David Archuleta~ Portland OR/ Alberta Rose Theater tonight! A GREAT Day on God Day Oregon: FOX 12 , A Worldwide Video Greeting For Sean, Kalei’s VIP Q & A notes from Sacramento!


The voice that brings happiness!

David Archuleta Crest Theater credit Pesti Pesqualina

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Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland TONIGHT!

Space reserved for concert deets

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A GREAT DAY on Good Day Oregon FOX12 in Portland

David Archuleta Fox12 Portland wave

David Archuleta Fox12 Portland wave

David appeared on Good Day Oregon on FOX12 today to promote his Ep Orion, and talk about his tour and upcoming show tonight at the Alberta Rose Theatre!! So happy to see that Steph Kralevich is a superfan! Love their pic together!!

david Archuleta Fox12 David ad Stephanie

David Archuleta Fox12 David ad Stephanie

David also shared an unstudio IG story prior to going on air! “U-S-A! U-S-A! Johhhhn CENA! FOX12! ” 😀

And just so we can watch those great improptu dance moves again… Thank you, Martha!

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Screencaps by Shanelle (@DavidArchuletaUniverse)

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Thank you Shanelle for capturing this!

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The Interview! (Courtesy of FOX12!)

American Idol favorite David Archuleta stops by MORE ahead of Portland concert

Posted: Jun 09, 2017 1:40 PM CDTUpdated: Jun 09, 2017 1:40 PM CDT

He won over millions of fans during his time on American Idol, and now singer David Archuleta is out touring with his new music.

Archuleta has written a great deal of music since the show, and just dropped his latest EP “Orion.”

He stopped by MORE to talk about the new album and share his thoughts on playing in Portland.

For more on Archuleta, check out DavidArchuleta.com.

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Sean Barry’s Worldwide Greeting Card

** Thank you so much to all the fans who participated in this video~ we know there are hundreds more who although may not have a message in this video, are praying, supporting , and pulling for Sean nonetheless! So please click below and head to YT where we’d love for you to add your message of cheer to Sean in the comments. And please include where you’re from!

And thank you so much Mary Lou, for lovingly putting all of the messages together and wrapping it up in a LOVELY video with a  beautiful bow for Sean~ **

The Archie community has come together to give Sean Barry world-wide virtual hugs for a speedy recovery. We were big fans of Jennifer, and we are big fans of Sean and his dad Christian too! When you are feeling down, play this and hope you feel our strength from all over the world! Read the comments too! You are our hero Sean! Black Violin provides the backdrop

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VIP Q & A’s With Kalei in Sacramento!!

Bringing you another incredible write up of Kalei’s VIP recollections! Seriously I think she has a photographic memory of sorts! SO AWESOME I feel like we were there with her! 🙂 Thank you soooo much, Kalei!!!!!

Crest Theater ~Sacramento

I arrived at the Crest Theater box office around 4:45pm and there was already a line of Archies waiting at the door! I hugged hello to many Archubuddies that I’ve met over the last 9 years of going to David concerts – some back to the Idol tour days! There were also some new faces including 3 young guy fans who were excited to meet David at VIP. Philip had been to the Red Bluff concert and enjoyed it so much he came down for the Sacramento show too! The other two gentlemen, Hector and Tim, had never been to a David concert or VIP but really liked David’s music and were curious about what to expect – of course us old time Archies happily filled them in with all the details!

There were 25 fans scheduled for the VIP – more than double the Bend VIP, but still a fairly small group, compared to previous tours where VIPs could number up to 100!  We could see Kari in the lobby at the Merch table along with Amber and Emily, getting ready for the crush of fans that would soon be streaming into the venue!

We got a chance to buy Merch, including the Orion EP and magnet combo for $10, and the t-shirts from Tuacahn & Numb. Amber told me at the Bend concert that the 

Orion EPs were limited to 50 per show until the new order came in – which would hopefully be in time for the Portland show – and I really hope the EPs arrive because Sacramento’s allotment SOLD OUT!

Kari had us write questions for David, then we were ushered into the theater for the soundcheck. David was dressed in a PBS t-shirt, shorts and brown boots – like he had just returned from a hike lol – the band was similarly dressed in casual attire, which gave the VIP a relaxed, chill vibe.

David welcomed everyone to the VIP and, as fate would have it, recognized me and totally called me out saying “I see some of you have been to the show last night *points at me* Kalei was there, *scans the audience* anyone else? Hmmm no – so I guess it was only you Kalei. The matter of fact tone was a double-edged sword, as part of me was thrilled that he remembered who I was, and the other part of me wondered if I should invest in a pair of Groucho Marx glasses with a fake mustache – time to go incognito!

However, my presence at the Bend concert would soon pay off for David… more to come about that below…

The first soundcheck song was Nunca Pense – and David did a rousing performance which turned out was actually to test the sound equipment! He gave the audio guy the all clear that the sound was good – in fact it was “much better!” which I guess means it wasn’t that good before lol.

The band then left the stage and Aaron McMurray, the bass player remained on stage and David introduced the next song saying it was a new cover that we’d be hearing for the first time – then he looked over at me and laughed saying, well Kalei heard it last night. The song was a favorite of his by Tracy Chapman called Fast Car.  Aaron started playing and David’s smooth lower range kicked in, but a few bars into the song he forgot the words and says laughing ” I really do know this song! Kalei knows cause I sang it yesterday!”

I happily backed him up and said “I’ll vouch for you David!”

He started over, and sang it perfectly – delivering an emotional performance worthy of recording – or at least adding it to the set list!

We then moved to the Q&A and I remember he answered about 10 or so questions – he was really chatty and relaxed – it was a fun and informative session! I’ll paraphrase what I can remember from the Q&A:

*When Kari handed him the questions, there was a credit card that had been left at the Merch table, so she asked him to find out whose card it was. He then waves the card in the air and says “Anyone lose their credit card?” And Kari says “READ THE NAME!!”  and he says Oh yeah!! and proceeded to read the name on the card, and the owner went up to the stage to claim it.  We all jokingly said – good move to get David to call you up to the stage! lol – so hint to future VIP goers – leave your credit card at the Merch table and maybe David will call out your name at the VIP! 🙂

Q: With the release of Orion, do you feel like you’re living life to the fullest and fulfilling your destiny?

A: David paused a while and said: This is a really deep question! Maybe we should all take a few minutes to ponder it. He then gave a very detailed and comprehensive answer  about how he’s still growing and improving so tbh he’s not fulfilling his destiny yet because he feels he can still push himself farther – he then cited one of his favorite quotes: “Decisions determine destiny” so he tries to make the best decisions possible to keep moving forward. He also talked about wanting a family and that would be a part of fulfilling his destiny, and that it’s something he’s really looking forward to. He then told a story about a German basketball player who missed the championship game because his child was being born, and that when reporters questioned that decision to miss the championship game, the coach responded that he was exactly where he should be – at the most important time in his life, to see his child being born – then David related that story to himself wanting to have a family someday. **vids courtesy of @heymonse

Q: What is the best thing about tour and the worst thing about tour?

A: Best = seeing all the different cities & Worst: Lack of sleep

Q: Favorite lyric of a song from the Orion EP?

A: From UAN – Hear my heart, and there’s an answered prayer, Feel the magic in the midnight air, Breathe it in, I wanna pass it on, the strength of finding somewhere you belong.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the Orion artwork?

A:  He’s always loved being outside and looking up at the stars – he loves the stars and the constellations, which inspired the artwork for Orion.

Q: How about more solo time for the band during the intros?

A: He said that it’s really up to the band members how much they want to play during the intro – then he looked over to the band who were seated on the side and he asked them if they wanted to play solos during the intro? They all looked happy and excited about it, so David said sure – if they want to they can play whatever they want during the intros.

*This turned out to be fish, fish got your wish because the band played incredible solos during the intro portion of the show, which follows Higher Ground, and it brought down the house! The audience was on its feet clapping and cheering as each band member got a few moments in the spotlight to “strut their stuff” and they are all phenomenally talented musicians! I’m guessing that this continues for the rest of the tour for all you lucky fans attending future shows!

Q: With American Idol getting a re-boot, would he consider being a mentor and sharing his post-idol experiences with the contestants? *this was my question* I also added *Please sing NEBTD – which David read like he spelling Sara B’s name.  “Sing N-E-B-T-D”  then he looked confused  and asked what is NEBTD? And I said Nothing Else Better To Do! Then he laughed and said Ohhh! I was thinking New Kids on the Block? I don’t know the song codes.

A: Yes – he would be a mentor if he was asked, though there are probably better people they would ask – to which we all chimed in that he would make a GREAT mentor! He then said yeah he would do it and it would be interesting to see who was still on the Idol crew. So The Powers That Be at Idol – Pay Attention and invite David to be a mentor this season!!

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with? Which then changed to a different question: You’ve worked on song writing with others, would you ever consider songwriting on your own? Write your own songs?

A: He is already writing his own songs! He’s been doing so for awhile now – the only problem is he starts a lot of songs, but doesn’t finish them so he has a lot of unfinished songs. For some of the current songs on Orion he wrote the first verse and the chorus but needed help finishing the song, so he collaborated with other writers to help him focus and get the songs finished. But he does have songs that he has written himself!

Q: We really liked when you sang Como la Flor by Selena – would he be singing more Spanish songs? This question was from Hector, and David then pronounced “Hector” in flawless Spanish.

A: He of course started singing Como la flor and he sounded great! He said that his whole family are Selena fans and yes, he plans to sing more Spanish songs and after he finishes the 2nd EP, which should be done soon, then an album by the end of the year, he’d like to work on a Spanish album!

Q: Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

A: Tori Kelly! She’s his favorite female artist and he would love to collaborate with her in the future. <— ed note: YESSSSSSSS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Is it too soon to talk about the 2nd EP? What is the theme?

A: He gave us a hint: the next EP is also titled after a constellation – so ponder that!  *In Bend after I took my photo we were talking about the next EP and he said I’m Ready would be on it and the other 3 songs are more groovin’ – songs you can move to – kind of retro groovin’ – I asked if he meant like Higher Ground? And he said, maybe not THAT groovin’ but you can definitely move to it! So looks like we better practice movin’ and groovin’ folks!

That’s what I can recall from the Q&A – of course his answers were much more rambly and detailed, but it all went by in a blur so this is the best I can recall.

Pictures came next and we lined up with our phones/cameras so Kari could take our pic. It was very relaxed and everyone got time to talk to David for a bit, which was really nice! He also autographed an item if you asked him to, so be prepared and bring your EP or buy the photo at the merch table! You’ll also get an autographed photo as a VIP gift, along with a David Archuleta journal, which is super nice!

When I was taking my pic, I was holding my phone up with a photo of the FOD MOD SQUAD on it so they could all be in the VIP pic with me! There was too much glare, so Kari said to turn down the brightness, which I proceeded to do using the Settings – Display/Brightness – slide bar method.

David then said – oh you don’t have to do that, here’s a shortcut – and he did a swipe up which brought up a mini screen with the brightness bar right on it so you can adjust it easily – I turned to him and said – I just learned something new thanks David! He smiled and looked genuinely pleased that he could help out. The pic actually came out pretty nice!

*you can insert the pic here if you want.

Overall it was an awesome VIP – very relaxed and chill and David all chatty and in full story telling mode! If you’re going to a show that offers a VIP, I would HIGHLY recommend that you GO!!! It will be the best $125 you spend this year – I promise! The soundcheck alone is worth the price of admission!

Safe travels to everyone going to upcoming shows – stand up and dance and lose yourself in the energy and excitement of David and the ArchuBand!  For those of you in the Mid-West, East Coast and Canada, when asked if there would be shows in those areas, the answer was a resounding WE’RE WORKING ON IT!

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2 STELLAR Vids to close!
These two vids from Sacramento courtesy of Pesti Paqualina are Sooooooo goooood! Higher Ground and then the final encore after which David goes to shake hands of the fans in the front row. And he gives a great shout out to ‘Betty Lou ” his fan who is 93!!! We posted her pic yesterday!

Encore ~ GLORIOUS and a shout out to Betty Lou

**Much more to come including a very special fan “Hello” vid for Sean Barry So please keep checking back and refreshing the page! Thanks so much!

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