David Archuleta ~ David Down Under! TOFW Sydney, Fan Reaction, Australia – G’day Mate! Finding Nemo – Saturday Update: Shanny’s Vids Are Here! Shanny Gets Pic “Especially for the Fans”


David Down Under


D Tweet

David’s in the land down under – the land of wonder!  Twitter and IG exploded when David posted this selfie from Sydney, Australia!  It had all the elements of a perfect social media post!

1.  Amazing selfie in an exotic location
2.  Iconic landmark in the background
3.  Popular movie reference
4.  Winky emoji
5.  Epic hashtag

It’s been 7 years since American Idol, and David continues to delight and surprise the fandom by being exactly who he is – throw in some new music and we’re in ArchuHeaven!

*  *  *  *  *


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Especially for the fans

- credit Shanny

– credit Shanny

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.32.32 PM


for the fans

Shanny Got Vids!

Shanny Vids 1

Shanny vids 2

David gave Shanny permission to upload her vids! Can’t wait to see them! Can’t Thank you enough, Shanny!!!

Here’s Beautiful & Glorious From Shanny!

Beautiful plus Speaking – (credit: Shanny Alexander)

Glorious – Sydney Australia (credit: Shanny Alexander)

“Bridge Over Troubled Waters”  (credit: Shanny Alexander)

“Angel”~ also some Speaking~ (credit: Shanny Alexander)

“True Colors” (credit: Shanny Alexander)

Speaking ~ Part 1 Credit: Shanny Alexander

Speaking ~ Part 2 Credit Shanny Alexander

*  *  *  *  *

Glorious Snippet

15 seconds of what appears to be a soundcheck moment – hand-in-pocket strolling across the stage and sounding amazing!

- click to visit LisaJKing's IG for this Glorious snippet

– click to visit LisaJKing’s IG for this Glorious snippet!

- Here's LisaJKing!

– Here’s LisaJKing!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.39.38 PM


*  *  *  *  *

David Sang 4 Songs From BEGIN.

We hope this is an indicator of what we can expect from David’s upcoming concerts – 4 songs from the BEGIN. album!



Angels & TC

More Tweets From Shanny

Shanny Fangirl

Shanny Vids 1


Shanny vids 2

*  *  *  *  *

Pics Galore!

- via TOFW

– via TOFW

- via TOFW

– via TOFW

- via TOFW

– via TOFW

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.30.58 AM


Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.31.08 AM




Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.50.15 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.49.15 PM


chelsea IG


lydiawooley IG


Rosie Tweet

RosieScreen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.39.34 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.53.34 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.52.57 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.33.13 PM

*  *  *  *  *

David In Australia

Thanks to Mary Dee for finding this vid! It’s not new, but it’s a great vid of David “visiting” all the sights in Australia!

Australia (Popstar Comp) – (credit: liins)

*  *  *  *  *

We’ll keep watching for new pics and vids! So exciting to see David back onstage and performing – September is not too far off when the David concerts start! Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.28.24 AM

- Hero David - credit Pocoelsy

– Hero David – credit Pocoelsy

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- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

Where’s David?  He’s probably at this address!





*  *  *  *  *

Time Out For Women

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.41.45 AM

David can actually be found at the Time Out For Women event on Saturday, August 8th! Lucky Aussie fans (shout out to Shanny!) will be able to see David live – he’s listed as a presenter and he will be doing music!  Hope pics and vids are allowed!  This makes me think YES!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.36.07 AM

TOFW Banner

– click for more info

shanny tweet 2

In case you’re wondering what the event Time Out For Women is all about, here’s a quick vid showing previous TOFW attendees talking about their experiences – we can only imagine what next year’s video will be like when attendees describe David’s performance!

Experience TOFW! (credit: TOFW TimeOutforWomen)

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any pics and vids and we’ll share them here on the front page!

*  *  *  *  *

Fan Reaction

I always love reading the fan responses whenever David tweets or posts on IG – as always, fan reaction was swift and hilarious!  It warms my heart because even though it feels like the fandom has been shrinking, or at least hibernating, when David tweets/posts fans come out of the woodwork!

shanny tweet

tweets to D

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.58.01 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.57.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.55.22 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.54.04 AM

andrea 1

andrea 2

Even My Dear Writer joined in the fun!

mdw 1

mdw 2Speaking of a new acting gig for David, MDW hinted that Archie fan Fifi might have a starring role!  🙂

mdw3I think we can all get behind another acting gig for David – TV show, movie, broadway musical, voice over for an animated film – so many options!

*  *  *  *  *

Australia – G’day Mate!



Now that David is visiting the land down under, you might be wondering what are some of the sites he might visit?  We know he’s adventurous and will visit fun places and try all kinds of food – do you think he’ll try vegemite? 


What exactly is vegemite?  It’s a thick, savory spread made from brewer’s yeast and used on crackers or toast.  Learn more about this Aussie favorite: CLICK HERE


Hope David posts some pics of places he visits, foods he eats and wildlife he encounters! 


- Sydney Opera House

– Sydney Opera House

- Great Barrier Reef

– Great Barrier Reef – where’s Nemo?

To learn more about Australia:  CLICK HERE

*  *  *  *  *

Finding Nemo

Of course we have to play Six Degrees of David!  We know that David loves the movie Finding Nemo – he said so himself!



A fan gave him his very own Nemo!

- via Lady Faenya's Photobucket

– Oooh Nemo! -via Lady Faenya’s Photobucket

- via Lady Faenya's Photobucket

– via Lady Faenya’s Photobucket

A Disney Connection!

Disneyworld Interview with Ryan Seacrest part 1 (credit: Ryan Seacrest Presents)

Disneyworld Interview with Ryan Seacrest part 2 (credit: Ryan Seacrest Presents)

And if you didn’t think we’d find a vid with a David/Nemo connection, you’d be WRONG!

Nemo Sings Archuleta (credit: Megan Jimenez)

*  *  *  *  *

It’s exciting that David is in Australia and will be performing tomorrow! What song(s) will he sing? Will we get vids?  Will David try Vegemite?  Will he ever find Nemo??

We hope to answer these questions and bring you any pics/vids that come our way.  Have a Finding Nemo Friday and we’ll be back tomorrow with a Saturday update!


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315 Responses to David Archuleta ~ David Down Under! TOFW Sydney, Fan Reaction, Australia – G’day Mate! Finding Nemo – Saturday Update: Shanny’s Vids Are Here! Shanny Gets Pic “Especially for the Fans”

  1. Jhen says:

    Shanny- did you meet David? Hope you find him 🙂

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      It’s 1 AM Saturday in Sydney right now. The convention starts at 7 or 8 I believe. David first sings at 9 AM. She probably hasn’t seen him yet.

  2. Jhen says:

    OMG! Australia is near the Philippines, David can you drop by Manila lol

  3. Good morning Kalei! Really enjoyed your finding nemo post this morning!
    David looks very happy to be there!
    I wondere if Kari is there with him?
    Hope we get vids or pics!
    Would love to see David in an acting role!
    Have a great weekend everyone who lurks here today!
    I’m off to work!

  4. Hi Jhen! Good to see you here!

  5. angelbymyside says:

    OHMYGOSH that video of the little boy in the Nemo outfit singing along with David is precious!!!!!!!! He even looks like a mini-David! 😀 ♥

  6. Freogal says:

    That’s crazy that David is down here now. He may not make it out of the big cities of Sydney and Auckland, but in any case, he should run, not walk, to get a fresh lamington with cream and a real flat white (if he drank coffee).

  7. Ali says:

    Sydney is 14 hours ahead of US east coast time. The first thing listed for David on the schedule Shanny posted is at 9am on Saturday morning so that would be 7pm eastern tonight (Friday) for those in the US.
    Then he’s on the schedule again at 1:25 pm, which is 11:25pm eastern tonight.

    Hope those attending enjoy!

  8. Freogal says:

    I walked past the Aeotea Centre in Auckland on Wed where he’ll be. He’ll be right in the heart of the central business area.

  9. Ali says:

    TOFWTimeOutForWomen ‏@TOFWLive 30m30 minutes ago
    The fall @TOFWLive #livingproof tour is about to begin! #tofwsydney starts on Saturday and we’re so excited!

  10. angelbymyside says:

    Is that Gina Orr standing behind David in the pic??

    • Candy says:

      I dont have a clue what she looks like…but why on earth would she travel to Australia with David for a Womens Conference??

      • angelbymyside says:

        someone from his team usually travels with him.

        • Grammyj says:

          Gina traveled with David just before Christmas when he went to France and Spain and David only sang at LDS events. I’m not positive but it very well could be Gina.

        • Seven7Swans says:

          “…and David only sang at LDS events.” You probably don’t mean it that way but you imply that a manager isn’t needed at any events produced or participated in by members of the LDS community.

          My question is has he gotten one opportunity or gig in the past 1.5 years because of the skill, contacts and hardball tactics of his mgmt that he couldn’t have gotten on his own? I say no.

        • Grammyj says:

          Not sure but David is obviously using Gina and Kari. He has one of them at most if his events. In September David will be doing secular concerts. There is a lot more to appearances than meets the eye so having a manager assisting is a plus IMHO.

          I know there are fans that are disappointed at the number of LDS events David does. But all fans have to admit that it has given him the opportunity to sing all over the world.

  11. Janel aka Nellie says:

    It’s 5:32 AM in Australia right now so only a few more hours!

  12. cc halo says:

    Yes, that’s Gina Orr.

    Just happened to hear this hilarious stand-up clip from John Oliver about Australia called “Ancestral Idiocy.” He says that as a British person it made no sense to use Australia as a penal colony. “We sent our criminals to a place that was nicer than where we live” Lol.

  13. kimk says:

    Jeanette ‏@butterflygirl87 7m7 minutes ago
    I’m seriously getting emotional right now. I miss @DavidArchie and that time, and I never really realized how much till this moment. #crying

    folks seem to like that pic!

  14. kimk says:

    think Shanny mentioned should start in about 3 hours!! 🙂

  15. Freogal says:

    It’s 9am in NZ so it’s a few hours back in Aus. Hope you have fun, Shanny! Crazy to think he’s in our part of the world. Have a curry pie and a lamington, David. And when you get to NZ have some Whitaker’s chocolate and L&P!

  16. Janel aka Nellie says:

    This was Shanny’s tweet an hour ago.
    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 1h1 hour ago
    Peeps said bring heart pills, I have M&m’s. #needsugar #3hourssleep #insomnia #3hourstostart Eeep!!!

    It’s 7:25 AM in Sydney right now, so an hour and a half to go. She’s running on 3 hours sleep and M&M’s for energy. LOL

  17. kimk says:

    Mina Edwards ‏@MinaEdw 1h1 hour ago
    @DavidArchie On a bus with my stake to TOFW now- any way I could have you sign a BOM for the bus driver?

  18. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 4m
    Thanks for all the laughs and well wishes friends. Heading out the door now. Gotta conserve the battery now. Will tweet when I see him!!!!

  19. kimk says:

    Janel do you think she will have a chance to meet David seems like a really big place.

  20. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Shanny just tweeted a picture and she’s second row center.

  21. Rapport says:

    I have to admit I’m a little envious of David. What a great life he is carving out for himself at such a young age. He is doing what he loves to do and travelling the world to do it.

    Who gets to do that in their mid-20s? You go, boyfriend!

  22. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Shanny in Australia @AuzzieArchieFan 8m8 minutes ago
    He sung Glorious first up. Seems exactly like I expected! ☺️☺️☺️

  23. Ali says:

    Found several IG posts with David. The lady who posted them seems to be working with the TOFW event since they’re from backstage.

    “So excited! So nervous! So cool to meet @davidarchie @harri_king768 can you show Kobe :)”

    • Suttygal/Joanie in MN says:

      Thanks Ali!
      How do you find posts of David on IG from others? I guess I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Thank you. 🙂

  24. Ali says:

    “Breakfast with all the presenters at @tofw_timeoutforwomen and two girls who won breakfast with us. @sandradturley @davidarchie @mrdaysmrs @chrislynb24”

  25. Ali says:

    A short video of David singing Glorious!

    I think this was from a rehearsal since it was posted 2 hours ago and the event just started one hour ago. And also the lack of lighting on the stage lol.

  26. kimk says:

    looks handsome!!

    • Ali says:

      He does! From Shanny’s pictures, those look like the same shoes from the photoshoot in Nashville the other day too!

  27. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sairz ‏@SairBaik 18m18 minutes ago Sydney, New South Wales
    Sometimes all you need to be beautiful, is to have that light & remember that you are a daughter of God – David Archuleta @DavidArchie #tofw

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      @Nellie1983 14m14 minutes ago
      @SairBaik @DavidArchie Awww, did he say that? So beautifully sweet!

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        Sairz @SairBaik 7m7 minutes ago
        @Nellie1983 yeah he was saying about how he looks around at the women in his life & how they don’t see or realise how beautiful they are

        Janel Woodbury @Nellie1983 32s32 seconds ago
        @SairBaik Oh my heavens! Lucky will be the girl who steals his heart!

  28. angelbymyside says:

    Tweet from Shanny 😀

    @davidarchie spoke and sung Beautiful and Bridge Over Troubled waters. He was FANTASTIC!!!! Signing next.

  29. sydnie says:

    Eeeeekk great pics so far, can’t wait to see/hear more, love D’s selfie also! 😀

  30. kimk says:

    Beautiful!!! please please be videos!!

  31. angelbymyside says:

    Another pic from Shanny 😀

    @davidarchie with a long line in front of him for signings http://twitter.com/AuzzieArchieFan/status/629820144689111040/photo/1

  32. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    OMG….Shanny so excited for you……have you fainted yet???? Love all these pics……Just checked the weather in Sydney….60-65 degrees as highs…..not too bad for mid-winter….Hey Rapport…I agree with ya….not too many young men under 25 have traveled all around the world like David….just think about all the experiences he has had….another book coming I hope, I hope, I hope……Miss Vicki

  33. angelbymyside says:

    According to Shanny he is signing the Begin CD and Called To Serve DVD! 🙂

  34. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    Janel….is he for real or what?????….He seems to respect women so much……muldur….he really does look so relaxed……just think what we are all missing out on……Miss Vicki

  35. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    He looks too skinny….he needs to chow down on some Aussie food……do they have Outback Steakhouse down under?????? Would love to see a pic of him with a koala bear………Miss Vicki

  36. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    He also looks taller….Miss Vicki

    • Beth & the Fine Feathered Fellows says:

      Hey Miss Vicki! I was thinking the same thing. I thought
      he looked taller in the pick of him w/the bike. His height is
      fine, he just seems a tad bit taller. So cool for him to go to

  37. kimk says:

    we’ve seen many pics with David with his hands in his pockets.. the new cool? 🙂


  38. kimk says:

    irz ‏@SairBaik 1h1 hour ago Sydney, New South Wales
    Sometimes all you need to be beautiful, is to have that light & remember that you are a daughter of God – David Archuleta @DavidArchie #tofw


  39. kimk says:

    David Archuleta Fans ‏@DavidUniverse 1h1 hour ago
    Claudia Acosta
    And it begins I can’t wait to learn and feel the spirit…@DavidArchie @sisterdalton


  40. kimk says:

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 2m2 minutes ago
    He took this ‘especially for the fans’



  41. CJ says:

    So happy for Shanny …but I want to hear BOTW and Beautiful. Those are my favorites from Begin, along with Be Still My Soul. Please let there be video!!!

  42. Beth & the Fine Feathered Fellows says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well today 😀
    (well, hope that every day 😀 )

    Loving all of the pics, hoping for vids!!! Hope David is having
    tons of fun. sounds like Australia loves David 😀

  43. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yes…..hope for more videos of Beautiful and BOTW…..Watched the video of David at Disney……Went to MGM back in 2009 and camped out at the American Idol Experience just to watch David…..Is that attraction still there????? Going to a golf resort in Orlando with my family this September…..If the AI Experience is still there I would go camp out to see David again……LOL……Miss Vicki

  44. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hi Beth….How ya doing????….Nothing like a David event to bring out the fans….Miss Vicki

    • Beth & the Fine Feathered Fellows says:

      I’m doing ok thanks, how about you?
      Yup, good things happen w/David & the fans
      get together. Good music, great smiles 😀

  45. kimk says:

    TOFWTimeOutForWomen ‏@TOFWLive 53s54 seconds ago
    Behind the scenes @ #tofwsydney! (And congrats to our breakfast w/the presenters winner!) What have you loved so far?


  46. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Beth…doing great….so looking forward to David’s new album and all the concerts coming up…..just hoping he comes to the East Coast……Miss Vicki

    • Beth & the Fine Feathered Fellows says:

      Glad to hear it 😀 Can’t wait for the new music & concerts.
      I feel optimistic after Kari said the chances are looking good for
      something in the midwest 😀 Hoping for you guys on the east
      coast too.

  47. Beth & the Fine Feathered Fellows says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Gotta say G’night, I’m tired & so is my computer, lol.
    It’s soooo slow.

  48. IMO says:

    Hey Shanny, I am so happy for u that u met david! I hope u had a great time too as well too. David look wonderful all the pics! Bye

  49. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey all…gotta hit the sack….leaving early tomorrow morning for Cape May, New Jersey……Bed and breakfast four day weekend on the Jersey Shore with my hubby with side trip to Atlantic City…..Sweet David dreams in the down under……Miss Vicki

  50. Janel aka Nellie says:

    According to Shanny’s schedule she shared, David will be singing and presenting again at 1:25 Sidney time. Approx. a half hour

  51. Janel aka Nellie says:

    anna |-/ ‏@gigglesgordon 21m21 minutes ago
    I honestly thought that David Archuleta was a fictional character until 30 seconds ago

  52. Jani says:

    Oh wow! Just checking and I see we have pics and vids! Yay! I think he looks great! Wonder how Shanny’s holding up. 😉 🙂
    Rapport, I’ve had your thoughts exactly many times. What great experiences David has had in his young life, meeting people from all over the world, doing what he loves to do, and leaving a lasting impression on so many. I’m so happy for him.

  53. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 2m2 minutes ago
    @davidarchie finished up with Angel and True Colours. And spoke again. He is one talented and beautiful person. Incredibly grateful.

  54. Janel aka Nellie says:

    See, he does love his fans!
    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 2h2 hours ago
    @erlindita I asked to take one for the fans and he instantly stopped writing and looked up and smiled for the pic.
    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 3h3 hours ago
    He took this ‘especially for the fans’.

  55. Jhen says:

    Congrats Shanny, finally you got to meet David 🙂 Is David skinny ?

  56. Mary Dee says:

    Was trying to search YT for possible vids of David in Australia and this is what I found #DAinOZ2009 🙂 very entertaining!!

  57. Ali says:

    _lydiawoolley @davidarchie thank you for sharing your beautiful talent today at #TOFWsydney. You truly are such a beautiful young man who’s testimony is so beautiful. Your voice is phenomenal and one that brings the spirit into any room when you perform. #fangirlpost

  58. Ali says:

    ___chelsea__Today has been amazing!! I’m so grateful to have met so many extraordinary people who have shared incredible messages, experiences and music. The talent of all the presenters was mind blowing P.S. David Archeletta’s voice is the most amazing thing ever, you should definitely listen to it some time #tofwsydney

  59. Ali says:

    _lrk Family portrait? *laughing emoticon* @davidarchie
    #TOFW #DavidArchuleta #Nephew #Australia #FamilyPhoto

    • kimk says:

      ha DA the new cool
      for some reason I really like the hands in the pocket

      Ali thanks omgosh lol the one with the baby could be a family portrait!! :))))

  60. - says:

    maybe that’s a new way to stop his hands from going all over the place. I remember he was talking about at the beginning..I don’t know but it is kinda cool.

  61. kimk says:

    Michelle ‏@whynot_itsme15 15m15 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie :O you’re in my city!!

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 1h1 hour ago
    @davidarchie Sorry about the rookie footage peeps. David Archuleta Glorious in Sydney, Australia https://youtu.be/TWdFrkdZwww via @YouTube

  62. kimk says:

    Annisaa ‏@AnnisaaBustami 2h2 hours ago
    @tofwlive @davidarchie Hi! Will David be in next year’s TOFW in Auckland? Ill be studying there next year and I hope to join the event! 😀

    Mina Edwards ‏@MinaEdw 3h3 hours ago
    @DavidArchie Thank you! And for your humble example as well.

  63. kimk says:

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 2h2 hours ago
    @KaleiLuvsHawaii there was a professional camera there. Presentations can be downloaded in Sept for $3 but not sure bout David’s one…

    hopes!! 🙂

  64. kimk says:

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 4h4 hours ago
    @DavidArchie getting swamped for photos and autographs at the end.


  65. kimk says:

    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan 6h6 hours ago
    @davidarchie finished up with Angel and True Colours. And spoke again. He is one talented and beautiful person. Incredibly grateful.

    theodora ‏@theodora_hellas 5h5 hours ago

    Kate ‏@kateSF7 6h6 hours ago
    My hair is actually behaving today woah
    (also yes that’s a david archuleta t shirt)

  66. kimk says:

    David Archuleta Fans ‏@DavidUniverse 6h6 hours ago
    My new crush @DavidArchie @TOFWLive #tofwsydney


  67. kimk says:

    David Archuleta Fans ‏@DavidUniverse 6h6 hours ago
    Oh the Archie feeels! #davidarchie @DavidArchie @TOFWLive #tofwsydney https://twitter.com/DavidUniverse/status/629868184137437184/photo/1

  68. kimk says:

    TOFWTimeOutForWomen ‏@TOFWLive 8h8 hours ago
    You’ve given @DavidArchie such a warm welcome at his first @TOFWLive! More music coming up after lunch! #tofwsydney


  69. kimk says:

    David Archuleta Fans ‏@DavidUniverse 8h8 hours ago
    Gaye Pickering
    Met @DavidArchie at @TOFWLive today. #livingproof #tofwsydney


  70. kimk says:


    David has to sing this every concert!!
    speech is adorable too!!! 😀

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1 15m15 minutes ago
    @kimak @AuzzieArchieFan just uploaded her vid on YT,check it out! Dhis 1 is PRECIOUS https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2KnJ81pASRw

  71. kimk says:

    this is why I love David.. Beautiful the voice everything!!

    ha crying again it has been way too long but DAVID IS BACK!!!!
    that voice really it is perfect!!!

    • GrammyJ says:

      Ditto to all you said! David is beautiful inside and out. What an outstanding singer and outstanding young man. I too loved his speech and of course his singing of Beautiful was beautiful! Yep, he is baaaack.

  72. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY weekend!

    Shanny….HAPPY you finally got to meet David and hear him sing live! Thanks so much for your pics , updates and vid! STILL hypnotized and mesmerized?

  73. kimk says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 2m2 minutes ago
    like a bridge over troubled water http://iconosquare.com/p/1046962250279162836_2110462179

  74. granny lyn from South Africas says:

    wow!!! thanks Kalei for an awesome post
    Well done to Shanny for her photo and video
    I am soo soo green with envy. We are planning a visit to Sydney later this year and possibly seeing all the wonderful sights that David is seeing now
    take care everyone at FOD, hugs Lyn xxx

  75. angelbymyside says:

    Just finished watching David’s talk before he sang Beautiful! THE MAN IS SIMPLY AMAZING! To have so much insight at his age is incredible! Those girls were so fortunate to hear what David had to say! He was so spot on in what he told them! It brought tears to my eyes! Then he sang Beautiful….it couldn’t be more perfect! I’m just blown away by him! 😀

    • Jani says:

      Amen. He is talking about light and he always radiates it! It was the light I his eyes that drew me to him….will never forget it. And his voice is just BEAUTIFUL! Love him!

  76. Random says:

    Girl who posted this said in the comments that David is rude af (acronym for ‘as f*ck’)

    Maybe David wasn’t comfortable with her putting her arm around him, and her asking him to put his arm around her.

    Sidepost: David seemed to have sang mostly tracks from Begin album


    • kimk says:

      she was good until she posted that.. if you read before that she insisted on that hug didn’t even know who he was
      it was her who was as rude af and he did not like it good for David too
      I like this David he seems to have his mojo back but he ain’t taking no crap.

      • Random says:

        Yes… David has the right to decline if he feels uncomfortable.

        It’s unfortunate that she’s forcing herself to him so as to have a ‘cool’ instagram pic and have a 5 seconds of fame.

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        Maybe she kept wanting to hug him and he needed to go on to the next person. Almost sounds to me like his “cracking up” she refers to is what she thinks is rude. We all know David (I think) well enough that rude doesn’t sound like him. But if she went over the top maybe he did push her away or try to brush her off to get her to go away.

    • Mary Dee says:

      A staff was calling David rude? And the language!!!! I’m confused considering the nature of event they were at 🙁

  77. kimk says:

    have seen many people act like idiots where David is concerned invading his space being rude to him.
    like that guy in Baltimore for instance who was flipping out that his kids couldn’t have autographs guy was nuts.
    thank goodness for Ray stepping in and from David’s tweet you could tell he was mad

    pic posted up top the girl who called him her boyfriend in comments someone called her a fat cow or whatever and all I am thinking YO isn’t this a lds ladies convention unless fans came too what an idiot.
    some folks are so rude crass whatever down right mean!!

    • Random says:

      No matter what denomination or religion, being tactless and cray cray (slang for crazy, for those who don’t know cray cray) will surface from your character if you are one.


    • Jani says:

      …and unfortunately the rude, mean ones get the notice…and no mention of the hundreds that are excited, but respectful, and would never act or speak like that. That’s life, I guess…..one bad apple (or a couple?) can appear to overshadow the good. But the good is STILL there! 🙂

    • Seven7Swans says:

      That pic is priceless. David’s face is a study as well.

  78. kimk says:

    kind of like what David is talking about with his Beautiful speech what really matters with folks is what they have inside

    at Charlotte first time I saw David during tour he had that going on about him yes he is a good looking young man but he also has a glow about him was cool watching folks go nuts over him lol guess they still do.

    • Frenchfries says:


      i’m lost for words….

      • Frenchfries says:

        Oh my earlier comment was supposed to be for the Bridge over troubled water youtube video, but i was too excited i became disoriented LMAO

      • Jani says:

        Oops my comment below…or above?lol, was to frenchfries.

        • Frenchfries says:

          Jani, I know right?!

          I clicked the vid, and then BOOM! Gasps! Gasps! Hyperventilates! Cries but not the sad cry, the happy overwhelmed exagerrated cry!

          Video ends. Stands up. “Bravo david! Bravo!!!”

  79. kimk says:


    Mary~ #Here4DatVoice ‏@Marylee_NCGirl 1m1 minute ago
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpgEMtyUM7U … < @DavidArchie ~ no words…seriously

  80. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Bridge Over Troubled Water. Holy Shamoly!!! Thank you Shanny!!!!

  81. kimk says:

    cray cray lol that about says it all.

    off to listen it has been way too long!!

  82. angelbymyside says:

    That girl who made that crude comment about David didn’t even know who he was…she just wanted a pic with a celeb and then has the audacity to make that rude comment??Some people are just flippin nuts!! 🙁

  83. Jhen says:

    I don’t think David is rude, maybe she gone overboard which made David uncomfortable. I never experience David being rude, he always was the one who put his arms at the back of my waist , I think some others fans also experience that. Just let him be the first one to take action not the fans who will force herself into him. I believe we have to respect his space.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Exactly my thinking Jhen. That’s why I never ask for a hug or picture with David. A) He doesn’t need to hug me, he’d probably rather hug girls his age.
      B) I don’t like pictures of me.
      Now having said that I don’t begrudge anyone wanting a picture or hug with him. 🙂

      • Jhen says:

        I never asked David a hug and pictures too, to be honest he was the one who was asking if I like to have picture with him. Might be David already sense it that I was so shy to asked for anything. I let him be whatever he want either put his arm on my waist or at the back upper of my waist. I have no problem with it lol 🙂

  84. LizardJ says:

    Shanny, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For taking the time to record and upload vids. What a wonderful way to start the morning! David’s voice is sublime! November can’t come soon enough for me!! Let the concerts ( and hopefully videos!) begin!!

  85. sydnie says:

    Woah QZtyepdnqtGEeikkdjjkk! 😯
    OMG David sounds soo amazing & hits those high notes with such ease & everything so smooth yet dramatic & emotional I just woke up lol can’t even process all his greatness this early in the morning!!!

  86. sydnie says:

    Shanny you’re too fabulous! Thank you for your wonderful videos, sharing amazing experience & thoughtfulness of asking D to pose a pic for us Archies!!!
    Kalei, love everything about this fantabulous post it’s like a treasure chest filled with fun/excting surprises!
    a bit too early for me to be spazzing not quite awake yet my head is spinning lol! 🙂

  87. Grannycrush says:

    You rock, Shanny! Thank you for your wonderful coverage of this event.

  88. S-MCM says:

    Good Morning All!!!

    I just finished watching all the videos. Wowsie….I was so moved by each and every song! They have become even more meaningful to me now! They were chosen perfectly for this event! Have you all seen True Colors yet?

    Seeing his light shine through each and every song that he sings… brings me such joy and inspiration. I don’t believe that anyone can hear his voice without hearing his heart. They are truly always acting as one!

    David has always had a plan… of wanting to use his gift…in a very meaningful way!
    David is doing that now! I am so proud of the person that he is….and the lives he is touching in such important ways. I love the direction he is taking us on his journey!!!!

    I can’t thank you enough Shanny for sharing all the videos with us. I felt as if I were there too! I am sure you feel you were “gifted” in a way you will never forget. I just can’t wait for his concerts coming up soon!

    Have a happy day all!

  89. Jana OR says:

    Very nice to see David on stage singing music from BEGIN.

    Thank YOU Shanny.!

    Is it possible??? Has that voice gotten even better? The power and clarity in his lower register seems near perfect! And his pacing of each song..the best.

  90. CJ says:

    🙂 A million thanks to sweet Shanny. 🙂

  91. - says:

    true colors is on utube now so awesome. I’m waiting for this moment to come back as his fan 1 mil %.

  92. Rapport says:

    What David Archuleta can do to make a song even better is pretty mind-blowing. The inflection, the sincerity, the perfect pitch, the loud and the soft — he’s a musical Rembrandt.

    Hey, Cindy Lauper, you should listen to this guy sing True Colors. Others are always in his dust.

    Shanny, you are a true fan, my friend. You brought home the treasures and for that, we are grateful. You are a blessing to this fandom.

    BTW, is it just me, or is David’s voice getting better? Is that even possible? The ending to BOTW was breathtaking. And, True Colors, if we were hearing this song for the first time, could be a hit, IMO.

  93. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Shanny’s combined tweets:
    Shanny in Australia ‏@AuzzieArchieFan
    Well thanks for all the thanks @davidarchie peeps! It was my pleasure to share it with people who understand lol. I have always so
    appreciated other fans bringing @davidarchie events to me, so I know how important the updates are. Really, *i* am the 1 who was completely
    and utterly #blessed today!!! I feel a deep gratefulness and peacefulness. @davidarchie had huge expectations to meet considering all the
    stories and exuberant praise I’ve heard along the way but despite those high expectations he was everything I expected him to be. Including
    such flawless skin, I’d swear it was airbrushed lol. I’m grateful @davidarchie uses his life so well. And man can he sang! It’s been a big wonderful day and I’ve got a lot of processing to do and a lot of sleep to catch up on. Lol. Take care all. Enjoy THAT VOICE! ❤️

  94. Janel aka Nellie says:

    OK, this is a MUST watch. True Colors. I’m completely speechless.

    Shanny in Australia @AuzzieArchieFan 6h6 hours ago
    @davidarchie David Archuleta ‘True Colours’ Sydney. https://youtu.be/fCSbsJ72qD0 via @YouTube

  95. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Angel and more speaking.
    Shanny in Australia @AuzzieArchieFan 6h6 hours ago
    @davidarchie David Archuleta ‘Angel’ + speaking. Sydney, Australia https://youtu.be/bOr3QVAgYL4 via @YouTube

  96. Suttygal/Joanie in MN says:

    Hi everyone!!
    WOW! So LOVING these vids from Shanny!!! (Shanny you’re an angel! And thanks so much for asking David about sharing them~ <33333)
    David's voice is better than ever!!! How is that even possible?!?
    And these songs from BEGIN are A W E S O M E!!!
    ~All of them are now in the post up top! / 🙂

  97. Seven7Swans says:

    I haven’t seen many comments about David’s words in between his songs but they are very good as well. Some of my favorites are his thoughts before “Beautiful.” Also, in Part 2 of 2 he talks about being placed on the Christmas program (jingle schpingle MSG) in between Kanye West and Chris Brown.

  98. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Another video from Shanny. David taking pictures and signing autographs in a sea of people

  99. Abrra says:

    I have put MP3’s and MP4’s of Shanny’s videos in Abrra’s Candy Jar. Many thanks to Shanny for making our dream come true 🙂 I won;t post the link here because it will be moderated. You can check the comments on The Voice current post and scroll down to comment #38 and click the link in my tweet.


  100. Candy says:

    *DIES***** True Colors… free the hands and the sound with which he delivers the song is indescribable!! #NEEDBROWNPAPERBAG

  101. Candy says:

    Eppp running to Abrra’s Candy jar!!!

  102. Jana OR says:

    As Joanie mentioned, I would like to say thanks also for asking David if you could share the vids. What a thoughtful and respectful thing to do. Good on ya!

  103. kimk says:

    haven’t been able to watch any videos today.. going in now!!

    Shanny thanks again you rock!!

    what video is the one David is talking about the Jingle Ball?

  104. kimk says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 25s26 seconds ago
    Instagram photo by @mazziieelina (MazziieeLina Ram) http://iconosquare.com/p/1047362502644460458_1330023065

  105. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I love this comment on Bridge Over Troubled Water:
    zharmz08 10 hours ago
    My dormant inner fangirl spirit is coming back to life!!!! #slayitmymainmandavid!!!!

  106. nora says:

    Shanny, just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the videos, pictures & comments that you uploaded of David. I like most fans have missed the voice and the wonderful person David is. It was so wonderful to see the well grounded, mature person that he is. His voice is even better than before, if that is possible, made me realize just how much I have really missed him. Thanks again!!!!!!!

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Perfectly said Nora! Yes on the well grounded and mature young man. The voice is even better. He keeps surprising us and wanting for more!

      • nora says:

        He does keep on surprising us, I hope that he has a concert in the Boston area again. I really never thought his voice could improve, boy was I wrong, so proud of the person that he brought back after his mission.

  107. Candy says:

    I’ve been so engrossed (nice way of saying hypnotized/mesmerized) by the videos and pics from AUS that I completely forgot to thank Shanny for bringing them our way. Thank you Shanny for understanding how fans here are missing seeing David perform, the videos really help to fill that void, and make us even more anxious to see him perform live again! Big Hugs Shanny!!

  108. tami lyn says:

    watching shanny’s amazing vids and once again thinking … how unique, special, and glorious david’s voice is, and the fact that major record labels are not fighting over signing him is truly mind boggling!! a big WTF to the music industry.

  109. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Jen A ‏@JenAIowa 3h3 hours ago
    @betsyjane25 @muldur @pastelpastel I’ve got boil sized goose bumps from playing Shanny’s vids OMG thrilling to hear @DavidArchie again!:)

  110. kimk says:

    David would have to conform to their standards.

  111. kimk says:

    found Beautiful on it’s own!! 😀


  112. kimk says:

    David Archuleta True Colors



  113. kimk says:

    David’s voice is better. period!

  114. Larzwik says:

    I would also like to thank Shanny! It has been wonderful watching these vids today. David did a wonderful job speaking and singing! I have fallen in love again with these songs. I didn’t think we would ever hear many of them live. They come alive when he sings them live! I hope he sings some of these in the fall concerts. We can all benefit from David’s advice and keep our priorities in check and look for happiness in our families, friends and those we love. Shanny, you made a lot of people happy today! Thanks again!

  115. Jani says:

    Company went to bed and I was finally able to fully immerse myself in the vids! David has blown me away again. How he can take a song I already know from HIS album and breath new life into it, make me feel it in a way I didn’t before, make it sound even more real, and more beautiful…well…he’s done it again. David singing live….holy moly! I was all tired and ready for sleep before, and now I’m on an Archie high! I can only imagine how this day was for Shanny. Hugs to you, friend! And thank you again!

    And a goodnight to all!… and thank you to Kalei for the amazing post and Joanie for the updates. What a day! #happytobeafan 🙂

  116. jeaniut says:

    Thank you Shanny !!!!!

  117. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    n ‏@gloriouslycth 4h4 hours ago

    #LookingForward ‏@iteachkidz22 7h7 hours ago
    Program from yesterday’s TOFW! Love the part that says @DavidArchie will release a new album in 2015!!


  118. Kalei says:

    Good morning everyone! What a fabulous weekend! Shanny’s vids are just what the fandom needed – a peek at what’s to come for all of the Fall concerts! I hope Idaho Falls sells out soon! I hope these songs are on the set list for the concerts – can we wish for all the songs on BEGIN. and No Matter How Far for the set list??

    Thanks again to Shanny for all of the vids – the best is yet to come!

  119. MUNKFOD says:

    Popping in for a second to say THANK YOU SHANNY!!! 😀 Awesome videos! What a voice! Holy cow! 😀 The best is yet to come! So excited!

  120. kimk says:

    Indi!!! ‏@IrwinIndi_xx 3m3 minutes ago
    I met @DavidArchie last night. And cried #TOFWSydney


  121. MaggieFOD says:

    I would like to thank Shanny for the videos! Glad she got to meet David and hear him sing live!

  122. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hey all!

    How have you all been? Having a good weekend? Mine wasn’t too bad. Was really busy and I didn’t get a lot of sleep but ya know, you’ve gotta find the positives in every day or you’ll go bonkers, right?

    Bonker’s for David Archuleta that is!!!! 😆
    Oh. My. Goodness!!!! I have had the best weekend ever!!!!! In case you couldn’t tell… 😉

    Wasn’t David just fabulous!!! He did SO well! And he was received so well too! I’m glad they played that snippet from Called to Serve because I think it helped to show those who didn’t know David, just why – other than his stellar vocals- he deserved their respect and admiration! I have NO DOUBT he won over a bunch of people on Saturday.

    Can I quietly whisper that…..just between you and me…..I think he was a good contender for ‘favourite’. And that’s a big deal because these other presenters are great at doing what they do. (That other man in the vids and pics – Brad Wilcox – was HILARIOUS in his talk, and has such a big heart, I wish I had taped that too.) I asked a few people who their favourites had been and while people hummed and haaa-ed (sp?) saying it was hard to choose, inevitably David’s name was listed in their top two. A couple of people gushed to me, explaining what a huge fan they were of David Archuleta (little did they know what huge fan means when you’re an Archie eh peeps. 😉 😆 ) And of course, he by far, had the longest autograph lines and had the biggest crowd swarming around him. He even got a standing-O from a few people at one stage (come on everyone else, get with the programme will ya! Think they were all just feeling too shy lol. Aussies can be conservative like that.)

    As for his vocals….well you heard them! His voice is SO POWERFUL!!! But we all knew that anyway didn’t we. Lol. And the change-ups! Master class as usual. Which I think was pretty good considering he was confined to a backing track instead of a real life band.

    I’m so glad we have the vids, so I can re-live it over and over because each song and talk was over far too soon for my liking, and really….when you’re an Archie having the most amazing, blessed Archu-experience the whole time and you’re kinda just stuck up on cloud 9, with a big cheesy grin firmly plastered on your face, it’s impossible to absorb everything and imprint every beautiful nuance and breathtaking run and thought provoking story adequately. @DavidArchie is an experience to be replayed and revisited more than once, that is for sure!!!

    Oh and I said this on twitter but can I just say it again ….that skin!!! Hmm…I know we’ve often said David sings like an angel, sometimes he almost seems so good and kind we jest that maybe he IS an angel……but sheesh guys….if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s standing there in the real life flesh and blood before you, or you would be swearing that his skin had been airbrushed……well….if there ever was a winning argument for David’s ‘other worldliness’ then I unequivocally have to proclaim that it is the sheer, inhuman perfection of his complexion! How can a human being have such perfect skin!? It befuzzles me. Lol. (And somebody would get very rich, very fast, if they could answer that conundrum.)

    The whole day just zoomed by so quickly and I absolutely loved every minute and second of it. It was an absolute and utter treat. David came a long way to do this. It is his talent and his person we are celebrating together. People have thanked me profusely for the vids etc but the only thing I have had to do with this really, is to have had the incredible blessing to attend this event. To soak up all the inspiration and love and joy. And to finally, after all these years, get my moment to be Archutized and mesmerised, in the living flesh. Wow!!!! And to think we have more of this coming our way beginning next month peeps……!!!

    And may I just add a last, short indulgence….simply because it is MY truth….I know God hears and answers prayers….otherwise I don’t believe this ever would have happened to me. And for that I am deeply and profoundly #grateful.

    Thanks for sharing all the joy with me everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂 DAVID ROCKS!!!

    • Martha says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. How wonderful for you to experience this when not long ago it did not appear he would be going to Australia. Never say never to all who think this way. It is great that you can go back and look at the videos and relive the experience. Technology can be wonderful.

      I agree about the complexion; years ago when I met him, he seemed unreal: his face, eyes, his glow. On twitter, some were asking what he did to have that complexion. Kari said he put just regular soap on his face. lol

      Thanks again for your efforts, they are MUCH appreciated.

      • Grammyj says:

        I want to add my thanks to you Shanny for the awesome videos and your fan recap. It gave us a glimpse into what the Fall David Archuleta concerts will be like. Looks like they will be great. His voice is even better than before and he is a better speaker now too.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      You’re awesome Shanny! So glad you finally got to see and meet him. God works in mysterious ways for sure! So he has the voice and skin of an angel. LOLOL.
      Thanks a million. I love all his performances but True Colors and BOTW, they knock me over!

  123. Virtue says:

    Hi to all of you fantastic fans of David!

    Shanny, I’m sooooo happy for you! ( I wish I could type that in font size 42 😉 )

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Lol. Well thanks for having such a big heart Virtue! 🙂 It is SO good to see you too!!! ❤️

      And that goes to all the Archie’s who have been so gracious and effusive over my less-than-perfect-and-screaming-fan-girl vids. Lol.

      Although you know peeps – I really was trying to hold myself back. Lolol.

  124. Shanny in Australia says:

    Martha yep, never say never. This has truly taught me THAT.
    And yep, soap, I remember that one. Only convinces me more on the angel theory. 😉

  125. Shanny in Australia says:

    Btw, I had such a wonderful time, when it finished I didn’t want to leave and have it all end, so we were sitting in some seats kind of watching the last of the people get photos with David and just soaking up the beautiful atmosphere that was lingering. David left and there were a few people still milling around and some of the presenters just finishing talking to people and the lady in the pink cardigan who is kind of like the Emcee for the event, came up to us and started chatting. She was really lovely and she told us that this week between this event and the Auckland event that David and two others from the group would be travelling down to Melbourne come Tuesday I think, and will be doing fire sides and things down there. And possibly Adelaide too.

    The other 3 are coming to a location near me. I will be glad to go but so would have loved for David to have come up our way of course.

    Hopefully we will get some tweets and pics through the week from people in those areas! 🙂

  126. Shanny in Australia says:

    Btw Kalei….I LOVE that Vegemite meme because it is 100% accurate!!!
    I actually gave David a jar of Vegemite lol. And I tried to give him the same instructions as that meme suggests. Beginners – just 1/2 teaspoon and increase as your tolerance levels increase. Lol.
    I grew up eating cheese and vegemite sandwiches nearly every day at high school. (We don’t do school supplied lunches here) And Vegemite on toast is a bit of a weakness. Lol

  127. koko21 says:

    Hi, Shanny … just wanted to add my thanks here to you for all you did to bring David’s fans along with you on your exciting experience yesterday! The vids, the tweets, and the posts – all of it – made us feel we were there, happily experiencing “David live” along with you! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been reading your posts here for a long time, and am so happy that you were able to finally see him in person … to listen first-hand to that beautiful voice, talk to him, and to see for yourself that “glow” that everyone always talks about. Thanks again, and hope to meet you in November!

  128. koko21 says:

    Thanks also to Kalei for your hard work in compiling all these wonderful vids and tweets into one big marvelous post! 🙂

  129. oliveoil says:

    Dear Shanny, your videos, pictures, and recount of your experience is such a blessing !!! When God answered your prayers,He answered ours as well !!! In particular, for me, I have always loved David’s take on True Colors, and prayed I would have an opportunity to hear him sing it live. Well, he did above and beyond everything I thought it would be. The only thing better would have been to have actually been there!!! ( Lucky you !! 🙂 )

  130. IMO says:

    Thank u Shanny giving updated about david and videos and etc, u are the best!

  131. kimk says:

    Shanny seems like you had a great time next time in the US might be a wee bit different will all be for David all David fans.. thanks for everything we all really appreciate anything we can get lol but you know that already.
    ahh the skin dang it that boy glows on the outside and the inside!

  132. jeaniut says:

    This is so exciting

  133. kimk says:

    kim ‏@kimak 56s57 seconds ago
    @DavidArchie https://instagram.com/p/6KYU75st8p/?taken-by=annagvill … #salsa

    wait a minute does this mean David went salsa dancing??????!!

  134. kimk says:

    it is exciting and lol about time!! 🙂

    venia ‏@grandeslaurens 1h1 hour ago
    was david archuleta actually a real singer? i thought he was something icarly made up

    ha would be nice if folks knew he really could sing and is great!

  135. IMO says:

    Maybe David can bring a fan on stage and dance with him ?? Maybe someone can tweet david to do that??? He could say yes??

  136. kimk says:

    MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3 44m44 minutes ago
    Check out seven amazing “Heaven” covers in the videos: http://bsl.io/Qo5 via @bustle @DavidArchie “…sounded wise beyond his years”

  137. Shanny in Australia says:

    Thanks again everyone. :))))

    Vegemite is a savoury spread. It’s made from yeast or so it goes but that has nothing to do with what it looks or tastes like. It does give it nutritional value though – b vitamins. It has a texture similar to peanut butter, is black and salty. As the meme says, you eat it on toast or bread or crackers and only the diehards would eat it without butter. It’s quite an acquired taste – little kids would usually opt for jam over Vegemite lol – so if anyone does ever try it, don’t give up on the first try lol and the key is…lots of butter but only a smidgen of Vegemite. Look at the toast in the meme – that’s a good indication of how sparingly it should be used.

  138. Shanny in Australia says:

    That LisajKing who is in one of the pictures with David in Kalei’s post, was one of the presenters at TOFW. Her story is really sad – her son died and then a few months later her husband died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack.

    I just stumbled across her blog and she has blogged about the event, with lots of behind the scenes David tidbits thrown in (if only I had known some of the info 2 days ago! Lol. J/k I wouldn’t become a stan. 😉 )

    The two widow friends she mentions were sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Lol. I had thought they were two young, glamorous, un-married girls! And she took them to meet David lucky things. She even has a picture of my seat posted lol. I’m not sitting in it though. – that’s when I was getting David’s autograph. Anyway, the link….


  139. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    Morann Crowther ‏@MorannCrowther 4h4 hours ago
    David archuleta is so much better than any of that Kendrick Lamar stuff

    Zac Taylor ‏@ZacTaylorMusic 4h4 hours ago
    Waiting for @DavidArchie to release some new music!
    Retweet11 Favorite26

    not sure who he is but he has 40K followers

    Nancy ‏@archangels28 5h5 hours ago
    David Archuleta is my fave singer in the world.

    Nancy ‏@archangels28 5h5 hours ago
    Ever since I started listening to One Direction four years ago I’ve forgotten half of the lyrics to David Archuleta songs.

    I follow this young lady she is a fan lol loves Harry a lot that being said he has been around last three years.. she does post about David every so often still likes David. maybe when David pops up again she will remember all.

  140. kimk says:

    Jillian Jacqueline ‏@jillianjmusic 13h13 hours ago


    I like this!!!

  141. kimk says:

    Shanny thank you.. lol umm well not sure we saw a pic of you yet? 🙂

  142. kimk says:

    2 lazy 4 this ‏@kanye_child 6h6 hours ago
    I literally just downloaded every David Archuleta song known to man.. He is amazing

    ~Shelby Wiser~ ‏@shelbyyzr 6h6 hours ago
    When Stanton gets to meet David Archuleta..

    julietta m. brito ‏@JuliettaBrito 6h6 hours ago
    @DavidArchie and i’m guesing that it’s because i feel your passion through your music and ugh just hi keep up what you do cause u doitright
    julietta m. brito

    @DavidArchie why? i actually juat followed you on twitter and i’m from midland and was just @ the wagner noel for a choir camp and saw&ugh

    julietta m. brito ‏@JuliettaBrito 6h6 hours ago
    @DavidArchie sorry i get excited and i end up saying nothing jaja but i just want to say that i really enjoy your music because i relate to

  143. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys!

    Been on the run… vacation is hard work! Must THANK Shanny again for her AMAZING vids and her recaps of her SPECIAL day! GREAT pics too!

    ENJOY your day guys! 🙂

  144. sydnie says:

    Shanny, thanks again you have no idea how much I appreciate your recap/videos! I love every tidbit and enjoy reading all the details, also impressed at how well you managed to stay calm, collected and coherent haha unlike my numerous failed attempts to behave rationally when meeting David! 😀
    Great to hear D will be visiting Melbourne and possibly Adelaide, how exciting for him! I’ve met so many friendly Aussies during my tours over the years, most were fun, upbeat and personable must be something in the water there lol! I’m actually friends with some I met recently during my latest tour to the East Coast! 😀

  145. sydnie says:

    Oh yeah I’m can’t say enough about David’s porcelain fine flawless complexion! He was a teenager when I first met him but dang not a blemish on his milky face!
    So envious lol I still breakout ugh and have to visit my dermatologist regularly.

  146. sydnie says:

    Not that it matters much but I’m totally convinced David could’ve been as big as 1D if he wanted to play the game intially! I’ve been kinda a coughfancough of 1D & Obviously David sings circles around them (altho they’re decent singers other than 1 hehe) and even cuter! Oh well those boys are exhausted, money & fame aren’t everything we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes with these celebs so as long as David’s happy and fulfilling his goals & continues to have appearances & concerts I’m happy! 😀

  147. kmb says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! CONGRATS SHANNY!!! What an unbelievable way to get your wish to see David in person. I’m on my phone right now so I’ll dive into everything later. Thanks for sharing it all with us. I’m so happy for you! 🙂

    See what happens when you don’t check FOD for a long time? Haha. Good to be back! 🙂

  148. kimk says:

    Jakob Plummer ‏@jakobplummer 56m56 minutes ago
    I’d imagine our country wouldn’t be in such shambles had @DavidArchie won American Idol. Rightfully.

  149. sydnie says:

    OT – SF just had its annual overland music festival in GG Park with 150000 attendees over the weekend, Elton John closed the show and Sam Smith was there also. His voice isn’t the same anymore but guess since he’s a legend with lotsa classic hits he’s still gets the big gigs.
    I skipped town for the weekend to avoid the craziness but still got stuck in traffic last night & it was at 11pm ugh.
    Bye guy, off to work!

  150. kimk says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 1h1 hour ago
    https://youtu.be/075bXqJViWM hear him speaking spanish.

  151. kimk says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 1h1 hour ago
    https://youtu.be/qsLWNznqFsI she has several clips up.

  152. kimk says:

    sydnie have you ever heard him live before or was it his surgery that changed things? kind of thinking why we don’t hear from Adele anymore her voice is not the same as before surgery.

    oh and One Direction.. ha next there is a new boy in town!! 😀

    • angelbymyside says:

      I think she was talking about Elton John’s voice.

      • kimk says:

        oh thanks read that wrong.. wonder how old Elton is thinking at least as old as I am.

      • sydnie says:

        Ooh i meant Sir Elton John, sorry for the confusion! Tks abms.
        I haven’t seen Sam Smith yet it but my adm assistant randomly ran into him at a small club concert last yr & said he sounded amazing! that was pre weight loss pre surgery but he’s young so hope all’s fine.
        The most recent artist I saw at a concert was Harry Connick Jr, he was really good & I’m not even fan…went there for a high school reunion sort of thing.

        • sydnie says:

          Yikes blaming all typos on iPad haha!
          Yep probably new boy band coming soon, too much drama w/ those 1D boys!
          Better really get back to work, early lunch today lol.

          Hope D tweets us a pic or 2 from Melbourne! 😀

  153. kimk says:

    last time I went to a concert was to see David in Stroudsburg.. lucky peeps!!

  154. CJ says:

    Can’t stop listening to the videos. Hearing that voice again has been like a tall glass of cold water on a very hot day. Ahh. Thinking about his words too. How he had for ten years before leaving on his mission had felt a darkness and heaviness that he had started to think was natural for him. That it was just who he was and there was nothing he could do to change that. At first I was surprised by this…the boy who was always smiling, how could this be? But then I think about his voice,, how he sings, how he so often had this cry in his voice..still does. I’ve always believed David ,like all of us has different sides to him and no one is happy all the time. Seems like David so often would choose to make himself look on the bright side, think positively…just smiling can be a good coping skill. glad that David says he doesn’t feel that heaviness any more.

    • Rapport says:

      Could not have said that better, CJ. It’s the cry in his voice that melts me. It just oozes with emotion, both angst and joy. I just love this delicious vocal conduit he uses to draw me in.

      With amazing musicians behind him (as opposed to a music track), BOTW would blow the roof off the house and right onto the moon. His voice travels long distances when he sings and you just simply get swept up in it.

      And, for me, the sign of a true artist is someone who pull me in like that.

    • Mary Dee says:

      I wondered what darkness and heaviness he’s been carrying since he was a little boy when I heard it? We’ll probably never know! But glad that he’s over it, what ever that was.

    • davidarchiefan4life says:

      CJ, those words struck me too. So much so that I listened again and wrote them down.

      He said “…weaknesses that I learned to face and confront, that I’d been living with for 10 years … I’ve been living with this for the last several years and I didn’t have to. I thought that’s just how I was. I thought it was just natural to have this dark feeling being carried around with you and feeling this heaviness. I just thought that was part of who I was and that I couldn’t change that.”

      I think so many people can relate to that and I, too, am glad he says it’s been lifted from him.

  155. Rapport says:

    Oops. “. . .someone who can pull me in like that.”

  156. Mary Dee says:

    So random, I tweeted a picture collage of David and Tori Kelly then 12 minutes later she followed me 🙂

  157. Alwayysafan says:

    hey guys, I’m having such a hard time getting FOD to load on my safari on my iPad, not sure why, I was able to get it to on my chrome, although it’s a little wonky too. Safari keeps reloading the page, then it gives up sometimes, idk

  158. IMO says:

    Hi folks, where is david??? Enjoy private time somewhere??

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      If what the lady in the pink cardigan told me is correct, he’s flying down to Melbourne today and doing a fireside with Brad Wilcox – the other man in the pics. Hope for tweets and pics!

  159. Shanny in Australia says:

    Sydnie, we have some vouchers we need to use up on a concert or some such thing. Ellon John seemed to be the best of the bunch that are doing concerts here in the next few months, so we were probably going to go see him……but…is he not quite so good anymore?

  160. Shanny in Australia says:

    Sydnie, actually now that you mention it, lol, yes I did manage to stay calm lol….well if you call crazy, excited, adrenaline pumping, calm lol….but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t think straight, or didn’t know what to say type of thing. The thing is, right from the very first moment he came out on stage, and this doesn’t diminish the experience for me in any way whatsoever, but I just had a sense of….there’s the David I know. That’s why in my first tweet after seeing him, I said he was exactly as I expected him to be. Just a feeling of familiarity and ease really. Which was really nice actually.

  161. Ali says:

    Shanny I can’t remember if I said this yet because I’ve been so distracted by watching certain videos over and over 😉 but thank you so much for all you’ve shared with us about meeting David and hearing him sing! It was like we all went along with you <3

    I'm just blown away by how amazing he sounded. And singing to track even. I keep thinking that I will stop being surprised by him some day but we apparently haven't reached that day yet lol.

  162. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ali, and everyone, you know what makes me happiest? When people say things like …’I felt like I was there’. That means, mission accomplished then and that makes everything worth it! 😀

    So thank you! 🙂

  163. Spirit says:

    Shanny…..I’m a little late to the party, but I want to add my thank you for providing such a treasure for us! David sounds so amazing, and yes….I felt like I was there!!!

  164. Jani says:

    Shanny, yes, I felt like I was there with you! Thank you again!
    I keep replaying BOTW, and thinking that if he really sounds better LIVE I am in big trouble come September! 😉 I can’t imagine him sounding any better!
    Just incredible, too, how he always manages to change it up from the recording, pull me into the song, make me feel it in a way I hadn’t before. What a talent and gift he has…and is!

    I enjoyed reading Lisa King’s blog, too. Ha, I can see David jumping around backstage to warm up. I seem to remember vids of jumping jacks. Probably calms the nerves and loosens the vocal chords. (Oh, heck, what do I know about vocal chords….almost nothing except that I love his. 🙂 )

  165. Jani says:

    Oh, and can I just say I’m loving the hair in these pics? Yep, shallow, I know….but he is just the whole package.

    I was glad to hear him express his feeling about whatever was heavy in his heart and how that is now lifted. He seemed such a perfectionist, I’m glad he realizes he doesn’t have to be perfect. He seems to feel settled and happy and comfortable with himself. And that makes me happy. I keep reminding myself he is still young and growing…. and learning like we all are.
    Blessings and hugs to you, David!

    Goodnight FOD! And thanks for being here. ( Good day to Shanny and Jhen and anyone else on the other side of the world!)

  166. kimk says:

    LM-Entertainment ‏@LMentertain 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie – hope you’re enjoying your time in #australia! (if you’re still here).

    Helen Isitt ‏@BrightStar61 3h3 hours ago
    good morning!

    Drove 15hrs for Syd 4 #tofw 12hrs home Wasn’t enough so driving Sale youth to Melb tmrw fr Fireside w. @DavidArchie 6hrs *Tired-Don’tCare

    xx_chantellie_xx ‏@xxchantellie123 3h3 hours ago
    @DavidArchie tonight

    . ‏@WWEArchie 4h4 hours ago
    @DavidArchie I miss new David musica

  167. kimk says:

    John Ryan Hisarza, djafan#DA2015Believe and Capri Keller favorited your Tweet
    7h: @DavidArchie your voice is amazing!!
    ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ https://youtu.be/mpgEMtyUM7U

    John Ryan Hisarza ‏@joryzhisarza 4h4 hours ago
    @kimak @djafanTheVoice @DavidArchie my teary-eyed fave ever! I missed him singing…. I remembered him when I was crying deep.

    True Colors, Beautiful, BOTW perfect!

  168. kimk says:

    Lucy ‏@_lrkkk 22m22 minutes ago
    Beautiful performance of ‘Come, Come Ye Saints’ in #Adelaide #Australia tonight by @DavidArchie – #PureTalent #LDS #Mormon

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Oh yay! A tweet!
      I just got back from the TOFW fireside David should have been at tonight lol. No matter, it was still great lol. So if he’s in Adelaide tonight does that mean Melbourne tomorrow! Hope for some pics! 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia says:

        And I feel hyped up, as if he had been here. Lol. Must be the 6 degrees of separation principle having its effect on me. Lol.

  169. kimk says:

    kim ‏@kimak now
    @DavidArchie https://instagram.com/p/6Os0M3PbPl/?taken-by=nikirebekah … #landdownunder

  170. kimk says:

    Shanny lol my guess he has quite a few requests did see something about Melbourne but forget when if I see it again will post!
    thanks again by the way we really do appreciate anything!!! :)))))))

  171. kimk says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 38m38 minutes ago
    True Colors Live MGR by David Archuleta https://youtu.be/kJ7xbap_W4c via @YouTube

  172. kimk says:

    Amirul Aqmal ‏@aqmal8596 37m37 minutes ago New South Wales, Australia
    Damn i miss David Archuleta.. The only male pop singer i like

  173. kimk says:

    Shanny there is so much more then the voice lol probably why all this is still going on so many years later. when is the next time he performs on stage or is it in NZ?

  174. kimk says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 49m49 minutes ago



    screencap from Mexico

  175. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim, the organizer lady told me he was going down to Melbourne and she kinda tagged Adelaide on to the sentence in a vague way, so I wasn’t sure if he was definitely going to Adelaide or not. Plus Melbourne is an obvious place since it’s the 2nd biggest city after Sydney. And Adelaide is one of the cities that often gets overlooked because it’s smaller. I wasn’t sure how they would fit Adelaide in, and assumed Melbourne would be tonight. (This morning)
    But I guess if you’re going to Auckland after it all, logistically it makes sense to go Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland.

    He will be on stage at TOFW this Saturday morning (your Friday night)

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Adelaide fireside Tuesday (which he’s just done)
      Melbourne fireside Wednesday
      Then fly to Auckland Thursday night or Friday morning
      TOFW Auckland Saturday
      Think they could be doing some fireside and/or sacrament meeting on Sunday in NZ but only putting vague bits of info together there.
      After that, fly back home maybe….?

  176. Shanny in Australia says:

    Can’t copy and paste tweets on my iPad but look up @brightstar61 She is driving to see David in Melbourne and said she will try to live tweet if she can or will send deets afterwards.

  177. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday! ENJOY!

    THANKS Shanny for the updates on David’s schedule! Busy guy!

  178. kimk says:

    Helen Isitt ‏@BrightStar61 34m34 minutes ago
    @AuzzieArchieFan will do. I may be able to live-tweet otherwise it will be Thursday as I’ll be driving three hours home after.

    Shanny yeah what is up with that should be able to do that drives me nuts!

  179. Shanny in Australia says:

    From the fireside tonight

  180. kimk says:

    over 300 comments.. ton of stuff on the main page probably why taking so long to load.
    almost like old times!

    looking handsome 🙂

  181. kimk says:

    Emma_lynch_R5 ‏@EmmalynchR51 18m18 minutes ago
    So I may or may not be able to meet the one and only @DavidArchie tomorrow I really love this guy his is so amazing and awesome

  182. kimk says:

    Hanah Khasanah ‏@HanahArch 5h5 hours ago
    @_lrkkk Is David still in Australia?

    Lucy ‏@_lrkkk 4h4 hours ago
    @HanahArch yeah but he’ll be back in the US by the weekend

  183. palmtreephan says:

    Just had a chance to see the new videos from Australia (many, many thanks, Shanny!)….he just keeps getting better and better and better! JUST. LOVE. THAT. VOICE! Hubby has been saying something funny every time I get upset about something…..He says, “You need to go watch some David videos.”. Hahahaha!! 😀

  184. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Hi everyone!
    Got called away for awhile so still working on adding a few things to the new post but I’m publishing it so we can have a fresh comment thread.
    Have a great Tuesday everyone and keep checking up top for a little more. 🙂

  185. Janel aka Nellie says:

    New thread

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