David Archuleta ~ It’s Tuesday Y’all! Folks from the South, David’s no stranger to the South, Minnesota Nice, Vote Glorious to #1, Birthday Card Extension! Fun Finds


Southern Hospitality

- David enjoys a gift of Perfect water from a fan in Dallas - credit May

– David enjoys a gift of Perfect water from a fan in Dallas – credit May

Our southern states have always welcomed David with their signature Southern Hospitality!

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Folks from the South

DA Southern Hospitality

I love the A-Ok emoji!  Seems David was headed somewhere (perhaps back home to Utah?) when he encountered some Southern Hospitality along the way – though I can’t imagine anyone being anything but hospitable if they met up with David!

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David’s no stranger to the South

- credit Times-Herald.com

– credit Times-Herald.com

The Idol Tour visited several Southern States, and while David was there, he took some time to film his very first music video – Crush!  Filmed at Wynn’s Pond in Coweta County, Georgia, David and a cast of lucky teens celebrate the end of summer at a Lake house before returning to school.

Read the Times-Hearald.com article: HERE

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That’s Pretty Dang Exciting!

David filmed a vlog “Behind the Scenes” on the set of Crush!  He has nothing but good things to say about the crowd that attended the Idol Tour show the previous night – that Southern Hospitality shining through!

Behind the Scenes With David (credit: David Archuleta)

Entertainment Tonight (ET) also filmed a “Behind the Scenes” episode which was aired on national TV!  I remember watching it and being so excited for David and his future music career!

Behind the Scenes Crush video (credit: cardinaljen)

And with over 44 million views to date - Crush has once again put Wynn’s Pond on the map.  This location was also used in the Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama - a sweet southern romantic comedy that I watch every chance I get!  Here’s a trailer from the movie that features Wynn’s Pond!

Sweet Home Alabama (credit: TouchstoneOnDemand’s Channel)

Ok so Crush has over 44 million views – how about we give it a few more!  Maybe get it to 45 million!

Crush (credit: davidarchuletaVEVO)

Here’s a slideshow of pics from the filming of Crush!  Coweta County, Georgia is beautiful!

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Minnesota Nice 

There’s also hospitality a little farther north!  Joanie remembered David mentioning “Minnesota Nice” in an interview he did at the Mall of America right before his COS book signing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.20.20 PM

Mall of America Interviews David Archuleta (credit: MOA)

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Vote Glorious to #1 on Musiqtone!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.28.51 PM

Glorious sits at #2 from the last cycle, but going into the new cycle, Glorious has fallen to #3 behind the new video from 5 Seconds of Summer and of course Taylor Swift is still sitting pretty at #1.

Let’s rally and vote Glorious to #1 where it belongs!

Vote 50 x Mobile HERE

Vote 100x Web HERE

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Birthday Card Extension!

Shelley has given us a reprieve!  She has decided to leave David’s birthday card open for a few more days to give all Archies a chance to send their special birthday wishes to David.  Like in previous years, Shelley will be creating a birthday book for David from the sentiments in the card.  Attach a photo if you want David to see who’s sending the birthday greetings!

group card

- click here to sign today!

– click here to sign today!

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Fun Finds

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 7.46.19 PM

- Dallas - credit Kelsey

– Dallas – credit Kelsey

- graphic edit shadowbenny

– graphic edit shadowbenny

- credit vanny lim

– credit vanny lim

- credit David Archuleta Community Page FB

– credit David Archuleta Community Page FB

- credit David Archuleta Community Page FB

– credit David Archuleta Community Page FB

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Wishing you all a hospitable Tuesday!  Spread a little kindness wherever you go and watch it come right back to you!  It’s been fun subbing in for Pastel – hope she enjoyed her time in the Bahamas!

Joanie will be back tomorrow with the Wednesday post!




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David Archuleta~ Monday Music and Memories, Last Day to Sign this Special Card!! Musiqtone : A “Glorious” Voting Cycle, An Archutized App, A Musical Tribute to Michael Johns From His Fans, 2010 @DavidArchie Pittsburgh Altar Bar Memories


Feeling alive!

CFTH waukegan zoom crop credit Taryn

CFTH Waukegan zoom crop credit Taryn

* * * * * *
quote stay close to what keeps you feeling alive
* * * * * *

A Tweet to go with a Quote~

Our quote today can spark many individual answers about what makes (you) feel alive. Many David Archuleta fans could easily share that David’s music makes them feel alive. When I think of David and what he’s shared with us over the years, I can imagine him answering with things like faith, family, friends, and…MUSIC! We have witnessed him on stage become energized and ALIVE as he shares himself in his music. Below is one of my favorite tweets from David re: how music makes him feel~ how music seems to make him feel alive as well.

tweet I just love music

* * * * * *

Last Day To Sign~ David’s BDay Card! #24!!

- click to sign!

– click to sign!

Shelley has asked that all who would like to sign this very special birthday card for David’s 24th birthday sign it by today so that she can have enough time to have the book made and ready. Have you signed yet? Just click the card and head over! Thank you! Let’s get as many fans as possible to sign on this last day so we can have another beautiful book for David like the past few years! Here’s last year’s to refresh your memory.

* * * * * *

Musiqtone Voting: A Glorious Cycle!

Currently the 35th cycle has David with “Glorious” in the #2 spot!

Musiqtone 35th cycle Glorious at no. 2

The leaderboard will be updated later this evening and the current cycle ends on the 24th, so be sure to click below to vote! Remember 100 (GLORIOUS) votes daily and 50 mobile votes daily!  :)

Musiqtone Voting Booth Glorious

* * * * * *

Archutized Icons with Iconical!

Tweet Shelley Archutized Conical App

Shelley and Abrra explained to me last night what this smart phone app is all about! :D

Iconical App explanationiconical App 2

Click Below to learn more about Iconical on the iTunes Preview Page and CLICK HERE if you’d like to watch a video description of the $1.99 App! :)

Iconical iTunes preview

* * * * *

A Michael Johns Musical Tribute ~From His Fans

MichaelJohnsOnline ( @mjohnsonline ) tweeted  out a heartfelt message and tribute link (below) yesterday. The video made by a fan, Kristen, is lovely. Wishing  continued healing and peace for Michael’s wife, family, friends, and fans who all miss him so very much! <3 *Thanks Kalei for sending this in. *

tweet MichaelJOhns tribute

Michael Johns online banner

A Fan Tribute for Michael Johns

Date October 19, 2014  ~SOURCE~

In honour of Michael, fans from all corners of the world, got together to share light and love for the man who touched all of our lives in such a special way and left us so many beautiful memories, friendships and amazing music.

Many, many thanks to Kristen, a long time fan, who has mad video skills for putting this all together. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

MJ…this is for you, with much love from all your fans. You will stay in the hearts of all who loved you forever, XO.

* * * * * *

Monday Musical Memories: 10/19/2010 David in Pittsburgh at The Altar Bar

Pittsburgh Altar Bar 2010 credit Jennifer

Pittsburgh Altar Bar 2010 credit Jennifer

Bobbi Jo shared some great pics from the night!!

AndreaFOD took some great pictures, too!

And Jennifer also had more great pics from the night!

Pittsburgh Altar Bar credit Jennifer 2

Pittsburgh Altar Bar credit Jennifer 2

Pittsburgh credit Jennifer

Pittsburgh credit Jennifer

For more of Jennifer’s pics, Click on the collage below!



A Few Musical Selections from Pittsburgh

David was once again on fire that night as he mixed some older songs with songs from his new TOSOD cd!

Crush~ Up close and stellar!! ~credit quadlgirl

Angels ~ MAGNIFICENT!! credit 8throwcenter

Elevator! also from Nancy (8thRowCenter)

Something ‘Bout Love ~Credit 8thRowCenter

And Finally, My Hands ~This performance was voted as best acoustic performance for our “best of the best” FOD virtual concerts. :)

* * * * * *

A Couple Fan-tastic Finds



Collage stripes credit David Archuleta community pg with  Archielhyz Castigon Vallermosa.

Collage stripes credit David Archuleta community pg with Archielhyz Castigon Vallermosa.

never give up  credit  DavidArchieonly

never give up credit DavidArchieonly

Hope you enjoyed the musical moments and mini concert today! David’s music sure has a way of bringing me to life…especially on a Monday! I’m afraid my Monday post (covering for Mary Lou who’s enjoying life as a Bahama mama for a bit longer) can’t quite compare, but thanks so much for joining me today! Looking forward to an Archurrific week. In fact, looking forward to a GLORIOUS week! <—See what I just did there? ;) Be sure to sign David’s card as well as send Shelley any fan group pics you want to share from this past year. Kalei will be here tomorrow and I’ll be back on Wednesday!

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