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David Archuleta premiered his debut single "Crush" on Z100 this morning!

CLICK HERE to go to Z100 and listen all day long!

It’s best to listen to the song on Z100 so they can count the number of plays.

Don’t forget to call or email Z100 to let them know how much you love the song, and then call YOUR local radio station and request that they add "Crush" to their playlist! Then call the DJs and request the song be played (but don’t annoy them…call or email once day).

What did you all think? Do you like the lyrics? The melody? Discuss!

In his interview this morning, David was relaxed, articulate, sweet, and his usual laughing self. He admitted to being very nervous–more nervous than he had ever been on American Idol as he readied himself to hear his song for the first time (he hadn’t heard the final mix yet!). He was jittery last night and didn’t sleep much…I think you can rest easy now, David! Your fans…of ALL ages…are crushing on this song, and we’re going to make sure it hits #1 on Billboard and iTunes.

Funny moment from the interview: the female DJ mentioned that she wants to "sully him up" and David laughed and quickly came back with "I can do without that."

Other tidbits: David didn’t think he would make it through any of the audition rounds on AI because there was so much talent (oh, David…). He wants to do a Spanish album in the future…he likes to listen to salsa but "I don’t know if I’m really a hip-mover."…his favorite song on Guitar Hero is YYZ and he plays on expert level, of course.

I LOVED the way that Elvis emphasized what "a special moment" this was: they all left their headphones on while the song was playing so they could listen with David for the first time. You could just sense what a HUGE event this was…Elvis mentioned that "we don’t have guests on very often" and how excited they were for David Archuleta to appear.

Elvis Duran was kind and actually somewhat poetic with David–I guess David brings that out in people–and noted that just like a foot leaves a print on a beach, he hopes that today will be imprinted on David’s memory as the day he first heard himself on the radio.

There is no doubt that MP3s of "Crush" will be available momentarily all over the internet–download if you must–but PLEASE buy his single when it becomes available for purchase. This is how David’s dream will come true; this is how he will get to continue making music for us for years to come.

The video is now up on Z100: it is priceless watching David hear himself on the radio for the first time!

We’re so proud of you, David!


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