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The other side of down

DA Zipline


David went zip-lining!  This pic is all kinds of win!  He’s really tapping into his adventurous spirit and trying new things!  Who ever thought David would post a pic of himself wearing shorts, hanging upside down, dangling off a wire?  Folks, there’s a new sheriff in town!

Joanie Zip

And don’t think I missed that #iheartHawaii hashtag!  Well David, #HawaiiHeartsDavidArchuleta :-)  Oddly, this was the saying on the first David shirt I ever made – I wore it to the AI Tour Tulsa show – I’ll have to find a pic of it and post it later.

This pic, which he posted on his FB & IG, (but for whatever reason, did not show up on twitter) garnered all kinds of attention and got over 4,000 Likes on FB and over 5,000 hearts on IG!

One of my fave responses was actually a twitter convo from our very own Archies!  I file this under “Everything relates to a David song”:

hashtag 1

hashtag 2

hashtag 3

I have never tried zip-lining before – looks like fun!  If I ever do try it, you can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t be posting a pic of myself hanging upside down!  I wonder what other Hawaii adventures David will try?

If you’re ever in Hawaii and want to give zip-lining a try – check out Climb Works on the North Shore of Oahu.  It offers all kinds of nature adventures and the opportunity to learn about Hawaiian history and culture!

- click to visit their site

– click to visit their site

- click to visit their site

– click to visit their site

*  *  *  *  *

from pabuckie

 Thanks to Patty-Ann (aka: Pabuckie) for sharing this quote – it really reminds me of David :-)

*  *  *  *  *

Great HD Vid from BYU Hawaii

Remember when I said there was a camera set up front and center at the Fireside and they recorded the entire event – well I’m guessing this might be the amazing result of that recording!  If it is, I hope they post the Q&A session too!

It’s embedded on their FB page so you need to click on the pic below to watch it – choose the  full-screen option for a heavenly HD experience - feel free to grab some kleenex before you get started – just sayin’

- click to watch HD vid of If the Savior Stood Beside Me

– click to watch HD vid of If the Savior Stood Beside Me

*  *  *  *  *

WWTT – We Did It!

Go-Getters Got It Done!  Archies  took to twitter and achieved a WWTT to let the world know that it’s Almost Christmas David Archuleta!  Way to go everyone!  Thanks to those who sent in screen-caps!

Thanks also to everyone who helped coordinate the trend, to David from Texas (DFT) for promoting on our FB page and to Pocoelsy for the wonderful trend graphic!

WWTT mary dee


- Trending for 37 minutes!

– Trending for 37 minutes!

sam posted wwtt

US TT Trendinalia

– from Trendinalia

Tina posted


*  *  *  *  *

BYUH Great Ideas Contest

If I had better planning skills, I would have taken Thursday off so I could attend the Great Ideas Contest event at BYUH where the panelists from the Fireside were the judges!

spencer taggart


Nellie response

Apparently there was also a portion of the event where each of the judges gave a speech – I’m hoping for a vid of David’s speech, but so far, I haven’t found anything posted.  Send us a link if you find anything!  There were pics and tweets from the event that we can share:

Brian 1

Brian 2

Brian 3

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.24.49 AM

David shared some wonderful insights and inspirations with us these past two days – despite proclaiming that  “I’m not really good at talking” lol – well David, just keep on doing what you’re doing - you can talk to us all day, any day! #CaptiveAudience

In case you were wondering, the fruits of the judging panel’s labor was the following winning video by Jeff Collins!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 5.31.35 AM

Guitar Drum – MGMT “Kids” Cover (credit: Jeff Collins)

Here is another video that placed either 2nd or 3rd in the competition – I can’t seem to find a list of all the winners – this video is really cool!

Tribe of Many Feathers Promo Video (credit: Paul Bacera)

*  *  *  *  *

Who’s Ready For The Next Events?

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.32.55 AM

There’s still time and some seats left for next week’s Thanksgiving Weekend A Celebration of Christ Interfaith Concert featuring David as the headlining artist!  Many Archies will be going so I’m really hopeful that there will be vids and pics to share – if it’s allowed!  Get your tickets today!

- click for artTix site to get tix!

– click for artTix site to get tix!

Live Nativity World Record Event

On December 1st you can join a cast of hopefully world record breaking numbers – that includes David!  The event is FREE but you do need to register for a ticket to the event.  We know Shelley and Lisa will be representing for the Archies – any other fans willing to brave the cold for 5-7 hours to be part of history?  David will be there – so that’s reason enough to check it out!


- Click to register!

– Click to register!

February 14th Is For Lovers – David Lovers!

The next event is on Valentine’s Day 2015 – it’s the RootsTech Genealogy event where David will be one of the featured artists at the closing event – tickets are only $19 for a single day pass, and it’s been said that David will be singing four songs and will debut the music video he made in Cost Rica!

Best $19 you’ll ever spend!

- Click to buy tix

- Click to register

 There are quite a few upcoming events, and hopefully 2015 will bring us a new album and perhaps even a tour! Exciting times ahead for fans of David!

*  *  *  *  *

Brooke’s Christmas Concert

- click to buy tix

– click to buy tix


This concert is on December 11th – plenty of time for David to be the “Surprise Guest” or maybe he’ll just attend the concert to support Brooke!  Sounds like a fun holiday event for the family – let us know if you’re going!

*  *  *  *  *

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Excited for the upcoming holiday events!  Here’s a look back at the 2010 Hollywood Grove Tree Lighting with a duet by David & Charice!  David was a little under the weather, but they are so cute on stage!  They perform the duet Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas followed by Charice singing Jingle Bell Rock.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (credit: henrydtuason)

HYAMLC Soundcheck (credit: SideburnerSol)

Poor David you can tell he’s sick – but he’s such a trooper! Love the change ups in this soundcheck!

*  *  *  *  *

Awesome Thank You Vids!

FOD got some super cute thank you vids from fans!  Looks like a new thing you can do on FB – create thank you vids for your friends!  We appreciate these vids and would like to thank all of YOU for being so awesome!

- click for Jenleigh barry's vid

– click for Jenleigh barry’s vid

- click for Debbie Gloria's vid

– click for Debbie Gloria’s vid

- click for Shelley's vid

– click for Shelley’s vid

- click for simab's vid

– click for simab’s vid

*  *  *  *  *

Saturday Goodies Roundup

Sharing a bunch of pics, collages, graphics and tweets – so much fun stuff!

- credit @alyssamcdonell

– credit @alyssamcdonell

- credit abby clark

– credit abby clark

- Click to read article

– Click to read article

- credit Archie Thailand Admin

– credit Archie Thailand Admin

- collage credit Canadianarchie

– collage credit Canadianarchie

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

- credit gaaaiiil IG

– credit gaaaiiil IG

Jake Tweets

- credit paul bacera FB

– credit paul bacera FB

- credit ruth tibungcog

– credit ruth tibungcog

- screen cap by me

– screen cap by me

- via pabuckie's twitter

– via pabuckie’s twitter

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.33.42 AM

- credit raena_lopez IG

– credit raena_lopez IG

Stuart Edge collage

Stuart Edge Tweet

- credit Laurena

– credit Laurena

- collage credit Mary Dee

– collage credit Mary Dee

matt sorenson

- collage credit Mary Dee

– collage credit Mary Dee

- graphic edit pabuckie

– graphic edit pabuckie

- graphic edit shadowbenny

– graphic edit shadowbenny

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

*  *  *  *  *

WHEW!  We sure had a lot of goodies these past few days!  So excited for everyone who will be attending the Celebration of Christ Interfaith Concert next week – I must say, I’m a wee bit jellus too!  If pics and vids are allowed, please send them our way along with your recap of the concert!  

I am wiped out from the excitement of Wednesday’s Fireside event – I was too wired to sleep so I got home last evening and fell asleep lol – thus the lateness of this post.  I wonder how long David will be in Hawaii?  He went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, Zip-lining and went to the Aloha Stadium for the high school football championship game – he’s sure been a busy bee!  If he hangs around for the weekend, I hope he posts pics & tweets us!

Wishing you all a Sky High Saturday filled with fun and shopping for your Thanksgiving feast!  Tune in tomorrow for a lovely Sunday post!

To all my ArchuBuddies here, thank you for coming along for the ride and sharing in David’s Hawaii Adventure!


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David Archuleta ~ Fangirl Friday – David’s In Hawaii! A Polynesian Adventure, Trending Party Tonight!


Aloha means hello, goodbye & love

- credit David Archuleta

– credit David Archuleta

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.08.44 AM

*  *  *  *  *


*  *  *  *  *

Welcome Back David!

- David at BYUH - credit me!

– David at BYUH – credit me!

The first time I saw David perform in Hawaii was back in 2009 – he was the guest artist singing the National Anthem for the Pro-Bowl.  I was lucky enough to snag a ticket and got to see David perform ALTNOY at the Ohana Day sound check.  It’s a free family day where you can go and meet the football players and get autographs.  Suffice it to say, I was NOT there to get autographs from football players!

As fans of David, we are somehow blessed with a sixth sense of sorts – some call it ArchuRadar, some call it David GPS – mostly we call it ODD :-) – no matter the title, when David is in town, all the bells, whistles and assorted ArchuFlags go off and you scratch everything else off your calendar to make room to attend the David Event if at all possible.

At Ohana Day, after David sang, he was quickly escorted off the field without the opportunity to sign autographs or speak to fans.  There were a lot of disappointed fans – me included.  Suddenly BING the ArchuRadar goes off and I head to the tunnel where the football players enter the field – it was packed with football fans waiting for their favorite players to come and sign autographs – and about 12 hopeful David fans waiting for our favorite artist to somehow magically appear.  Wish granted!  David did come out to meet the fans, and he spent about 45 minutes signing autographs and posing for pics – it was a dream come true!  I was on cloud 9 for months!

- This is the back of my head - had a great convo!

– This is the back of my head – I had a great convo with David!

Fast forward to 2014 – to be honest, I didn’t have much hope that David would ever return to Hawaii, and I was resigned to making the 5-hour flight to the mainland if I ever wanted to see David perform in the future.  Then miracle of miracles!  Tweet rumors started to circulate that David would be participating in a Fireside at the BYU campus in Hawaii – I don’t put too much stock in rumors – especially ones that have David coming to Hawaii, but this one kinda set off my ArchuRadar…. and I started clearing my calendar!

Due to work obligations it was a long shot that I would even be able to attend, not to mention that Firesides are normally held at the Church or at a Church-related location that is closed to the public.  I tried to manage my expectations and not get my hopes up – so near and yet so far!  Thanks to all you ArchuDetectives, information was posted announcing that this event was open to everyone and it was FREE!

It was touch & go all the way to the day of the event – I still didn’t know if I could get off from work in time to make the 1-hour drive – that turns into a 2-hour drive during peak traffic – to get to BYU which is located in a small town on the North Shore called Laie.  But like the Postal Service, I was determined that neither snow, nor rain, nor heat… would stay me from my appointed rounds – except in this case, there was no snow, or rain – only some minor heat and by “appointed rounds” I meant seeing David speak and sing live!

- The CAC Basketball Gym -  Fireside Venue

– The CAC Basketball Gym – Fireside Venue

The day of the event I was hoping and praying that I would be able to leave work early enough to get to BYU in time, and as the clock ticked closer and closer to 4:00pm I was getting nervous that perhaps it was not meant to be. I was answering tweets, saying I still didn’t know if I would make it – until around 3:30pm when I got the glorious news that YES!  I could leave at 4:00pm – because yeah, the work would still be there the next day lol!

After a harrowing trek out to the sleepy little town of Laie, which included the WORST traffic nightmare ever, getting lost and ending up at the Temple instead of BYU, and finally finding the campus, but having no idea where the CAC was located and having to get out of the car several times to ask various strangers if they could show me the way – I finally made it with about 20 minutes to spare WHEW!

I was surprised to see that the CAC venue was actually a basketball gymnasium complete with bleachers and signs hung all around displaying the various and many Championships won by the BYUH Seasiders.  The venue was filling up quickly and the remaining seats were at the very top of gym – I believe they are called “nose bleed seats”.  Rats – that would not make for very good pics or vids – IF they were even allowed!  The audience was primarily  BYU students of the female persuasion – dressed in their Sunday Best - which in Hawaii apparently means a gauzy cotton skirt and a blouse that is not a t-shirt. Another thing they all had in common was the starry fangirl look in their eyes which I totally recognize!  It was so cute to see so many college girls excited to see David  - it was like a flashback to the 2009 Solo Tour and the giddy anticipation of all the fans waiting for a glimpse of David.

- David and Tiffany

– David and Tiffany

Fortune smiled upon me that night and I found a single seat on the aisle at the top of the first section of  seats – perfect if pics & vids were allowed!  As you can see, I did get a few pics – sorry they’re not up to Naree or Jenleigh Barry standards – I def need a new camera before the next concert tour!  I looked around and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, had a phone, ipad, or camera at the ready, and I thought this bodes well for pics & vids!  I asked the guy next to me, who was there because he was saving his sister a seat, if he thought pics and vids would be allowed – he looked around, laughed and said it sure looks like it!

- David & Tiffany

– David & Tiffany

As you can tell by all the pics and vids that have already been posted, there were no restriction on pics or vids and there was even a professional looking camera set up front and center which recorded the entire Fireside, so perhaps they plan to stream it on BYU TV in the future.  A few minutes later the gym was filled  with hushed whispers and people started pointing – it was David being escorted into the gym – and Lupe was with him!  There were no bodyguards (at this point) and in retrospect, I should have gone down to say hi, but seats were in high demand, and I didn’t want to lose my primo location!

The event started with a prayer and a group hymn which everyone sang with gusto!  There was polite applause as the emcee introduced the various honored VIPs and those who had made the event possible – he then introduced the guest panel – continued polite applause – then he introduced David, and the gym erupted with high -pitched screams and squeals and applause that would have turned into a standing ovation had it been any other kind of event – it reminded me of the electricity that courses through the crowd when David walks out on stage at a concert and the fans go wild!

I expected that the guest panel would all be standing at the podium and giving their perspective on Living the Gospel Under a Global Spotlight, but instead, the presentation was in a Question & Answer format with all four panelists being asked a series of questions – some were for the entire group and some were for specific individuals.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the other three panelists were Tiffany Alvord, Devin Graham and Stuart Edge! These three are all You Tube artists who each have multi-million followers – and I’m hoping some day David will join that club!

- David, Tiffany, Devin & Stuart - sorry it's blurry

– David, Tiffany, Devin & Stuart – sorry it’s blurry

David looked very dapper dressed in a suit and tie with a blue lei – he appeared slightly nervous at first – perhaps it was a bit unnerving to be looking at a sea of people staring back at you – but you think he’d be used to that by now lol.  The emcee proceeded to read the questions and a mic was passed down the line so each panelist could give their answer.

*I’m going to pause for a clarifying statement before I continue, as I’m going to post the vids I recorded of the Q&A session:

First, our policy is to not post videos/pictures at LDS Firesides. However, Wednesday’s event was different, as it did not occur at a place of worship and it was publicized as a public event open to everyone. This is similar to a BYU Devotional or Forum which is often filmed and televised.  As such, there were no restrictions on pictures or videos, so we are pleased to provide these videos to you.

Second, the focus of this event was on how these four panelists, who are all of the LDS faith, were Living the Gospel Under a Global Spotlight.  The content of the Q&A session inherently addresses issues of faith, specifically the LDS faith, so if you are not interested in topics of this nature, please feel free to bypass the following videos.

I apologize in advance for the blurry phone vids and the fact that I didn’t know to turn my phone sideways to record – but the audio ROCKS!

I only recorded the Q&A segments where David answered the questions. Not because the rest of the panel didn’t have equally insightful and inspiring answers, but for the sole reason that I didn’t know if I had enough space on my phone to record the entire 1-hour event – so I had to be selective and chose to record the parts where David was featured.

The first question asked how artists promote their music without succumbing to the world’s standards.  David was so cute – he had to read the question off the notes so he wouldn’t give the wrong answer lol!

BYUH Q&A 1 (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

The second question was specifically for David – it asked about his decision to put his music career on hold to pursue a full time mission and what was his perspective looking back on those two years.  Not gonna lie – I was teary eyed at David’s heartfelt honesty and the internal struggles he’s had dealing with the ups and downs of fame.  Total RESPECT for you David.

BYUH Q&A 2 (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

The third question was whether the panelists had ever shared their LDS faith with a celebrity – I was thinking ahem – David IS a celebrity!  He speaks about his time on AI where he and Brooke White were the two Mormons in the Top 5.  Yes David, you are a good person and we feel good when we are around you!

BYUH Q&A 3 (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

The fourth question was what did the panelists have to sacrifice in order to live the gospel.  David’s obviously done with taking orders from anyone regarding his life and career choices – you GO David!  He talks about songwriting and making more music!

BYUH Q&A 4 (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

The event concluded with David performing the song If the Savior Stood Beside Me which he sung in both English and Spanish.  His voice has matured and resonates with a silky, richness – it filled the entire venue and everyone was literally hypnotized and mesmerized by the depth of emotion in every single note.  He got a little choked up at the end of the Spanish portion, and it was all I could do to hold the phone steady and not cry  - even after all this time, David still has the power to move people to tears.

If the Savior Stood Beside Me (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

The event ended as it began, with a prayer, and then the crowd flooded onto the floor level and headed straight for David!  It was like a concert with everyone’s cameras and phones clicking at full speed – people pushing to get near to David, who was surrounded by a contingent of formidable bodyguards who looked like they meant business!  The crowds were growing and pressing closer to David, boxing he and Lupe in, people were standing on chairs trying to get photos and the the girls were calling his name trying in vain to get a selfie to remember this  amazing night.

- credit jj0_o1998 IG

– credit jj0_o1998 IG

You could feel the atmosphere shift from fangirl excitement into the dire desperation to get close to David to say hi, give him a hug, take his pic and tell him how amazing he is.  It was a bad time to be short – I was literally enveloped in a sea of people pushing and shoving trying to get to David.

- credit @khayaelliott

– credit @khayaelliott

The bodyguards read the situation clearly and immediately surrounded David and Lupe and started moving them towards the exit.  Then panic ensued as people realized David was leaving, and the crowd went into full Reno Solo Tour GA (General Admission) mode – if you were at Reno, you know what I mean – and it took everything in my power not to get knocked down and trampled!  I was afraid for David – it was like the heyday of David Mania – and the bodyguards (I think there were six of them) linked arms and cut a path towards the exit and ushered David and Lupe into a waiting car where they were whisked off into the night, the red tail-lights getting smaller and smaller in the distance, and then he was gone.

- see the bodyguard? -credit Ivy Toro

– see the bodyguard? -credit Ivy Toro

It was difficult to get a clear pic much less get close enough to say hi – so unlike the magic of 2009, this time, there was no 45-minute session to talk with David or get an autograph or pose for a pic – a lot has changed over the years, but all of the important things have remained the same – David is still David, all smiley, rambly and random at times, yet with a new air of maturity and self confidence – he knows who he is, where he’s going and what he wants out of life.

There will always be music, but it will be music on his terms and on his timeline – there’s no rushing the Archuleta this time around – he’s definitely a man with a plan, and all we can do is hang on for the ride of our lives…. I’m definitely on board the ArchuTrain – I hope all of you are too!

- credit stopinthebox IG

– Polynesian Cultural Center – credit stopinthebox IG

*  *  *  *  *

It’s 5:30am and I’ve run out of time and real estate to post the plethora of pics, vids and BUZZ about David in Hawaii!  I’ll have to continue this Polynesian adventure in tomorrow’s Saturday post!

I hope you enjoyed the pics & vids and my rambly (like David) recap of the night’s events.  When it comes to David I can go on and on and on lol! 

Please join the Trending Party tonight!  Let’s get David a WWTT!



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