David Archuleta ~ Terrific Tuesday! LEO Launch Party 8/25/17 on FB Live! FB & IG Invites, The Eclipse Impresses! Victoria Horn Has a Secret, Screen Caps Galore!


#LeoEP Launch Party!

David Archuleta Leo Launch Party IG

– Screen Cap David’s IG Invite to the Leo Launch Party

David surprised the fandom with a FB video invitation to his Leo Launch Party this Friday, 8/25/17 on FB Live!  Can we get a loud fangirl SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!



 #LeoEP Launch Party – You’re Invited!

It was a day full of wonder and surprises – starting with a total eclipse of the sun that had people donning their solar shades and gazing skyward to witness an event that hasn’t happened in 500 years – and won’t happen again for another 500 more.

We were all feeling elated, proudly posting our fuzzy photos of the moon passing in front of the sun in various stages of partial to total eclipse – it was a banner day indeed – what could possibly make this day any better?

Then BAM!  This happened:


He’s so happy and excited, he’s practically giddy letting us know that the Leo EP will be released this Friday, and that he’s planning a Release Party to celebrate!  And we’re all invited!  

That means every single Archie fan around the world can tune in and watch David perform acoustic versions of the songs from the EP!  And to make it even more exciting, David will be hosting a Q&A session – answering our questions about the new music, the songs we’ve heard or ones that are yet to come – or anything else that we’ve been pondering – so now’s your chance!

Date: Friday, August 25th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Pacific

Place: David’s Facebook Page – CLICK HERE

Send: Questions to David’s FB or IG – he might answer! 

This FB vid is all kinds of WIN! Besides his obvious excitement, he’s being his chatty self, talking about everything from his upcoming EP release, to the fact that he’s in Idaho – LOOK! There’s a truck! Bye Truck! – to what he thought of the eclipse – WHOOOO!

David Archuleta screencap FB vid Leo EP Launch Party

– The eclipse – WHOOO!

He says he loves all the stages leading up to the release of his music, and he’s excited about the new songs – he asks “if we can take a listen when they come out that day” – ummm can we take a listen? We’ve been listening to the snippets on repeat since the EP was posted for pre-order! 

David Archuleta screencap FB vid Leo Launch party

– Excited for the new songs!

So David invites everyone to start sending in questions now – either posting them on his IG or on his FB page, and he’ll answer some of them during the live Q&A session! What a great opportunity to ask all those burning questions that no one remembered to ask during the Summer Tour VIPs πŸ™‚

He signs off by by giving us a bullet point version of everything he’s already said, then says “We’ll talk then, yeah, Ta Ta – Adios!”

David Archuleta screencap from FB vid Leo Launch Party

– Send in your questions! Screen cap from FB vid

So mark your calendars and plan to join the FB Live session! It’s gonna be a PAR-TAY!


Instagram Invite Too!

Another surprise when David added a slightly shorter invitation to his FB Live event posted on his IG – this one sounded a little more rehearsed, as he has less than a minute for a vid posted on IG:

While this is a shorter vid, he still gets in all of the vital information – Leo EP Release party 8/25, Acoustic performances of the songs, Q&A session, start sending in your questions now – and he signs off with his traditional thumbs up sign! πŸ™‚

David Archuleta screen cap IG Leo Launch Party

– Thumbs Up! Scree cap David’s IG vid


The Eclipse Impresses!

David Archuleta Tweet Eclipse Watch in Idaho

People gathered all across the country hoping to catch a glimpse of the eclipse (wearing solar shades of course!) In many places it was a party atmosphere as hundreds or even thousands gathered together to watch this historical celestial event!

Eclipse 2017 Don Hawkins

– Eclipse 2017 credit Don Hawkins – shared by Robin Myheartsong

See you in Texas in 2024 for the next partial eclipse!


Victoria Horn Has a Secret

Victoria has worked with David on previous song writing projects, and she tweeted the Archies, stirring up some excitement and left us wanting more!

We asked for a hint, but no response – rats! Stay tuned!


Leo On Our Mind

And Remember – Trending Party 8/24/17


Screen Caps Galore!

Because we can!

*screen caps from David’s FB vid – Leo Launch Party Invite

David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party David Archuleta screen cap FB vid Leo Launch Party

And a screen shot shared by ShanelleArchie28

David Archuleta screen shot from ShanelleArchie28


It’s been a banner day for sure! A historical celestial event followed by a surprise invitation from David for a FB Live event where he’s launching the Leo EP with acoustic songs and a Q&A session! We’re such lucky fans!

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David Archuleta ~ In The Mood Monday – Hooray for Insta Stories! Thursday Trending Party #LeoEP, Concert Plans In Progress: Franklin Fan Lunch, RIP Jerry Lewis – MDA Memories, Total Eclipse of the Sun, Fun Fan Finds


He’s In the Mood!

David Archuleta Leo EP collage credit Shelley

– collage credit Shelley



Hooray for Insta Stories!

David continued on a social media roll posting several Insta Stories – including two with singing! The social media break has officially ended – when it rains, it pours!

He breaks into a joyful duet with Lupe, belting out What’s Love Got To Do With It, crediting the inspiration to something his step-dad said. Lupe is dancing and singing along and includes a heart hand sign for good measure!

*Click on the Instagram link below to view the vid!

A little later, David was back on Instagram posting another singing Insta Story – and he tagged the post for clarification: I guess I’ve just been in that kind of mood lately (the singing and instastorying kind)

We hope he stays in the mood and continues to post singing Insta Stories every day! Come on David – whenever the mood hits you, just jump online and sing us some snippets of whatever suits your fancy! If you sing some snippets from LEO, we wouldn’t be mad lol πŸ™‚

There were a few more IG Story posts of him watching cartoons – he just loves his cartoons! You can hear him giggle at some of them! We know he likes Arthur and Pokemon, but it’s nice to see that he also enjoys the classics like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck!

He also posted a pic of a ticket to the play Romeo & Juliet, which he saw with his sisters – and he let us know he’s back in Utah!

Finally, he gave us a movie suggestion to see The Shack – he really seemed to enjoy it because he said if you’ve already seen it, then see it again! Maybe The Shack could return the favor and promote David’s new LEO EP!

Then came a surprise shout out to “our boy Tim McGraw” – we’re not sure when Tim McGraw earned the status of “our boy” – perhaps because Kari is also the Road Manager for Tim, so he’s part of  “the family”.

*Click on the pics below to see a slide show of all 4 IG images

We post these for those fans who may not have access to Instagram or who missed the IG Stories, because they go poof after 24 hours. Thanks to David Archuleta Universe for sharing these with us!

After a full day of posting Insta Stories and sharing several songs with us, David was all tuckered out and headed off to dreamland, but not before posting one last IG Story complete with descriptive emojis – good night David & sweet dreams!


Trending Party for #LeoEP

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 24th because the Archies are taking Twitter by storm to promote the debut of the Leo EP.  Let the world hear us ROAR!!

Thanks to Gwen and the rest of the team for organizing the trending party and for creating this lovely promotional graphic. 

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017 (Friday 8/25/17 for some International fans)

Time: See the graphic above for your date and time

Trending Topic: #LeoEP


LEO Tour Plans In Progress

Have you got your tix yet? If not, grab them now cause they’re selling like hotcakes! We’re still on the lookout for additional dates and venues, but plans are in progress for fans who are coordinating road trips and slumber parties and other meet ups to celebrate the Leo Tour.  

If you are planning a fan meet up before or after any of the concerts, please share the information with us and we’ll promote your event so fans can join in the fun! One of the best things about a David concert tour is getting to meet up with fan friends from all over the country and even getting to meet with International fans too! It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones!


Nashville/Franklin Fan Lunch

PaulaFOD took time this weekend to visit Franklin, TN to check out the Franklin Theater, and lo and behold, they already have David’s concert posted for promotion! We love promo and seeing David’s name on the marquee!

Here’s the lovely Paula showing us the David promo!

David Archuleta Franklin Theater marquee credit PaulaFOD

– credit PaulaFOD

Paula also scouted some local hotels for us so we could coordinate a group reservation for a block of hotel rooms and a location for our Fan Lunch (similar to what we did in Tuacahn). There will be fans traveling from all over the country – maybe even from International countries – and we want everyone to have a chance to meet up and rekindle old friendships and make some new friends too!

So stay tuned if you’re interested in taking advantage of the hotel group reservation – we’ll be finalizing the hotel and the rates this week.  The fan lunch will be held on Saturday – time and location to be determined, based on the hotel that’s selected.

We’re so excited to see everyone who’s coming to Nashville/Franklin – it’s David’s “kinda” stomping grounds, and will surely be a special show! Let us know if you’re coming!


RIP Jerry Lewis – MDA Memories

Jerry Lewis is well known for making us laugh – his many “buddy movies” with Dean Martin are considered classics – and who can forget the wackiness that ensues when he drinks a “magic potion” in The Nutty Professor? 

While Jerry Lewis will be remembered for his humor, his legacy will be his support of charitable organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). The annual telethons were filled with celebrities and entertainment from various artists, and this event was televised nationwide with the donations prominently displayed for all to see. I remember attending a local live telethon, and it was exciting to see the total donations climbing higher and higher!

Joanie shared her memories of a David connection, when David performed Things Are Gonna Get Better on the 2010 MDA Telethon:


Total Eclipse of the Sun

David Archuleta Sunglasses from IG post

– Preparing for the Eclipse – credit David’s IG

Who’s ready for today’s total eclipse!  People have flocked to several states where viewing of the eclipse will be best – including Bend, Oregon where David had a show from the Orion tour this summer!

I won’t be able to view the eclipse here in Hawaii, because we’re at the wrong angle to the sun, but for those of you who are able to view the eclipse, please be sure to wear proper eye protection – looking straight at the sun can cause permanent eye damage!

So while these glasses are stylish, they won’t work for viewing the eclipse!

David Archuleta guitar glasses Tulsa Idol Tour

– Tulsa Idol Tour


Fun Fan Finds

David Archuleta Chaptwo IG post

David Archuleta YLC 2017 credit annickcpgagnon IG David Archuleta YLC 2017 2 credit annickcpgagnon


Well this week is shaping up to be pretty busy – and we thought it would be a vacay for us! Excitement is high for the Leo concert tour and the debut of the Leo EP on Friday! Have you pre-ordered your copy from Itunes or Amazon? You get an early download of I’m Ready – it’s a gorgeous version that is different from his live version, but just as beautiful! Everyone is wondering who the female vocalist is that sings at the end of the song – maybe David will enlighten us in an IG Story!

Mark your calendars for the Trending Party this Thursday so we can usher in the Leo EP with a ROAR!!

I’ll be here all week to bring you updated info on all things David!

– shared by Gwen

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