David Archuleta~ TOFW Atlanta Awesome Inspiration, Pics, Vids, and IG shares, A beautiful “Zerogravity1” Reacquaintance, and Off to the Philippines next for David!


TOFW Atlanta Inspiration

David Archuleta TOFW ATL Credit Joanie

David Archuleta TOFW ATL Credit me

And Pure Awesomeness!!

David Archuleta TOFW Atlanta ~ selfie "pose" credit Joanie

David Archuleta TOFW Atlanta ~ selfie “pose” credit me



Late Saturday Evening Updates

Invincible Lyric Vid released!

What a fun Saturday surprise!! This afternoon David released his (before mentioned) lyric vid with illustrations by Maddy Ashton (Stephanie Maybey’s cousin who also illustrated Stephanie’s “Zombie’ vid!)

David also shared an Instagram post to introduce the video! Be sure to head over and leave a comment for him! πŸ™‚


Brunch With Good Friends

Kari’s darling niece Lizzie posted this fun bunch brunch pic (<– say that 5x really fast) πŸ˜‰ on Instagram today! 

David archuleta Kari Sellards Heidi Fortner Liz Charlton Brunch in Atlanta October 14 2017


 Saturday Brunch pics from our favorite foodie!

David shared some pretty yummy looking food pics on his IG story today!


A Quick TOFW Roundup for now~

TOFW Atlanta Stage


Please forgive this incomplete and quick post, but as I’m out of town with dear fan/friends and lacking sleep already, I’ll just share some highlights of this magnificent TOFW Atlanta night in pics, IGs, and vids with a better recap to be continued!

** For more, be sure to check out our FodfansofDavid twitter, IG, and facebook as well.

Fan-Family Here to Share TOFW together

Traveling from Toronto and Minnesota, Mary Lou and I happily came to visit a long-time dear Archie friend, Karin @Zerogravity1 and attend this TOFW event together.

As a special bonus for traveling from a far distance this weekend, we were given a special “door prize!” Good motto: Chocolate provided for those who travel~ “Works For Me!”

TOFL Atlanta Mary Lou and Joanie

TOFL Atlanta Mary Lou and Joanie

We also met Brenda aka @Itsallbs2017 !  She is an awesome fan who additionally creates  beautifully designed graphics on sm to help celebrate & promote David and his music! πŸ™‚  Brenda actually met David with her granddaughter  at  THE WHITE HOUSE back in 2010 when David performed for the 2010 CMN Champions.

TOFW ATL Mary Lou, Joanie, Brenda, Karin

TOFW ATL Mary Lou, Joanie, Brenda, Karin

The Merch Table was well stocked with “BEGIN,” TOSOD,” and “My Little Prayer/ THE PRAYER” cds 

TOFW Atlanta David Archuleta cds ~ credit Mary Lou

TOFW Atlanta David Archuleta cds ~ credit Mary Lou

The Forum was also well stocked with a sold-out crowd!!! 

TOFW ATL crowd


The Set list

David sang an abundant total of 9 songs last night; each performance was met with wild cheering and applause! 

Glorious, True Colors, I’m Ready, Beautiful, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Invincible, My Little Prayer and Be Still My Soul. Below are some of the songs highlighted!


Glorious pic Credit Mary Lou


True Colors

David Archuleta TOFW ATL True Colors


I’m Ready

DAvid Archuleta TOFW ATL I'm ready credit Joanie

David Archuleta TOFW ATL I’m ready *vid below*


This acoustic version is a fave of mine~ It brings a whole new (vulnerable) sound to the song…I love both acoustic and studio renditions!! So sorry for the mid-vid “splice;” my recording unexpectedly stopped and I had to quickly resume recording.


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

My Little Prayer

First up the beautiful intro captured by Mary Lou

~The performance πŸ™‚

Sooooooo very pretty! <3


Be Still My Soul

David closed the Friday night event with a serene and sublime “Be Still My Soul” performance. He sang, I cried, and when he ended, we all stood and gratefully applauded.


More Vids, IG’s, Pics etc

Love this IG post with a fun little “signing” story #momfansrock

Meeting David at TOFW credit Carley Whittaker (IG)


Time out for women!!! @davidarchie

A post shared by πŸ‘‘CarleyπŸ‘‘ (@carleywhittaker) on

True Colors IG Clip

TOFW ATL credit @sesikat on IG


A beautiful “Zerogravity” reacquaintance 

David Archuleta and Karin Carlson Williams (zerogravity1) at TOFW ATL credit Joanie

Longtime fan and dear friend Karin aka @zerogravity1 became reacquainted with David last night after not seeing him live and in person for 6 years; his concert in Beaver Creek, CO in Dec. 2011,  being the last time. 

DAVid Archuleta and Karin Carlson Williams TOFW Atlanta credit MAry Lou

I will not provide too many details today as we’re hoping that this lovely busy mom may share with us her own personal thoughts of the show and post concert “signing” in the days ahead….. no pressure, Karin… lots of pressure! πŸ˜‰  In the meantime, here are a few shots we stole while waiting behind her in line.

KArin Carlson Williams and David archuleta TOFW credit Joanie

It was pure joy to watch as David immediately recognized and remembered Karin. He was so happy to see her and loved the chance given for a sweet few minutes to catch up on their big life moments of the past 6 years! ***STAY TUNED FOR MORE FROM KARIN***


Just Days Away until Postcards In The Sky!!!!!

Check out this wonderful festive graphic by Gwen!  Are you ready???

I’m going to close this post and publish so that it’s not Sunday before y’all see it! 🐒 <—me

Kalei will have more tidbits to add from the TOFW event on Monday, but hope this gives you a good caption of the lovely event last night!  This upcoming week will be off to a very busy start as David will be arriving in the Philippines, followed by the release of Postcards In The Sky on Friday with the big concert that same night!!!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend, and wishing David, Kari, Team Archie, and the Archuband safe travels in the days ahead!

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David Archuleta: TOFW in ATL tomorrow night! @MyDearWriter and Manila are Ready, Day 3 Tour Rehearsals, Emily Farmer Speaks at TOFW!, Evie Clair to perform with David 11/11 at Anasazi Benefit, Nashville Show Nearing Sell-Out! and more~ Friday Updates added!


Live Your Life~

David Archuleta ~ Kamas Credit Shelley

David Archuleta ~ Kamas Credit Shelley




Reminder: TOFW ATLANTA TONIGHT!! (see below)


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!

David Shares a “Kind Act” From Atlanta!

David shared a sweet Instagram post last evening from the “backseat” of his ride in Atlanta! Yup! He’s in Atlanta for the TOFW event tonight!!!! Anyway, David invites you to share a witnessed act of kindness as well so CLICK HERE to add a comment. πŸ™‚

** UPDATE on a comment to this IG post and an EPIC response from David!**❀️

This IG post by David was in itself awesome, but what followed, made it even better as David once again showed his “true colors” in shining-so-bright fashion in this incredibly wise and well articulated response. I think I will be printing this out to hang on my fridge! 

Comment on David’s post:

David’s beautiful response:

@Romoluomo Responded:

Final Response by David:~ Gotta love this guy…I know, we already do~ πŸ™‚


TOFW Atlanta Tomorrow Night!

Infinite Energy Center Hall BC

A few familiar faces will be there in Atlanta attending Friday night to be filled with David’s music and messages!! (me included! πŸ™‹πŸ») We will be meeting up with a long time lovely Archie and we’ll do our best to share what we’re able! 😊


Philippines Just Days and an Ocean Away!!!!

Promo in Manila Continues! Love the BIG Poster Campaign!

My Dear Writer shared her beautiful larger than life “find” on twitter!

Tita Bess is scoring big points with her “Ticket Presents!”


Another Nice little PITS (Postcards In The Sky) Article/Promo from Christian Beats

David Archuleta Delivers ‘Postcards In The Sky’ Album October 20

Written by Herb Longs

Platinum-selling international pop star David Archuleta will release Postcards in the Sky on October 20. This is David’s first full-length project since 2013’s No Matter How Far. Fans can pre-order the16-track LP, here

postcardsintheskyThe album β€” released on Archuleta’s own Archie Music/Tone Tree Music β€” is one he started on after returning to the public eye following a two-year stint doing volunteer missionary work in Santiago, Chile. 

That experience, chronicled in songs like β€œNumb” and β€œSpotlight Down,” inspired Archuleta to change his approach to songwriting and go beyond his Top 40 roots. 

Here he focuses on honest, heartfelt lyrics that combine the process of self-reflection with the power of pop melodies. 


Day 3 Rehearsal for the Archuband!

Brady Bills With His  Daily IG  Updates

Love these daily tour rehearsal updates from Brady et al on IG! And catch the seet comment from Brenda (@itallbs2017) <3 Click below for the post.

Brady Bills Tour Rehearsal Day 3 IG


Jay (@Jbitsbeats) shared a great pic and post for Day 3 rehearsal, too!


Tech rehearsals βœ”οΈ Heading out with @davidarchie and these guys in a few weeks to the East/Midwest.

A post shared by Jay Tibbitts (@jbitsbeats) on

Garrin Macscarenas” who is pictured on the far right position (and tagged on the IG post by Jay) is a member of Brio Technologies~ Their fb post is found HERE

So by “tech rehearsals” as they’ve been referred to, Garrin is present and is participating in the “tech” planning for concert audio and lighting on the tour.

**Special thanks to @rhiminee for her quickly found info on Garrin**

Win Tix to David’s Indy Show on 11/01!!

Click below to head over!!


Emily Farmer Speaks about Service and her 100yr old bf at TOFW!

If you’ve been at one of David’s shows over the past couple years, chances are you’ve seen Emily Farmer out working at the merch table. She’ll greet you with her 1000 megawatt smile and a friendly “hello” that warms your soul! She was on tour with  David, Kari and the Archuband (and David’s sister Amber, too) this past summer on the Orion Tour. 

And if you don’t already follow Emily on Instagram, (@EmilyFarmer) you definitely should. She brings that same warmth, positivity, and light through her posts and stories. She often shares her visits and adventures with her 100yr old bf, and the wisdom he shares.

Emily was asked last spring to join some of the Time Out For Women events to speak about “service” and her relationship with Mac. Watch below as she shared her story on the TOFW stage in Layton. <33333333


Team Archie Confirms 04/2018 Show in Woodlands, TX at Dosey Does!

As posted about previously on FOD, David will be in concert next April at Doesey Does in Houston, TX. Yesterday, Team Archie and David on Twitter confirmed the news! Tickets are on sale (have been on sale) so be sure to get yours! 

Mary Lou offers a nice nod to the BBQ and Texans re: this show!


Evie Clair posts plans to be performing at Anasazi Event on 11/11 with David!

Evie Clair America's Got Talent performing Yours

Thanks so much to our awesome fb CEO DavidFT for passing this find along. Evie Clair (recent contestant/finalist on America’s Got Talent and new friend of David’s) posted on her fb page along with other appearance dates that she will be performing with David at the Anasazi Gala on November 11th. Evie has not been added yet to the Anasazi Gala site, but we’ll continue to check for her addition.

Could Evie also possibly be “The Special Guest” who will be appearing on tour with David in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis? Speculation is always fun, but we’ll have to wait to see is it is Evie or another who will fill that spot. 


Nashville Show at Franklin Theater Near Sell out!

GET YOUR TICKET NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! This show is going to be epic! November 4th ~ Only 12 tickets remain as of early this am!! Click the seating chart pic below to head over!




A little more “The Voice” IG story fun from David!

Captured this little IG story before it disappeared~ It’s always interesting to see whose performance captures David’s eye (and ear.) In this case, it even included a little of of “Stand By Me!”


Fun Fan Finds!

Excitement (and cinnamon rolls) are cooking in Manila for David!!



WOWSA!!! Tita Bess has THE TICKETS in Manila!!!!


MARGIE!! Please tell us more!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ’πŸ₯…


Good Things Utah Sweet Memories from Shirley!

A lovely collage of sweet memories in studio shared by Shirley!!

Good Things Utah in studio David Archuleta credit Shirley Cook

That’s about it for me this morning~ I’ll update as I’m able but as I’ll be heading out of town, look for more of the updates from us on twitter, IG,  and as always, DavidFT will have our fb page updated with everything and more! πŸ™‚ Have a great Thursday everyone!

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