David Archuleta and Don’t Worry ~ Be Happy Sunday, “Called to Serve” airs TODAY at 1:30 MT ~ check for your time! Twitter Trending Party THIS FRIDAY! Best of the A Capella Best


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Awesome pic by Janel.  We lightened slightly.

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Today’s graphic was found on Nancy K’s Pinterest Board!  Thanks!

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“Called To Serve”.  Today

We received our invitation.

 The following description was posted on davidarchuleta.com:

“David Archuleta – Called to Serve” is a half hour documentary about David’s mission premiering Sunday, April 6, at 1:30 pm US Mountain time. Check local listings or view it at the KSL-TV livestream. Note that the livestream may not be available in all countries.

In the vlog before David left, David expressed that he was focusing on his relationship with God during his mission.  On Friday, David extended an invitation to understand better what Elder Archuleta was doing during that time.

1:30 Mountain time; 3:30 Eastern Time

and Janel  put this nice visual together!


– click for KSL program info

 Bookmark this link:

Called to Serve Livestream

– click to watch the live stream

 For those of you who are able, we need someone to capture this and post to youtube!  Many will not be available at 1:30 or may not be able to livestream.

Thanks everyone!

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Come Friday, it’s ON!

Here is the graphic from Gwen!  David is DEFINITELY worth the wait!!!

David Archuleta is Worth Waiting For

See you there!

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Best of the A Cappella Best

Very fitting for this Sunday.   We are coming up to one week of the Best of the Best Virtual Concert Performances.  I hope you enjoy this one.   This was a VERY DIFFICULT category to assess.  So may wonderful, amazing, and often spontaneous performances.

Best A Capella Performance

          The nominees are:

1.      National Anthem ~ Nascar, CA
2.     Angels ~ New Orleans
3.     The Christmas Song ~ VIP Anaheim, 2011
4.     God Bless The Broken Road ~ UT
5.     Lean On Me ~ Orem, UT, 2010
6.     I’ll Be ~ Mall Of America, MN,  2010

And listen to the background music during while the names of the nominees are on (HINT: It’s one of my very favourites from David!).  Do you agree with this selection?

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A few Don’t-Worry-Be-Happy Pictures

I’m sure David is plenty happy here, just pensive 🙂

Credit: Kari



For every seemingly “worried” or pensive picture of David, we have hundreds of these!


Have an awesome Sunday all!

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264 Responses to David Archuleta and Don’t Worry ~ Be Happy Sunday, “Called to Serve” airs TODAY at 1:30 MT ~ check for your time! Twitter Trending Party THIS FRIDAY! Best of the A Capella Best

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Happy Sunday everyone! Looking forward to seeing “Called to Serve” this afternoon! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. Marylee~NCGirl says:

    Good SundayMorn to y’all! ~ Special day for David & his dedicated ArchAngels ~ SO looking forward to having the privilege to watch CALLED TO SERVE ~ So proud of David’s mission journey & all that he has accomplished these past two years ~ he must be so fulfilled right now, after following his heart once again. What a full life he has had in his 23 years. Way to go, David!!! 🙂

  3. Candy says:

    Happy Don’t Worry Sunday! Shortly I’m heading out for the day and will miss watching “Called To Serve.” I am hoping that it can be recorded for those of us not able to be here. While I don’t share the same beliefs as David, what we do share is the right (and ability) to choose to follow ones heart. Enjoy watching the Show! BBL

  4. cvarchfan says:

    Good morning everyone! I too will miss the show today.
    In fact I will miss all Archie news for the next
    three weeks as I am in Florida about to embark
    on a cruise to Spain. I need someone to take notes
    while I am gone as I am counting on lots of Archie
    news looking forward by the time I return.
    Love all the comments and concerns career-
    wise but I am trying to show patience and trust
    David! Adios!

  5. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning Anne-Marie, Marylee, Candy and FOD!

    Thanks Pastel for the Don’t Worry ~ Be Happy Sunday post! Thanks to all for the pics! Wish I could be here to watch the Called To Serve documentary on David’s mission, but I have to work.. I too hope that it will be recorded. I look at David’s mission as a service to others…while sent by his church, the rewards to those he served were many. He made a difference.

    Off to work! ENJOY YOUR DAY, David time and fan friends! 🙂

  6. Anne-Marie says:

    cvarchfan- Oh wow..enjoy your cruise and trip to Spain!

  7. cvarchfan says:

    Thank you Anne Marie. Should be a great time
    but poor timing for Archie’s return/news.
    What was I thinking? Hope to have lots to get
    caught up on!

  8. ksf says:

    Good morning! 🙂

    cvarchfan – Wow! That’s awesome…I’m a little jealous lol. Have a wonderful time!!

  9. Anne-Marie says:

    cvarchfan- Always seems to happen that way right?! I’m sure there will be plenty of exciting news waiting for you when you get back! 🙂

  10. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I thought that picture up at the top with David was familiar. I took that picture. Also, the compilation of the time zones was done by me, not Rubi. She might have shared it over from yesterday’s post (shared it last night) or from Facebook where I shared it. On FB I added in Singapore, Tokyo and the times from Australia. Usually that wouldn’t bother me, who cares who gets credit, but if you look at my post last night, it’s exactly how I typed it. Credit where credit is due. Took me about 45 minutes to go through the world clock and figure out what the times would be then compile the list.

  11. Shanny in Australia says:

    And I appreciate your efforts on my behalf Janel. Thank you!
    Now off to bed to get a few winks before I have to wake up for the live stream. Eekkkk!!!

    Thank you as always to you too Pastel. 🙂

  12. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kalei, to answer your question from your previous thread, we already had our Daylight savings time a few weeks ago, so the time is currently 8:48 AM here and 4:48 AM in Hawaii. For the show starting at 1:30, if you are 4 hours behind, then for you it starts at 9:30. (10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30=4 hours)

  13. kimk says:

    David on tv day!!!

    hey saw on twitter there is a replay button!!?
    sure hope so!

  14. Good Morning….Ksf, Janel, Va Beach, Anne Marie, cvarcfan, Candy, MarLee.
    Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!
    Excited to watch “Called To Serve” livestream.
    cvarchfan, have an awesome trip to Spain! ENJOY!
    VaBeach have a nice day at work.
    Hopefully it will be recorded for those who are not able to watch it.

  15. kimk says:

    djhsail ‏@djhsail 49m
    Just noticed there is a replay button on the @kslcom livestream.♥ @DavidArchie Called to Serve today 3:30EDT http://live.ksl.com

  16. Happy birthday to jasmine curtis smith!!!! Idk if her and david stay in contact or not?

  17. kimk says:

    davidarchuletavn.com ‏@Huong_DAVN 59m
    You can watch live stream “David Archuleta Call to Serve” here:… http://fb.me/2XyH4kUmP

  18. kimk says:


    And the worldwide broadcast time of “David Archuleta Call to Serve”

  19. kimk says:

    Jessé Monico ‏@JesseMonico 2h
    how i wish @EmanuelKiriakou would write another mellow songs for @DavidArchie @katharinemcphee and @JordinSparks 😉 #wish

  20. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey Kim! How are the little Grandbabies, hope they all
    are doing well 😀

    Hey Candy! Glad to see from the previous thread your Granddaughter
    is doing better, hope things continue to progress, Bless her little heart 😀

    Can’t wait for the show today. I’m Catholic, but I love learning about
    other religions & peoples experiences 😀 Makes life interesting 😀

  21. kimk says:

    Kyna ‏@kynabulous 2h
    Oh wow David Archuleta bloomed so much! hahahhaha

  22. kimk says:


    Sonora Ramos
    ~: asdfghjklasdfghjkl yes I’m calming down.. He’s just so perfect 🙂 I missed you Elder Archuleta 😀 @DavidArchie

  23. kimk says:

    Beth heya!! doing great.. ha a little pooped but having the best time here!!

    violet4ever ‏@violet4ever 1h
    That says somehting about profiling David as a guest of the choir Sunday at 1?

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie 16m
    is he singing in afternoon session? saw some rumors?

    saw some rumors too.. but ha as we know until it happens or pics and vids and such can’t believe it!

  24. kimk says:

    Beth my lil Jordyn!!



    see you later guys.. I hear my family is up!!

  25. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kimk, on Rubi’s tweet you shared, she did tweet the list which Pastel saw then shared here. I notified Pastel that I was the one who compiled it. I know it’s not that big of a deal, and maybe I’m being Ms. Grumpy pants this morning but I did spend time figuring it all out and putting it together.

  26. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Oh, and thank you Pastel for adding the credit to the time zone list and to my picture up top. You’re wonderful!

  27. Judieann says:

    Kim….your granddaughter is beautiful!!

  28. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Kim, she’s a little doll 😀 Have a great time with your
    family today 😀

    Now wouldnt that be the cherry on the sundae, if David sings 😀
    Whatever happens is cool, just love to hear that beautiful voice 😀

  29. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I can’t ever recall even once when there has been a solo at conference. I doubt that they will have David do so. Always choirs of some kind.

  30. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kimk, your granddaughter is so beautiful! I love new babies!

  31. Kimk, you grandaughter is beautiful!
    I don’t think David is singing today, But could be wrong!
    Candy, glad your grandaughters doing better.
    Hi BETH!

  32. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda! 😀

  33. Mary Dee says:

    Good morning FOD 😀 Excited to watch the CTS livestream today!!! I feel it’s gonna be all things Archumazing 😀 You remember a few weeks before David came back when we were asked why we still wait for him? Well, pocoelsy made a vid using our comments or thoughts. I thought it was sweet of her to compile them in one vid coming from various sources: YT/FB/twitter. Wanna give it a look? 😉 😀 Here it is! Oh yeah, I hope David sees it some time 🙂 Here’s the link

  34. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Gotta go get some things done before the show.
    Take Care All, TTYL 😀

  35. Pastel says:

    Hi everyone and happy Sunday!

    All issues re: credits have been corrected. Thanks for letting me know Janel.

    Looking forward to the livestream. Getting insight into David’s activities over the last two years will give us more insight into him as a person and artist. I think it’s great he invited us to share in this.

    Have a good day all and see you all later!

  36. ray says:

    candy,ksf, most people don,t listen to understand, they just listen to reply,has yo and cc did with kmb post,so i shall say this and see if you all are realy listening ,go take a long walk on a short peir

  37. ksf says:

    Aww, thanks ray! 🙂 That last bit was sooo sweet of you, but actually, I never replied to kmb’s post. I wasn’t replying to anyone’s post. But again, thanks for your thoughtfulness anyway!

  38. Kalei says:

    Janel – yes it’s on at 9:30am here – so I had an extra hour to get some stuff done! Better early than late!

  39. Kalei says:

    cvarchfan – there is a David fan group in Spain! David Archuleta Spain! Maybe you could check them out online – or even meet up with someone when you get to Spain – that would be awesome! Have a great trip!

  40. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    Ok…I am here patiently waiting for Called to Serve….Nothing is on the KSL on demand site yet???? Will it automatically come on at 3:30 PM EST????? Just worried I am gonna miss it…..Miss Vicki

  41. Jana in Oregon says:

    cvarchfan~ Spain?? I wanna go!

  42. alana says:

    Darn, the live stream keeps stopping, Hope it doesn’t during David’s time.

  43. alana says:

    Miss vicke, Real Women Real Faith is on now on ksl livestream,

  44. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    Alana…..when I click on the live stream it just says error in loading…..no playable sources found…what is wrong????? Miss Vicki

  45. Kalei says:

    Miss Vicki,

    Mine is working fine – try closing and click on this link:


  46. Kalei says:

    Miss Vicki,

    Oh you also have to click the arrow on the graphic – “KSL On Demand”

  47. alana says:

    Kalei, is yours buffering a lot?

  48. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hey guys!
    Woot woot. lol

  49. Jhen says:

    Hello Everyone! I was able to wake up in the middle of the night lol, Shanny, we are early birds lol

  50. Janel aka Nellie says:

    ALMOST ON….WHOOT! My co-leader and friend Jerianne is coming over to watch it with me. She’s not here yet, so I might have to pause it until she gets here. LOL

  51. lani says:

    cant watch it 🙁 keeps saying cannot load 404 not found

    am from the Phils. really want to see it. help…anybody pls.??

  52. Janel aka Nellie says:

    “Each decision we make can alter how our future will turn out, so how we end up in the future is really our decision.” ~David Archuleta

  53. lani says:

    jhen.. can you see it? You’re from Manila right?

  54. Jhen says:

    Lani- it keep loading, I can’t see it too

  55. cvarchfan says:

    it’s killing me I can’t watch the show right now!
    darn phone won’t get it! waiting for updates!

  56. alana says:

    this is maddening hope someone records it off tv cause this livestream, not working well keeps buffering aagh

  57. Sam1346 says:

    Too much traffic , keeps buffering !!!

  58. alana says:

    maybe later we can replay it and it will be better too many people on, I guess?

  59. alana says:

    darn 404

  60. Rapport says:

    The title of David’s next book: The Singing Missionary.

    No other title is this spot-on. It is meant to be.

    Keep refreshing the site. I hear three words at a time and I’m bummed, because it’s so good and revealing. I love this guy.

  61. lani says:

    thanks jhen for the reply. really frustrating…looking forward to seeing it..have not slept yet. It really won’t load

  62. Jhen says:

    Hope someone record it, It keep stopping and buffering.

  63. Jhen says:

    Lani- I can see it, but it’s only like a picture on screen, because it always pause.

  64. ray says:

    ksf you just proved my point,think you

  65. nora says:

    I Hope somebody tapes it from TV, it is so frustrating keeps loading, so disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  66. potluck8 says:

    Can’t get it to work, soooo disappointed!

  67. alana says:

    david crying

  68. kmb says:

    Giving up on the livestream…I’ll be back after the second conference session to see if it’s archived yet. Livestream was AWFUL!!!

  69. Jhen says:

    Yes, David crying while singing.

  70. Miss Vicki DA #2014 says:

    I COULDN’T GET ANYTHING…alana.. What’s with this 404????? What happened?????…..Can we see this documentary any other way….Will it be on Youtube???? Miss Vicki

  71. alana says:

    there were too many people on the livestream. KSL said they will reshow it as soon

    Gina Orr ‏@ginaorr 24s
    Fans broke the internet! KSL TV special on @DavidArchie will be up on their site within the hour for on demand viewing.

  72. Anita says:

    Well, that livestream was a pain in the butt! So sad I couldn’t get it to work well, but obviously I’m not alone. Hopefully soon we’ll get to watch it on YT.

  73. alana says:

    sorry as soon as they finish with the encoding

  74. LatinaArchie says:

    KSL.com ‏@KSLcom

    We’ll post the entire David Archuleta special on http://KSL.com early this afternoon. So many people on the livestream! @DavidArchie

  75. angelbymyside says:

    DavidArchieVenezuela ‏@DavidArchieVzla

    David Archuleta is trending in Salt Lake City, Utah! pic.twitter.com/FCUzWyfzri

  76. angelbymyside says:

    Couldn’t get the livestream to work on my computer, but it worked great on my ipad. The airport scene and David crying while singing…. *SOBS*

  77. Shanny in Australia says:

    Well the good news is lots of people must have tuned in for the live stream – even more than they anticipated perhaps, since there appeared to be bandwidth issues. I really enjoyed what I did get to see though. Chile is beautiful. David’s abode was pretty humble. I loved the really candid parts like when he was pushing past some people to get out the door. lol Such a small but beautiful welcome home group at the airport. It must have been special for him.
    Truly a gift to get this glimpse! Hopefully we’ll get a taped version to watch and rematch. lol

    Jhen – lol well done getting the confusing time zones sorted. And waking up! 🙂

  78. Mckenzie Harris says:

    @McKenzieHarr: @KSL5TV With respect, if you don’t have the streaming capacity to accommodate @DavidArchie fans worldwide, don’t invite them. #freezing

    The KSL streaming was a joke. I feel bad for David for being associated with such poor execution. I hope the station apologizes to him and his fans and I hope David NEVER works with KSL again. In this new era, David really should only work with those who can match his first rate standards. Those who can’t should step aside.

  79. Shanny in Australia says:

    Watch and re watch.

  80. angelbymyside says:

    hehe 😉


    My grandma just called me to tell me to marry David Archuleta. Okay grandma, I will.

    She didn’t sound like she was kidding either. Like she said she would help me get him to date me.

  81. Shanny in Australia says:

    Oh, yay!!! They’re posting it for us! Woot, woot! 🙂

  82. Shanny in Australia says:

    ABMS , lol. Go grandma!

  83. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    KSL will have the special available for demand on their
    website within the hour 😀

    McKenzie, I wasn’t thrilled with the continued buffering
    either and they said they would have enough room on their
    website for everyone to watch, but maybe they had way more
    people than anyone anticipated to watch. Giving them the
    benefit of the doubt. Plus, we’ll be able to watch it soon 😀

  84. Sylvia says:

    I watched it on KSL and have it on DVR but I don’t have a clue how to post it. I loved it. Welcome back, David.

  85. alana says:

    Ximena ‏@awwwrchuleta 20m
    at this point, they should have known they CAN’T give us just ONE link…. dfjsdjsjjsdb

  86. alana says:

    D and Lupe David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene 5m
    Awwweeeee pic.twitter.com/9xgZYbFIUa

  87. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Sylvia! Way beyond my technical expertise, lol.
    Thank goodness there are those out there who can.
    At least you can watch it again on your DVR 😀

  88. Mckenzie Harris says:


    Thanks. I just hate people who don’t deliver what they promise. I’m sure the station will position it as “unexpected” interest but how could you not expect this level of interest when David’s 11 sec return video got international media attention and 200k views in a week. David coule have given this interview to broadcasters or even some websites who would have easily met demand. There is big interest. He had a great opportunity to reach lots of people. To present the new David. He trusted KSL and they failed him. Simple as that. David is probably too nice to say anything but I hope somebody does. I also hope that in the future, he only works with the best and does not settle for second rate organizations like KSL.

  89. Shanny in Australia says:

    Mckenzie, I think the buffering issues are pretty cool actually. Two years gone and David has so many fans still here that he crashes the live stream. Plus, I love it when his popularity exceeds people’s expectations. AND…well get a perfect version of it posted for us to watch over and over again now. Good stuff.

  90. Pastel says:

    Watched Called to Serve NOW on demand! http://www.ksl.com/?sid=29350800&nid=148

  91. alana says:

    they have it! KSL.com ‏@KSLcom 3m
    The @DavidArchie special is now online for all those who wanted to watch it. http://ksl.fm/PBSpH9

  92. idamae says:

    Hey all!!!
    I’m pretty sure we’ll get to see “Called to Serve” in one form or another before too long…all the buffering was a bit exasperating. I know I missed a bunch 🙁 What I did get was what I thought when he declared to the world that he was going on a mission and that was that he would be blessed by God for his mighty efforts… human frailties and all!!! Also he is a quick study when he discovers to be a leader is to serve…WOW, that’s pretty deep!!! It’s all about faith and I got my $$$ on the Archuleta!!!!! According to him his future WILL be in music 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s hard to believe that he’d come this far just to disappear into nothingness. Music is his connection with the world and I’m keeping an open mind 🙂
    Now I’m gonna rest a bit cuz this flu has got me goin for a week and I can’t wait to see the doc tomorrow!!!

  93. Mckenzie Harris says:


    Yes, the level of interest is encouraging. I will watch the replay when it is posted. But I’m a hardcore fan. Others who clicked out of curiosity because they saw all that twitter traffic on the 3:30 pm EST streaming may not come back to watch the replay. There certainly will not be as much buzz or attention about the rebroadcast on twitter or social media generally. As I said, opportunity lost.

  94. Janel aka Nellie says:

    McKenzie, it is here to watch now http://ksl.fm/PBSpH9

  95. McKenzie Harris says:

    Thanks Janel.

  96. bds says:

    Before blasting KSL too much, we should remember they are the ones that spent the money to travel to Chile and film this for us.

  97. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Gina Orr ‏@ginaorr · 47m
    Fans broke the internet! KSL TV special on @DavidArchie will be up on their site within the hour for on demand viewing.

  98. Shanny in Australia says:

    Watching the re posted vid. Getting some questions answered!
    Lol….he’s speaking Spanglish one part there and having to think about how to say it in English.

  99. alana says:

    Well, that was very beautiful. And you can see the confidence in David has increased.

  100. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    Can’t say WOW! enough about the Called To Serve special. Just when we think David can’t get anymore amazing, he goes an amazes us again and still more. Hoping for a YT link so I can download it for my David library. One of the most touching things I’ve seen in a long while. I know he’ll nevr admit to it, but our David truly is a heaven sent angel on Earth 🙂

  101. Saw like 1 min of it, hopefully I can see more it later, why it ‘ called to serve’ when david choose to go and pick the place that he wanted to go?

  102. oliveoil says:

    OH, DAVID. I didn’t think it possible, but I love him even MORE !!!!!

  103. bds says:

    David didn’t choose the place that he wanted to go. When a young person decides to go on a mission they put in paper work which is then sent to the church leaders. They choose where a missionary serves and a letter is sent to the person letting them know they have been called to serve and where they will be serving. I do believe a little extra care was put into the decision on where David went as he couldn’t have gone just anywhere.

  104. alana says:

    did they leave off some of it ? like in the livestream,, i saw some other missionaries talking about him but dont see it on the on demand vids.

  105. bridget says:

    Beautifully done video. Just. WOW. I’m here. And I’m excited for his future!

  106. nora says:

    Alana-I saw a couple of the other Missionaries talking about David on the re-run, It was so beautiful and so proud of David for the person he is. I know he will be back to his music career, as he said he is still just David.

  107. Mango says:

    Yes, bds. They had to send him to a safe, somewhat remote place.

  108. Okay well I heard it that david wanted go to chile from I what read, fianlly saw whole thing , I love the end with his family, I must say that I am very proud of david! Need comes back to singing and get himself really nice girlfriend???

  109. I meant go back making a new album!!

  110. alana says:

    Nora, which part 1, 2, or 3?

  111. Mango says:

    newdavid, it doesn’t matter where David wanted to go. He didn’t get to choose. The fact that he was familiar with the Spanish language almost guaranteed he would go to a Spanish-speaking area, though. But he didn’t choose the place.

  112. Geez! I might be wrong but that what I read okay move on.

  113. Grammyj says:

    Oliveoil, I love him even more too. What a remarkable young man! If I wasn’t already this has cemented the fact that I am a fan for life.

  114. Mango says:

    Thenewdavid, I think they can list places where they might like to go, but the choice is not theirs at all.

  115. ArchieSue says:

    Here are the links on youtube for Call to Serve for people having streaming issues like me on the KSL site. 🙂

    Thanks JR4DA2013plus!


  116. alana says:

    there are only three vids, right? Im missing some things I saw on the livestream

  117. alana says:

    oh good JR is posting it on youtube.

  118. Grammyj says:

    There were 4 parts on the KSL website. I ended up having to watch them out of order as at first I had trouble getting part 2 to load, but finally saw it all.

  119. Yeah I guess u are right mango, I thought I remember reading that david always wanted go to chile and that why he pick to go there for mission, sorry I don’t want anyone to get upset over it.

  120. Pastel says:

    Hi everyone, there are 4 parts on the KSL site, and I did not have any issues watching from there. It is a wonderful production and a beautiful insight into David and his faith. I recommend going right to the site rather than youtube if you can since KSL is counting the number of views! And we want to keep them high! Thanks all!


  121. Mango says:

    No one is upset, newdavid. It’s not a problem at all.

  122. Charlotte says:

    Thank you JR for the YT links. One more for the archive and straight to DVD 🙂

  123. kimk says:

    ha see they are still at it.. off I go to watch!!

  124. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Pastel! I want to view on their site, but still a little
    choppy for me, so I’m watching the You Tube vid’s too 😀
    Thanks for providing the link.

  125. Philly Fan says:

    I just viewed the video on KSL site but it appears that the Homecoming is very short is there more to see or is that all that is being showned? Does anyone know? Thanks!

  126. angelbymyside says:

    Good Heart ‏@yellow4good

    ARCHIES: Mr. Brett Atkinson, Gen Manager of KSL said there’ll be DVD on David’s CALLED TO SERVE. He’ll let me know information tomorrow. LOL

  127. ArchieSue says:

    Part 1 was the above link: Here is the rest……thanks JR again!

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgXFSUvjQKE

  128. Mary Dee says:

    alana~ there are 4 parts, click on the arrow next to the 3rd clip

  129. ArchieSue says:

    Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2ov9wDLeMs

    So was Jeff and Daniel at work? Or is Daniel on a mission now? The reunion was the best and David breaking down and crying. We are ready for you David to do whatever your heart takes you.

    Admins: Please delete the post that is in moderation that I posted earlier. I guess I had too many links.

  130. ArchieSue says:

    Ooopsss….I’m out of order too. haha

    Part 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUPY7QOeRNc

  131. kimk says:

    Melissa Escandon ‏@MelyEscandon 13m
    David Archuleta: Called to Serve http://po.st/fN0i6X vía @kslcom is really good this video!

    Cheryl #DA2014 ‏@iteachkidz22 5m
    @DavidArchie Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your mission with us. The special on KSL was truly inspirational and beautiful done!

  132. angelbymyside says:

    The replay is now one part on the KSL site….and it’s buffering!!! 🙁

  133. kimk says:

    Lauren Garlick ‏@GarlickLauren 15m
    I want to marry David Archuleta now!!!

  134. kimk says:


    Lisa ~#DA2014
    What is he making?

  135. kimk says:

    angel got to watch some of it.. going to watch it later tonight
    omgosh it is wonderful!!!
    only saw a few minutes because I think too many folks are watching?

  136. nora says:

    alana-sorry I just got back to comments, you probably already the answer to missionaries talking about David, but it was #2. Sorry too late probably.

  137. kimk says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA 18m
    NEW @TDChronicles A Call @DavidArchie Cannot Ignore – VIDEOS & exclusive pix from the documenary special http://www.thedavidchronicles.com/2014/04/a-call-davidarchie-cannot-ignore/

  138. kimk says:

    Sadie Rose ‏@Sadie___Morrow 17s
    Getting to watch the David Archuleta special was so cool. He has always been an example to me, and always will be. @DavidArchie

  139. Mango says:

    It looks like the end part where David was singing and crying was from 2012 when he was first at the MTC. Can anyone remember the other elders writing home about that? That was very touching. It was something I never thought we would see, but now we have.

  140. jeani/ut says:

    Loved it. So grown up.

  141. Candy says:

    Just got home but before I watch Called To Serve I wanted to address something Ray posted earlier.
    RAY-What the heck are you talking about? Here is what ksf wrote-
    ksf says:
    April 5, 2014 at 10:14 pm
    ray – What does “dicreated” mean? That was from your post to cchalo-
    As you sometimes struggle with spelling, I explained to ksf that your comment in part to cc was “Agenda to discredit”
    For helping a fan understand your post, you tell both of us to take a long walk off a short pier. Gesssh Ray, neither of us posted to you or to cchalo, so why the snarky comment??

  142. iCandy says:

    Those “SO” upset at KSL need to calm down. It will just raise your blood pressure. Really, KSL is a top rated station!

  143. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    David: Two armed hugs now, lol & he said “you’re the first women I’ve
    hugged in 2 years”, lol.

  144. kimk says:


    ha in tears.. besides that the end??!!

  145. kimk says:

    David crying while singing and him meeting his fam killed me! bawling like a baby!!!
    wow just wow what a fabulous show!!!

    thank you to whoever put this together!!

  146. kimk says:

    Beth ha ROFL!! loved that.. ha also feel so relieved he didn’t say he was leaving music!!!

  147. Shanny in Australia says:

    A DVD will be available!?
    Oh man please don’t let that one be a rumour! I was wondering how I could show this to some people I know who I think would be blessed by it but I’m not tech savvy. A DVD would work very nicely and ensure I still have it even if something happens to the online versions.

    If anyone sees any more info regarding the DVD please post it here? Thank you?

  148. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Kim, lol & when they tried to go outside & the door was
    locked, lol. You can tell from the Christmas Devotional
    videos, he wants to perform, he could barely contain himself,
    like he wanted to run all over the stage, lol.

  149. kimk says:

    all of it.. all of it was wonderful!!
    thing is they made it so at least in my opinion that anyone could watch and enjoy?
    it was done with class and taste! bravo!!

  150. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Gotta go, will check in later, Adios 😀

    Kim, I agree, very well done.

  151. Shanny in Australia says:

    Phillyfan, it was just a short piece of footage showing his family at the airport really.

    Archive sue thanks for the links. We don’t know anything about the situation with jeff and Daniel.

  152. iRainbow says:

    just got done watching Call to Serve. absolutely beautiful. thank you to David and his wonderful family, the film crew, and people of Chile.

  153. Shanny in Australia says:

    Archiesue, sorry that was the spell check doing its thing.

  154. Philly Fan says:

    Shanny…Thank You for the response to my question.

  155. ksf says:

    Didn’t see the special but maybe David will have/had a special reunion with Jeff and Daniel that wasn’t filmed at the time? Doesn’t make sense really but is the only explanation I can think of.

  156. kmb says:

    Just got done with Called to Serve. Thank you, David, for who you are and how you hold up Christ’s light for the world to see. The documentary was beautifully done. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in its creation. Watching it was a sacred experience to me, for many reasons. We have it from David himself: Music is a gift that God wants him to use ALWAYS! Even he doesn’t know yet what exactly lies ahead, so let’s please give him the time he needs to figure it out. I feel so blessed to be able to watch David learn and grow through life. I am grateful that he has had the courage to share so much of himself with us over the years.

  157. Candy says:

    OHMYGOSH-I am so overwhelmed I cant even put my thoughts and feelings into words. The documentary was wonderful, so tastefully done. I never felt, not even once, that I was being preached to. David is the most beautiful being on the planet, physically, and spiritually. Bravo and props to David, the LDS church and the film crew for a superbly and well done story. Now pardon me while I go sob in the corner!

  158. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi FOD! I too was so moved by that documentary!! I’ve watched it a few times now! lol. You can tell how much he has grown and how much wisdom he has gained! I’m just in awe. I don’t know where he gets the idea that he doesn’t communicate well because from what I saw (with his interview and interacting with the people there, he communicated just fine! Very excited to see what happens next! Gina Orr even tweeted about it! 🙂

    Thank you David for sharing those 2 very special years of your life with us!

  159. CindyUT says:

    Hello everyone! So, I watched the documentary, “Called to Serve”. I am so moved at how selfless David is and impressed with at how much he has grown through this experience. I am deeply grateful to David for inviting us to share with him just some of the experiences he had these two past years. This guy is just one of a kind!

  160. Ali says:

    Not sure about Jeff & Daniel but one possibility is that they may not have wanted to be on camera. I know Jeff has kept a very low profile after the you-know-what so it may be that he (and Daniel) wanted to greet David without it being filmed. That’s understandable even without the controversy part. Hopefully David’s had a chance to see them by now.

  161. Ali says:

    Thought the special was SO well done, btw. Gave a glimpse at what David was doing the past 2 years and confirmed that some things will always be the same about David but also showed how he’s changed. I’m so excited for what the future may hold!

  162. Grammyj says:

    Daniel is twenty so he may have moved away and wasn’t there for the homecoming which is another possibility.

  163. Bychance says:

    Oh my goodness! It’s still David through and through, but even better! He shares his heart in the most respectful, sincere, beautiful way. Of course, he does!…..just like he always has. And his voice! Love him to pieces!
    (Ha, some friends stopped by just as the live stream was to start. I was DYING! Love these folks, and would normally be happy to see them, but!……we visited for an hour, and it was all I could do not to excuse myself and run to the office! Now I find that the live stream was overloaded and didn’t work anyway, lol, 🙂 )
    So happy I still got to see it! I wasn’t sure I would….whew! Worth every minute.
    Thank you, David, for sharing your beautiful self with us.

  164. Daniel is not a Mormon but I don’t believe him and Jeff were at Utah at david homecoming , pretty sure that they were still in Cali but I won’t say nomore about Daniel, Jeff their relationship with david.

  165. I think amber and david are the only Mormons in the family, I don’t know I might be wrong there?

  166. Miss VickiDA# 2014 says:

    Just watched Called to Serve and I am just about bawling like a baby….David James Archuleta is a beautiful human being…..I think David had always been self confident, but the more I hear him talk about his experiences in his Mission, the more I can see that he finally believes that he is the confident person that he is…..He now truly feels confident…..I have no doubt that David will be going back to his music career. He would not have vbloged us from he airport, renewed his fan mail address for another year and would not keep the tweets coming if he didn’t want us to follow him on the musical ride of our lives…..Miss Vicki

  167. Miss VickiDA# 2014 says:

    Thenewdavid….I thought the whole family were Mormons except Jeff ….Miss Vicki

  168. Anne-Marie says:

    Miss Vicki- Completely and whole heartedly agree with you!! 🙂

  169. Alright, Let hope david comes back to music, I wouldn’t get my hope up until david make a announcement about it first. Have a great night.

  170. Sorry miss Vicki I didn’t see your post, I read that Daniel is not a Mormon anymore. I am just waiting to hear david saying that ‘ I am making a new album’ if he doesn’t I guess he isn’t doing one this year.

  171. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Thenewdavid…..I don’t think David will have to make an “official announcement” about returning to music…..I think just all the things that I mentioned above leads me to think he already has all intentions of going back to his music career….Miss Vicki

  172. Lurkey Turkey says:

    It’s been on open forums that Daniel hasn’t practiced religion in years. I doubt that affects David’s relationship though, they are brothers and we all know how David loves his family.

    I don’t expect a new CD this year. Would be a wonderful surprise but I’d rather he take his time to do something high quality.

  173. I hope u are right miss Vicki.

  174. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Thenewdavid…..Give David some time. He just got home and is trying to adjust to this crazy culture we call America….Did you see where he has been for 2 years?….Wow…culture shock!!! Then he had General Conference this weekend….Like he said……we need to be patient and give him some time to adjust…..He will come back to his music career…..no doubt about that….Miss Vicki

  175. Lurked turkey, yeah I agree but I know I won’t talk about this anymore but thoses rumors about him going back to school that for me a little concerned for fans not doing a new album this year, I just hope I am wrong that david does a new album this year, again I see it to believe it.

  176. kmb says:

    Lurkey Turkey (re last thread) – You’re very welcome. 🙂

  177. Mari says:

    Grateful for being able to see all that David has accomplished in the last 2 years that he has been away serving his mission.When I heard David say that he was still David but that he felt differently I gulped and felt after watching him that something has definitely changed about him and whether or not he decides to do music outside of his religion I’m still proud of him and the way he has grown.I am just going to wait like I have been to see what will come next but I’m preparing myself for however things may turn out.

  178. Shanny in Australia says:

    Had a lil nap….
    I agree with everyone, it was beautiful. I just feel really privileged that we follow a guy who is so willing to be so vulnerable like that and share a part of his personal, emotional, spiritual self. While he was on his mission I never expected we’d ever get to see so clearly where he’s been and what he’s been doing. I’m grateful we were blessed with a little glimpse of it all. As for the actual content of what he had to share, in many ways I actually feel I cannot express my complete feelings about the depth of my appreciation or the effect they have had on me, both because they are too personal for a public forum and because i feel I don’t have words adequate enough to convey them. So all I can say is, thank you David, thank you everyone involved and thank you dear Father.

  179. mangojuice says:

    Miss Vicki, Jeff is a Mormon. He went on a mission when he was young. He might not be an active Mormon anymore, though.

  180. Candy says:

    mari-I made that same gulp…wasnt sure what he was going to say next. After the mission announcement…I think many of us are a little scarred, a little tentative about the future.

  181. jeani/ut says:

    How can Jackryan be so fast.

  182. McKenzie Harris says:

    Loved David’s Called to Serve. Love the new David even more. There’s a new confidence and maturity that we saw a bit of before he left but he’s light years ahead of the old David in these areas. So glad he got so much out of the mission and that he’s come back stronger than ever.

  183. mango says:

    So, where did mangojuice come from???

  184. Anne-Marie says:

    Candy-I’m wirh you there. I know for me, I was completely caught off guard when he made the mission announcement, as were so many in the fan base. So I think it’s normal to feel that way. But hey, we made it through, enjoyed receiving 3 albums (wow!) during those 2 years, promoted as best we could, trended like no tomorrow, as well getting to view 2 Christmas devotionals! And as Kari has said, “The best is yet to come!” 🙂

  185. angelbymyside says:

    A blog from David’s Mission President in Chile along with picture…


  186. Jhen says:

    Miss Vicki- I have no doubt too that he will return to his career soon. It’s obvious he will be back, renewing P.O. Box, keep tweeting are signs that he will return to his career, if he no longer interested in his career, I’m sure he will no longer renew the fan mail box. I really enjoyed the Called to a Serve documentary.

  187. Pickles says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes I finally got to hear that accent! Love love love it.

  188. Mari says:

    Candy,I too have felt scarred since his first announcement,I have everything I’ve ever purchased that has to do with David in a box in my closet,t-shirts,cd’s,pictures none of which have ever been signed by David since I have never been fortunate to meet him in person and so maybe that in a sense has allowed me to live my day to day life in hopes that one day I may have that chance to get those things signed,but if that never happens I will still cherish all things David the same.PS-these are just my personal feelings,I’m just gonna wait to see what comes next,I would love to see David return to the “Big Stage”.

  189. Pickles says:

    so many rude comments here 🙁
    go support David

  190. Pickles says:

    I think not even David knows whats next. We will just have to wait patently for it one day at a time, after all we are pro’s at this now.

  191. Pickles, sorry had to jump in but there was no rudes comments here.

  192. Lurkey Turkey says:

    Interesting comments. I always felt David is not supported by all LDS. Heck they aren’t all of one mind, no huge group like that is. You can tell by his recent CD sales etc that most aren’t interested in his music. I think there are some very valid comments over there.

  193. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lurkey, I think there are a bunch of sour grapes over there who wouldn’t be saying the things they were saying if they only knew a bit more about the situation.

  194. Pickles says:

    Shanny: if they knew David like we know him, they would not say things like “he want PR STUNT”

  195. Lurkey Turkey says:

    Respectfully Shanny, but I think maybe I don’t understand the situation since I’m not Mormon.

  196. cq#DA2014 says:

    Nothing against the church, but really if anyone is saying it’s PR for David are wrong, imo, the PR would be for the church.

  197. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Hey Lurkey! I read all of the comments & I see supportive
    comments & rude comments. I’m not LDS, but this special
    on Davids experience, which is only a 1/2 hr show, not a
    3 hour special, was giving everyone who watched, an opportunity
    to see what it’s like for a Missionary. I found it sweet, inspiring &
    informative 😀 Anytime David did something about charity, he
    always tried to shift the attention to the cause, not him. I dont think
    this show was his idea, but it became an chance to share a bit of himself
    with others & the Missionary experience for all, not just him. While we
    dont know David personally, I think from what we’ve seen & heard from
    him, his heart is sincere & true.

  198. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Gosh, didn’t notice what time it is, gotta
    say G’night already 😀

  199. Candy says:

    Woah, those comments on the KSL stream are down right nasty! What the heck is wrong with these people…UGH! They are slamming the documentary, KSL and David 🙁

  200. Shanny in Australia says:

    Thank you for being respectful Lurkey but I am LDS and at times like this, some of my fellow LDS embarrass me. Like I said, if they only knew the situation better I think they might think twice about their attitudes. Unfortunately the anonymity and faceless ness of the internet can affect anyone and those people commenting seem to be no exception. 🙁

  201. Shanny in Australia says:

    Beautiful words Beth and yeah….I choose to focus on the happiness of today and David being home. Kinda can’t wait for tomorrow now, seems like David is back to tweeting regularly except for Sundays. Actually, did he retweet the KSL tweets today?

  202. jackryan4da says:

    jeani/ut says:
    April 6, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    How can Jackryan be so fast.

    you do not like?

    And re the rude comments over KSL – I sure hope that we do not stoop to their level? Some people are just nasty. I really hope we do not add flame to such…

  203. Anne-Marie says:

    Well just coming on again to say good night. So enjoyed the special tonight! Have a great night everyone!

  204. Lurkey Turkey says:

    Thanks Shanny I will accept that I don’t get it about some of the comments. I know there are diverse opinions in every group and it’s even healthy that a group has diversity (like us LOL). It’s sad if the church did this against David’s wishes since he said he wanted it to be private, if indeed that is what happened. I mean people were afraid to post public mission pics here and now there is a half hour special. However I don’t want to attack his church as I know there is a lot of churches, charities, etc that love to run with a celebrity, not just LDS. And he probably did not have any say over editing and maybe he did not want it so focused on him. I’m really trying here to be fair.

  205. Ali says:

    Meh, not worried about the KSL comments. It’s when people don’t care enough to comment at all that you should be worried 😉

  206. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lurkey, David participated in it, promoted it. The special was produced with his blessing obviously. And many of us enjoyed it, I’m sure he will be glad about that.

    JR, I agree. Keep it civil. 🙂 plus, I just feel so blessed by it now, I want to focus on that.

  207. Mango says:

    That’s right, Ali. Sounds like some jealousy going on, too.

  208. bds says:

    I also read the comments at KSL and being LDS was mad at first and then realized it was only a hand full of people saying the negative things. I was going to go on and make nasty comments towards them but then decided they were not worth it. The response he received when singing with MOTAB shows he has a lot of LDS fans who support him.

  209. Candy says:

    Mango-thats what I took away from the comments too, jealous it wasn’t them!

  210. Sorry pickles I miss understood. I didn’t see the rude comments but david did what he believe in but it not right to judge him like that

  211. Mango says:

    Every LDS person isn’t going to love David. Hard to believe, I know. I’m just going to ignore it. By the way, there are just as many bitter hateful Mormons as there are in any group of people. Also, I’m positive KSL and the church didn’t do anything David didn’t want done.

  212. Jhen says:

    Shanny- yes, choose to celebrate the happiness of today, from what I read in the comments, it looks it’s just some jealously among some members.

  213. Mango says:

    Candy, jealous it wasn’t them or their missionary kids.

  214. Mango says:

    There were many more comments praising and defending David than there were negative comments, too

  215. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ah yes, what did they say about MoTab on the KSL special? 1.3 million requests for tickets and traffic backed up for blocks around the conference centre. There is no doubt he is loved. Ha, especially by all the love sick girls. lol
    A few thoughtless naysayers. I’m over it already. lol thanks guys. 🙂

  216. Mary Dee says:

    I am not worried about the nasty comments on KSL site about the David feature. David has probably heard it all and more. There’s always two sides to a coin. I think that the LDS missionaries out there have been represented as the feature, though had the face of David, but the substance was really about the work being done by all of them. I am so proud of our guy for doing what he did and being the person that he is.

  217. ArchieSue says:

    The best part of the documentary was when David was trying to open the door to get to the people he was recruiting and it was lock. That’s the goofy David I miss. 🙂 Of course David crying while he sang was so moving and the reunion with is family. OMHeck!

    He is an exceptional young man. It’s cool if Daniel is no longer Mormon. My family is all mixed up too as it comes to religion. lols My parents are Buddist as well as my aunts and uncles. I have a younger brother that is Catholic. My younger sister and older brother and I are Atheist. haha It’s all good. We still all get along regardless what we believe it. That’s what so great about living in this country we can believe whatever we want.

    I’m so happy for David that he got to do what he wanted to do. He has grown up a lot and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

    As for those comments on the KSL site I wouldn’t even bother with those folks. People are going to be jelly for no apparent reason. Maybe the church wanted to showcase him. Maybe it wasn’t David’s idea. Who knows? Plus I have seen other documentaries on other so called normal missionaries. This isn’t the fist program. They are just being critical about his one because David is a famous Mormon.

    Oh and thank you Jackryan for being so fast with uploading to youtube. You saved the day for me this afternoon. You are the BEST!

  218. ArchieSue says:

    Should of proofread my post before I posted it. lols So many errors! Where is the edit button? Oh well it’s all good.

  219. kimk says:

    Bo Knows ‏@B0wenArr0w 5m
    All I got to say is that David Archuleta special today made me even more excited to serve the people of Chile.

    Kami #DA2014 ‏@kamiluvsarchie 6m
    @KSLcom Your feature on @DavidArchie was fantastic! What a great role model he is to people of all ages! LOVED IT!!

  220. Mango says:

    The truth is, they would have a MUCH bigger audience with David than they would with any one of the other 80,000 missionaries.

  221. Shanny in Australia says:

    You guys are great. 🙂

    ArchieSue I loved those bits too. And did you notice how as he turned away from the door, he actually slipped back into English and said ‘let’s go’. And there was that little bit where he was talking about preparation day and he had to think of the English word. Lol, it’s a mixed up world in the linguistic part of his brain right now probably.

  222. kimk says:


    Brett Atkinson
    people watching @DavidArchie Called to Serve on @kslcom still holding strong

  223. kimk says:

    Brett Atkinson ‏@Brettrospective 30m
    @FODFansofDavid outside of google, facebook and twitter https://fansofdavid.com is 4th driving traffic David Archuleta to story on kslcom

  224. kimk says:

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan 8h
    He hugged his sisters and said “you’re the first women I have hugged in two years” OH MY HECK I VOLUNTEER TO BE THE NEXT


  225. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lol, great tweets Kim!

  226. Lurkey Turkey says:

    LOL on the hug comment. I can understand not dating and hugging young women but surely he has hugged the grandmotherly church ladies who I have heard invite the missionaries to dinner. Certainly no harm in that but that’s our shy David, still apparently shy in those areas LOL.

  227. kimk says:

    Moccahontas ‏@moccauygongco 2h
    one of the regrets in ma layf: not appraoching David Archuleta because I was shy so I just smiled at him as he passed by. -___-

    Hanny Deloresta ‏@handresta 2h
    Omg!!! :””'( RT KSLcom: The @DavidArchie special is now online for all those who wanted to watch it. http://ksl.fm/PBSpH9

  228. Janel aka Nellie says:

    There are a lot of posts, and I’m tired so I’m not sure who asked this but, the answer to the question of whom is LDS in David’s family…his grandma, mama Lupe and aunts were baptized then they were in Honduras (info in COS I believe). I believe, pretty sure that David and all of his siblings were baptized when they were little (8 years old). Beyond that I know that Claudia and her husband married in the temple. I can’t speculate on his cousins, etc. or if his brother and father stayed in the church nor can anyone else. News we just don’t know at this point.

  229. kimk says:

    Nicole Hiatt ‏@_NicoleHiatt_ 2h
    My 4 year old brother just came up to me and said “Nicole, when I get old I am going to be missionary. Like you and David Archuleta.”

    most all comments on twitter are wonderful.. the special was wonderful.. those commenters are idiots.

  230. kimk says:

    Brook-e Clemons ‏@clemons_brooke 2h
    …..4th time watching that David Archuleta special, still haven’t finished conference.

    dead via …Hola 🙂 ‏@RainTGC 2h
    “now I realize [being a leader]… is just serving people.” @DavidArchie, you are so inspiring and I needed to hear those words 🙂

  231. pocoelsy says:


    Just have the time to delurk for a bit !! miss you all 🙂 Thank you Pastel for the Action Pack post 😀 so many David goodies and comment to go thru !! thanks all for posting the links, pics, blogs ect !!

    I’m so proud to be David’s fan after all he’s been thru in his young life, how courageous he is !! I can learn a thing or two from him (actually wayyy more than 2 lol) I’ve watched those KSL vid (thanks to Jackryan) for a few times now !! cant help but getting teary eyed !! he’s truely an extraordinary young man, he’s precious !! will go watch again after this haha

  232. Lurkey Turkey says:

    Very encouraging supportive tweets. I don’t have twitter so thanks for sharing them. g’night

  233. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I loved loved loved Called to Serve and have watched it twice now. So wish there could be a clear full video for everyone to see without delays, etc. I’m glad I have it on my DVR and if you were all here I’d invite you over to watch! 🙂

  234. Candy says:

    Count me in that proud group pocoelsy. I am in awe of his character, especially in this day and age. He is an inspiration to all. I dont impress easily, but this young man has impressed me from day one, and not just vocally. His spirit shines as bright as his voice!

  235. Mary Dee says:

    Nichola ‏@cheebearr 23m
    i literally can’t escape my love for david nor do i want to he reeled me in the second i saw him on my TV 6 years ago and there’s no escape

    you are not alone girl 😀

  236. pocoelsy says:

    Kimk, love all those tweets you brought here, you are my tweet queen 🙂

    Janel, I watched them from youtube by JR4DA2013plus (thanks to her) very good quality, I have problem downloading KSL so have to go with the next best thing which happens to be the best quality hehe I’m actually watching this right now!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2ov9wDLeMs

  237. Mary Dee says:

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan 10m
    I’ve probably watched David’s video 15 times today and I have no shame… THE WAIT IS OVER AND I’M STILL IN DENIAL!
    fun reading enthusiastic tweets 😀

  238. Candy says:

    Exhaustion is setting in, Good Night all
    BEAM ME UP DAVID! (haven’t said that in two years!!!)

  239. jeani/ut says:

    Jackryan I have nothing but happy thoughts about how fast you got those on youtube. I think you are amazing and I was thrilled. You are very special and I love what you do for us. I hope you see this. I’m sorry I didn’t communicate very well on that comment. You ARE the BEST. I Love you !!!!!

  240. Mary Dee says:

    Nan ‏@NanDeeAy 54m
    @DavidArchie and @ksl.com Thank you for the great “Called to Serve” segment today! It was so uplifting and informative – a ray of light!!
    *echoes* a ray of light 🙂 <3

  241. pocoelsy says:

    Mary Dee, LOL to Nichola tweet !! so true we can’t escape the Archuleta !! never want to !!

  242. Just stopped by to say Goodnight to all you wonderful Archies!
    Going to go see the video a few more times before bed so i can have a good cry at the end. LOL

  243. jeani/ut says:

    I can’t stop watching the video. It’s all the things I wanted to see his whole mission. It was such a special experience see this. I am in awe too.

  244. ConnieL says:

    I have read comments on other KSL stories and there are just people who live to write negative comments. I have no use for all their negative spewing. The story was so well done and as Dean said… he is like a light in the darkness! I am sure there are things in the works already… it just takes a little time to readjust and to get the wheels to start turning again. He is back and he never sits still for too long so you know he is doing things… but will wait until things are decided or cemented to tell us about them. Before he lefty they had some things in the works for when he came home. I have no doubt he is back and the best is yet to come!

  245. kimk says:

    David crying.. I do not do this well.

  246. kimk says:

    I remember David had a meeting a while back with President Monson and folks going on about what he wore.
    comments were brutal then too


    jealousy, pettiness it is all over.. not David though.

  247. kimk says:

    such a fabulous special.. you can tell how much David has grown since away.
    he grew up.
    nope don’t see him as Peter Pan anymore.

  248. Janel aka Nellie says:

    It’s so wonderful Jeani huh?? Just when you wonder if David could do or say anything more amazing than he already has, this video comes out. So grateful beyond words to hear Be Still My Soul on the video. I am a Child of God in Spanish too.

  249. kimk says:

    Danielle C. ‏@danielleeex 18m
    That @DavidArchie documentary just made me so incredibly happy. Everything he does is from good of his heart

  250. Mary Dee says:

    omygoshashley ‏@ohmyJOSHashley 16m
    seriously, wish there are more people like D. what a good young man.

  251. jeani/ut says:

    Kimk Some people are so embarrassing. I am an LDS member and I just cringe when people are petty and jealous and self righteous. I don’t know anyone like that personally but I sure see them pop up when there are articles about David and other good things too. Someone was so kind up the post a ways saying they probably just don’t understand. (I just want to wring their necks).
    If a person can’t watch this video and just feel good all over, something is very wrong with them.
    Gotta watch one more time before I go to bed.

  252. pocoelsy says:

    ConnieL , agree with you,

    Kim yeah to see him crying, feel like running up there and give him a big hug !!

  253. Mary Dee says:

    Salamahafifi ‏@Salamahafifi 3h
    I’m so happy Elder Archuleta walks around and takes the bus and eats instant breakfast too hahahahahaha

  254. Mary Dee says:

    Batya ‏@Batya11394 1h
    i can’t believe he left and came back i can’t get it into my mind that we went through two years without him and now he’s back omg you guys

  255. iCandy says:

    Many people who are not Mormon comment on KSL. Sometimes I think the negative comments are made just to stir up controversy. Don’t waste your time worrying about them.

  256. jeani/ut says:

    Good counsel iCandy.

  257. Kalei says:

    Awesome reading all the positive comments! What a spectacular day – just loved everything he shared – he’s definitely matured & more confident – I think we’re all in for an amazing 2014!

    Just ignore the naysayers & their negative comments – David has nothing to prove to anyone – his actions speak louder than words!

  258. Shanny in Australia says:

    ICandy yeah I’ve seen the trolls at those news sites many times. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some people misrepresent themselves to help stir up the controversy. It just got to me today I guess.

    Oh well, one thing is, David must be happy both with the overall positive response as well as the number of people interested in him still. If David is happy then I’m happy.

  259. Sharon says:

    I just want to say that I am proud of David and the wonderful man that he has become. I am also very proud of this fan base and for the outpouring of love and support for David through out all these years. You guys are amazing! No wonder David loves his fans He really does. I have no doubt of this. 🙂

    No matter what decision he will make in the future, he will be just fine. He has God on his side and people who truly care and love him.

    I am so thankful to get to know of David all these years. He never cease to amaze me. I have nothing but profound respect and admiration for this young man. He has grown up and the mission has been so good for him. It’s like getting a better version of David! I am so excited for his future.

    Let’s continue to be patient and support him guys, he is worth it!! 🙂

  260. nora says:

    NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!

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