#Workin all Weekend with @davidarchie, and now Watchin! What’d ya think of it? Billboard weighs in, Workin MV NOW HERE! @David in Taiwan! Thinking of Margie


lily safford az

David in Safford, AZ. Credit: Lily @platinumarchie

And I have to add a few more from today’s MV!

workin oooo 3 workin hair workin wave

If-you-never-try-youll-never-know* * * * *

Workin this Weekend?  What’d ya think?

As Kalei pointed out on the post this weekend, Workin from James the Mormon, featuring the incomparable David Archuleta, was released this past Saturday on iTunes and Amazon.  Links are here:



and on Spotify

And Joanie reported that Workin in also on David’s iTunes Page!!!

Here is the link:


And we made Amazon News!  So cool!

So, what did the fan work think?  I gathered a few comments.  Completely unbiased, of course.




This song gets you moving!


Always love Kalei’s thoughts on things


HA!!  and loved this one!

But its all good :)

Yup, a bit of a departure for David, but, why not?  David velvet vocals is a nice contrast to the say-it-as-you-feel-it vocals from James.  Sounds pretty awesome.  And with the earbuds on, even better.

baby earphones gif

 And now the Music Video!


workin mv goes here

HERE IT IS!!! Large format!

and David tweeted too!

David wants this song to work it’s way up the charts

And from Facebook, David asks us to support the song by writing reviews.  AND HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!  Only 75 comments a the time of posting :(  So head on over to Facebook and tell him!

Click on the link to go!!!!

da facebook workin

#Workin Buzz

LOTS of buzz out there, and here’s just a few examples:

The Billboard article David spoke about.  Click to go …

workin billboard 1

American Idol season 7 alum David Archuleta teamed up with Jamesthemormon on a new rap track, “Workin’”.

The tune — which features Archuleta singing the hook, “We out here grinding/we working”– is from the rapper’s missionary inspired EP, PMG.

David Archuleta & Brooke White Share ‘American Idol’ Finale Thoughts — From Inside & Outside

Archuleta and Jamesthemormon (otherwise known as James Curran) both appear in the fun and inspirational video, directed by Cameron Gade.

The song is now available for download.

And nice one from MJs

mjs big blog workin

* * * * * *

So I rounded up some screencaps for ya from the MV!  In no particular order

workin oooo 3 workin hair workin watch workin oooo 2 workin awwwww workin heayyyyy 2 workin intense workin wave 2 workin still workin wave workin haha workin solo workin hand workin ayyyyy workin oooo

and let the gifs begin!!!

How we missed Sam’s gif’s!  Here she is was a bunch from twitter!  Check her out at @samlou63

Let’s start with this groovy gif

sam louise workin groovy

This kind of sassy dancing

sam louise working sassy dance

His smile while singing and dancing though

sam louise workin smile

This is my fave <3333

sam louise workin fave wave

Omg this ❤❤❤

sam louise working

He’s not rapping but could’ve fooled ya

sam louise workin hes not rapping

The hands the hands

sam louise working the hands

The perfect gif to end this thread

perfect end to the post sam louise workin

GREAT GIFS!  I did not embed them as tweets cuz selfishly I want these in our media library!  Forever!  Thanks Sam <3

* * * * * *

David in Taiwan!

We reported several months ago that tickets were being sold for events with David in Taiwan, but nothing reported on the OS.  Today (Tuesday Aug 9), David indeed confirmed he had landed!

And he’s #grindin and #workin!

David in the round!

And make sure to check out IG for David’s IG stories.  You can find them at the top on the front page when you log into Instagram. And they only remain for 24 hours so make sure to check them out early!   Looks like Pokemon Go is played everywhere!

Here are all of his IG stories in one place!  Thank you so much!

A most beautiful Glorious!

Hope you got to see this Stephanie Mabey!  Ballet is perfect dance genre for this song.

David is sick :(  A perfect IG perspective!

David puts the lack of vocal perfection into perspective.  Perfectly said.

And some FOD friends are there!


Saturday update:  We’ve been posting what David shares. Hope we are up to date!

* * * * * *

Thoughts and Prayers for Margie

A note from Joanie this morning (Tuesday, Aug. 9th)

Hi friends~

We recently received some health news regarding a fellow fan/family member: Margie (@Hunnzy). Margie ‘ok’d” us sharing this news with all of you. If you recall, Margie had been diagnosed with kidney cancer this past Spring and on May 2nd, she had her affected kidney successfully removed. Now, however, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Margie has opted to enter a program using alternative therapies (no chemo or radiation) and has travelled to Mexico with her husband to begin this program called “Hope4Cancer.” She will be there until August 26th. Margie shared that she is feeling strong both physically and spiritually. She is excited to see “what God is doing” and thankful that she was lead to this program.

elephant group card margieMargie would be very thankful and grateful if you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this time. We are wishing the very best for her and are hoping for successful treatment and healing!!

We have created a group card in support of her that will be delivered on Friday afternoon. If you would like to sign her card and add a message, please click on the link below. Thank you!!


* * * * * *

As Found aRound

We are finishing our last vacay week, and gathered a few things for ya …

Whaaaaat?  Freaky!

Okay, be honest now.  How many of you would NOT be like the lady beside David?

More music?

Me too Maureen!


Ending with Shelley’s vid.  This song just grows and grows and David sings it.  Wow.

* * * * *

Exciting stuff!!!!!  Love seeing David in a music vid again, having fun.

Last vacay week!  Joanie will be back next week where we will be on our regular posting schedule!

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David Archuleta ~ Saturday Surprise!! WORKIN IS HERE! Download on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify! Happy 8th Birthday FOD! HE’S IN THE MUSIC VID! Group Card for Olivia, Happy 8th Crushiversary! Vacay Week #2: Surf’s Up! Taking a Page from David’s Playbook – Snippet of Workin’


UPDATE: Saturday 08/06/16


- crop from JTM pic

– crop from JTM pic

Saturday Surprise for the ArchuFandom! The track for Workin debuted today and you can buy it on iTunes, Amazon or stream it on Spotify!

David creates a new music genre:  SILKY RAP :-)

There’s a lot more David on it than I expected, so I’m happily surprised and excited for the music video when it debuts Monday!






– SIGN UP TO STREAM – you can listen to a 30 second snippet!

Dance party tonight! Everybody get Workin!!

*  *  *  *  *

UPDATE: Thursday 08/04/16

Happy Birthday to US!!


Celebrating 8 years of Fun, Fans and Friendship!  Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through the years and welcome to fans who are just joining us! We’ve had the honor and pleasure to celebrate David’s music for 8 years, and we look forward to many, many more!

Look back at previous birthday posts and re-live the memories!

Past Birthday Posts:  CLICK HERE

- credit James the Mormon

– credit James the Mormon

- Edit by Ben Adams

– Edit by Ben Adams




*  *  *  *  *

UPDATE: Tuesday 08/02/16


Pocoelsy shared a link to a snippet of the vid from a different viewpoint click on the Facebook link embedded in her tweet to view:

- collage credit Pocoelsy

– collage credit Pocoelsy

*  *  *  *  *

Group Card for Olivia

Olivia is an Archie from Idaho who was recently injured in an accident. We send our sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery!  Please sign the group card and send Olivia your thoughts and prayers. The card will be delivered on Friday, August 5th:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.35.20 AM

*  *  *  *  *

Crushiversary #8

Archies around the world remembered our first CRUSH!  Can you believe it’s been 8 years since Crush first debuted on radio station Z100? This Crush ain’t going awayyyyy!

Crush Interview Z100 (credit: waytokim)    

Go back and revisit all the excitement of CRUSH!

2014 FOD Post 6th Crushiversary: CLICK HERE

2013 FOD Post 5th Crushiversary: CLICK HERE

*  *  *  *  *

Surf’s Up!

- credit David's IG

– credit David’s IG

The sun is shining and the call of the waves beckons us to sink ourselves into what is left of the lazy days of summer – I wonder if David is still taking surfing lessons?  He certainly has enough surfboards! Six of them – count ‘em Six TCA Surfboards! Courtesy of us – his Fanatic Fans (there’s a surfboard for that!) :-)

- TCAs 2010

– TCAs 2010

They announced this year’s TCA winners, and it made me a little wistful for those days when we were all teenagers and voted our little fingers off to beat the JoBro fans for the coveted “Most Fanatic Fans” award! David was quick to rename us the Go Getters, and it has been so ever since. I have a confession… I still have both TCA shows that David attended saved on Tivo  - the one with Miley and the one with John Cena.

- click to re-live the GLORY!

- click to re-live the GLORY!

If JamestheMormon thinks that Workin’ is David’s first foray into the world of rapping, well, he would be wrong! David took on champion wrestler John Cena and rapped his way through his 2010 TCA presentation! Queue the beat box! David & John Cena – Teen Choice Awards 2010 (credit: thop 1984) On that note – @Jamesthemormon gave us a teaser snippet of Workin’ - you can hear David harmonizing in the background near the end of the snippet. Just enough to whet our appetites for the rest of the song – hopefully with a few full verses of David singing front and center! Thanks Geri and Martha for sharing with us on Twitter! Click on the Soundcloud link embedded in the tweet to listen!

So what do you think?  Do you like David exploring this music genre? I personally need to hear MORE of David in this song! Drop by comments and let us know what you think!

*  *  *  *  *


~ Thanks to Gwen for this wonderful quote!

*  *  *  *  *

Taking a Page From David’s Playbook

- credit @joecruzmusic

– credit @joecruzmusic

Like David, we’ve decided to take a little break from our regular schedule for a short vacay. David shared his thoughts with us on taking a break from social media to concentrate on music, and fans responded with resounding support! We understand that David needs time to focus on his music so he can release that new music for us!

This isn’t the first time David has taken a social media break – in February of 2015, David posted a blog on the OS explaining why he had deleted his Twitter and Instagram apps from his phone – he needed a break to take back control of his time.

We survived that social media break – and we’ll survive this one too – in fact, we’ll survive any and all future social media breaks that result in a happier, more relaxed David who has time to focus on making music, because for us Go Getters, the one thing that we might actually not survive…  is a world without David’s music.

Source: davidarchuleta.com

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.17.21 AMI mentioned last week that I have deleted the twitter and instagram apps from my phone. Why? So I could see how much more time I would have on my hands without them.

I would, without even thinking, pull my phone out, click on these apps, and start looking through photos, and what’s going on in other people’s lives. Not only that, you come across pictures and comments of what other people think about your life. This curiosity of what others think of you starts affecting your own view of who you are, whether it be blowing things up so your head gets big, or being hurt by the very opinionated people who happen to have an opinion about every detail of your life. But that’s beside the main point.

My main point is that I think I am on my phone for 60 seconds and I look at the time realizing 45 minutes have passed by. I was wasting too much time waiting for a new update, new picture, and imagining that I am connecting to the world when really I was becoming disconnected to reality— feeling unaccomplished and a little empty after all that time with each curiosity session of snooping around other people’s lives and what other snoopy people thought of my own life.

I am on a journey to not be so caught up in what everyone else thinks. What is the purpose in this? It is to care more about what I think. The more you are caught up in what everyone else thinks, you disregard yourself. “Nevermind what I think of myself and what is going on in my life! I am too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks of me!” I feel my brain was telling myself.

These same thoughts have gone through my mind throughout all of my life. Lately I have gotten so sick of them that I decided to try and shut the voices of others off, including the ones that got stuck inside my mind. The best solution I had for this was to stop looking at everything on social media. I cannot focus on very many things at once. When I am worried about what everyone else is telling me to do, or comparing myself to what other people are showing on twitter, Instagram, and other sites I cannot focus on what my own feelings are, or what that still, small voice within is trying to tell you.

How has this been going so far? Well, my thoughts and feelings are very connected to what comes out of me musically. The more in tune I am with myself, the more music comes out. It has been refreshing to get more of my own stories out through lyrics, or even with melodies. I am discovering that the only way to get this music out is to get rid of all of the other voices from my head. When I have all of the other voices going through my mind, whatever is coming out feels superficial, dead, and empty.

Now, am I disregarding social life and contact with other humans? No! Of course not! I have actually spent more time personally with people visiting them, spending time, and catching up with friends. I just need a balance of experiences spending time with these people along with the alone time to reflect more on what’s on my mind and in my soul.

I have been creating music with many of these friends and also with a lot of great writers. I am in Nashville to be more focused on this new music project and have been forming more of this story I feel like I need to tell in the next chapter. It is exciting for me, because I feel good in the process. I don’t really know where it’s all going or where it’ll end up, but the fact that I am trying is one of the greatest feelings about it. I’m not afraid of making mistakes like I used to, and sometimes you’ve got to fall so you know what it feels like to get back up. I think getting back on your feet to keep going can be a feeling that feels even better than smooth sailing the entire time. You may end at the same destination whether you fall or smooth sail the whole time, but something about pushing through and fighting the good fight makes the entire journey all worth it—perhaps even greater than the destination itself that you were moving towards.

What I am basically trying to say is I need silence in order to function. My quiet time is valuable to me. Everyone keeps asking me how things are in Nashville. I say “It’s really nice. It’s quiet.” Part of this is because I have decided to make this quiet time for me, but also this town is a place where I feel peace.

Whoever may happen to be reading this, I would encourage you to try this yourself, and delete your social media apps even if it’s for a couple of days and see how much more you notice about yourself and life in general. You’re not going to die without it, even if at first you feel like it and that you’re “behind the times.” It’s worth it. Trust me. Next week I will be back in Utah for the RootsTech 2015 convention. I will be singing a few songs and also premiering the music video I shot in Costa Rica last Summer. It’s a song I wrote that’s actually in Spanish, and is about finding yourself by looking in the past. If you’ll be there, then I suppose we will see each other then.


*  *  *  *  *

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.05.01 PM

And if taking a break from social media makes David miss Hawaii, then I say BRING IT ON! :-)

*  *  *  *  *

From Wet Suits to Cowboy Boots 

wet suit cowboy boots

David is working on new music – this is at once amazingly exciting and a little bit anxiety inducing  - I’ve spent plenty of time wondering what his new music will be – pop, rock, ballads, Spanish even rap? Maybe a mix of all of these with a little stripped down acoustic to boot?

No matter what his new music turns out to be, I’m certain I’ll fall in love with it like I have with all the wonderful music that has come before, and all the amazing music that has yet to be created in those peaceful times when David is taking a social media break.

I wish all of you a relaxing week filled with David music – because that’s how I’ll be spending my week!



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