David Archuleta and Monday Funday ~ Vacay puzzles to amuse, More #ALSIceBucketChallenge, As Found aRound


david archuleta accent on fb


We were tagged on this pic on FB.  Owner?

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It’s Puzzling!

For this vacay day, I decided to pull out just a few of some of the David Archuleta related puzzles we have posted, and two new ones, to get your brain thinking at the start of the week!  And just to have a bit of fun.  After all we are (supposed to be) on vacation :)

First up from Janel from April 1, 2013.  A very comprehensive list!


Word list here!  I’ll post the solution tomorrow.

word list

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An updated jigsaw puzzle!

Almost 100 pieces to keep you busy :)

Motivational Theater

Rebecca’s puzzle from June 12, 2011

Rebecca's Puzzle

Rebecca’s Puzzle

Solution tomorrow!

post clues

Brand New Puzzle

I had a try at “InPaint” last night and it was alot of fun.  Can you spot the 6 changes between the original picture from The Man himself, and the revised one below?  HINT:  I made them pretty easy.  Have fun!

donating blood

inpaint david giving blood 7 changesSolution tomorrow!

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As Found aRound

mdw lexxx

black n white

Credit: Runuka

I love this collage and more to come tomorrow!

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Last but not least …

And Joanie took the #ALSIceBucketChallenge!  In style, and with a Canadian accent no less!  She got suitably soaked and passed the baton to a few others including David from Texas and Karin/Zerogravity.  Awesome job Joanie!  Source

Here are some screenshots!

joanie als challenge 1

joanie als challenge 2

joanie als challenge 3

joanie als challenge 4AWESOME!  Still awaiting Richard and Kalei …


* * * * *

See you tomorrow everyone!

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David Archuleta: Silent Summer Sunday~ A Family Movie Adventure With Dragons, Fan Shares, Ice Bucket Adventures


“What you’re searching for isn’t out there; it’s in here [your heart]” 

David Archuleta credit Matt Clayton (crop)

David Archuleta credit Matt Clayton (crop)~ above quote from Astrid in “How to Train Your Dragon 2″

* * * * * *

quote when you follow your heart* * * * * *

A Family Movie Adventure~ “How To Train Your Dragon 2″

How to train your Dragon 2 cap 1

How To Train Your Dragon 2 ~ Hiccup and Toothless

David’s family had a GREAT movie adventure together and it made an impact on him~

tweet How to train your dragon 2

tweet How to train your dragon 2

Ahhh a movie after my own heart!!! My family LOVES “How To Train your Dragon 1″ (yup, we own it) and had it not been for our uber B U S Y summer, we would have already seen the sequel which came out in June! Now I’m really motivated to see this sequel!!

How to train your dragon 1

In the first movie, a young Viking named “Hiccup”goes against the “grain” and becomes friends with a dragon named Toothless. Their friendship takes them on an unforgettable adventure and mission to protect all that’s important to them. If you haven’t seen it yet,  it’s a GREAT movie and I definitely suggest it no matter what your age.

In part 2, (which takes place 5 years later,) it sounds like there are big surprises in store for Hiccup, and he finds himself on a path to understand his family past and realize his destiny. I can already guess a few reasons why David may have “loved” it so much. :) Below is the Dream Works “How To Train Your Dragon 2″ Trailer.

* * * * *
Pocoelsy’s HTTYD with Zero Gravity!

David has a fan who has a HUGE passion for “How to Train Your Dragon” and David Archuleta music! Earlier this summer, Pocoelsy created a montage for the movie/sequel and without hesitation chose ZERO GRAVITY as the backdrop! :) Love it!

And back in 2010, “Welcome To my Channel” showcased Zero Gravity in this movie montage as well! (Great minds think alike!)

HTTYD 2 Review

screen rant review

HTTYD 2 review cap

So glad David was able to see this movie with his family yesterday!   :)

* * * * * *

A couple lovely “Mary Dee” edits in closing

If you don’t already follow her in IG, head straight to her Instagram page by clicking the pic below. Thanks Mary Dee for all of your great IG “DA” gifts!!

The Man has spoken credit Mary Dee

Sunshiny smile edit credit MaryDee

Sunshiny smile edit credit MaryDee

Also a Share From David Archuleta Community fb Page

Wait still cap credit David Archuleta Community page on fb

Wait still cap credit David Archuleta Community page on fb

* * * * * *

Oh, and about that ALS bucket challenge?

David ice challenge credit Tina gif

David ice challenge credit Tina gif

My dearrrrr friend and colleague Mary Lou Pastel may have nominated me to take the challenge as (we) were driving our daughter cross country to move her into college :( . Well, since I’m back, and it’s such an awesome chance to have fun while donating to a great cause that’s directly affected a few dear friends of mine, you might just see a vid pop up today or tomorrow…However, it most certainly won’t match the effort, creativity and grace of Mary Lou, Holly, Joy,Sunny, and of course David along with so many others. :)

mary lou ice 1 mary lou ice 3

holly ice 1 Holly ice 4


Joy ice 1Joy ice 2Joy ice 3

Sunny ice 1 Sunny ice 2

Have a great Sunday with your family, friends, and also online friends. Mary Lou will be back tomorrow. :)

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