David Archuleta ~ Fandamonium Friday! New Concert In Layton, UT Sept. 19th, Sweet On Pies, Tuacahn Ticket Frenzy! Newbies In The House, Billboard Buzz


Please don’t stop the music….

- Del Mar 2009 - credit Randy DigitalGenius

– Del Mar 2009 – credit Randy DigitalGenius

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Ticket Info For Layton Concert

Thanks to everyone for sharing ticket info via twitter or in comments!


CURRENT Kenley Amphitheater Season Ticket holders may purchase tickets to David’s 9/19/15 concert starting Monday 3/30/15!  Discount ticket prices for season ticket holders!

David’s concert is considered a “special engagement” and is NOT included in the season ticket lineup – existing season ticket holders must purchase tickets, but may do so, at a discounted rate, during the pre-sale on 3/30/15.

Tickets on sale to the general public starting April 28, 2015.

season tkt1

season tkt2

season tkt3

– from the Bands In Town post on the OS

- Love seeing SOLD OUT!

- Love seeing SOLD OUT!

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 4.06.14 AM

- click to visit David’s Artist Page

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 4.06.45 AM

Ticket prices are slightly higher than for Tuacahn, but still VERY AFFORDABLE!  The General Admission option at $29 to sit on the grassy area behind the seats sounds like the makings of an ARCHUPARTY!

Questions were buzzing about the concert sponsor “Lifetime” – who are they? What do they do? A quick search of Wikipedia found this:

- click to visit wiki page

– click to visit wiki page

Folding tables and chairs, and kayaks and paddleboards – sounds like some fun stuff!  Thank you Lifetime for sponsoring David’s Layton concert!

New Photo Shoot Please!

While we LOVE David’s photos from the TOSOD photo shoot – maybe a refresh is in order?  David’s new haircut and more mature look would be great to see in all the new and UPCOMING concert BUZZ!  Matt Clayton are you reading this??

Just a few pics of David’s new look:

- from the MTM Premier  M&G in Mexico 2/19/15

– MTM Premier in Utah

- Mexico MTM Premier M&G 2/19/15

– Mexico MTM Premier M&G 

-  Roots Tech 2015

– Roots Tech 2015

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Standard Examiner BUZZ

- click to read the article

- click to read the article

standard examiner


Well that’s it for the Saturday update – while we’re all wait’n for Layton tix to go on sale, let us know if you’ll be attending either the Tuacahn show, the Layton show or both!  Have a super duper Saturday, and Pastel will be back tomorrow to bring you the Sunday post!

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New Concert In Layton Utah!

No sooner had the SOLD OUT sign gone up at the Tuacahn Amphitheater site when David sent a tweet announcing another concert in Utah!


BIT Layton UT

– click to go

A second concert at an open-air amphitheater – I’m sensing a pattern here! I went to the Del Mar concert which was held at an outdoor Amphitheater, and there’s just something magical about sitting under the stars listening to David’s voice fill the venue and rise to the heavens.

David’s voice always seems in great shape when he’s singing outdoors – he’s said that the humidity is good for his throat – so with two outdoor venues scheduled so far, it looks like Archies are in for a treat!

Kenley Amphitheater

- Ed Kenley Amphitheater, Layton UT

– Ed Kenley Amphitheater, Layton UT

- photo credits Kenley Amphitheater FB

– photo credits Ed Kenley Amphitheater FB

- credit EKA FB

– credit EKA FB

- credit EKA FB

– credit EKA FB

- click to go

– click to go

Kenley FB

Kenley map

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.48.29 AM

Tickets go on sale April 28th – so there’s a little more time to plan and prepare for the ticket-buying FRENZY!  If it’s anything like Tuacahn, tix could sell out in a day or less!

Kenley features 542 permanent seats and a large grassy area for general admission that increases the total seating capacity to about 1,850.  That’s a lot of room for Archies to party under the stars!

This concert is scheduled for September 19th – about a month and half earlier than the Tuacahn concert – and according to Kari, there are more concerts to come!  Archies everywhere are doing a happy dance and Fandimonium has officially begun!  Although Kari said there is no formal Tour planned, there are individual concerts planned for the latter quarter of the year.  Anyone ready for a Christmas concert??

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Sweet On Pies

- Ugly Pies FB

– The Ugly Pie FB – check out the socks!

ugly pie

David loves his pies!  He was spotted at The Ugly Pie in Gallatin, TN where he graciously posed for a pic – and he sang a little!  The menu has sandwiches and other yummy food options in addition to a wide array of delectible desserts, including pies!

- click to visit their FB

– click to visit their FB

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Tuacahn Ticket Frenzy

St George

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.05.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.05.44 AM

Buying tickets for a David concert is always a nerve-wracking, stress-inducing and exciting process!  Fans practice logging in, seeing how fast they can connect to the site – credit cards are at the ready and your pulse starts racing as the countdown begins – twitter is like a countdown clock with fans tweeting: 1 more hour!  30 minutes!  10 minutes!  Then the heart-stopping tweet:  David’s name disappeared from the site AAGGHHH!  His name is back up 5 minutes to go!  

Ticket Buying Anxiety!!

Ticket Buying Anxiety!!

Your heart is beating so fast and every nerve in your body is stretched to the limit… then it’s GO TIME!!!  Your fingers are flying and you’re madly clicking in your seat selections – WHAT?? THE SEATS DISAPPEARED! You try again and you feel like everything is moving in slow motion… WHERE IS THE CONTINUE BUTTON??  You keep on clicking and finally you are rewarded with the Holy Grail!

- credit Alyssa

– credit Alyssa



Good luck to everyone getting tickets for the Layton show!

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Newbies In The House!

There is really nothing like your very first David concert! No matter how many times you’ve watched concert You Tube vids or TV performances or how many times you’ve hit repeat on your iPod, you are never quite prepared for seeing and hearing David LIVE in concert.  When David has free rein to take his music wherever his heart leads, and he has the freedom to add runs or change up the melody, the result is pure magic!

Hard Rock Cafe

David OWNS the stage when he is performing – whether he’s engaging the audience in random banter, encouraging audience participation or simply letting his amazing voice soar to the heavens – you will find yourself lost in the experience, hoping that it will never end.

Another great thing about a live David concert is that you get to meet so many other Archies!  People just like you – where your ODD is not only understood, it’s considered normal!  There’s nothing better than listening to David sing live while you are surrounded by ArchuBuddies dancing and singing along with you – it’s a huge ARCHUPARTY!













Congratulations to everyone who will be attending their FIRST David concert!  Comments was buzzing with concert convos, and here are some fans who will be seeing David live for the very first time!  Shanny is coming all the way from Australia!!  I’m usually the one who has travelled the farthest, but Shanny has me beat!

Shanny 1

Shanny 2

Linda tix

Linda Jani

Linda and Jani are also going to their very first David concert – we’re so excited for you and hope to meet all of you at the concert!  We’ll have to plan a Fan meet up before the concert so we’ll all get a chance to meet face to face!  I love meeting fans and putting a face to the name!

Will you be attending your first David concert?  Let us know in comments and we’ll make sure other Archies can meet up with you – one of the best things about a David concert is enjoying it with friends!


– Wear this so we can say hi!

Gwen’s not a newbie to David concerts, but she’s still as excited as ever to be attending the Tuacahn concert – I’ll see you there Gwen!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.21.08 AM

Mary Dee is going too – so we’ll get a chance to meet!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.37.02 AM

Let us know if you’re going to either concert – or both! – so we can start a list of fans to facilitate meet ups!  Stay tuned for possible fan events/meet ups prior to the concerts!

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Billboard Buzz

- click to go

– click to go

Billboard Windish

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This has been and exciting few days!  Two David concerts on the schedule with more to come!  Fans are flocking to comments to share their excitement and generally fangirl about new music on the horizon!  478 comments on the previous post!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.46.55 AM

So happy for everyone who will be attending these first two concerts, and for those that aren’t able to make it, wishing for concerts in various states and countries so everyone has an opportunity to see David live!


Wishing everyone a Fabulous Friday and I’ll be back tomorrow with a Saturday update!

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David Archuleta : Wednesday Waiting and Raring to go! Tx for Tuacahn On Sale Today! A Poll, Orrigami Ent. : “There Will Be More”, Celebrating “I’m Home!” 1 year Later, Fan Finds, Synergistic Studios and SBL, Plus Thursday updates!


Seat Buckled? Get Ready!!

David on plane with Nashville Tribute Band crop

David with Nashville Tribute Band members on a plane to Nashville (cropped) credit Jason Deere

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quote good things come to those who wait

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Thursday Updates: March 26, 2015

David Archuleta  sells out Tuacahn in just 14 hours!!!!

Patience pic edit sold out credit Mary Dee

Thanks Mary Dee for  this PERFECT edit to celebrate!!!! Awwww the lovely Rewards of “Patience” !! 

tuacahn sold out

The ticket buying frenzy at Tuacahn is over! Sold out in just under 14 hours!!! And during the day yesterday, the Tuacahn site opened an artist page for David! Go to concerts and pull down the artist menu and you’ll find “David Archuleta” 

Tuacahn David's concert page

Sweet Alyssa is pumped and stoked as she tweeted her excitement and showed us her ticket! :)

alyssa griffin Tuacahn ticket bought

* * * * * * *

WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! News from Kari!!!!

Tweet KAri Concerts are coming

Kari’s tweet (answer) to Shanny has me squeeing!! I may or may not have just done a cartwheel!!! WONDERFUL NEWS!!! FULL CONCERT WITH MORE SHOWS TO COME! Kari answered more questions from the fans!! All good stuff!!! :)

TWeets Q & A from Kari

* * * * * *

Tuacahn Tix On Sale Today!

UPDATED 1:56 pm ET


Tweet Tuacahn almost sold out


tuacahn amphtheater

Tuacahn Amphitheater St George, UT Pic shared by Rhiminee

What a breathtaking venue!! Now imagine listening to David Archuleta with the red rocks backdrop, and under a starlit sky November sky~ sounds pretty dang perfect to me! St. George Tuacahn Amphitheater, get ready for a show like  nothing you’ve ever seen and heard before. Those hills you see really WILL be “ALIVEEEE with the sound of  music!” :)

Do you have your Bandsintown APP downloaded on your phone or has your email been given for alerts?? Then if you’re anywhere near the St. George, Utah area, you should have also received your alert! Below shows that David has a good many people tracking him!!

Bandsintown showing tuacahn

At 10 am MT, the page below will change to show the ticket prices and an active “BUY” button!! Click below and you should be able to arrive at the ticket page.

tuacahn ticket page not ready

You can either click above to reach the Tuacahn Ticket page or by clicking below and the tab on David’s OS page will lead you there!

tours and events Tuacahn tx on the OS

Tuacahn season ticket holders have already had the opportunity to purchase their tickets as a pre-sale perk, so if you’re planning to purchase tickets, be sure to head over to their site sooner than later! Let us know in comments about your ticket purchasing experience!

This will be David’s view looking out at the crowd! Also pretty dang awesome!!

tuacahn amphitheater stage view

* * * * *

Can’t get there…Will there Be More???”

While being happy to see a show on David’s Tour/Events page, fans also wondered if there’d be more shows coming. Kari tweeted reassurance  of sorts about great things coming for the fans on Monday night, and David’s management team, Orrigami Entertainment (Gina Orr) responded to Linda’s question on fb! Her words had me saying Yessssssss!!!!

facebook Orrigami Ent. post

~So whether you’re an Archie that’s able to head to St. George or one who can’t  go, hang in, hold on, and keep believing “Fantastic things come to those who wait!” :)
* * * * * *

In  Just-For-Fun  FOD Form, How about a Poll?

***Continuing this poll through Thursday~ have we heard your voice yet? **

* * * * * *

Remembering David’s 2014 return

Words We Waited for Welcome  home  David's message cap 1

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of “Elder Arcuhleta’s”  return from his 2 year mission in Chile. Archu-land completely erupted that day filling comments, posts, and timelines, with joyful exclamations and tears echoing those (now famous) words~ “I’m home! I’m home!”

If you’d like to relive the highlights of that day (1 yr already??? Where did that time go???) CLICK HERE to head back in time to Mary Lou’s heartwarming FOD homecoming post! She included a piece of wonderful wisdom re: David in her welcome back message that seems so fitting (for all of us) as we look back and reflect on the past year~

“We don’t always step through life in a straight line, but every step away from that direct path is sure to have a reason, provide us a lesson, and an opportunity for growth.”

Shanelle’s Anniversary Collage

Shanelle (@ShadowBenny) created a nice side-by-side collage commemorating david’s Return Anniversary!  :)

I'm Home one year later credit Shanelle

I’m Home one year later credit Shanelle

* * * * *

Disney Dreaming On David’s Return Anniversary

disney dreaming 1 yr post mission anniversary

We can’t believe it’s already been a full year since David returned home!”

Click on the article above to head over for the complete posting and to comment if you wish. :)

Other Mentions: Click to head over

BSC Kids


A heartfelt article written by Kristen at The Voice

the voice logo

* * * * * *

Fan Finds

The full pic from @Jasondeere on the plane

David and the Nashville tribute Band on a plane credit Jason Deere

David and the Nashville tribute Band on a plane credit Jason Deere

A lovely edit from pocoelsy as seen on FOD fb!

Pocoelsy lovely edit

Pocoelsy lovely edit as saeen as fb

collage credit @ShadowBenny

collage credit @ShadowBenny

Synergistic Studios Presents SBL on You Tube

Synergistic studios

SBL collage screencap vid credit Synergistic studios

~From You Tube uploaded on Monday, Something ‘Bout Love with wonderful concert pics! This is the description with the video:

Published on Mar 23, 2015

http://www.davidarchuleta.com “Something ‘Bout Love”, from David Archuleta’s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘The Other Side Of Down’ This video compilation of stunning HD concert performance stills is shared, compliments of art, fashion, editorial and celebrity photographer Synergistic Studios, for all of the David Archuleta fans to enjoy. Support David and buy his album ‘The Other Side of Down’ now in stores and on iTunes. http://SynergisticStudios.com <—Click above on the Synergistic studio ad.  Not much info there, but they also have an IG but you must request to follow.

Are you buckled up and ready to go? Keep hoping and believing for more good things up ahead! That’s it for me right now, but stay tuned for news re: ticket sales info and other updates! Otherwise, I’ll see you next week! :)

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