When Love Came Down to the Earth ~ Wishing all of our @davidarchie friends a Blessed Christmas, Joy! Joy to the World ~ Special Message from PapaFOD, Rich Parkinson


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Credit: Lily



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Christmas Message from David

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So many responses!

response-5 response-4 response-3 response-2 response-1

and there were so many more! Β All like this …

And the day after Christmas:

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Joy! Joy To The World! Β ~Β Extra Special Message from Rich Parkinson

Over the past several years, I have tried to put my finger on it. Why is it that so many go so far out of their way and spend who knows how much money to be there again and again? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one simple answer… Joy!

You see, happiness is a choice. A simple choice. Regardless of our circumstances, we can choose to be happy. But Joy is different. I can’t sit here, right now, and say to myself, “I’m gonna have Joy, right now!” It doesn’t work that way.

Joy is something that we must experience. It’s why we surround ourselves with the people we do. It’s why we go the places we go. It’s why we make the choices we make. It’s why we listen to music, attend concerts, go to church, and serve others. These things bring us Joy and bless our lives.

david-onerichsong-richard-lexi-alexis-layton-o-holy-nightWhat a beautiful gift our Heavenly Father has given us! Today, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. His life and teachings changed the world. He taught us how to truly Love One Another. He taught us how to serve. I think it’s magical that in doing so, everyone is allowed to experience that Joy! What a magnificent design!

I had the opportunity to attend one of David’s shows on his Christmas tour this year. What an incredible night! Moment after moment! I stood in awe, grateful for the chance to be in the room. David and I had a couple of short, but great conversations.

We briefly talked about the difference between using these unique gifts we have to either gain power and influence over others vs. accepting the responsibility that comes with having such a gift. In that responsibility, we are allowed to bring others this Joy.

Our Savior showed us the way. He led by example. He brings Joy To The World, and we can choose to do the same. I’m grateful to be surrounded so many that do.

May God Bless You All and Merry Christmas!


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Songs of the season

Not all David related, but this is what the season is about

I cried at this one …

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Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas

To each one of you who drop by daily, weekly, occasionallyΒ or just now and then, and whether you celebrate Christmas the religious holy day, the spirit of Christmas or just celebrate this peaceful time of year, we wish you a wonderful day with friends and family.

David sings it like no other, with arrangement by Richard Parkinson. Β I love this vantage point!

And ending with one of my very favourite Christmas songs that I had no idea I loved until David sang it. This chorus slays me every single time. But when David slows the tempo on the last one…. Tears. Every. Single. Time.

This is Christmas.

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Holiday Vacay

We’ve been a bit busy with updating, tweeting, responding to emails and otherwise enjoying this tour just like the rest of you. Β But, like David and the Band, we are planning a little break with just key posts and update on big news only. Β We check email daily and will tweet, but just skeleton posts until the second week of January.

Hoping David and his awesome band have a great vacation too! Β BY THE WAY, did you know that approximately 96% of all seats were sold for the entire concert tour including Tuacahn? Β An that DOES NOT include all the seats sold in overflow (and there were many!) at Tuachan. Β That’s pretty darn amazing without a CD release. Β I would say that bodes really well for 2017!

Credit: Melanie Shore

Credit: Melanie Shore

Credit: Bobby James

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71 Responses to When Love Came Down to the Earth ~ Wishing all of our @davidarchie friends a Blessed Christmas, Joy! Joy to the World ~ Special Message from PapaFOD, Rich Parkinson

  1. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone! May the world find Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding, Mutual Respect & Peace! #tolerancegoesbothways

    Take Care All, Hoping y’all have a fabulous, beautiful day with your family
    and friends πŸ˜€ Gotta go, food in the oven πŸ˜€ Adios!

  2. VaBeachJudy says:

    MERRY Christmas Beth and FOD! πŸ™‚

    Thank you Pastel and PapaFOD for the JOYOUS post! AWESOME pics, tweets and vids! David singing O Holy Night is such a gift! Hope he sings it ever Christmas! What a SPECIAL group of musicians on this tour …sure were FUN! Nathan and David make for a PERFECT duet! All I can say is BRAVO! πŸ™‚

    ENJOY your day! Looking forward to Holiday pork and all the trimmings! YUM!

    • sydnie says:

      David singing O Holy Night was such a special memorable moment at Friday’s concert, he really does need to make it permanent for his Christmas tour! Also Pat a Pan is another great concert song very dramatic live!
      Merry Christmas VaBeachJudy, great to know you’re having a fab time with the family! πŸ˜€

    • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

      Merry Christmas VaBeach πŸ˜€

      Well, we had a wonderful time, had Sausage Egg Dish, Hash
      Browns, assorted roles, ham, grapes & goodies πŸ˜€ Now, it’s
      time for a nap. The Fine Feathered Friends are all passed out
      on the couch with their little belts on their pad plants loosened
      because they over did it again this year. It goes without saying,
      that they didn’t eat any of the egg dish, that would be in very
      bad taste, they had some of the ham & Freud made a sort of
      chicken feed, cheesy noodle dish πŸ™„ I have to say, it doesn’t
      look as good as it sounds πŸ˜† OK, nap time for me, will check
      in later, Ciao for Now πŸ˜€

  3. sydnie says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! πŸ˜€
    Pastel thank you very much for this wonderful Joyous Christmas post, love the videos!
    Thank you Richard for the special message and of course FOD!
    Thank you David for the fantastic tour and sharing with us your special gift also the amazing Kari for always being there for D & us Archies!

    • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

      Merry Christmas Sydnie πŸ˜€

      OK, now I’m really going to go take that nap, Adios πŸ˜€

  4. kimk says:

    Merry Christmas peeps!! πŸ™‚

    Savannah StevensonVerified account ‏@SavannahSt 51m51 minutes ago
    Most privileged to sing in a special Christmas service today with the incredible @DavidArchie. He said to say hello @TomFletcher!

    Tom FletcherVerified account ‏@TomFletcher 49m49 minutes ago
    @SavannahSt @DavidArchie bet that was one awesome performance! Love to you both. X

  5. kimk says:

    lauren ‏@laurenhalez 2h2 hours ago
    “@DavidArchie is one of the three nephites come down to save us all with his voice. he’s literally an angel”

  6. kimk says:

    Thomas H ‏@BYUapologist 3h3 hours ago
    All star Christmas sacrament meeting with Elder Ballard, David Archuleta and Savanah Stevenson

  7. sydnie says:

    Merry Christmas Kimk!
    So @davidarchie is singing at a Christmas service, aww those lucky attendees. πŸ˜€

    I’m sitting around doing nothing haha just enjoying a quiet Christmas Day listening to D’s Christmas music, not leaving until 5pm to go to bf’s house for dinner.
    I have so much leftovers from last night’s dinner not sure what to do hate to waste food but I won’t even be eating at home the next couple days! I haven’t seen my refrigerator this full in a long time usually it does have much lol.

  8. kimk says:

    David Archuleta~VIP qustions~Las Vegas


  9. kimk says:

    rofl tongue with your nose.. ha she wins..

  10. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day & recovering
    from the meals so lovingly prepared by family & friends <3

  11. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Merry Christmas kimk, Beth, sydnie, VABeachArchie, Pastel and all my friends here at FOD….I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday….And thank you to our FOD moderators for all you do to keep us up to date and in touch with David…..Love David’s pokemon sweater and I can’t believe how big little Violeta has grown!!!! She’s now a young lady…..David singing in a Christmas Church event….I would have expected nothing less from this young man…..His Lord and his family are everything to him and he uses the gift of his voice to praise the Lord………I hope David had a wonderful Holiday with his family and hope he gets some much deserved rest and mothering from Momma Lupe……..Miss Vicki

  12. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day & recovering
    from the meals so lovingly prepared by family & friends <3
    Tough weather for some here in the upper Midwest, hoping
    people were able to get to their destinations safely.

  13. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful day & recovering
    from the meals so lovingly prepared by family & friends <3
    Tough weather for some here in the upper Midwest, hoping
    people were able to get to their destinations safely. πŸ˜€

    • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

      lol, sorry about the triple post, didn’t look like my message
      went through πŸ™„ πŸ˜€

  14. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All! πŸ˜€

  15. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth….Merry Christmas

  16. Kalei says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! Finally made it to Big Bear through a snowstorm and terrible traffic! But being together with family is worth it!

    Seeing D & Nathan at Costa Mesa & Sacramento was amazing as you probably know lol – I don’t have a computer so I couldn’t post a recap, but I’ll try to do one when I get back home. David’s voice just gets better & better – can’t wait for a tour next year!

    Thanks Pastel & Joanie for the wonderful posts – always a joy to read!

    Mele Kalikimaka my ArchuFriends – I love you all!

  17. kimk says:

    good morning folks! hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas I did!

    Kari pranks David & Joy To The World



    • VaBeachJudy says:

      Waving hello! Thanks for the link…lol! Kari got him good!

      • kimk says:

        good morning Judy lol that she did!! πŸ™‚
        hope your Christmas was fabulous! ha got a bit of a too much Christmas hangover.. too much of everything ha I will need days to get over it all!! #HOHOHO

        • VaBeachJudy says:

          We had a WONDERFUL
          holiday! Hard for my SIL not going home to see his family like usual! Landstown is in a basketball tournament in SC…..Connor is on the team. They leave tomorrow! Back to work today for me…no rest for retail! #HOHOHO

  18. kimk says:

    lol that vid.. you go kari.. folks clapping yay to the show not being over!! πŸ™‚

  19. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY exchange Monday! ENJOY! πŸ™‚

  20. kimk says:

    wow that video.. Joy To The World was outstanding and lol the epic prank talk beforehand! thank goodness for these videos!!
    Merry Christmas folks!!

    • VaBeachJudy says:

      That is the truth! These vids keep us going…..till our turn for a concert here in the East!

      • kimk says:

        think the new music is coming soon.. rofl that word again that is ok not like we haven’t waited this long can’t wait more..
        hope David comes east anywhere I can drive to. if not lol hope for vids and such like now!

  21. kimk says:

    David Archuleta~All I Want for Christmas~Last Christmas~Jingle Bell Rock Medley~Pocatello~12-15-15


    George Michael passing away yesterday.. as Irecall David even sang with him on Idol didn’t he?

  22. kimk says:

    American Idol Top 12 – George Michael Medley


  23. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Hope y’all are doing well πŸ˜€

    Kim, Thanks for posting that vid, prank & Joy To the World,
    so funny/then so beautiful πŸ˜€

    • kimk says:

      Beth good morning! hope your Christmas was great.. lol guessing beef kabobs, corn bread were on the menu..

      • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

        Hey Kim! Yes, had a wonderful Christmas, Thank You. Hope you did too! ROTFL, well, that was the menu for a few members of the family. The Fine Feathered Fellows are still recovering, they really over did it, eating wise πŸ˜€

  24. kimk says:

    the more David sings has concerts the better he gets.. and this is good!

    Danny-Boy ‏@cardenasdc87 1h1 hour ago
    At my job listening in the radio of Home Depot David Archuleta #crush @DavidArchie – at The Home Depot

    MusicLover123 Mashup ‏@MusicLover123M1 10h10 hours ago
    I saw @ahmki IG Story w/ @DavidArchie and I Can’t Stop Laughing XD

    not sure what one they are talking about the one I saw was jazzy in it and you could hear David laughing in the background

  25. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Well, going to get some things done around the house,
    then nap, do a couple more things, nap, a few more
    things, nap……I sense a theme developing, lol.
    Take Care All, TTYL! πŸ˜€

  26. Miss Vicki DA#2016 says:

    Merry day after Christmas everyone….Loved Joy to the World……Kari is so bad….but you have to admit that prank on David was priceless…..ha ha….he actually turns around to check his zipper!!! VaBeachArchie….hope you don’t have that many returns today at work….but that’s where I am taking my son this afternoon…..to return and exchange clothes…..Hope everyone has a great day here at FOD and continues in the Christmas spirit…..and kimk, I’m with ya….will drive almost anywhere I can within a day’s drive if David comes EAST!!!!

    • sydnie says:

      Lol Miss Vicki David sure did…I noticed he was distracted kinda lost his train of thoughts then turned his back to the audience I had no idea what was going on till he told us Kari pranked him good haha he said there were other pranks too but weren’t disclosed to us! πŸ˜€
      Oh yeah and “Numb” took on a whole new meaning live w/the emotive visual playing on the giant screen behind plus the fabulous live band, it was so powerful and stirring esp. after David’s speech about how the song came about it was for me a spine-tingling moment! 😯

  27. sydnie says:

    K just few more things about the concert and I’ll stop before turning into rambling David lol….Glorious was pure love almost made me cry and my niece did & she’s not even an Archie, VIP was quite a large crowd must’ve been around 150 fans, David seemed emotional also could be because it was the last show.
    The weather was terrible so was the traffic took us forever to get from SF to Sacramento, 45 mins just to escape SF & try to get onto that dang bay bridge ugh but of course all was totally worth it at the end!
    Since this tour was so successful with selling out all venues except the 2 larger ones I hope David’s going to make it a tradition of touring Christmas every year all over the country including Hawaii and east coast! πŸ˜€

  28. kimk says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 3h3 hours ago
    One of the best presents I could ever get for Christmas! Talking to my sister who’s currently on a mission was a highlight for me yesterday!

  29. Ali says:

    Belated Merry Christmas to all!!

    Sorry, I’ve been traveling for the holiday, still not back home but wanted to pop in and wish everyone well. Loved the pic David posted with his niece and the one with Jazzy today πŸ™‚

    Hope all is well with everyone here — look forward to having a chance to catch back up when I get home.

  30. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hi Ali….Hope you had a great Christmas and yes sydnie….hope the success of this tour means this will be an annual tour all over the country…..So glad he enjoyed his time with Jazzy on Christmas….guess she will be home in April…..and I bet Amber will be especially glad her sister is coming…..Hey all you LDS fans out there…What is the traditional path for Mormon women when they return from a Mission….do they try to marry quickly or go back to school…….just wondering about women missionaries in Mormon culture…..Miss Vicki

  31. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I’m still giggling over the zipper prank……David you are so gullible……and Kari you are the master of pranks!!!!!!…….Miss Vicki

  32. Miss Vicki DA#2016 says:

    OMG…just realized it will be David’s birthday in two days….he will officially be a year older than my own son….Hope he is geering up to have a blast on December 28th!!!! Night all….gotta go back work early in the morning….Miss Vicki

  33. Jani says:

    I’m so behind with vids and comments, hoping to catch up soon, but mostly hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! …we’re still enjoying things here….little ones running around, food, jigsaw puzzling, treats, toys, games….crazy chaos, but being together is such a gift. I’m feeling very blessed and thankful for the best Giver of gifts.

    That smile of David’s with Jazzy! πŸ˜€ gosh he looks happy!

    Sweet holiday dreams everyone!

  34. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all! πŸ™‚

  35. kimk says:

    good morning folks.. David will be 26 in just two days!

    pamela pike ‏@pikepss 8m8 minutes ago
    Beautiful concert at Crest Theater in Sacramento @DavidArchie a beautiful end to your great tour!

  36. kimk says:

    frank hecker ‏@1947frank1947 5h5 hours ago
    @realDonaldTrump For you inaugeration, this would be wonderful statement of caring, David Archuleta https://youtu.be/-UrNy_YtMUo set the example!

  37. kimk says:

    Mary’s Boy Child – Sacramento, CA – 12/23/16

  38. kimk says:

    Pat-A-Pan – Sacramento, CA – 12/23/16


  39. kimk says:

    White Christmas – Sacramento, CA – 12/23/16

  40. kimk says:

    ohh there seems to be a lot of videos.. won’t post them all
    I love that we get these I am forever grateful!!

  41. kimk says:

    huh OHN has 2 views.. the one where he was pranked has 200.. ha guess it isn’t all about the voice
    folks love the funny different stuff used to be they loved the voice too couldn’t get enough of it
    yes I know things change just like yo that sucks (sorry not sorry)
    good thing is the tour was 96% sold out that is good hope that means he comes east
    been 6 years ha now that REALLY sucks!

  42. angelbymyside says:

    From what I have read, the “zipper prank” wasn’t a “prank” at all. Kari honestly thought his zipper was down and she said that she would never embarrass him like that in the middle of a show. It must have been the lighting that made her think that. After watching the video, I can see why she wanted to alert him lol.

  43. kimk says:

    ha well that could be too..

    Eileen ‏@TaterZen 31m31 minutes ago
    Maybe we should trend “Happy 26th Birthday David Archuleta,” so people don’t think he is still 12.

    Zach ‏@Zackkk_Attackkk 6h6 hours ago
    @DavidArchie can I have a picture with you please? I was too nervous to ask you face to face. I’m your flight attendant

    Zach ‏@Zackkk_Attackkk 5h5 hours ago
    @djafanTheVoice @DavidArchie update: I finally grew a pair and asked

  44. kimk says:

    Nico & Vinz – In Your Arms [Official Music Video]


    David posted an IG message this is the song he likes πŸ™‚

  45. Alwaysafan says:

    He must be back in Nashville? There isn’t a Dave and Busters in Utah, but there is one in Nashville. ( that’s where he said he was in his Instagram story) Is he not spending his bday with his family?

  46. kimk says:

    maybe he has someone special in Nashville? πŸ™‚

  47. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    Hey kimk….when I saw he was on a flight….and not spending his birthday with his family that’s the first thing I thought too….maybe he celebrated his birthday with family the day after Christmas and has headed “home” to Nashville to be with someone special….Miss Vicki

  48. Abrra says:

    rhiminee mentioned on Twitter that there is a Chrome extension to view IG Stories on your computer. I looked around and found this guide. For Chrome only not Firefox


    Hope this helps πŸ™‚


  49. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I like that song too….but where is David’s IG story? Miss Vicki

  50. kimk says:

    good morning folks πŸ™‚

    Happy 26th Birthday David!!

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