David Archuleta: HaPpY St. Patrick’s Day! A “Green” Look Back, Bye Bye Blimp, Fantastic creations, Finds, and Tweets!, A Greatness in Green Puzzle, Weekend Update! David, Friends, and “Tres Leches”


David Archuleta Christmas Tour credit Shelley St PAtrick's Day shamrock edit

David Archuleta Christmas Tour credit Shelley St Patrick’s Day shamrock edit

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Quote st patrick's Day may the blessings of each day be the blessings you need the most

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Weekend Update~

Tres Leches con amigos!

Shanelle brought this fun pic from JaceWheeling on Instagram to twitter. David looks like he really enjoyed the “Tres Leche!”

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 2.19.06 AM

David-Archuleta-Lion King-T-Jace-Wheeler-

And OMAR responded to us that he owned a matching T shirt!!! I think David and Omar share the same brain!! 😀



Yup~ Sort of like long list twins!! 😉

Omar-Medrano-Lion-King-T-Screen Shot 2017-03-19Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 2.36.38 AM

And about that Tres Leches~ “3 milk(s) cake”? Suddenly I’m very hungry!! I caved and googled a recipe for the rich sweet cake. Click below if you’re interested! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 2.03.06 AM

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HaPpY  St. PaTrIcK’S  DaY ☘ 

Saint-Patrick-Day-Glitters-Banner 16

st-patricks-day-2015- Shamrock-band-5203623298465792-hp

 Greatness In Green

David has told us in the past years that his favorite color is GREEand over the years, we’ve come to see that David not only likes green but he sure looks awesome in green no matter what shade! Need a wee bit of remindin’? 


David Archuleta Numb Green screencap

david-Archuleta- st.- patricks-day-green-kari- tweet

David Archuleta St. Patricks day green kari tweet

David Archuleta IG work out green

BEGIN.-cover-credit -Shadow-MT-records

David Archuleta-BEGIN.-cover-credit -Shadow-MT-records

credit  DavidArchuleta.com

credit DavidArchuleta.com


David Archuleta military tour green

Credit:  David Archuleta VN

Credit: David Archuleta VN


David-Archuleta-CFTH- green-blingee

David Archuleta green polo Bench shootDavid Archuleta green spider t

David Archuleta green T laughing green1tumblr_msg1naPZGP1r9dhlfo1_500 David Archuleta green T laughing green2tumblr_msg1naPZGP1r9dhlfo2_500

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Revisiting 2 “David” St. Patrick’s Day Classics!

David’s St Patrick’s Day vlog from 2011 ~a classic!
Happy St Patrick’s Day! Sorry this is such a dumb blog but I didn’t have as much time to go back and redo it so this was just the first take. Songwriting has been cool and just meetings coming up this next week. Good times!

David also shared his favorite” St. Patrick’s Day video in the past which sure put a smile on my face as well!

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Bye Bye Blimps

david-Archuleta- blimp 3 group- credit - GoodYear

David Archuleta group -GoodYear Blimp – credit GoodYear

David  back in 2011 fulfilled a very special goal to ride in a blimp after he was invited by the Goodyear Corporation. David shared his opportunity with a special group that included Sunny Hilden and Victoria Horne . David was all smiles and later shared his excitement about his adventure in a vlog. (see below)

David Archuleta -Blimp-Goodyear-2011

Pilot to CoDavid-Archuleta-Blimp-Pilot, reeeeady for lift-off....

Pilot to Co-Pilot, reeeeady for lift-off….

Here was the Vlog that David shared later that month (March 2011) from his Nascar NA appearance in which he also shared his great excitement and gratitude for the ability to achieve his goal riding in the blimp!

The blimp and those of the same model that David and crew flew in are being retired never to fly the friendly skies again. Their replacements are called “Wingfoot two Dirigibles.”

*Thanks so much to David (DFT) our facebook CEO for this find* 

Goodyear Just Deflated Its Last Blimp, But Something Better Will Replace Them

Goodyear Blimp, Florida

~SOURCE~      Aric Jenkins       Mar 14, 2017

Goodyear will keep flying its iconic blue and yellow aircrafts high in the sky despite deflating its last blimp on Tuesday.

“There were a couple tears because they’ve been working with blimps for so long,” company airship historian Eddie Ogden told the Associated Press of the deflating ceremony. “But the program has always changed over the decades and this is a step forward. The new model is incredible to watch fly.”

The newer Wingfoot Two, which will replace the iconic “Spirit of Innovation” blimp, will have the same color pattern as its iconic predecessor and will still be used to capture aerial footage of live sporting events.

But while the aircraft, which currently operates in Ohio ahead of its relocation to southern California, will look similar, the new machine is not a blimp.

The Wingfoot Two is actually a semi-rigid airship, also known as a dirigible. From the outside, it may not differ much from Goodyear’s blimps of the past, but the newer edition is built with a structured frame. That feature allows the Wingfoot Two to maintain its shape whenever helium is drained from its interior.

And the frame is not just a stylistic choice. The structure also makes the new airship faster, quieter, larger and more maneuverable than previous Goodyear blimps.

The new aircraft, as well as other newer models that will be rolled out at a later date, will still be referred to as blimps.

“Because a Goodyear Semi-rigid Dirigible doesn’t roll off the tongue,” Ogden told the AP.

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Fantastic Fan Creations, Tweets, and Finds

David -Archuleta- Rexburg- credit- and- edit -Shelley

David Archuleta Rexburg credit and edit Shelley

tweet st pats day 1tweet st pats day 2tweet st pats day 3tweet st pats day 4tweet st pats day 5

Lyric edit by justJes

Don’t Run Away Lyric graphic and edit by Just Jes

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A Greatness in Green Weekend Puzzle

As we wait for news on a new song or perhaps a new show or two or three…hoping***  here’s a new puzzle filled with David’s greatness in green” for you to solve! Click below to head over to Jigsaw Planet and Solve.

collage greatness in Green David Archuleta

Puzzle GReatness in Green Jigsaw Planet

~That’s all for now, but I”ll be here to update and add through the weekend! Will today be our lucky day?? Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Let’s hope our pot of gold filled with new music and tour dates  will soon be in sight! 🙂

quote st patrick's day 2

Oh~ And to take you through the weekend , here’s a beautiful (reminder) edit from Jessica. Thanks everyone; Kalei will be back this next week. 🙂 

David Archuleta-My-Little-Prayer-edit-by-Jessica


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98 Responses to David Archuleta: HaPpY St. Patrick’s Day! A “Green” Look Back, Bye Bye Blimp, Fantastic creations, Finds, and Tweets!, A Greatness in Green Puzzle, Weekend Update! David, Friends, and “Tres Leches”

  1. potluck8 says:

    Top of the morning to you, Wishing everyone at fod a very Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  2. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning potluck8 and FOD! HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day to all! 🙂

    Thanks Joanie for the “GREEN post! LOVED looking back at the blimp adventure….how SPECIAL! David sure has had the adventures for someone so young! Wonder what’s left on his bucket list?!

    ENJOY your day! 🙂 Anyone going for some green beer or other Irish goodies?!

  3. kimk says:

    good morning folks.. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

    here is a link to the venue that he was supposed to play at in Sept the tickets were to go on sale today.
    anybody say in Utah want give it a go to call and find out.. let us know what you find out. thanks!


  4. kimk says:

    waving hi to potluck and Judy.. went down to South Beach with my boy and his gal I think it was the warmest spot on the eastcoast even by me in JAX it was freezing at some points. it was pretty crazy tons of kids on spring break doing all sorts of crazy things. never experienced that 😯 was fun though.. great place southern Florida went to a place called Coconut Grove you drove under and around what seemed to be a tropical forest would love to live there looking today to find me some of the things I saw there to bring to my garden. so I guess David hasn’t popped up yet but he was in SLC? odd very odd I hope he is ok and all. see you all later you all rock!

    Joanie lol omgosh thank you for the GREEN post I am Irish my grandma was I suppose I will try and find a green shirt hey there is a David green shirt think it has a dove on it? Happy St. Patty’s Day to you!!!

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      HOWDY! Sounds like you guys had a BLAST! LOVE good food and drink! That’s what’s nice about all-inclusive vacations…..can try new things and if you don’t like it you get something else! First time I ate escargot! lol.

    • Joanie/suttygal says:

      Hi Kim! You’re Irish? So cool!! Then I hope you had an extra special day! 🙂
      Did you find that green shirt?

  5. kimk says:

    really hope something pops up kind of sad all this David is just so talented to give up.

    went looking for info on this wild group of kids that were on the beach think it could of been a TV show or something they were all in one spot not sure what it was. the food was great though expensive but good.

    lol ‘too much young people.. too much alcohol..’ lol yeah it was nuts my son and his gal were like woah we are out of our zone here.. 😆


  6. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!!! David sure does like green…..he said that was his favorite color……the green french toast sounds interesting JustJes…..Hey kimk…you should check out the Venitian Pools in Coral Gables…..so cool….have fun down there in South Florida….Don’t think David is giving up…..he is still on his honeymoon….ha ha…..Miss Vicki

  7. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Joanie….thanks for All you guys do to keep us up to date on all things DAVID….hope for new music soon…….Good morning to VaBeachArchie tomorrow morning…..it’s gonna be a warmer weekend in VA …..Yeah!!!!!…..Monday is the first day of Spring!!!!!……Miss Vicki

  8. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A SUPER Saturday to all! ! 🙂

    Rainey and cold here…just
    the type of weather you want for a Spring clothing event! Who’ll be thinking of crop pants and sundresses?! lol Seems Spring is as reluctant as David releasing his new music!

    ENJOY your day guys! 🙂

  9. kimk says:

    Good morning Judy!!! 🙂

    Miss Vicki ha and how do you know that.. that would be great if so!
    Coral Gables we stayed by there didn’t see that.. want to go back have a feeling I will some day!

    Joanie hi!! lol didn’t even wear green was so busy I was up cleaning the mess up at 2 am.. wonder if I do though still have the cute pink from way way back Happy St Patty’s Day to you. lol do also have a cool green nail polish I got in honor of that cool green CD cover.

    found a new pic.. I just love the facial hair he looks so manly
    really hope all is ok so if any of you in the know fans got the scoop DM me so I don’t go nuts! 😉 lol ok I am already but hey.. have a great day guys the quiet before the storm.
    do wish someone called the venue so different now kind of sad in a way
    sometimes I think am I the only one who cares anymore..
    am I ha no but there is no excitement etc anymore

    oh except for FOD of course really you all guys ROCK!!!:)

    here it is!! 😀

    David Archuleta Fans‏ @DavidUniverse 24m24 minutes ago
    jacekwheeler (IG)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful man PAT! Also @DavidArchie enjoyed the tres leches with us! https://www.instagram.com/p/BRxNjt6gHOO/

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello! Hard to even comment with this complete SILENCE from David and his team! While David deserves private time, would make good business sense for his team to give some information on the new song, album or appearances! Maybe he hasn’t titled the album yet or finalized the tracks! Wish we knew IF, WHAT AND WHEN?!

    • JustJes says:

      Hi Kimk! Do you have to be in Utah to call? I would but that phone call would stress me out 😛 😛 😛

  10. Alwaysafan says:

    Of course we all still care, just biding our time waiting for the new music, just not much to talk about currently, thanks for the new pic, looks like he’s still in Utah.

  11. kimk says:

    hey think he is! think you care for sure.. talking way it used to be like calling the venue etc so what no biggie it is what it is there is nothing so why bother.. lol except folks used to ‘bother’ realize I am on the other side of the fence the feisty one will always be.. I do not go quietly into the sunset.. rofl. ha should change my name to ‘squeaky wheel’
    yes I know why most are quiet just that that is it nothing nodda zilch and there was supposed to be at least a song? shortly I suppose means what months?

  12. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey squeaky wheel……we care and are still here too…..are you still in South Florida??? Hey VaBeachArchie….the sun came out here in Richmond several hours ago….it’s headed your way…..Is it just me or are the three other guys in that pic with David giants???? David isn’t THAT short……those guys must be on a basketball team……Miss Vicki

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Hey Miss Vicki! No sun yet at the beach, but stopped raining,at least for now! Use to seeing pics like that…SIL is 7′ tall and my grandson is 6’4″! We all look like we’re standing in hole aside of them! lol E JOY your weekend my friend! 🙂

  13. kimk says:

    lol it is the Provo water.. yeah I know you all care.
    any artist even David folks stop asking wondering DOA.

  14. VaBeachJudy says:

    Know we feel frustrated and a wee bit annoyed that this WAIT has been on going! The PROBLEM is not the wait so much as the lack of DEFINITIVE information….on new music, the album and up coming performances and concerts! Soon and shortly has added up! COMMUNICATION is the key!

    • Grammyj says:

      Very true. The lack of communication is frustrating. The problem is when David did communicate with us the end of January he said the new song would be released next month. Then two weeks later at the end of his post he said the new music would be coming out soon and he was excited to share it with us. Now it’s been three weeks of silence with pictures of him coming from others not David since he is on another social media break. Well there is nothing we can do but wait and it is David’s problem to promo the music whenever he finally decides to release it.

      • VaBeachJudy says:

        Hello GrammyJ! PROMO? Wonder when and if..seems all on tbe Archuleta team are on social media break! Maybe this is David’s wishes that MUM is the word! But how hard is it going to be to try and get things rolling again after all this time? Hope we’re SURPRISED with a FULLOUT PROMO package! 🙂

        • Grammyj says:

          I’m not counting on much as I’ve been disappointed too many times since David returned three years ago. I assume it will be like Nathan Pacheco’s album promo- CD signings at Deseret Book and T.V. appearance on Salt Lake City morning news show. I do not trust Kari’s hurricane analogy. Her tweets before David returned from his mission had me believing “the best is yet to come” meant David would be back full force to his music career when he returned. We all know that didn’t happen.

        • JustJes says:

          Hey Grammyj! I know where you’re coming from with disappointments and things. But don’t worry a bit, because after it all comes out, there’s an explanation for all of the ambiguity and delays that will make perfect sense and all of the fans who stuck around will be completely in harmony with David’s timeline. So when I say cheer up, it’s because everything is going to work out beautifully 😀 and you may find it to be quite a magnificent hurricane 🙂 thank you for being here even with the frustrating-ness of it all! 😀

  15. Grammyj says:

    JustJes, thanks for your positivity. I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t think that David was going to put out some great music. I just didn’t think we would have to wait so long, but that’s okay. He needed to live his life. I am glad he’s had some fun since he’s been in Utah-having an ice cream cone and going to a birthday celebration. Love that friends/fans still share pictures of David on social media otherwise we wouldn’t have seen the new facial hair.

    • Martha says:

      Nothing like some Baskin Robbins when your planning for an album release.

    • JustJes says:

      Yeah, it has been quite a wait lol! 😛 David definitely has the most faithful fans around. I think that’s what inspires me so much about you and everyone here. There’s so much loyalty and confidence in David’s talent.

  16. JustJes says:

    Whoops, I forgot to log in before I commented haha! One of these days I’ll get the hang of Gravatar…

  17. kimk says:

    JustJes hi nice avi! I guess anyone could call.. me I stopped all that not having any chance to go myself.. there used to be many that were excited to see him in Utah or that want to travel I suppose not any longer. new music will be great can do that.. or something on the eastcoast or Nashville 🙂 insert praying emoji

  18. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Remember….Patience all….good things come to those who wait…….I just feel it my bones that we will hear something next week……Hang in there guys!!!!! Miss Vicki

  19. MissBianca says:

    Ommmmm. Ommmmm. Truuuuuuust. Ommmmm. Ommmmm…

    Working on it.

    • Joanie/suttygal says:

      Hi Miss B!!
      Nice to see you! ♥
      Yes! I am also trusting that David and Team A are “working on it”… 🙂 ~Hoping and trusting that “storm” is coming very soon!

  20. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Miss Bianca….Ha Ha…..Miss Vicki

  21. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    OMG…OMG…OMG….I know what David is doing….he is trying to decide what songs to cover for his next performances and tour!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Look on the bright side….My glass is always half full……Miss Vicki

  22. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Nighty night all….tis the witching hour……Miss Vicki

  23. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Morning VaBeachJudy……have a great Sunday at the beach….Miss Vicki

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Hey Miss Vicki! Work Sunday, no beach for me! My sister and her husband are coming Thursday! Will be going to the beach plenty then! Nighty night! 🙂

  24. kimk says:

    good morning guys 🙂 ha think he is just hanging whatever maybe with his new gal 🙂 hope so hope for love songs
    would say go grab tickets for Ed but apparently he sold out in a flash that being said sure something will pop up
    do love the fuzz.. says ‘ I am not a kid anymore’ 🙂
    doesn’t look like one either

    hugs all around hope this is the week!

    VAbeach the beach.. ahh have fun hope the weather is Glorious!

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Good morning! Saving my money for the ELUSIVE David Archuleta concerts! IF AND WHEN! lol Our day will come, just hope sooner then later! Have a GREAT day! Hugs back at you! 🙂

  25. kimk aka squeaky wheel says:

    Miss Bianca hey.. lol keep up the chant don’t really think it is about trust patience any of that not sure what it is that is going on.. think it is more we just don’t know what is going on is the issue? lol if the walls had ears.

    one thing I do know if you are here you are a fan of David.

  26. potluck8 says:

    Good morning,
    Thank goodness for a few pictures, at least we know he is alright, I wonder if he is busy helping his mom out with her new business, maybe that’s why there is a delay?

    • kimk aka squeaky wheel says:

      hi.. you mean dancing?? lol that would be great pics
      hmm.. if I had to guess he is just visiting SLC and fam and such. sure hope it is this week coming up.
      know a lot of fans don’t like the fuzz sure is different for David being so conservative think that is why I like it. a letting go of sorts.

      • VaBeachJudy says:

        Good morning potluck8! Tbat’s a good thought…..forgot about the business Lupe started. Would be like David to go and help! Plus time with family. Wonder when Jazzy comes back from her mission?

  27. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Sunday! 🙂

    Don’t know what the delay and silence is all about, but sure hope we get SOMETHING this coming week! One busy week for me…so that would figure….I’ll miss all the EXCITEMENT!

    ENJOY your day! Gloomy here! Ready for some sun and warm weather! 🙂

  28. G says:

    I suppose some fans thought he should of got off that plane from Chile and went right into the recording studio, give the fans what they want, to heck with himself. If memory serves, David did try to get back into his pre mission routines, but it didn’t work, wasn’t what he wanted to do this time around, so he needed to take some time to figure out what that was. I admit that I am getting a little tired of the waiting and silence too, but I just think that he may as well take this time when he can, before things start getting busier, just my opinion. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that David was so young when his career got started, it was so fast paced that maybe he didn’t get the time to figure out want he really wanted out his career. I think it is very wise of him to take the time to figure out what he wants out of his life and career here and there, because I don’t think he had that luxury before. Anyway enough of my rambling, have a good day all.

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Hello G! Think you made a good point about David never having a chance to decide about his career and now he does! He also has the opportunity to have a personal life, and hope he finds that SPECIAL someone to share his life and career! Think those of us that haven’t been able to go see David, in concert since he returned, are more ANXIOUS then others to see him back! But we will wait and support…he is worth it! 🙂

  29. VaBeachJudy says:

    Thanks Joanie for the weekend update! 🙂 David and the guys…he looks so tiny! Still sporting the fuzz…..and hat! Saw a side by side pic of David and his Dad…..interesting that his Dad always wore a hat and has a beard!

    Work calls!

  30. potluck8 says:

    Back awhile didn’t David say he was taking salsa dance lessons? Wouldn’t it be nice if he and his mom were putting a dance routine together for his next concert? Call me crazy

  31. Seven7Swans says:

    Yup, show up on an old fan site with a new name and promise that “everything is going to work out beautifully.” Another person who knows the future.

    As for the “best is yet to come,” I’d argue that it has. David’s cover of “7 years” far surpasses his covers of “Crazy” and “Angels” and both of those were his business card IMO. Also, if you compare his recent concerts to past ones, it’s like night and day. Not only his voice, but his stage presence. No one’s mentioned it and I was reluctant to say anything but he’s in his skin onstage. He’s got this half-stalk thing going on. I was reading a biography of Judy Garland recently and they talked about her gestures punctuating certain moments of songs, and he’s got that going on now too.

    I think what most people thought is “the best is yet to come” would involve management. I never had that illusion. It was always going to be more soap operas and play Shay and I’m so grateful that never happened.

    One tip I’d give him. Don’t ever let a stadium bop (“Don’t you worry child”) overshadow your own single (“Numb.”) All he had to do was extend the release part (2:40-ish) and he’d have had the whole crowd behind him.

    • Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

      What does “half-stalk thing” mean? I honestly don’t understand.

    • JustJes says:

      Seven7Swans, well, it is a new name, but it’s also my first new name 🙂 This is the first time I’ve been involved in any sort of fan page. Maybe you confused me with someone else? 🙂
      Love how you connected that Judy Garland tidbit to describe David’s on stage moves! What’s the name of the biography?

      • Seven7Swans says:

        I addressed the stalk questions down thread. The bio is called Get Happy, The Life of Judy Garland by Gerald Clarke. Here is the passage:

        “Reviewing the performance she gave that evening, Vincente said that Judy’s voice ‘was better than ever, for it had a new-found maturity. The heartache in the sad songs and the frenetic drive of the upbeat numbers created an extraordinary impact. She’d developed marvelous gestures which put the stresses on the most unexpected words. The effect was awkward and occasionally graceless, but strangely it was right.'”

        • JustJes says:

          No way! I love the quality of description in both of the paragraphs you shared. Sounds like a must have for my bookshelf lol. Thanks!

  32. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I don’t get the stalk thing either Marylee-NorthCarolinaGirl……SevenSwans…Yep…the best is yet to come is here……David has grown so so much musically and with his stage presence…….Hey VaBeach…think Jazzy left the end of October….so a year and a half would be the end of April this year……Miss Vicki

  33. kimk says:

    Tami Pyfer‏ @tpyfer 8h8 hours ago
    Special guests in the audience today – John Rhys Davies & David Archuleta.

    Reply Retweet 10
    Like 29

  34. kimk says:

    David Archuleta – Don’t You Worry Child – 11.03.16

    Don’t Worry Child is a fun dancy song no wonder folks like it

  35. potluck8 says:


  36. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! It’s Monday! 🙂

    Hope everyone had a SUPER weekend! WOW, March is flying by! My daughter’s birthday is this week and my sister and her husband are coming to visit! FUN times on the way! 🙂

    ENJOY your day! 🙂 What will this week bring in Archuletaville?

  37. potluck8 says:

    Good morning VaBeachJudy,
    Happy Spring, and hope you have a great day! Keeping fingers crossed too for some new music.

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello potluck8! 🙂 If only Spring weather was here! Ready for BOTH Spring weather and new music from the Archuleta! Fingers crossed!

  38. kimk says:

    good morning guys!

    is it officially spring yet.. chilly here in Northern Florida

    hoping this is the week!

  39. kimk says:

    just read it was the first day of spring.. long time coming lol like this new music 🙂

  40. kimk says:

    hmm.. well I will dream of a love song/video with his new gal in it.. singing to her

    I’m Ready – Tuacahn – 11/3/16


  41. potluck8 says:

    Hi Kimk,
    Thanks for the video of I’m Ready , what do you think he might mean? I really like it and also his, I Say.

    • kimk says:

      hi! Say Me is great too.. no clue what will be just figured he did try these out last Nov so could be like Numb was? and Kari did say there was a video coming too.. of course just guessing either would be nice or maybe something we haven’t heard yet.

      couldn’t find Say Me on youtube think there was a video of it somewhere very pretty 🙂

      • VaBeachJudy says:

        Just think of how many months went by since we heard Say Me and I’m Ready for the first time! For some reason neither was released?! Does that mean there will be a new song for the next single and music vid?! Would LOVE to know how many songs have ended up in the vault? And YES, would LOVE to hear them! 🙂

        • kimk says:

          Kari Sellards‏ @kariontour Feb 17
          @pringle3 @DavidArchie I sure will! He is a busy bee! Getting the next single, new video and album ready for the Archies!

          Kari Sellards‏ @kariontour Feb 17
          @liz_mag3 @DavidArchie cause the storm is coming!!!! Hahaha

          Kari Sellards‏ @kariontour Mar 9
          @GwenPo look at it as a hurricane forming in the ocean. It takes its time and you really never know when and where it’s going it hit…..

          makes sense to me it is one of those but who knows rofl nothing is as it should be.. ha surprise!

          hope we at least get some hints soon as to this hurricane a coming!!!

  42. VaBeachJudy says:

    We all know that Kari is the BEST ❤ and has David’s back! She always knows just the right thing to say and how to handle every situation! Thank you Kari!

  43. sydnie says:

    Hey guys, just stopping by for a quick hello and see what’s happening before I leave for work! Hope y’all are doing well.
    @davidarchie Miss you lots no pressure but new music soon? 🙂
    We’ve had a couple weeks or decent weather but another storm’s coming ugh so sick of it all I’m already a bit down & gloomy weather sure doesn’t help dangit! Good thing I’ll be leaving for Maui next Monday for 5 days! Aloha Kalei I’ll be heading towards your neck of the woods!

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving bello sydnie! A trip to Maui sure sounds like a way to lift your spirits! Safe trip and relax and ENJOY! 🙂

      Think for me David’s new music is in the IF, WHAT AND WHEN mode! EXCITED FOR THE POSSIBI!ITIES….

      • VaBeachJudy says:


      • sydnie says:

        Hey VaBeachArchie! Have fun celebrating your girl’s bday, very impressive that you’re always such a multi-tasker & busybee!
        I’m stressing over a bunch of stuff, i know we’re not supposed to sweat over everything but I have ocd ugh can’t help it …. Maui will definitely help lol.

        • VaBeachJudy says:

          Thanks, my daughter will be 46! Where did the time go! Being able to do Nana patrol has been a joy! Always say working gives me an excuse to get my nails and toes done and buy new clothes! lol

        • JustJes says:

          Sydnie, ooo OCD is no fun! Glad you’re getting a break.

    • Kalei says:

      Awesome Sydnie! Have a wonderful time in Maui! The weather should be great!

  44. sydnie says:

    OT did you guy know “my way” originated from a French song, I never knew until I started listening to french songs as suggested by my French school! I think this singer’s a recent winner of “the voice” in France…it’s a cover. Just thought kinda interesting c’est tout! Sorry about the randomness lol. 🙂


  45. Spirit says:

    Here’s my take on Seven7Swans comment about “the half stalk thing” that he does on stage. As soon as I saw that comment, I pictured David’s entrance to Little Drummer Boy during the Christmas show. He moves and sways to the music in a creeping or “stalking” way, so he expresses the music not only through his gestures, but with his whole being. He continued this movement often while moving around the stage during the entire show. He was so in tune to the music that it just seemed to be flowing through him. I actually wasn’t sure what to call it, but “stalking” around the stage seems to describe it well to me.

  46. Seven7Swans says:

    Here’s another passage from the Judy Garland bio you might enjoy:

    “‘In an oblique and daffy sort of way, you are as much a national asset as our coal reserves,’ Billy Rose the Broadway impresario and columnist had written. ‘Both of you help warm up our insides,’ he had said. ‘And the day you stop making pictures you’re going to take a lot of warmth out of the lives of the millions of Bills and Betties who live in furnished rooms and cook their breakfasts on hot plates –me-and-my-shadow folk, for whom a Judy Garland movie is the best available substitute for the kiss in the dark that never happens.’ Now, that gloomy day had dawned. Judy had stopped making pictures for all those Bills and Betties, and who was to blame?”
    G. Clarke

  47. kimk says:

    thru the years seen David compared to Judy many times..
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland 1939


  48. kimk says:

    Lindsey Stirling‏Verified account @LindseyStirling 11h11 hours ago
    I had so much fun working with @HP to create a new #HoldMyHeart video! Check it out here:

    #17 on Trending
    Lindsey Stirling – Hold My Heart ft. Phelba

    interesting message song

  49. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Hump Day! 🙂

    Nana patrol! Running on fumes today! lol

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