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Credit Shelley

Credit Shelley



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Shelley’s (and Lisa, Veronica and Shannon’s) Excellent Adventure!

Here is my recap of the amazing trip Lisa, Veronica, Shannon and I took to see David live!! First of all Veronica and I painted up my car with David’s name.

David Archuleta Shelley's car signs bumper stickers Fans of David


David Archuleta Idaho Falls Girls by the falls

Drove a long 12 hour drive to Idaho Falls. Veronica spent most of the drive doing her homework.On the way we saw a very petty lake in Idaho stopped to take a few pictures.

We were all so excited to see David and our David fan friends and to meet new friends. I was also excited to see my long time friend Mike who lives in Idaho Falls. We haven’t seen each other in over 26 years.

We went to the Colonial venue, and saw a picture of David in front so Veronica and Shannon took a picture with it. By the way, these two 15 year old girls are so much fun to travel with. They are an absolute hoot.

david archuleta sign Idaho Falls girls freak out credit shelley Fans of DavidThursday night concert. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces. I saw Miss sweet Bianca and she was giving out David trading cards (see below). They are so awesome. What a clever idea. Thank you Miss B.

I bought me a poster and a T-shirt  at the merch table, also a Gracie CD. I finally got to meet Deb and Nancy from Canada. They are both very sweet. I met a sweet fan named Jani form Minnesota. She was with Sharon. I had 2 extra tickets in the second row so I gave them to Jani and Sharon. This was Jani’s first David concert. It was meant to be.  We were all so excited to hear and see David! You know….that antsy feeling you get right before the AMAZING DAVID ARCHULETA takes the stage???

First was Gracie….I love her voice. She is such a sweet girl. That girl is so talented.  After her set, Veronica and Shannon went out to take pictures with her and her guitarist Cutter Gage. Then we were all sitting and waiting for David. We started chanting DA VID DA VID but people were not getting into it much so Veronica had to stand up to motion people to start chanting. LOL ….She is unlike me…I printed a bunch of WELCOME BACK signs for people to hold up.

David Archuleta open hand singing credit Shelley Fans of DavidI don’t think many did though. Then FINALLY after 8 months of waiting after buying the tickets…DAVID came out!! Eeeeeeek! He started with TOSOD . His band looked so awesome and fresh. They did not want people taking videos.

david archuleta very serious singing at mike credit shelley Fans of DavidI was a little worried, I was in the front row around the middle. The usher was at the end of the aisle. I saw her shake her head when she saw me, but she did not say anything. He sang everything so perfectly. The ones I really liked the most were Don’t Give up, Everybody Hurts and the new song Numb. That is my new jam by the way ☺Right before he sang it he told us how it came about. That he felt he did not want to do this anymore….making music? I think we all gasped. The song is so amazing and I hope it is a single on his new CD. I can just hear it on the radio. By the end of the show, we were all in an “archudaze” as usual. Veronica and Shannon made friends with Gracie and Cutter at the end of the show haha!

We hung out for a bit and saw Kari. I think I gave her a key chain that I made for fans. I cannot remember if I did. “old age” We  had to pry Veronica and Shannon away from Gracie…we were one of the last to leave. Then Julie, Shawna and Pam came to our hotel for a few hours.

david archuleta and the girls tractor credit shelley Fans of DavidOn Friday Lisa started feeling under the weather a little. Poor girl. We went and checked out the water falls. Came back to the hotel so she could rest. We met up with Linda from Texas and she hung out with us. Then all of a sudden David tweets the hide n seek tweet!!?? We got Lisa up and went to see if we could find him so that Veronica could possibly get her selfie with him that she has been wanting. lol We googled tractors in park and it kept coming up with snake river. We finally SAW HIM!! The girls screamed so loud when we turned that corner and they jumped out of the car and almost “plowed” him over. lol We were second to find him so they all got their picture with him. I wanted one so bad, but I did not want to bother him with a picture with me. Kicking myself now. haha. He was probably thinking…..this crazy lady with my name all over her car….he couldn’t talk because he was on vocal rest.

Shaycarl Shelley Linda Lisa Jules Idaho Falls Credit Shelley Fans of DavidBut it was a lot of fun. Then we went to meet my buddy Mikey at Famous Dave’s BBQ before show number 2. We finally met Mary Dee. She is so much fun!! What a sweetheart that gal is. We saw Shay Carl and got a picture with him. The video police were in full force for this show. Boooo. Numb was even better at his show. He sang all the same songs that he did the night before. Beautiful was out of this world. Veronica and Shannon said they saw Kari at the end of the show and went where they were not suppose to by accident and gave Kari a huge hug! Where was I? lol I am thinking Kari will not forget those 2 faces. haha  We had another late night uploading pictures…watching videos.

idaho falls credit shelley david archuleta fans of davidNext stop…LAYTON!! We drove a few hours to Layton and saw Lily, and her gang on the way pass us up. I look down and my gas light is on! Oh my….with all the excitement we forgot to get gas Luckily we made it to the gas station. We went and checked out the beautiful venue when we got to Layton. Went back to the hotel and got ready for the show. When we went back to the venue there were tons of people in line. I mean TONS!! I loved it! When the concert started, I knew right off the bat that David was sick. He talked through a lot of the songs and the band had to sing a lot more. He still sounded amazing. He wanted us to all help him sing. I felt so bad for him. You know how he wants to put on a good show and how he does not like to cancel shows, but he was pretty sick. We saw Kari come out and say something to all the band members.

David Archuleta holding 3 fingers up Layton Utah Credit Shelley Fans of DavidDavid left the stage for a few minutes and came out with a venue worker and the man told everyone that David has the flu but David would not stop the show. So of course David sang…and talked a couple more songs. So many people sang Glorious with him. I think he was shocked that no one left. lol Oh David….like I said you could just stand there and smile for 3 hours and no one would leave. Veronica and Shannon talked to Gracie and Cutter after the show, and Cutter said that everyone said he should not go on, he was pacing back and fourth backstage. Poor David. He had a Dr. backstage with him also. So he was really sick.

Close up david piano Layton Credit Shelley Fans of David


david holding mike red background credit Shelley fans of davidWe kept checking our emails for the next 2 days. Of course we wanted to see him again on Monday, but we also wanted him to get better. Sunday we went and checked out The Salt Lake. Took some pictures, got muddy. lol Then went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The girls wanted to make a sign for Gracie, Cutter and David so we went and got supplies for that. They did an amazing job on those signs.

Monday….the last day of the concert….There were a lot of people in line again for this show. We went and got David and Kari each a get well card for all the fans to sign. That was Lisa’s brilliant idea. We also got David a hat at the mall…a get well gift?? lol So many fans signed the cards before the show.

david in purple layton holding mike credit shelley fans of davidWhile I was off doing that, Lisa made friends with a very sweet couple next to us. Then David tweeted about giving front row center tickets away to the first person that went to the merch table that could say where his mom was born. Lisa had helped the sweet couple next to us win those tickets. Their first time seeing David. So we were at the merch table and Kari took a picture of us all and with the girls sign they made. The sign said “You are our inspiration David” I told them they could write WE LOVE YOU DAVID!! But Veronica said that was not a good thing to write because he doesn’t even know us. lol  On Saturday night some girls yelled WE LOVE YOU DAVID!! And he said very politely and funnish…”you don’t even know me” lol

david grinning jazzy reading Layton credit shelley fans of davidBut anyway Monday’s concert was so amazing!! David sounded much better!! He had Jazzy come up and talk his rambling parts. Very clever idea on his part, so he could save his voice for singing. He wanted the audience to sing along. We were in the 3rd row at this show and during Something Bout Love David saw Veronica and Shannon singing so he motioned them forward with his crinkly nose frown smile and put the mic towards them.

Daving bending to girls layton crowd credit Shelley Fans of DavidThey both jumped up and sang!! lol Another highlight of their trip! At the end, his mom and Aunt came out to help him sing Nunca Pense and they danced. They are great singers and dancers of course! That was pretty awesome! And then it was all over!! That sad feeling of it being over! NOOO!!

serious David looking up Layton credit ShelleyI saw Kari after the show and we gave her the cards and gift for David. She asked if we were coming to St. George and at Christmas. You betcha Kari!! lol We had a really fun time!! One of the best times ever! The girls went and said goodbye to Gracie and Cutter. Shannon said that she could do this every day!! They both LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!

Maybe I can get Veronica and Shannon to do a video blog or write up of the trip also. You will LOL at them two!

the girls and the band Idaho Falls Credit Shelley

We CANNOT WAIT!!!  Thanks Shelley, sounds like an adventure of mega proportions!

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Queen Creek on Windish!

The first 2016 David Archuleta concert that we are aware of is now on Windish Agency site.  Thanks DFT for the find!!!

cap1 windish az

Who is excited for 2015?

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Second Generation Fan

Send in your second generation fan pics!  We’d love to see how enjoying David’s music is a family affair!!!

second generation fan

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Trading David

Not really 🙂

Special email to FOD from Miss Bianca contained a wonderful treat!  Bianca created a goodie to hand out to David’s fans at the latest shows: trading cards! Each person who got them received 3 identical cards so they HAD to trade with friends and strangers, to share the joy!  Very clever Miss B 🙂


The first nine cards are printable and available on Miss B’s smileblog.  If the response to these are good, she’ll release cards representing future David-years!  Comment on her blog and let her know what you think!

Thanks a million Miss B!

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Pictures from Sydnie

Sydnie shares her pictures from Layton.  These are great!  Thanks for sending them in Syndie!

sydnie 1 sydnie 3 sydnie 2

As Found aRound

A collection of a few things I found amusing or interesting on Twitter or Instagram.

Love Keiko’s Merry Go Round!  The look on Lupe’s face is awesome!  Click to go!

keiko rocktellme nunca pense layton vid instagram

coming back

keiko rocktellme profile david archuleta keiko rocktellme b and white david archuleta

low key crush cheeks high quality guy shadow benny sunday

And then there is this…

roomie hipster

But, David not a hipster?  I guess you’ve never seen this:

mustache hipster copy

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More than words …

Today I posted a quote from the Pope because I loved what he said and I wanted to share with all of you.  There have been alot of social media postings surrounding the visit from Pope Francis and for those of you who may not interested you may be saying ‘too much’!  I know we at FOD have sometimes been faced with the ‘too much!’ when we post performance-related news associated with church, although we have rules re: posting inside religious establishments themselves.

Part of what we do here at FOD is to bring you not only the David news, but to keep us all connected with each other as a fan community.  Just as we are inspired with the person David is and by his artistry, we hope our quotes supplement that sentiment to some degree.  Good words, inspiring words are worthy of sharing and can come from a variety of individuals, of all different backgrounds.

We started posting quotes shortly after David left on his mission, and we try to find one that aligns with a theme within our blog, with current events, or just something that struck a chord with us, be it serious or hilarious.  We love that many of you share special words with us too, and to the extent we can, we post those too.  Please continue to send those in.

When David quotes from his religious leaders and from a doctrine we may not subscribe to, we need to look beyond faith boundaries and understand the intent of the message. And similarly, today I put up a quote from Pope Francis because it speaks to family, an area that we know is extremely important to all of us including David.  Many of us struggle to keep our families intact, to encourage each member to flourish, to grow and to strengthen our relationships with each other.  The quote today is an affirmation of the importance of the hard work we are all doing.  We all know some times are much harder than others, but the effort and commitment is worth it.

That was on my mind this weekend 🙂

That’s it for me.  Have a good week all.

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107 Responses to Last week of September @davidarchie friends, La Familia Importante, Shelley’s Most Excellent Adventure, Windish News!!! Trading David with Miss Bianca, Sydnie’s Pix, As Found Around, More than Words

  1. Larzwik says:

    On the last thread, MexArchie was mentioning about the audience at the Layton, Monday show…..I would just like to add a little insight to how I saw it. I mentioned in my earlier comments about that show that there was a very diverse audience that night. Several couples – husbands and wives or dates. Many more men than I have ever seen at any other David concert. Also, many older couples. I sat next to a man about 75 years old. I told him he needed to clap along and he just kind of chuckled. Finally during CRUSH he and his wife stood. I think there were many people there to see David for the first time, many who did not know his earlier songs. I think that is why at one point David said, “I’m going to rely on the fans who have been around for a while to help me sing these next songs”, before he did the TMH, Elevator and ALTNOY medley. I felt like the first few rows had die hard fans that were great and then kind of like clumps of Archie Fans spread throughout, but the audience as a whole did not all freak out the way most of us do at a concert. I think many were there to listen and be entertained by this “boy” they watched on AI and now that sings “Glorious”. I felt a little bad to think EVERYONE wasn’t clapping and jumping to their feet like us Archies, but then I thought how great it was that so many people were probably there to see him for the first time. It made me smile to look at all the new fans he was accumulating. Maybe next time they’ll join in a little more 🙂

  2. granny lyn from South Africas says:

    thanks Pastel,
    It has been wonderful reading all the news of David’s concerts. I know in reality I will never get to one but I feel as one with all of FOD with these awesome posts.
    thanks everyone so much for sharing all your David experiences
    big hugs Lyn xxx

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Hello granny lyn! Hope all is going well! David sure is AMAZING and so are the Archies that share their adventures with pics and vids to all of us!

  3. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! A MAGNIFICENT Monday to all!

    Thanks Pastel for the SUPER Monday post! Shelley’s recap was AWESOME! Sure So many GREAT pics too! What an adventure! Miss Bianca’s trading cards…COOL! Pastel loved the quote and your eloquent words!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day…hope it’s a good start to the week! 🙂

  4. kimk says:

    Pastel thank you for this great post!

    Shelly thank you so much for this great recap YOU ROCK!! really hope David is ok that voice of his is such a precious gift!

  5. kimk says:

    Myrtle Beach was outdoor folks seeing David for the first time.. they were crazy for him but then again his voice was stellar the whole concert was outstanding DJ got us all whipped up lol most def we chanted for him was the best. my guess different type crowd younger lol edgier but there were families too.
    I really hope David gets his voice back most of all I really hope David has concerts for his fans so we can all go at it again like we did before his mission.

  6. kimk says:

    guess the thing with any artist is when you have new folks going to see you no matter how they heard of you you have to impress them for them to support you
    sure hope ton of youngens go to the BYU homecoming most of all hope his voice is ok for it.

    come to think of it I sure wish I could go myself.. lol would stow away in any fans suitcase to make it happen.

  7. kimk says:

    poor thing!! 🙁

    David Archuleta SG ‏@davidasg 2h2 hours ago
    “Riding on Clouds” – Dayzee’s recap of David Archuleta’s concerts in Layton

    The long drought was finally over! The two shows in Idaho Falls had been the stuff we dreamed about for years. Our golden voice was back. We were riding on clouds. Saturday night our euphoria suddenly ended in Layton. I was second row center and could see David’s lips moving and heard no sound. A short “erk”, a small “ech”. People behind me were saying there was something wrong with the sound, but I could see it was something wrong with David. After a valiant effort to sing several songs, David left the stage.

    He came back with Kirt Bateman, Executive Director of Davis Arts Council to announce David would return with a Christmas gift for us. Mr. Bateman’s arm was around David while on the stage. How many times have we seen that picture? David draws hugs.

    gosh been praying for him you all might think I don’t do that but I do all the time for many folks and for myself sometimes life is hard.
    got lemons make lemonade and pray for guidance and support and wisdom.

  8. kimk says:

    one good thing though Shelly up top said his voice was better Monday that is hopeful!! 😀

    ha ok going to try and stop worrying my movers come tomorrow got stuff to do!!
    have the best Monday folks and..

    GO DAVID GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  9. awestruck says:

    Thanks Pastel for this post – especially “More Than Words”

  10. Donna says:

    I listened to the outdoor mass with Pope Francis as I was driving home from Connecticut this weekend (going the long way around to avoid Philadelphia). I learned there have been world family conferences since 1994.

    • angelbymyside says:

      Donna it was a good thing you avoided the city of Philadelphia yesterday. So many major roads were closed. It would have been a nightmare for you if you were even able to get close to the city.

  11. Donna says:

    The older couple who got the front row tickets left mid-concert. They said some young people were going to come and sit there, but no one ever did.

  12. angelbymyside says:

    Thank you Pastel for your beautiful post today and especially “more than words” ♥
    I have a few days worth of posts to catch up on. I have spent the last week watching all I could of the Papal visit to the US and in particular to my city of Philadelphia. I was blessed to receive a VIP ticket to attend the Papal Mass yesterday. We were seated about 30 rows back from the altar. I still can’t believe I was there. It was a day I will never forget.

    • Donna says:

      Maureen, I heard a woman in the choir who had a seriously beautiful voice. Were there famous singers there, or was this just a local church choir? How blessed you were to be there, and so close!

      • angelbymyside says:

        Yes Donna they were all local choirs at the Mass yesterday. Andrea Bocelli also sang yesterday. He walked right by me lol. Saturday night was the Festival of Families and they had many famous singers, actors, etc. there performing…Aretha Franklin, Jackie Evancho, Mark Wahlberg, Andrea Bocelli to name a few.

  13. Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

    Good Day to all! in the middle of a project so will wait & enjoy this FAB Monday morning post as it should be appreciated…always look forward to reading the recaps & the pictures are just incredible.
    SO happy for you, Maureen. I know that yesterday will be a memory that you will carry with you forever. ❤️

  14. kimk says:

    angel wow loved the Pope’s visit all of it was glued to the TV the whole time you were so lucky!!

    • angelbymyside says:

      Thanks Kim and Marylee! I just found out my boss was seated in the front row for the Papal Mass. It was truly a memorable experience. Still on cloud nine! 😀

      • kimk says:

        all the love us here in the US showed him I am so proud to be an American.. wouldn’t of changed a thing about the whole visit!

        poor Patty Ann though she almost didn’t make it to see him in Central Park so many people not to mention she was almost crunched on the way out.

        read many with tickets for yesterdays mass never made it cause of the long lines lucky to get to see the Pope if you did that is for sure.

  15. kimk says:

    don’t know if they were posted but they were fun!

  16. kimk says:

    geez need to see everything if we can.. has anyone seen anything lately about how he is?
    doesn’t have a concert until October 8 lol so hope he is playing Zelda whatever floats his boat not a care in the world.
    oh and lol on vocal rest 😉

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      I think he’s better, but I just tweeted Kari to ask. Hope she answers. Hope she’s doing well also. She was sick too.

  17. Candy says:

    OHMYGOSH Shelley, thank you so much for the fabulous recap. I loved it, especially all the small details you included. I enjoyed it so much, I read it twice!

    • GrammyJ says:

      I want to thank you for the recap too! I love all these fan recaps with all the details. Thanks to all that have written them for those of us who couldn’t be there.

  18. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Shelley, Fabulous recap dahhhhling! Bravo, bravo! 🙂 I loved all yours, Kaychan’s and Pam’s pics. It was nice to have them since we don’t have pics from our sweet Jen Barry anymore. Hope she was cheering from heaven. Can you imagine the audience in heaven?

  19. angelbymyside says:

    Just now catching up on the past few days of posts and I love reading everyone’s re-cap of the shows. Makes you feel that you were actually there. Thanks everyone for sharing! They’re all great! 😀

  20. angelbymyside says:

    That side-by-side pic that ShadowBenny did….it almost looks like 2 different people.

  21. kimk says:

    gracie schramVerified account ‏@gracieschram 4h4 hours ago
    I liked a @YouTube video David Archuleta, Gracie Schram – Don’t GIve UP -Idaho Falls, 9/17/15

  22. Anne-Marie says:

    Hey folks! Looks like we have the 1st 2016 concert posted at Windish Agency. March 26 in Arizona. Sorry, I’m on my phone & can’t bring it over.

    Sigh..Still hoping he comes East! Come on David, come east!!!

  23. kimk says:

    that came up a while ago apparently by mistake.. Kari commented on it already that it wasn’t supposed to be put on the concert venue site and is selling well.
    that was when I guessed a tour in March
    hope for more!

  24. kimk says:

    Janel Woodbury ‏@Nellie1983 4h4 hours ago Pleasant Grove, UT
    @kariontour Any word on David’s health? Hope he is better, and you too!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 25m25 minutes ago
    @Nellie1983 we are all on the mend!

    does that mean he is ok?

  25. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 8h8 hours ago
    @FODFansofDavid lovely photo by @Shell_eeeyyy sure makes me think of and miss @jenleighbarry #gonetosoon

  26. kimk says:

    Saturday, MARCH 26, 2016 – 7:30PM

    Pricing: $25.00, $30.00, $40.00, $50.00

    David Archuleta became a star when he was just 16. More than 30 million television viewers fell in love with his angelic voice and their 44 million votes made him runner-up in Season 7 of “American Idol.”
    Soon after, the young Utahan signed with Jive Records and his first single “Crush,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the week of its release. Since returning from his mission- he’s traveled to the world and recently the Middle East to perform for U.S. troops, recorded the song “Glorious” for the recently released “Meet The Mormons” movie, and been busy writing songs for a new album that will be released in 2015.

    Saturday, March 26, 2016 / 7:30 pm MST

  27. kimk says:

    kind of made me think of David too cute.. 🙂

    the littlest roar

  28. kimk says:

    Gwen Porea ‏@GwenPo Aug 1
    @kariontour Can you tell me if the Concert in AZ in March is legit? Tickets are on sale and I don’t want to miss out. Thank you so much.
    0 retweets 2 favorites

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour Aug 1
    @GwenPo yes! Venue posted before the date we were told. You would think they would want the artist to be behind the announcement!

  29. Jani says:

    Thank you Shelley for the great recap! I will never forget your generous offer of a ticket front and center. It was a dream come true for me. I loved reading about Veronica and Shannon’s fun times as well. I saw them the first day taking pics by David’s posters, and thought how cute they were, but didn’t know WHO they were, lol. So fun for them and for everyone!

    We sure have been greeted to some beautiful pics, too! Thank you everyone! He really is the most photogenic person I know…ha, or don’t know. 😉

  30. Anne-Marie says:

    Hmmm..the thing is, that was well over a month ago. Was this announcement just posted on the Windish Agency today?

    • Ali says:

      Yes. The only place it was posted previously was with the venue itself. Kari confirmed it was an official show like 2 months ago but said they weren’t planning to announce it yet. FOD has mentioned about it. DFT has been giving weekly updates on ticket sales on his twitter for it.

      • Anne-Marie says:

        I’m sorry if I sound critical but how can you not announce a concert date with the tickets already on sale? That doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Ali says:

        I think you’re asking the wrong people lol.

        Several times though Bandsintown didn’t notify until after tickets have gone on sale. And the BYU tickets were on sale quite a while before Windish or Bandsintown listed them.

        I’m sure the venue expects locals to attend. It’s a small theater. They likely have not dealt with many artists before who people travel long distances to see them. They notified their community, as I’m sure they do with every show. It’s probably operating as usual.

        • Anne-Marie says:

          Just thinking out loud. Lol. I guess I always thought that an artist announces a tour/set of shows in advance of tickets going on sale. And I guess I’m going by all of David’s shows I’ve been to in the past that were always announced before the tix went on sale. Except for the last Christmas show in Westbury. The tix were announced the same day as when they were going on sale. I’m a teacher so my school blocks sites where you shop, etc. I had to make up an excuse as to why I had to leave to go home. Lol. Yikes! The things we do to see David! Lol.

        • Ali says:

          Lol I gotcha. I do alot of thinking out loud myself 😉

          From the way Kari responded about that AZ show already being on sale, they likely have a series of shows lined up (in March, if the info from the Layton show is correct) that will be announced around the same time. Not sure if they will go ahead and announce them this year or wait til next.

      • cc halo says:

        It’s odd that the venue bio talks about him “returning from his mission” as if everyone already knows what that is. Usually they explain that he went on a 2-year mission for the LDS church, etc. when advertising to the general public.

        • kimk says:

          going to assume the area where it is has something to do with it probs why it was chosen.. lol or folks just know.

  31. Dann43 says:

    On the mend – on the way to recovery….I believe that’s it.

  32. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hi everybody…just catching up on all the posts and comments from the last several days…..was busy giving a friend a surprise birthday party this weekend…..angelbymyside… glad you got to attend the papal mass….what an experience for you…..Glad Kari let us know that they are all on the mend…..David needs to protect that precious voice of his…….Sure wish I could go to the AZ concert as our timeshare is there…..but can’t take vacation that time of year due to work commitments…..Hey kimk….have you moved yet???? Has anyone heard from supergrandjudie…sure hope she got to see all the pics and videos from David’s concerts……Miss Vicki

    • Anne-Marie says:

      Hi Miss Vicki! I haven’t seen anything lately about Supergrandjudie, but I’ve been on & off of Twitter lately. Hope all is continuing to go well with her recovery!

  33. RArchiefan says:

    FANtastic post!!! Thank you Shelley, thank you FOD! Of course, THANK YOU DAVID!!!!!!

  34. kimk says:

    isn’t the AZ concert close by where that festival was way back Gilbert or Chandler I think for Constitution Day? lol remember a musical chairs of sorts with the fans.

    • Ali says:

      Both Gilbert and Queen Creek are suburbs of Phoenix, although the latter is on the far reaches. About a half hour apart, according to google maps.

  35. kimk says:

    yup Gilbert.. checked there is a temple close to the venue too

    David Archuleta – Complain – Constitution Fair

    oh and this one is dang good why folks be crazy for him!

  36. kimk says:
    gracieschram Couldn’t get this song out of my head after opening for David last week! #minicoverMonday of #MyKindOfPerfect by @davidarchie #musicmonday #cover

    nice smart girl good voice cute and very good at promo

  37. kimk says:

    on the mend.. ok will take it lol like we have a choice

    kid on DWTS kind of looks like David 🙂

    Miss Vicki movers come tomorrow morning lol pooped! 🙂

    • cq says:

      Hey Kim, wishing you a smooth move. Here’s hoping David has a concert in Florida near you next year, 🙂

      • cq says:

        Btw, yes I do think that kid looks like David on DWTS. The one that to me is mesmerizing is Bindi, what a charmer and she can dance. I have the same feeling about her like I did when David was on AI…..special and will be a huge star. Still think that might happen to David, isn’t that silly of me, lol.

  38. kimk says:

    confused what is the hub bub about? not like David and co are quick to post things, let us know what is going on or are big on promo and such.. should be used to it by now.

    kind of like we are all hanging on a prayer here for a tour.

    Candy ha this one is for you.. whateven if David ever covered this one!
    Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

    the hair!! 🙂

  39. kimk says:

    pleasant dreams guys.. hoping David is feeling better!!

  40. Candy says:

    Bon Voyage Kim, smooth sailing on the move to Florida. Stay connected when you can. Sending prayers for you and especially your hubby. Safe travels!

  41. Janel aka Nellie says:

    delusional optimist ‏@luluxvxo 18m18 minutes ago
    Listening to Christmas music don’t judge, it’s David Archuleta’s album if that makes it any better

  42. Thank you Shelley for your wonderful recap!
    Trying to catch up on comments & past post!
    Shelley, your girls are brautiful and crazy, but i love it!

    Hey! Miss Vicki, Supergrandjudie is in Maryland and has no internet!
    Still recouperating!

    God willing they will be attending the fan luncheon and Sat concert in St George!
    Kim, happy & safe moving!

  43. Janel aka Nellie says:

    balakapella ‏@balakay_ 21m21 minutes ago
    roommate gets david archuleta song stuck in my head then yells at me for singing said song

  44. kimk says:

    Candy really ALL about the ‘tude and you bet David could!!

    good morning guys!

    Linda thanks happy to see Judy is doing ok miss her lol used to watch all the shows and shoot the breeze with her she is so nice! miss her!

    Sara ‏@SlebowSays 4h4 hours ago
    How is David Archuleta? Does anybody know?
    2 retweets 1 favorite
    Reply Retweeted 2 Favorite 1

  45. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all!

    Linda… Thanks for the update on Supergrandjudie! WONDERFUL news that she is planning to go to St George to see David! No better medicine! 🙂

    Good luck today with the movers kimk and save travels to your new home! EXCITING time for you and hubs! ENJOY!

    All’s quite on the David front! Wonder if something will pop before the next concerts? Seems they have things planned pretty far down the road….into 2016?! Now it’s COUNTDOWN to the BYU SPECTACULAR! 🙂 🙂

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day guys! 🙂

  46. kimk says:

    no news that I saw of no David sighting etc..
    both Kari and Gina followed Ben Sheppard base player from his last tour before his mission think Steven the drummer was his friend? wonder if it has to do with David getting a new band together?

  47. angelbymyside says:

    Kim ~ Are you moving today? Best of luck on the move and safe travels.

  48. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey kimk …..good luck with the move……too bad it’s gonna rain so much over the next few days in Florida…..hope it doesn’t impact your move too much…Hey LindaFromCali….thanks for the update on supergrandjudie…..Yep….it would be great it David could get his old band back together…..Stephen J. Robinson and Ben Sheppard rocked!!!! Hope David is home relaxing for a while and resting that voice……Have a great Nana patrol day VaBeachArchie…..Hope everyone has a great day at FOD….. to work…..Miss Vicki

  49. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello kimk, angelbymyside and Miss Vicki!

    Checking in before work! Never know when things will surface… mostly thanks to our ARCHU-DETECTIVES! lol Wonder if the release of a single or album is on the books to happen soon! You know there is a “plan”…..

    Saw Kari tweeted they are on the mend! Good to hear!

  50. angelbymyside says:


    NEW on SAz: @DavidArchie and @Pontifex: Separated at birth (not really)

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  51. missbianca says:

    Is there anything better than finding out you have your own tag on Fans of David? Not in the David-sphere, LOL! Thanks Mary Lou and Joanie and Kalei!

    And a big thanks to Shelley for including me in her recap! Seeing her was as special as always. I wore my new keyring attached to my sweatshirt the whole trip.

    I hope a few people get the DA Series 1 trading cards and enjoy them. There are four more series including my personal favorite, done as a tribute to Jennifer Leigh Barry. She was a fellow Northwesterner and would surely have been at the Idaho Falls concerts. In fact, I looked up once and thought I saw her but it was another fan, just wistful thinking on my part.

    One more shout-out, a big thank you to my husband who cut out all the trading cards. He saved me a lot of stress as well as probable eXacto knife cuts (due to numbness in my fingers I can’t do the fine work I used to). He also went with me to the concerts and the fan lunch and enjoyed meeting my friends. He says I have the nicest friends in the world. <3

    • Joanie/suttygal says:

      Hi Miss Bianca!!
      Hoping you’ll see this~ Just want to send a big (((hug))) and thank you for the trading cards, your sweet words, and your upcoming “tribute” for Jen Barry. That is such a kind caring thing to do in memory of a fan/friend/woman we all will (and already) so greatly miss.
      The fan lunch sounds like it was such a fun event and brought so many fans back together after a long respite. <3
      And your “Harv” sounds like such a fun sweet man. 🙂

  52. Candy says:

    Message David just posted on facebook:
    David Archuleta 4 mins ·

    Songwriter and philanthropist Gracie Schram was the opening act for these past few shows that I finished last week. This 17 year-old gal is amazing! She has helped raise over $40,000 for orphans and has a great message of the power to change is in each of us. You’re awesome Gracie! ‪#‎GracieSchram‬ ‪#‎wearethechange‬

    • Ali says:

      Lol we posted at the same time! I thought that was really nice of David to do. Gracie seems pretty awesome. Love seeing young people with focus and such a kind spirit.

  53. Ali says:

    Awww a very sweet post from David 🙂

    Songwriter and philanthropist Gracie Schram was the opening act for these past few shows that I finished last week. This 17 year-old gal is amazing! She has helped raise over $40,000 for orphans and has a great message of how the power to change is in each of us. You’re awesome Gracie! #GracieSchram #wearethechange

  54. kimk says:

    aww.. they both seem Kind of Perfect!! 🙂

  55. kimk says:

    they do look good together.. both glow.. both can sing.. both are adorable good peeps.. 🙂

  56. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    David and Gracie seem perfect for each other ….. both with amazing voices….too bad she is only 17………Raising $40,000 at age 17 is not shabby at all…..kimk…hope the move is going well…..Miss Vicki

  57. Shanny in Australia says:

    My David time is very hit and miss lately unfortunately – Kim I don’t know how you manage to keep posting even on moving day lol – hope it went smoothly for you and that you’re not too tuckered out now…..

    …,but I just got to hear David’s Glorious from the sat night Layton concert…..and what is it about that performance? There’s something special about it! Aside from the fact that the audience is singing along with him. He looks gentle here, really happy, or something, kinda peaceful…? We can only guess what he was thinking and feeling in that moment I guess but I’d sure like to know his side of it. 🙂

  58. Shanny in Australia says:

    ABMS I love reading all your excitement at getting to see the Pope! That was pretty cool for sure! Happy for you! 🙂

  59. jeaniut says:

    I love the quote and pictures of the Pope. He really is wonderful.

  60. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! A WONDERFUL Wednesday to all! ENJOY your day!

  61. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    lol crazy here for my move I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!! 🙂

    love that pic of David and Gracie.. hope they sing together again and soon and on tour and stuff!! 😉

  62. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Shanny….thanks for posting the video of David singing Glorius from Layton….yes….he does look so peaceful and happy!!! Isn’t that the night his voice gave out????? He sure sounded good to me…..Hey VaBeachArchie……..looks like Virginia Beach might get the aftermath of this new hurricane in the Atlantic…..batten down the hatches!!!! Still rainy here in Richmond too……Happy moving kimk……..Have a great day here at FOD everyone……..Catch ya later…off to work…..Miss Vicki

  63. Spirit says:

    Shanny….I love that Layton Glorious video, too. His gentle and peaceful manner, the glisten in his eyes, the audience interacting and providing the chorus……..the video is a joy to watch. David seems so content and happy. I think that he is finally performing in the manner that brings him the most joy and satisfaction, and also the greatest heart to heart connection with the audience. These warm-up shows have proven to him that he really can do it his way.

    • S-MCM says:

      I agree Spirit! David….his way…. is my way too! He has so much to give and I think he was greeted with people who needed to receive “his kind of concert!”
      The genuine care and concern that he has for others came through so strongly in each concert. He truly wanted the messages of his songs to reach out and touch our hearts ….as they have his.

      He is still serving others. He has…and is continuing to help people in ways that he is not aware of. Maybe….after the warm up concerts….he finally believes that what he is doing is still serving others. I sure hope so, as his light shines so brightly. His example is warm and embracing….making me listen intently to his actions as well as his words.

      We had tickets for Idaho Falls for both nights. The concerts I was able to attend in Layton came as a surprise to me….as my husband and I were not able to get tickets there. Thanks to Jani and Gregorie….we were gifted tickets to see David in Layton as well. Each concert I was blessed to attend felt like a group of friends coming to visit another special friend. It was such a warm and cuddly feeling between fans…and David. I think David’s description of “warm up ” concerts was perfect. The warmth felt between David and people we didn’t even know…..touched me deeply. I not only received many gifts from David and his songs….but I met many new friends in the process.

      Each night held it’s own special magic…and was Glorious!

      • Spirit says:

        S-MCM….. You are so fortunate to have attended all four concerts! I’m really grateful that these beautiful performances are on video! You are right…they are glorious! I think this song means so much to David, and it’s a perfect song to end each concert. It really speaks to David’s philosophy of life and the relationship he wants with others, including his fans. I think that it’s interesting that Glorious is the song that he originally recorded on his mission, so it is a bridge between his mission and his current life. I love the song and will be thrilled to participate in that symphony when he heads my way!

  64. Janel aka Nellie says:

    My mind was just caught up in the memory of Saturday night when the young girl from the audience yelled “I love you David.” Then he thanked her but doesn’t know her and how he always thought that was strange to him when perfect strangers say they love him.
    Well, if I had my chance, this is what I’d say to him:
    When fans say they love you David, it is an adoration, an appreciation of you for your voice, your music, your kind heart and your charity for others.
    Don’t you know what you are to us? Your music and the messages in them, and the spirit we’ve felt through them have helped people battle cancer and who in remission, and have changed the hearts of some who were depressed and even suicidal to not end their lives. You’ve set a high bar with an example of how to treat others, how to be giving and charitable to our neighbors, and how to show love to each other. Even different children’s charities and the Murray High School music scholarship in your name were created or inspired by you and to this day we continue to do what we’re able to and when we’re able to donate to them. You encouraged so many to begin or develop their talents through art, singing, playing musical instruments, writing, and much more. You’ve also through your testimony and hymns you’ve sung brought people to the LDS church to be baptized or return to the church, and not just on your mission. It began well before your mission and continues today. I’ve talked to others who because of you have become stronger in their own religions, no matter their faith, because of you and how close you are to our Father in Heaven.
    It is true there are those girls who yell “I love you” from the audience who think you’re gorgeous and want to marry you. Don’t let it weird you out though. Be flattered by it. I bet if you asked some of those girls, it’s more than just because you’re famous or you’re “hot”. LOL. They love the entire David Archuleta package.
    You are loved, adored, admired and cared about. We know you probably feel uncomfortable being put up on a pedestal. We know you are human and make mistakes and have your weaknesses and shortcomings, but we go by what we see you do and what we hear you sing and the words you speak. We couldn’t be more proud of you, like a bunch of family members…because we are a fan family of one of the most beautiful people ever, with a God given angelic voice and a sincere heart. We as fans are here for you always. We are always giving you a standing ovation, whether in person or in our hearts.
    God bless you David and all together “We Love You!”

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Edit, third paragraph down:
      Don’t you know what you are to us? Your music and the messages in them, and the spirit we’ve felt through them have helped people battle cancer and who are now in remission, and have changed the hearts of some who were depressed and even suicidal to come out of depression or not end their lives.

      • Anne-Marie says:

        Wonderful thoughts Janel! I seriously wish you would send that to David. He needs to know that people “love” him for the person he is, the example he sets and for helping people with whatever hardships they have undergone through his music and person. I wish he could/would understand that. 🙂

  65. kimk says:

    Janel aww you are right so many reasons to love David.. he is one humble guy that is for sure.

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