David Archuleta~ Portland Perfection!!! Alberta Rose Amazingness! Pics, Clips, Tweets and more! 2 Tickets to Layton, Sean’s Worldwide Greeting, Higher Ground!


He Lives In You

David Archuleta -Portland-HLIY cap-

David Archuleta -Portland-HLIY cap- vid credit Shelley

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Special Announcement!! Nathan Pacheco added to the Show with David :6/17 at Portneuf Amphitheatre !

CLICK ABOVE FOR MORE INFO! Tickets are still available  or here on www.DavidArchuleta.com

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Kari share the adventure buddies Saturday adventure with the Guthrie Family

Kari Sellards and David Archuleta IG Oregon Multnomah Falls

David also shares Multnomah Falls and adventure stops of the day.

Sushi on a Belt!!

David shared an IG story lat night that featured “Sushi on a belt” and portrayed it “boomerang style!” He’s such a fun foodie!!! Sure hope his stomach is feeling better. <3

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Childrens Choir to Perform with David Archuleta in Spokane!!

This is so cool!!!! Wonder if they’ll participate in “Invincible” or possibly “Broken?” or both?? We’ll bring you any new details as they are known! 🙂
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Alberta Rose Theatre Amazingness!

There were people lined up outside the venue for hours despite the rain~ just like old times!

David Archuleta Portland Alberta Rose Credit Nancy

David Archuleta Alberta Rose Theatre Pre concert Line-up hrs before~ credit Nancy

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The VIP Experience! *Awaiting more details on the Q & A’s as well as the conversation deets with David and Veronica 🙂

We’ve heard there were about 40 fans in this VIP last night, a little “bigger” than the past 2 in Grant’s Pass and Sacramento,  but David treated each fan as they went through the line for pictures as if they were the only person in attendance!

David Archuleta- Portland- VIP 3- credit Shelley

David- Archuleta- Portland- VIP- credit- nancy

David Archuleta Alberta Rose- Portland- VIP- credit Nancy

David Archuleta- Portland-VIP 4 credit Shelley

David Archuleta-Portland-credit-Shelley

David Archuleta- Portland-VIP4 Credit Shelley

David Archuleta-Portland-VIP5-credit Shelley

David Archuleta-Portland-VIP5-credit Shelley

David Archuleta VIP Portland Shelley, Veronica and David “priceless convo” credit Shelley

David Archuleta- Portland-credit Shelley

David Archuleta Portland VIP reading Deb’s Q- credit Shelley

Sweetness~ She gave David roses and he took one out to give it back. credit Mavis Jacob on fb

David-Archuleta- Portland- VIP- Bianca

David Archuleta Portland VIP~ Miss Bianca. Harv, and David

David Archuleta and Tina (Rhiminee) VIP Portland credit Tina

Shelley was going to opt out of a pic with David ~ Kari had a different idea. 😘

David Archuleta- Portland- VIP with Shelley credit Shelley

David Archuleta-Portland-VIP-Journal ❤️✨

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More Pics!

David Archuleta- Portland Alberta Rose- credit Shelley 2

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More Portland Show and after highlights!

The Alberta Rose Crowd!

David Archuleta-Portland-Alberta Rose Crowd- credit Shelley

Portland David Archuleta and Lindzrr IG

I guess dreams really do come true because I’ve been dreaming of this day for 10 years ❤

A post shared by Liza 🌻 @alizarchie (@alizaboyce) on

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David Archuleta -Portland- Credit -Shelley

David Archuleta -Portland- Credit -Shelley

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Scars To Your Beautiful ~ Alessia Cara’s Song Shared By David ✨

Thank you soooo much, Tina (Rhiminee) for “my little gift” ~ for blessing us with this today!! It’s been a personal dream to hear David  sing “Scars to Your Beautiful” along with “Beautiful”  that he sings for some time and I’m soooo happy he’s chosen to sing it (I know others have hoped for this as well)~ It’s a perfect blend and the message of choosing to love yourself … for your inner beauty~ and to be seen for the inner light~ the light  you shine for others… the true beauty of who you are~ is so perfectly aligned with the message David believes, sings, and communicates through his music. Plus to hear a guy singing this song/ affirmation is somehow a little extra beautiful & affirming  <3333333

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He Lives in You IG Snippet~ credit Cheryl

A Show wrap up in Tina’s Tweeted Words!

And it’s twitter folks, so read the tweets from the bottom to the top!😘

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Post Show Thanks from David~ With Jeremy Guthrie @TheRealJguts

David Archuleta Portland~ Jacque Nelson on fb

David Archuleta- Portland- Post Show waiting at the bus~ credit Shelley

HIGHER GROUND *&$@#!!!!!!!!*&^%$
This performance is in a stratosphere all it’s own!!! OH MY HECK! David is an ultimate Soooooouuuuul Machine!!!!!!

That HIGHER GROUND ending once again! ~credit Rhiminee

THE END of the Show

David’s Orion Tour show ending now comes with a personal greeting/hand slap/hand shake/ or “knucks” from David for those in the front row or who have run up to the stage! SWEEET!

** ** ** **

2Tickets to Layton Available

A fan has 2 tickets available for the Layton, UT (Kenley Amphitheatre) show on 6/17 in the reserved section. The tickets are $44.00 each. This show is nearly sold out so this is a great opportunity to see this show! If interested, please email us at fodfrontpage@gmail.com and we will put you in contact with the seller.

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Re-Posting~ Sean Barry’s Worldwide Greeting

** Thank you so much to all the fans who participated in this video~ we know there are hundreds more who although may not have a message in this video, are praying, supporting , and pulling for Sean nonetheless! So please click below and head to YT where we’d love for you to add your message of cheer to Sean in the comments. And please include where you’re from!

Thank you so much Mary Lou, for lovingly putting all of the messages together and wrapping it up in a LOVELY video with a  beautiful bow for Sean~ **

The Archie community has come together to give Sean Barry world-wide virtual hugs for a speedy recovery. We were big fans of Jennifer, and we are big fans of Sean and his dad Christian too! When you are feeling down, play this and hope you feel our strength from all over the world! Read the comments too! You are our hero Sean! Black Violin provides the backdrop

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Fun Fan Finds

~A “FIRST CONCERT” second row gift in Portland 💕

We Need These At VIP!!!

* * * *

Once again I will get this post up and published but there WILL be more added so be sure to check back and refresh the site! Also, if you haven’t had a chance to sign Sean’s video card and let him know where you’re giving a shoutout from, please do that as well.

Have a  sweet weekend, folks! Kalei will be back next week. David will start the week (a 4 show week!!) as he continues the Orion Tour with a stop in Spokane, Washington! His concert which still has seats available will take place at the historic  Bing Crosby Theater!! Take care everyone and soak in that good energy David is sharing so freely!

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157 Responses to David Archuleta~ Portland Perfection!!! Alberta Rose Amazingness! Pics, Clips, Tweets and more! 2 Tickets to Layton, Sean’s Worldwide Greeting, Higher Ground!

  1. kimk says:

    Joanie thank you omgosh I love the VIP pics they are awesome lol I am like Shelley so do NOT want a pic with David 😆

    good morning folks from what I can tell last night was off the chart crazy.. David was crazy the crowd was crazy for him!! YES!!! 🙂

    another thing the crowd by the bus.. THAT IS LIKE OLD TIMES!!! DAVID IS BACK!!

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 3h3 hours ago

    Replying to @erlindita
    Here’s one from my phone. Not great quality but love the crowd reaction
    David Archuleta – Crush – Portland

    • Martha says:

      You didn’t want a pic. Shelley probably has a few more than one. Don’t know that for a fact. You need to talk to him, Kim. He’s quite easy to talk to.

  2. kimk says:

    I love when the crowd loves him so that was awesome!

  3. Jo says:

    Wow! entering that comment brought two new posts up that I haven’t seen. A lots been updated since Thursday. Thanks for all the goodies. I’m sorry I have to barge in but I wanted to get things refreshed. Have a great weekend

  4. kimk says:

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 5h5 hours ago
    Replying to @janey79
    Yes!! It was a small venue. No balcony even. It looked very close to full though, if not completely full. And the best people 👏🏽

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 5h5 hours ago
    At one point, after Crush I think, I honestly thought to myself, he’s gonna pass out. No one can keep that up lol. Like. He pushed hard.

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 5h5 hours ago
    David didn’t sing. David saaaaaaaaaang. He wailed on it. Also get thee to a Higher Ground video cuz at the end I was like, who is this???

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 5h5 hours ago
    There were 2 standing ovations and then most stood straight thru from Nunca Pense to UAN and after he left thru the encore for both songs.

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 5h5 hours ago
    David pushed so hard I think in response to the crowd. He’s always great (no bias 😜) but tonight I could see him pushing for an extra level.

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 5h5 hours ago
    I think he was so surprised at how enthusiastic the crowd was. Honestly never been to a show the crowd was SO involved. They loved him ❤️❤️

    aww I LOVE THIS!!

    might I add Tina is awesome 🙂

  5. kimk says:

    the VIP pic.. David taking out the rose to give to the fan 😀

  6. kimk says:

    nancy‏ @muldur 33m33 minutes ago
    Up early to get to airport and go home. Sheesh. What @rhiminee and @Shell_eeeyyy said. All of it.

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 6h6 hours ago
    And Broken was the best one I have seen

    nancy‏ @muldur 7h7 hours ago
    @Davidarchie wow! David I am so honored to have been at the show tonight! What a wonderful crowd this was for you. You are amazing!

    David Archuleta ~ Higher Ground~ Portland

  7. kimk says:

    ha omg everyone watch the Higher Ground video David the band the crowd were ON FIRE!!!!!

    umm lol should I mention all the hair flipping????? lol I love this love it when David lets loose!!

  8. kimk says:

    brookie cookie‏ @brookiieeehall 6h6 hours ago
    David Archuleta made eye contact with me, shook my hand and sang to me so I’d say I’m content with life

    Olivia‏ @liv_lunch 7h7 hours ago
    Replying to @liv_lunch @DavidArchie
    i’ll take u to the hot cake house

    jana‏ @Jana_OR_ 7h7 hours ago
    Sounds like @DavidArchie slayed Portland.

  9. kimk says:

    next concert is on Monday in Spokane.. time to recuperate good thing that voice of his got a working out last night!
    sure wish I could go to the Seattle one on Tuesday saw it was pretty much sold out think only standing room only left? anyway should be great

    Portland to Spokane is a longish ride but bet a pretty one hope they stop along the way gorgeous country

  10. kimk says:

    umm are you all ok with me spamming here like I do.. kind of just go for it always have. do that with most all I do couldn’t even walk last night was so tired painted a lot coming out great though. not complaining kind of think it is good to go hard at what you love
    maybe why I just am over the moon happy seeing that David is back and on fire no less plus the fans are supporting more and more

  11. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A SUPER Saturday to all! 🙂

    Yay! Got into FOD AND CIMMENTS! Thanks Joanie for the jam packef
    Portland post! So many GREAT pics and vids! A show for the ages! David and the Archuband took it to another level! THAT VOICE! 🙂

    Sean Harry’s Worldwide Greeting is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting!

    ENJOY your day! 🙂

  12. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Wishing y’all a Sensational Saturday!!! 😀

    OH MY HECK, OH MY HECK, OH MY HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Higher Ground was off the charts SPECTACULAR! SOOO many
    fabulous dance moves, YES DAVID, I said DANCE MOVES 😀
    The vocals, the band, UNBELIEVABLE! Not only grateful to David
    and the band for that one, but to the fans loving it & especially having
    a video of it. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Then, hearing David sing Broken, oh man, the lyrics are incredible,
    the melody, along with the voice & heart David sings it, Truly Stunning!

    Broken & Falling continue to be 2 very special songs to me. Thank You David <3

  13. GrammyJ says:

    Keep spamming, Kimk. This tour just makes me smile. Kari’s hurricane is here! I had time this morning to watch the videos from Sacramento. I love that the audience is all ages and they danced to UAN. Higher Ground is out of this world and adding the band introductions with band member solos adds even more to the song. David clearly puts on a show!! It’s good David has a few days to rest his voice after last night’s concert which sounds like it was one of his best. Yup, David is back. I feel sorry for those fans that quit following David as they are missing out. I’m glad that I’m still here enjoying the magic.

  14. bobanna says:

    Goodmorning! WHAT?!? What just happened?!?! Swaying, grooving, hair flipping, electrifying David! OMG! What’s in the water he’s drinking? Pure <3

  15. Martha says:

    Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

    Lyrics and long snippet

    She has an amazing voice – no surprise David picked this song to cover.


  16. Martha says:

    Her first concert. Was given a gift ❤


  17. Martha says:

    Kim – I’m spamming now lol

    • kimk says:

      lol keep it up I love it thing is that means things are coming back like old times lots to post and that is great!!

      this one just popped up

      Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 13m13 minutes ago
      David Archuleta~Beautiful/Scars to your Beautiful~Portland


  18. kimk says:

    Grammj yes it is kind of like Hurricane Davey has arrived!!

    David Archuleta~Broken~Portland


    • GrammyJ says:

      Yes, it just took longer than I thought it would. The PR is for the concert dates which makes sense as music sales are way, way down because people listen to music for free on Spotify and Pandora. The money for artists comes from concert tickets and merch.

  19. kimk says:

    Broken was beautiful!

  20. kimk says:

    has David been doing this at every show shaking hands at the end?

    David Archuleta~ the END ~ Portland


  21. kimk says:


    Lindsay‏ @lillmissy 44m44 minutes ago
    What a glourious night, all pun intended. This man is EVERYTHING. & I heard Broken live😭this show❤ @DavidArchie @kariontour #DavidArchuleta

  22. kimk says:

    snowangelzz‏ @TheSnowAngelz 1h1 hour ago
    NEW on SAz: Portland @DavidArchie recap… knocked off both socks!!!! 🔥🔥🔥https://snowangelzz.com/2017/06/08/portland-davidarchie-recap-off-the-charts-amazing/ … via @wordpressdotcom

  23. kimk says:

    David Archuleta FOD‏ @FODFansofDavid 1h1 hour ago
    Some nice promo for @DavidArchie’s upcoming show at the #Troubadour in #WestHollywood https://events.cityof.com/event/los-angeles/troubadour/david-archuleta?date=1498179600 … Tix still available y’all! <3

  24. Seven7Swans says:

    NP has been added to the show in Pocatello as a special guest?

  25. Seven7Swans says:

    The only place you can get a physical EP and they don’t have enough. They are not even being sold at Deseret Book. I wonder what the deal is.

    “Orion EPs were limited to 50 per show until the new order came in – which would hopefully be in time for the Portland show – and I really hope the EPs arrive because Sacramento’s allotment SOLD OUT!”

    • GrammyJ says:

      David could use a course in marketing. Obviously not enough CDs were ordered in time for the demand. It’s too bad because those are lost sales. The good news is that the CDs are selling.

  26. kimk says:

    you get the magnet if anything I would buy the EP for that 😀

    someone cool to open for David is Chad Truman or even Brady Bills both are there already might just need a few extra peeps

    • missbianca says:

      Kim, you want a magnet? I have an extra.

      I probably contributed to the CD of Orion selling out in Portland since I had a few people to gift.

      Dang, what a concert! Indescribable. I was a limp noodle afterwards, all the energy gone from me, sent towards the stage. I do have a mild complaint. Why do I always wind up behind someone so much taller than I am? During the numbers when people stood, I could not see anything–but even listening is a privilege. Yep Portland loved David and he loved us back.

      • kimk says:

        lol of course I do was kind of hoping for a concert to go to to get one

        • missbianca says:

          Well when you get your concert/magnet you can “pay it forward” with one I’ll send you. Need your address, though (send through twitter DM or fod email and say it’s for me).

      • Pastel says:

        I’m so thrilled you were there Miss B! That picture with you and David is outstanding! Love it so much! Thank you so much for spreading the CD Joy <3 <3

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. CJ says:

    Hi guys. I’m having vision problems, hard to find things but can anyone tell me if D sang UAN last night and is there a video? Thanks!

    • Martha says:

      Thought he was going to break into dance there for a moment. He looked a little tired at the end, wiping sweat from his face.

  29. pdxfan says:

    I just wanted to chime in and say the show last night was phenomenal! I was so surprised when they announced the Portland date, I had pretty much given up that he would ever come to Oregon let alone three dates in the state on the same tour. I was so happy with the showing, it looked almost full, and was very energetic as everyone has said, which hopefully bodes well for a return someday. I really, really want to be able to see a Christmas concert, never have had the opportunity for that.

    A couple of observations:
    1) loved seeing the super fans that were up front, towards the end of the show a lot of younger fans came from the back into the aisles and they urged them forward in front of their own seats to get closer which I thought was super sweet.
    2) David was so much more comfortable and at ease he seemed so happy and at completely immersed in his performance and seems at peace with his music now.
    3) My husband was so touched by Broken and his little speech about the children that he went out during intermission and sponsored a child and told me I should probably sponsor one as well. I found one that shared my birthday and was from Uganda where my daughter had done a teaching study abroad there a couple of years ago so seemed meant to be.
    4) the only thing that was a negative, two people sitting fairly close to us told everyone when asked if the seats in the center next to them were taken they said yes they were saving them, well no one ever came and they had their stuff spread out and a husband and wife that sat near us had to sit in separate rows. Anyway just thought it was a little rude because I honestly don’t think anyone was every coming I just think they wanted the space to not feel crowded. Sorry just a pet peeve of mine
    5) There was an older lady sitting right in front of me who wouldn’t stand when everyone got up but she finally gave in toward the end, I loved it, haha!

    • Pastel says:

      Oh thank you PDX fan for that great summary! Isn’t it awesome that some of these locations are a great surprise? And to me, it seems like the smaller the venue the better. I’m so moved to hear the impact of Broken on you and your husband. It’s so funny about Broken; I was listening to it several times in a row a few weeks ago thinking, will David ever sing this song live? Maybe a VIP? Well, it’s perfect for Hold International charity. I hope he comes back to Portland because it sounds like it’s his new favourite place!

    • GrammyJ says:

      PDX, thanks for your concert observations. It sounds like such a fabulous concert except for the one rude couple.

  30. kimk says:

    love it when youngens go up front for David 🙂

  31. kimk says:

    SBL Entertainment‏ @sblconcerts 24m24 minutes ago
    Christian Youth Theatre Spokane will be joining @DavidArchie on Monday night @BingTheater don’t miss!

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Alwaysafan says:


  34. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Sunday! 🙂

    Still watching the Portland vids! The place was ROCKING! David and the band took it to another level! INCREDIBLE! Thanks to all for sharing your vids! So APPRECIATED! 🙂

    ENJOY your day! 🙂

  35. GrammyJ says:

    David, Amber and Kari all have Instagram pictures of some gorgeous waterfalls they saw in Portland. Now I have a trip to Portland on my bucket list. It is such a beautiful place. I’m glad they had a day off to go sightseeing.

  36. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    tomorrow is Spokane

    David Archuleta – Invincible – Portland, OR

  37. kimk says:


    davidarchieGot to spend the day lookin’ around #Portland, OR. Went with friends to see Multnomah Falls which was beautiful, then to the Garden Bar and Tilt for food, and ended checking out Powell’s Bookstore. Portland is a cool town! #multnomahfalls #tiltportland #Oregon #ontheroad

  38. kimk says:

    karisellardsHad a wonderful time hanging with The Guthrie’s showing us their town of Portland. #multnomahfalls #Oregon #tourlife #offday


  39. kimk says:

    nancy‏ @muldur 8h8 hours ago
    https://youtu.be/QcxkJeZ5Spg David Archuleta Portland, Beautiful and Scars to Your Beautiful. Pretty powerful stuff.

  40. bobanna says:

    Howdy y’all! 🙂 So many wonderful videos to watch! Thank you so much to those who attended and shared!

  41. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey guys….. Happy Sunday…..I am still having computer isssues….probably on my end……The pics and videos are out of this world……Love the hair flipping on Higher Ground…..everything about that performance was totally insane!!! David singing UAN in concert is great….like his natural moves to this song in concerts…..Wow….standing at the bus waiting for David…..just like old times……East Coasters our time will come!!!! David is such the gentleman and thoughtful…..giving one of the roses back to that fan….he is truly one in a million…….Off to the pool for the afternoon……then going to the Jason Mraz concert here in Richmond later this evening……wish it were a David concert…….Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday……Miss Vicki

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Morning all….I’m having computer issues….can’t seem to post….hope this goes through…..Love all these pics and videos……David’s Higher Ground is totally INSANE….love the hair flips……love fans standing at the bus….just like old times….East Coasters our time will come!!!!……Love David’s natural dance moves when he sings UAN in concert……He is so thoughtful giving that rose back to that fan…..I know she will keep it forever!!!!!! Off to the pool and then going to see Jason Mraz here in Richmond later tonight….sure wish it was a David concert…….Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday…..Miss Vicki

  44. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yeah………one of my comments finally went through……Also gotta say I had never heard Scars to my Beautiful before…….but I heard it playing over the music system at work the other day (I never listen to radi0!!!)……I love David’s cover of that song!!!! Miss Vicki

  45. Alwaysafan says:

    That Instagram from awhile ago, with David and the baby that Martha shared above, so cute that the baby grabbed his nose! I think we’ve only seen the middle picture before but not the other two, thanks to all that find these gems to bring here:)

  46. Alwaysafan says:

    Btw, I still can’t see the recent comments until I post, anyone else having this issue still?

  47. kimk says:

    Maureen‏ @Maureen_abms 2h2 hours ago
    .@davidarchie @kariontour This is amazing! U MUST SEE!
    David Archuleta – My little prayer (Story with illustration )

    David Archuleta – My little prayer (Story with illustration )


    • Martha says:

      This is heart-warming and beautiful. Shed a few tears. His desire is to life a life for God. Thanks Maureen.

      • Joanie/suttygal says:

        Hi Martha, Maureen, and Kim!
        Saw this a couple weeks ago and we talked about posting it but things got so busy with tour starting that it slipped~ The illustrations are so very tender and beautiful. I love that David’s “quoted words” are recited at the beginning, too.
        Thanks so much for bringing it over and tweeting it to David and Kari!! ❤️
        Elder Yuki Kakegawa also uploaded it with narration in Japanese. …so so lovelyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAb-dJL4zFU

  48. Mango Judy says:


  49. Mango Judy says:

    Who is going to Pocatello? Anybody? If so, where are you staying?

  50. Martha says:

    Fan singing with David at VIP


  51. Alwaysafan says:


  52. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A MAGNIFICENT Monday to all! 🙂

    CONCERT Tonight, Spokane! Yay! 🙂

    Nana patrol! LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! 🙂

  53. kimk says:

    good morning folks.. concert tonight!

    VABeach good morning 🙂

    Spokane7‏ @spokane7 9h9 hours ago
    David Archuleta brings new music to @BingTheater http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jun/08/a-reinvigorated-david-archuleta-brings-new-music-t/ … by @AzariaP (@SpokesmanReview)

  54. kimk says:

    Patricia Fitzgerald‏ @Patriciaaarch 5h5 hours ago
    @DavidArchie I can’t wait🎼🎤🎹😍💜🙌🏻


    Toupadour 🙂

  55. kimk says:

    Gwen Porea‏ @GwenPo 7h7 hours ago
    Hurricane David gaining speed expected landfall Spokane@7:30 winds 120Mph will blow u away @kariontour @DavidArchie


    lol this made me chuckle

  56. kimk says:

    The Bing‏ @BingTheater 8h8 hours ago
    Tomorrow night! #DavidArchuleta, season 7 @AmericanIdol fan fave, performs songs from his new EP . Get tickets now https://goo.gl/NQBmy

  57. kimk says:

    kim‏ @kimak 15s16 seconds ago
    @DavidArchie is in Spokane WA tonight Archies.. GO!! http://ticketswest.com/events/an-evening-with-david-archuleta/211176/

    wonder if David will do promo again.. almost like old times and I love it! still some seats left

  58. kimk says:

    Shelley is there 🙂

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 13h13 hours ago
    Found the theatre 🎭


  59. kimk says:

    Shelley’ hotel hallway smells like pot.. ha surprise not. WA hotbed for druggies it seems now both my sons houses cars have been ransacked once when I was there. folks looking for anything I guess to sell for drugs etc. too bad they live in what used to be nice areas.

    • MissBianca says:

      Pot is legal in WA and OR.

    • Martha says:

      We know a family where the mother uses marijuana for medicinal purposes. Now the husband and some of the adult children have joined in. The driver that killed Jenn was charged with DUI (marijuana). I guess you can use just don’t drive. No comment (after the one i just made).

  60. kimk says:

    don’t be surprised if any of that stuff goes on with the David Seattle concert was just in that area.. lol so that and more.

  61. kimk says:

    Hope‏ @hjay14 19m19 minutes ago
    Replying to @ChloeGMoretz
    Do you take recommendations back? Bc the new David Archuleta EP is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  62. GrammyJ says:

    We should have tweets, Instagrams and videos tonight and tomorrow about David’s concert tonight as some ODD fans are going. I’ve been loving this tour even though I can’t be there in person.

  63. Abrra says:

    I have uploaded some nice treats in the Candy Jar. Zero calories.


  64. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards‏ @kariontour 32m32 minutes ago
    Bye Bye Bye Portland! It was fun! Spokane here we come. #tourlife #blessed


  65. kimk says:

    Local News 8‏ @localnews8 1m1 minute ago
    Don’t forget to answer our daily trivia question for a chance to win David Archuleta concert tickets. http://www.localnews8.com/trivia#/questions/1104676

  66. kimk says:

    KIDK Eyewitness News‏ @KIDKnews 1m1 minute ago
    Don’t forget to answer our daily trivia question for a chance to win David Archuleta concert tickets. http://www.localnews8.com/trivia#/questions/1104676

  67. kimk says:

    Jeremy Guthrie‏Verified account @TheRealJGuts 7m7 minutes ago
    Thanks to all those who attended & helped organize such a special night. You are making a huge impact even beyond amazing music @DavidArchie

  68. kimk says:

    lol well maybe Chad won’t be fronting David 😆


    chadtrumanI’m looking for a great country singer! Friend and I formed a country corporate band. We have all the players and need a male lead singer. Got to be experienced, entertaining, and able to sing both the classics and the new stuff. Only accepting video submissions so send links.
    Gigs will be across the states and good pay.
    This band is honestly going to be a ton of fun, just need the last piece to the puzzle.

    • Martha says:

      Is this just me or is this an odd thing to be doing while he is working for someone else. I don’t know.

    • GrammyJ says:

      Brady plays with other bands too. Chad has to eat and unfortunately David doesn’t have lots of future dates once June is over.

      • GrammyJ says:

        I really like when Chad plays the keyboard in David’s band, but fortunately David never has a problem finding good band members.

      • Martha says:

        Chad does have a few irons in the fire with his family members. I’m sure it’s all okay with David. Does Brady promo the Strike when he’s with David? He might, I don’t follow him that much.

        • GrammyJ says:

          Brady does sing with the Strike. He seems to play the guitar at some function and with different people almost every weekend when he’s not touring with David.

  69. bobanna says:

    Looking forward to tonight and hoping for lots of goodies! I keep hoping for a surprise announcement for us East Coasters.

  70. Anonymous says:


  71. kimk says:

    David has to eat too.

  72. kimk says:

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 44m44 minutes ago
    I like this side better 👌🏽@DavidArchie #davidarchuleta


  73. kimk says:

    mjsbigblog‏ @mjsbigblog 1h1 hour ago
    Tonight’s reality star Concert Schedule: @DavidArchie, @we_mcdonald. @coltondixon http://bit.ly/2sm95K8

  74. kimk says:

    so.. a druggie killed Jen???? didn’t know that that is horrible.

  75. kimk says:

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 23s23 seconds ago
    There’s a place next door called Neato Burrito.

  76. kimk says:

    midori 🥝‏ @midori_raymond 1m1 minute ago
    @DavidArchie first in line for your Spokane show, super excited!!!!!

  77. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hi guys…..I am just blown away by David singing Broken in Portland….and I still haven’t recovered from watching Higher Ground……love it that he’s making new fans all over the West Coast!!!! Went to see Jason Mraz last night here in Richmond….he was good….and I love his music….but he doesn’t compare to David!!!! Wonder if any folks will be smoking pot at any of the David concerts out West???? Just wondering……Miss Vicki

  78. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Did I see another video of David singing Fast Car at another VIP???? If so, could someone repost it???? So want to hear David sing that song……Miss Vicki

  79. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Is it just my computer or is everyone elses’s computer having all the comments jump back and forth????? I am getting dizzy…. Miss Vicki

  80. kimk says:

    lol they should offer some to David.. sure he would approve

  81. Alwaysafan says:


  82. Alwaysafan says:

    Something is still a bit wonky with comments, with me anyway, I still can’t see the newer comments until I post.

  83. Anonymous says:


  84. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all! 🙂

    On to Seattle for tonight’s show! Boy,it’s been three shows in 4 days! Plus all the traveling! This is one jam pack4d week for David and the band! Hope they are eating right and getting some rest….Nanas worry!

    Nana patrol! Last week…then school’s out! ENJOY your day! 🙂 Going to catch up on my video watching! PORTLAND ROCKED! 🙂

  85. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    good morning Judy!! 😀

    Vanessa ♥‏ @ButtrflyBaby 3h3 hours ago
    Got to see my favorite singer ever AND HUG HIM OH GRACIOUS @davidarchie #jnj #donateaphoto

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello my friend! MORE FUN TONIGHT! David and Archuband in Seattle ready to ROCK TBE JOINT! 🙂

  86. kimk says:

    The Manor‏ @Btebcj 4h4 hours ago
    @DavidArchie thx for being the perfect grad gift for daughter, son, & friends tonight. She said u were amazing -ur voice flawless. #Spokane

    found an opener!! 😀

    GNTLMN‏ @GNTLMNofficial 5h5 hours ago
    thnx @davidarchie / the feelz #upallnight 🙏🏻 @ Los Angeles, California https://www.instagram.com/p/BVOmcHcFcxQ/

  87. kimk says:

    didn’t see to much from last night


    davidarchieIt was great to have the CYT Choir as special guests to help out in tonight’s show. Thanks for being apart of the show guys! And thanks Spokane for a great show at a beautiful theater! Next show tomorrow in Seattle! #CYTchoir #Spokane #bingcrosbytheater #Tour

  88. kimk says:

    David Archuleta HeLives In You

  89. kimk says:

    I think the seats for Seattle are all sold out.. there is standing room only not sure about that but still a good crowd for tonight. if not mistaken it is a dinner club plus vip food drink and david lol sounds perfect wish I was there 🙂

  90. kimk says:


    rhimineeClip of Invincible from tonight’s show! So good! I love this part. 🎶You’ll never know how strong you are til you’re strong enough to let your armor fall 🙌🏽 #davidarchuleta

  91. CJ says:

    What did the choir sing last night? Anyone know?

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  93. Anonymous says:


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