David Archuleta ~ Friday Trending Par-tay! David Tweets & Posts on IG, Midland Tickets On Sale Now! Fun Fan Finds, Saturday Update: Trending Party – Archie Fever!


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Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.20.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.08.08 AM

We loved it the first time, but it’s worth a re-post when David posts the pic himself on Twitter and IG, and adds a fun tweet and his famous hashtags! Hope there are more photo shoot pics coming our way!

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Archie Fever – Archies Were On Fire!

- credit pocoelsy

– credit pocoelsy

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.18.45 AM

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Trending Party!  No WWTT this time, but there were tons of creative tweets and awesome graphics to highlight the trending topic of Archie Fever!  We captured as many graphics as possible, hope we didn’t miss too many!  Lots to look forward to as anticipation builds for September and beyond!

If you haven’t gotten your concert tickets yet, there are still tix available for Idaho Falls, The BYU Spectacular and Midland – don’t miss out!

My Dear Writer (MDW) joined the trending party with this reminder of Nandito Ako – calling Dr. Josh Bradley – we have Archie Fever!

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.33.10 AM


– credit shadowbenny

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

- credit wishal

– credit wishal

Here’s a slide show of great Archie Fever graphics!

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Hot Vids  – *Bring Your Own Fan

In keeping with the Archie Fever theme, here are 2 vids that kinda fit haha!

Disco Fever! (credit: bluedots)

The Christmas Song – Irving Plaza, NYC (credit: djbell13)

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Have a great weekend everyone!  Joanie will be back on Tuesday!

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

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Trending Par-tay Tonight!

- graphic credit pocoelsy

– graphic credit pocoelsy

With a bunch of concerts and events on the horizon, we’re all catching the fever – ARCHIE FEVER!  Join your ArchuBuddies on twitter and tweet your favorite reason that you have Archie Fever! Pics, collages and graphics are welcome!  We’ll post as many as we can tomorrow – hopefully along with a WWTT!  GO GETTERS GO!!

Check the graphic above for the date and time for your location!

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Get Your Midland Tickets Now!

Ticket sales for the general public starts today at 10:00am Texas time!  Lots of lucky Archies got front row tix during the pre-sale, but there are lots of great seats still available, so grab your tix today!

- click to buy tix!

– click to buy tix!

To find out who’s going to Midland so you can meet up with other Archies, check out DFT’s FB page dedicated to the Midland concert!

- click to go!

– click to go!

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Fun Fan Finds

Short post today since I had to work super late, but here are some cool fan graphics!

- graphic credit Mary Dee

– graphic credit Mary Dee

- graphic credit shadow benny

– graphic credit shadow benny

- credit

– graphic credit shadow benny

- collage credit pocoelsy

– collage credit pocoelsy

Dream Closet on Twitter posted these cool drawings based on Disney’s heroes –  anyone good at photoshop?  I’m thinking David would make a great Disney hero!



Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.36.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.37.07 AM

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Hope to see you all on twitter later today for the trending party and tune in tomorrow to see if we were successful at getting a WWTT!  ARCHIE FEVER!

The Doctor is IN!

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– credit pocoelsy

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228 Responses to David Archuleta ~ Friday Trending Par-tay! David Tweets & Posts on IG, Midland Tickets On Sale Now! Fun Fan Finds, Saturday Update: Trending Party – Archie Fever!

  1. VaBeachArchie says:

    HAPPY Archie Fever Friday guys! Trending party tonight…..let’s ROCK twitter! WWTT? Let’s GO FOR IT!

    Thanks Kalei for the FUN Friday post! David would be FANTASTIC in a Disney film….and he could SING go blog! 🙂

    Hugs to sgjudie! Thinking about you!

  2. VaBeachArchie says:

    FABULOUS graphics guys! Such TALENT! BET there will be a lot at the trending party! Got to LEARN!

  3. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Fun photo shopped Disney hunks. Hmmm, who to photo shop David into?
    Thanks for the fun thread Kalei! Can’t wait to see those photo shoot pics!

  4. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Barb ‏@EL_FOD 35m35 minutes ago
    Asked my grandson if he wanted to go to a @DavidArchie concert with me…he said he would but was worried about all the girls screaming. lol

  5. Janel aka Nellie says:

    .@DavidArchie fans tickets for Idaho Falls are now 50% sold on Thurs Sept 17 and 62% on Fri Sept 18 http://tix2.centerstageticketing.com/sites/idahofalls6/event-details.php?e=1296 Get your tickets!

  6. Mary Dee says:

    Hello, FOD! I feel bummed that I won’t be able to join the twitter party tonight but I definitely feel the Archie Fever going!! Woohoo!!
    Abrra has the English translation of the blog that came out last night (section on David) 🙂

    David Archuleta

    And for fans of David Archuleta, yes, he was there and stayed in a corner near his family and some adults. He danced with his mom and some girls that leaders approached him somehow.

    I am not aware that there has been some turmoil, girls screaming your name or hordes of people trying to abalanzársele. The vast majority of people remained on the dance floor. At one point he took a small group of people, perhaps no more than twenty danced around David and who then formed a circle.

    I think this could have been a better opportunity for him to get closer to their fans and most of all to show your personality naturally without choreographed direction. To some extent it had seemed isolated. No doubt that strong measures must be taken when so warrants, but wisdom comes in knowing how to adapt things in every situation. And if you want more details, yes, he smiled, danced and seemed to enjoy dancing which finished late and we did it with a prayer.
    Credit :Jesus Rosas


  7. kimk says:

    Janel ha maybe Winnie the Pooh? 😉

  8. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 7h7 hours ago
    Ok Archies. Who’s coming to see @DavidArchie in Midland, TX Nov 12th? http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/upcomingEventSearch.do?method=showPerformanceDetail&performance_id=2603445

  9. kimk says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2h2 hours ago
    ♫ On Sale Today: Midland, TX – Nov 12 at Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center http://www.bandsintown.com/event/10337580?artist=David+Archuleta&came_from=97
    View summary 40 retweets 89 favorites

  10. kimk says:

    Sandra & family 🙂 ‏@HushCats 5m5 minutes ago
    @kariontour @DavidArchie …We’ll be there, Kari! …So excited! …Been waaay too long since we last saw y’all ! ! ! 🙂

    Life is Like Math!!! ‏@EricplusMoser 20m20 minutes ago
    I always hear @DavidArchie while in this friendly!!!

    fahed ༄ ‏@httpfahed 53m53 minutes ago
    @gaga8mynutella I had to search up sexy David archuleta for that

    Erin #DA2015 ‏@erin4david 42m42 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie David I know you’re lurking??!!

    sam ‏@sxxntha 2h2 hours ago

  11. kimk says:

    Janel Woodbury ‏@Nellie1983 2h2 hours ago Pleasant Grove, UT
    .@DavidArchie fans tickets for Idaho Falls are now 50% sold on Thurs Sept 17 and 62% on Fri Sept 18 http://tix2.centerstageticketing.com/sites/idahofalls6/event-details.php?e=1296 … Get your tickets!

  12. kimk says:

    ℓσяєηiiuxx! ‏@Loreniiuxx 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie ITS FOUR HOURS AWAY FROM DALLAS! 🙁 I CANT GO come to Dallas please!!

  13. kimk says:

    kati£ ‏@actualgoose 2h2 hours ago

    Christine Lam ‏@christinelam 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie Hi David, any plans for new music anytime soon?

    Elaine #DA2015 ‏@potsyoil 2h2 hours ago

    @DavidArchie Please come to New York David!

    Erin #DA2015 ‏@erin4david 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie any chance of coming to California? You’d make a lot of us happy

  14. kimk says:

    funfee #DA2014 ‏@funfee 2h2 hours ago
    @kariontour @DavidArchie meeee! So happy!!

    funfee #DA2014 ‏@funfee 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie got my ticket!!! So excited, haven’t seen you since 2010!!!

  15. kimk says:

    Happy Bday Beaurito! ‏@http_janoski 2h2 hours ago

    Michelle G ‏@hazeleyd71 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie Got my tickets! Can’t wait ! So exited to see you perform! Thank you for coming back to Texas!

  16. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you will join us tonight for our Archie fever trend!!
    It will be funnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

  17. kimk says:

    davidarchieShot some new photos this week. Here with the crew. I was outnumbered 5 to 1. #photoshoot #Nashville #mymomwasthere

  18. kimk says:

    will be here for the trend.. kind of hard though with David as disconnected as he is.
    that being said I like ‘Archie Fever’ just wish there were more folks around.

  19. Alwaysafan says:

    I don’t think David is “disconnected” just wants more personal space, he was tweeting almost everyday and blogging every month before, a little overkill if you ask me. I’m used to the way things are now and its not so bad, and not to mention we have concerts and new music on the way, lots to be excited about 😉 hope you all had a good day:)

  20. IMO says:

    Hi folks I guess david just had finished up the new album and why he had been hanging out with family and friends lately and it sucks why he had been so quiet with the whole thing not mentioned himself about his new album at all ever since he got started but well I guess he choose not too talk about it .

    • IMO says:

      It doesn’t make sense why only david’ s songwriters talked About it like lady v and others and took pics in the studio but why david had not step up about it and I hope he does care making music for us fans, make me wonder?? It would be nice if david be more happy and exticed about it, I hope he is. Goodnight folks.

  21. IMO says:

    Sorry it had been bugging me about david not mentioned it about new album.

  22. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Alwaysafan….I agree…David couldn’t keep up with that pace for sure….he definietley needed more private time and space……..Hey IMO…..all is good in Archuletaland…….keep the faith……Miss Vicki

    • IMO says:

      Miss vicki Yeah U are right but david should have talked about it upcoming new album during while he was working it, it like to me there he was left us fans hanging but it really nice for the songwriters to tell us, they didn’t have to do that, they took theirs busy time to let us fans know how music going. Sorry david but u could have done that too.

  23. kimk says:

    always reasons for stuff.. just saying what is.
    David does not engage his fans anymore for whatever reason I really don’t care why just saying most likely won’t trend.
    do like Archie Fever lol kind of reminds me of Nandito Ako.

    as for his space his time so be it as well sure his peeps will take up the slack buy his music in bulk go to his concerts.
    sure you are.

    • IMO says:

      Does david cares about his fans and music or he just doing music so he can make his fans happy so get off his back because he was getting overload music tweets if he was Doing music or not during while he was leaving from LDS mission and coming back home and I must say David changed a lot since he got back from mission. I think people missed the old david , but don’t like new david? But does david really wanted to come back to music again when he gotton back from chile so what the real truth?? I guess we will never know how he really feel. I feel this is gonna be david last album, I think david will be taking a long break again in 2016.

  24. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Not David related except she was from Nashville and a singer.
    RIP Lynn Anderson, country western singer, known for the song “Rose Garden”. Eerie thing, the other day when I was looking for more songs to cover, this was one I was thinking about doing. Maybe I will now. Great lady, great song!

    • Alwaysafan says:

      I heard that too, I grew up listening to old country music, my mom was a big fan of that type of music. 🙂

  25. Alwaysafan says:

    Call me cheesy but I have no doubt in my mind that David loves his fans and that he will continue to do music for as long as he can, as for engaging his fans, I think he does fine with that at the moment. Of course I wish we could get more on his new music, but that will come, even though he doesn’t comminucate as much as he did before, I have enjoyed the tweets and instagrams we’ve gotten from him this past year and a half. Even though it would be nice to get more music related tweets from him, I like that he shares things with us that mean something to him:)

  26. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    hard to tell what David likes or not.. he seems the same guy in that video meeting folks in Mexico
    loved seeing all the great Archies trying to trend last night if anything Archies rock big time!!
    maybe David when it is time to release his music things will pick up folks will be more interested with trending nothing really doing now

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr 9h9 hours ago
    Archie Fever is in reference to 2008 @AmericanIdol runner-up @DavidArchie who is making a comeback this year.

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr 9h9 hours ago
    I’m not gonna let this #DragMeDown but why is it so hard to get a WWTT for @DavidArchie and almost effortless to get one for @onedirection?

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr 8h8 hours ago
    @kimak True but @DavidArchie always had fewer fans than @onedirection but still got WWTT. Something has changed.

    Charlotte Pringle ‏@pringle3 9h9 hours ago
    I have Archie Fever and I’m dang proud of it 🙂 Love you forever @DavidArchie 🙂

    Felicity ‏@joelynegrace 9h9 hours ago
    saw him on tv 7 years ago then BAM! I caught the ARCHIE FEVER @DavidArchie

    MyDearWriter ‏@MyDearWriter 9h9 hours ago
    The day I caught the Archie Fever.

    MDW rocks!

    gosh I sure hope David goes back to the Philippines.. lol even does another show or movie!! 🙂

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr 8h8 hours ago
    @kimak True but @DavidArchie always had fewer fans than @onedirection but still got WWTT. Something has changed.

  27. kimk says:

    has something changed sure will be interesting when his music drops hope he is able to get things going as he wishes to when it does one thing I notice that fans are not traveling or are interested in seeing him live mainstream like they used to. don’t think folks are sure what is going on not sure mainstreamers are all that interested in some of what he is into these days. think once his music pops or he does start performing interest will pop again. hope so anyway.

    hard to get things going out there for sure even Joy Williams who won Grammys had a hard time with her new CD think she only sold 8000 her first week?
    wasn’t much interest for whatever reason maybe folks didn’t like it all that much, she did try and promote online but it felt kind of forced I follow her didn’t see any fan interaction etc any excitement not sure she ever did anything like that though before like say a Lindsey Stirling does etc. she is one ball of fire always doing something.

    maybe it is what you put into things more you put out the more you get? then again there are artists like Adele etc who just put out new music no promo to speak of and folks go crazy for it.. guess the trick is to put out killer great music.

    anyway I like all this I like the Archies still around I like David I probably won’t be able to see him live again if he doesn’t come by me but the fact there will be videos for us who can’t travel that is my savior.. lol will live thru who can and thankfully so!

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Lots of Archies that are on twitter and FOD were MIA! Know for me, I miss a lot because of working nights…Friday just happens to be my night off! But come fall…will be at football games to watch my grandson. Think a lot of fans have just those issues……family and life! Same with traveling to see David…tours are easier to make plans for…knowing ALL the dates and places well in advance! Think lots of fans now are waiting for those OTHER dates that are being worked on in hopes they are closer to home or r more workable date! Hard for me to travel far in fall and around the Holidays because of work! I too am thankful to all that share their experiences, pics and videos with the rest of us! NOTHING like seeing the MAN perform LIVE!

  28. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning! Have a SUPER Saturday guys!

    FUN last night at the Archie Fever trending party! So many FABULOUS fan art creations….Archies ROCK!

  29. IMO says:

    If david want to put his music out there and social media than he need to cares more but it like like that he just sitting on the couch doing notthing. If he really cares about his fans and his singing job than he need to step it up but It seems like He spending more time with family and friends and hanging out around utah and nashville more than music business.

  30. IMO says:

    Again… I am not mad at david but I think he need to put himself out there more but it seem like to me that he doing that less now.

  31. IMO says:

    I think personally that david does cares about his fans and his singing career but it seems like he care less about it now, again how I see it , See ya

  32. kimk says:

    think David wants to do good all around.. kind of think he is still the same guy too just that he is going about things differently?
    anyway one thing is obvious at least to me ARCHIES ROCK
    David has really great peeps that support him. 🙂

    kind of think once he puts him and his music out there a bit more folks will catch the fever again lol not that mine ever left or you guys just that things might pop again
    way I see it David still has it lol just has to let it loose!!

    • GrammyJ says:

      I agree with you kimk. David was on the mission for two years and the last year has mainly been working on new music and having a personal life. Of course he has less fans following him closely since there isn’t much to follow. Obviously since he is still working on music he will want fans to buy the music and listen to it. He has always said that he wants to put out meaningful music that will touch people. The music business is very tough now and very few artists beside the very top ones like Taylor Swift, sell much music anymore. Artists need to make money off touring and other merchandise now. People listen to music on streaming sites instead of buying it. I’m quite sure that the number of albums people buy of David’s new album will be really low, but he can absolutely make money touring.

      • VaBeachArchie says:

        You are right about the music business being tough….sure need to LOVE it to put yourself out there! Will be interesting to see how David and his team handle his new music …lots of avenues for promotion! Hope they GO FOR IT!

  33. sydnie says:

    Hmm I tried to buy Midland tickets but couldn’t get in to select seats! I’m sure it’s just me (others able to purchase) will try again later with my laptop instead of iPad.
    I don’t mind travelling to see David since I love to explore diff places anyway but just difficult to fit in D’s concerts between my two overseas trips coming up….going Layton for sure, maybe Tuachan or Midland so far!

    Trending party was at the start of our dinner, good thing it was at a busy/noisy restaurant & I was able to sneak in a few tweets without be noticed haha! Great job Archies! 😀

  34. kimk says:

    have we seen this pic before nice is it from Mexico?
    David and the girl next to him.. well they look cute together!! 🙂

    Wow I have never seen this photo before. 🙂 Aechie Fever


    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      It’s from February when David went to Mexico for the premier of Meet the Mormons. Those were missionaries at the MTC there.

  35. kimk says:

    sydnie oh yes there are folks traveling thankfully so means videos for us who can’t
    just not as many as there used to be.. I can drive maybe 4 or 5 hrs maybe Nashville but now that I have gbabies I have to travel to see I really don’t have the money like I used to so hoping for something close I can afford.
    it is about not being fired up like it used to be but then again why would it be it has been over 3 yrs since he went away.

    • sydnie says:

      It’s all good Kimk everyone’s situation is different and support D in their own ways – a lot of people just simply don’t like to fly, some w/too many RL obligations/issues, etc.
      I’m bad w/social media so don’t know how to promo him like you and others who are more active online do to generate buzz, i appreciate all Archies very much. 😀

  36. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey kimk…thanks for posting the new pic from Mexico……those missionaries looked THRILLED to be with David……I still have the Archie Fever!!!!! Hey kimk….did you move to Florida yet???? We are taking a week and a half off for vacation and driving down to Florida to go to a golf resort in Orlando the first part of Sepetember……..We will have to stop off in your area!!!! Off to do errands before pool time…..Have a great day here at FOD….Miss Vicki

  37. Shanny in Australia says:

    I’m thinking David will sell a couple thousand CD’s. Maybe 5000 if he gets lucky and gets some sort of promotion. A couple more thousand over ensuing months and years maybe. I don’t expect this CD to sell big, he hasn’t being doing the things to encourage that. I’m ok with however many he sells as long as the sales meet his expectations – don’t want him to be majorly disappointed or unexpectedly out of pocket. I think he usually has his expectations right doesn’t he…? Seems pretty realistic about things to me, even when we fans aren’t. Lol.

    Maybe this is his healthy balance…? Less sales, less fans but still enough to sustain something of a career whilst still maintaining something of a private life and sanity.
    When he was tweeting once a week or fortnight, I felt that was probably too seldom in order to sustain interest but I think this twice weekly thing combined with the concerts/appearances and the prospect of new music soon, seems to be closer to a healthy balance in keeping something out there for the fans to gab about while still giving him breathing room. Three times a week would be the sweet spot for me though. This new way of doing things is working reasonably well for me personally – It allows me to maintain a more healthy balance in my life too. I like being able to be a fan of David AND have other priorities that I can give adequate attention to also. Lol.

    • sydnie says:

      Shanny, your prediction on CD sales sounds about right doubt there’d be much promo either….don’t expect much in that department lol I’m just excited there’ll finally be new music & concerts – some are even Soldout wheew! Hopefully a few Christmas ones thrown in during the holidays! 😀

  38. kimk says:

    during the trending party diehard Archies were there.. other then that not much interest that I could see didn’t see many outside names going for it? if David wants to grow his fanbase I guess something would have to be happening for it to like new music new pics etc? even if he did an impromptu twitter fest replying to folks thing is not sure many are online like they used to be? pretty quiet over there.
    anyway sure there are ways to get things going when it is time.

  39. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim, did that lil babe of yours make it’s entrance on Sunday?
    Btw, from the bits and pieces I’ve seen, I gather you sold your house and got your dream house in Florida afterwards? Would love to see a pic or two one day if your not opposed. 🙂

  40. Shanny in Australia says:

    *afterall, not afterwards

  41. kimk says:

    Shanny could very well be.. he hasn’t been out there like he used to be plus who knows can’t imagine his music would be like what is popular out there mainstream. never know though if it is done right with cool music etc like Lindsey Stirling does it could so who knows not really worried about it just up to David with all that.
    speaking to more of the Archies trying to trend and such they are as sweet as pie but things are not the same isn’t going to happen unless David gets out there generating interest.

  42. kimk says:

    Shanny NO NOT YET!! going to text soon too early by them they texted me at midnight saying could be then nothing.. waiting game here lil pea is about to come!
    lol was told if not by Monday might be induced.

  43. Shanny in Australia says:

    Sydnie, you’re pretty cool, calm and collected considering you couldn’t get concert tix. I’d be having a meltdown. Lol.
    Hope it works for you next time you try! 🙂

    • sydnie says:

      Yep much calmer now since I know there’s at least one definite concert I’ll be attending! I have tix for Tuachan just not sure if I’ll make it back from France, the trip got complicated lol.
      I’ll be around for the Midland one tho just have to find touring buddies, my bf & nieces won’t be available ugh.

      • Shanny in Australia says:

        Well at least if you do miss out on a concert, it is for happy reasons! Good luck with everything! 🙂

  44. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ahhh, the waiting game….so hard and so exciting all in one! Excited for you all and hoping things go smoothly and as pain free as possible. 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Nice photo. She seems cool too. And pretty.
      I liked this line…”ahhh we all went sprinting out there like wild animals.” And interesting that he would only speak Spanish to them. Lol. I guess he knows they better learn fast! 🙂

      Side note indulgence: We have a very close friend about to leave Provo MTC this week. Six weeks of having learnt German and off he’s about to go….!

      Thanks for bringing it Kim. 🙂

  45. kimk says:

    sydnie oh I like flying just that all my traveling money is for my family now.. only flew once to see David that was for motab.
    thing is not many used to be diehards are flying/going/whatever they may if there are concerts close by but thing is the hoopla the crazy need to see him again is not there? it was kind of when he returned after his mission but all that went on after has changed things a bit he is distant for whatever reason and one of the main reasons even if folks don’t want to outwardly admit it is why they liked him. he changed I suppose so guess folks are either moving on or waiting to see what is going on? oh just speaking about mainstream non religious folks by the way the general fandom
    now can David get it back oh sure he could does he want to no clue lol not even sure what will be on his CD he is keeping all that to himself.
    now the photoshoot was good that looks very promising indeed!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Seems people went crazy over the first announced concerts – st George. Sold like hot cakes and tons of excitement.

      Just that all those who could travel spent their time and money on that concert. So now these more recently announced concerts have to rely on local sales more. People won’t get so excited over a concert they’re not able to attend – until the vids come out that is lol – and I think some people feel sad that it’s not near them so that probably dampens the hoopla too. Also fewer fans impacts it too.

      Actually, speaking of fewer fans…I was surprised to see such a big venue booked for Texas. I thought he could fill that in Utah…but will he in Texas I wonder?

      There may be some bumps going forward as the condition of things becomes more apparent. I guess D will make the adjustments he feels he can live with as he goes along and his life and career unfolds itself before him. I think I would be worried if I felt David had grand expectations and they were at risk of falling through but I think he’s not fooled and I think he maintains a cautious optimism which is healthy. 🙂

      Once we start getting some concert vids and some new music released, things will get a bit more exuberant I’d say. People have even being saying recently that it was starting to feel like old times again. I think that feeling will become more frequent.

  46. kimk says:

    AOL Entertainment ‏@AOLEntertain 9h9 hours ago
    Relive the glory days of ‘American Idol’ with its 15 greatest performances: http://aol.it/1Jb7mrL

    David is there!! 😀

  47. kimk says:

    sitting here waiting for baby news plus my inspection report from my new house in Florida.. apparently it is a fixer not just an updater that needs a lot of repairs including a new roof. ugh whole thing might fall thru oh well worse case means we will be back on the road again to Florida and well that is not bad at all!

    • sydnie says:

      Woah another gbaby congrats! Sounds like lotsa exciting stuff going on in RL for you, hope all works out good luck! 😀

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Oh gosh. I guess they don’t say buying a house is one of the most stressful events in a person,s life for nothing huh? But things always work out somehow don’t they. Crossing fingers for you Kim.

      Have you actually sold your house?

  48. sydnie says:

    Bye guys, time to leave for my french class ttyal! Au revoir! 😀

  49. Ali says:

    This recent post at SnowAngelz best sums up how I feel about David and the changes since the mission. It can be hard to accept change but evolution is unavoidable and really quite healthy. To stay the same forever would be such a shame. And not just David, but for the fans too. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear the new music. Happy Saturday, all!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Thanks Ali. It was nice. I guess I worry about David the person more than I do about David the Artist, so wherever he is at, if he’s ok with that, then so am I.

      Sydnie, au revoir! 🙂

  50. kimk says:

    yes my house is sold we close this October.. lol I need a house! 🙂

    guess when we all say it is up to David well it really is all in his court now.

  51. kimk says:

    oops no baby yet.. lol wonder if my DIL is doing handstands yet?

  52. kimk says:

    watching videos.. not David related
    lol here’s a hot one for you pretty popular too 😆

    my thoughts would be cool for David to cover this one

    The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

  53. Ali says:

    Saw someone mention on twitter that David is having a show in their hometown next year. Found the website for it. Looks like they are putting together shows for this year and next!

    Queen Creek, AZ (suburb of Phoenix)
    Queen Creek Performing Arts Center
    March 26, 2016
    (scroll down to see David)

    Tickets are already on sale for this event.

  54. kimk says:


    baby spice ‏@MaizeyC 11m11 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie is coming to the @OfficialQCPAC March 26th, 2016! Get your tickets now!

  55. kimk says:


    maybe that is when the CD is coming out? 🙂

  56. kimk says:

    just checked the Sandler Center in VA Beach his name is not there.. interesting the venues David is playing at.. not really concert venues more entertainment venues for plays and such no? family/adult type venues etc no?
    lol my guess David won’t be doing Twenty One Pilots type music. 😀

  57. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here is my comment on Snow Angelzz post:
    Thanks so much for your words and thoughts about David. They seem to be ringing true with a lot of us. We miss the old days, but we probably won’t get them back no matter how much we want them. David has changed but in some ways he’s the same. He’s always wanted to write his own music and not be forced to sing the words of other writers which aren’t true for him. He’s always wanted to be out from under the thumb of people who demand what he should do, but now has the voice and guts to say it. His voice is also still gorgeous, which thank God that hasn’t changed. He has told us how he gets a lot done when he’s not spending all his time on social media. So, I say take the time David. The music is bound to be amazing!
    The music industry and even some fans want to mold him into something he’s not, the next JB or what he told us “a white Chris Brown”.
    I actually like that David isn’t as popular as JB or even One Direction. Being so would make him less accessible to his fans. Yes I want him to succeed and sell records and have concerts for us to go to, but not because I or other fans or the Hollywood types he steers clear of want him to. But, because he wants to. I feel he does. He has said nothing but how music is what he likes to do, what he wants to do the rest of his life, it’s part of him. I have no reason to doubt that. I love the spiritual side of David too. I like that he gives time to other members of our faith, bearing his testimony and telling what it was like for him on his mission, etc. despite how that might upset other fans or make them jealous. He doesn’t do what he does because the church expects it, but he won’t pass up doing it because the fans don’t want him to. He does it because he wants to and it brings him joy.
    I’m excited for new music and for the future for David as I remain always a fan.

  58. Alwaysafan says:

    I also like what she said about some fans seeing David as a glass half full and feel disappointed in him, but that she sees him as a glass overflowing, I do too;)

  59. Mags says:

    Wow, some fans sure have low expectations of Davids new music, don’t thing he’ll sell more than a few thousand? Don’t think he’ll promo much at all? The truth is we don’t know what will happen, Kari did say recently that they have plenty of promo in mind, guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  60. muldur says:

    Kimak, just wanted to add some thoughts about Joy Williams new cd and its sales. I was watching that very carefully too. She had a solo career before she was with John Paul White in The Civil Wars and was pretty much not interested in the music industry too much anymore when she met JP and they decided to work together. So was JP. My point is that The Civil Wars had something extraordinary and that is what sold albums and started generating interest in them. It was word of mouth. They also had Poison & Wine on tv which blew it up. That song really started propelling them. I saw them for the first time in a 50 seat club, sat in a first row table and met her husband Nate before the show. He was very gracious and met pretty much everyone and thanked everyone for coming. We were so close Joy and JP were no more than 4 or 5 feet from us. I saw them at three shows during that time period, spoke to them at each. What grateful and kind people they are. They remembered us because we told them we had heard of Joy through David. They called us archies but remembered our names too. Such a gift they had. Within a year or two they were selling out huge arenas in the UK. But it was the magical thing that they had together that unfortunately no single person can have. Joy has a gorgeous voice and is very emotive like David and I will pay to go to a show when she tours. But people just sadly want The Civil Wars.

    • kimk says:

      could very well be in otherwords her new CD just didn’t make it for them?
      wasn’t a fan of the Civil Wars music but still thought they were cool too bad she is having a hard time with her new music sound.

  61. angelbymyside says:

    @GwenPo: @kariontour Can you tell me if the Concert in AZ in March is legit? Tickets are on sale and I don’t want to miss out. Thank you so much.

    @kariontour: @GwenPo yes! Venue posted before the date we were told. You would think they would want the artist to be behind the announcement!

  62. kimk says:

    burt macklin FBI ‏@desertmormon 1h1 hour ago

  63. kimk says:

    nancy ‏@muldur 1h1 hour ago
    Capacity of AZ venue is 777. Perfect! You can see @DavidArchie with thousands at BYU or at more intimate venues and in between.

    Kalei ‏@KaleiLuvsHawaii 2h2 hours ago
    @djafanTheVoice @MaizeyC @erlindita @DavidArchie @OfficialQCPAC I checked the seating chart & looks like almost entire front is sold out?

    aww well at least it isn’t all sold out!

    • Anne-Marie says:

      I don’t get it..how can a concert that was just announced be almost sold out?

      • Mary Dee says:

        Anne Marie , when the first Tuacahn show tix opened to public it sold out within the day. I remember trying to get tix online 4 hrs after it opened and all I got were seats in the very back and it’s a 2k (almost) seater venue 🙂 it’s exciting that shows outside Utah sell as well, gives us hope that David will come closer to our state wheeee

        • Anne-Marie says:

          But these tickets were gone before it was even known about. How can that happen? Something is wrong there. It would seem that when an artist has booked a show somewhere, then it should be announced by said artist or the team as soon as it’s booked so that people who want to attend the concert have a chance to make arrangements to get the tickets. It doesn’t make sense to me that when news come out about a concert date and then you try to get tickets and most of the tickets are gone? Hopefully fans will know well in advance when tickets will be released for purchase for future shows so there is time to make arrangements to buy them. 🙂

        • Mary Dee says:

          Kari said something to that effect yesterday. Guessing lots of fans jumped even before Team Archie announced it, great that it’s legit. There are still lots of tix available for this show, if you wanna go 🙂 just that most in the front row got taken after it exploded yesterday 🙂 All good in the end if it means D’s shows are still hot tix even outside of Utah.

  64. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 1m1 minute ago
    @MyDearWriter and we miss you guys! Don’t you have a hook-up with @TV5manila or maybe we can do something again with @benchtm @BCbench

    • Mary Dee says:

      Hold on tight, Archies !!! Archurocket is getting ready to take off 🙂 cue music: hang on, hang in for the ride of your life 🙂 YAAAAAAAAASSS PLEEEEEASE

  65. kimk says:

    JANEL lol OMG!!!! eeeep!!! 🙂

    MyDearWriter ‏@MyDearWriter 25m25 minutes ago
    How about a DA show in Manila @kariontour hahaha! We miss you here guys

    MyDearWriter ‏@MyDearWriter 14m14 minutes ago
    MyDearWriter retweeted Kari Sellards
    I’d love to work on a new series with DA haha! Or…. maybe @ovationprod can bring him back for a concert

    hope it happens!! 🙂

  66. kimk says:

    kim ‏@kimak now
    @DavidArchie @kariontour @MyDearWriter wait a minute we actually might get more of this?!! https://youtu.be/dUf-IsaKFKo
    #NanditoAko #OMG

  67. kimk says:

    confused why would Kari tweet that?

  68. kimk says:

    sarah reed ‏@sarahreed99 10m10 minutes ago
    just bought tickets to @davidarchie ‘s concert in march. i mean it’s not even for 238 days but i’m STOKED.

    sarah reed ‏@sarahreed99 10m10 minutes ago
    @sarahreed99 @davidarchie probably the best decision i’ve made in my life thus far.

  69. LOTS, of excitement in ARCHULAND!
    MANILA…Who know’s could be!!!!
    CONCERTS….Popping up here & there!!!!
    NEW MUSIC….For sure!!!!!
    Got tickets for ARIZ!!!!!!!!!WOOHOO!!!!

  70. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey snowangels…..(canadian archie)……I have to agree with you……David is a cup overflowing not a cup half empty…..David is here for the long haul…..not just a fleeting moment in time like Justin Bieber or One Direction……David is here and will join the ranks of Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams and Elvis…….Just chill out everyone…..Miss Vicki

  71. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey kimk….congrats on a new grandbaby…..I just hope my 23 year old son get a new girlfriend sometime soon……Miss Vicki

  72. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    OMG….David in Arizona in March????? I can probably get my time share in AZ that week……but it’s annual State Inspection time at work and I probably can’t get off work……..Can’t catch a break…..Miss Vicki

  73. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:


  74. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Night all…….Sweet David Dreams……Miss Vicki

  75. Hot Lava says:

    Hey IMO…in my opinion you should SHUT UP. You’re a whiny person and I can’t stand it! Grow up. Please. So annoying.

  76. Jani says:

    Love the photo shoot pic and that D sent it! Can’t help myself, though, still kissing the hair.

    And so agree and love snowangelz post. Much as I would love more contact, I want David to feel free and happy to be who he is. I think all will work out just the way it should. I would love more meeting fans type of vids! He still seems so genuine, specially with that little crying baby. Looked like he wanted to hold and comfort her, but didn’t dare for fear she’d cry all the more, lol. Aww…that was sweet to see. (I know that was earlier….I’m just catching up with posts!)

  77. Jani says:

    Lol, that’s *missing* the hair folks! 🙂
    I know the style is current and he looks handsome, as always….just my own little preference, want it a little longer and a little messy….no biggie…love him no matter what! Just rambling at 3 am….had a four hour drive today, and listened to David most of the way…hadn’t done that in ages. He really is so good. I have my favorites that I want to hear him sing live. Wish he would ask us ….that would be fun!

    And thanks FOD for always keeping us informed. So happy for those going to Texas and AZ! Have a lovely Sunday all!

  78. - says:

    HOT LAVA thanks from the bottom of my heart for saying. That’s the way I feel too for so so long. Poor David and I feel sorry for him.

    • IMO says:

      Nobody should feel so sorry for celebrites

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        Why shouldn’t we feel sorry for celebrities? Is it because you say so? I care not to be heartless like you.

        • IMO says:

          Some of U here need to be rude to me okay just because I hope david would talk more about the new album that all okay, so u some of u need to chill out!!!!!

        • IMO says:

          Don’t need to be rude to me…janel, are u a LDS, u shouldn’t talk like that?!?

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        I’m LDS so I shouldn’t call you heartless? Saying you don’t feel sorry for David or other celebrities, saying he shouldn’t sit around on the couch or hang out with his family and friends and concentrate on music. Saying he doesn’t care about fans. Most of what you post is rude toward David and heartless. I’m frankly tired of it.

        • IMO says:

          First of all I did not say that david did not care about his fans, I know he do. I thought LDS and others church people are nice in the world and cares very much and don’t judge people?!

  79. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    sweetonda ‏@sweetonda 6h6 hours ago
    I’m going to DAVID ARCHULETA at Queen Creek Performing Arts Center! http://qcpac.ticketforce.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=700

  80. kimk says:

    David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene 11h11 hours ago
    Arizona in March http://qcpac.ticketforce.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=700

    wow AF doesn’t usually tweet stuff!

  81. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! Hope a GREAT day is ahead for all!

    MISSED the EXCITEMENT last night! New concert popped up! In 2016! Wonder what other concerts are planned for that time frame? Hope some in the East! Seems Performing Arts venues are what David is doing…..we got quite a few to offer here at the beach!

    Thinking of sgjudie! Hope all is going well in her recovery. Sending hugs her way!

  82. kimk says:

    wonder what will pop up next
    am a bit perplexed but happily so that David and Kari want to go back to the Philippines right now just can’t imagine him doing something like Nandito Ako again but who knows lol but sure would welcome it if he ever did!! 😀


  83. IMO says:

    Well folks. I am Leaving because I was being bash by some rude people on here, That is not cool with me and I don’t take that kind of crap and maybe best for me to leave this board so I won’t get bashing anymore because I was just posting my opinions and I just hope david would talk more about the about his music and he had not and hearing from others people instead that all. People who were nice to me , thank u for that. Kimk, good luck in FL and enjoy your new home. Bye folks.

  84. kimk says:

    IMO thanks.. aww well I think you should stay!! 🙂

  85. Nita says:

    Hi kimk

    What part of Florida you are moving at? I live here in Melbourne about 40 minute away from Orlando.

  86. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kimk, one of my Girl Scouts and her family is moving to Florida on the 7th, but can’t remember what city.

    • kimk says:

      will be just south of Jacksonville lived here 10 yrs back great place plus you can get a house at a pretty good price. when we went looking further down south was a bit high so went for there. has all we need kind of by Ponte Vedra too.

  87. kimk says:

    Nita St Johns north of St Augustine my BIL lived in Melbourne for a few years not that far away maybe we will get lucky and David will come back for something there maybe even Orlando!? 🙂

  88. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ha, I was just thinking the other day after we had chatted about stuff up thread, that maybe Some of David’s concerts would be next year because there wasn’t much time between the Texas concert and Christmas. That is so so wonderful that another concert has been announced. I’m glad things are starting to work out!

    Linda, I’m stoked you got tix to Arizona!!!! 🙂

    Kim, I find it very interesting that Kari would tweet that too…. Thought she would have direct contacts for that sort of thing….maybe it’s because that would be Gina’s role and Kari was just putting in an informal plug for David?
    I guess it shows that there are no Nandito Ako part 2 in the works either, like we hoped once upon a time. Whatever it is, I’m glad Kari is not beyond speaking up on David’s behalf on twitter. Seems like social media hook ups are an acceptable form of networking these days.

    • kimk says:

      all kind of interesting.. maybe it just took a while for David to get to where he knows more of what he wants and doesn’t want. loved it no matter what just went huh??? 😀

      • Shanny in Australia says:

        Lol. Well he did say he takes ages to make decisions…. Lol.
        I’m starting to think maybe it was just hard to negotiate and work out all the timing. They probably wanted to fit more concerts in for this year. But maybe venues were heavily booked for the end of the year…?

        I’m wondering what he’s going to do for a band for these concerts? Guess all will be revealed very, very soon now. 🙂

        • Janel aka Nellie says:

          Sometimes venues are booked well in advance by other artists, acts, etc. So very well could be part of the issue finding available venues.

  89. Shanny in Australia says:

    IMO, I think you should stay if you want to too. 🙂

  90. Nita says:

    Hoping that David will come to Florida too Kimk. One of my concert buddy live in Jacksonville. Can’t remember what part of Jacksonville. Her name is Lita, you have met her before along with Chase, Rika and me.

  91. Nita says:

    Me too Shanny I was hoping there would be Nandito Ako part 2. I wish they would release dvd for Nandito Ako. I would for sure buy it. Not too long ago I bought a teleserye dvd called Forevermore and I wish it was David that was singing the theme song. I paid 75 dollars for the dvd and my hubby said it was expensive but I love the actor and the actress and the story line was good.

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Oh to know all the back room wheeling and dealing that goes into all this stuff like producing Nandito Ako DVD,s and booking concert venues! 🙂

  92. Shanny in Australia says:

    He must be hopping a plane and heading down under in the next 3-4 days. Wonder if he’ll go to Utah before he heads out?

  93. perplexed says:

    most of David’s scheduled concerts have been in highly Mormon populated areas, the concert in Arizona included. Since David has veered toward working and marketing himself (or the church marketing) for the Mormon population then it would make sense that these concerts sell out fast. What I don’t understand is the Texas concert. I don’t believe this is a highly Mormon populated area and a tough location to travel to for his “other” fans. It seems like he is shooting himself in the foot with the Texas concert. If he wanted to attract his “other” fans, it would make more sense to choose a venue in the midwest or eastern portion of the U.S.

    • Ali says:

      It would make sense if he’s traveling by bus and Midland is on the way. He has the two St. George shows on the 6th and 7th. Then the Midland show is on the 12th. Will be interesting to see if there is another show announced further east in Texas on the 13th or 14th.

      I have no idea if that is the case. Just thinking about how most tours are mapped and planned. I don’t even know if they will have a bus for this tour. I guess we’ll know in a few months.

      • Grammyj says:

        I was surprised with the Midland booking as well especially since it seats over 2k. I’m sure his booking agent is trying for venues all over the US, but for obvious reasons the ones in Utah and neighboring state are making offers for David. I hope David can sell well in Midland which would give his booking agent bargaining power for other venues in other areas of the US. I have been impressed that after David’s hiatus he is getting booked in lovely theaters and ampitheaters and has sold out four nights. That bodes well for David getting booked elsewhere.

    • blisskasden says:

      Perplexed, do you think that David just pulled a location out of a hat and booked a show there? Much research is done before any show is booked, and none of this research is discussed with fans prior to the booking. There is so much questioning of David’s management decisions by fans on fan sites. How about letting David and his handlers do their job, and if David appears at a venue near you, count your blessings, buy a ticket, and enjoy the show.

      Also, the notion that non LDS fans are “other” fans is an insult to David and his fans. David has never indicated that he chops his fan base into subgroups based on their religious affiliation. There is no “other” people to a humanitarian like David.

    • angelbymyside says:

      Just who exactly are his “other” fans???

      • blisskasden says:

        Angelbymyside, these are the fans with a persecution complex. They think that David thinks less of them because they aren’t LDS. There’s a whole fan site devoted to them and their feelings of exclusion and rejection.

        • Grammyj says:

          I quit reading the comments at “that” website as it was bringing me down at times. I decided life was too short to let the opinions of people I didn’t know get to me. I enjoy this fan site along with The Voice & Snowangelz. David I believe likes all his fans but obviously loves God and his family more as it should be.

        • blisskasden says:

          GrammyJ, I hear ya. The idea of David loving God more than his fans (especially them) is what has the folks over there in a tizzy. They think that this was not the case before his Mission, and they have decided that his Mission is to blame for flipping his priories away from his “secular” fans since his return. They also think that something bad has been done to THEM, and they’ve done everything but ask for refunds on their pre-Mission CD and concert purchases , claiming they were a victim of Archu-fraud, lol.

          You should go over there and read some of their “theories” about David. It’s like modern day version of “Aesop’s Fables”.

  94. IMO says:

    I have eoungh of hot lava comments against me!! I have do nothing wrong to u, please stop!! i will be back soon!! Bye folks.

    • blisskasden says:

      IMO, rule # 1 in posting on a fan site for an artist. When you come on the site and insult the artist, the other posters, the ones who actually like the artist, may very well call you on it and express their displeasure with your insulting comments. The fact that you seem surprised that it happened to you is noteworthy.

  95. jeaniut says:

    I’m excited about the BYU extravaganza. Wondering if he’ll just have a pianist and a drummer or what kind of songs etc. I feel bad about row 26, but I do have binoculars.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      What day are you there Jeani? I’m there on Thursday Oct 8th.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      I of course want to hear new songs, but would love for him to sing Heart Falls Out live. I’m wondering if those in St. George and Texas in November will get to hear some Christmas songs. I so much would love to hear O Ven, O Ven Emmanuel.

    • Mary Dee says:

      Why would you need binoculars? How big is the venue? 🙂

  96. Janel aka Nellie says:

    50 years ago before he became an actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins was a musician. He wrote this beautiful waltz that he was too embarrassed to have anyone play until about 2013. Most of the language is in German, but with subtitles. Stunning! It’s fun to see his reaction to his waltz being played.

  97. kimk says:

    Texas seems a great place for David to have a concert.. kind of think he has ‘other other’ fans too.

    David Archuleta Singing “No Me Queda Mas” As Tribute To Selena At The 30th Tejano Music Awards


  98. kimk says:

    oh then there are the ‘other other other’ fans..

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake 6h6 hours ago
    new lock screen (it was another David Archuleta picture before)

    8 retweets 71 favorites


  99. kimk says:

    Megan Keeling ‏@Meganloves2lol 2h2 hours ago
    @kariontour I know I’ve asked u this a # of times, but can you just tell me if a @DavidArchie concert in midwest is even a possibility? Thnx

    Nydia Reyes D Archie ‏@NydiaR_DA 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie ojala te pueda volver a ver pronto :)acabo de ver videos de cuando viniste a Mcallen, Tx y quiero que se repitaa jaja okya

    Translated from Spanish by Bing Wrong translation?
    @DavidArchie Hopefully you can go to see 🙂 soon I saw videos of when you came to Mcallen, Tx and I want to that is repitaa haha okya

  100. Shanny in Australia says:

    Jeani, I’m excited for you going to the BYU spectacular! And I’m glad you have some binoculars. Lol. Are you going to any of the concerts?

    Janel, oh i would love to hear O Ven O Ven too! But at the same time….that rehearsal vid with the orchestra music playing and the choir swelling …..is it possible to replicate such sublimeness like that again?
    I,m hoping, praying, crossing fingers that somehow, just somehow, he’ll sing Come thou Fount since he did say he likes that song recently.
    And then of course, how completely awesome would it be to hear his new music!

    Not long until the Idaho and Layton concerts now….and that will mean NEW VIDS!!!!!
    Haha, ‘good things come to those who wait’ and boy have the Archie’s been waiting. 😆

  101. Shanny in Australia says:

    I think it’s quite clear David is doing states outside Utah. I think the Archie’s on the east coast can be very confident that he’ll come that way and I think he’s trying to get to as many places that he can. He knows people have waited a long time and I’m sure he would like to get to as many fans as possible. Think he’s doing amazing considering he’s indie and probably doing all of this on his own dollar.

  102. kimk says:

    TMA – David Archuleta – No me queda mas

    bit of a close up really hope he sings somethings in Spanish


    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Good morning guys! Hope all have a MARVELOUS Monday!

      Shanny, kimk….Waiting and hoping! For me it will be all in the timing! Travel is hard for me in fall and winter because of work…so hoping that the stars align and things will work out if concerts pop up! Ohhhh and I can get TICKETS!

      Thanks for the GREAT vid! The Como la Flor one also has the closeups! Looking forward to NEW performance videos…… ones like the old days where you can count his eyelashes!! lol

  103. kimk says:

    Shanny 😀 lol plan on being that squeaky wheel until he does.. just has to!!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Yeah I figure just like we blab about the same ol’ same ol’ all the time, people are going to keep tweeting ‘come here David’ all the time. Not always a lot to tweet about. Lol but things are slowly picking up and at least people have stopped asking if David is still doing music. Lol

  104. kimk says:

    Liv Hartman ‏@livhartsmen 2h2 hours ago
    There’s this new song by David Archuleta called “Crush” OMG 🙂


  105. kimk says:

    good morning folks!!

    Happy Monday you all.. wonder what will pop up this week!! 😀

    t ‏@joxjav 3h3 hours ago
    omggg it’s been a while since ive listened to any david archuleta songsss

    katri ‏@vevostyles 5h5 hours ago

    Andrea ‏@dreayzbl 7h7 hours ago
    OH LAWD @DAVIDARCHIE IS PERFECTION OK http://forevermorefalling.tumblr.com/post/125732346708/rhiminee-just-a-reminder-that-we-live-in-a

  106. Pastel says:


  107. angelbymyside says:

    Comments back working! Thanks Pastel! 😀

  108. angelbymyside says:

    Megan Keeling ‏@Meganloves2lol
    @kariontour I know I’ve asked u this a # of times, but can you just tell me if a @DavidArchie concert in midwest is even a possibility? Thnx

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @Meganloves2lol I would say the possibility is looking very good at this time!

  109. angelbymyside says:

    MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3
    @kariontour Is David interested in doing more acting?

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @mlpb3 what do you think? 😀


  110. angelbymyside says:

    J-14 Magazine ‏@J14Magazine

    14 Photos of @DavidArchie Through the Years – He looks CRAZY DIFFERENT in the newest picture! http://bit.ly/1K17hUc

  111. Alwaysafan says:

    I saw this thing that says find out what your name means in Japanese on facebook, so I put in David, here’s what it said: It means “the modest one”, “You are always looking forward, you are a natural introvert and only a couple of people really know what’s going on in your head. You would rather be in a small group of really good friends who know each other well then in a large group that hardly know one another. ” I was surprised just how accurate this was in describing him!

  112. kimk says:

    woo hoo thanks Pastel!! 🙂

    J-14 Magazine ‏@J14Magazine 5h5 hours ago
    WOAH! @DavidArchie looks unrecognizable in his latest photo shoot pic: http://bit.ly/1HlD3ZW

    BUZZZZ!!!! 😀

    nice older pics cute!!

  113. kimk says:

    Maureen ‏@Maureen_abms 4h4 hours ago
    @MyDearWriter I’m thinking you can write something for David to act in. :))))

    MyDearWriter ❤️ ‏@MyDearWriter 2h2 hours ago
    MyDearWriter ❤️ retweeted Maureen
    Been ready since the day he finished NA.

    EEEEEEP!!!! 😀

  114. kimk says:

    yikes this is me when FOD is down! 🙁

  115. kimk says:

    ok let’s see we got more concerts coming perhaps in the midwest and DAVID WANTS TO ACT!!

    now is this a done deal or are they talking turkey or just putting out feelers!
    lol we won’t know til it happens!!! 😆

  116. Good afternoon everyone!
    Quick stop by to wish you a happy weekend!
    Twitter is going crazy with Kar’s tweet this morning!
    Looks like David is interested in acting again! Maybe??
    Hint! Hint!

  117. kimk says:

    wonder what David’s music will be like who his target audience is.. ha totally confused but that is ok that is my usual.

  118. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Vanessa and her Abuelita (David’s Abuelita) singing How Great Thou Art together in Spanish. So cute! That Mayorga/Archuleta talent! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJDGyv2RxxU

  119. Cheryl says:

    So excited…………..just ordered tickets for Queen Creek………..6th row back from the stage (anybody else have tickets there?) and I have tickets for the BYU spectacular. It’s gonna be fun, especially since our grandson, Alec, will be leaving on his mission in Sept. to the Uganda Kampala Mission and I’ll need something to look forward to. Remember when David went on the Military Tour and went to Djbouti? That’s in Alec’s mission……….covers Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sudan. Grandma’s a little nervous but Alec is so excited to serve there.

  120. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey all…been lurking…..Love it that J-14 is posting pics of David again and yep…the new pic makes David look like such a mature HUNK……actually I think too mature and edgy for the J-14 crowd……..Alwaysafan….the definition of David in Japanese is uncanny…..Yep…..that’s our David……hey meganloves2……things are looking up if Kari says the Midwest is a good possibility for concerts………the East Coast can’t be far behind…..and more acting…..I am in Archuleta Heaven right now……BTW…..would love to listen to David sing Heaven again……that version in Malaysia would be just fine right about now…….Miss Vicki

  121. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Where is everyone tonight??????? Miss Vicki

  122. kimk says:

    J-14 Magazine ‏@J14Magazine 2h2 hours ago
    Wow! @DavidArchie looks like a totally different person: http://bit.ly/1HlD3ZW

  123. kimk says:

    alejandrea oliver ‏@Lollieandrea 1h1 hour ago Sacramento, CA
    I just rediscovered David Archuleta’s song Crush

    DORKY KANGA 1924 ‏@daniellebri1 2h2 hours ago
    @J14Magazine @DavidArchie HOLLY **** THAT’S HIM 😯 HE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT

    Makenna Wimer ✌ ‏@MakennaWimer 2h2 hours ago
    Another random throwback to meeting @DavidArchie.


  124. kimk says:

    Tai ‏@TaisMorga 3h3 hours ago Raleigh, NC
    Haha what the f happened to David archuleta
    0 retweets 1 favorite

    umm Raleigh?

    McKenzie ‏@McKenzie2209 3h3 hours ago
    David Archuleta is still relevant? He’s still making music? oh

    McKenzie ‏@McKenzie2209 3h3 hours ago
    I relate to crush by David Archuleta on a spiritual level

    no role modelz ‏@wank 3h3 hours ago
    I’m listening to david archuleta again omg

  125. kimk says:

    Archuleta Malaysia ‏@ArchuletaMsia 3h3 hours ago
    New Post at AAM: David in Mainstream Buzzzzz – http://www.j-14.com/posts/david-archuleta-looks-unrecognizable-in-h ……

  126. kimk says:

    @BENINISM @heteroslayer david archuleta king of mormons my child

    lol well twitter sure is interesting at times

    Desss ‏@cs_destanie99 4h4 hours ago
    Does anyone else remember David archuleta cause I do I just kind of had a random moment where I remembered him

  127. kimk says:

    jenny ‏@Iyjen 6h6 hours ago
    david cook is coming here I’m going to go just to tell him david archuleta deserved to win american idol


  128. kimk says:

    Alex Wilson ‏@AlexWilson1026 8h8 hours ago
    @DavidArchie is such a stud

  129. Jhen says:

    Would it be David will be in the Philippines for acting job next year? or Asian tour ? I think all are just waiting for David availability and for him to accept the offers.

  130. kimk says:

    Jhen take pics if so!! 🙂

    kind of liked when David was on Miley.. was adorable!

    I Wanna Know You – Hannah Montana ft. David Archuleta HQ + Lyrics?


  131. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

    LOVED hearing from Kari yesterday! Sounds like things are coming together?! Nothing will make me happier than seeing David and Kari on the road again and the NEW adventures begin! 🙂

  132. kimk says:

    OMH what is this what is he saying??!!!

    Luis Angel Layseca ‏@Layseca_ 20m20 minutes ago View translation
    @DavidArchie muchas gracias por el saludo !!! #TheVoiceChile #luislayseca #LuisLaysecaEnLaFinal #Santiago

    yikes I can’t bring over the video but David is speaking in Spanish and it has something to do with The Voice Chile!! 🙂

  133. Mary Dee says:

    Here. David is promoting Luis Layseca for The Voice Chile.

  134. Ali says:

    Instagram will only post 15 second videos so that one cuts off a bit of his talking. Here’s a link to the tweet that has the full video David did for Luis Layseca

  135. Ali says:

    And also

    (Gotta admit, this one is my favorite 😉 lol)

  136. kimk says:

    hey wait a minute here why does that guy have facial hair, a cool haircut and is sexy-ish (that I remember anyway old fart here so you know we don’t remember that stuff)

  137. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!


    NEW THREAD! See ya all there later, have a great day 😀

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