LOVE LOVE LOVE! A Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap Up! @Davidarchie music video in the works! In the Editing Room, Troubadour sales start! Something Bout Love tribute


david archuleta jessica sbl

Credit: Jessica

* * * * *
David in the editing room!!

A late night Instagram Story showing David getting a peak at the Up All Night Music video!

First time I get a chance to go into the editing room for music video edits. Getting close! With the talented  @leebob61 #wootwoot #upallnight  

#musicvideo #comingsoon

up all night music video instragram picture 1

up all night instagram 2

Kinda cool David is taking a more active part of the music video process, but he’s doing the same for rest of his new music, so perfectly logical.

So what can we surmise from these pictures?

Nathan Lee is the director! Click to follow him!


Instagram for Nathan D. Lee

mv david archuleta my view today
And we know there is likely a sleeping / wake-up scene involved!

david archuleta close up up all night mv1


mv david archuleta instagram part 2 up all night

Memories of Nandito Ako!

Credit:  Sam

Credit: Sam

And hope David rocks it out like in his instagrams describing the song!



We love when David embraces the grooooove!

Credit Tina

Credit Tina

David Archuleta dancing Florida gif

Are they doing split screen work to give it a different look and feel?  Cool, because Up All Night has a different feel for David!

mv timing

Still no idea when the MV will be released but let’s hope it on or around May 19th!

orion day

The Troubadour ticket sales started!

Yesterday the Hollywood venue “The Troubadour” started ticket sales.  The concert is   Thursday Jun 22, 2017.  And some Archie’s got theirs!

troubadour tickets sold to fans

Wootwoot!  I’m going to use that more often 😉  Please write up and let us know how you liked the concerts Emily, “Jenny” and Margie!  <3

And Omar thinks this show might keep everyone Up All Night!  WOOHOOO!

This and That!

and did we ever post this?  If so, I apologize but love this a cappella treat!

Book ending this post with Something Bout Love from Wichita.  David was sick during this performance we found out later but boy he still delivers.  We haven’t posted this one in awhile so I thought I’d share

Okay, I’m a SBL fan so two more.  Acoustic from Lexington

And a newer performance from Safford. This one I love, because it was a special periscope

And Tuacahn! I saw this one live and it was awesome!


* * * * *



Happy Mothers’ Day Weekend to those moms, grandmoms, aunts and mother figures out there!  We love you all and we know it takes a community to raise a child and we each play an important role in the lives of children everywhere!

Sending special hugs to Sean Barry today as well <3 <3 <3

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72 Responses to LOVE LOVE LOVE! A Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap Up! @Davidarchie music video in the works! In the Editing Room, Troubadour sales start! Something Bout Love tribute

  1. Happy Mothers Day Pastel and to all the moms, aunts grandmothers & mother figures also!
    Hope you all have a wonderful & special day tomorrow!!
    Thank you for the sweet mini post!! Enjoyed listening to David sing SBL!!
    I also say hello to Sean Barry!!! “HUGS” from all your Archie moms!!
    Was planning on going to the Troubador but the day of the week didn’t work out for me!!
    But there will br more opportunities i’m sure!!

  2. kimk says:

    hey guys!
    well next week is the release of Orion think Friday maybe the music video will come out then too:)
    so soon!?

  3. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    LindafromCali…sorry you won’t be at The Troubador…..Hey VaBeachJudy…enjoy your vacation….kimk….if you have family in NC, I hope David comes to perform in NC….maybe Raleigh…would give you a reason to travel to see David and your family….and NC is not that far from Richmond…he he he…..Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow…Miss Vicki

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello! Looks like beach weather this week! Ready for some FUN in the sun! HAPPY Mother’s Day! ENJOY! 🙂

  4. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey guys….saw on facebook that someone posted that David is engaged and he met his finance at BYU…… I thought he might already be married….on another note…got tickets to see Jason Mraz here in Richmond on June 11th…..excited…but not nearly as excited as I would be to see the MAN……Miss Vicki

  5. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Mother’s Day! ❤:)

    Thanks Pastel for the new post! ORION EP and music video are just around the corner! Just days away! 🙂

  6. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To all of the wonderful, beautiful, loving
    Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers & Mother figures here
    and everywhere who give their heart, mind & soul to those they love.
    May you have the best day & continue to have the best next day, the
    best next day after that & always 😀

    Hope it’s true about David being engaged & that he & his future family
    are so happy 😀

    Gotta go, Take Care All, TTYL 😀

  7. kimk says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Archies.. lol and me! 🙂

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      HAPPY Mother’s Day! ENJOY your day with your son! At Stacy’s…..actually have off today! 🙂

  8. potluck8 says:

    Good morning.
    Wishing everyone a beautiful Mother’s Day!

  9. JustJess says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Moms and Grammas here at FOD!
    Thank you for filling such a precious, challenging role

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Thanks JustJess! 🙂 Blessed to be a mother and. grandmother! We a!l !I’ve in Virginia Beach, so it’s extra special! ❤:)

  10. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hi everyone!

    Happy Mothers day to you all today! I had a lovely day. I got breakfast in bed and flowers and some little homemade things. So grateful for the love that goes into it. 🙂

    Also, thinking of all the wonderful ladies out there who may not have borne children but still build and bless lives in their own special ways. Big hugs to you!

    Can’t wait for the EP and the music vid. I love David’s enthusiasm too.

    Thanks for always being here FOD and FOD friends. You all always bring a smile to my heart.
    And that guy….well lets just say….he always brings a smile to my heart too! He just pulls you in. Every time. 🙂

    Hugs to all!!!!

  11. Grammyj says:

    I need details on the Facebook post about David’s engagement. Who posted it and who is his fiancée? Is it the traveling companion? I didn’t see anything about it on Facebook

    • kimk says:

      ha yeah we need deets!! 😀

    • GrammyJ says:

      I searched all the comments on David’s posts and even found his Aunt’s Facebook and I don’t see anything about David being engaged. It would be great if he is, but I don’t see any evidence of it yet. We haven’t seen a picture of the sweet traveling companion since January, I believe. If she is the fiancé, he is certainly hiding her.

      • JustJess says:

        Or maybe she is the one hiding haha

      • Martha says:

        I could see him hiding someone he is dating casually so as to protect them from scrutiny lol. But I believe if he were engaged or even married, why would you still hide them? The scrutiny, however small and well-intended, will come. Don’t you want to go places with the one you love, yet no pic has surfaced of the two of them. I guess they could be hiding or not. It seems as if his travel buddy is at least a very very good friend. I really don’t think she would get the threats that happened to Mietra back in the day. Most would be happy for him. My opinion only.

        • Martha says:

          Someone who teams up with David would probably have to be somewhat strong and expectant of attention, for both him and her, and be able to handle it. I have a feeling the travel buddy is this way.

  12. kimk says:

    Shanny Happy Mother’s Day aww.. breakfast in bed sounds wonderful spending time with my youngest had a wonderful lunch a walk about downtown then off to the dog park as the weather couldn’t of been better 🙂

  13. kimk says:

    come out come out wherever you are! 🙂

  14. Jani says:

    Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! ❤️

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello! I had a SUPER weekend! My grandson had Ring Dance (Junior Prom) Saturday….and then a FUN EAT-A-THON for Mother’s Day! My SIL has us eating morning till night! YUM! Hope your Mother’s Day was SPECIAL! 🙂

    • JustJess says:

      Thanks Jani! I hope you did too!

  15. Alwaysafan says:

    Happy Mothers Day everyone! David did a sweet Instagram for his mom today, they sure are close;)

  16. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! COUNTDOWN to Orion! 4 more days! ❤☺

    As to David being engaged? ❤ Hope so! Maybe the introduction of his “traveling buddy” was his way of making her known! In any case, as with everything David…..on his time and his way!

    ENJOY your day! 🙂

  17. kimk says:

    good morning folks.. on the road again back to paradise!! 🙂

    ha from past experience we seem to find out ‘stuff’ before him and the team release the cracken

    this is the week of Orion.. hope that means tons of David and promo
    talk to you later gators off to finish packing. 🙂

    • GrammyJ says:

      Yes, I’m hoping for some promo for Orion! We shall see what it is shortly as the EP comes out Friday. Eeeeeep! At least we will have two new songs to enjoy. Hopefully the music video for UAN comes out soon too.

    • JustJess says:

      Kimk, have fun packing while we wait for the kraken lol! I hope you love packing as much as me (sometimes I’ll pack and repack the same case two or three times to get a good fit). But I know for some people it’s quite an unpleasant ordeal 😆

    • sydnie says:

      Hey kimk I’m also making my way back home, waiting at the Ontario Ca airport right now for my flight! Had a wonderful time celebrating my niece’s graduation! Told her about D’s concert at the Troubadour, she was excited & said she’d try to make it!

      YES, definitely Promo & appearances pleeezz!

  18. sydnie says:

    Thank you Pastel for the lovely Mother’s Day post! I’m a little late, hope all you wonderful ladies had a fab Mother’s Day!
    I’m not a mom but had such a fun filled weekend with my sister & fam celebrating both special occasions!
    Where in the world is David, please come out to promo your amazing EP! 😀
    Hello FOD!

    • GrammyJ says:

      He must be waiting until the day to order it is closer. I hope he does something. At least another Facebook live.

  19. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey guy’s…..hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day….sydnie…hope you had a good trip home….kimk….what paradise are you off to now???….wish I could go with ya….Only a few more days till Orion!!!!! Anyone know for sure that the video will be coming out then too……Can’t wait…..Not David related…but I got tickets to see Jason Mraz here in Richmond on June 11th….He’s doing a special benefit concert for the Richmond Performing Arts Council….he got his start here in Richmond….and is actually from the suburb of Richmond that I live in….he preformed for my son’s middle school about ten years ago ……Miss Vicki

  20. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey VaBeach….gonna really be beach weather here in Virginia later this week…Summer is here!!!!! Miss Vicki

  21. CJ says:

    Wonder why kari will be in NY next week.

  22. kimk says:

    maybe the Up All Night video will be released this week 🙂

  23. Ali says:

    Gina Orr replied to tweets tonight with some interesting info:

    WingsFOD‏ @WingsFOD 3h3 hours ago
    @DavidArchie @MarushkaMedia @kariontour @ginaorr Will there be promo, tv appearances,radio interviews for the EP? Hoping, D deserves it 🙂

    Gina Orr‏ @ginaorr 44m44 minutes ago
    Replying to @WingsFOD
    Sadly, radio costs money. A LOT of money (think 6 figures and no guarantee).

    djafan#DA2017‏ @djafanTheVoice 39m39 minutes ago
    Replying to @ginaorr @WingsFOD
    What more can we fans do?

    Gina Orr‏ @ginaorr 36m36 minutes ago
    Replying to @djafanTheVoice @WingsFOD
    Keep being fans and spreading the word. @DavidArchie has more music, videos and tour dates from now until the end of the year 🙂

    Kristin Rivers‏ @wordsfrommysoul 28m28 minutes ago
    Replying to @ginaorr @djafan
    Glad to hear about tour dates from now til the end of the year!! Just hope David doesn’t overwork himself though!

    Gina Orr‏ @ginaorr 26m26 minutes ago
    Replying to @wordsfrommysoul @djafanTheVoice and 2 others
    He has had enough time off, don’t you think? LOL

    Gina Orr‏ @ginaorr 36m36 minutes ago
    Up All Night @DavidArchie @Spotify playlists this week

    marciami‏ @marciami 28m28 minutes ago
    @ginaorr Since this is happening, David definitely needs to tour outside the US ASAP to maintain their support and let them know he appreciates it. (this tweet was regarding Gina’s post about Up All Night being added to spotify playlists in other countries)

    Gina Orr‏ @ginaorr 27m27 minutes ago
    Replying to @marciami @DavidArchie @Spotify
    We are working on that…promoters in some other countries can be….umm challenging

  24. kimk says:

    why do folks baby David so much?

    anyway happy to see more dates will be added.. looking forward to the music video

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Good morning! Can’t wait to get this party started! 🙂

    • GrammyJ says:

      Good question! He is an adult and if he wants a music career he’s got to work at it by touring, using his social media, and putting out music. Looks like he is going to do that the rest of the year! Glad to hear it.

  25. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all! 🙂

    SUPER NEWS from Gina! “MORE music, videos and tour dates from now until the end of the year” sure puts a smile on my face! Hope East shows are on the schedule! 🙂

    ENJOY your day! 🙂

  26. GrammyJ says:

    It must have been hard to be David’s manager when he kept putting the brakes on things. Who knows how many things he turned down especially when he first got back from his mission. And he has had a long break so I’m glad he’s finally going to be getting out there. I certainly see Gina’s point that he has had time off! I already knew that trying to get radio play is very expensive with no guarantees. It’s nice that Gina answered questions so we know better what to expect. I’m still hoping for at least a Facebook live. It would be fabulous if David would be with Kari in New York and make a T.V. appearance on a morning show, but I’m not counting on that.

    • Martha says:

      I too appreciate Gina’s candor. Just because David deserves something doesn’t mean he is able to have it. And lol he certainly has had plenty of time off for reflection, introspection, etc etc. I wish I could get that much time off haha. Time for some action. Toughen up, buttercup. I personally don’t know if radio play is where it used to be. I may be wrong.

  27. kimk says:

    hey guys guess you all are thinking what I was.. bottom line no money to promote self promotion is free. 🙂

    new thread!!

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