David Archuleta and Concerts on My Mind, @davidarchie Forging the Great Outdoors, Songkick Merges With CrowdSurge, A Trilogy of ASL Songs, As Found aRound


- Mexico MTM Premier M&G 2/19/15

– Mexico MTM Premier M&G 2/19/15

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quote goodness unobtrusive


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Just Hanging Out, Feeding Calves

David posted an image of himself and a baby calf on Facebook and Instagram on Saturday that was Adorbs and then some!

Link to FB here and to Instagram here

david outdoors calf

Love the emojis and hashtag!

emojis and hashtags

There had been a hashtag indicating David has received a tick bite, but it was edited a short time later, possibly because David and/or the A Team didn’t want folks to be concerned possibly? No idea and I didn’t save it.  But the cow and tree emojis brought a smile!  Glad to see you spending time outside David!

More of David and the great outdoors!

keana farms climbing hawaii david instagram

DA Hike IG


DA Zipline

But it looks like it’s not just David that gets into the calf-feeding act!

pam outside

And from Shanelle, a collage of David and animals.  I could not have put this together better myself!

david animals shannelle

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Fans, Concerts and Tickets, Oh My!


I like to read some of the Billboard Business Articles and this one was posted last week about the linking of two organization which will make fans’ lives easier!

Songkick, the largest concert discovery service in the world is joining forces with CrowdSurge, the largest artist-ticketing service in the world. The combined company will do business under the Songkick brand, bringing together leading services partnered with 500 of the world’s biggest artists, used by 10 million monthly fans and ticketing over 10,000 events worldwide each year. The combination brings together Songkick and CrowdSurge’s complementary technologies empowering an expanding number of touring artists to directly sell concert tickets and live experiences where fans are already consuming music and content. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Songkick ensures that fans never miss their favorite artists live by allowing them to track the artists they listen to on Spotify, iTunes and beyond and delivering them personalized alerts when those artists announce nearby concerts.  Established touring artists at varying stages of their careers have found success partnering with CrowdSurge, including J Cole, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney, Tiësto, Blake Shelton, St. Vincent, Jack White and The xx.

ED NOTE:  Soundkick is like “Bands in Town”, which also links to venues selling tickets.  In this amalgamation, however, the fan is not required to go to an external website to buy your ticket.


Songkick’s Merger With CrowdSurge Adds Ticketing to Concert Discovery


Concert discovery and ticket sales go together like peanut butter and jelly — at least for Americans. The 50/50 merger of Songkick and Crowdsurge, announced Thursday, should make finding and buying concert tickets much easier.

Songkick, the name of the merged company, also announced $16 million in new funding from Access Industries and existing investors Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Access Industries is the owner of Warner Music Group and has invested in music subscription services Deezer and Beats Music, which was acquired by Apple last year.

In a conversation with Billboard, Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth and Crowdsurge CEO Matt Jones said the merger was the culmination of a five-year-old friendship and mutual admiration for the other’s company. “I think there’s so much value in what Songkick offers to the artist community,” Jones says. “It makes a lot of sense.”

Both companies try to prevent fans from missing their favorite artists’ concerts. Songkick is an online repository for concert dates that allows music fans track their favorite artists’ shows and buy tickets to the events. Crowdsurge is a white-label service used by more than 500 artists to sell tickets directly to fans. Songkick provides the link to fans. Crowdsurge links fans to tickets.

pocoelsy-ticket-malaysiaHogarth says tests have shown the combination results in more ticket sales. By integrating Crowdsurge into the app, Songkick sold more tickets than by sending fans to an external ticketing site. “We’ve tested in the U.K. to help shows. We’re able to sell as much as 50 percent of some major venues like Brixton Academy.”

The number of tickets Songkick can sell will vary by country. Crowdsurge sells artists’ allocation of tickets. Allocations are high in the United Kingdom, where the ticketing market is more open, but lower in the United States, where venues’ exclusive contacts with ticketing companies usually keep artists’ allocations between 8 and 10 percent of total tickets.

Ben-MN-David ticket 2009 Jones says Crowdsurge allows the bands to reduce fees and let artists bundle tickets with items like music and merchandise. He likes the splash pages Crowdsurge builds for ticket on-sales. “They take away the heavy lifting, because it is very heavy lifting.”

Going direct also allows his artists to “get the tickets in the hands of the right people for a reasonable price” and circumvent scalpers and secondary ticketing services, says Jones. Secondary ticketing services are prominent in the United States, where Ticketmaster and StubHub dominate, and the United Kingdom, where Viagogo is popular, but less prevalent elsewhere.

Both Songkick and Crowdsurge are based in the United Kingdom. Hogarth and Jones say the companies will merge their offices in London. Crowdsurge also has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Link for Soundkick (now combined with Crowdsurge):


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A Beautiful Trilogy!

As Found by Patty Ann, a trilogy of lovely videos in ASL, to David’s Falling Stars, You are My Song, and To Be With You.

Do you know what would be really cool? If you went on and provided a comment to Ian Myers, who is obviously a David Archuleta fan. Take a minute, I’m sure it will mean alot!

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As Found aRound

shanelle signing collage

alex walker tweet wiki tweet

And this!

croc quotes


Have a good Monday.  I will not be around very much today or tomorrow due to work commitments but if there is a site issue, send a tweet to FOD and I’ll see it!  Adios!

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142 Responses to David Archuleta and Concerts on My Mind, @davidarchie Forging the Great Outdoors, Songkick Merges With CrowdSurge, A Trilogy of ASL Songs, As Found aRound

  1. CJ says:

    Morning folks! David and animals, what could be better? Great post as always…Have a great day everyone!

  2. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good !morning guys! A MARVELOUS Monday to all!

    THANKS Pastel for the SUPER Concerts On My Mind post! GORGEOUS lead off pic…LOVE seeing David in the “NOW’! AWESOME pics of David ENJOYING the outdoors…the one with his sisters is BEAUTIFUL! FUN pic of peacesignpam! Can’t wait to do some TICKET BUYING! Interesting article! FAB collages by Shanelle and Shadow Benny!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day! 🙂 Thinking of sgjudie! HAPPY to hear she’s back in rehab and doing well! Hugs and prayers!

  3. kimmy says:

    good morning folks!

    haven’t been able to post.. trying a new name

  4. kimmy says:


    Kimk here

    Pastel thank you fabulous post today!

    Saw Ivory Coast Video posted something about David last night.. preparing for his return????

  5. kimmy says:

    Favorited 77 times
    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake 13h13 hours ago
    I literally picture in my mind how I’ll react, where it’ll be, and how embarrassing I’d be when/if I meet @DavidArchie daily… since 2008.

  6. kimmy says:

    Dennis Cabardo ‏@Dennnniisss 1h1 hour ago
    David Archuleta’s songs is making my day complete.

    Song Lyrics ‏@TheSongMsgs Jun 3
    Sometimes I try to hide what I feel inside. – David Archuleta.

  7. VaBeachArchie says:

    kimmy…So many fans hoping David will be coming to their city, state or country! Must be hard to decide where to go and when!? Just can’t wait to see what unfolds!

  8. cq says:

    Kim, congrats on the new house purchase #newmemories #newadventures 🙂

    • kimmy says:

      thanks.. lol we bought a house and just now getting the one here on the market!! talk about mixed up.. thing is sometimes you just know when something is right and go for it no matter what!

  9. sydnie says:

    Love David’s FB post, the adorable calf’s side eyeing the camera lol or an optical illucison anyway too cute! I see @peacesignpam has similar pose haha! 🙂
    Great collage by Shanelle but where’s duke haha!

  10. Alwaysafan says:

    David just tweeted something and I’m not sure what he’s talking about, goofy guy:)

  11. CJ says:

    Having posting probs

  12. CJ says:

    Let’s get down to business – to defeat the Huns
    Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?
    You’re the saddest bunch I’ve ever met
    But you can bet before we’re through
    Mister, I’ll make a man out of you

    Tranquil as a forest
    But on fire within
    Once you find your center
    You are sure to win
    You’re a spineless, pale pathetic lot
    And you haven’t got a clue
    Somehow I’ll make a man out of you

    I’m never gonna catch my breath
    Say goodbye to those who knew me
    Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym
    This guy’s got ’em scared to death
    Hope he doesn’t see right through me
    Now I really wish that I knew how to swim

    Be a man
    We must be swift as the coursing river
    Be a man
    With all the force of a great typhoon
    Be a man
    With all the strength of a raging fire
    Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

    Time is racing toward us till the Huns arrive
    Heed my every order and you might survive
    You’re unsuited for the rage of war
    So pack up, go home you’re through
    How could I make a man out of you?

    (repeat chorus)
    (repeat chorus)

  13. Alwaysafan says:

    I get it, he tweeted a song lyric from A Disney movie called Mulan, hmm disney stuff again, is trying to tell us something?

  14. kimmy says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 16m16 minutes ago
    “Let’s get down to business, to defeat…. The HUNS!” Anybody with me?
    121 retweets 319 favorites

    it is from Mulan.. David should do a Disney MOVIEE!!!

  15. CJ says:

    Maybe he’s watching Mulan? Maybe he is trying to act more manly? Maybe he will sing this in a play? Maybe I have no idea. 🙂

  16. kimmy says:

    never saw the movie!

  17. kimmy says:

    no clue what it is.. but it is like DAVID WOKE UP!! 🙂

    off to Target poor family we have no food been to busy doing house stuff!

  18. kimmy says:

    cj ‏@cjelvington 1m1 minute ago
    @kimak @rhiminee “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”, from Mulan. Donny Osmond sings it.

    rofl that is way too funny!

  19. kimmy says:

    Mulan – i’ll make a man out of you


  20. kimmy says:

    #HappyJRday ‏@lettucegirrl 3m3 minutes ago
    Tú, yo, hambrientos, teniendo un desayuno así, piénsalo @DavidArchie


  21. sydnie says:

    Pastel thank you for the fun & informative concerts on my mind post!
    Gosh wish I had kept all my D concert tix stubs, so many wonderful memories & surprisingly all very diff experiences for me, each location/venue had its own unique audience/vibes which I still find interesting after all these years! Few examples:
    Santa Rosa MKOC – packed show with mostly young screaming girls aka 1D type of fans lol;
    SF MKOC – older audience with a lot more men hehe;
    Reno – too crazy for words with fans of all ages in scary mosh pit;
    Alaska – family atmosphere, too frozen to remember much but impressed David still sounded great under such frigid condition; the list goes on……
    David’s unique & has such a diverse fanbase, glad he doesn’t try to please everyone anymore & just does his own thing – can’t wait to hear new music! 😀

    Btw I’ll be going to another 1D concert in July & expect to see the exact same screeching/screaming fangirl audience, can’t wait lol!

    • sydnie says:

      With that said since D hasn’t been active I’m sure he’s lost a lost fans but likely gained a few so not sure what type of fans he’s got now but nevertheless I’m still one! And although I’m not religious I’ve enjoyed videos of all his recent events & thankful they’ve been shared! 😀

  22. sydnie says:

    I’m still mentally exhausted from the Warrior/Cavs game last night lol, on to game three in Cleveland what a series so far!
    Bye guys, better get some work done! 😀

  23. VaBeachArchie says:

    Must admit I like the…..”Let’s get down to business” part of the quote David tweeted! Sounds good to me!

  24. Donna says:

    I like silly David. 🙂

  25. kimmy says:

    TheSnowAngelz ‏@TheSnowAngelz 44m44 minutes ago
    NEW on SAz: Old MacDonald @DavidArchie: What it all really means (not really) http://wp.me/pCSmC-4gn

  26. kimmy says:

    I like silly David too! 😀

    Emily McLaughlin ‏@eam1109 1h1 hour ago
    Is David Archuleta okay??

    NJ ‏@skittlesnj 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie you need to do covers of Disney songs.

    tami lyn ‏@tami_lyn 2h2 hours ago

    Kayla ‏@abovetheruins 2h2 hours ago
    Jammed out to Disney songs in the car. Blaming you @DavidArchie

    Eimi Nebrejo ‏@EimiSugita 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie Did they send me daughters?! When I asked for sons! #mulan

    Kayla ‏@abovetheruins 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie Please don’t ever get over this Disney kick you’ve been on lately

  27. kimmy says:

    so what is David saying.. are we with him or against him? 🙂

  28. IMO says:

    Hello folks That doesn’t sound like david to me or unless it a quote??? I hope david is okay.

  29. kimmy says:

    Margie #DA2015 ‏@HUNNZY 28m28 minutes ago
    Perfect Date: It’s a political poll dance at the Desert Star’s ‘Into the Hoods’: http://bit.ly/1B1Lq0t via @heraldextra @davidarchie Murray

    This weekend, you’re a write-in candidate running for your sweetheart’s heart.

    Desert Star Playhouse creates a political spin zone in its latest musical parody “Into the Hoods — A Fractured Fairy Tale” starring characters like Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and Utah’s David Archuleta.

    There’s no debating this Perfect Date — it will cause a comedic reaction.

    The former presidential candidate becomes a baker after a witch named Hillary Clinton curses him and he loses the 2012 election. To lift the curse in time to win the bid for the 2016 race, Mitt must venture into the “hoods” with his wife in order to collect the items needed to brew a potion for Mitt to end up in the White House.

    Rapunzel, a long-lost Romney daughter, and her Prince Charming David Archuleta also join the quest for Mitt’s political salvation.

    Mitt soon discovers he must learn how to relate to people to win the next election, and might not need the magic potion after all.

    Get on the winning ballot and ignore the polls (you’re friends’ Facebook pages). Run on a platform of awesomeness and affection, and declare your running mate for this Perfect Date in Murray.

    Tickets are $18.95 for adults. Showtimes are 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and at 2:30, 6, and 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. The playhouse is located at 4861 S. State St. in Murray. For more information, call (801) 266-2600 or visit desertstarplayhouse.com.


    • missbianca says:

      Ohmyheck, that’s REAL! Look at the adorable-but-not-as-adorable-as-David “Prince Charming!” I would go on that Perfect Date in a heartbeat.

      *still giggling*

      Oh, and what’s wrong with Crocs? They’re my footwear of choice unless I’m at a very formal occasion and sometimes even then. Mundane? Or has Monday suddenly improved its rep?

      • kimmy says:

        ha I know too funny.. I love crocs too even my grandbabies wear them.

      • Pastel says:

        Hi Miss B! No idea what the Monday/croc analogy was. Just found it curious and post worthy 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia says:

        Sounds crazy and mixed up enough to be a dream lol.

        Bianca, What do you mean by the crocs/Monday analogy? I can’t see any reference to either in the article???

        • missbianca says:

          Haha! No, it’s not in the article about the play. It’s the last graphic posted in today’s article. “If Mondays were shoes, they’d be Crocs.”

  30. kimmy says:

    Angelique ‏@AngelRdheaven 11m11 minutes ago
    This is from SGJ:thank you everybody again for all your prayers,cards, & hugs love. Your prayers mean the world to me. Love you all!

  31. IMO says:

    I love the calf face in the pic!!!! I don’t think the calf was happy being photographed lol! Maybe david want to do more farm work with animals, trying to be like next sawyer fredericks , he did image and maybe david was able to get hold of him told him he did a great job singing it bit I cannot pic david In a farm, sorry david

  32. IMO says:

    Goodnight folks. Take care for now.

  33. Pastel says:

    Hi folks! Working with our host to speed up posting. Hope it improves soon

  34. Shanny in Australia says:

    Thanks for the new post Pastel. So many new and innovative music technologies popping up everywhere isn’t there – people trying to grasp what’s going to be the next big thing in this new era of music distribution I guess. It’s sure there for the taking. I hope something emerge’s as the next big thing soon so Indy artists like David can have a clearer view of which path to take to get their music out there.

  35. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Wonder why David is into Disney so much lately….IMO…you don’t have to be a kid to like Disney….Hi kimk…..er…kimmy……Miss Vicki

  36. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Commercials on for pixar movie….”Inside Out” on the TV right now…..bet David will go see it ASAP…..Miss Vicki

  37. Shanny in Australia says:

    Sydnie, having never been to a David Archie concert I enjoyed hearing about the different vibes and different demographics each of them had. The audience and their participation levels make such a big difference to the enjoyment of a concert I feel. I’ve been to a pop concert where the audience was very young – lots of Asian people actually – but the audience was so quiet and reserved, it effected the enjoyment levels. Hoping that the Archie’s revel it up at Tuachan! 🙂

  38. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim, excited for you that you have bought your dream Florida home already! Hope your current house sells quickly and easily! 🙂

    Hi Vicki – yes all these Disney songs….is David dropping hints or not? Maybe our ninja Archie’s need to go on a Disney hunt and see if anything turns up in their travels…. 😉

  39. Kim what is the Ivory Coast Video ?? Where can i see it!
    I’m enjoying Davids Disney Tweets!
    I love Disney movies!!!!
    Hello everyone!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Yes the Ivory Coast video too. That conversation also went over my head. Lol

    • Ali says:

      It was Ivory Music & Video. That’s the label in the Philippines that released David’s Forevermore album. They tweeted this:

      Ivory Music & Video ‏@IvoryMusicVideo 21h 21 hours ago
      Let David Archuleta keep you company on a rainy afternoon! Fall in love with his voice once again by heading over… http://fb.me/6FTnI5BeF

      It’s a link to a Facebook post with a youtube playlist of the videos he made for that album on Ivory’s YT channel but the comments here earlier were wondering if they are mentioning David now for a reason…like if something is possibly in the works. Who knows with that guy lol. He’s busy watching Disney movies and meeting barnyard animals 😉

  40. IMO says:

    Idk I just have different opinions about when a adult watches Disney movies but unless if u have children of your own and if u watches with them. Really sorry again I think maybe david could be babysitting someone child and loves disney movies.

    • missbianca says:

      Check out the ears on my avatar. I love Disney! Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney animation. Two pairs of my Crocs have Mickey Mouse-shaped vent holes. No kids here.

      I would love it if David could be a voice actor in a Disney animated movie. His voice is so distinctive, who knows maybe he’ll be just what they’re looking for someday.

  41. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! A TERRIFIC Tuesday to all!

    NEVER hurts to be young at heart! LOVE Disney and Disneyland! What a VISION Walt Disney had and brought to life!

    David always surprises, confuses or makes us go hmmmmm with his tweets!? Sure keeps us GUESSING! EXCITED to know if all the Disney songs and references have a meaning! David would be PERFECT to do a voice over or sing for a film! 🙂

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day guys! Thinking of you, sgjudie! Hope this is a good day for you! Hugs and prayers! 🙂

  42. kimmy says:

    good morning folks!

    maybe David is going back to the Philippines didn’t Kari follow Penshoppe?

  43. kimmy says:

    Kai ‏@kiayaobrien 6h6 hours ago
    How I met @ImJayAwesome was from our mutual love for David Archuleta and she showed me a whole new world of twitter #NationalBestFriendDay

    Jay ‏@ImJayAwesome 6h6 hours ago
    @kiayaobrien LOL all because of @DavidArchie

    Jay ‏@ImJayAwesome 6h6 hours ago
    @kiayaobrien lets spam him and see if hes sees us @DavidArchie #6yearsandcounting

    Kai ‏@kiayaobrien 6h6 hours ago
    @ImJayAwesome @DavidArchie HE BARELY TWEETS I DOUBT IT

    Jay ‏@ImJayAwesome 6h6 hours ago
    @kiayaobrien @DavidArchie THATS TRUE

    Kai ‏@kiayaobrien 6h6 hours ago

    Jay ‏@ImJayAwesome 6h6 hours ago
    @kiayaobrien @DavidArchie i feel 13 again lol

    Kai ‏@kiayaobrien 5h5 hours ago
    @ImJayAwesome @DavidArchie remember when he hit 1 million followers? That was a great day for Archie fans

    Jay ‏@ImJayAwesome 5h5 hours ago
    @kiayaobrien @DavidArchie now hes at 1.3M

    Kai ‏@kiayaobrien 5h5 hours ago
    @ImJayAwesome @DavidArchie “That skin dang it!”

  44. kimmy says:

    DorkAngel-GBW ‏@DorkAngel 7h7 hours ago
    @DavidArchie You gonna to go kick some Hunny buns, on the dark side of the moon?


  45. kimmy says:

    Dini Hermawati ‏@DiniHermawati 7h7 hours ago
    If you ask who my fav guy is. #davidarchuleta #fangirl #celebcrush https://instagram.com/p/3sX4Ckl_Mx/

  46. kimmy says:


    kaychan ‏@rocktellme 7h7 hours ago
    Though I’ve not watched the Disney movie ‘Mulan’, learned a bit about it because of you @DavidArchie and found also: http://ln.is/com/pO3km

    On the heels of the magical success of Disney’s live-action Cinderella, the studio is eyeing another live-action retelling: Mulan.

    Disney bought a script by writing team Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek that centers on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the female warrior who was the main character in Disney’s 1998 animated film.

    David should be in it!!! 😀

  47. kimmy says:

    kim ‏@kimak now
    @DavidArchie WALL-E always reminded me of you! @DisneyPixar @Disney
    Wall•e Official Trailer https://youtu.be/alIq_wG9FNk

  48. kimmy says:


    David even went to WALL-E’s movie premiere!! 😀

  49. kimmy says:

    lol I remember ‘the hat’ discussion…
    what a cutie!

  50. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Stopping by to say I hope you all have a fabulous day 😀

    LOVE that hat, polo shirt outfit on David 😀

    Continued love, prayers & hugs to Judie, take care dear friend 😀

    Gotta go, Take Care All! TTYL 😀

    Hey Kim! Congrats on the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  51. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ali, Bianca, thanks for clearing up my confusion earlier. 🙂

    Kim, Vabeach….I think peeps on twitter should start tweeting the Disney people with that Lion King song David did. I get the impression David would like to do a Disney project and maybe we fans can put the bug in the disney execs ears….? David might not have the clout to get his foot in the door but we could try putting David’s name across their desk via social media. Not saying people should go hard out trending necessarily but a tweet here and there, a fan here and there, and hopefully someone who has the ability to make a decision might see it and pause a moment to consider it.

  52. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha! Hey Bethy, you stepping in for Vabeach this morning? I’m so used to her turning up in the morning with Kim and posting a ‘have a good day everyone’ type message, I didn’t pay enough attention to who said it. You’re up early Beth? Or just posting early? I hope you are well. 🙂

  53. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hey Shanny! I post early once in a while to
    say Hey! Thanks, doing ok, hope you are well! 😀

    Well, gotta go, lol, TTYL 😀

  54. kimmy says:

    Beth good morning.. lol hi and see you later.. maybe!! 🙂 oh and thanks!!!

    Shanny lol already did! couple Disney sites related to Disney already followed me this morning.
    my guess he just likes Disney it fits who he is so he tweets quotes and sings songs from their movies but we all can dream. you never know always thought David was best suited for Disney even though others didn’t think so or didn’t want him to be associated with them. I mean really he lives the life of what Disney represents so not like a Miley etc does.

  55. kimmy says:

    Judy#DA2014 ‏@VABeachJudy 1h1 hour ago Virginia Beach, VA
    https://youtu.be/o1o7uF–qW4 @DavidArchie had it going on….MerryGoRound FTW!

    this was so good!!

  56. kimmy says:

    let me put it this way.. no way David will EVER compete with the Adam Levines of the world.

  57. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello kimmy, Beth and Shanny! Wonder if today is the day for some career news from the man? Or a clue…..or a snippet??

  58. kimmy the beggar says:

    VABeach omgosh more of this please!!

    Judy#DA2014 ‏@VABeachJudy 6m6 minutes ago Virginia Beach, VA
    https://youtu.be/geKSooqGzQU LOVE IT! Looking forward to doing some of this in the future…..showing the ARCHULOVE!

    • Cathy says:

      TBH, THIS is the David I thought we would see on AI after Shop Around. Sooooo good! *stomps feet*. I want this back!

  59. kimmy says:

    starrrr ‏@teddytedleh 3m3 minutes ago
    when will david archuleta be releasing his next new single/album………. :<

    wishal ‏@FDAwishalwassim 31m31 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie I hope the pensive writing phase is over now , i hope we get a chance to talk with u here on twitter…any chance sir???

    hope soon!!

  60. kimmy says:

    Madeline ‏@magdalenaa123 1h1 hour ago
    Album with songs from Disney movies by @DavidArchie … I’d love to hear it!

    Marky ‏@MarkTorres1225 1h1 hour ago
    @DavidArchie Who’s your favorite Pokémon Archie? It would be awesome if you answer 🙂

    Alisa Karmina ❀ ‏@_alisamonalisa 1h1 hour ago
    Throwback to not being completely aware of my surroundings w/ @DavidArchie


  61. kimmy says:

    Cathy lol well it is in there somewhere.. just gotta come out again!!

  62. wonderingandpondering says:

    I got 2 tickets to see David. Never thought in a million years I could go to Idaho. There are tickets left still so go get them fans of David. Fun times are coming soon.

    Now I have to find out what else to do there cause we are staying for a couple days. Never been there. It looks cold.

    • kimmy says:

      aww congrats!!!

      wish I could go for sure
      by the way I think Shelley, Nancy and Lisa are going not sure you know them but there are Archies going so we will get videos and such!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      I think all the Archie’s who can travel to that part of the country have already bought tickets to St George. A few who could travel twice bought tickets to Layton. And very few can travel three times….so the Idaho tickets are going to have to be purchased by the Idaho locals and maybe a few Utahns. Think those Idaho tickets are going to have to be sold via advertising.

      But I’m glad you are getting to go wondering!! 🙂
      Are you going to Layton or St George?

      • Just Curious says:

        How are tickets going for the Idaho shows. I have not heard a peep about whether they’re selling quickly or slowly.

        Just curious about the status of tickets.

      • sydnie says:

        I’d go to Idaho if I could but won’t be back from So. America until 9/16, but I will be able to make the 2nd Layton show – not the 1st one tho it soldout too fast! 😀

      • Donna says:

        The Idaho shows are the same weekend as the Layton shows.

  63. kimmy says:

    think about 40% sold?

    maybe David will start doing promo etc going forward.
    lol or not.

  64. sydnie says:

    Shanny, I read 1D had a soldout stadium show in Osaka Japan with over 32000 fans but they were so quiet one could hear a pin drop lol. Definitely not the case with their other shows, I’m bringing ear plugs to the one in Levi Stadium. 😀
    Hope you’ll get to actually meet David at the Sydney event (not familiar with the program/protocol, will David sing or just give speech?) otherwise there’s always Tuachan! 😀
    I failed miserably at all my David encounters so far, nothing went according to plans lol.

  65. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey all…it would be so great if David did a Disney project…..and yes missbianca…..I agree with you…..I love Disney too and I don’t have little kids…..So happy for all of you getting to go to David concerts out West this fall…..patiently waiting for concerts here on the East Coast…..I think the pensive writing phase might be over soon…..David seems to be tweeting and sending more pics on instagram again………..YEAH!!!!!!! Miss Vicki

    • sydnie says:

      Yep David’s voice’s perfect for Disney movie theme songs/voice over, wonder if he’s ever thought about auditioning! Bet if he got a good agent wouldn’t be difficult to get parts…..not sure if he’s interested though.

      Hope he’ll tweet about the Idaho concerts after his pensive writing phase’s over! 🙂

  66. sydnie says:

    Just read popular rapper/popstar Iggy Azalea’s canceling her big arena tour! 😯
    Dang sure is tough to survive this music/showbiz stuff, didn’t she just win a bunch of awards! Wonder what happened other than sales.

    • sydnie says:

      Idaho sales are decent, still three more months to go doubt that many fans even know about the concerts. Most shows don’t sell out – well at least not within the first week anyway lol. 🙂
      Could be David’s waiting until after the release of new music to do promos!
      I’m just glad David’s slowly but surely getting back to touring again! 🙂

  67. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Iggy Azalea…who???? Never heard of her……seems like David can sell out more small venues in the middle of nowhere after being gone on a two year mission than this rapper who just got awards….GO DAVID!!!!!! Miss Vicki

  68. kimmy says:

    Iggy is popular.. more popular then David.

    Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls


  69. kimmy says:

    Iggy is known and is on the radio.

    David is a sweetheart and all but him going silent doesn’t seem to be helping with sales of tickets even in Idaho.

  70. sydnie says:

    Unfortunately for Ms. Iggy radio hits & perceived popularity aren’t translating to tour success. Her team overestimated the size of her fanbase, had she booked smaller venues might’ve worked out better…..according to Ali’s link only 20% of some dates were sold which quite surprising considering her massive media exposure.
    I’m not familiar with her music but good luck to her next venture, she’s only a bit older than David so still young & plenty of chances to make a come back.

    David’s been on a lengthy hiatus so doesn’t take much to be more popular than him lol, really not that significant seems what he prefers right now.

    Dang it, another nerve wrecking NBA game & my team lost again yikes! Now I’m too hyper to sleep lol.

  71. kimmy says:

    sydnie Iggy is not my cup of tea but she is more well known then David is right now that is for sure. Can’t go underground for two years for whatever reason then come back and do it again for another year and be popular. Am a bit surprised Idaho peeps haven’t picked up the slack. Guess they want popular well known whatever.
    I remember Iggy quitting twitter when she didn’t like folks getting on her about her body in a bathing suit.. no clue if she rejoined. As for concert sales no clue size of venues etc she had or any of that all I know is Nick Jonas was to open for her now he is doing a solo tour.
    David can’t be like 1D I suppose huh selling to gazillions of peeps but then again those days are most likely over considering what is going on with Zayn leaving etc.
    It is a very tough business can’t take things for granted that is for sure.

  72. kimmy says:

    true that about David seems that is what he wants so it doesn’t matter really if the tickets do sell or not

  73. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! Little late this morning! A WONDERFUL Wednesday to all!

  74. kimmy says:

    have a couple of thoughts..
    that David is going thru things we have no idea about
    also thinking that maybe the pic of him with the cute calf and his latest tweet which was fabulous was the start to him coming out of his ‘pensive writing’ mode?
    hoping so anyway!

    his instagram account I think it started at 24K is now 80.3K followers also started going up a wee bit faster after the cute farm pic.
    all good way I see it!

  75. kimmy says:

    aubs ‏@aubscole1 6h6 hours ago
    Still emo over Adam Lambert not winning American Idol. Or David Archuleta while we’re at it. Like it’s obscene.

    Tori ‏@Kirkenfail 9h9 hours ago
    After seeing a pic of David Archuleta from 2010, I just had to Google him to see what he looks like now. Still adorable #thankgoodness

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1 9h9 hours ago
    How I miss @DavidArchie acting https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dUf-IsaKFKo … wish they’d make DVD version !!

    • VaBeachArchie says:

      Nandito Ako was FABULOUS! HOPE David does more acting…..wonder if he’s still interested in doing so?! Mysteries of the man??

  76. kimmy says:

    julianne ‏@jucrowley 10h10 hours ago
    The secrets out, I’m in love with David Archuleta

    Boston Chappell ‏@BOSSton_Chap 10h10 hours ago
    Only at an EFY dance would they play David Archuleta! #DentonEFY2015

  77. kimmy says:

    hey David is going to Australia forget when maybe a pit stop before or after the Philippines? 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      That sure would be FUN!
      But alas, from what Kari said in her recent tweets, I got the impression they haven’t got that far in their planning yet.

  78. Shanny in Australia says:

    Good morning Kim and Vabeach! 🙂

    Sydnie, I’m sure David will speak and sing. Hoping for at least 4 songs!
    And the 2 years previous, there were ample opportunities to have a good chat to the presenters. I was thinking earlier …as much as I would like to monopolise all his time asking him a zillion questions it’s probably in everyone’s best interests to allow others a chance to talk to him too. 😉
    And well, if I become a big goofball in his presence, I will try to console myself with the knowledge that it seems to be a rite of passage for all ODD Archie’s. 😉

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      I’m sorry. I just realised what I wrote could have come across the wrong way and seemed like I was rubbing it in. All I meant was that i would love to have a good long conversation with David not that I would actually get that chance. A few minutes maybe if I can keep my words straight.

      • Ali says:

        Shanny — don’t feel bad about getting your first chance to see David in person. We’re excited for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I know it seemed so strange the first time I did…it’s kind of disconcerting when you’ve only ever seen videos and pictures and suddenly there he is right in front of you.

        I hope all fans get a chance to see him in person again but the first time is something special. Wishing that for all who want it. Cheers!

        • Marylee~ North Carolina Girl says:

          SO true! First time is an experience that is etched in one’s mind forevermore! Just like you said, Ali. Watching him in video for so long and, all of a sudden, there he is larger than life ~ EPIC! …and when you observe him showing every single fan his undivided attention, reinforces why you became a fan in the first place. 🙂

  79. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Good morning everyone!
    A few wrinkles in (real life) here (more than just age related 😆 ) so I’ll be getting a post up but it will be a bit later. Hope everyone is doing well this Wednesday and thanks so much for your patience! 🙂

  80. VaBeachArchie says:

    Joanie…Taking care of yourself and real life is most important! Hope all goes well!

  81. TaterZen says:

    Reading concerns about Idaho Falls sales in various places. I live on the other side of the state, just 50 miles from Oregon in fact; but I know the Idaho Falls area a little and many people there. I’m not too worried about David’s ticket sales and I really expect the venue to sell out prior to the concerts. There hasn’t been a big promotion push in Idaho Falls yet, but I’m sure there will be, as well as in nearby cities where David is known and popular. Locals will see the announcement 3 months before a concert as plenty of time to get tickets. Plus, BYU-Idaho (14,000-15,000 students) in Rexburg is just 30 minutes from that venue and their fall semester begins right after Labor Day.

    • Joanie/suttygal says:

      Completely agree! 🙂 As soon as there’s a bit more promo, the tickets will be scooped up… and the BYU students will also love the chance to see him! Perfect way to BEGIN. their semester! 🙂

  82. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Want to thank Kylie Malchus for sending a very generous prize to me for being second place in her guessing contest (guessing when Don’t Run Away would hit 1,000,000 views). I can’t even imagine what 1st place got! She gave me around 20 pictures of 4 different scenes in Don’t Run Away. One scene where he is singing and the pics of him are in color (2:27 on the video), one in black and white (:50 on the video). The third is where David’s drawn hand is touching the girl’s hand (2:09 on video). The fourth is where the girl is standing and we see the back of her (beginning of video at :10). I’m not going to scan or share because of copyright issues, but just wanted to thank Kylie! The pictures are wonderful. Oh and she signed each one too!

  83. kimmy says:

    Joanie aww hugs.. no problem we are fine here hope all will be ok soon!!

  84. kimmy says:

    ☪ ‏@justhavefaithx 6m6 minutes ago View translation
    david archuleta is on the radio omg

    LeBarbieDoll ‏@KEmerole 23m23 minutes ago
    David archuleta and Austin mahone look so much alike

    Gigs Salt lake city ‏@GigsinSLC 3h3 hours ago
    Let’s get ready to rumble with @DavidArchie! Tix: http://cwm.io/c4e04

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