David Archuleta ~ Fabulous Friday! Magical Midland, Take Me Back To Tuacahn


Thanks y’all for coming!


DA Thx Yall

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Remembering Our Veterans

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Magical Midland! 

If you book a concert – they will come…. even out to the middle of Texas to hear David Archuleta sing!  Ticket sales were slow in the beginning, but as the concert drew nearer ticket sales picked up steam and ended north of the 1,000 mark!

Midland Tix Sales DFT

Fans came from all over to meet in a small town in Texas to hear the magical voice of David Archuleta! Our very own Joanie and Gwen were there!


Joanie & Gwen

The venue is well known for being beautiful and having amazing acoustics!  Rumor had it that there might be some Spanish songs in the mix tonight, so great acoustics is a must!

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Billboard promo!

Billboard promo!

Even David posted a pic from inside the venue!


rehearsal Midland

Joanie took a little side trip to Target – and look who she found!

Joanie Target


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I’m going to post a random assortment of items found on and around Social Media.  There are some interviews, pics and vids to show that a great time was had by all!

Kari was on her way!

Kari was on her way!

Kris Moore’s Interview on Soundcloud 

- click to listen

– click to listen


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Extended breaks in pop music can go either way. Fans either move on to the next big thing or wait with anticipation for the follow-up album. Neither of that swayed David Archuleta. After a two-year sabbatical, the “American Idol” alum returned with an entirely different outlook on music.
In 2012, Archuleta left for South America for a missionary trip for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Upon his return in 2014, there was speculation if he’d return to music. He put that to rest with a number of live dates, including his concert tonight at the Wagner Noel.

“Coming back to a live show, I was almost wondering if I want to do this,” he said. “I didn’t know if I did. Now I want people to come out but I want them to feel fulfilled with something.”
This lends to his new attitude toward music. After his mission, something changed in Archuleta. Before he followed the formulaic approach to being a pop star. Now, he’s redefining his career.
“It’s a different experience now because I have a different perspective and motivation. Spending that time away from everything, it gave me purpose and also made me realize what I love most about music.” he said.

What he loves is the impact music can have.
These days, he’s using music to have conversations with his audience and encapsulate an experience. He’s talks about his shows as something just shy of watching a motivational speaker.
But really, Archuleta sounds like he doesn’t want to waste time with a meaningless set list.

“My music feels more personal now and I love being able to give that to people,” he said. “I lost myself trying to make everyone happy before and I was numb. Now, I pay attention to how I feel and I think that comes out. I have a new song about that whole experience.”

This should answer any questions about Archuleta releasing new music. He just doesn’t elaborate on a new album or release dates.
He said that living according to what’s most important to him is a priority. By doing so, he can deliver a new and improved David Archuleta.

“I want people to have a good time and have fun singing along to my songs,” he said. “But I also want people to be motivated to be the best of themselves. That’s my goal now.”

Snippet of Something ‘Bout Love – credit Joanie! 

- Click to watch! - Credit Suttygal

– Click to watch! – Credit Suttygal

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Shelley Got Vids!

Como La Flor (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Everybody Hurts (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Pride (In the Name of Love) – (credit ShelleyFOD)

Periscope Up! Kari Got Como La Flor!

- Click to view - HURRY!

– Click to view – HURRY!

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Take Me Back To Tuacahn

Tuacahn was an amazing experience – listening to David sing among the red rocks under the starlit sky.  Here are some memories that take us back!

Don’t Give Up (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Snippet of Forevermore via Tina’s Tumblr

- Click to listen

– Click to listen


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A couple of weeks ago I was surprised at how much I enjoyed The Piano Guys’ concert at Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivins. Now that surprise has been awarded to David Archuleta.

I’ve never considered myself a fan of either. I’m still not sure I do. But both The Piano Guys and David Archuleta know how to entertain and that’s what they did.

I’ll admit, prior to Friday night’s sold-out show (he also sold out a Saturday show), my knowledge of Archuleta’s music was confined to a single album — his 2012 covers record, “Begin.” I reviewed that album when it came out and the gist of it was: beautiful voice, not much emotion. That’s what I expected from his live show but he proved me wrong.

As he came out on stage, I wasn’t even sure if we were going to get his famously beautiful voice. He sounded a bit hoarse on “The Other Side Of Down,” his opening song. But it seems as if his voice just needed to warm up. By the time he lit into his cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” he was sounding great and working the stage like a pro. And by his third song, “Don’t Run Away,” he was even bringing some powerful emotion to his delivery.

Still, I wanted to remain a curmudgeon. I had this idea in my head that Archuleta was overrated. But I found myself grudgingly applauding. He had earned it after all.

To read the entire article:  CLICK HERE

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- credit Pam Pike

– credit Pam Pike

My trip to Tuacahn was amazing and David was on FIRE!  I have a recap with pics and vids that I’ll post tomorrow because real life has reared it’s head tonight and I’ll need more time to put a coherent post together.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics and vids and comments about David’s recent shows – it’s heartwarming to see such fan support for the Archuleta!  Midland you were awesome!

See you tomorrow!

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David Archuleta~ Excited for Midland, Interviews For Upcoming Show, B93 With Leo and Rebecca! Spencer Bennett with Lite 97.9, Fan Vlogs, A Ridiculously Awesome Concert Reflection, Free Ticket to Midland!


Love what you are doing!

Image owned and created by Brian Bassey~ The Spectrum Publication* Available for purchase.Click above to purchase this photo from Brian Bassey

Image owned and created by Brian Bassey~ Available for purchase.Click above to visit The Spectrum publication and to purchase this photo from Brian Bassey*

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 Get Ready, Midland!!

David tweeted yesterday afternoon to let us know what he’d been up to (*interviews) and that he’s looking forward to his next show [Midland Thursday]! Yay! TWeet David excited for Midland One of these interviews (which was shared and posted online) Monday night, was by phone with Spencer Bennett from 97.9 Lite FM in Midland Texas! It’s Monday morning “wonderful” as David begins by taking a break from “making his bed.” He shares about his recent shows at Tuacahn, his mission experience, current writing plan, and a lot more! It’s an informative interview and Spencer is great! Spencer mentions David’s upcoming show(s) at  the Wagner Noël ! *Watch below: Spencer Bennett tweeted this article out yesterday and then had a nice response back to FOD! Spencer Bennett responds to FOD tweet * * * * * *

KCRS ~ 103.3 Post on fb~ vid will follow

David (DFT) was in contact with KCRS following this facebook posting (below.) We’ll keep watching for the interview to be posted so we can all enjoy hearing “this darlin” ;)  Thanks DavidDFT for your efforts in this! Here is their video page so keep checking for the interview addition: https://www.facebook.com/kiss1033/videos Kris Moore fb post  KISS FM 103.3

B93 Interview with Leo and Rebecca

HUGE THANKS TO David(DFT) our Facebook CEO for letting us know about these interviews and contacting the stations about getting them posted!! David(DFT) you’re awesome!!

LOL! I think Leo and Rebecca have had a wee bit of caffeine before going on the air!  ;) but David is having a nice calm morning!! David does a wonderful job explaining the all the good that American Idol has done and who he’s been able to keep in touch with…especially those living in the Nashville area!

They encourage him to show us his Spanish Speaking skills (that he learned on his mission) and sings a bit of como La Flor!  He also shares what his mission did for him and how he wants to continue to share what he’s learned with others.

Also …on the “relationship front?” “He’s putting his feelers out there!” ;) Love it!! Great job, David!

They love him and end the interview by playing “CRUSH.”

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A Beckon to “Follow” from @MichaelOrland

Michael ORland

I loved seeing this tweet last night from Michael Orland of AI with a shout-out for David! Oh wow! There’s that word s**n again! Maybe there’s something with David in the works for the last Season of American Idol? Or the possibility is being explored???  Oh please let it be so! :D

tweet Michael orland to David

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A Ridiculously Awesome “Concert Reflection”

Rhiminee's tumblr let the music play Tina posted thoughts about Saturday’s night concert on her Tumblr account which Mary Lou shared in our comment section last evening. I’m bringing them (here) today not only because Tina is a ridiculously fun and cool person, but because her descriptions shared about David’s Saturday night show in Tuacahn I’m thinking are P.U.R.E.  P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N.!!! Here is an excerpt to get you started…then click the banner above to listen to the interview in its entirety.

you guys. i went to see david archie on saturday for his concert at tuacahn amphitheater and i’m home sick today (da concert travel is loving that my body can’t handle, thanks tlc) so i thought now would be a perfect time to talk a bit about MYFEELS between bouts of sneezing.  first of all, thank everything for my friends who were kind enough to put up with my insanity saturday night. names withheld to protect the innocent but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. i love you all to pieces.  i don’t even know how to explain my reaction to the show. david was so ridiculous. his voice. his live singing voice. if you’ve never heard it it’s hard to explain. it’s like it kills you and gives you life at the same time. or maybe that’s just me (lmao it’s probably just me). i have this very PHYSICAL REACTION to it. i have to either clutch my chest or put my hand over my mouth or uncontrollably shake my leg or make high pitched squeals or give very aggressive praise hands and call out ‘you betta saaaaaaang’ in a deep horrifying voice. i mean. basically i’m that person you never ever ever want to sit by at a concert. (<—Oh how I ♥ her sense of humor!)

i think it was the conglomeration of everything that made that night so special. being there with friends that i love, the amazing outdoor venue with the incredible acoustic effect from the rocks, the crowd who got really into the show and stood up and lost their minds with us (with the exception of the couple rows directly in front of our row, which i kind of appreciated because that meant we had a perfect view every time we stood up and that david got to appreciate my on-point screaming skills with visual access), even the cold made it more memorable. i was sitting on a freaking red snowflake christmas blanket. you can’t make this kinda stuff up. 

david. DAVID. it’s weird how much he’s changed and not changed at the same time. he is so much more confident in his message and purpose now. he feels comfortable talking about the things that mean the most to him. he is open about what he finds important. and his ability to sing and ad lib and freaking carve your heart right out of your chest with a single note is growing in a scary and completely satisfying way. his voice, you guys. HIS AMAZING SOUL STEALING VOICE. it’s gotten even better. **CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE***  

Anyway, thought it might be a nice idea to have you *Click* so you can finish her “thoughts” while visiting her super fun tumblr page! Tina’s writings are truly captivating, fun, witty, and definitely en pointe!!! Thank you, Tina! :)

* * * * * *

 Concert experiences so vlog worthy!

Found a couple of vlogs that are truly fun, positive,  and include clips of David performing at Tuacahn! “JustTypicalBella” gives a beautiful extra little piece of promo near the end; don’t miss it! In This vlog from JayLynnPhillips,  Jaylynn takes us on her weekend adventure along with her mom to St. George for David’s show! *AhemdontPayAttentionToThatJBmusicPlayingInTheCarAhem*  ;) There are a few concert clips in this vlog as well. All so good!! * * * * * *


Here is a very kind and generous offer posted by Lisa (from TX) on twitter!! Anyone know someone who could use an amazing ticket? Tweet Lisa Ticket for Midland * * * * * * Well, I know this post is just a mini one, but I’ve decided to do something on a whim…a crazy whim at that…and I very rarely do things on a crazy whim because I think too much, too many obligations to fight through on most occasions, and it takes me wayyyyy to long to make a decision. #Truth

Anyway… I’m heading to Midland!! Getting to Idaho and Tuacahn on the dates given sadly were not possibilities for me, but recently, the more I thought about Midland, I thought it might work timing-wise with my family and homelife responsibilities.  Love my hubs and family for letting me do this. ♥ A quick and crazy trip to see David sing “live” for the first time since he’s returned from his mission and I’m thrilled! I honestly and very sincerely wish I could bring everyone along to Texas in my pocket or purse! If any of you are going, I’ll look forward to seeing you there. I’ll be somewhat unplugged but will check in when possible.  As my kids say, “YOLO!”

Kalei will be back with a post on Friday after the big show in Texas!! :) Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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