David Archuleta and May Musings, New Song on EFY Album! “He Showed Me How”! The Boys of Summer, You are Beautiful, A National Past-Time in DA Pix, Happy Victoria Day, eh!


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LA Dodgers baseball 5-18-2011-jm-da4-contact-celebrity-4

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beauty face heart quote

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New Song!  From EFY!  He Showed Me How

EFY = Especially for Youth

efy 1

Download here!  3 easy steps!   Such a lovely song.  Thank you @EFYPrograms!





Gorgeous song that David wrote with Stephanie Mabey!  Let us know what your think in comments!

I love the musicality of this song.  David’s showing some understated vocal gymnastics here!

Stephanie mabey and David MTM

he showed me how

And when you download the mp3 and open it in iTunes, you can get the album artwork and lyrics too!

Thanks Tina!!!!!!

itunes he showed me how

These are just beautiful.  Here they are.  Thank you Patty Ann


I used to hurt.
I used to hide.
I could only see the walls that I kept myself behind
and it was hard, until I found there’s one who knows
the way to bring them down.

He showed me how to look for more
To see the truth I couldn’t find before
and I learned to believe there’s more
that I can be
I can be stronger now
cause He showed me how.

I took a step into the Light
I followed the voice that said
that I was strong enough to try
and as my heart could hear the sound
I knew I could climb above the doubt

He showed me how to look for more
To see the truth I couldn’t find before
and I learned to believe there’s more
that I can be
I can be stronger now
cause He showed me how.

yes he did
his love opened my eyes
ohhh and I know that he’s been
there by my side

He showed me how to look for more
To see the truth I couldn’t find before
and I learned to believe there’s more
that I can be
I can be stronger now
cause He showed me how.

yeah yeah cause he showed me how.

Lyrics by David Archuleta and Stephanie Mabey

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heartBeauty Lies Within

David tweeted us a Bible verse yesterday as a reminder of where the real beauty is.  I also posted a number of responses to David.

verse tweet samuel tweet 1

This quote reminds of the fact that David picked “Beautiful”to be on his CD.

BEGIN credit Sony, Galaxy Mag and DAVN

BEGIN credit Sony, Galaxy Mag and DAVN

You can download the track here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/begin./id540833922

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Happy Victoria Day!

Hi all, I’m reposting much of my post from last year, hope you enjoy it … again!

Commemorating Queen Victoria’s Birthday, wishing the best to our Canadian readers!!!! 


happy victoria dayFrom Wiki

Victoria Day (in French: Fête de la Reine) is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. The date is also, simultaneously, that on which the current reigning Canadian sovereign’s official birthday is recognized. It is sometimes informally considered as marking the beginning of the summer season in Canada, analogous to how the timing of the holiday Memorial Day is regarded in the United States.

Across the country, Victoria Day serves as the beginning of the summer social calendar. Banff, Alberta‘s Sunshine Village ends its lengthy ski season on Victoria Day and, likewise, it is during this long weekend that many summer businesses—such as parks, outdoor restaurants, bicycle rentals, city tour operators, etc.—will open. Victoria Day is also a mark of the beginning of the cottage season.   Gardeners in Canada will similarly regard Victoria Day as the beginning of spring, as it falls at a time when one can be fairly certain that frost will not return until the next autumn.  (PS – that’s what I am doing today!)

You may also hear the day being called May Long Weekend, May Long, May Two-Four, May Run.

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The Boys of Summer

Spring is here and baseball season is in full swing.  I thought I would pull off some fond memories of David singing his heart on From May 2011, David singing the National Anthem at the Dodgers Game!

David Archuleta at Dodger Stadium ~ photo credit @Marthazz/Martha

2 Home Run Performances!

David sang the National Anthem as well as God Bless America at the MLB game  between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers in May 2011. Word spread quickly through David’s fanbase when the announcement came out, and soon there were “go-getters” on  their way to support, and enjoy David singing live in LA.

The National Anthem

The National Anthem can be watched on the Dodgers MLB site! CLICK The PIC  below to watch it again! WOW! SOOOO GOOOD David!! :)

Next Up Is God Bless America 

God Bless America

Jack Ryan uploaded another God Bless America (different angle) which can also be seen on the MLB.COM Website

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Photos From the Event

 **Click to make the smaller ones bigger**

Click each to make them bigger!

David enjoyed being on the field

Am I the only one that misses the orange avi?  *sigh*

David Archuleta on Dodger Field ~Credit @Marthazz~

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Baseball Pix

So, for fun, I just typed in “baseball” into our Media Files and this is what I found!

David signs a baseball for a little guy david archuleta baseball cap screencap vlog

David Archuleta Washington Capitols Game~ credit AP~

David Archuleta Washington Capitols Game~ credit AP~

davidbaseball-026 davidbaseball-029 davidbaseball-007 davidbaseball-013 davidbaseball-017 davidbaseball-035 davidbaseball-043 davidbaseball-027 davidbaseball-031 davidbaseball-028 davidbaseball-032 davidbaseball-045 davidbaseball-006



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And don’t forget Idaho!

idaho header

Presale this Friday!

- Click to buy tix

– Click to buy tix

That’s all for now!  Good luck to all buying tickets to Idaho!  See you next week :)

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David Archuleta ~ Fan Name Friday – Archangels & Archies Celebrate!


I’m loving Archangels instead….

- credit R4D

– credit R4D

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Good Buddies

- American Idol

– American Idol

One of the things that made AI7 the BEST Idol season ever were the genuine friendships all the Idols shared.  We got the feeling that they all really liked each other despite the fact that they were competing against each other.

Archie & Cookie were the best buddies and Cook was always watching out for Archie even though he played jokes on him all the time!  Their behind-the-scenes antics made the show so relateable – you felt like you were watching an episode of Friends!  All the vids fans posted “waiting by the buses” for autographs are so precious because it captures the time before everything got serious and “about the business” – the Idol Tour was just a bunch of crazy friends having fun together!

The Handstand Challenge

Cook & Archuleta Doing Handstands – San Diego (credit:BrittneyCA)

Dry Wit 

What Archuleta & Cook Think of Each Other (credit: AskMeForMoreInfo)

Meeting Guru Pitka AI7

I love David’s facial expressions – he looks totally confused!

Archuleta & Cook Meeting the Guru (credit: “David Archuleta”)

Best of Friends

Friendship (David Cook + David Archuleta) – (credit: DavidArchuletaInManila)

David Vlogs About AI10 Finale

Season 10 Idol Finale (credit: David Archuleta)

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Get Your Concert Tix!!

Reminder to grab your tickets while you can!  There’s still General Admission tix $29 to Layton on 9/21!

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Presale Tix for Idaho Falls May 22nd!

Are you ready for the pre-sale next week?

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Fun Fan Finds

- via Wishal's Twitter

– via Wishal’s Twitter

- collage credit pocoelsy

– collage credit pocoelsy

- jPaleFOD

– jPaleFOD

- jpaleFOD

– jpaleFOD

- credit jPaleFOD

– credit jPaleFOD

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Wishing everyone a Super Duper Saturday & a Peaceful, blessed Sunday!  I’ll update the post tomorrow if there’s any breaking news!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.59.58 PM

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What’s In A Name?


Many of us proudly fly our fan flag as Archangels and Archies – the AI7 competition had three Davids  - Archuleta, Cook & Hernandez, so out of necessity was born D’s nickname, Archie and Cook’s nickname Cookie – so we could tell them apart!

Soon after that, fans began to refer to their respective fandoms as the Archangels (Archies for the guys) and Cookies – even though Cook’s official fandom is the Word Nerds, taken from his own nickname, reflecting his self-proclaimed love of vocabulary.

This Billboard article counts down the top 24 Idol Fan Names – I don’t necessarily agree with the ranking for Archangels at #20 behind the Fanjayas and Durbinators, but it’s nice to see that we were mentioned!  I don’t even remember Kris Allen’s fans calling themselves “Krinjas” do you?

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.37.57 AM

American Idol fans are a passionate bunch, and when it comes to supporting their favorite vocalists, the most important decision for the fanbase is all in a name.

This season was no different, as Nick Fradiani fever gave way to “Fradiaddicts,” Clark Beckham fanatics adapted the hashtag, #BeltitlikeBeckham, and worshippers of Jax morphed into the “Jax Pack.”

‘American Idol’ Season 14: All Our Coverage

Yes, Idol fandom is all about the name — who else caught “McPheever” for Katharine McPhee in season 5? — and there have been some great groups over the years.

With the show announcing it will conclude after next season, Idol Worship salutes the passionate fans that kept the fire burning for their favorite Idols for 14 seasons. Here are some that stood out:

24. “Spark Plugs.” Maybe not the most original play on Jordin Sparks’ last name, but it sure “sparked” a victory for the season 6 winner.

23. “Dreamers.” While this doesn’t follow the typical formula of making a play on their favorite Idol’s first and last name, this name just fit Angie Miller and her season 12 journey perfectly.

22. “Krinjas” The perfect blend of ninja love and Kris Allen was the chosen moniker for Kris Allen lovers, voting him all the way to the top during season eight.

21. “BluJays.” The ever-so-loyal army behind Jessica Sanchez was in full force on social media, battling the equally fanatical Phillip Phanatics (as in winner Phillip Phillips), voting the pint-size powerhouse all the way to second place for Season 11.

20. “Archangels.” The fanbase of David Archuleta was, and still is, loyal to their Idol, and came up with this angelic moniker for the season 7 runner-up.

To read the entire article:  CLICK HERE

Here’s the Spike Ferensten interview (sorry for the low quality, but it’s the only vid available on You Tube) where David tells Spike what the fandom nicknames are:

David Archuleta – Spike Ferensten 1/10/09 (credit: tnr6473)

David won a Teen Choice award for “Most Fanatical Fans” (that’s US!) beating out the Jonas Brothers (sweeeet!) so David himself coined a new term for his fans, and had some pretty nice things to say about us too!

Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet 2010 (credit: VoteDavidTeenChoice 2010)

Thus, the Go-Getters became a force to be reckoned with!

*  *  *  *  *

Give Us A Sign

- credit American Idol

– credit American Idol

David also graced us with a special sign to acknowledge the Archangels’ support throughout his Idol journey – after many of his performances, he would place his hand over his heart, and when we saw that, we knew he was thanking us for being his fans!

Angels Top 8 (credit: David Archuleta Spain)

You see him give “the sign” at 3:16 after his Top 4 performance of Stand By Me:

Stand By Me Top 4 (credit: David Archuleta Spain)

The sign again at 2:56 after David’s Top 7 performance of When You Believe:

When You Believe Top 7 (credit: David Archuleta Spain)

I know many of you have still have some “Archangel” memorabilia – I have a few bracelets that I still wear to concerts – and I’ll get to bring them out of archival storage to wear to the concerts in Tuacahn in November!  Who knows, maybe he’ll give us “the sign”!

*  *  *  *  *

Fun Fan Tweets

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.27.38 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.28.08 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.27.02 AM

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I apologize for the short post, but I had a super late day at work, so I’ll pick up again tomorrow with an updated post for Saturday with more news and hopefully a tweet, IG/FB post or even more concert announcements from David (we can dream can’t we?)  Celebrate being Archangels & Archies by listening to your favorite David music in anticipation of more to come!

- credit jPaleFOD

– credit jPaleFOD

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