David Archuleta ~ See The Sights Sunday Post


Seeing The Sights

- credit Kari

– credit Kari

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.55.27 PM

And the slightly longer description on IG:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.50.12 AM

And now a close up photo!

- We see you David & Kari! - via rhiminee's twitter

– We see you David & Kari! – via rhiminee’s twitter

It’s great seeing Kari and David enjoying the historic sites in Mexico!

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Be Still My Soul

Kurt Bestor’s beautiful arrangement of BSMS for David’s BEGIN. album is now available in sheet music!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.11.22 AM

– click to purchase

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.24.17 AM

- click to purchase

– click to purchase

Here’s a reminder of how beautiful this song is (different arrangement)is when sung by David.

Be Still My Soul (credit: Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

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Fun Finds

Creative Archies share their talents!

- Artwork by Annisaa Bustami

– Artwork by Annisaa Bustami

- Celebrating Chinese  New Year- credit pocoelsy

– Celebrating Chinese New Year- credit pocoelsy

- Waving Hi! - graphic credit pocoelsy

– Waving Hi! – graphic credit pocoelsy

- colored pencil drawing credit JPaleFOD

– colored pencil drawing credit JPaleFOD

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Mahalo For Your Birthday Wishes!



A big mahalo to everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes!  Whether on twitter, on Facebook or right here in our very own FOD comments – the multitude of good wishes really made my day!  I tried to respond to everyone, but if I accidentally missed you, sincere apologies and please know that I loved your birthday wishes!

Pastel and I are switching days, so I’ll be back tomorrow with the Monday post!

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David Archuleta en México! With @KarionTour at MTM Premiere in Mexico, @davidarchie thanks Mexican fans, That catchy ‘Nunca Pensé’ chorus, Roxanne’s RootsTech Experience, The Ups and Downs of Idol, Happy Birthday Kalei



quote learn the rules picasso

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What we’ve been waiting for ;)  Mexican Food Update!!!  Saturday, Feb. 21

Looks like a busy day for David on Friday Feb. 20th.  He gave us an update late Friday night!   As found on his Instagram and Facebook

tacos david archuleta mexico fans of david fod

Tacos!!! After a day of interviews for the release of Conozca A Los Mormones here in Mexico Feb 27 and doing a fireside in the evening speaking to a whole bunch of youth here (gracias a todos que asistieron esta noche!) We ended the night with some genuine Mexican tacos!!! Soo good.  #itwasglorious#conozcaalosmormones #mexico #tacos#tacosverdaderos

“gracias a todos que asistieron esta noche!” = Thanks to all who attended tonight! 

* * * * *

David en México!

david archulete tweet surpresa


Surprise surprise.  Arrived in Mexico City today!  where they are premiering “Meet the Mormons” tonight and which goes to next week.

David landed in Mexico yesterday and even while he was in the air, or in the airport, he was transitioning to Spanish.  Case in point … the tweet above.  With the following reaction from some of  you :)

rhiminee many languages twitter david

Too funny Tina.  And well said Corazon!

corazon tweet spanglish

And Kari provides us a great perspective!!!

kari tweet arrival aerial view

On facebook, Kari states:

High above Mexico City. First time here.

And a most wonderful picture of David signing for the people who showed up at the event:

kari welcome mexico

kari picture welcome mexico

There are alot more pictures that have been posted by David From Texas on our Facebook page.  THEY ARE A MUST SEE!  You can find them here:


facebook fod

Primary contributors:

La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias en México

 fb page mexico mormon site

and from @Cmormonesfilm on Twitter.  Click to go

cmormonesfilm 1 cmormonesfilm 2
cmormonesfilm 1

And from Stephanie Barone @baronesteph who got alot of her David memorabilia signed!  I see TOSOD and NMHF in the pic.

stephanie barone signature stuf

At the end of the night, David tweeted again!

david tweets meet the mormons mexico

Nice to see the fans in Mexico get a shout out! Hope you get to have some time for adventures in Mexico, David and Kari!

And an update from Kari on Feb. 20th.  David participated in a radio interview!

kari radio station mexico

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Nunca Pensé, in 15 seconds

Found this snippet of the catchy chorus THAT ALL OF US ARE SINGING on Instagram, from Shelley’s original Youtube video.  Created by ShanelleArchuleta28.   Such power in the song!  Love it!

Rootstech Closing Event:
David Archuleta performs his Spanish song ‘Nunca Pense’
~Que ahora econtraré esa parte de mí…Ahora entiendo por qué estoy aquí~
Video Credit-Shelley Tonder 

shanelles instagram

Enjoy the video!

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Roxanne’s RootsTech Experience

nancy glidden rootsech listening

Credit: Nancy/Muldur

My pal Roxanne made me promise not to remove my name from this, because yes, I might be the one guilty of strongly suggesting she document her Rootstech experience, and share it on FOD with all of you.  Roxanne was there for the entire conference, and Rootstech is so much more than the closing event, so it seemed fitting we get a broader perspective.

Thanks a million Roxanne for taking this on!  And for taking pity on me too ;)

rootstech glass 1When approached about submitting my experience at RootsTech, I was seriously hesitant.  It came down to I just couldn’t say no to my friend Mary Lou.  If no one reads this, at least I have a nice journal entry.  I hesitated because my reason for going was not merely David.  I don’t have a story of meeting him, nor took his picture. I thought I might be helpful in posting 15-second snippets of him singing, but in the end perhaps that was just torture for some? Sorry, won’t happen again ;)

My primary reason for attending the 3-day conference was to learn and be inspired regarding my family history work.  This is the world’s largest genealogy conference. I knew I would be among giants in this field, and while there I was humbled & inspired by their passion and vision.  Over 20,000 of them.  David’s performance was the perfect culmination of my experience, and of course I looked forward to it with huge anticipation.

roxanne ancesters 1

Roxanne is on the right. We have no idea who is on the left ;)

The talent line-up, from class teachers to keynote speakers, was fantastic! My favorite was Laura Bush and daughter Jenna.  I think my Tweet timeline reflected my excitement, rather than my exhaustion. Because I wanted to hang with the cool kids, I was delighted to do just that with fellow David-friend, Mary (@Daidzm).  She’s awesome and loved getting to know her better! She is an enthusiastic family history missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and volunteers a lot of time helping people with their genealogy.  I’ve recently been asked to do the same with my smaller congregation back home, so you can imagine my sponge-like heart and brain trying to soak it all in.

My family, and teen daughter’s friend, joined me Saturday morning for Family Discovery Day.  These sessions focused more on the spiritual side of family history, so my heart grew 3 sizes that day and therefore, my emotions.  Prime conditions for a meaningful appearance from Boy Wonder.  We were pleased with our seats secured from the morning session.  Close enough to see humans on the stage, but far enough to be grateful for the excellent sound system and huge screens; lots of them. I was the primary row-hugger for the day so my family could venture out to hunt for food and fun.  If you have met my husband, you know what a kidder he is.  He reported, “How could I possibly meet David with Paul-Blart-Mall-Cop on his Segway bellowing ‘Move along people!’  Might run me over! Too risky.”

rachels pic rootstech

Credit: Rachel

shelley rootstech 4While waiting for the closing event, the girls needed water.  Desperate to leave the great hall, I happily volunteered to part-the-David-sea for them.  Apparently, where previously there was a row of water coolers, there now was the Studio C & David meet-n-greet well underway.  OK, head for the drinking fountains near the restroom hall. For our convenience, David was seated near that hall entrance. My fan-girl took over and I found myself in a full-to-the-floor-squat (woot for the new knee!) sneaking a peak; my smile I think as big as his.  If you’ve met me, an over-the-crowd view is out of the question, but I wanted to see for myself the reality of David’s return. Next thing I know, a much taller crowd-control-guard grabs my daughter’s phone, “What do you want? A picture?” and takes one. This makes me laugh. I think he’s had a long day, but what a nice gesture.  Then we’re told to quickly move along.  They were understandably stressed about an EMT arrival to attend to a young man, so we gratefully searched for our next fountain of youth.

Coincidentally we sat in the great hall by a family we knew from our little hometown, with 4 teenage girls.  Their dad teasingly reminded them, attempting his best serious face, to be on their best behavior; not to get too crazy.  I said to the girls, “What? We’re talking about David Archuleta here. Of course it’s going to get a little wild-n-crazy in here ;)” Giggling commenced. 

studio cWe are fans of Studio C and they didn’t disappoint with their humor. An excellent warm-up act for the Archuleta. So we thought, until the leaping Van-Haler came bounding out causing us to grab our in-halers. Sassy rock moves and attitude! Crazy fun! Felt good to finally let out my ‘Wooooo!’ I’ve been holding in for almost 3 years.  Husband likes classic rock, and David’s status went up a couple of notches with him that night. “He should’ve sung that for reals. That would have been great!” says daughter. Jump is on her playlist thanks to Dad.

sign for closing event studio c archuleta roxanneIf I learned anything from my time there up to this point, it is that the growth of family history work is with the youth. They are technologically comfortable and savvy, and that’s where the action is. They are training the adults.  This is one reason why this was a great venue for David.  He represents them; this movement.  I was thrilled so many of them took the opportunity to meet him in person.  He knew the purpose of this conference and respected it with his beautifully-produced music video, his testimonials and thoughtful choice of songs.  Oh what a night of great music!

david screencap nunca penseHe came out looking handsome, stylish and confident.  He gave us more than he would take credit for, I’m sure.  He gave us pleasure watching his happiness on stage. I really like when he smile-sings.  Each song was breathtaking, particularly Nunca Pense. Wow, let’s talk Spanish swag! Catchy and dance-worthy. Husband’s opinion was “That was him at his best.” We’re still singing, randomly, “Oh-wa, oh oh-wa, oh oh-wa, oh-o!”  Daughter’s input, “He’s the bomb-diggity! Don’t really put that in there Mom.”  She recorded each song and said she’s amazed how he does all this with one vocal cord. I liked the smooth live percussion addition to Glorious, which of course we sang along to.  I’m also taking credit for one-of-the-few back-up vocalists for Don’t Run Away. J Only card-carrying fans knew that one.

Donny Osmond remarked earlier that if you have a career for five years in this business, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Michael Jackson even told him once that he should change his name to reinvent himself.  I have no doubt David will successfully find his way with the balance he needs, on his own terms. I’m a believer.

Quick note on the dad seated beside us at the performance.  He is a drummer and a fanatic sound techie.  He commented on the sound glitches he picked up on all day and during Studio C.  But he attributed David’s professionalism and talent to the fact he came out and knocked it out-of-the-park with his moving performance, so that he even forgot to listen or heard those glitches.

Again, David was the ideal finale to my RootsTech experience.  I learned about filling family trees, was motivated by the power of personal stories; a source of strength now and for those to come, and discovered how history comes alive.  “It’s about rediscovering ourselves.” – David.  “I never thought that now I’d find this part of me….. In the memories you live.” – David, Nunca Pense.  I never thought I would be so moved, and hopefully changed, by this conference and hearing David live again.  But then again, that’s what I came for.

And now journaled for my personal history. Thanks ML. <3

 You are a natural, Rox.

* * * * * *

After ‘Idol,’ ups and downs for David Cook

This article popped up yesterday (thanks Robin @myheartsong) and it’s definitely worth posting.  Goes to show life is not rosy for anyone in the music business.

David Cook was a guest mentor on American Idol a few years ago and he was SUPERB!  I’m at a loss as to why he hasn’t been brought back, but Idol is always a bit of a mystery to me.  He has a keen sense of what audiences want and on delivering a performance.


ups and downs for David Cook

On May 21, 2008, David Cook stood on a stage on the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and looked up at confetti falling as he was announced as the winner of Season 7 of “American Idol.”

On Monday, Feb. 23, he will step onto the Belly Up stage in Solana Beach for the first time.

The nearly seven years in between is where it’s been interesting.

The good: He’s made two records and is about to release No. 3 (“No name yet; it’ll be released soon,” Cook said). He’s traveled around the globe playing on four tours (one with Gavin DeGraw) and on more tour dates than he cares to recall. He’s made an estimated $5 million. He’s raised over “seven figures” to fight brain cancer, which killed his older brother Adam. He’s sung at sporting events for the NBA, NFL and MLB, on “Saturday Night Live,” and before military personnel in Iraq and Kuwait. All of which isn’t half bad for a guy who was tending bar in Tulsa, Okla., not long before his “Idol” coronation.

The not-so-good: After “Idol” and the subsequent riches the title brought forth, he bought a $1.3 million (as reported by TMZ) home in Los Angeles and later decided the L.A. lifestyle wasn’t for him, so he sold it and moved to Nashville. His music (he’s a self-professed “rocker”) hasn’t been that highly acclaimed. He was dropped by RCA, his music label. He dated and has since broken up with former “Idol” contestant Kimberly Caldwell. A couple of his original band members have come and gone. And maybe worst of all: His beloved Kansas City Royals lost last year’s World Series (“Oh, I don’t want to talk about that,” he said, only partially laughing.)

In retrospect, that moment when he stood on the “Idol” stage for the finale with David Archuleta doesn’t resonate now with Cook.

“I just don’t think much about it at all,” he said. “I don’t have any of those ‘pinch-me moments.’ I think mostly about all the fun we had as a group. We lost one of the finalists, Michael Johns, but most of us have stayed in touch. ‘Idol’ is an amazing platform, but you come to realize that the real work starts the second you walk off that stage.”

Cook had opted for a career in music before his “Idol” tryout, and as he evolves, so does the industry.

“It’s an exciting time,” he said. “It is so wide open because there are a million different ways to get your music out there. And I think all of it has leveled the playing field. There is plenty to it all besides just performing your music. Of course, I prefer that to the business side. But they go hand-in-hand. I can’t complain.”

* * * * * *



Happy Birthday Kalei!!!

Our super mod Kalei is celebrating her 19th today (we are sure) !!!!!!  Not only does Kalei post on the front page, but she has been instrumental in running our chats as well!  Uber-talented!  Kalei is the cutest, sweetest lady and loads of fun.  Love her wit!  And we appreciate all the hard work she does here at FOD!

Enjoy your special day Kalei!

I found a gorgeous pic of Kalei and her Archu-companions that I took at the Sounds of David event in 2013.   This is what is about, folks!


animated-HAPPYBIRTHDAY* * * * *

That’s it for me!  I won’t be back for a week and a half or so, needing to submerge myself into a few other things.  Have a great Friday and Saturday all!

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