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Lamp Lit!

Layton Credit Pam Pike

Layton Credit Pam Pike

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quote if you light a lamp for someone else

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Wishes For A Warm and Safe Weekend~

snowstorm east coast jonas

CNN Winter snowstorm 2016

~SOURCE~ <—Click to head over and watch the video on CNN

As the east coast continues to be pummeled with  snow, ice, and high winds, I’d just like to wish everyone a warm and safe weekend! It’s a great day to once again immerse yourself in the voice of David Archuleta. So many great videos to get lost in, so please stay safe and warm, everyone!

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An IG Post Groomed To Perfection!!

Instagram tianna calcagno groomer

Thanks to Kim and Ali for the quick find on this Instagram post yesterday by Tianna Calcagno!

Tianna writes “grooming duties” in her post.  Funny, the first thing that came to mind is the groomer named “Tiffany” who bathes, cuts, and styles my 2 pups! ;) Tianna, in her bio, lists hair and make-up as her duties.

Some months back she shared another INSTAGRAM post about David’s latest photoshoot in Nashville. Yesterday’s post had a perfect ring to it as she mentioned “David’s latest record!” Beautiful music to my ears! *pun totally intended* :) She also had lovely words for David’s demeanor. It’s completely fine with me if Tianna would like to post another IG ..or two…or three regarding the photoshoot and album. ;)

Oh, and if by chance you’re interested in reading more about a groomer’s experiences, Bea Shapiro talks about it in her article “A Groomer Polishes the Looks of Male Celebrities.”

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 Tickets Update!

Queens Creek 2nd Show 3/25/16

Queens Creek seating

Tickets for the added show at Queen Creek PAC in Arizona went on sale Wednesday morning and sales have been good! At post time today, the number of remaining seats is 269.  (~total seating capacity for this venue is 777.) I’ll add an update tomorrow if these numbers change significantly. It’s safe to say that David is well on his way to another sold-out show in Arizona!  What a grand weekend …Easter weekend it will be! :)







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One Beautiful IDOL ~ SU2C Feature

SU2C little logo

SU2C email Melanie Margaret Huber

*CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO HEAD OVER TO SU2C, or read Melany’s story here.*

With a platform and a purpose, 17-year-old Melany Margaret Huber is using the ‘American Idol’ stage to share her personal story. Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in March of 2015, Melany underwent months of chemotherapy and on June 20, she learned that she had entered remission. Stand Up To Cancer spoke with her about her personal story, in hopes of inspiring others that are currently fighting this disease.

Melany admits to being “pretty shocked,” when she was first diagnosed, but she immediately sat down with her mother to come up with the best treatment plan possible.

According to Melany, cancer is “something you see happening to everyone else,” but “you never think it’s going to happen in your [own] personal life.”

Her friends and family were critical in fighting her brave battle, and with every treatment and procedure, those close to her were by her side, ready and willing to deliver anything needed. While some might crave solitude, she admits that company was key, saying, “When you’re in the hospital and everyone else is going about their daily life, it gets a little lonely, and having my mother there at all times was great.” Her desire for normalcy could also be found in music, with a love of singing that began at age 12. “Music brought me a lot of comfort,” says Melany, “[The hospital] had a music therapy system” and it was “nice to do what I used to do.”

With a new outlook on life, Melany is “trying to do as many things as [she] possibly can,” because “after that kind of scare you never know what’s going to happen.” Her new approach brought her to ‘American Idol’ where she used her courage and strength from her cancer battle to do something that now “seemed super easy in comparison.” She also put aside any fears of making her story public, insisting that “it’s a good idea to share with other people going through this that you can really do anything you want to do.”

It’s important to tell others that “it gets better,” and “even if you think that it’s going to be drawn out process and you’re not going to get past it, you’re really going to.”

She also hasn’t lost her playful sense of humor either. Stand Up To Cancer asked her to participate in our #KissCancerGoodbye campaign by revealing her dream celebrity kiss, and with a laugh and a nod to her love for music, she named Josh Dun from the band Twenty One Pilots. We look forward to seeing where her inspiring story takes her next.

Absolutely loved this story about Melanie, her fight to overcome cancer while continuing to pursue her dream!!! And ohhh what a voice!! Love this girl! Here is her audition tape (Below.)

There were a number of wonderful auditions this past week on AI as American Idol’s auditions came to an end for the very last time. If you’re interested in watching more of this year’s auditions, Click below to watch more on You Tube.

AI YOu Tube
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A Puzzle to Come

Reading back through the comments last weekend, it looks like you enjoyed the puzzles Mary Lou posted (they were awesome!) so I’ll be back to add another new “weekend”  one for you! In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can re-visit some previously created puzzles. With these puzzles, you may have to use your mouse to rotate the pieces. ;) Just click below to check them out.

Jiggsaw planet puzzles

… And here it is! :) Have fun!
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FOD Facebook Updates!

2016 fb banner

David DFT our facebook CEO extraordinaire, has a GREAT new banner for 2016 with all of David’s upcoming show dates ! Be sure to click above to head over, too, as he has additional pics and treats waiting for you on a daily basis! :)

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Closing today with a few Tweets & DA and non-DA video treats!

tweets fave 1-23-16 1 tweets fave 1-23-16 2


tweets fave 1-23-16 3 pam tweets fave 1-23-16 4 cindy tweet fave 6 tweet fave 7

Awww She tweeted one of MY favorite DA tributes of all time!!!! Thank you Nikki Collins for creating this!!!

Tweet Fave thousand years

This has been floating around twitter and I couldn’t not post it! This girl is tooooooo adorable, talented, and did you guess??? She’s from UTAH!!! :)
Claire Ryan’s story is HERE

Closing with a favorite of mine to keep you feeling “safe and warm” this weekend!

Hopefully if you’re out in the snow, you can have some fun in the white stuff…


and hopefully you won’t have too much of this taking up your time…

Hopefully instead, you can just settle in and be toasty by a fire as you listen to David sing!

fireplace burning cozy gif

Have a great weekend everyone! :) Kalei will be back this coming week!

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David Archuleta: Ready Set Goooo ~ Tix on sale tomorrow for the 2nd Queen’s Creek PAC Show!! David Shares some LOTR wisdom, Masterclass Lady With a “Magnificent” Prayer review, Bits and Mentions


- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

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quote we must accept

~ Today’s quote was inspired by Martin Luther King Day celebrated yesterday~

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Some LOTR Wisdom Today via David!

Tweet David 1-19-2015 quote Gandalf

On Instagram he shared a photo of Gandalf along with an expanded message:

LOTR Gandalf

davidarchie“Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is now what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” – Gandalf in The Hobbit
Heard this last night watching the movie and wanted to share it today. Let’s be those ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.

David shared this same pic and message on facebook, too. :) The Hobbit is a great book/movie to repeat and repeat; you learn more every time.

It’s a lovely quote and reminder ~ I kinda like the idea of us all just being “ordinary folk together” sharing small acts of kindness.

David’s tweet today brought this to mind. ;)

New zealand Credit bruce and Patsy Brereton

~But also, this as well~

ChildFund David in Philippines cred Kari

ChildFund David in Philippines cred Kari

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Tickets for Queens Creek Added 3/25 Show  are On Sale Tomorrow! (Wednesday)

David Archuleta Queens Creek Show added

Ready set Gooo! Get your tickets for this additional Queens Creek show! Saturday night’s show is SOLD OUT, but Friday’s show is sure to be a full house as well! This will be a fantastic 2-show (Easter) weekend for all those able to go. Don’t hold back~ Hop on over by clicking the pic below tomorrow 1/20 at 9am MST

david archuleta queens creek second show buy tickets

* * * * * *

Tickets Available for CO and ID!

March is coming quickly, but there is still time (and seats) to see David waiting for you in Colorado and Idaho!

March 9th Bellco Theater in DenverDenver BEllco Theater outside 2 Bellco Theater Denver CO 1

For any travelers who may be interested and are able to get away, Frontier Airlines has some pretty nicely priced flights to Denver this Spring! Click below to purchase tickets for this show.

AXS BEllco theater tickets

Interesting info~ AXS, the ticket agent for Bellco offers an option for group ticket purchases called AXS invite! read about it below.

AXS Invite for Bellco seating

* * * * * *

March 11th, Morrison Center in Boise, ID

Idaho Boise  Morrison Center 1 morrison-center-e1314994073987

Click below to select and purchase tickets for this event!

Morrison Center Tickets 1

The lower center section is selling nicely, but there are still  plenty of seats still available and a few pretty close!

Morrison Center Tickets 2

* * * * * *

A “Magnificent” Review From MasterClass Lady!

Masterclass Lady banner

MasterClass Monday: David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco Perform A Singularly Magnificent Version Of The Prayer

Update: I just received an email from Richard Parkinson that he did not arrange this song. I trusted a site source and should have gone to the main source – Richard.  However, I still know Richard to be an incredible arranger and he has worked with many singers, including David Archuleta, in the past to create inspiring musical arrangements. 

I guess you’ll just have to trust me when I say this is the most moving rendition of The Prayer I have ever heard in my entire life of hearing endless upon endless versions of this beautifulDavid Foster composition.

And, I suspect, some of you will agree with me and the rest of you – I guess – will have to play  the “agree to disagree” game with me. It wouldn’t be the first time.  Ha!

First of all, you rarely, if ever, hear two impeccable MALE vocalists perform this number. It was written for a female/male combo and, up until this point, I have enjoyed this gender collaboration very much.

However, the pairing of David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco is nothing short of inspired.  Although both possess uniquely distinct voices and come from different stylistic approaches to their music, what binds these two singers is their commitment to really excellent, technically secure and musically cohesive singing.

Secondly, the arrangement, conceived and created by the very talented Richard Parkinson   (Arranger to be determined) showcases the depth, breadth and beauty of their voices while staying true to who they are as artists. Both have incredible ranges and, through this arrangement, we not only have the opportunity to see and hear every gorgeous aspect of their voices, but also see two distinctly different artists performing together while remaining true to their artistic vision.  This is very hard to achieve but achieve it they did!

Thirdly, the fact that they are physically distant from one another in this video was a superb idea. If they were standing together, this would have impeded their physical and vocal freedom and, as listeners, we would have become more aware of the difference in their performing styles.  Also, the distance between each singer added a dramatic effect to the entire song. What a great call!

This performance is truly a brilliant masterpiece. Enjoy the video (featured below)  on this MasterClass Monday and beyond. I guarantee you will be playing this song for years to come.

The Prayer can be purchased on iTUNES.

To leave a comment for MasterClassLady, click “Source” above to head over! 

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Bits and Mentions  that caught my attention~aka just some fun stuff. ;)

Tweet Jamming out to david credit Bethany Root

Tweet quoting You Can credit Novita

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credit Shanelle

credit Shanelle

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A Lovely tweeted photo by Make-a-Wish

Tweet make a wish Makelle

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Jeff LeBlanc New Show News!

Congratulations to David’s MKOC Tour buddy who has a new show coming up this Spring!! Click below to see Jeff’s upcoming show and be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

Jeff Leblanc spring 2016 shows announced


* * * * * *

Well, it’s a rather short post from me today, but I’m moving kinda slow along with the  molasses and freezing MN weather in January!  Not too much news right now, but  it’s all ok, though as it gives us more time for those little acts of kindness, plus, we know there is new music and scheduled shows coming! :)

All planning to go to AZ in March for a second show, or perhaps it will be just one show, get ready to buy at 9am MST tomorrow (Wednesday!) I’m guessing Queens Creek will experience a DA buying frenzy once again!

For now, I hope David is enjoying the January time outside along with watching The Hobbit ;)  Mary Lou wished him some happy snowtime on twitter and I’d have to agree!

tweet Mary Lou snowhills in UT

Being a Minn-e-sooo-tan, I’m also wishing David will have some time to play in the snow~ perhaps try a little snow boarding again!

DAvid snowboarding

Although, I’ll bet he’s had a bit more practice and is looking like this:


~Or perhaps he’s just taking his time and doing a little song and dance along the drifts~

snow dancing singing

Possibly he’s met some friends outdoors and is forming  a new  (cool) new vocal group~ Pentasnownix! <—corny to the max

snow snowman group band

~Could be he’s out shoveling off a frozen pond like we do here ….

David snow shovel

…So he can skate of course.

Skate kaleidoscope group skate 2

No worries, if David is in need of skates, I’ll bet there’s  some out there with his name right on them.!  ;)

Enter your zip code here

Enter your zip code here

Or perhaps he’s out just enjoying the cool fresh January air while pondering …

David snow 2015 catsu

~Just like he did when he was younger~

David snow young stooping

And if he is in need of a refreshment, I know just what he might have!

tweet ice cream snow and chocolate

Ok, I’d better quit while I’m ahead behind and feeling like my silly snow loving  self~

snowman standing on his head

I’ll be here the rest of the week to update with any news. Good luck to all buying tickets for AZ tomorrow! That will surely be a great weekend for all able to go!

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