David Archuleta ~ Throwback Thursday: Road Trip – Shelley’s Story, Pics & Vids Spokane to Layton


Orion Summer Tour

– credit Shelley



Road Trip ~ Spokane to Layton

~ From Shelley

– Bing Crosby Theater – Spokane WA

Here is my long recap for the Washington Orion tour shows. After the epic Portland show we couldn’t wait for the Washington shows. We drove the long 6 hour drive from Portland to Spokane, made a few stops along the way to take pics of the scenery which was just gorgeous. We got Spokane the day before the show and ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory that was amazing. We do not have one in Colorado Springs.

We stayed in an amazing old hotel that was close to the venue. Before the show we ate at this healthy little place to eat called Method. It had nothing but healthy food and smoothies. As we were walking out we saw Kari walking in.(I wonder who she was getting for?) lol The food was pretty good and it filled you up.

We went to the venue to hang out. We did not get a VIP for Spokane. We saw Tina, Deb, Nancy from Canada and Shirley and Cheryl. The Spokane show was AMAZING!! He added My Little Prayer to the show because there was a man that had just heard the song like two months ago and did not know who David was until then. Something told him to go to this show, so he did. I bet he is a huge fan now!!

Up All Night – Spokane (credit: ShelleyFOD)

I love how David’s music just touches everyone in some kind of way. After the show Shirley and Cheryl hung out by the bus. I did not want to…felt awkward. But Shirley did manage to get my Orion CD signed. Thank you Shirley and David.

– Thanks to Shirley for waiting by the bus!

So the next day was Seattle. We drove the 4 hours to Seattle. got to the hotel in time to freshen up a little then Shirley, Cheryl, Veronica and I headed to The Triple door. We walked in and it was a bar!! haha! The venue was in the basement. They had food and servers all the time throughout the show.

We got to go in for the VIP and David was sitting at the piano in his comfy clothes lol. We got a seat right up front. He sang He lives In You, Invincible and Fast Car at the VIP. He answered a few questions. We took our pictures and he did a Happy Birthday video for my granddaughter, which made her super happy. Chad did one too. She lovvves Chad a lot too. I got to see Victoria, Angela, Arlene, and Miss Bianca which was so awesome.

Invincible – Seattle (credit: ShelleyFOD)

I was a little worried about Seattle with the tables and dancing and stuff but it all worked out wonderfully. Before David even came out the lights were flickering and the crowd started going crazy. I knew it would be a good crowd at that point. He came out and slayed every single song. The crowd was pretty wild. There were girls right next to me screaming the whole time. I think they love David hahaha!! The Seattle show was such an amazing and fun show.

Glorious – hand shakes at the end – Seattle (credit: ShelleyFOD)

We stayed in the Seattle area for another day. Went to space needle and I ate sushi for the first time which I did not like much. Veronica loves the sushi rolls.

So now it’s time to head to Idaho. We drove a long 7 hours to Boise and stayed there for a night and visited my brother. It was a wonderful visit. It has been awhile since I saw him. I visited my dads grave, I lived in Boise for about 4 years before. My brother has lived there all his adult life.

The next day was the Pocatello show. This was another fun show. He sang Don’t Worry Child which was so much fun with everyone jumping. At the end of the show it poured on us which was ok. 

– Pocatello VIP

Heaven – Pocatello VIP (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Forevermore – Pocatello (credit: ShelleyFOD)

The next day we went to Shirley’s and stayed there for the Layton show that night. saw Nancy(Muldur) and other friends that were from that area. The Layton show was awesome and full of energy. I did a periscope of the last half of the show. I love that he added Say Me back to the setlist. I think we all missed it. Thank you David. I am sorry I didn’t go into detail about every song, but I know others did recaps and we all feel the same way.

So now our 2 week road trip comes to an end. Waaaaaah it was super fun with our vacation and David shows in the mix. So the day after Layton we drive the long 9 hours home. P.S. I let Veronica drive a while so I could sleep. OH MY!! lol I have one more show though!! Yipppeee!! One more week until the DENVER SHOW!! ​

– Next stop DENVER!

VIP Pics ~ Forever Memories

Wrapping up this adventure story with a re-post of Shelley’s Flipagram that’s a great summary of her trip with Veronica from California, across the Pacific Northwest and back home to Denver, CO – thank you Shelley for sharing this awesome road trip with us!


The Things We Learn…

David has inspired us in many ways, and for many of us this means diving into technology and social media that pre-2008 was absolutely foreign to us! Some of us learned quicker than others (I’m in the slow learner category lol), and Cheryl took time over the July 4th holiday to teach herself how to make an iMovie!  Subject: Orion Summer Tour!


It’s been a fun trip down memory lane, re-living these shows through Shelley’s lens – a two week road trip with her daughter Veronica was perfect for mother/daughter bonding time, and bonding over a few David Archuleta concerts is extra special! Wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Guess what? Get ready for a trip even further back down memory lane, because Shelley has also shared her story of her trip to Bend (I was with her!) and Portland – so check back later this week for the Oregon part of the Orion Summer Tour adventure!

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