Most adorable singer ever at Time Out for Women ~ and it’s a wrap for @davidarchie, collection of pics and vids, Sweet Home Alabama, Costa Mesa on sale again Today, New Concert in Logan, Ticket sales start Tuesday Oct 18!


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On the road again!

David in Sweet Home Alabama!

Safety First totally made my day!

And Shanelle captured David’s IG story!

Most adorable Singer Ever!

Just hanging out with David Archuleta. #TOFWBIRMINGHAM

A photo posted by Jeani Gregory-Featherngill (@jeani_featherngill) on

I got the last ticket to meet him!! @davidarchie #dreamsdocometrue #TOFWBirmingham #OneHeartOneFaith

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Shanelle has been busy gathering up alot from FB and IG so thanks for these!

Yes! TOFW rockstar!

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THAT WAS INSANE!!!!!!!! More coming throughout the day!

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Concert News!

New Concert!  Logan! Click to go!

Ticket sales on Tuesday, Oct. 18th at 10 am MDT!

logan The previous notice said tickets on sale at 10 am on Tuesday Oct. 18th but that is now removed.  If we find more, we will post it here.

And there was an on again, off again sell of Costa Mesa tickets on Thursday!  Looks like about 2 – 3 front rows sold out, but then ticket sales stopped.  Also, you had to call for VIPs (limited at 70).

Looks as if tickets will now go on sale  TODAY (Oct. 15th) at 10 am according to the notice:


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Tuacahn Countdown is on, great seats for sale!

Tuacahn 1 David credit Shelley 6 a

David on stage at Tuacahn credit Shelley

David on stage at Tuacahn credit Shelley

The biggest thing coming up for David is 3 nights of concerts under the stars in St. George Utah!  Why not join the throngs of fans already going?  The concerts are nearly sold out but these seats are amazing!  They won’t last long.  Email us at if you are interested.

6 Seats

Friday, November 4th:  Row I, seats 13,15,17,19,21, & 23. Aisle 4 Section Right. $44 each.

Single seats

Thursday 11/03/16:   F14 (Left side $44)

Friday 11/04/16:        H107 (8th row center $49)

Saturday 11/05/16:       J22 (Left side $44) 

* * * * *

As Found aRound

Wrapping up some tunes with @davidarchie

A photo posted by Thomas Doeve (@paperswanstudio) on

Hmmm….time for breakfast.  Be back later folks!

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Are We There Yet? Happy Anniversary to @Davidarchie’s Christmas From the Heart! Layton on Sale now! David in Alabama at TOFW tomorrow! Lovely note from Oinkiers (Stacy) <3

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CFTH gengen san-francisco-3

Credit: Gengen


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Soooooooo close!

I’m thinking David was back in the studios putting final touches on key vocals for this project.  Very cool he shared this with as as HE READ THE MINDS OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US LOL!

In the studio getting some more work done. Are we there yet? #almost #ihope #studio #doesthiscountasaselfie

A photo posted by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

And many of you responded to the similar tweet on twitter:

shadow-2 shadow-1

And this has to be my fave!

HAHAHAHA!  So clever Barbie

* * * * * *


No way!  Didn’t this CD JUST get released?  Still love it.  But I would also love CFTH Part II!  In Spanish!  And Italian!  and more French!  And more Latin!  Perhaps some Portuguese!  And Tagalog!


– CFTH Tour – source: Donnary Gavin Twitpic

Seven years ago today David gave us the gift of Christmas from the Heart – his first of what we hope to be many Christmas albums in his career.  Remember how excited we were when we found out his second album was going to be a Christmas album?  This is the gift that keeps giving back every Christmas season!

– source: CFTH Liner Notes – Love this pic!

– CFTH Photo Shoot

– CFTH Photo Shoot

Many “pseudo-album-covers” were designed by fans upon learning about the title of the CD:

The first three are from Miss Bianca!


Credit: Miss Bianca

by--b_cfth_cover3 (1)

Credit: Miss Bianca

by--b_cfth_cover1 (1)

Credit: Miss Bianca

– credit Juan M.

– credit Juan M.

– credit ferjiperj

– credit frogcooke

– credit Jackie

– credit AnnieDAFG

– credit frogcooke

– credit ferjiperj

– source Coverlandia

CFTH by the numbers

The only official number I can find regarding sales is from 2011, and lists CFTH sales in the US as 246,000 (source).  It peaked at position 30 on the US Billboard 200 and No. 2 on the US Holiday charts.  (source).   “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” peaked at No. 23 in the Adult Contemporary charts.

A few pictures and slideshows

CFTH Waukegan credit Lil 1

CFTH Waukegan credit Lil 1

Credit:  Pastel

Credit: me

- Baltimore CFTH - credit Maureen_abms

– Baltimore CFTH – credit Maureen_abms

For you listening pleasure, as put together by Joanie three years ago, is the complete setlist for the LAST tour stop in Westbury.

So, which is your fave from CFTH?  Did you go to any of the CFTH concerts?  What do you remember most?  Tell us in comments!

* * * * *

Layton on Sale!!!!

If you are a season ticket holder, you can already buy tickets to the Layton shows!  If not, you will have to wait until next Tuesday, Oct. 18th to buy.


* * * * * *

Tomorrow! David at TOFW in Alabama!

David’s last TOFW event this year (that we know of) ;)   I checked, and there are still tickets left!  Click to go!

tofw-alabama friday-program-tofw

I have only heard wonderful things of these events and so if you are in the area, and are wondering if you should go, imho, you should go!!!


* * * * * *

A message from Stacy

We received a beautiful note from Stacy (Oinkiers) who responded to those who signed the condolence card.  We are thinking of you Stacy ~ thank you for lovely note:

Dear Fod, I want to thank you for the card, thoughts and prayers. Thank you for thinking of my girls and I at this most difficult time. We may never know why the Lord decided it was my husband’s at this time at the age of 40 or why he went the way he did. But I can live my life knowing how much he loved me and our girls Kathryn 15 and Kourtney 6. I got to spend the most amazing 18 in half years with him  He is an amazing example of someone who loves life and all that’s in it. Always laughing and smiling. All the years I got to spend with him I have never heard one bad comment about anyone. There just is no words to explain the most amazing man that I have ever come across. I am taking it day by day and even days where I have to take it moment by moment. 

                                            Thanks again, 
                                               Stacy (Oinkiers)

Our reply to you and your girls, Stacy, is ….


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