David Archuleta and a Momentus Monday! SOLD OUT? The Vocal Coaches of American Idol, As Found aRound, Things are looking up!


- from the MTM Premier  M&G in Mexico 2/19/15

– from the MTM Premier M&G in Mexico 2/19/15

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wake up and be awesome quote

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Tuacahn Sold out?

tuacahn amphtheater

Pretty darn close!  As of last night, only 3 tickets were available in the far right corner of the amphitheater in St. George, Utah.   We never had any doubt!!!   Source


As Joanie reminded me, for the Nov. 7 concert, as soon as regular seating was sold out, the venue opened “overflow” seating.  Let’s hope that happens here too 🙂

Congrats David and team for another stellar response to this first set of concerts.  With this response as a start, I expect more to come!

oh, how did THIS map turn up in my post??? Hmmmm …


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The Vocal Coaches of American Idol


A great piece from Variety on the bond and relationship between the uber talented Michael Orland and Dorian Holley and the American Idol contestants.  I’ve seen both of them at Sounds of David and I wholeheartedly agree!


michael orland heaven david archuleta fans of david

Certainly must be wonderful to see these young talents blossom in front of their eyes!

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As Found aRound

From Martha on Twitter:

david colin farrel

fire pauer lauren sauer kailie stewartelaineAnd I love this pondering pic!

Things are looking UP!

david archuleta mexico

See you later on Monday!!!

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223 Responses to David Archuleta and a Momentus Monday! SOLD OUT? The Vocal Coaches of American Idol, As Found aRound, Things are looking up!

  1. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Monday!

    Thanks Pastel for the Momentus Monday post! GREAT lead off pic! Tuacahn SOLD OUT….well keeps going back and forth within a few seats! And it’s the SECOND SHOW! How FABULOUS! What a GORGEOUS venue! Know all attending will be blown away when they hear that VOICE soar in those mountains! LOVE the Canada map…think it’s about time David makes an appearance there…must saying! LOVE all the Archugoodies….BEAUTIFUL collage by Elaine!

    Back on Nana patrol….Spring break is over! Won’t be too long ….then summer VACATION! How bout some concert dates to fill some of the summer? GREAT time for fans and families to travel…. NO school! 🙂

  2. MUNKM says:

    ONE SEAT LEFT!!!! AWESOME!!! ACK!! https://www.tuacahn.org/Online/mapSelect.asp

  3. Donna says:

    ONE seat left now, as of 9:40

  4. kimk says:

    ha it is STUCK!! one seat left!

    Pastel rofl come on David… HEAD TO CANADA TOO!! 🙂
    thanks for the new thread really do hope he comes back it is about time!!

  5. kimk says:

    so Jimmy Carter is not there.. so who is or is it all college professor types?
    lol really do think it is kind of adorable David will be there.
    my guess the class will be popular.

  6. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Janel Woodbury
    The UCCU center where @DavidArchie will be speaking and performing. Wolverines basketball and other sports held here.

    Note: This is a picture during the Freshman convocation that’s held every year in September. Was there with Alyssa for hers last Fall.

  7. kimk says:

    omgosh lol that is HUGE!! 😯

  8. Janel aka Nellie says:

    WHOOT! It’s officially sold out! Click on the performance date and it says ” There are no available seats for the selected performance.”

  9. kimk says:

    almost the whole crew here!! 🙂

    Mary~ #Here4DatVoice
    #BaltimoreMemories ~ More please @DavidArchie


  10. kimk says:

    SOLD OUT!! 😀

    ha time for new ones to be announced!!

  11. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Not David related, well not unless you count the times he turned off social media. Zachary Levi and Bert from Sesame Street singing “Lovely Sunny Day”. I love Zachary Levi’s voice. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153204583989705&fref=nf

  12. VaBeachArchie says:

    Heading to work but got to check in! Something has got to happen soon….NEW release or NEW concert dates….WHICH WILL BE FIRST??

    ENJOY your David time guys! 🙂

  13. Anne-Marie says:

    Hello everyone!! So wonderful David’s 2 shows are sold out!! Now it’s time for more shows to pop up!! 🙂 Let’s get this show on the road!!

    Beautiful weather has finally hit Western NY! 80 degrees today. Haven’t felt that warmth (or anything close to it) in 7 months! More please! Lol.

  14. kimk says:

    didn’t read it when I posted it.. guessing whoever wrote it was not a fan nor lds.
    great PR. not.

    • Marylee-NorthCarolinaGirl says:

      read that…not very nice. 🙁

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Just FYI, I know several LDS people who aren’t fans of David. Not their taste in music I guess.

      • Jani says:

        Maybe not, but that seemed pointedly “anti”. You can not be a fan and still be truthful and positive about someone whom your add is supposedly trying to promote. (Maybe I’m a wee bit sensitive? 😉 )

        • Anne-Marie says:

          Just read that article. Not very nice indeed, snarky, as well as unprofessional and certainly not accurate.

        • Janel aka Nellie says:

          That is true, it was mean regardless if they’re LDS or not.

  15. kimk says:

    Davis Arts Council ‏@davis_arts 1h1 hour ago
    Part two of @DavisClipper’s profile about our upcoming season at the #KenleyAmphitheater. Tickets on sale 4/28! http://davisclipper.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Kansas-+David+Archuleta+and+more+in+the+back+half+of+DAC-s+Summer+Nights+With+the+Stars%20&id=26572831&instance=top_stories

  16. Larzwik says:

    I just called the Kennley Amphitheater to let them know about the snarky description of David that was in “The Davis Clipper – Davis County’s News Source” (posted earlier). The lady told me that they are advertising in that paper and that Jenniffer Wardell should have been more positive in her description. She is going to let the executive director of the theater know. She further said that Jenniffer has no idea how flooded they have been with calls about David’s concert. I told her he has fans worldwide and I told her about Shanny coming from Australia to Tuachan and how Tuachan has sold out both nights etc., etc., we had a nice long talk. So I hope someone talks to Jenniffer about that! Who spells your name Jenniffer anyway??? Argh!

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Way to go!!! Set the record straight.

      Here are a couple comments after the article:
      Are those attempted digs at David really necessary? You obviously don’t have your facts.

      He’s done extremely well for himself and is well known with millions of fans internationally. Like was mentioned before his first two concerts since being back from his mission are not until November but are sold out.
      KaseyAnn84041 | 6 Hours Ago
      The snide comments are not needed or appreciated to announce acts that are playing the summer series.

      Not sure what Archuleta did to offend you but I think the fact that he’s still making music *as a career* 7 years after appearing on American Idol disproves your comment. Over a million albums sold, over 2 million singles sold, touring all over the world, not successful? Hm. He also just sold out a 2000-seat amphitheater that he’s playing in November so fast that they added a second night and then he sold out the second night as well. Sold out seven months in advance. You might want to check your facts.

    • Jani says:

      So glad you did that, Larswik! That write up was downright insulting.

      • Jani says:

        Oops got your name wrong, Larzwik, and then the comment didn’t go to you. 😉 hope they reprint something later that’s more positive and accurate.

        • Larzwik says:

          Jani, I suggested that they should have the paper reprint something, but who knows if anything will come of it, but at least I tried.

    • Pastel says:

      YOU RAWK!!!! You get the Go Getter award today~

  17. kimk says:

    ha Archies Rock! 🙂

  18. Dann43 says:

    Has David been permanently labeled as homophobic?..if so that’s really unfair.

  19. kimk says:

    Mary Dee ‏@BelieveDA2015 2h2 hours ago
    @DavidArchie’s fans are the best!!


  20. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    How about he also sang with the MTC for one of their
    Christmas shows which had 2,000,000 people request
    tickets for, people all over the world came to it & highest
    rated on pbs. Washed the feet of lepers in India, huge
    hit all over Asia, entertained the troops in the Middle East
    where his copter got shot at. Countless charitble appearances
    and donations, served his church for 2 years in Chile…… etc….
    and is a decent human being. Gosh, no, hasn’t done anything 🙄

    Woops, sorry, gotta go for a bit, will check in soon 😀

    • kimk says:

      Beth going to guess that person was not religious.. that being said David has yet to do mainstream music or activities in a while.

      • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

        Hey Kim! I wasn’t implying with the list being approved for Saint Hood, just listing some of what he’s done is all. I haven’t read that article, just going based on what you guys have said 😀

        • kimk says:

          ha yeah well sometimes it is almost like that is what he is going for.. that writer is not from his world.

  21. kimk says:

    Beth most of what you posted is outstanding but it is a concert they are talking about not being considered for sainthood.

    • ray says:

      how did you come up with that (sainthood s***

      • Candy says:

        I would think it would be Gina & Kari’s responsibility and part of their job description to “Be all over that” but if they dont know about it, then kind of hard to do.

      • Candy says:

        Sometimes going to TPTB, isnt always best…even if it is “in Davids defense”…now Jennifer(writer) is more then a tad ticked…which considering where he is speaking and singing…not necessarily a good thing. Reminded me of fans calling the MTC

      • kimk says:

        how? reading what she wrote is how.. and same to you.

  22. IMO says:

    Hi guys, what up. David only doing mainstream but no album???? I thought I read that he was doing a album??

  23. potluck8 says:

    Hi everyone, I see that Jenniffer updated her story on David. She should have done more reserch in the first place.

  24. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Wow…just read that article about David from the Davis Arts Council…..How low can you get….Larzwik….so so glad you called their office and raised a stink….David deserves so much better……..If I were Kari or Gina Orr I would have been all over them to reissue a new article about David…….Anyway…..went to see Bob Dylan here in Richmond last night…..David maybe the voice and master of soul but Dylan is the master of poetry and the word…….Did term papers on Dylan’s writing back in college as an English major…..Miss Vicki

  25. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    kimk….love the pic of David you posted at 7:15 PM….He is as cute as a button…That pic makes me wanna pinch his cheeks!!!…..Miss Vicki

  26. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Potluck and kimk…. was the article really re written????…..How could it have been any worse!!!!!! Miss Vicki

  27. Ali says:

    Gina & Kari can control press releases and info sent to a venue or concert producer but they don’t have say over a newspaper article. That author obviously has some issue with David and she’s paid to write her opinion, apparently. Clearly she got some heat though, hence the update. Her update is ridiculous and contrived but whatever. David has had much worse things written about him and I would venture to say that the majority of people who read it today were annoyed David fans. Doesn’t seem like a huge publication lol.

  28. Candy says:

    Sometimes going to TPTB, isnt always best…even if it is “in Davids defense”…now Jennifer(writer) is more then a tad ticked…which considering where he is speaking and singing…not necessarily a good thing. Reminded me of fans calling the MTC

    • kimk says:

      ha well that was a dousie.

      know what though 1D got huge cause folks liked them talked them up ha even took no prisoners.
      that girl is lame.

      • Candy says:

        I agree, her writing skills were Jr High at best but she is the one that has the “pen” so to speak, why chance ticking her off which gives her the upper hand to write a lot worse…

  29. kimk says:

    not worried about it after last week can o corn.
    wonder why she dislikes him so

  30. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Too many good things happening in Archuletaville, to worry
    about some unprofessional, hard hearted writer. We got new
    music coming, concerts, which, I think will mean, photoshoots
    in the future, its all good 😀 Of course, this statement comes
    after sitting on my hands for a couple of hours so I don’t type
    something to her that I will sort of regret 😆

  31. Candy says:

    Great post Pastel, thank you! Love seeing the words…SOLD OUT. Definitely music to my ears!

  32. kimk says:

    ha remember the vid David did where he sat on his hands.. and we hated it? 😉

    • Candy says:

      OMG kim-that was horrible…wonder who the heck gave him that advice…he looked beyond uncomfortable, like he hated every minute of the interview. Thought maybe it was the “Snarkys” as they were interviewing him at the time…

  33. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here’s my comment after the article in Layton. Instead of attacking what she said, I did my own write up. Now mind you, I’m not much of a writer and there are probably errors.

    Runner up on American Idol Season 7, international pop sensation, Alma Award and Teen Choice award recipient David Archuleta, will grace the stage on Sept 19th.

    Even though David took a break for a two year mission for the LDS church, his management team kept his fans entertained with 2 album releases (recordings before his mission), pictures and messages from David.

    Since his return home he has been busy writing new music ready for release this year He has also been singing at various engagements mostly around Utah including Roots Tech where he unveiled his new Spanish video “Nunca Pense”. He also released in 2014 the “Glorious” video for the movie “Meet the Mormons.” (Song written by Stephanie Mabey). A video joint collaboration of YouTube stars and David was also released “Angels From the Realms of Glory” in conjunction with the Live Nativity World Record that was broken in November in Provo.

    David is sure to sing to a sell out crowd and be a crowd pleaser with his charm, soulful voice and ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seats…or dancing!

  34. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lol. Larzwik thank you for caring about David! I agree…you get the Go Getter award for the day. 🙂 I’m also impressed that the lady you spoke to seemed genuine enough to chat a while with you about it and that she did follow up on it. So many times these days, people say they will follow up to placate disgruntled people but never do. There is no doubt she did as she said she would with that Update! Lol

    • Larzwik says:

      Shanny, I may have acted a little hastily, but the Kenley theater is 20 mins. from where I live, so kind of “in my own backyard” and I felt strongly that he deserved to be represented so much better. I felt the Kenley theater needed to be aware of what this paper was publishing. I checked …..they have 10,000 subscribers and then daily updates on their website. What will be will be….

      • Jani says:

        I don’t thinkmhou acted too hastily. I think sloppy journalism is becoming way too common. And you did it nicely and had a cordial conversation. I say way to go!

  35. Shanny in Australia says:

    The pic Kim posted at 7:15pm, is that a recent pic?

    • Ali says:

      Yeah, it’s a screen cap from the bonus features on the DVD release of Meet The Mormons that came out last week. Not sure when the interview was recorded but likely fairly recently.

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        It was actually a commentary more than an interview. It’s a screen cap one of the bonus features on the Meet the Mormons DVD about the choosing and recording of Glorious. I did some screen caps that were shared here on FOD the other day, but not sure if they’re mine. They’re easy enough for anyone to screen cap if you play the DVD on your computer.

      • Shanny in Australia says:

        Thanks Ali and Janel. 🙂

  36. kimk says:

    Bethany Banks @bbanksxx96 · 43m 43 minutes ago
    When people knock at your door and give you as many free David Archuleta tickets as you want.

  37. kimk says:

    jayelgee1 ‏@jayelgee1 2h2 hours ago
    @dinnac4t Given he had to sing a song that David Archuleta made such an Idol splash of, he handled it well.

    cadthu #DA2014 ‏@CADTHU 2h2 hours ago
    Sorry NOBODY does Imagine like @davidarchie. NO. BODY!!

    Shannon Hayden ‏@redsfanstl 2h2 hours ago
    I like Sawyer from the voice but @DavidArchie sang imagine better on @AmericanIdol season 7

    Samantha ‏@sammyjoxoxo 2h2 hours ago

    Sawyer Fredericks sang Imagine on The Voice he was ok has a nice voice think his voice cut out on him. nah nothing like David but he is a nice kid kind of sounds like John Denver?

    Rickey @rickey · 2h 2 hours ago
    Sawyer Fredericks sings ‘Imagine’ on The Voice 2015 Top 12 (VIDEO) @SawyerFrdrx #SawyerFredericks #TeamPharrell http://rickey.io/1I7Kh6t – NR

  38. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Ha!! Jazzy tweet.
    Jazzy Archuleta @jazzypwns · 1h 1 hour ago
    “We all have different loves at the end of the day; you have Korean boy bands and I have food.” – David

    • Candy says:

      Bwahahaha- yep, thats David!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Lol. Good one David.

      That reminds me ….
      Jhen if you’re out there…I thought of you the other day when I was talking to a young friend and she was telling me it was on her bucket list to see a k-pop concert….and that she was getting to go to one in Sydney in June. She also wants to go to Korea really badly (I wonder why 😉 ) I was telling her about a David concert being on my bucket list too. I think maybe she has OKPD like I have ODD. Lol

  39. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hmmm….maybe jazzy was trying to convince David to embrace her love of k-pop but he wasn’t having it….?

  40. jeani/ut says:

    Could you see David in a boy band Ha ha.

  41. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

    David is a man after my own heart!! I’m a foodie too! lol

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day! 🙂

  42. kimk says:

    good morning guys Happy Tuesday!

    lol that is David
    girls you want to win his heart take note!

    David Archuleta tries Spicy Food =] (Malaysia)


  43. kimk says:

    Shanny ha probably think they want to marry them.

    Audria Elfar. ‏@oodott 2h2 hours ago
    @BreakoutNET David Archuleta-A Little Too Not Over You #BreakoutNETInRainyDays

    Cionelle Eruma ‏@nagaREHYEEY 3h3 hours ago
    #AI7 right in the feels @DavidArchie @thedavidcook #YearOfTheDavids #nostalgia

  44. kimk says:

    voldemort. ‏@_HannaBear 4h4 hours ago
    I’m listening to David Archuleta for the first time right now hahah

    Samantha Jade Platts ‏@sammwitchyeah 5h5 hours ago
    @DavidArchie what would it take for you to come perform for my roommate?

    yas ‏@yaaasminn__ 5h5 hours ago
    I know I was not the only one with a crush on David Archuleta back then

  45. kimk says:

    Nance from CT ‏@KOKO21 7h7 hours ago
    Reading tweets about “Imagine”. Nothing as beautiful as this by @DavidArchie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn0WqfK3NIc

    David is the man!

  46. kimk says:

    guess folks liked Sawyers Imagine it is #4 on itunes right now also this one by Kimberly is #2


    The Voice 2015 Kimberly Nichole – Top 12: “House of the Rising Sun”

  47. kimk says:

    Sawyer Fredericks might be able to break out as a true artist his voice is quite unique.. folksy. depends on how things go he is only 15.
    as we know talent doesn’t always turn into stardom.

  48. Alwaysafan says:

    Why is the picture of season 7 finalists with Cirque du Soleil titled the vocal coaches of American idol? Did I miss something there? Just wondering..

  49. angelbymyside says:

    😆 Jazzy’s tweet from yesterday made my day. Gotta love a man who loves food as much as David does. 😀

  50. Jhen says:

    Shanny – Jazzy is just like every teens & in their twenties all over Asia that are so into KPOP 🙂 music and korean actors , I think she like Korean actor Lee Min Ho 🙂 I know there are some KPop group bands that are performing in some area in US like LA, New York etc. I guess Jazzy is influencing David into KPop lol Look like David can’t convince lol

    • Mary Dee says:

      Someone RT’d Jazzy’s picture of Luhan that she tweeted. He was a former EXO member, super cute kid. My daughter is also crazy about them. The band sings, dances, acts in soaps/movies and are in a bunch of product endorsements. They’re very popular in Asia and South America. They also came to LA and performed at a huge arena there. Tickets were more than $300. They’re very entertaining to watch but they lip-sync at their concerts coz they move a lot.

      • Jhen says:

        MaryDee- I have a friend who is born and raise in Sacramento , she is 19 years old with American father and Filipino mother is crazy also about KPop boy band, she can speak and sing Korean songs but she can’t speak and sing Tagalog song lol , that’s great influence by Korean culture now a day, she is same as Jazzy and Amber who likes Korean and Japanese boys and other stuffs 🙂 Yes, the fans don’t mind if the group lip- sync, they still love them lol.

  51. Jhen says:

    Shanny- here in the Philippines, many Filipino went to Korea to tour and have a glympse of KPop and Kdrama studio , drama shooting venue and sometimes watch KPop concert in Korea. KPop are very popular in Asia, always jampacked concert all over Asia that include Philippines and their ticket are very expensive, 3 to 4 times price of David ticket 🙂

  52. kimk says:

    for sure.. seems it is a combo of things that boost folks to stardom.
    rofl 😉 there are some that even don’t want it go figure.

    • Jhen says:

      There are no formula to stardom, can be grand showcase with a lot of dancing & flashy costume to simplicity like Ed Sheeran & John Legend. It’s all about luck and songs that can be easily recall.

  53. Jhen says:

    Happy to see that David 2nd concert was also sold out. Hope the 3rd one will also be the same.

  54. Jhen says:

    Looks like Jazzy and Amber like to have asian boyfriend and husband 🙂 Korean and Japanese 🙂 . Wonder if David want an Asian GF/ wife too lol Idk lol

  55. Anita says:

    Good morning to my fellow Archies! I hope everyone’s doing well. Soooo happy David’s shows are selling out. Hope we’ll here of more soon! I absolutely loved Sawyer’s version of Imagine last night on the Voice! He sounds sort of like John Denver.

  56. angelbymyside says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

    Welcome to Utah. https://instagram.com/p/1dqoknnEht/


  57. Candy says:

    Gloomy day here at the shore…I know I can always count on it being bright and cheery here.
    Oh wow, Kari is in Utah…for the religious symposium?

  58. Candy says:

    WOW OH WOW!!! This is simply gorgeous!!! Kelly Clarkson & Josh Groban duet “All I ask of you” from Phantom!

    Well foe someone that felt she couldtn get a colab with a celeb she sure landed a big one!!

    • Mary Dee says:

      it’s probably just me but i don’t think kelly’s beautiful voice suited the song. i wish they’d changed the arrangement (like David’s Think Of Me) to suit her pop sound. there’s no question that Kelly has a killer voice, just not this song in this arrangement IMO.

      • Candy says:

        I would imagine it would be hard to change an arrangement as the song is a classic, any other arrangement might not do it justice as it is so well known. I cant imagine any song from “Phantom” being sung pop by anyone, plus its Josh’s album. Anyway I was happy for Kelly.

  59. Mary Dee says:

    So David’s family (sisters?) are moving to Layton next week as per Amber’s tweet. Can imagine D packing his stuff this week. Wonder if those two TCA surf boards have finally found a spot in the new house 🙂

  60. kimk says:

    Katie Douglas ‏@katigraham21717 36m36 minutes ago
    I find my self listening to David Archuleta a lot more since I found out he served a mission

    #Cheyenne4UGirlAug22 ‏@ameezyftzach 48m48 minutes ago

    Natalie Kleinhammer ‏@nataliek321 2h2 hours ago
    David Archuleta is playing at 24…

  61. kimk says:

    Day Murray Music ‏@DayMurrayMusic1 3h3 hours ago
    We are excited about another weekend of great workshops, starting with a workshop by David Archuleta’s father,… http://fb.me/2QtEC1aYk

    • Candy says:

      Jeff is teaching a workshop…after Davids last vlog I would think it he wouldnt be a go to [person to learn the ropes!

  62. kimk says:

    Donna Knight ‏@donna_zadonna 3h3 hours ago
    David Archuleta will be on campus tomorrow

    Jenn Palomino ‏@imadrjenn 5h5 hours ago
    “Oh look we have David Archuleta coming in for Constitutional Studies. How appropriate.”


  63. kimk says:

    interesting post on Jeff.. good to see anything has been a long time.

    David is moving to Layton?
    lol didn’t he just move to Nashville?

    • angelbymyside says:

      Don’t know about David, but his family is moving to Layton.

    • CJ says:

      Lupe and her husband are moving to Layton. He got a new job there. No idea if David is going with them. Amber tweeted last week at Murray which made me wonder if she’d be switching schools.

  64. kimk says:

    interesting that is where his Sept. concert is.. ha not so much that cranky lady writer.
    comments on that article are all in support of David nice! 😀

  65. IMO says:

    the archuletas are always moving around utah lol!! Congrats on David’s stepdad got a new job. I think David may have a room in theirs new house but I think david lives in nashville for personal reasons, I just think david why he lives in nashville wasn’t getting privacy at his own hometown.

  66. CJ says:

    I can’t wait to hear what David has to say. Love to hear him talk almost as much as sing.

  67. angelbymyside says:

    haha my comments are posting all over the place

  68. Grammyj says:

    It’s obvious that David now lives in Nashville. At 24 I doubt he will ever live at home again. It’s nice he is in Utah now to help them move.

    • IMO says:

      Yeah. I think it was a smart move he did move to nashville, We all know he loves it there too and now it seems he has more privacy being in nashville than being in utah, my opinion

  69. kimk says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 3m3 minutes ago
    “The road is rocky but don’t ever go astray, you will bring home a trophy if you walk it all the way.” — Miracles – Nico & Vinz


  70. Candy says:

    ABMS- mine did that yesterday, no matter where I answered, they posted where they pleased. 🙂

  71. IMO says:

    About david tweet, was he talking about his music career or he worry about it??? It just a quote??

  72. Candy says:

    Didnt have a clue that Jeff was still relevant in the music world.

  73. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Turns out Alyssa’s afternoon class is cancelled and instead she’s having meeting with her teacher at 1 PM which might not take more than a half hour. Weather conditions will determine if I come home first and go back later, after picking her up at school…or just hang around in South Orem for awhile until it’s time to pick up the tickets at will call. Oh shoot, forgot to ask what time to do that.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Hmmm, could walk around the mall, go to Krispy Kreme donuts, visit the kitties at Pet Smart (that would be for Alyssa)…thinking, thinking.

  74. kimk says:

    saw a tweet someone is seeing David at a VIP tomorrow.

  75. Grannycrush says:

    I have been out of commission for awhile. I just got out of the hospital after an 18 day stay. I’m trying to get caught up. Looks like there has been lots of new things to look forward to. Very nice to hear of the 2 sell out concerts. They sure sold out early.

  76. Candy says:

    Gosh Grannycrush, sorry to hear you were in the hospital, glad you are home and doing better.

    • Grannycrush says:

      Thanks Candy, I had pneumonia in both lungs and a strep infection. Both infections had entered my bloodstream. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever coming home. I am still weak, but I am so happy to be home and feeling better each day.

      • CJ says:

        So glad you are home and doing better. The hospital is not a fun place; here’s hoping you feel better very soon.

  77. kimk says:

    Candy ha well hard huh.

    Janel hey saw something about a VIP maybe David will be around campus?

  78. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Grannycrush…sure hope you are feeling better soon and on the mend….Hey all…. Salt Lake City is getting SNOW tomorrow…..saw it on the news here in Richmond….also there were some kind of major accidents related to a big dust storm…..Hope David keeps safe…..Is he also home in Utah to help his family move?????Even though he lives in Nashville…… I bet he will still have a room at Lupe and his step dad’s new home….. Miss Vicki

  79. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL….tempurature dropped and it’s snowing now. Wasn’t supposed to snow until tomorrow.

  80. Shanny in Australia says:

    Granny crush! Are you doing ok now!? You should have let us know to say a lil prayer for you or send you good vibes or something. I’m glad you’re home – no place like home after an 18 day hospital stay I’m sure! Heal quickly ok! <3

  81. Shanny in Australia says:

    Word on the street was that David was staying with rich friends in Tennessee. Don’t know how true…..but he sure does seem to hang out with the Truman family a lot there. I tend to think David hasn’t moved there as such….more just a temporary situation for now. He might still be figuring out just what he wants to do with his living arrangements.

  82. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Janel Hope you all don’t get snowed in and can’t get to the Symposium……Hope David took home a lot of warm clothes…..Who would have thought snow in April……Miss Vicki

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Maybe she needs to get her supplies quickly and get to the venue pronto, in case of being snowed in – at least she would be snowed in, in the right spot. And who knows, maybe David will just keep singing to keep all the snowed in people, in good spirits?

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      No, less than an inch expected to stick on the valley floor. The wind died down so I said a prayer whether to go to my meeting tonight. Pretty clear from the Spirit that I need to stay home.
      (apology for a little religion there.)

  83. Shanny in Australia says:

    From COS and from listening to David obviously, one skill I always felt Jeff appeared to have was his ability to change songs up – blend two songs together really well – and just know what different runs or nuances will sound really good in order to personalize a song. I think he must have a good musical ear and understanding of rhythms and things. he taught David well. 🙂

    • CJ says:

      Jazzy had spoken about how knowledgable her dad is about music. Remember that Gotta Get Through This, message in a bottle blend of songs was Jeff’s idea.

  84. angelbymyside says:

    When was this FULL VIDEO of Nunca Pense released? Looks like HD version!!


    • kimk says:

      omgosh lol thought it was muldurs cool!

    • Candy says:

      Where have they been hiding that gem!!

    • Ali says:

      I don’t think it’s been “officially” officially released yet. I saw it a couple weeks ago posted on a personal FB page of someone involved with making the video. If I saw it then I’m sure some other fans did as well. The one linked here is on a fan’s YT page.

      I think when it is officially released it will be on either FamilySearch or one of the church’s other YT channels. My understanding is that David was commissioned to write the song and record the video to help the church connect with Latin youth.

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      This is not the official release. Jane in St. George said it may have been the release to show the youth of the church since it has a scene where he talks to a genealogy missionary then goes to the temple. Also, the beginning is different and I think some of the sequence is different. I shared it on my FB groups then took it off because I’m not sure David would want that to go around. It’s nice though and the cat’s out of the bag, so…oh well.

    • Candy says:

      David looks great in the video…the message…well that is up to each to interpret.

      • kimk says:

        seems it is a video for the church David does look good for sure also love his accent makes sense why posted on lds site.

  85. kimk says:

    aww it is nice.. think it was posted on the lds site?
    makes sense and all sure hope David writes some mainstream music in Spanish too!

  86. kimk says:

    Janel thanks gosh lol crazy weather!!

  87. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Hey grannycrush! Gosh, so glad you are home & doing better
    Big (((HUGS))) to you 😀

    Good for Jeff, hope he’s happy. David had said his Dad understood
    more than anyone, what he wanted to accomplish with his music &
    I always got the impression, he was pretty talented, musically speaking.
    He’s David’s Dad, I’m sure he love’s him & wants him to be happy.

    I bet David has been working on his speech for tomorrow & the songs
    he’s singing. I wish him well. Giving a speech can be nerve racking.
    I am taking a speech class at work. So far, I’ve been the humorist,
    telling one joke at one meeting & a family story at another one. But,
    it’s still quite difficult, being an introvert, I would rather just listen to
    the other people 🙄 😀

    Hey cj! I loved that Gotta Get Through This/Message in a Bottle
    combo, fabulous vocal, loved it 😀

  88. kimk says:

    The Weather Channel ‏@weatherchannel 2m2 minutes ago
    #snow RT @missmemorris Layton, Utah http://wxch.nl/1HpLsjA

  89. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    CJ and Beth….Message In A Bottle was one of my favs……What’s David’s dad up to these days……Wonder if he still lives in Utah…..Sure don’t hear a lot about him…..Miss Vicki

    • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

      Hey Miss Vicki! Kim’s comment at 4:32, Jeff is teaching a music workshop,
      good for him.

  90. kimk says:

    What’s Up Provo @WhatsUpProvo · 2h 2 hours ago
    FREE Symposium finale ft. @DavidArchie Wednesday night at 7:30pm at the UVU @UCCUcenter! #uvu #DavidArchuleta


  91. kimk says:

    Micailey @z_maniac04 · 3h 3 hours ago
    Oh my gosh guys!! I get to go see @DavidArchie tomorrow!! VIP!!!!!! I’m so excited to see him!!

    • Janel aka Nellie says:

      Janel Woodbury ‏@Nellie1983 2m2 minutes ago
      @z_maniac04 @DavidArchie VIP, what VIP? Going to the finale, but never saw anything about a VIP.

      @Nellie1983 @DavidArchie I’m going with a politician guy. That’s why. It’s not something announced publicly.

      • Janel aka Nellie says:

        Janel Woodbury ‏@Nellie1983 4s4 seconds ago
        @z_maniac04 @DavidArchie Oh, OK. Enjoy your time meeting him. Have you met him before?? He’s a sweetheart!

        • Janel aka Nellie says:

          Micailey ‏@z_maniac04 2m2 minutes ago
          @Nellie1983 @DavidArchie no I haven’t☺ I’m super excited! Thanks!

  92. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Guess Jeff is still in Utah…..wonder how much David hangs out with him….David seems much closer to his mom and sisters…..Wonder if Daniel lives with Jeff…..Miss Vicki

  93. IMO says:

    Just saw the video, it was great! Goodnight folks

  94. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

  95. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL, so just looked outside, it has stopped snowing and it’s calm. Crazy how much difference a few hours makes.

  96. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Janel….keep warm and have fun at the Symposium…..Night all…..Miss Vicki

  97. Mary Dee says:

    Hoping for vids of David’s speech and performances. Would love to hear what he has to say on the subject. Wonder what songs he’ll sing? 🙂 Exciting times in Archuland !!

  98. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning guys! A WONDERFUL Wednesday to all!

    Hope all goes well for David tonight at his appearance at UCCU! Another chance to see David in action! Hope for some vids and pics…..something to hold us over! Have played the RootsTech vids to death! To all that are going….safe trip and ENJOY!

    kimk..Safe trip and ENJOY! Know how EXCITED you must be to see those grand babies!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day guys! 🙂

  99. kimk says:

    VABeach thank you.. pretty darn excited!!

    good morning guys!

    Janel ohh sounds interesting to say the least!!

  100. kimk says:


    9 hours ago
    So when I landed today in SLC it was sunny and 75. Now it’s 34 and the snow is coming down and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

  101. nora says:

    kim-have a safe trip and enjoy your time with your grand babies.

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