Watch Out West Hollywood ~ @Davidarchie at the Troubadour!!! New and not-so-new fans hypnotized and mezmorized!


From David’s IG stories!

Keep them coming David.  And bring on the treats!

The venue!!!

David Archie Friends ~ Fans new and not-so-new!

One of the best part of going to a David Archuleta concert is, beside the voice itself, is meeting up with your old friends, and meeting new ones!

This is Caitlynn from Long Beach with Angela. It’s her first concert. Angela gave her signed CD received from Kari before show. Welcome to FOD Caitlynn!

Tonight. stolen from jimmy. #davidarchuleta

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And the show itself!

Credit: Alex Freeman

Credit: Janet

PANDA!  Look at this TRIOOOOOO!

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Look at Brady Bills gooooooo!


And everyone knows the words!!!

Say Me!!!!  

So glad it’s back!

He Lives in you!

David Archuleta sounding fantastic! "He Lives in You" from The Lion King 2. #OrionTour @allirae09

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Something Bout Love!

Higher Ground!

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Crush was the perfect finale! Thank you @davidarchie!! #speechless #amazing 🎤✨❤️✨ (full vid on Twitter)

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FINALLY, the Up All Night Dance moves!!!

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And Monica’s vid at 2:05!

Inspired by Amelia!!!  Here’s David talking to her and remembering that she likes his dance moves!

Alot of people here!!!

Friends of all sorts dropped by!!!

@davidarchie. Season 7 alive and well.

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From Brooke.  I just love this girl!


One of the singers from Justin Timberlake tour

Angela and Lauri Archuleta. As pretty as ever Lauri!


And David had a good time!  Shout out the fans too!

and more on IG!

SOOOOOOO much social media buzz!!!

When I'm takin a selfie with #DavidArchuleta #HighSchoolMemories

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A Ray of Light!

Thank you @davidarchie for a beautiful night at the #Troubadour!! You're always a ray of light! ✨🎤✨

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Okay.  One last time!

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As Found aRound

That’s it for now!

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Diana’s Seattle Concert Recap and Meeting @DavidArchie ~ “Maybe we’ll share the stage one day”, Troubadour tonight! Who is going? A shout out from Utah Rewind 100.7! Keep those IG stories coming!

Concert Recap from Diana:  Orion Tour – Seattle, June 13, 2017

Diana graciously accepted my invitation to write about her Seattle first concert and M&G with David.  And I asked her to write as much as she wanted.  It’s a great story, a great read, a great connection.  You can follow her on twitter as @archanimal92

Maybe two worlds spinning apart can come together eventually… 

Since AI Season 7, the Orion tour was the first opportunity I had to go to one of David’s shows. There still wasn’t a definite tour date for Canada so I figured I’d take the chance and go to Seattle in case he never made it up here (I’m from BC and we all know he’d go to the East Coast if he did ever cross the border lol)

Let’s start at the very beginning… even just standing in line waiting for VIP was surreal. It was so cool to be able to completely fangirl (without judgement) with people you’d never met before and archies are seriously some of the sweetest people ever! I met a few that night that made me feel comfortable right away (shoutout to Deb and Jenny!) and that was so appreciated since I had no idea what to expect!

As we entered the venue I could hear David singing “I’m Ready”, but I figured it was a recording (at that point I couldn’t see the stage yet) but pretty soon realized that he was there practicing on the piano (thanks to the squealing girls behind me) and I was like whoa… that’s him. He’s right there. We didn’t get a chance to write questions down since there was too many of us, but he was able to answer a few…

  • “Up All Night” took the longest for him to write of the songs on the Orion EP.
  • Of the songs he’s written “My Little Prayer” means the most to him. (Eeeepp!!!)
  • He’d most like to collaborate with Tori Kelly.
  • And he sang us a little snippet of “Say Me”. Thank you Jenny for requesting <3

For soundcheck we got to hear 3 songs, “Invincible”, “Fast Car”, and “He Lives In You”. Oy. Oh, and then he showed off his Zelda socks for us. I was dyinggg. This guy, I can’t even.

Screencap from Diana’s Youtube video of Fast Car

Then it was time for the meet and greet! I had my ipod ready for him to sign but then got shy and didn’t want to bug him to sign it since he was already signing a photo. I had my little speech planned of what I wanted to say to him, I had things I’d told myself that I wouldn’t say to him, and when I got up there nothing went as planned.

(sidenote #1) As I was waiting I chatted with Amber for a bit, and she seriously is soo sweet and down to earth. If you don’t already follow her on instagram, DO IT. I’ve been so inspired by her posts.

Then my turn came… and as I walked up the steps MY MIND WENT COMPLETELY BLANK. He is seriously so beautiful. And I’m not just talking about looks. We all know how humble, pure, and sweet he is… over the years we’ve all seen that through interviews and stuff, but there’s that part of you that wonders if that’s how that person is in real life. I already knew the answer was yes, but to literally see that light was so surreal. Sometimes you don’t even really need to know someone, you can just feel their spirit.  And I guess it just hit me in that moment that all that I’ve wanted to tell him of how he changed my life the last 10 years, I had to somehow fit in a few minutes, so I of course completely blanked instead. So I asked for a hug (which I told myself I wouldn’t do LOL but I guess I thought by stalling my mind would smarten up.. yea that didn’t happen) And then (wait for it…) I told him “I had so much I wanted to say, but I’m so nervous!” (honestly, who says that??!? *facepalm* I’m so awkward…)

I wanted to tell him I drove 7 hours from Canada or at very least tell him my name, but even that didn’t happen. Thankfully I did write him a letter (so hopefully I redeemed myself that way so he’ll at least know that I am coherent in the English language :S) My name was on the envelope so he goes “Diana… (attempts to pronounce last name)” And he was close!! So then we did the picture thing.

(sidenote #2) – His version of Be Still My Soul, has been soo meaningful to me. It’s helped me through soo many tough situations in life, and whenever I’ve been anxious or stressed I listen to it and it just reminds me to be still and know that God is still fighting for us, despite whatever we go through in life. 

So it’s been my dream to play piano while David sings that song, and I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by asking him if we could do that (how I had the guts to do that I’ll never know) but he said that they were running out of time since there was so many VIP ppl there… (thanks Seattle, you had to have 40+ ppl there hey? 😛 I totally should’ve went to Spokane haha) but then he asked if I had a youtube channel and what it was called and what kind of music I cover, to which I said “well I’ve covered a few of your songs”… (ok facepalm AGAIN—I couldn’t have said a genre, or that I post original songs or SOMETHING ELSE?! I told him I covered his songs?! SMH) so he said he’d check it out (uh huh sure…) and then he said “well you never know maybe we’ll share the stage one day” – ahh I was dyingggg, so then he went in for another hug (see that’s what I wanted… for it to happen naturally haha)

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but he was sooo chill and laid back. Is that how he usually is at VIP? LOL I’m just so used to seeing his interviews and stuff and him being more energetic. But I totally get it … 1) He needs to preserve his energy for the show 2) He’s probably EXHAUSTED from the show the previous day 3) Let’s be honest… he doesn’t know me so why would he be excited to meet ME LOL

David and the Band. Credit Diana

Fast forward to the show… OH MY HECK. BEST TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE. Just hearing all the songs that have meant so much to you through the years, and seeing the passion and heart he puts into each and every one of them was seriously so special. I was so lucky to be in the first row, and it was such an amazing show. I can’t say enough about it.

  • PANDA was so energetic and fun, and that piano riff… Chad, if you read this, I’m so jealous of you dude! You’ve got the best job ever!
  • During SBL he came up to me and held out the mic for me to sing the chorus, and I’d like to think it’s cause he felt bad we couldn’t do a song during VIP, but let’s be honest he does that at every show doesn’t he? LOL Still though, it was pretty sweet to be one of the faces that he chose to stick the mic out to 😛

  • The songs he did on the piano were my favorite… Broken (soo heartfelt), MKOP (that song is just perfect all around), and I’m Ready (my new favorite!!)  
  • His intro to Beautiful/Scars to Your Beautiful may or may not have had me tearing up… I was like, Diana, hold it together, you’re front row, the whole band can see you!!  
  • He slayeddd He Lives In You. Like WOW.  
  • Heaven <33333333 
  • The bass drop and his moves in Numb were just … gahhh.  
  • Glorious was magical, and the crowd singing along too was just so special….  
  • Forevermore was perfection, his tone, every single note and falsetto. I was literally holding my breath the entire song.  

I’m Ready. Credit: Diana

I could seriously go on forever about how amazing of a night it was, but this recap is already long enough so let me wrap this up… HUGE shoutout once again to Deb and Jenny, and all the other super nice archies I met that night, I hope we’ll cross paths again soon! Shoutout to my mom who got annoyed with me taking so many videos and stole the camera from me to take videos herself so I could enjoy the show. Shoutout to Brady, Chad, Aaron and Jay. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this music. It’s so refreshing to see your passion and how happy you are to be up on that stage with every single song. Thank you for keeping it at 100. Thank you to Kari, Ethan (the sound guy), and everyone else on the crew for making each show possible. The fans are forever grateful.

David at the piano. Credit Diana

And thank you David. Thank you for your genuine humble spirit. Thank you for returning to music. Thank you for blessing us, not just by sharing your music, but also sharing your light <3

(sidenote #3) I didn’t realize it checking in, but leaving the hotel the next morning I realized that I was in room 219… iCarly flashback anyone?! Such a cool ODD moment, and it brought a full-circle feel to this whole experience… 

I’ve uploaded videos to youtube and pictures to instagram, I got two hugs and a handshake, but most importantly I came away forever changed with a feeling that will forever be etched into my heart. You know how sometimes you go on church retreats and stuff and come back with that spiritual high? I’m feeling that way now. I’ve realized I need to be around genuine people who also shine that light, people who inspire you to be better. And I’ve realized that I want to be more like that too in my own life. I want others to be able to notice that light within me. It really does shine from within, and it does make you beautiful.

Credit: Diana. VIP in Seattle

David, I know you’ll never see this, but thank you for being YOU and for uplifting and inspiring us the past 10 years with music and lyrics that’s so beautiful and heartfelt. Please don’t ever change because the world needs more people like you. Keep on shining David, keep on shining.


Something ‘Bout Love is soooo much fun!  The singing Diana lol!

This Up All Night is really good.  Great vantage point and you can see the entire band performing.  Really like that!

Ending with Heaven.  Again, great vantage point!

* * * * *

As Found aRound

A shout out from Rewind 100.7!

Bathroom pondering.  Ok.

Troubadour Promo!

I’ll be back later today with all about Troubadour!  Who is going?  TELL US IN COMMENTS!

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