David Archuleta and a Melodic Monday ~ A Christmas Card Quote from Dickens, Exponential Increase in Angels, from the Realms of Glory views, More Buzz! Request from Online Radio, Trend this Weekend! What Child is This Revisited, As Found aRound


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Credit:  #thejarvie on FB

And also had to include this …

My lead pic just had to be a lead gif today.  Now tell me, if you are about to tackle something difficult today, isn’t this the image that you want to remain with you?   Uh huh.

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quote sharon dreams choice

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A Christmas Card quote

This appeared on David’s IG as well as Facebook.  It was unusual to see a post from David on a Sunday, but this was very fitting:

christmas card quote

dickens ig description

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The buzz!  The views!

Angels, from the Realms of Glory got some serious buzz resulting in some serious view count.  Check it out for yourself!

views angels

On comments, a question came up on how some vids get so many views so quickly.  A great reply from Ali below.  Thanks Ali!

ali views And readers noticed how views of this music video have increased exponentially over the past 24 hours or so:

donna views angels

Yes, lots of buzz over the weekend:

huff post religion


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Get your requests in!

As found on our comments yesterday, an online radio station in Ontario, Canada was playing Angels, from the Realms of Glory.

radio vlc pic

And Kim tweeted them!

radio vlc

So, tweet @RadioVLC with a request!

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Trend this weekend!!!

It’s a bit earlier than the actual date of David’s birthday, but too close to Christmas and many fans are not available.

We thank Gwen, Pocoelsy and Linda for putting these together :)

trend happy 24th

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The Melodic “What Child is This”

This is a stuning collaboration with Mannheim Steamroller at Pandora’s Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice in November, 2011.  You know what I think about David singing at skating events ~ it is meant to be, and this performance is an example of what I am talking about.  There is no rush to this performance, but a beauty to it musically and visually.

Soak this one it everyone:

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As Found aRound!

Oh this smile!


Credit: rhiminee on tumblr

Check out the rest of the Behind the Scenes gifs on rhiminee’s tumblr here

And looks like David was taking in Motab rehearsals:

motab ig

ig motab

Decorating with David!

From Jana!

jana ornaments

That’s it for me this Monday!   I’ll be back one more time tomorrow!

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Sweet, Sweet Sunday. A Sequential Date to Remember. Ave Mother Maria.


ave maria foxwoods

From Westbury, 2009. Not sure who to credit. Let us know.

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be happy in the moment mother teresa

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A Sequential Date to Remember

12 13 14


And then, the inevitable question came:

what about today


It was self explanatory, right?

12/13/14 has a kind of pleasing order that you might have noticed this morning when you woke up. But today’s date is interesting because of more than just minor curiosity — it’s the last sequential date this century.

People actually care about cool dates. Five times as many people have set today to be their wedding day than you’d expect for a snowy Saturday. And this isn’t just any old sequential date — the dates themselves are made up of just four sequential digits: 1, 2, 3 and 4. [Market Watch]

Yesterday’s Dec. 13, 2014, represents the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years (Jan. 2, 2034) and another 89 years if waiting for Jan. 2, 2103.

If a person has a heart set on commemorating the next 12/13/14, make sure that heart can stand another 100 years on earth to make it to Dec. 13, 2114.

And it’s 1,000 years until 3014.  (USA Today)

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Ave Maria

I’ve took this Christmas from the Heart track out of its order because it’s so fitting for a Sunday.

First of all, I pulled out some Ave Maria pictures in our media account, and posted them below.

Credit:  Jen Leigh Barry

Credit: Jen Leigh Barry

After Ave Maria. credit Nareejo

After Ave Maria, credit Nareejo

Screencap from ArchuletaAvenue Ave Maria Cleveland CFTH Tour

Screencap from ArchuletaAvenue Ave Maria Cleveland CFTH Tour

david archuleta ave maria salt lake city

And this is the Ave Maria that you, the fans, voted for in the My Kind of Christmas from the Heart Simulcast last year.  Here’s how we described it in the voting form:

SLC Night 1, 2009. YouCanCallMeTina. The full orchestra. Kurt Bestor. Richard Parkinson mention. Watch David emote with his eyes closed. The toss of the head, the eyebrows. Stunning rendition.

David is in another place when he sings this.  And we are in another place when we hear it.

And here are some of the comments associated with this vid on Youtube:

comments slc ave maria

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Keeping this pretty silent.  Enjoy a blessed Sunday everyone.  I’ll be back tomorrow to pick up everything I haven’t posted today, and more.

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