David Archuleta ~ Tuesday Update: 10 Years! A Decade of Change – My How Time Flies! Throwing It Way Back to *1999, Cookie’s Down for a Group Song & “Jazz Hands”, Rexburg Tix on Sale 01/16/18! Happy MLK Day, Fun Finds


Waiting On the World to Change

– screen cap from Idol Audtions

David rocked the social media platforms once again when he posted a nostalgic tweet & IG post remembering 10 years ago when he auditioned for American Idol Season 7 singing John Mayer’s Waiting On the World to Change. Many Archies & ArchAngels signed up for the fandom when they first “met” Archie on TV watching the Idol auditions – including me! πŸ™‚

FOD has posted many, many, many posts covering almost every detail of AI Season 7, and many of us (read ALL of us) regard this as the absolute BEST season ever! Of course, many of us never watched another season again!

For all the controversy and conspiracy theories about Idol being “fixed”, I think we can all agree that we are forever grateful that they got one thing very, very right – they brought us David Archuleta! And our lives were forever changed…



Instagram Stories Too!

David was busy trying out some new music too! He posted an IG Story – a boomerang vid really – of himself in the studio with Isabeau Miller and Cason Cooley! We know this because luckily Isabeau also posted a little vid on her IG – no sound rats! – but it’s clearly David singing! Thanks to Joanie for converting David’s IG Story so I could post it on YT to share!

It’s January 15, 2018 and David’s already working on new music – YAY! πŸ™‚

David Archuleta IG Story 01/15/18 (via: fansofdavidvideos)


A Decade of Change

David 10 years ago…

So much has changed in the last 10 years – time sure flies when you’re having fun! We’ve watched David grow from a shy, humble teen from Murray, Utah into a still somewhat shy, still humble young man now residing in Nashville Tennessee – but more than his address has changed!

Over the years – and some of them have been hard years filled with uncertainty and plenty of angst – we have seen David blossom into an amazing artist who has managed to beat the Hollywood odds that seemed stacked against him – finding his voice and making music his  way – and he’s pretty darn good at it! He’s braver, more relaxed, willing to step outside his comfort zone and those sassy pants fit him like a glove!

Postcards in the Sky is proof that he can write songs that tell his story and that people not only enjoy the music, they’re inspired by it! He’s willing to take risks that we didn’t see 10 years ago when “the Industry” was trying to mold him into a teen pop star that, like the sparkly suit, didn’t quite fit him.

– credit Valerie

It’s been a decade of growth  marked by changes in his voice – it’s deeper, more controlled, and that lower register really shines.  His hair and clothes went from long and spiky with graphic tees to shorter and modern with a classic white shirt and denim jacket (not withstanding the occasional fluffeh hair-did paired with a Pokemon tee-shirt lol).

– Nashville, credit Scot A.

But, for me, the most profound change is that David is not afraid to show exactly how much he has remained exactly the same – kind, humble, quick to serve others and always guided by faith to follow his true North – to be 100% his authentic self, and to heck with anyone who takes issue with his life choices!

At the core, David’s absolute love and passion for music continues to shine its light out into the world, and while we may still be waiting for the world to change, I, for one, am really happy that some things are rock solid and will never change, like love for family, steadfast friendships, unerring faith and our never ending support for that young man from Murray, Utah – we’re here for you David, every step of the way!

– Nashville, credit Scot A.


A lot has changed in the past 10 years! Share your memories from 10 years ago – when did you KNOW you were a Fan of David? What Idol moment stands out to you the most? Do you still keep in touch with friends you met because of David? Share your memories from the past 10 years – we’d love to hear from you!

– credit American Idol


 She’s so haaaiiiaaa

– screencap David’s IG Story

He NEVER fails to surprise and delight us! Just what we needed to jumpstart the day – a fabulous throw way way back to 2009 – does anyone even remember Tal Bachman? The original music vid is mostly cute with its angel-winged heroine bopping down the street – but there’s a short heart-stopping IT moment when she steals some balloons from Pennywise and it feels like things may go sideways… but luckily it all turns out fine πŸ™‚



Throwin’ It Way Back to *1999

Now here’s the original by Tal Bachman in 2009 *1999 – David was just a teen a young child when this music video debuted – it must have made an impact!

*Thanks to our commenters for the correction on the date of this Tal Bachman hit – it was even further back than I first thought! Ten  years more! How could David even remember this song? I don’t even remember this song lol! Maybe he happened upon the VEVO vid which was published (or maybe reposted) in 2009.

Tal Bachman – She’s So High (credit: TalBachmanVEVO)


Reunion Group Song with Jazz Hands!

Another fun treat from the Twitterverse! Melinda Doolittle threw out an invitation to Kris Allen and David Archie to meet up with David Cook who will be performing in Nashville on February 15th – Cookie responded with some fond funny memories of performing the infamous Idol Group Songs – and he says Archie has a dry wit lol:

Before anyone dismisses this idea as just a bit of fun among Idol alums, there is a LOT of support for making this happen! And Cookie better brush up his side-step, shuffle and jazz hands routine because Archie is gonna bring the moves!!

The Idol Group Songs take a lot of ribbing, and yes, some seasons were mostly cheesy, but Season 7 Group Songs were mostly wonderful! The group really sang well together – I’m thinking David Archie had a lot to do with that (bias alert!) but I really enjoyed the group songs, and Shout to the Lord still remains a fan favorite!

So let’s follow David’s lead and throw it way way back to 2009 when the BEST season of American Idol kept us glued to our TV every week! Not gonna lie, in every group song I waited for David Archie’s solo part! Extra credit if you can remember the names of the Top 24!

Thanks to David Archuleta Spain for archiving these amazing Idol moments in this wonderful playlist! To get to the Group Songs, you’ll have to listen to David sing Apologize & the duet of Hero with Cookie – you’re welcome! πŸ™‚

American Idol 7 – Actuaciones En Grupo (credit: David Archuleta Spain)

If the new season of American Idol can come anywhere close to the awesomeness of Idol Season 7, I just might tune in – how about you?


Rexburg Tix On Sale Tuesday 1/16/18

We’re not sure why this 2/23/18 Rexburg, ID show is not posted on the OS yet, but tickets go on sale tomorrow, so if you’re interested, make sure to grab yours!  There’s also a dinner option that you can add on, but so far, no VIP or Meet & Greet opportunity that we’ve found.


Click to Buy Tix on 1/16/18


Happy MLK Day!

Today may be a holiday for many, but for me, it’s a regular work day. However, this quote reminds me that every day we are given a new opportunity to serve others – whether through our work, volunteering for community service or, like David suggests, even offering to help someone clean their yard.

“One day he came to my door and asked if he could rake our leaves,” neighbor Amy Goeckeritz said. “He knew I was pregnant and almost due, and he was raking away. I told him, ‘Can, I pay you anything?’ and he wouldn’t even take a Popsicle. He came back at least two or three times. He didn’t even ring the door bell. He just raked and swept.”

To read The Salt Lake Tribune article: CLICK HERE

There are lots of great things about being a David Archie fan, awesome music, amazing concert experiences with lifetime ArchuBuddies and having our days brightened by his hilariously random social media posts, but one of the best things about being an Archie is that we have been inspired to be kind, to be humble and to look for ways to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever we can – and with that, we can all honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. ~ because we can all serve.


Fun Finds

Graphic edit by @archies_vanny


Wishing everyone a Happy MLK Day! Hope you got a holiday and are spending some fun time with family and friends or, if you’re working, like me, being thankful for the opportunity to serve. This looks to be a quiet week on the David front unless… He releases his new music video!!

I think the front runner in the new music vid poll is Postcards in the Sky, which would be awesome! My secret (not so secret) wish is that there will be a music vid for Other Things in Sight – that jazzy, groovalicious tune deserves a full on music vid!

Thanks to Joanie, Pastel and DFT on FB for making the last few weeks so much fun with their wonderful posts – we have a lot to celebrate in Archuland! Looking forward to some day brightening posts from David, so stay tuned!

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Weekend Roundup! Which @Davidarchie Music Video do you think is on it’s way? Ticket Give Away! Wrapping up 2017 fan memories, Vote Strong!

David Singing Higher Road in Kansas City 2017 Credit Mary Lou

David Singing Higher Road in Kansas City 2017 Credit Mary Lou

* * * * ** *

Almost here!

That coat!  The sweater!  The overall stylin’!  Really loving it. And …

X marks the spot!

X Marks the Spot David Archuleta Fans of David

X Marks the Spot David Archuleta Fans of David

So what was your guess for the MV?

And revisiting our poll from when the MV was filmed, you can still continue to cast your vote!

* * * * * *

A Heartfelt Thank You from David for Your Letters

Look at all that mail! Thanks, Kari!

Do you write David? 

David came on line today to say “Thank You”!  In a series of tweets and Instagram Stories, he thanked everyone for recognizing that he’s trying to be “the best of me”.  

Loved that line.

No need for me to paraphrase David.  I’ll post what he posted.

I love that David took the time to say thank you in so many languages!  Spanish, Tagalog, French, Portuguese, Slovenian, Mandarin and Malay! 

And here are the instagram stories.  It’s obvious that your words have touched David, and as he said, gave him a lift.  Keep writing him everyone!!!

Hartford CT tickets available!

A generous fan has TWO great tickets to March 1 Hartford CT show to GIVE AWAY.

All you need to do

(1) confirm you can DEFINITELY go

(2) email us at fodfrontpage@gmail.com with a few sentences on why you should go. 

Please get  your entries in soon and spread the word around!


Fan memories of 2017

Thanks to all the fans who shares those David memories, a moment, a song, something that made an impact, a difference to them in 2017.  Today we wrap things up with two more from Kayla and Brenda.

Kayla ~ moments on and off the stage

The Kneel during ALTNOY in Kansas City credit FOD

The Kneel during ALTNOY in Kansas City credit FOD

My only Archie show in 2017 was his Nashville concert in November, so all of my memorable moments came from it. And there were so many! Not just for Archie’s incredible performance (when he dropped to the stage during that ‘A Little Too Not Over You’ segment? My mind was blown!) but for the fun I had at the fan lunch beforehand.

I’d never been to a fan lunch before, so this was my first experience with them. I really didn’t have any idea what to expect, but now that I’ve been I’d love to go to more! It was amazing to be around so many other Archie fans, and to share in our geekery and excitement over him and the concert we were about to see. Getting to meet new people and see others in person I had only talked to online, plus to see how very talented the fan community is, was a truly amazing experience and one that I’m happy I got to be a part of.

Fan Lunch in Nashville

Brenda ~ lyrics make an impact

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my home town of Indy (Indianapolis) and Georgia for the last four years. A modern day nomad. Staying anywhere from a few weeks, months or up to a year or longer each time depending on what was going on with a chronically ill family member here in Georgia. This April I’m headed back to Indy again for who knows how long.

It’s a tough decision for many deeply personal reasons but one thing I’ll take with me on my next journey is the impact that David’s words about finding and embracing my own light and to keep looking upward for the infinite possibilities beyond the stars has had on me. And the beautiful, hopeful songs he crafted around both will also travel with me wherever I go.

The song Postcards In The Sky itself has had such a profound eye opening motivational and reaffirming affect on me when I absolutely needed it the most. There are plenty of other songs on the album that inspire me or that I appreciate.(All of them!) And seeing him twice last year was something I’ll always think of with a great big smile! But Postcards In The Sky’s message has actually helped change my life. My perspective. My acceptance and understanding of many things. So much so that I end my prayers with “I’m throwing my words in the sky to you God..beyond the stars to you in heaven”…And I know I’m being heard. That’s my standout memory of David this past year and what he gives us far beyond what he may realize.. in ways he may never know..Thank you David.. #Love #Light #Stars #ThrowItUp

2 more votes left!

DIRECT LINK HERE!  Put in one vote before Saturday 11 pm EST and another right after that and it will help David out!  He totally had an insane performance  LINK

As Found aRound

I have no commentary on this one.  I can’t even make something up.

Because I know nothing

Someone’s hungry …

Finishing up by Daring you to Move 😊  Tuacahn 2016.  Such a trip.

That’s it for me.  Won’t be back for 3 weeks due to work commitments.  Thanks to the FOD team for everything you do!

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