Can it really be??? @davidarchie finishing up “a small run of shows to get warmed up”, What a Trouper: David gets a little help from the familia, Mary Dee’s recap, Lily’s “My Hands” Slideshow and recap with Sue, Pre Concert Fun, Christmas events in Layton! Pictures galore and MORE!


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What makes you great is not what you do but, how you do what you do” 
― Constance Chuks Friday

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Ending the small run with these …

The last show in this small run of concerts ended tonight in Layton Utah, with David Archuleta still on the mend from the flu that he fought off diligently on Saturday night, but eventually cut his concert a little short, with the promise of a make up date at Christmas for all attendees.

Since that time, we hope, David has had an opportunity to recouperate amid a miriad of well wishes on every type of social media platform.  Poor Kari also got struck by the bug, and so Team Archuleta hopefully had a short amount of time to heal and rest before tonight’s performance.

An announcement today from BandsinTown that the show was still on, and the anxious concert goers started to share their pictures of the event.

I hope this small run proves unequivocally what an undeniable draw David is … still is.  Not a flash in the pan, not a fleeting pop idol with long abandoned followers.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Almost 4 years after major concert tour, his voice, his presence, his professionalism, his affect on everyone who hears him was borne out in the audience reaction which included repeat attendees (many took in all 4 shows) as well as those who moved heaven and earth to be at one only one show.  David is BACK, different (of course!) but in many ways the same, and better than ever!

David takes the stage!

shelley david 1

Credit: Shelley

david intro shelley

And based upon saving his voice, his sister fills in with her own brand of ‘banter’!



david and jazzy

David and Jazzy: Credit Shelley

princess archie layton

jazzy with david


Credit:  Shelley

Credit: Shelley

rhiminee tweet jazzy

Last night, Lisa STUNS us with her black and white twitter pics.  As if we needed to be stunned more!!!!

BOTW, Credit:  Lisa

BOTW, Credit: Lisa

liz mag black and white 2

Credit:  Lisa

Credit: Lisa

And then, the Mayorga sisters get into the act!!!!!!  I’m guessing this may be Nunca Pense?

Credit:  Lisa

Credit: Lisa


Credit: Lisa

david aunt mom

Credit: Lisa

Credit:  @not-a-lee, Princess Archie

Credit: @not-a-lee, Princess Archie

princess archie layton 3

Credit: @not-a-lee, Princess Archie

princess archie layton4

Credit: @not-a-lee, Princess Archie

shelley profile

Credit: Shelley


best concert

 A great Layton RECAP!

Thanks to Larzwik for her recap!  From our comments

I have to just say how grateful I am that I got to go to the Monday show following the Sat. shortened show. Monday was so great, such a relief, and we enjoyed it so much. I will just mention a couple things about it.

*Jazzy did a great job reading David’s stories and banter. The sibling love is so evident.
*Lupe comes to life on stage just like David. She looked so pretty and was so energetic.
*David was drinking something magic in a water bottle/thermos, not a regular water bottle like usual.
*The audience was different than other concerts I have attended. Lots of couples (men with wives), families and people who probably have only heard Crush and Glorious. I actually couldn’t believe how many men were there!
*At one point when David was going to sing Elevator, TMH and ALTNOY, he pointed to a group of die hard fans and said he was going to rely on the fans “that have been around for a while” to help him sing these next songs…..and we did! I have never been so exhausted after a concert…hahahaha….we had so much fun singing, clapping and supporting him as best we could.
*During one of the songs, I think it was TMH, he was holding the mic for audience members to sing and he went to several people and then said,”OK, you two” and pointed the mic to Shelly’s girls and they leaned over the row in front of them to reach him as he leaned over the first row to reach them, it was great and a little pay back to them for all their support of these 4 concerts.
*Shelly was up to her usual kindness as she had several of us sign get well cards for David and Kari as we came to our seats.
*The only time David really said much was before Glorious. He said that recording Glorious in Chile as a missionary was kind of like his two worlds coming together and that the recording on Meet the Mormons is the only song he recorded as a missionary so that is very special to him

instagram david family layton band lupe jazzy amber kendra

From David’s Instagram

words instagram family concert


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Fans and Friends connect!

cutterage with david and gracie

Gregorie John Ranin with David

Gregorie John Ranin with David

kylie backstage passes

Go Kylie Go!!!!!

backstage… and ending with this happy shot from Shelley:


shelley large shot

there are SO MANY MORE!  I’ll try to update with more on Tuesday



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Mary Dee’s Recap!

We are so excited to present you with Mary Dee’s recap from Idaho Falls!  Thanks so much for writing it M!

 September 19, 2015  1:56 AM

Credit: Lily, Idaho Falls

Credit: Lily, Idaho Falls

OHMYGOSH!!! The show tonight was something else. It was more than a concert! It was like having David, (yes, your bff David, who’s been away for a long time*/:) raised eyebrows) walk in to your living room and casually chatted, sang, joked around, rambled on, sang on the piano, and opened up his heart to a dear friend. Nope, not just any friend- just the trusted ones. And today, I’m one of them! Weird, I know. But that’s how it felt, to me at least. So, yes, I am a bowl of mushroom soup as I type!


That was the first part of my journal entry the night of David’s second show in Idaho Falls. It did feel cozy and personal. Today, as I watch the videos from the Thursday show, I feel an overwhelming gratitude to Shelley, Liza, Nancy, and the numerous Archuninjas for braving the video police inside the venue, thus providing us a wealth of videos to enjoy over and over again. 

So, after the back-breaking-grand-total of 14 hours on the road, we finally got to Colonial Theater at 5:30 pm. We saw David by the doors and so we took a picture with him. Okay, it’s the poster with the giant SOLD-OUT sign (shhhh, don’t tell anyone!!*:-$ don't tell anyone shh!) We went in to get our will-call tickets then I called Shelley a.k.a. Angel of Kindness, to tell her that we had arrived. We agreed to meet at her hotel lobby and she gave me the GOLDEN 7th row ticket. 

After checking in at our hotel to freshen up, we went back to the venue at 6:15 pm. There I met a lot of Archies who were so nice and friendly- Jani, Liza, Linda, Lily, Daize, Nancy, Keiko, Greg, Shelley, Jane, and a few others whose names escape my foggy brain. I was so happy to meet them. *&gt;:D< big hug

Then it was concert time. Gracie was very good at what she does. Her voice was so sweet. No disrespect to her, but my heart really was waiting for David to come out on the stage. Then a veeerrry long intermission!!! Aaarrgh!! (Daughter said it was just about 10 minutes but I swear it was longer *~X( at wits' end) I didn’t leave my seat. 

Then the lights went out. Everyone was up on their feet applauding, whistling, screaming, woohoo-ing very loudly (okay that was me!) And then David came out running to centerstage beaming and glowing and waving with both of his hands up saying “Thank you! Thank you guys!” as the band started TOSOD. I didn’t wanna sit but… oh well!!

He sang the first four songs in quick succession: TOSOD, SOWK, DRA, SBL. He said “I want to be able to sing as many songs as I can.” Let me just say, if you haven’t been to a David concert, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? GO TO ONE ALREADY!!! *=D&gt; applause 

TOSOD- you can feel his joy singing this song. He was sorta dancing and doing his signature David groove. Tried to take vids but my hands were shaky so I stopped. Tried to take pictures but none came out good. I just left the camera running and hoped that I’d capture some good audio.

SOWK- he totally owned it. In my opinion, he sang it better than anyone who’s sang that song.

DRA- goodness gracious! I am happy to be still alive at this point but, tbh was close to losing it.

SBL- out comes my flashing heart courtesy of BITNA app (download it and give David some colorful hearts). Linda (the liver lady) was busy “raising the roof” almost the entire SBL. I love her, she’s so cool*B-) cool Liza elbowed me and said Kendra was looking in our direction and smiling, she thought that maybe Kendra saw the flashing hearts. The great partner in crime that she is, encouraged me to hold it up some more. So, yes, I did. 

Tarzan Medley- what do you think of David’s scatting? YEAAAAHHH!!! Me too!!! So fun to dobedoop dabada with him. My daughter said it was one of her favorite numbers on the show. She was surprised that David would do a number like that at all. She loved it.

BEAUTIFUL- he mentioned one of his sisters and sang a little bit of a 1D song “that’s what makes you beautiful” then shook his head smiling. Then he said “knowing that you are a child of God makes you beautiful”. He sang it differently than the recording. I could tell that he was struggling because he went for the lower harmonies rather than the big notes. Still he sounded fantastic. He knows how to use his voice and put the notes in the right places. He sang it beautifully. Very crafty. I was waiting to hear the little growl that he made on the recording and it happened!! *=D&gt; applause 

ALTNOY/Elevator/TMH medley-  After rendering the audience breathless with Beautiful, I am happy that he sang these songs. The audience was singing with him. By TMH, he held his hands out to the audience and Linda and I gravitated to it, we held ours out too! Wooops! I warned you I was losing it but hey, he looked at our general direction so, yeah, eyeball number 1*;) winking

MKOP- he sat at the piano and rambled about a time when teen magazines would ask him about his kind of girl. One girl in the audience yelled “I love you” and he said “thank you even though you don’t know me”. He then went on rambling and being animated and singing “I’m not gonna write you a love song” waving a finger. It was hilarious. He sang MKOP in a faster beat (I think), coughed halfway through a line, and spoke “maybe”, shrugged his shoulders and smiled at the audience. I swear, nothing could be cuter than that!

Pride- great song and I love what he does with his voice in this song. I just thought that the drums was a little too loud and drowned David’s voice at some points.

Idaho Falls BEGIN Keychan 1

Idaho Falls BEGIN Keychan 1

Forevermore- As he was introducing this song, Greg held up a Philippine flag and David recognized it. He asked if there was anyone else in the crowd who was from the Philippines, so the lights came on. He acknowledged someone from the back of the room, then I yelled “Ako din! Nandito ako!!” (translation: Me too! I am here!) Then he looked and pointed at me saying “oh we have another one over here”, YIIIISSS eyeball number 2. *=D&gt; applause Then someone from the balcony yelled “Mahal kita, David” and David looked up and said “I know that too, it means I love you”. Then he said something like “I’m glad to see so many of you in the audience tonight” before proceeding with his intro of the song. Now this is a real gift. Forevermore is one of my favorite songs of all time and hearing David sing it has been a very special moment for me. It was hauntingly beautiful. The audience was very quiet, I could hear my heart pumping. Thunderous applause, whistles, and woohoos waited until the last note was sung. I coughed and blinked the tears away. 

DGU- He called Gracie back on the stage. I loved how he held his mic away to not overpower Gracie’s sweet voice.

numb cap 5NUMB- I wasn’t prepared for this. It was so brave of him to open up that time in his life when he faced real struggle to the point that he almost gave up on what gives him joy. His voice cracked at one point while he was sharing and covered his face with both hands wiping his eyes on his fingers. I remember what he said in the I Am Still Alive vlog and how many thought he was angry and scolding his fans, when it was the very time that he had shut himself out from the world because he was scared to face it. I felt sorry for him. I just hope that he’s over that phase for good. Glad to know he’s found his way back and has renewed courage to keep going. He sang Numb with so much passion. The lyrics speak to the heart. You could hear the cry in his voice. It was beyond beautiful. Everyone on the floor was up on their feet after this song! And the applause continued for a few minutes while he thanked the crowd and drank water. I wonder when he plans to release this song?

Everybody Hurts- I was still trying to calm my nerves from the last number and then he sings this song. Ooohs and ahhhs and whistles from the audience as David nails the big notes one after the other.  And after singing so many powerhouse songs that require tremendous vocal skills, David’s voice held out strong! Woohoo!!!*=D&gt; applause

Crush- when David sang the first chorus, the people on the front rows stood up. Towards the bridge Linda, Jani, Liza, and I were also up on our feet waving our arms, and before the song was over, I looked back and almost everyone was already on their feet. David held the mic out to the audience and we sang the last chorus with him until it faded. After thanking the audience profusely over the screams and applause and whistles, David walked out of the stage. That last standing ovation did not stop though. It went on even after the lights on the stage went out. It was ridiculously beautiful. I am sure David felt the love from Idaho. Oh my heart was so full!!! People were chanting MOOORE, and David- David-David. It was a long and crazy standing O. Then the spotlight came back on and the band walked in. The bassist started playing then Kendra gave the crowd the beat and we clapped on. David walked back on the stage and introduced the band.

Nunca Pense- he didn’t say anything about the song but he said something about the earthquake in Chile and said he was thinking about the people there and said something about Independence Day or something. One person from the balcony said something in Spanish and David acknowledged her. There was a brief exchange in Spanish. He got the audience to join him in singing oh wop oh oh wop while he sang the bridge. I think Linda, Liza, and I were excellent oh oh wop -ers. Yeah!!! We got this, David!*:-)/\:-) high five 

Glorious- he introduced the song the same way he did at RootsTech. He invited the audience to sing with him and we did! It was glorious. 

Then, the final standing O. He walked to the left, right and center stage to bow, wave, all the time saying his thanks. He turned around to clap for the band, waved to the audience one more time before running towards the backstage. Lights out!! 

Whoever was responsible for coming up with this repertoire was a genius. David had his audience in his hands. He was chatty and very relaxed. And he sang like it’s no one’s business. 

I went back to the hotel with a full heart, I couldn’t even say anything. Hours later, I was still awake coz I couldn’t shake off the happy feeling. So I turned on my phone and listened to the audio that I had recorded and watched the show again in my mind.

I hope I get another opportunity to watch a David concert.

THAT WAS A GREAT RECAP!!!!  Loved reading this and so happy to got to see David!!!!!!

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David in the NEWS!!!!!!

A nice little article announcing David’s show last night:

slc tribune

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Ticket Scramble!

I am quite enjoying, from a distance, these ticket escapades that have been going on for these concerts!  Good job Kari and David!

tickets scramble

The answer is HONDURAS.  H-O-N-D-U-R-A-S!

And Keiko shares a pic of the nicely laid out merch!

keiko layton merch

And the nicely laid out venue!

keiko layton sound check

The intrepid concert goers share their not-so-subtle signage!

last hurrah

And we got to see the birthday girl’s seats!  (Happy Belated Donna!)

donnas seats

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David tweets us, pre concert

David reveals what is on his mind …

tweet1 tweet2

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More from Idaho Falls!!!

Lily was UBER GENEROUS and provided a slew of new pictures and recaps from Idaho Falls.  Read and enjoy!

David in Idaho Falls.  Credit Lily

David in Idaho Falls. Credit Lily

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 197

From Lily:  It was truly amazing this Friday night in Idaho Falls! The first 3 rows
in Center Section was mostly filled with local fans, men & women, boys &
girls, young and old, and many who had served a mission! It was a
high-spirited audience cheering David on… and he fed on their
enthusiasm! I was extremely happy for David, to see all the *LOVE*!

Not to be missed:  Lily’s “My Hands” slideshow and recap

SuzzyyFOD writes:

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 179As soon as we heard that David was doing his first full shows in Idaho Falls, Lily (@PlatinumArchie) and Sue (@SuzzyyFOD) decided we were going to get tickets and fly in from San Diego to hear that beautiful voice!  Filled with anticipation for the first show on Thursday night, we got to the Colonial Theater early and started meeting and talking with other fans.  Everyone was asking…what was David going to sing?  And will there be a new song? You could just feel all the excitement and energy in the theater right before he came out on stage!

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 194 Then we heard the familiar intro to TOSOD…as he sprinted out on stage! We had front row seats that first night, so it was pretty awesome for taking pics and hearing David at his best.  It was apparent that his energy increased with each song, as he started to move around the stage and even do a little dancing. And oh those salsa moves through Nunca Pence…go David go! Love the new song Numb…and the direction it seems he’s going with his music.

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 186There was even more energy from the audience during the 2nd show in Idaho Falls. When David asked if there was anyone who served a mission…it looked like half the audience stood up….so much support and lots of cheering!  Overall, it was a ton of fun and a great adventure going to the Idaho Falls concerts!  Sue attended the Layton show on Saturday night and even though David was feeling under the weather, he still was able to connect with the audience and get his message across, even if he had to talk through some of the songs. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again and hopefully another amazing tour in the future!!

PlatinumArchie writes:

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 167Thanking God that I was able to attend 2 shows in Idaho Falls.  Flashless photography was allowed on Thursday, so I assumed this was the case on Friday night; therefore I took “stills” from my 2nd row, left section, isle-seat, with a clear view of the stage.  Since many fans had beautiful pics of David singing, I focused on capturing him as he spoke to the sold-out theater, full of fans!

As we all know and love David’s song, “My Hands”, I am posting my photo selection of “his hands” at the Friday concert in the Colonial theater!

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 163David’s animated talk regarding questions about *girls* are the first batch of photos I’m sharing, for the time being.  I did not take my large DSLR camera, to limit the weight of 2 carry-on luggage.  So my pics are not the clearest, but these are for you all, to “capture the moment”!  He is a joy to watch, as he tells his story!  David is “My Kind of Perfect”!  Bravo!  Black heart (cards)  Enjoy!

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 165 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 166 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 167 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 168

Loved that Lily and Sue.  Almost like being there, but sadly, not.  Hopefully next time!

* * * * *

That Make Up Show

We got a message from one of readers that the patrons of the Saturday show are already starting to get their letters re: Christmas event.  Here is part of the email they received!  Christmas Shows FTW!

Subject: David Archuleta Saturday Performance

To our Wonderful Friends and Patrons:

 You are receiving this email because the Davis Arts Council (DAC) records show that you had one or more tickets to DAVID ARCHULETA’S performance at The Kenley Amphitheater this last Saturday, September 19, 2015.

This is just a quick introductory email to let you know that we will be contacting you in the future with further information about the on-stage offer he and I made for a half-price ticket to our DAC the Halls performance with David this December.

Because David decided he wanted to do this for YOU, his fans that were so supportive of his very difficult performance on Saturday, we really have no other details at this point.  Mr. Archuleta with a fever, no voice, aching body, and virtually no energy, went out on that stage in front of 1700 expectant people on Saturday and, like the true star he is, gave them all that he had! Why?  His decision to come back was made very quickly because he’s a man of integrity and wanted to give you the show he had planned and rehearsed for you (only this time…with Christmas/Holiday songs too).

So, there are MANY DETAILS for the Davis Arts Council (DAC) to work out with Mr. Archuleta and his team.  We do not know dates yet, we do not know pricing yet, we do not know the where the concert will be held yet.  The DAC’s usual holiday program (which is called DAC the Halls) is held at Layton High School, which is directly across the street from The Kenley Amphitheater.  However, we are not certain where we’ll be for this year yet.  Although rest assured you won’t have to bring your winter parkas and sit in the freezing amphitheater. 

 etc etc.

What a trooper and professional David is.  As my quote of the day says above … it’s not what you do, it’s HOW you do it.

* * * * *

Oh to have lunch in Idaho!

A lovely crew of beautiful faces enjoying a lunch together.  Lily and Sue took the pictures!  I spy a slew of very special people in this crowd *missUall*

And who among you was eating ‘taters?

Here is the note from Sue:

Here are some pics I took when a bunch of fans met for lunch at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill in Idaho Falls, on Friday afternoon, before the concert. It was so much fun to meet up with people that I’ve never met in person, but only talked with on Twitter or emailed for years. We had a great time sharing our excitement and we were still full of adrenaline from seeing David’s show, the night before. All of us were filled with anticipation for Friday night’s show and could hardly wait to hear David sing again! @PlatinumArchie (Lily) and I were happy to meet up with Sharon and Janet from Minnesota at the Thursday night show…and it was really great to finally meet @BelieveDA2015 (MaryDee), so I had to take a selfie with her, Lily, Janet and Shelley’s girls…too much fun!! 

Thanks much!
Sue H. (@SuzzyyFOD)

Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 102 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 104 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 105 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 106 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 107 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 108 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 111 Idaho Falls, Layton, SLC Trip 116

2015-09-17 18.23.03 2015-09-18 13.14.48 2015-09-18 13.14.56 2015-09-18 19.09.14* * * * *

As Found Around

I could fill a HUNDRED of these spots today.  Can anyone say “feast or famine”?

girls with david in layton

3 generations of love!

That’s is for me right now.  Thanks for dropping by, all of you!


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  1. Salamahafifi says:

    I am SO happy for everyone who got to see his “warm up” shows. What David quoted in his latest tweet – that all good is from God; I completely agree. Anybody can say it out of religious pride but it takes one to really bend down and express this humility that he owes his talent to God (and not out of privilege or his own hard work). If he was “just” saying it I would have been out of this community eight years ago – but he’s not. He really means it.

    Love reading the recaps! I miss writing them too and I hope that David would be comfortable enough with all these love (or attention, he calls it) to bring himself back to Asia and the rest of the world. I truly believe that what people need is more David Archuletas : not afraid to speak his mind, be real enough to show he has insecurities and knows his priorities. He’s the kind of role model we (not only kids) need.

    Go David! (I’m Still Here?)

  2. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all!

    Thanks Pastel for the SUPER SIZED Tuesday post! WELCOME BACK! 🙂 So many ARCHUGOODIES! FABULOUS pics and recaps from ARCHIES…….you guys ROCK! What an AMAZING TALENT and young man! What does he have in store for us next?

    Nana patrol! Know a nap will be in my future! Was up until after midnibht on twitter….couldn’t pull myself away until the concert was over? ENJOY About day guys! 🙂

  3. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Just love it that David’s family helped last night…..Love the pics of Jazzy up on stage with David……and this is what David is all about….FAMILY…..Can’t wait get to get home from work later this evening to read all the posts, look at the pics….fabulous post Pastel……and hi to my friend VaBeachArchie just down the road…..enjoy Nana Patrol today…….Miss Vicki

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Good morning Miss Vicki! Hope your day goes GREAT my friend! 🙂 Will be ENJOYING all the ARCHUGOODIES again from the last 4 concerts….some me time today! 🙂

  4. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    josie thanks!! 🙂

    TOUR??!!!!! 😯

    omg Janel thanks!!! 😀

    Amber from San Diego and her mom ran into all kinds of obstacles to make it the concert Saturday night. They got there right when David was singing Glorious. They were brave to talk to Kari about what they had went through and wondered if there was a way they could meet him. This is what Amber told me Kari said “She said she might be able to help me on Monday, but most likely she said she could help me when David has a tour in March”. So, I know it’s not direct from Kari…but tour…tour….TOUR!!!

  5. kimk says:

    PASTEL AWW WELCOME BACK!!! 😀 thanks great post!!

  6. kimk says:

    VIPs maybe??? YES!!

    March is great for me will me moved in by then!! 🙂
    plus my birthday!!

    great pics from the Archies parties!!

    umm David’s mom and aunt are babes!! 🙂

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      TOUR in MARCH?! Music to my ears! GREAT time for me too! Can take vacation… so can go ANYWHERE! Still wonder about Christmas shows? My FAVORITE SHOWS! 🙂

  7. Pattycake04 says:

    Great post! Thank you!
    Hey guys..Today, Tues 9/22/15 at 10 AM (MST) you can request free tickets to see David Archuleta perform at “Luz de las naciones: Juventud de la promesa” which is the name of the upcoming Latino cultural event and Sunday evening Devotional to be held in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The cultural program is Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24, 2015 at 8:00 PM and the Sunday, Devotional is October 25 at 7:00 PM. From what I heard it’s a Spanish speaking event with English translation available.
    Tickets here..

  8. kimk says:

    Matías Vazquez ‏@matiutahjazz 2h2 hours ago
    Tickets to be released today at 10:00am at … #LuzdelasNaciones #DavidArchuleta

    thank goodness it will be taped!! 😀

  9. Ali says:

    Went through and found some IG posts from ppl in the crowd last night. Not sure if any of these have already been posted here so apologies for any duplication!
    David Archuleta’s concert last night! 5th row center! One of the best concerts I’ve been to! Loved being there with my friend Misty! #davidarchuleta #heplayedtouchmyhand #favoritesong #beautifulnight

  10. Ali says:
    Tonight was GLORIOUS.

  11. Ali says:
    @davidarchie if I could marry you. I would.

  12. Ali says:
    We had so much fun at the David Archuleta concert tonight! He is such a talented performer, and he’s so down to earth. I still can’t believe we were even able to go (thanks Annie!). It was the perfect way to end summer! <3 #DavidArchuleta

  13. Ali says:
    David, I know this crush ain’t goin’ away *heart eyes*

  14. Ali says:
    Not only are you incredibly talented, (even for being so sick. Go rest, bub.), but you’re absolutely freakin’ adorable. That is all I have to say.

  15. Ali says:
    loved watching my future husband perform tonight *heart eyes* *crying* #davidarchuletaconcert

  16. Ali says:
    BRB gonna go listen to my fav human { @davidarchie } sing

  17. Ali says: (VIDEO!!)
    Nunca pensé – David Archuleta
    Basically no one was happier than I when he started singing this song. @davidarchie #sud

  18. wonderingandpondering says:

    Very beautiful evening of entertainment.

    March tour sounds very exciting. Happy for all who will be in cities he will tour.

  19. Ali says:
    Hey David Archuleta… You can write me on my mission if you want… *golden heart* *blows kisses* #LastNightBeforeImAMissionary #DavidArchuleta #GracieSchram #LaytonAmphitheatre @davidarchie @gracieschram

  20. Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

    Good Morn to ALL! Welcome back Pastel & thanks for a post full of Archu-Goodies!
    ~the recaps from MaryDee & Suzzy are so refreshing to read..kinda like being there and a reminder of all that each of us have felt after seeing/hearing David LIVE over the years. So happy for MaryDee who waited so long for her first “David experience” ~ We all can identify first-hand what a surreal feeling it is and how it stays with you long after the show is over. Loved your use of animated emojis. 🙂
    Gosh, the pictures are fantastic and I just want to thank all those who took the time away from their concert experience to share them with us 🙂

  21. Ali says:
    Dear Future Husband,
    I’ve decided it’s okay if you’re not David Archuleta. But could you please be as Humble, Determined, Loving, and as Christ-like as he is? I’d love that *heart*

  22. Ali says:
    Fast forward 8 years we still love him! #davidarchuleta #kenleyamphitheater #thanksmommy #girlsnight

  23. Ali says: (VIDEO!)
    Thank you David for bringing us back to our fan girl status! Thank you @jensenshauna for selling us the tickets and to our awesome mommy who didn’t hesitate to take us! #girlsnight #iforgothowmuchilovehim #davidmarrymegplease

  24. Ali says:

    Lol ok I think I’m done spamming for now 😉

    ANd thank you for this awesome post, Pastel! Welcome back!!!!

  25. angelbymyside says:


    SoProud of our friend @davidarchie for amazing heart&this incredible song he wrote with @trentdabbs and @jamiekenney1

  26. Alwaysafan says:

    You know I’m usually a very patient person, but when it comes to David, that goes out the window! I’m hoping for videos from last nite, especially Nunca Pense. Crossing my fingers….. 😉

  27. kimk says:

    Ali omgosh thanks lol no do not stop spamming!!

    umm did anyone mention the shoes.. they were like dress boots! 🙂

  28. Ali says:

    Great recap of the concert last night is up over at Snowangelz:

  29. cq says:

    These warm up concert are very nice and it’s so nice to see David up on stage again, glad that he is feeling better and glad that he had such a fabulous warm reception. It’s does seem like these are religious base and understandable because of the location and probably largely LDS audience, but what I wonder is if he will venture outside of that circle for his up coming concerts and if he will still be more religous than a regular concert?

  30. kimk says:

    cq who knows maybe for tour? he knows his crowd.
    Midland is not in a lds area.. not selling well maybe they were thinking Spanish speaking fans hope something pops mainstream to boost sales.

  31. kimk says:

    I think Kari said promo will happen when his music drops as I recall?
    single first maybe Numb was put out there to test the waters?

  32. kimk says:

    cq well at this point not worrying or care either way going to enjoy his voice etc can’t travel much so guess I’m not to be included in the type of fan who will go to his concerts.

  33. kimk says:

    sure do hope we get a studio version.. lol and it kicks bleep!!

  34. Larzwik says:

    I have to just say how grateful I am that I got to go to the Monday show following the Sat. shortened show. Monday was so great, such a relief, and we enjoyed it so much. I will just mention a couple things about it.

    *Jazzy did a great job reading David’s stories and banter. The sibling love is so evident.
    *Lupe comes to life on stage just like David. She looked so pretty and was so energetic.
    *David was drinking something magic in a water bottle/thermos, not a regular water bottle like usual.
    *The audience was different than other concerts I have attended. Lots of couples (men with wives), families and people who probably have only heard Crush and Glorious. I actually couldn’t believe how many men were there!
    *At one point when David was going to sing Elevator, TMH and ALTNOY, he pointed to a group of die hard fans and said he was going to rely on the fans “that have been around for a while” to help him sing these next songs…..and we did! I have never been so exhausted after a concert…hahahaha….we had so much fun singing, clapping and supporting him as best we could.
    *During one of the songs, I think it was TMH, he was holding the mic for audience members to sing and he went to several people and then said,”OK, you two” and pointed the mic to Shelly’s girls and they leaned over the row in front of them to reach him as he leaned over the first row to reach them, it was great and a little pay back to them for all their support of these 4 concerts.
    *Shelly was up to her usual kindness as she had several of us sign get well cards for David and Kari as we came to our seats.
    *The only time David really said much was before Glorious. He said that recording Glorious in Chile as a missionary was kind of like his two worlds coming together and that the recording on Meet the Mormons is the only song he recorded as a missionary so that is very special to him

    • CJ says:

      I’m happy for you as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. Means so much to those of us unable to attend.

    • Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

      Larzwik: Really enjoyed your recap…thanks!

      • Larzwik says:

        Marylee…just have to tell you that my daughter married a young man from NC and we went there for an open house a few years ago. It was beautiful and we really enjoyed being there 🙂

        • Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

          Larzwik: so sorry, late with my reply ~
          How wonderful that your daughter married someone from our lovely state and that you had a chance to visit. I love living here ~ it truly IS beautiful. Thanks for sharing with me~ so glad you enjoyed your stay 🙂

    • Pastel says:

      Thank you so much!!! I just posted this on our front page. I love that David included the fans. That totally warms my heart.

  35. .SMcM says:

    Good Morning All!

    I just wanted to add my positive thoughts!

    Religious concerts? Not…………….They were all mainstream! LDS area???? I am not Mormon or affliated with any particular religion. I was truly energized and enlightened by hearing David’s caring messages . I met people from around the US and many countries. This was not a religious concert! This was not a concert just for members of his church. Please keep open minds and hearts. .He shared so much with his fans… in such a beautiful way.!!!!! .

    David is a class act and professional in every sense of the world. His heart and soul embraced everyone in the audience. It was truly a coming together of people of all walks of life….all ages…and all denominations (or none) and enthenticities.
    David was embracing humanity in the most endearing way…..creating a bond and forming a circle of love. Those who were there can attest to that. People who go to the LDS church are just normal …loving, kind, caring people. I am sorry, but I get offended that some put a label on .members of his church as though they are something different.

    As my husband and I walked out of the concert , I overheard a lady behind me saying to her companion: (paraphrased in words but not content) ” I knew about him from American Idol, but didn’t follow him after the show. He put on such a great show and is such a wonderful performer”!

    Let us celebrate the wonderful new beginning!!! It is something that will be even better than before….because David will being doing it his way now. 🙂

    There is no denying that David is a very bright light in our very dark world right now…someone who brings much joy and happiness to everyone he meets. I am truly excited for all his new music. I feel it will touch all people in some special way.


    • kimk says:

      was it a lds concert no.. from what I have seen a lot of related topics were discussed not to mention the peeps who went. doesn’t surprise or upset me just stating as I see it.

      if what you say is true he will sell out Midland TX
      without any promo or putting out new music
      that doesn’t have to do with the church in any way?
      good to know
      was not happy about Idaho not selling a while back.
      if not guess you can buy all the tickets and give them away for free 😀

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        No, not a religious concert at all. Total pop. He discussed his mission but only as it related to why he wrote Numb and why he sang Glorious on his mission. Also a little bit of his beliefs came through as to what he looks for in a girl. That she has that light that shines and radiates when she knows who she is, a child of God.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Wonderful words, thank you!

  36. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you’re doing well, hope you all have a great day 😀

    Sorry I don’t see these concerts as religious based, their regular songs sung
    by an extraordinary voice. I’m confused by that thought. He did tweet a
    psalm beforehand, I think because he was nervous about performing sick, but,
    I don’t know. Can’t wait for his new music, especially if Numb is any indication,
    what a fabulous song, I love it. Just my thoughts 😀

    Hey David! Thanks for the shows, even those of us who couldn’t come, had a
    great time (thanks to fellow Archies 😀 ) Hope you are feeling better & recover
    completely, Pronto!!!! 😀

    Gotta go, Take Care All! 😀

    • CJ says:

      Some people think if you want to be included in main stream music, you aren’t allowed to be religious in any way. It’s like they want to put you in a box with a giant R on it. Remember David was told by someone, when they wanted him to do something against his values that, “you might as well just sing Christian music” (paraphrasing) but David believed there was room in pop music for uplifting music. I think so too.

  37. kimk says:

    Beth good to know guess you know Midland is going to sell well too great looking forward to seeing all the support he will be getting!

  38. CJ says:

    My thoughts are that it wasn’t a “religious show” but David was gone for two years as a missionary; understandable that he’d talk about it especially how it impacted his decision to do music in a different way than before. Also, I think there probably were some there who aren’t LDS or religious in any way, but because of where they live, have heard more about David in the news than say, other non LDS peeps in other parts of the country? Hoping for good ticket sales at Midland. Maybe they can do some promo emphasizing his Spanish songs? Thinking that would help a lot. JMO

  39. cq says:

    Sorry guys, I wasn’t at any of the concerts and I should keep my feelings to myself, and really going by some comments by some that were at the concert about him barring his testimony that gave me the idea that the talk was more about that subject. like I said nothing wrong with that because he will have a nice audience for that type of career and if he does go mainstream, that would be great too.

    • CJ says:

      Well he really didn’t talk at all much last night, other than taking about how special it was to record Glorious while still a missionary..unless I missed something?

    • Anne-Marie says:

      Hi CQ! Were you able to watch the live Periscope broadcast that Lisa filmed or watch vids from that show? I did and the concert was not religious at all. All songs from his pop albums, the new song, Glorious (which I really don’t consider religious) and Nunca Pense. It was very much like his concerts from the past. 🙂

      • CJ says:

        Thanks for bringing that up. We did get to see that first concert via periscope. And anyone could watch that and not view it as a pop concert is a mystery to me but to each his own. I loved it. It made me more excited and hopeful about David’s musical future. 🙂

      • cq says:

        Sorry Anne-Marie didn’t read your question until now. Actually I’m on not at home (having a great time at beautiful Lake Tahoe) so I’ve missed some comments. To answer your question, I wasn’t able to view the concert on Periscope, but really enjoyed all the videos that were posted. When I commented it was only my opinion (lol, and really I have a real bad track record for perdictions and also perspectives), so don’t go by anything I said or say. 🙂

  40. Janel aka Nellie says:

    BYU Alumni
    .@DavidArchie We’ve added 100’s more seats to the sold out Friday show-get tickets now at

  41. kmb says:

    I agree with SMcM. And let me just add that I think the cities chosen were more a result of geography than anything else. I’m not speaking for David, but I would guess that he wanted his first solo shows in so long to be close to home so his family could attend and be there as a support. As Sharon mentioned, not everyone in Utah/Idaho is LDS. Heck, he chose NOT to sing BSMS even though it was on BEGIN., even in a so-called heavily LDS area (unless I missed something). And also, Glorious was NOT written as or intended to be an “LDS song.” It was USED in EFY and Meet the Mormons, but the lyrics apply to and embrace every human being on the planet. Moving on…

    I kinda hope that we get to see at least one video of Jazzy/Amber (which one was it?) reading David’s banter. I think it would be adorable (sounds like it was anyway). If not, that’s okay too.

  42. Anne says:

    cq, I see you are posting here. I would have posted this on that other site but it seems “closed” now.

    Anyway, I want to say I totally understand and appreciate your feelings about the concerts. To me, from what I’ve read and seen thanks to the lovely folks who recorded, his concerts have a spiritual and yes, maybe even LDS flavor. I truly believe all his concerts from now on will have a spiritual flavor but he may have been particularly “LDS” for these concerts due to the location, just as he may sing in Spanish when he is in Texas.

    To those characterizing David’s concerts as pop, you have your opinion, I have mine and it’s that these are at best very lite pop in nature, which is fine and certainly has a wide audience.

    Anyway cq, the “new” David is not my cup of tea (please no hating on me FOD’ers – I am sorry to post here but wanted to address cq), so I won’t be following anymore and just wanted to thank you cq, for all the great posts and banter we shared in the past and wish you all the best. I would not have posted here but this is the only place I knew to find you. Anne

    • kmb says:

      I appreciate your honesty, Anne. It’s up to each of us individually whether or not to keep following David and you’ve made your choice. Good for you. It’s really interesting how you said people can have different definitions of “pop.” I hadn’t really thought about that before, but you’re right. I guess in these discussions, people have been using “pop” as a shorthand for “anything non-religious.” Not sure if you’ll be back to answer this, but do you consider Numb pop?

      Maybe, by this definition, Brooke White was never a “pop artist”?

    • cq says:

      Hi Anne, lol yes, I’m over here, as you well know I like to post and have conversation. I’m thinking that Hg has either decided to wait to open her blog after David’s album comes out or close it altogether. The only thing that surprises me is that she didn’t give her commenters closer, so it does make me think she will activate the site at some point. Anyway if it never happens, no biggie. I won’t lie I do miss the peeps that posted there, but also enjoy commeters here.

    • Pastel says:

      You are welcome to post here anytime Anne. I’m not sure why you are apologizing, we welcome all points of view.

  43. kimk says:

    all the music that David has put out in studio form so far has been church related in some way.. Glorious was released to promote Meet The Mormons it was recorded with the churches permission while he was on his mission. Nunca was as well the Redeemer song speaks for itself I like Glorious love it in Spanish as well loved the Christmas song too both were well produced.
    just that those who are not into that type of music will not be interested in it
    but then again like I said up top you guys know David will do well so not to worry sure he will sell a ton of cds not to mention sell out many concerts.

    now Numb it is a cool song I like the lyrics do hope they record it in the studio with a great producer someone who can do David’s voice justice not to mention some cool up to date sounds.
    him for whatever reason not being into love songs anymore no clue how that will go Imagine Dragons did it they did it with cool edgy kicking music so it can be done.
    kids love Twenty One Pilots don’t see that edgy stuff where David is concerned yet but who knows lol would love to see you all crowd surf.

  44. CJ says:

    “but then again like I said up top you guys know David will do well so not to worry sure he will sell a ton of cds not to mention sell out many concerts”. Kim maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it sounds a bit snarky to me? No one “knows” how well David is going to do or how many cd’s he will sell.

    • kimk says:

      lol yes so meant it to be snarky just like when I was going on about Idaho.. of course folks aren’t going to buy the tickets now I did gift some when he was in Michigan years back for some students they didn’t have the money just 4 tickets though.
      Idaho started selling when David started promo new site etc not to mention him showing up at BYU SLC attending classes etc caused a stir.. easy free promo smart guy know your target audience.

  45. kimk says:

    would say it is lite pop not bad just what David wants is all when I say mainstream I mean something different then I think what you all mean. (now if David does get a producer that does something really cool with his music you never know folks might like it kind of like what Lindsey Stirling is doing?)
    rofl nothing like Nick Jonas or what the Biebs is doing I guess what I am talking mainstream.
    whole different world
    thing is not a bad gig really peeps love him where he is now why change

  46. Ali says:

    Last night was the last show of this first 4-show run. Thanks to the band and my family for their help on our 2nd night in Layton, Utah! Thanks everyone for coming out to the shows and still wanting to listen to me after almost 4 years!! Looking forward for the next ones! #concerts #band #family #kenleytheater #Layton #Utah

  47. kimk says:

    thinking about that and Midland never know maybe there is a new Spanish song out there for him to release that those in TX will love cause a bit of commotion heaven forbid a new music video to go with it!
    not sure the spanish lds show will generate any of that but you never know is there a temple close by the theater there?

  48. CJ says:

    I do think it is a little sad how once again, we can’t have even one day of happiness without some joy sapping. Don’t get it. I’m not talking about Cq. She has a right to her thoughts or concerns. But when others try and address them, it seems we get snarked at. We are all fans of David. We may have differing opinions but hopefully we can agree to disagree with respect. Maybe it’s just my day to be overly sensitive. Heading out for a while. Peace.

  49. Ali says:

    Eh, I don’t see the big deal with trying to give it a name or fit it into a box. Pop. Inspirational. Spiritual. Whatever. Either you like it or you don’t and you keep looking til you find something you do like. Being a fan really doesn’t have to be that complicated or fraught with angst and/or debate. It’s just finding music (and sometimes, personalities) that you enjoy. If one is not your cuppa, then it’s somebody else’s. 🙂

    P.S. pssst David posted to IG/FB about the shows! I linked above.

    • Cathy (ATX) says:

      Ali, you read my mind, thanks.

    • kmb says:

      Amen, Ali. With most artists, I like a few of their songs but not every single one. And I certainly don’t go to fansites for any other singer/band. David has grabbed me in a unique way. David himself doesn’t expect every fan to like everything he does. He seems shocked that this many of us have stayed around for this long. He can’t, and never could, please everyone and that’s completely fine.

  50. oinkiers says:

    Good afternoon all!

    Thanks for the great post pastel!

  51. kimk says:

    kind of think David has found his spot he is happy so none of this matters you like it or you don’t you buy his music or you don’t same for concerts

    great pic thanks Ali.. lol his momma dang she is gorgeous they all are gorgeous!

    do have a question.. popped up in my head the other day watching the Numb video
    David in his speech before Numb was talking about having to write love songs to make it work my question is who told him that? isn’t he his own man now with his music can do as he chooses? can’t imagine Kari or Gina telling him that.
    is he signed with a label and they are telling him that?

    • oinkiers says:

      My guess is label. But could be wrong. 🙂

      • kimk says:

        also thought writers?
        thing is there are great love songs that are not like what the Biebs etc are into.. like John Legends All Of Me great one.
        going to guess he isn’t in love yet why he has a hard time
        anyway Numb is cool Kari asked Jake if he liked it he never answered but they follow each other so maybe he dm’d her.
        he is one heck of a fanboy promotes those he likes lol and he likes D.

  52. kimk says:

    there is no big deal really unless that is you try to make something that is not what it is
    think we are really on the same page just trying to flavor it all a certain way.
    do hope they have something up their sleeve to sell Midland better that would be cool.
    if not lol not that we would know it is a theater show bet again no videos allowed.

  53. Candy says:

    TOUR…T.O.U.R…Did you see those words…a FREAKING TOUR!!!!!! IN MARCH!!!
    And he will do a Christmas Show in Layton! I could care less what kind of music he sings, I loved all the songs he did and NUMB is great! I hope that the studio recording can capture some of what he brings to a live performance, if I have any disappointment, not in David, but so far no one has been able to capture in a recording the true essence of his live performances! Bring on that long awaited T…O…U…R!!!!

    • Ali says:

      Numb is on repeat for me. The emotion in that song is awesome. Fingers crossed for touring in lots of areas!!

    • Anne-Marie says:

      Candy- And March is a great month to start gets better, less chances (for where we live) for snowstorms! Lol.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      TOUR!!!!! 🙂 I’m excited for David. I’m so glad he didn’t quit but instead found away to express music comfortable to him. Someone said he had a good “Indie” vibe. I agree.
      Someone also said, Anne I think, that people’s opinions of pop or mainstream might be different than others. I actually agree. I think we all have different things we like in an artist, and either stick with the same artist or artists we like or move on to the new flavor of the month.
      I like different artists too as I’m sure we all do, but there has always been something so unique about David, THAT VOICE for one, but so much more. I so enjoy listening to that smooth as buttah voice no matter what he sings. I am a fan forever.

  54. kimk says:

    Candy I did see that spazzed about it.. posted about it hope he comes to Florida so I can see him never know he is from there!

  55. kmb says:

    I never realize how much I LOVE and WANT videos until there aren’t any. Grrr. LOL.

    • Alwaysafan says:

      I know what you mean! Not to sound like a broken record here, but I’m still kinda hoping some ninja Archie out there got some;) after all, there is a spot on the thread today for some….

  56. kimk says:

    cj guess you are talking about me.. ok then you have your wish.

    • CJ says:

      Eh, I’m just having a bad day. Too sensitive for my own good. Got some bad news today that I don’t feel like sharing right now. But..being a fan of David has always helped and I guess I want to stay on this high from these shows a little longer. You are fine, Kim. It’s just me. 🙂

  57. Ali says:

    one of the most sincere, kind-hearted dudes we’ve ever had the honor of touring with. not to mention the most phenomenal male vocalist i’ve ever heard in person. thanks @davidarchie for an incredible opportunity. see you soon! #davidarchuleta

    Very nice words!! 😀

  58. Ali says:

    Kim – per your comment above, Jake answered Kari about whether he liked the new song 🙂

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake Sep 18 Los Angeles, CA
    @kariontour Yes!!! It got me so excited for new stuff! I want to hear the studio version already… It inspires me!! *heart eyes* any LA shows soon!?

  59. kmb says:

    Ok….sorry to ask this, but WHERE did you read that David’s next tour will be March 2016? Can’t find it and don’t feel like looking anymore. That’s certainly SPAZZ-WORTHY!!!!! 😀

    • Ali says:

      It was posted in the comments on the last thread. Kim reposted it at 8:23am today so if you scroll up almost to the top of the comments on this thread you will see it. Per a fan conversation with Kari. Not confirmed but what is anymore lol. Given the fact we already know about one show scheduled for March, it seems plausible.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      I mentioned it, but not as a direct quote from Kari, but an indirect one. Amber from San Diego and her mom had all sorts of obstacles to try to get to his concert Saturday night. They got there right when he was singing Glorious with the crowd, last song. They spoke to Kari and told them about their bad luck. They wondered if they could meet David. She said possibly Monday night (last night) but most likely she could help them during his tour in March. It didn’t happen for them last night though. So not directly from Kari but….TOUR! 🙂

  60. moelita says:

    I think these concerts were as,David said, warm ups to get him back in the game. I don’t mean he didn’t give his all , but it had to be nerve racking to get back on the stage and do a show. He has that aspect out of the way now and from the response he has gotten I think it’s safe to say he came through with flying colors. I really liked his new song Numb and feel that if that is the direction he is going with his music, I like it. I really like the indie vibe and like that it seems vocally driven. As for love songs, if David feels he has to experience romantic love to write about it then I guess we will get those sometime in the future. In the mean time I am going to enjoy what he gives us and look forward to what he gives us in the future. I don’t think his shows are religious in nature per se, but I think David is a very spiritual person and because he wants to be honest and show his true self, then of course this would come through.

  61. ray says:

    cq you happy now. you managed to p*** on the paraide. pleas find another hobie. bet you relaives cringe when they see you comming.

  62. Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

    Reading over some of the comments about what designates a “pop” song & my mind started to wander to songs from the past that might fall into the same category or “mind-set” if you will. Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” is one that comes to mind. She sings about refusing to stay in a dark place, as I recall. Haven’t listened to the lyrics for a while but I remember being inspired by it when it was first released & played on the radio constantly.

    • Marylee~NorthCarolinaGirl says:

      Just read back my comment which makes no sense in the context of the subject at hand at the time lol ~ what I meant, as a matter of clarification, was in comparison to David’s new song “Numb” ~ folks were discussing if it fell into the category of “pop” …and Demi’s song seemed similar in the sense of intense inspirational feeling/vibe.

  63. oliveoil says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t David always say he liked pop music, as well as many other genres. His musical tastes haven’t seemed to change a whole lot to me. Only now he can write and sing without having to hear business managers tell him what he should be doing to be popular. He will be David ( like he always says), only more so. And THAT is something to be very excited about !!! 🙂

  64. Ali says:

    Matías Vazquez ‏@matiutahjazz 23m23 minutes ago
    TICKETS SOLD OUT Friday and Saturday but still available for Sunday (Devotional). #LuzdelasNaciones #DavidArchuleta

    Wow, did that many people really request tickets today? These just went on sale at 10am. If I remember correctly, doesn’t the Conference Center seat like 20,000?? I wonder if maybe only certain sections were opened up for this? Otherwise that’s over 40,000 tickets were requested in 8 hours. Lol surely that can’t be correct.

  65. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    Just popping to say, so glad David’s feeling better and that he had a great show last night. I would’ve loved to see the moments with his family. They’re always priceless 🙂
    Also, hoping Kari’s words about a tour in the spring pan out. That’s perfect timing for me, since it gives me time to save up for it and it’ll after my sis has her baby(she’s due in February) so I’ll be able to relax then. Praying for SoCal shows if a tour happens 🙂

  66. angelbymyside says:

    Just checking in to FOD after a looooong day. Has anyone mentioned how great the pic of David is that was used on that Meet and Greet ticket??? WOWZA!!! 😀

  67. CJ says:

    Well apparently I annoyed Kim. Hope she doesn’t stay away because of me. She’s a great fan and certainly more valuable to FOD than me. Sorry, Kim.

  68. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I have been reading a lot of your comments….and I have to agree with SMcM….these were not religious or LDS concerts….they were pop songs and most of them had substance….I am glad David is not trying to write love songs… least until he is really into it because he is love…..He is writing pops songs with substance and this makes him a cut or two above your run of the mill pop star who usually does not have to much to say about real life……I applaud David for staying true to himself……We are in for the ride of our lives!!!!!! Miss Vicki

  69. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Sure would have loved to have some videos from last night of David’s family helping him out… special it that????!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR TOUR IN MARCH!!!!! Sure hope he has some shows on the East Coast…..Miss Vicki

  70. RArchiefan says:

    To FOD, fans and especially David for bringing the concerts alive and to those of us not fortunate enough to be able to attend for all the vids pic and write ups, THANK YOU!

    On a side note I have enjoyed all the videos but my heart was hit with a bit of sadness when I looked at the pictures wondering what Jen would have brought us, I know she was watching from a choice seat above.

  71. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yep…..Jen was there at all his concerts looking down and taking beautiful pictures…..too bad she can’t share them with us…….Miss Vicki

  72. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Not sure if this was shared yet. BOTW Audio only from Shelley 9/21 in Layton.

  73. sydnie says:

    OMG had security not been so strict so there’d be videos of David’s epic rap version (well, sorta heehee 😀 ) of MFOP for all to enjoy!
    My nieces and I all thought it was the coolest thing with David accompanying himself on the piano while speaking the lyrics….the girls weren’t that familiar with David, they came for the free trip to park city & SLC lol but ended up mesmerized by David’s awesomeness! 😀
    He needs to do that version even when fully recovered!
    Back home in SF, so glad we made the trip!

  74. sydnie says:

    Poor David was still quite sick but his voice held up well & sounded really good also loved his little dance steps!
    Great idea to have Jazzy and Mom there to help out too! 🙂
    Planes kept buzzing over the venue tho, not sure what the deal was D already sick & had to compete with the engine noise ugh!

  75. fa3ryg1rl says:

    Thanks for the great recap posts! Enjoying all the pics and videos. I know how much work it is to round everything up and moderate etc. and just wanted to let you know your hard work is appreciated ML <3

  76. sydnie says:

    K I do have one complain….not enough merchandise! They only had the poster & the one and only black tshirt in xl & xxl what even…..little Gracie had cuter Tshirts, 3 different styles all quite stylish & available in different sizes. My nieces both bought one of hers but not David’s WTH lol.
    They did buy D’s begin cd after the concert, win!
    Of course I still bought a bunch of stuff just to show support! 😀

  77. sydnie says:

    Pastel, thank you so much for the jam packed amazing post! I’ll take my time later to enjoy each and every detail/recap and relive the fab concert experience!
    Oh just noticed Bailey was the young lady who helped me at the merchandise table!

  78. sydnie says:

    One more thing….these teen girls ahead of us in line were watching David’s vids on iPhone while commenting on his cuteness lol. 🙂
    Better unpack and do Laundry, good night FOD!

  79. Jani says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Pastel! Mary Dee, your recap had me right back there with you in IF!..what a night and what a fun, detailed recap! Loved every word! Did you whistle??lol. If you did, I didn’t hear it because I was woohooing so loudly. 🙂 Wish I could have spent more time chatting with you.
    Janel, im sorry that I didn’t see you in Layton. 🙁 . sydnie, so glad you made it home safe and sound, and hope you had a great time in Utah! Wish I could have met you.
    What an incredible 5 days this has been. Thanks to ALL who made it so special.
    That goes for you too, David. 😉 you were everything and more :)… seriously, you were!!!
    Feeling blessed. Goodnight FOD.

    • Mary Dee says:

      It was great meeting you there! I hope, we get to chat more next time 🙂 I missed the fan luncheon. Was it a Mexican restaurant that you had lunch at? It sorta looked like a fiesta table to me 🙂 I tried to whistle but it wasn’t cooperating LOL

  80. jeaniut says:

    I think David has always liked songs “With a meaning” and that’s what he likes to sing the most, “to tell a story”. Different genres, but meaningful. I think that’s what he will be happiest singing.
    That BOTW sung so quietly was so beautiful. Thanks for bringing that.

  81. cc halo says:

    I think that if David asks how many in the audience are returned missionaries, and half the audience stands up, that pretty much sets the tone as religious, even though the songs are light pop. It’s not like Imagine Dragons or Lindsay Stirling are going around Utah or the rest of the country asking such an explicitly religious question. If that was asked in another part of the country, you’d know that you were at a Christian pop concert. I’m pretty sure David didn’t expect the standing missionaries to be from any other denomination than LDS.

    David said in the IF interview that he thought he was still remembered in Idaho because it was right next door to Utah. It’s not an accident that BYUI and many Mormons are there to remember him. It will be interesting to see how much mission/religious talk there will be at future concerts on the coasts, or even Texas.

    • angelbymyside says:

      Do you really expect him to ask if there are any RM when he does a concert on the East Coast or Mid-West? Because he asked the question, that makes his concert religious?? Seriously? What songs did he sing that were “religious”?

    • GrammyJ says:

      I’ve been to Christian pop concerts and David’s concert was NOT a Christian pop concert. The songs he sang were not Christian pop songs. He did talk about his Mission because that is part of his life and very important to him and it was in his recent past. He knew there would be many in the audience that are returned missionaries, but of course he won’t ask that question when he is in other parts of the country. David has always been good at tailoring his music to his audience. It is obvious he does want his concerts to be uplifting so that is what we can expect going forward. I guess you can call it religious if you want, but I would call it inspirational. In my opinion, in this crazy world we need more inspirational music!

      • angelbymyside says:

        Agree Grammy J and there is a big difference from something being “religious” and something which is “inspirational”.

    • bds says:

      I don’t think I understand your logic nor do I agree with what you are trying to conclude but you are free to make those assumptions I guess.

    • Mary Dee says:

      When he asked that question, he was talking about the song Glorious and how he was asked to record it while he was still on his mission. Some people in the audience said yeeeaaahh while he was talking and he acknowledged them. He was actually surprised to see that many returned missionaries in the audience and he verbalized it. I bet those people did not expect that either. Just like I did not expect that David will acknowledge the Filipino fans in the audience that same night. I did not feel that it was a religious concert at all. All I experienced, apart from his incredible talent, were his sincere appreciation of those willing to listen to him still and his courage to be himself and do things the way he deems right.

      • cc halo says:

        I appreciate hearing a more accurate account of how the missionary acknowledgement happened. He has acknowledged the Mormon proselytizers at one or more of the church-related events since he returned, so it sounded similar.

        Of course I didn’t say that anything he included in his concert was good or bad or right or wrong. I, too, would be surprised if he had his church’s returned missionaries stand and be celebrated, should he have concerts outside of Mormon country, though I could be wrong about that.

        Personally, I mostly like his inspirational songs better than his love songs.

      • cq says:

        I too appreciate your accounting, Mary Dee, as I have said many times, no matter how I feel, I’m very happy with the reception he had gotten at these concerts, he feels comfortable or even very happy that he made the decision to continue with his music career.
        Hi cchalo, I really like Numb and with that song and am even more curious, might even say, excited again, lol, about the album.
        cchalo, I wonder if you have anyway to get a hold of Hg, not to get her site back up again, but I’m really a bit worried about her. I would think she would give some sort of writing to her commenters that she had decided to either close her site altogether or is taking a long break. I apologize if this comment might not be approciate for this site, but I’m being sincere that I’m genuinely concerned about Hg.

        • cc halo says:

          I’m sure most of us have noticed that for some time, HG has only posted official type stuff from his twitter with very little comment, and doesn’t read the comments on her site, or search for any outside information. IMO, she’s not only busy with the new school year, but likely pulling back from super-fan status. It happens.

          I’d bet that it will be more like TDC, with only the major, official things meriting a new post, like his album coming out. Or perhaps a new single release or video.

    • angelofdja says:

      What? Oh my heck! Such a Debbie Downer you are! SMDH…

  82. Shanny in Australia says:

    So much to catch up on lately, I’m incredibly behind….still only seen a couple of the concert vids from the first night! (Please don’t confiscate my Archie card!) from what I’ve read and skimmed in this post, it’s are very fantastic post Pastel and I’m grateful for it! Thanks for all your efforts! I haven’t read a couple of the recaps yet – I want to save them when I can settle in and really read them properly, and imagine I’m there. 🙂

    From the previous thread….What ‘So Sad I Could Not Go’ said was very beautiful and heartfelt. Sometimes comments at the end of threads get a little lost in the change but i want you to know it was sweet and thank you for sharing your heart.

    I have loved reading all the little insights and happenings people who attended have shared. Thank you so much. I appreciate every little detail.

    Some of the comments here today have upset me but I guess we just kind of try to focus on the good, right? Maybe the only thing I will say is…..think the man David brought back is definitely a ‘take me or leave me’ kind of guy. People should choose accordingly.

    Kim…his shoes caught my attention just about more than anything! Lololol. They look like good quality dress shoes. I’m not a shoe person – have about 4 pairs myself – but for some reason I was thinking they were some pretty spiffy shoes right there. Lol.

    Will try to keep popping back as I can…

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Shanny… “the take me or leave me kind of guy” phrase is a GREAT description of where I think David is! He is comfortable being who he is and where he wants to go with his music and career. He’s not trying to be all things to all people….just making his way…. HIS WAY! Will be interesting seeing how things progress with the new music! I for one can’t wait!

  83. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Hump Day! ENJOY your day! 🙂

  84. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yes!!! Happy Hump Day everyeone. Hope David is still home in Utah recuperating with his family……..I sure like the “take me or leave me kinda guy” David has become…….I’ll take him all the time……Have a great day here at FOD everyone….off to work…….Miss Vicki

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Good morning Miss Vicki! ENJOY yojr day my friend! I’M on the ARCHUTRAIN and can’t wait for the next stop! What will David have in store for us? His shows ALWAYD are packed with a variety of music and FUN! Something for everyone! 🙂

  85. angelbymyside says:

    sydnie ~ thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like your nieces are now fans! 😀

    • sydnie says:

      Yep I’m still trying to convert fans, one posted pics of concert to her Facebook & immediately got many likes haha!
      The girls said they’d love to attend future D concert to find out what he’s like @ 100%, they were impressed!
      Crush was still a fan favorite, everyone instantaneously got up, wave their phones and sang along & the only song my nieces knew really well!

  86. moelita says:

    Kimk come out and play. You are one of my favorite posters on all the fan sites. I like your fiestiness and your absolute admiration for David. With everything you have going on in your every day life, hubby sick, selling your house, buying a new house,moving to a new state and all that entails, you still manage to bring us news about David. You are one strong lady. Just reading back what I just wrote makes me realize you must be one busy lady also. Hope to see you on here soon.

  87. palmtreephan says:

    In my eyes, David has never been one to shove his religious beliefs down others people’s throats and I have seen no evidence whatsoever, thus far, that he plans to start doing that now……just my two cents.

    • .SMcM says:

      I agree! From what I saw and “felt” during the concerts I was able to attend… David is a “Uniter…not a” Divider”. I felt his love for all people! His example speaks volumes! It is very important to him that the music he shares with others carry an inspirational message . I don’t see that as preaching at all. We all face struggles of various kinds in our lives. Hearing music the lifts our hearts and souls is nothing but positive…IMO. I understand that others feel differently…and that is ok. There are plenty of artists to follow if David doesn’t fit what they are looking for. For me….I have loved music always….but there has been such a drought in the kind of music that I enjoy. David’s music with a message…. is MKOM!!!!

  88. sydnie says:

    I only went to the Monday one, it was simply a pure pop concert! Not one religoius song, the Spanish would be the closest maybe? But then my Spanish is very limited lol.

    I could be wrong but don’t think he even asked if the missionary question at this one! He just updated and shared with fans his endeavors for the past few years since he was Mia for so long, quite sure most people there don’t check fan sites on a regular basis.

    I try not to read too much into every little thing rather enjoy for face value, not my business to dissect David’s life but others free to do Whatevas. 😀

  89. sydnie says:

    Jani, I wanted to meet other Archies too but the place was so packed barely got there in time for the start due to our driver being stuck in commute traffic ugh so was difficult to connect.
    Yeah we had a fabulous trip – spent one day in Park City/deer valley, did a SLC city tour, saw Heritage park, Utah university, salt lake etc. Of course the main event was most awesome, best concert in years well since my last D concert in SLC! 😀

  90. angelbymyside says:

    I just can’t wait for a concert that is near me that I can get to. He could sing the phone book and I wouldn’t care. 😉

  91. sydnie says:

    Have to leave for work now, gotta catch up before I leave again for the South of France the end of Oct!
    Btw I won’t be able to come back for the Soldout Tuahcan concert so have 2 sets of 3 tix ea free to gift to anyone interested!
    Au revoir! 😀

  92. .SMcM says:

    I met so many wonderful fans of David at the concerts that I attended! Many of them did not even know about FOD….or his official site. He has many fans who have not followed these fansites….but love him just the same. I also met a very sweet fan who didn’t even follow him on American Idol. She found his music on Youtube….and then searched everything he ever did….both music and interviews. She couldn’t get enough of his music and heart. She became a David scholar…without the help of any fansites.

    I also heard the security people talking about David’s fans. They didn’t have to worry about problems that come with fans of other artists. David’s fans are kind and respectful. I think his fans have a great reputation.

    • Martha says:

      I SOOO agree with you. The vast majority of supporters/fans are people we’ve never heard of or seen on fansites. Or maybe even twitter. All of us regulars are the small minority.

  93. Patty-Ann says:

    Thanks Pastel for a great post and to ALL who share pics, videos, recaps! Makes those of us who cannot attend feel like we’re a part of it.
    Thanks Palmtreephan and SMcM – agree 1000%
    I’ve met many people at his concerts who never went on fansites either.
    David has many fans.
    Happy Autumn everyone! My favorite season!

  94. cq says:

    I have a question if the majority of David’s fans aren’t on fan sites, go to his OS, twitter or any other social media how do they even know what is going on with David? I do agree 100% that the fans that post on fansites are a minimal amount of his fans.

    • angelbymyside says:

      I think they follow him on social media…twitter, FB, IG…but I don’t think most go on fansites.

    • cq says:

      Yes, angelbymyside, social media is an important part of communication that artists have to get information out about their craft, imo, David is very aware of that or else he wouldn’t bother having the social medias that he post at..

    • missbianca says:

      David has over 3.5 million followers on Facebook. I wonder how many actually see his posts there.

      I think venue advertising is also very important. I know I often learn of artists that I might like to see in my Ticketmaster, bandsintown, and other emails.

  95. Mary Dee says:

    I think that majority of David’s fans know of his whatabouts via various forms of media and social media but many don’t comment on fansites or go to his OS.

  96. Candy says:

    The ship where I fretted over what type of songs David would sing sailed a long time ago. You get to an age, or a point, where the only thing that matters IS hearing him sing live again. Maybe some of the back and forth banter had a semi religious tone, but the songs sure didn’t! David is who he is, take him, (and his music) for what they are and ENJOY!

  97. oinkiers says:

    This made me snile! I agree 100 percent!

  98. Alwaysafan says:

    Well said Candy! I love David just the way he is, always have, watching those wonderful videos from the concerts just made me love him even more. It’s his heart, character and beautiful voice that’s made me longtime fine, as for his faith, that’s just another part of who he is and I’m fine with that too 🙂

  99. kimk says:

    lol snile.. for a minute thought ohh got to google that 🙂

    new avi got me thinking.. if there is anyone out there that could find out if David his voice is ok would love to hear. thanks.

  100. Great post Pastel!
    I just got around to reading it and OMG!!! It’s awesome!
    So glad that so many fans got to attend!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to all the fans who took pics vids and shared their stories with us!
    I can hardly wait for Tuacahn!!!! Hope i can survive it!!!!

  101. My2Cents says:

    Many people subscribe to newsletters and are on email lists from their local theaters and concert venues. That’s how I find out most of the time who is playing in my area. If I want to go out with friends, we’ll check the calendar to see who is going to be in town.

    • cq says:

      Yes, Mytwocents, that is another way and of course always word of mouth, 🙂
      But even the newssletters might even go away in the future for imformation only to Email etc., but yes, that is still a form of communicate what artist are in the areas, that and newspapers.

    • missbianca says:

      Ditto. Except for David, I don’t even know if an artist is on tour until I get these emails.

      • Pastel says:

        Has anyone found BandsinTown useful? I read an article recently that rated BandsinTown as a top app. I personally love to get my info via my phone. Quick, user friendly, it’s there, then it’s gone.

  102. Martha says:

    ” Porshea @_plynn

    Idk who this white boy David Archuleta is that keeps comin on my Pandora but I’m loving the voice “

  103. angelbymyside says:

    😀 😀 😀


    UPDATE on SAz: @DavidArchie concert recap:

  104. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Prianka ‏@ankapri99 14m14 minutes ago
    drank coke with lunch bc i forgot how caffeine affects me and now i’m tachy, listening to david archuleta nonstop and SUPER WIRED AND EMOSH

  105. Janel aka Nellie says:

    melaniermcbride ‏@melanie67707780 4h4 hours ago
    @DavidArchie The moon was shining, the night was warm, I had second row seats and you were singing. Loved Monday’s concert! It was perfect

  106. Shanny in Australia says:

    The lady I spoke to at TOFW who gushed over how big of a fan she was of David’s said she followed him ‘all over’, meaning Facebook, twitter, youtube etc.

    Still enjoying all the tidbits flowing in from you lovely ladies and the tweets from people warm the cockles of my heart. 🙂 Thanks guys.
    Hope our guy is getting some strength back!

  107. Janel aka Nellie says:

    pamela pike
    Love this picture of David Archuleta at Layton, Utah 9/21/15!

  108. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys!

    A BIG THANK YOU to all for the pics and recaps from Layton! So many GORGEOUS pics….David is so photogenic! Sure do APPRECIATE IT! 🙂 THANKS to the FOD mods for their tireless work in keeping us up to date on all things David! You guys ROCK! 🙂

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day guys! SUPER busy day for me…hope to be able to sneak a peek at what’s going on …cause you NEVER know what will pop up! 🙂

  109. kimk says:

    Banana ‏@mundoarchuleta 4h4 hours ago
    21 seconds of David Archuleta runs in the song Beautiful. Layton 9/21/15

    Janel thanks that is a nice pic!

    good morning folks!

  110. kimk says:

    Sia’s new song Alive originally written for Adele’s new CD but she rejected it
    good song vocally driven something like David could do

    Adele Report ‏@AdeleReport 3m3 minutes ago
    LISTEN: Sia Sings From The Point Of View Of Adele (Yes, THAT Adele) For New …

  111. kimk says:

    Shelley #DA2015 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy 8h8 hours ago
    LOOK!! New pic to me that I just found!! Hehe

  112. kimk says:

    David Archuleta Fans ‏@DavidUniverse 1m1 minute ago
    @Shell_eeeyyy just found it on Matt Clayton website

    hoping David is ok.. talking about his voice haven’t seen anything that folks saw him or that he was yet
    he seemed better Monday though
    Kari was at a Janet Jackson concert last night so guess she was better so maybe David is ok too
    BYU homecoming is Oct 8 & 9 so about two weeks rest? there are Archies going not sure about videos but no matter looks like a great concert great support for David sure at least we will get pics, deets and at least snippets of videos.

    James Horan ‏@iamREJOICE2 6h6 hours ago
    @DavidArchie how are you? do you feel better now?
    1 retweet 0 favorites

  113. Ali says:

    Davis Arts Council shared some photos of David from the show on their FB page. Here’s an album with 7 pictures:

    • Pastel says:

      Love this one Ali!

    • Candy says:

      That would make a great album cover…although my vote would be for the one in the white T-Shirt with his arms folded!!

    • angelbymyside says:

      Love that pic! 😀

    • Larzwik says:

      This one shows his beautiful eyes! Reminds me of his banter about girls’ eye color. At the Layton show, he (Jazzy read) that sometimes eye colors change, like when he thought his sister’s eyes were brown and they changed to green. He pointed to Jazzy as she was talking. Also, in reference to his preferred hair color of a girl, he said that it doesn’t really matter anyway because that can change and you will both end up with grey hair anyway. I hope David is still singing when he’s grey!

  114. angelbymyside says:

    Many thanks to the person who took those marvelous pics! ♥ There are tons more on the FB page!

  115. Pastel says:

    Make sure to look for yourself as a RED DOT on the rotating globe at the bottom of my post. You can use the zoom in and out feature to ‘find yourself’. I always think its so cool to see where everyone who visits is from. Recent visitor locations are animated and labeled.

  116. Janel aka Nellie says:

    New thread up.

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