David Archuleta: Thursday Thoughts~ “Being the best of what we are~” David Shares Sterling thoughts of a “Stirling” show! In Studio! Mixing, Writing, Recording. oh my!!! @DavidArchie At Destiny Nashville with Brandon Metcalf, Brandon J Day, and Drew Castle, Idaho Falls Link, Fun Finds


Being “the best of what we are~”

original credit bojanvanovac  crop edge edit~  me

original credit bojanvanovac crop edge edit~ me Original pic *below in the post*

* * * * * * quote beauty is being the best possible version of yourself 2 * * * * * *

 Sterling thoughts of Lindsey Stirling’s show!

Carl Woods Chevy Black Amphitheater in Nashville *Site of the Lindsey Stirling show 6-23-15

Carl Woods Chevy Black Amphitheater in Nashville *Site of the Lindsey Stirling show 6-23-15

David posted lovely words about Lindsey Stirling after attending her show in Nashville on Tuesday evening. His posts were both on Instagram as well as facebook.  Yesterday he also tweeted  a link to the IG post along with a quote: We don’t need to be something else. We need to be the best of what we are.” As part of his post, we got to experience the fun “ZELDA FAN” side of David as he shared a favorite part in her show from behind his own camera! *Click below to watch his video* Lindsey Stirling concert Nashville Zelda

Lindsey Stirling concert David fb post mssage

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Some Fan Responses to David’s post:

David’s words were poignant, heartfelt, and  *ed note*~demonstrated an honest empathetic connection to Lindsey’s own journey through darker times of succumbing to the negative “voices” and  self doubt. I loved his words about the existence of  hope, holding onto it, and embracing  your “best” self.  There were many wonderful comments posted by fans in response to David’s post; here are a few: response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 1response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 2response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 3response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 4response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 5response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 6response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 7response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 8response to Lindsey Stirling post by david 9

And speaking of David being a “Zelda fan,” who could ever forget his own little IG cover of the Zelda theme song?! ;) Click below to refresh your memory! David Zelda theme song IG

In celebration of David’s wonderful post re: Lindsey, I’d also like to include the link to Lindsey’s face to face interview. She is a wonderful speaker…very open, honest, wise, and insightful. She talks about the “dark” places she’s been in her life and how she’s been able to overcome them. She also performs a few of her songs. truly a great Q & A session! CLICK HERE * * * * *

New Music and Nashville Studio News!

Yesterday was truly a great Wednesday in the “Archu-fan” world! Indirectly we learned about David’s busy day with recording, writing, and “something new!” * Excuse me while I *eeeeeeep*! :) Some piano tracks were being laid down to David’s “stunning” vocals. Sounds like that new music is getting closer and closer, folks!!!! isabeau miller billy nobel in studio ig mssg isabeau miller laying down trackes for david Archie IG pic billy nobelI initially  thought that we were maybe looking at David’s back in the (above) photo shared by Isabeau… similar hair, phone in the pocket… but alas~ It appears  that it’s not David but more likely @BillyNobel  (@pianobel on twitter) who is there and  on keyboard yesterday. Billy has a great bio and plays currently with Tim McGraw! Billy nobel SoundBetter

I am a full time studio and touring keyboard player based in Nashville, TN. Currently I am playing keyboards and singing harmony vocals for country superstar Tim McGraw.

Past credits include performances and tours with Faith Hill, Hunter Hayes, Jack Ingram and others. Television credits include NBC’s Smash and the CMT Music Awards.

I grew up in Baltimore and went to college in Pittsburgh, where I studied piano performance and conducting at Carnegie Mellon University. A few years after graduating, I made my way to Nashville. Since moving there I have been involved with session/studio work, live playing and touring as both a keyboard player and harmony vocal singer. (For more on his “credits” which are quite impressive, click his pic above!)

* * * * *

David : Writing Session with South x Sea (South By Sea) Music

South by Sea philosophy

David was also writing with a group of singer/songwriters at South x Sea (label)  in Nashville yesterday! Brandon Metcalf, producer, songwriter, engineer and founder of South x Sea tweeted and shared an Instagram post with David, @BrandonJDay , and Drew Castle.

. Brandon Metcalf Nashville with david and south x sea

David, Brandon J Day, Drew Castleberry at South x Sea with Brandon Metcalf

David, Brandon J Day, Drew Castle at South x Sea with Brandon Metcalf

Brandon MEtcalf HistoryBrandon Metcalf Destiny Nashville brandon MEtcalf info

If you’d like to listen to some of the music that comes out of Destiny Nashville, click below to listen to tracks on Brandon’s site.  Brandon MEtcalf song samples sound cloud

Now if Brandon would like to add a snippet or two from yesterday’s DA session, (with David’s approval of course) I wouldn’t mind at all… not one bit. ;) * * * * *

Drew Castleberry on David’s left in the pic also posted on IG about “his homie David Archuleta” and their session!  :)

Drew Castleberry IG post mssg with david  Drew Castle twitter bio

David and Drew Castle IG

David and Drew Castle IG   *I have all kinds of love for this pic! Look, Drew’s even rocking one of David’s signature peace signs!

Drew also shared a snippet of his upcoming music! Cool vibe!   *Click below on the pic to listen.*

Drew Castle snippet from Studio David in background

And what about the music he’s working on with David? Janel had a question for him and he responded! POP MUSIC!! Looking so forward to hearing it!!!

* * * * * *

Creating a Budget For a New Album

david-archuleta red cdAlbum 2 Christmas From The HeartTOSOD  cd coverforevermore cdBEGIN. cover credit Shadow MT records - CopyNo Matter How Far cd scaled downnext album

Speaking of  Writing, Recording, and Making a CD~ “My2Cents”in Comments yesterday shared a very interesting article  from: MusicAndWages.com that goes into great depth about the costs and considerations of creating an album in today’s music environment. The growing presence of DIY (do it yourself) vs “hire more help” environments are covered in detail along with artwork and packaging, marketing and other expenses. This article is a great read (bookmark worthy) for music and artist enthusiasts!

CLICK HERE to head over and read if you’d like~ and thank you  “My2Cents” for bringing it over!

* * * * * *

Fun Finds

A couple pics were seen on twitter of David meeting fans (or new fans) at the Lindsey Stirling concert in Nashville. Always lovely words for who he is. :) Sara Cardall message on IG

David with Sarah Cardall shared on twitter

David with Sarah Cardall shared on twitter

* * * bojanvanovac tweet

bojanvanovac on IG with David

bojanvanovac on IG with David aka actor/director/model

That was a nice tweet for David from Bojan.  Click  below to read more about him~ Bojan vanovac model site bio

* * * * * *

About David’s T~”Doubt Not Fear Not’

Admonish clothing

Doubt not fear not T

David’s cool message “T” worn in the fan pics above, brings back sweet memories of the graphic T’s David wore on the 2008 AI tour. The T is from Admonish clothing. I hadn’t heard of this clothing company prior to yesterday, so I looked it up. The company strives to bring hope and support to others by providing stylish clothing while sharing messages of encouragement, strength, and faith. Admonish was co-founded and inspired by a courageous 15 yr old boy who inspired thousands with his “whatever it takes” attitude as he valiantly battled cancer. CLICK HERE to read more about Admonish clothing and  Tyler’s story. ♥ ♥ ♥

* * * * * *

That’s about it from me for now~ I’ll be around to update throughout the day. Whew! That was a fun “news” day yesterday.  Have a great Thursday everyone!

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Welcome to Summer! A Father’s Day Quote from David, @davidarchie tickets are arriving, Quoting Shelly Peiken’s “Taylor Bites the Apple”, Having Musical Clout


* * * * **

katie moore lunch with david

Credit: Katie Moore

Sunday was the first day of summer, so had to post this summery picture above!

george-herbert-quotes-7029* * * * **

Another from George Hubert

George Herbert was a Welsh-born English poetorator and Anglican priest.  Yesterday David mentioned a quote from hism that was particularly poignant for Father’s Day.

happy fathers day schoolmaster tweet


So true!  Dads are our teachers of all sorts of subjects.  I love this little poem that describes a few of them.



* * * * *


its happening gif

You know how sometimes things just appear to be too good to be true?  And that you have to see it for yourself to make sure it’s REALLY happening?

Yeah, that.

As posted by Shelley:

colonial theatre

The tickets for the Idaho Falls are on their way!

idaho falls archuleta colonial theatre

We are thrilled to each of you who are planning to go to this possibly first concert.  Still, a little too far for some of us :(  Although a 29 hour road trip due west from Toronto would be quite an adventure.

toronto to idaho falls

And another piece of news re: audio/visual.

colonial theatre no video policy

But we had such high hopes for Periscope!  I won’t think about that today …

think about it tomorrow gif

* * * * * *

Speaking Swiftly and carrying a big stick

Nashville 2009 Taylor Swift watching David credit Virginia

Nashville 2009 Taylor Swift watching David credit Virginia

My play on the famous quote by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt is a reference to the power that Taylor Swift brings to the music world, as demonstrated by the attention an entry in her tumblr got over the weekend.  In an open letter to Apple, she called out the mega giant for releasing it’s new Apple music subscription service for it’s first three months (where it will be free to subscribers) WITHOUT providing associated payment to artists, songwriters or anyone else who needs to be paid for creating and providing the music.

Today, Apple, which is not known to reverse it’s decision on anything, did an about-face.

From Brian Mansfield on Facebook:

11025960_10153385271682704_1930621308628003713_nHas any other artist in history had — and wielded — this kind of clout? Elvis probably did, but I can’t think of time when he used it, other than requesting a deferment into the armed forces so he could finish filming “King Creole.” (The armed forces, on the other hand, had made him all sorts of special offers to make his time in the service easier.) Pearl Jam eventually caved to Ticketmaster. I can’t think of the Beatles specifically using their power the way Swift just did? Sinatra? U2′s work in Africa, perhaps?

Many independent and labelled artists rejoiced:

jeff taylor

mike krompass taylor swift

You can read Taylor’s entire letter here:

to apple love taylor

“This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success. This is about the young songwriter who just got his or her first cut and thought that the royalties from that would get them out of debt.” 

She went on to tell the company that it’s not too late to change the policy and “change the minds of those in the music industry who will be deeply and gravely affected by this.” 

“We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation,” she wrote before ending the letter. 

And you can read the response from Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, reporting to CEO Tim Cook, here:

eddy cue

Like her or not (and I have to say, there is alot I do like about her), she definitely makes an impact.

Shelly Peiken, an influencer!

Even before Taylor penned her blog on Tumblr,  songwriter Shelly Peiken (co-writer of Elevator, Who I Am and Good Place), blogged about the lack of fair payment to songwriters for subscription services.  Shelly encouraged Taylor Swift to speak up about this, as well as Apple’s practice to not provide any payment for their new subscription service for the first 3 months.

And then, voila!  “Dear Apple” appears.  Co-incidence you say?  I wonder :)  I posted Shelly’s blog below as she makes some great points, but I encourage you to go to the link and comment yourself!

Posted with permission:  Source

Taylor Bites the Apple

Taylor Swift has signed on to have her music streamed via Apple’s new music streaming service because she approves of their subscription only plan. Cool.

Paid subscriptions. I love the sound of a streaming service that won’t give music away for free—(except for the first 3 months). Philosophically speaking, it’s music to my ears: no free ad-supported tier. Ever. (Except for the first 3 months.) The only thing is, the music Apple will be giving away for free—for the first 3 months—does not really belong to Apple. It belongs to us. Songwriters. But there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Hmm. Thinking. Subscriptions—good. Why do I still feel kinda icky? Moving on…

For the consumer to opt in and pay for what he or she could get for free is a huge step forward from the “culture of free” Napster cultivated. It shows that the consumer has the capacity to respect and value music after all! So yay! Go consumer! Much appreciated!

But $10-$15 a month? Hmm. Pondering…when I was a kid that’s about how much I spent on music. (It was all I could afford on my allowance.) So, maybe Apple’s subscriptions are fairly priced. Then again, that bought me one full album per month. I didn’t have a choice of everything on the menu. I couldn’t have however much I wanted, whenever I wanted it.  And—if I didn’t like that one album I couldn’t return it and choose another. So, hmm…not sure about that $10-15. But it’s definitely better than free. Thinking…thinking…

I heard someone say he would rather subscribe to music via Spotify because at least Spotify pays out more to rights owners that Apple will. Really? While I am happy to hear people taking that into consideration, it’s not so simple. Of the 60-million Spotify subscribers, only 25% subscribe to the paid tier. Everyone else has opted for the free ad-supported service. And guess how much revenue songwriters make on those ads? Nada. But other entities make plenty. Oy.

Plus…with the decline in digital download sales and the cannibalization of the CD market, major record labels are salivating at the thought of the 800-million credit card numbers Apple has on file that could potentially translate into subscriptions. And because record labels aren’t subject to the same outdated laws for the streaming of the sound recordings as songwriters are for the streaming of their songs, every new subscription will add to their revenue. Labels might be okay with those first 3 free months. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are profiting from that “free.”


Optimistic. Hopeful. Confused.

Here’s where I keep going…even an extra 10-million paid subscriptions are not going to cure what ails the songwriter’s paycheck. It won’t raise the abominably low licensing rate songwriters are paid per streamed song. So, as sweet as the idea of paid subscriptions are, the fact is we still have those archaic consent decrees to deal with. That’s not Apple’s fault. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that this new service, with it’s potential to boost a music industry in decline, is the solution for songwriters. Or recording artists for that matter.

So here’s what I’m thinking. We need help from people who say they care.

It wasn’t too long ago Ms. Swift pulled her music from Spotify as a statement against music being given away for free. Respect. There were different opinions as to her underlying motivation. Perhaps she wanted her album to go platinum in the blink of an eye–(which it did)—if people wanted to hear it, they had to buy it. With money. Like I did. And so did 999,999 others. And counting. So, maybe that was part of her plan. But maybe that wasn’t all of it.

If she really wants to put her money where her mouth is, I would urge her to grab some of her music making friends (Max Martin :) ) and lend her voice to fellow creators in lobbying the Justice Department to amend archaic consent decrees that are preventing rates for the streaming of songs from being adjusted to reflect fair market value in a digital age. That’s what we need. And then, along with those millions of new paid subscriptions Apple hopes to garner, we’d be in business. And songwriters would be fairly compensated for the content from which everybodyelse seems to be profiting…except us.

apple bittenSo C’mon Taylor. Wuddya say? Show us it wasn’t just about the Platinum. Go for it…bite that Apple…I don’t blame you. But come to Washington too. You have the muscle. And the clout. And the friends! We need you. Oh and also, can you please say something to Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) about those first 3 months?

Editor’s note: Pretty cool, right???

* * * * * *

As Found aRound

All David, all the time!

joanie juke box


and a collection of tweets I’ve been favouriting :)

david tweets


Ending my first days of summer post with David in the sunshine.


Sunshine David  on tumblr

Sunshine David on tumblr

See you next week!

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