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checked shirt deseret Santa Ana signing* * * * * *

Quote credit to Pinantonio

Quote credit to Pinantonio

* * * * * *

David Archuleta To Participate in closing Events at 2015 Rootstech Conference!

Rootstech announcement


The OS Also has the Announcement Posted!!!!!

OS announcement

Os announcement Rootstech 2

* * * * * *

Wishing Everyone a Warm Safe Wednesday on the East Coast!

Is this really happening in November????  Or is it Snowvember??? This pic was shared on fb by AnneMarie and John. Please take care everyone today out there in the cold and snow that’s been dumped (in feet) in the northeast!

Snow in NEw York

* * * * * *

David’s Tweets A Quote… A Coinkedink??  ;)

Tweet David 2 most impt days in your life

David tweeted us a quote of Mark Twain’s last night with extremely similar wisdom to a quote shared by (Barb) @ElFOD during our search for a special quote! bb day you were born barb

The quote Barb submitted was chosen (by popular vote) to become the front cover for a special BDay book! 2 great nearly identical quotes! A quote coinkydink or perhaps is the “birthday cover quote” secret out of the bag?? ;)

Birthday Book 12/28/2014 credit Shelley

Birthday Book 12/28/2014 credit Shelley

 ~As always, the responses to David’s quote contained some great, well-thought,  tweets!

tweet reply David the whytweet response to why quote 1Tweet response to why quote 2

~AND OF COURSE, THERE  ARE A COUPLE  “FAVORITES” To NOTE! :) tweet response to why special 2

tweet response to quote special 1

Hmmm~ Anyway~ it’s nice to know that David will like the special quote chosen by vote to grace the cover of his birthday book this year. I’d love to hear about his personal thoughts regarding Twain’s words . I saw a couple responses (like Debbie Gloria’s above) mentioning that this quote reminded them of a message in 5 for Fighting’s song “The Riddle”… I’d have to agree!

* * * * * *

A New Event Speculation

Will David be participating in an event this coming February??? The Speculation began yesterday as the RootsTech Conference twitter handle posted this tweet in regards to closing event performers:

tweet roots tech conference

That parental description sounds very familiar, wouldn’t you say??? Mary Thought so, too, as she shared on twitter. :)

Tweet MAry Rootstech conf

As we wait to hear if the “clue” given is indeed in reference to David, Click below to check out the RootsTech Conference 2015 site!  Fingers and toes crossed in hopes it is!!!

Rootstech event

* * * * * *

 Bandisintown Sign-up on fb!

Last evening, the following info was posted on David’s fb page re: tracking your favorite artist with the Bandisintown App!

fb David Track your artist

Clicking on the “Track David Archuleta” on fb above leads you to his BandIsInTown pg (shown below.) If you don’t already follow David using this app you can download it as instructs, or sign up for alerts by registering your email. It’s nice to see the Celebration Of Christ concerts listed on David’s page! You can also show your fan attendance status her by clicking on all of the past shows to remind you where you’ve seen David live.

bandisintown pg for David* * * * * *

Also posted on facebook by Team Archie:

The Glorious supercut vid where you’re invited to share in comments if you can spot yourself in the vid!

fb David Glorious supercut posted by Team Archie

David Also shared a separate same but larger (trailer) vid for the Glorious supercut, and in a separate posting , this Lindsey Sterling vid (below.)

* * * * *

Nandito Ako Replay on Filipino Fox Continues~

Today’s featured Nandito Ako featured scene flashbacks come from MyDearWriter and Tonette. Two incredible unforgettable moments captured in the series! Afterall, who could ever forget Josh Bradley as he gave Anya one of his sultry famous looks:

Nandito Ako Replay credit Tonette

Or…..the long awaited,  built up, and highly anticipated “THE THING!!!”

Nandito Ako IG The Thing Credit MDW

Oh Josh, how you thrilled us each and every day for 5 weeks back in early 2012!!! If you’re unable to relive the memories and fun watching the replay of Nandito Ako on Filipino Fox, look up above on our sidebar to click for recorded the scenes of Nandito Ako or CLICK HERE.

* * * * *

 Buzzfeed AI Poll: Who Should’ve Won?

Buzz feed poll

How did I know what I’d find before clicking  on this article?!  Included is a poll for each AI season having voters once again choose  “Who Really Should Have Won “American Idol”? Really? ACKKKKK! AGAIN? REALLY? 

Anyway, after all these years, I think we know the drill if we’re so inclined. ;) Click below to head over and vote.

Buzz feed AI voting

Ummmm You might want to head over go-getters as the (other) David is currently leading!  :shock:

* * * * *

A Think of Me  Moment with Ana Feleo

Awww I loved this!!! Ana Feleo shared an all too brief but beautiful operatic snippet of her singing “Think Of Me” from Phantom Of The Opera ! Click below to hear her on IG! I hope to hear Ana sing the entire song one day!

Ana Think of Me IG

Awww The flood of memories after just a few seconds of that song brings me back to Andrew Lloyd Webber week when David, with Richard’s arrangement delivered a most lovely and very different rendition of Think of Me~ which we continue to do btw ;) ! This song still leaves me weak in the knees. <3

* * * * * *

Lucy and MaryLou share a “Commenters” Poem


We truly are an eclectic bunch, we fans of David, and despite our differences, we continue to care about one another, and about our guy, David. Lucy wrote a wonderful poem spontaneously, I might add, in comments last night to which Mary Lou capped it off with an additional great 2 verses. :)

A poem for you all: An Ode To The Commenters:

On a wonderful website
Called FOD
The comment section
Is a sight to see.

There are fans who come here
From all kinds of places
From different countries
And religions and races,

The comments here come
In all shapes and sizes
They are always interesting
And full of surprises.

Sometimes there is discord,
Sadness and fear
But there is also lots of
Love and friendship here.

David is worth the wait
On this we all can agree
Good things are on the way
Just you all wait and see!

Thanks to the wonderful MODS
And all that you do
Don’t where we would be
If we didn’t have you:)


And the MODS appreciate the support from everyone!
they so love what they do,
Where would FOD be without those
who comment, lurk or just review?

After all, we are all here for the same reason
to support our favourite artist David,
So laugh, share, discuss and chat away
And let’s be “David-like” in what we say and how we say it

* * * * * *

Fan -Tastic Fan Edits

Chin and Jaw by Pocoelsy

Chin and Jaw by Pocoelsy

then and now credit David Àrchuleta

then and now credit David Àrchuleta

Wishing all of you a wonderful Wednesday.  Hoping each of you finds another reason for your “why” today and every day while your heart continues to “grow”!  I’ll be around to update with any news, etc. if needed, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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David Archuleta is a Judge! A BYU ~ Hawaii Video Contest, A Hawaiian Journey, From our Facebook Page, Happy Birthday Mickey! Focus on the Shout to the Lord Songwriter


* * * * *

Young Hollywood cap 4

Young Hollywood interview. Screencap by Joanie


quote keep looking upward

* * * * *

Video Contest for Business Students at BYU Hawaii ~ And David gets to judge!

So many times David has said he may not be one of the best judges for singing contests (but we beg to differ!).  Well, this week he gets to be a judge in a video contest for business students at the Willes Centre for International Entrepreneurship, BYU Hawaii.

The Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship is committed to providing classes, competitions, and events which teach and encourage entrepreneurship. Students enhance their ability to be leaders while learning both business and social entrepreneurial skills. Classes are open to all students regardless of class or major.”  

“The goal of The Willes Center is to educate and mentor budding entrepreneurs and to provide the structure that will equip them to create sustainable businesses, primarily in developing Asia and Pacific economies, the areas of BYU-Hawaii’s focus.”

I looked up the course curriculum and, well, where do I sign up!?!  Read about this Business program here:

willes center

Great Ideas Video Competition: Tell Your Business Story

(November 20, 2014)


The Great Ideas Conference, on November 20th, 2014, is focused on a video competition which helps students learn how to “Tell your business story.”  The video is limited to 2 ½ minutes and must focus on either a product, service, or social endeavor.

This competition is not about creating slick business commercials. Instead, students are encouraged to dive into the heart of their business or business idea and discover the “why” behind it. Videos shouldn’t focus on a product or service’s features, but rather the focus should be on the emotions that go into a product or service to make it great.

Professional musicians have created million dollar enterprises by mastering the art of storytelling. You don’t see Beyoncé or Bruno Mars creating videos about how great they sing. Or Rascal Flatts or Imagine Dragons pitching you on how they have the best guitars. Instead, they sing, they play, and they make millions of dollars by telling their story through their music.

You don’t need to be a talented musician to tell your business story to the world (though, it doesn’t hurt). Here are several businesses who have mastered the art of telling their story to us!

  • LG Electronics. Sony (Playstation), General Mill (Cheerios), P&G, Evian Water, Success Magazine, Cancer Association, Ford Motor Company, Unilever (Dove), Chipotle Mexican Grill, The Guardian, Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed)

Over the next few months, four workshops will be held by communication experts to help participants learn how to create content that educates, inspires, or entertains their target market.  The Great Ideas Video Competition will offer over $20,000 in prize money and will also host judges with famous social media profiles to critique submissions and offer valuable feedback.

Best of luck and we look forward to watching your business’s story on November 20th, 2014!

And here are the judges!  The picture of David is from the 2012 Birthday Book tweet!


And some great prizes too!

prizes byu hawaii willes center

By the way, Non-Student Submissions are accepted too!

“For the first time ever the Great Ideas Competition has a 4th prize for each of the 3 categories (product, service, and social) titled, “Non-Students.” This prize is open to all BYU – Hawaii alumni and residents of the state of Hawaii. In order to qualify in this category no current BYU – Hawaii students can be listed as a team member on the video submission of the contest.”

Kalei has until midnight (her time) tonight to enter!  Go for it K!

Good luck with the judging David and friends.  I would love to see the entries, actually.  Let me know if you need any help :)

* * * * * *

David in Hawaii

Confirmed from Stuart Edge:

paige hawaii

We hope there are some public pictures that we are able to post during this visit.  I think David and Hawaii just go very very well together, don’t you?

flowers lei david-archuleta-pro-bowl-02

david-archuleta-hawaii-01-2009-02-08 davidhawaii1 davidhawaii4

Enjoy yourself and the great weather David and friends!

* * * * * *

From our FaceBook Page

If you haven’t gone to Facebook to like our posts there, you should!  David from Texas (DFT) posts everything from our daily posts and FOD is also tagged on alot of other cool stuff, just like the items below.  And David posts throughout the day, so you can get the latest and greatest!  Here is the link!


And a few items from the last few days:

Credit:  David Àrchuleta

Credit: David Àrchuleta

Credit: hpottergirl03-Instagram

Credit: hpottergirl03-Instagram

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

david-an-mickey-1 david-and--amber-mickey

* * * * *

From the Shout to the Lord songwriter

Martha alerted me to the fact that Darlene Zschech, who wrote one of my favourite favourite favourite group numbers ever on American Idol “Shout to the Lord”, such a beautiful song, is battling cancer.  But has written the most honest, open blogs about her experiences.  I thought I would share the link below and repost that AI Studio version with footage in-studio, featuring David’s three hit-it-out-of-the-park solos in it.  I’m not ashamed to say I know every note, every nuance of David’s parts here.  I play this song ALOT.

Darlene blog

Original Blog here


Hi everyone. Well, I am writing this little update from an airport lounge. Sounds normal and routine, but today it feels like everything is new, like I’m entering such a new season that I have the same excitement/nerves I sense whenever I’m diving into new waters. This is the first weekend that I have travelled or ministered outside of our own church family since a breast cancer diagnosis that needed aggressive treatment. I am truly grateful to be here, grateful to be given this opportunity to lead people in the worship of Jesus, and grateful for a family and church family that I know is at home praying and cheering me on.

We are wishing Darlene all the best in her treatment!

Shout to the Lord, Studio Version:

Read the rest of Darlene’s blog here or below:

Continue reading

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