A Little Too Not Over You Video!

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ALTNOY Video Premiers on Yahoo Music!

Sultry.  Anguished.  Piggyback rides on the beach.  Playing footsie.  Playing guitar.  Did I mention sultry?

Play it, play it, and play it again!  Don’t forget to rate it on Yahoo!  And put it on the ballot at VH1!


Screencaps of ALTNOY Video

Yes.  Screencapping like a madwoman here.


And More Screencaps….

I can’t seem to stop screencapping this video.  Someone needs to stop me.  In the meantime, enjoy!





FOD’ers Invade Camden

Clockwise from left: Candy, Kristin, Andrea, Scott, Robin, and Russ


From left: Russ, Jeff, Tom, Robin, Kristin, Jimmy, Andrea, Candy, and Scott

Robin, Kristin, David, and Candy (Note how well Candy is behaving)

I LOVE the Fans of David shirts featuring the Elle photos! 

David at the CD Signing at Camden

Lucky concert-goers who purchased a CD recieved a wristband which enabled them to attend a meet and greet.  WOOT!  Notice that only David Archuleta and Jesse McCartney are sold out.

Thanks to EsGee for these pictures:


Make Your Own David Archuleta Christmas Album

Jennifer B. has been working hard to convert David’s Christmas songs into MP3s and MP4s: here is the link to her Mediafile where you can download her collection.  Check back frequently as she may add to it!  I’ve included a few of my favorite MP3s here for you to download.

Mary Did You Know (December 2007)

O Come All Ye Faithful (Buffalo Jingle Jam)

O Holy Night (Holiday of Hope Treelighting)

Silent Night (Holiday of Hope Treelighting)

The Christmas Song (“Chestnuts”) (Albany Jingle Ball)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Camden Jingle Ball)


A Plea From David’s Lost Cell Phone

Too funny not to post.  Thanks to Bucksky619.

Gosh, I can’t believe how dumb I am. I used to live a charmed life but now I’m slowly wasting away in a lost and found box in Vancouver Canada. I guess I’d better got my story out before my battery dies or I’ll be forgotten forever. It’s my fault I’m here, I should have gone with my owner to Orlando Florida but I got curious on the plane and hopped out of his pocket to do some exploring. I hadn’t gone very far when I slipped down between the seats and got stuck. I tried and tried to wiggle out but it was no use. Unfortunately my owner didn’t know I was there and got off the plane without me. I waited and hoped that he would come back for me but he never did. Finally a flight attendant found me and I ended up in this box in the airport while my owner went to Florida (I’m really envious that he got to go to Orlando before me too!).
Gee, I really miss my owner too. He always kept me fully charged and he really knew how to push my buttons haha. I miss him talking into me with that sweet nuttery buttery breath and those well moisturized chapsticked lips of his. I was always safe and warm in his pocket until he was ready to use me and then his breathy voice would come through me and make me happy. We used to go lots of interesting places too and he would use me to take pictures. Unfortunately his pictures never seem to come out very well but it’s not my fault I promise. I’ve been through it all with my owner. He came and picked me up at the store right after he started something called “American Idol”. He called me an “upgrade”. I don’t know what that means but it sounds pretty good. Anyway our lives have been a whirlwind ever since.

I love my owner a lot. He’s the nicest person I’ve ever heard on either end of the line. He never gets mad, he just asks questions like “gosh, why do Priscilla Presley and Lady Gaga keep calling me?”. I’m not really sure exactly what his name is though. I’ve heard him called David, Archie , Lettuce Boy, cutie, sweetie and sometimes people just scream at him. I just call him Angel Face or Angel Voice cause that’s what he is. You should hear the cool ringtones that I have. They’re songs and have names like John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Sara Bara…ok I don’t know how to spell that one haha. Anyway I can’t really say anything more because my battery is almost dead. If anyone sees my owner please tell him that I’m hear waiting for him in the lost and found box in the airport in Vancouv…..hey wait a minute….somebody claimed me but it’s not my owner…where are you taking me?…..and what the heck is Ebay?!!!

~David’s cell phone


St. Paul Tonight!

Several FOD’ers will be on hand tonight and will be texting us with details!  Check back often for stories and pictures!


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