David Archuleta~ Happy Easter Sunday! Easter in Cologne With Kari, Best Hymn, Easter on our fb from David(DFT), A little Jib-Jab”Hoppiness” For You Today


 Happy Easter!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Called To Serve~ KLS~ screencap by me~~~~~~~~~~

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A Reminder of what David was hoping for us to do throughout this past week~

For those who chose to participate, how did it go?

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 Best Of The Best: Today, Best Hymn Performance

A perfectly fitting category for Easter Sunday as our “Best Of The Best” daily dose of the Virtual Concert continues. Today’s feature is :Best performance of a hymn

 The nominees are:
1. Be Still My Soul ~Rexburg, 2010
2. How Great Thou Art ~Youth Group, 2009
3. I Am a Child Of God ~SLC VIP. 2011
4. I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus ~ Beaver Creek, 2011
And the Winner is…

Such a beautiful, reverent, and heartfelt performance by David. What I liked most about this performance from Rexburg (and oh how I wish I’d been able to be there in person) was that David chose to share this hymn with the fans…it was an expression of his faith and truly a gift from the heart of this “everyday missionary.”
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Kari’s Excellent EU Adventures Continue!

Kari is spending Easter 2014 in Cologne Germany!!! So Charming!!!

(from Wiki) Cologne  is Germany’s fourth-largest city (after BerlinHamburg, and Munich), and is the largest city both in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and within the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area, one of the major European metropolitan areas with more than ten million inhabitants.

Cologne is located on both sides of the Rhine River. The city’s famous Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne. The University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln) is one of Europe’s oldest and largest universities.[2]

**What a lovely charming city to spend a holiday in!! I’d guess Kari’s family at home is missing her greatly, yet very happy that she’s able to see so much of our beautiful world! I’m excited for David to one day, also visit these charming European countries and cities so full of culture, music, architecture, sites, and history!! ~And ohhhh how they’ll love to hear him sing!!!!

** Thank you, Kari for giving us a wonderful glimpse of your Easter adventure in Cologne, Germany today!! Hope you run into some DA fans while in Germany! :)

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An Easter Greeting and Graphic from Facebook!

David (DFT)  has a message and graphic gift for us here, today! Thanks so much David!

Easter graphic credit Hernita

Happy Easter to you all.   I just wanted to send you all an Easter egg graphic that Hernita edited and shared with us on our Facebook  And please click to head over  (if you are celebrating Easter or if you’d like to take a look anyway) as there are more lovely Easter art and graphics posted by the fans! 

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A Little Hoppiness Today~

Ending this fairly silent Easter Sunday post today with a little silly  happiness or should I say “hoppiness” for you. ~Just because~

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Haven’t we seen that bunny in the yellow somewhere before? ;)

To all celebrating Easter today, along with all those continuing to celebrate Passover though Tuesday, and to everyone else, we wish you a day filled with hope, promise, and happiness. :) Mary Lou will return tomorrow with a wonderful beginning to your week!

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Visited some neighbors today….

– credit David Archuleta

– credit David Archuleta

David tweeted again!  He visited the Murray Greenhouse Foundation and tweeted these pics where he was surrounded by smiling faces!  David seems to bring that out in everyone he meets!  If you want to learn more about the Murray Greenhouse Foundation click the graphic below:

– click to visit site

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Where’s David? At the Cheesecake Factory!

David has been out and about town as confirmed by people tweeting random sightings of him.  This girl had a reason to be jealous of her mom!

Here’s Proof!

Fan responses started rolling in:

The Cheesecake Factory pic led to another twitter discussion about David’s belt – it looked familiar, and I thought he wore it in a Bench photo shoot – I was WRONG – but I didn’t mind having to scroll through all the Bench photos to find that out lol!  We do our research here!!

Mary Dee came to the rescue with 2 pics of David wearing the same (or very similar) belt while in the Philippines filming Nandito Ako.

– credit zelle

Here are a few vids from David’s visit to South Mall – you can see THE BELT!

Entrance & ALTNOY SouthMall (credit: JR4DA2012)

Interview at SouthMall – MKOP (credit: JR4DA2012)

Autograph Signing SouthMall (credit: JR4DA2012)

Let us know if you find any other pics of David wearing this belt – you can post a link in comments and we can share the pic on the front page!

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Where’s David? Lake Catholic High School

– Did David sing Crush here?

Well we know that David isn’t a grad of Lake Catholic High School, but it’s possible that he did stop by for an impromptu concert, or at least a song – his baby, Crush!

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Kelli Got To Meet David!

Yesterday we posted a pic of David with a pretty blonde girl and everyone wondered who she was?  She’s the Executive Assistant at Seventy3 Creative and she tweeted to let Archie fans know that she’s only a friend!

So there you have it – mystery solved!  She’s says she’s just a fan, though she appears to also be a fangirl!

*  *  *  * *

David BUZZ

David gets a mention in Star Search article:

– click to read the article

Disney Dreaming featured David’s tweet about his conversation with his Papi.

– click to read the article

This next pic is not of David – but the David-look-alike, Austin Mahone!  Austin cut his hair for the cover of his new song and some people think he looks like David – what do you think?

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MoTab: Easter Handel’s Messiah

Several Archies tweeted the link to this beautiful Easter version of the Hallelujah Chorus – makes me wish that the MoTab would invite David back as a guest artist!

Easter Concert Handel’s Messiah (credit: MOTAB Choir)

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Kari’s Excellent Adventure Continues….

Kari tweeted this awesome pic – 36,000 people enjoying the JT concert! Hopefully one day she will be taking her “traveling buddy” on a worldwide tour and that will be US holding up our cell phones!

*  *  *  *  *

Best of the Best Performances

Continuing our presentation of the Best of the Best Performances!

Category:  Best Song That We Only Heard Once

The Nominees:
1. A Merry Christmas to Me – Ann Arbor
2. Not A Very Good Liar – Rexburg
3. If I Could Only Be – LA
4. Running – Virginia Beach

And the winner is (drum roll)….. *turn up your volume*

A Merry Christmas to Me (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

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Ready For Easter?

As we all hurry to boil eggs and get the Easter egg dye ready, find the Easter baskets and plastic eggs to fill with candy for the egg hunt and put the finishing touches on a delicious Easter dinner, we are reminded of a certain someone who would soon be donning a bunny suit and scampering into a waiting van with a little hop-skip and shut the door!

– screencap from Nandito Ako

Who would like to find this in their Easter Basket?

Or this?


Maybe this will do?

Hopefully the Easter Bunny is good to you and brings you all kinds of goodies!

And may the blessings of Easter be with all of you!

*  *  *  *  *

Wishing everyone a happy Celebration Saturday as we prepare for Easter tomorrow!  I wonder if David will be participating in an Easter Egg hunt?  Seeing the Bunny Suit makes me want to watch Nandito Ako again!  I’d like to find a NA dvd in my Easter Basket!

Joanie will be back tomorrow with the Easter Sunday post, so enjoy a blessed Easter with family and friends and gear up for next week when we’ll hopefully get more tweets, pics or even a vlog!  Happy Easter everyone!

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