Music Publishing at the Orange Lounge Recording Studio on Queen Street West, Toronto.  The reason?  To honour Season 7 American Idol finalist, David Archuleta. The buzz of excitement in the air was unbelievable.  I was privileged to attend the small gathering  and was asked to share the insights here at Fans of David with all of you.

The party was hosted by the personable president of CYMBA Music (“CYMBA” stands for Crush Your Music Business Ambivalence), Vince Degiorgio, a veteran of the music industry.  [See bio below.]   Guests included numerous music industry professionals, many of whom were Vince’s friends and business associates.  David Archuleta’s team was also present. Gina Orr, David’s Manager and Kari Sellards, David’s Tour Manager were continually on the move, greeting individuals as they arrived and managing the music.  Also in attendance was Libby Elming of the CYMBA Music team.

Before David took the stage, a meet-and-greet with refreshments was held where guests mingled.  There was such a cool vibe in the place with the excitement building as we introduced ourselves to each other.  On one side of the room was a signature wall with names of the many people who had recorded at Orange.  I quickly found Alessia Cara, Canadian artist with recent singles “Here” and “Scars to Your Beautiful” fame.  For those of you who have attended any of David’s recent concerts, you will recall that he does a wonderful cover of Scars.  David came by and met the guests and learned of their backgrounds.  We showed him Alessia’s name and wondered if he would be signing the wall as well.  Vince said only the artists who recorded in the lounge signed the wall, but for David they could make an exception 😊

Setting the Stage

The inside of the Moroccan Room in the Orange Lounge Music Studio

The Moroccan Room, credit www.orangelounge.com

At 7:30 or so, everyone was escorted to the “lab” where the real party started.  The lab itself was a sound studio, called the “Moroccan”.  The studio was designed and built with incredible attention to acoustical detail.  It became our listening location as we took our places in front of an alcove with a grand piano flanked by streams of lights.  Ready for the “listening” to begin, some of us sat on chairs placed along the side, while others sat on the floor. In the end, it was standing room only.

Vince was our incredibly charming and knowledgeable emcee. Obviously a man with a keen ear for talent, he introduced David by explaining that we were there to preview David’s new CD, coming out in October (Note: subsequent to this event, David Archuleta announced the date for “Postcards in the Sky” as October 20th).  David had already released Orion EP which was available for all the guests.  He was also to release Leo, his second EP, on August 25th.   Collectively, those 8 songs would  be part of the album plus a few others, some of which we would hear during the event.   Vince concluded his introduction by welcoming David into the CYMBA Music family.

Vince Degriogio introducing David Archuleta at the CymbaMusic Hosted Listening Party Aug 2017

David Archuleta and Vince Degiorgio at the CYMBA Music Hosted Listening Party Aug 2017

David Archuleta explains his writing process

The first song we heard was “Numb.”  David gave a detailed introduction, an incredibly honest recount of what he has been dealing with after American Idol and after returning from his two-year mission in Chile.  He talked about how much that experience changed him and how afterwards he lacked any interest in diving back into the music industry. Returning to North America, he said, left him with a feeling of numbness, uneasiness and discomfort from being thrown back into the “look at me” environment.  After two years of service in South America where he was not centre stage and in fact was sometimes not welcomed at all, the 180-degree turnaround felt all wrong.  He spoke of the day when he called his Manager, Gina Orr, to discuss his decision to not continue in his career, to “not do this anymore”.  The description was very poignant since Gina was in the room and added a bit of colour to the explanation as well.   The song “Numb” was written at a possible-final song writing session with Jamie Kenney and Trent Dabbs, who encouraged David to write about those feelings of discomfort and resignation.  I thought it was fascinating that a song of Numb‘s calibre came from a place of not wanting to write at all. Although it was not performed live, the song sounded amazing in the studio and even more meaningful given David’s reflective and heartfelt introduction.

Close up of David Archuleta at the piano singing I'm Ready at the CymbaMusic Publishing Listening Party Aug 2017 - Credit Mary Lou Sinclair

David Archuleta singing I’m Ready at the CYMBA Music Publishing Listening Party Aug 2017 – Credit Mary Lou Sinclair (my apologies for the graininess)

The next song up was “I’m Ready” which will be released on the CD but also on the Leo EP.  David’s introduction to this song left the audience in stunned silence as he described the relationship he had with one of his collaborators, Annie Schmidt.  He explained in detail the continual encouragement he received from her to complete it.  He had the melody in his head for a long period of time, but was stalling with the words.  Obviously a special individual, David described the relationship and collaboration on the song, his voice full of emotion as he also revealed that she tragically lost her life in a hiking accident.  As he stopped to tell the group: “I’m an emotional guy,” Vince came over to lend his support.  The song was jaw dropping live (snippets included).  Vince introduced it by saying, “It’s the kind of song all writers wish they had written”.  Perfectly said.

I’m ready

I’m ready for a change I’m not afraid to lose and leave it all behind

And I know I can’t see around the bend

But if I let you in I know I’ll be alright

“A real record”

The next song we heard was “Up All Night.” Vince was effervescent with enthusiasm for this song and couldn’t hold back his excitement.  He told us that once he heard it, he said to himself “Now that is a REAL RECORD”, indicating he will be talking about that song “daily for the next six years.”  The studio version was played, and with the sound studio acoustics, every single layer showcased how well produced the song was.  As we all listened, grooving to the song, I leaned over to the man beside me and said, “You know, we really should be dancing.” He agreed.

The next song was another song David wrote for a specific reason.  In this case, it was a song of inspiration for those battling mental health issues.  He carefully described the message of the song was to explain there was a universe, a bigger picture at play when dealing with issues, rather than what is occurring on a single day.  Heads nodded among the listeners, and this message struck a chord with many.  The title and lyrics also aligned with David’s celestial theme for his EPs, “Orion” and “Leo”,  and it was very touching to hear who had inspired the track (title to be revealed when the CD launches in October).  The song was very different than all the rest and certainly affected me personally, so of course, there were a few tears shed during this one.

David introduced the track “Invincible” where he described the feelings of frustrations from his pursuit of perfectionism, and being one’s worst enemy.  The track was played and it was anthem-like in its production, with a children’s choir providing beautiful harmonies as the song built from start to finish.  We all enjoyed hearing how David received encouragement from his co-writers, and in this case he described as one writer was especially insightful during the writing process.

Take a breath
Look at how you’re trying to think it to death
If you’re in the crossfire, don’t forget
That you don’t have to be invincible

Take a step
Even if you fall, it ain’t over yet
If you’re in the crossfire, don’t forget
That you don’t have to be invincible

David Archuleta’s Masterful Ballad ~ Say Me

The last live performance was saved for “Say Me,” a song on the Orion EP and one that Vince said stopped him in his tracks when he heard it.  Vince was incredibly excited as he again applauded David’s song-writing and melodic skills.  I’m not sure if I have heard anything prettier acoustically as David’s voice filled the Orange Studio chamber.  Not wanting to interrupt the very intimate experience, I did not take many pictures or videos, but anticipating this moment, I raised my phone tentatively for this one (see YouTube vid below).  When David finished, the applause was long and lingering. We all knew we had just heard something incredibly special.  

Audience Participation

Finally, as a special treat, there was some audience participation.  David discussed a song that he was initially not going to include on the CD, until further reflection that day.  He explained he had been at Orange Lounge Recording Studio earlier that afternoon listening to final cuts and reconsidered the CD track list.  Still undecided, he provided a detailed backgrounder to the song, let the tape play, and then asked the audience for feedback to assist with his decision.  This difficulty in decision-making was a recurring theme for David in many of his song introductions, prompting Vince at one point to announce: “Does anyone know an artist who isn’t indecisive?”  This elicited a round of applause, laughter and a sea of nods from the industry guests.

As the song’s sound filled the room, the mood changed instantly.  It was apparent we instantly understood that the song was written from a very difficult place, a very painful place.   It was a song without a lot of lyrical structure but nevertheless, David had so very much to say.  We will have to wait for the final decision from Team Archuleta regarding its fate, but the crowd was unanimous in its recommendation.  

David Archuleta at the piano cymba publishing credit cymbamusic twitter @cymbamusic

David Archuleta at the piano.  Credit CYMBA music twitter @cymbamusic

As the formal part of the evening ended with that impactful track, the group moved to another room where David made sure he met every single guest and everyone had an opportunity to continue the discussion about the incredible music we had just heard.  

In summary, a “listening party” doesn’t adequately describe our evening with David Archuleta.  It was a listening experience – an epiphany.  We not only listened to beautiful melodies and lyrics ~ we learned where they came from, in a way that was both revealing and incredibly sincere.  And we  also heard from a knowledgeable music professional where this music can go in the future.  

After hearing these songs,  I know David’s new CD, with honest, vulnerable and creative lyrics, beautifully enveloped in his soaring vocals, is going to be something special.

The evening was also a beautiful welcome into CYMBA Music for David and his team.  Thanks to Kari Sellards, Gina Orr, and Vince Degiorgio for inviting me as a guest.  Thanks also to Libby Elming of CYMBA Music and the team at Orange Lounge Recording Studio.  It is great to know that David is in good hands with this amazing team.   

Hear my heart, and there’s an answered prayer
Feel the magic in the midnight air
Breathe it in, I wanna pass it on
The strength of finding somewhere you belong

~ Lyrics from Up All Night by David Archuleta, Isabeau Miller and Sean Balin

The CymbaMusic and David Archuleta team pose for a picture at the Orange Lounge Music Studio in Toronto, August 16 2017

From Left to Right, Gina Orr, Libby Elming, David Archuleta, Vince Digiorgio, Kari Sellards at the CD Listening Party. Credit CYMBA Music on Instagram

* * * * * * 

FYI Industry Profile: Vincent Degiorgio

Excerpt from Kerry Doole’s interview in FYI Industry Profile

Think globally. That is the successful mantra of songwriter, label head and music publisher Vincent Degiorgio. He’s President and CEO of Chapter 2 Productions Inc, a company that includes his current main focus, CYMBA Music Publishing.

Founded 24 years ago, CYMBA continues to grow and score hit songs and placements around the globe. Degiorgio stresses that “we’re building a global database. Not just from me having circled the globe 14 times but also because our writers are constantly travelling.”

CYMBA has a select stable of writers that includes Aileen de la Cruz, John Acosta, Olivia Wik, Davor Vulama (Hedley), Ian Smith, Dennis Ellsworth,  Ari Rhodes, Swedish writer Hakan Lundberg, and Chinese pop composers Shawn Zhang and Young Feng. Degiorgio is reconnecting with PEI-based Ellsworth this week on his (Degiorgio’s) first visit to the May Run conference, where he’s a panelist.

“With the CYMBA catalogue we continue to diversify the portfolio by giving our writers totally focused and pointed leads to write for. For example, it might be  ‘there’s a made for TV movie and we need Christmas songs right away.’ That reminds me of when I slept on a couch in the studio for three and a half weeks getting an *NSYNC Christmas album done!(Degiorgio did A&R on the boy band’s 1998 hit album Home For Christmas).”

Another of his mottos is “Just go out and write the best possible song and we’ll find a home for it. The philosophy of CYMBA from the start has been ‘nobody else is doing this. Why don’t we do it?’ Because of that, we’ve done incredibly well abroad.”

Degiorgio has an impressive track record as a songwriter himself, including hits for Tapps, Love Inc., and, recently, Caro Emerald. He remains prolific as a writer, and is currently working on the third album from Euro star Emerald. “I was just in London working on Caro’s record. We’re up to 35 songs now,” says Degiorgio, who terms her topping the UK charts with her second album as one of his career highlights. “Caro is the original article. I saw her soldout shows at the Bluenote in Tokyo and Royal Albert Hall in London, and I couldn’t believe my eyes that I’d been part of it.” Emerald’s debut album, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor,’has been certified platinum for sales of over 1 million albums in Europe. 

Over his long career in the music business, the Brampton, ON, born and raised Degiorgio has worn many hats, including as a club DJ, record store manager at Toronto’s Disco Sound of Canada, a promo rep (for Unidisc), a music journalist (he wrote a disco column for RPM in the late ‘70s), and record label head. His Power Records label was one of the most important in Canadian dance music in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and he also owned Boulevard Records and Chateau Records.

He also had a lengthy stint at a major label, first at BMG in Canada and then as VP of A&R at BMG in New York, where he helped break such acts as Real McCoy, Snap and NSYNC.

CYMBA is an acronym for “crushing your music business apathy,” and that is exactly what Vincent Degiorgio continues to do.

See full article here

* * * * * * *

Please take moment to connect with David’s Team!  

I hope you enjoyed the insight to some of the tracks from David Archuleta’s new CD.  Not having attended any concerts from David’s recent tour  it was very cool to hear the back story to these new songs, and of course to enjoy the beautiful acoustic performances, under extraordinary acoustic conditions.  In introducing each of the showcased songs, David was poised and articulate in explaining why “Postcards in the Sky” will be a  collection of songs of self-discovery unlike any of his previous projects.  

I did have a chance to speak with David briefly after the show and thanked him for an incredible evening of insights and surprises.  I was ready to dutifully expand upon my selfish desire for a Toronto concert one day but I was late to the game; it seemed like other guests had already starting rhyming off to David venue recommendations!  Well done Torontonians!

Please take a second to follow the great team that supports David:

Follow Vince at @chaptwo on Instagram and Twitter

Follow CYMBA Music Publishing on Instagram and Twitter 

Follow GinaOrr at @orrigami on Twitter

Follow Kari Sellards at @kariontour on Twitter and @karisellards on Instagram


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    Great job, ML! And what a super ninja you are, I was floored when you called me this morning to give me a heads up that you’d been at the listening party and were posting this recap. What an incredible experience it must’ve been! Not gonna lie, extremely jealous since it was literally around the corner from me, lol. Beautiful write-up, you’ve done David proud! And thanks for putting in a good word for a future Toronto show! 🙂

    • Pastel says:

      Oh thank you Deb <3 That means so much to me. Awesome to have so many industry folks excited about David’s music. It really is coming from a special place and that is so apparent. Excited for David’s future!!!

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        Wow! You are so discreet! Not a word of OMG guess where I was then BAM!! I’m so happy for you and u know we are all super duper jealous but I’m glad it was you. You do deserve to be ther for working so hard to promote David’s music along with all other folks who run fan sites. Thanks for sharing!! Beautiful recap.

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    speechless! what an incredible honor to have been there and thanks so much for being our very own fly on the wall. so very happy you were able to attend!

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    Beautiful writeup and videos, Mary Lou!! You received an “amazing-beyond-measure” opportunity and it’s so wonderful to be able to hear all about it! So happy for you & thank you!❤️
    My curiosity is peaked to the max about the new songs you were able to hear & hope David will include them on his upcoming cd! <3
    Also, thanks so much to Kari, Gina, Vince, and CYMBA as well. I'm so glad David was able to share his music with many music industry listeners there in TO. 🎶

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      Thank you very much Joanie. David truly is appreciated as a songwriter. It was very clear that both his singing and songwriting was very admired.

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    I was also thinking how blessed we were by David hosting his facebook live acoustic “listening party” along with a Q & A after Leo EP was released! That was truly a spectacular event and I do hope David will host one again sometime~ (like maybe sometime after “Postcards In The Sky” is released? ) I know he’ll be in the middle of tour~ actually in the Philippines so he’ll be extremely busy then, but maybe sometime after his Nashville show?? 🙄😊🙏✨🎶🎵❤️

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      If I can be so bold to think that the very positive response from the industry professionals and others at CYMBA may have tipped the balance re: the FB live. David was on a roll!

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    Pastel ~ What an honor for you to have been invited to the “listening party”. So happy for you. Absolutely love your re-cap. The song that David was unsure if he wants to put on the CD, intrigues me. Hopefully, he will decide to include it. Can’t wait to hear Postcards in the Sky!

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    Great post Marylou. It was fascinating to read about and get the inside scoop on the listening party. There is no doubt in my mind that David is coming into his own as a songwriter and performer. His personal and musical growth are on display for all to see. That he has the courage to show his struggles and his vulnerability in his music is an incredible gift to his fans. I can’t wait for his new cd and tour.
    On a side note , I was so happy to hear from Kim on twitter. Seems like they came through the hurricane okay. Just need to hear from Ray now.

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    Mary Lou thank you so much for your absolutely beautiful recap of such an amazing evening. I am beyond happy that you were invited to this very intimate evening. What a blessing to hear David speak about the inspiration for his new music and to hear him sing in the studio. Listening to the music that is so personal and comes from the depth of his heart and soul must have been breathtaking.I am so excited to hear “Postcards from the Sky” and thrilled for David and what his future holds. Reach for the sky David,reach for your dreams.❤️

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    Wonderful recap MaryLou! An amazing experience to hear David speak about his music & what inspires him. Nice to see industry recognition and I hope CYMBA is a good match for him & his career!

    Ray did check in on the previous thread, and it seems things are ok for our Florida Archies

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    MaryLou, I’m beyond happy for you and want to thank you so much for sharing your experience on this special evening! My heart is overflowing with joy for David. He’s found his voice and is having the career that he’s probably always dreamed of. I believe this is the beginning of some pretty amazing and heartfelt music! David is paving his path and we are going to be along for an awesome listening ride!

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    Wow Mary Lou…so glad you were able to attend this listening party….and what a great recap….David’s voice sounded beyond AMAZING in that special room….no one can touch his heartfelt vocals and his hauntingly beautiful lyrics are the BOMB…..So glad folks in the music industry are taking notice…..Hope David will let them promote him and not be that “reluctant star” too much longer…..He needs to let his light shine for the whole world to see again…….Glad kimk and ray came through Irma Ok….bet they will be drying out for quite a while…..Miss Vicki

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    What a lovely event. Your write up put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing. I could just feel what it was like to be there! Beautiful.

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      oh my thank you Miss B! That is so wonderful of you to say. I worked very hard on getting it right. Have a wonderful anniversary trip!!!

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    looked up David on twitter.. lots of promo for David in the Philippines!!! 🙂

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    LOVE the new music from David!!!!!!! Thank You David!

    Gotta go, Take Care All, TTYL! 😀

  40. Alwaysafan says:

    I’ve kind of wondered about Nashville too, but then I just felt that David just wanted to spend the summer with his family in Utah. We all know how much he loves to hang out with his sisters and the adventures they go on together, he has done a fair amount of travel since June, maybe he decided to spend the time in between with his family.

  41. Alwaysafan says:

    I wonder if David has a layover or something, he posted some silly Instagram stories;)

  42. kimk says:

    can’t beat those!

    Mexico City?? hmm.. 😉

    • GrammyJ says:

      Yeah, wonder what he’s doing in Mexico? He doesn’t have his TOFW event until Saturday. Yep, there is always some mystery around David. It’s what makes him fascinating to me. I loved his cute Instagram stories from the Mexico City airport.

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