David Archuleta ~ Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!


Happy New Year!

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

What a year it was! 2016 saw David travel Internationally, perform at several TOFW events, collaborate with James the Mormon on Workin, debut his two new songs – Numb & My Little Prayer – and their accompanying music videos.  He started performing concerts, mostly in Utah and Idaho, then branched out further on his Christmas Tour with visits to Indy, Arizona and California!

We wait with great anticipation for the release of his new album in early 2017 – which starts TODAY! After the album debut, we’re hoping for a full-blown concert tour across the entire U.S. and hopefully Internationally!

This is a vacation post, so it will be short, but we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with health, happiness and the love of family and friends! It will be nine years that we’ve been supporting David and his music – we’re excited for everything to come!

Thanks to everyone who contributed and continues to contribute to this fandom with pics, vids, fan stories and links to David information from all over social media! We couldn’t do it without you! We love this fandom and can’t imagine a better place to hang out and “park” with fellow Archies & Arch Angels! :-)

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12 Davids 

We’ll be back after vacation to catch you all up with whatever David news has happened in the past three weeks, but for now, please enjoy a year of Davids! These are the lead pics for the first post of every month in 2016 – enjoy!

01-01-16 02-02-16 03-01-16 04-02-16-tell-us-a-story 05-03-16-pastel-birthday-post-lead-credit-shelley-edit-me 06-02-16-david-archuleta-rexburg-promo-vid-2016-screencap-1 07-01-16-pam-pike-safford-david-archuleta-lean-hair-2 08-01-16-jtm-crop 09-02-16-kari-david-archuleta-numb-music-video-3 10-01-16-screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-2-29-12-am 11-04-16-pastel-david-and-brady 12-02-16-indy-david-archuleta-credit-joanie-dscn1435-1024x768

 (photo credits to their rightful owners)

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Hope you’re recovering well from your New Year’s Eve festivities and that you’re curled up on the couch with your favorite hot beverage watching the Rose Parade!  We have a whole new year to fill with ArchuMemories – new music and hopefully a tour so we can meet up with our ArchuBuddies once again!

We’ll be back with more David news after the vacation – for daily breaking news, please check our Twitter and Facebook accounts!


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Feliz Cumpleaños David Archuleta! Twenty-six years and Continuing the next Quarter Century in Style! A celebratory year well-lived!



David is closing out this quarter century in style! Two lead pics today!

David in concert form:

David in Layton. Credit Shelley

David in Layton. Credit Shelley

And here. No neatly pressed shirt, no jacket and tie.  I have a feeling it’s all comfort on David’s special day.  I Love this screenshot from David’s epic IG story during The Voice earlier this year.  Hope it’s all happy smiles for David’s special day!


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David’s big day!

He still has his green party hat!

Lovely words from Kari.  She always has the right thing to say.  And we are sooooo thankful to have her on the A team!!!!  And boss/friend is so accurate!

Another look at Kari’s collage!


The celebrations started in Sacramento!

Kalei was there and gave us a great recount of events, including a recount of a double birthday celebration with Bobby James!

Check out 5:45 for the Happy Birthday to David and Bobby James in Sacramento.  And listen to Ave Maria while you are at it!

* * * * * * *

A Year of Memories

I went back to the year and picked at least one David event per month and posted some pictures from our FOD mediafiles.  A added a few FOD moments too!


It was a quiet January, as is the usual case, but David found some time with family and to snowboard.  Many of you were snapping up tickets to shows in Denver, Boise and Queen Creek!

- credit Amber's IG

– credit Amber’s IG

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.49.09 PM


februarySlovenia announced!  Personal invitation to Boise.  David writes about balance.

i want to invite you personally


IG pic David with kid in Pikachu hat


march-15 concerts!  Denver, Boise, Richfield UT, Queen Creek AZ (x 2!)

David Archuleta Denver 3-09-16 Glorious 9 credit suttygal

Denver encore, Credit Suttygal

David with choir in Boise

David, Gracie and Cutter with choir in Boise

Richfield  show David Archuleta screencap nancy's vidSOWK

Richfield show David Archuleta screencap nancy’s vid- SOWK

Queen Creek "Touch My Hand" credit Jerry

Queen Creek “Touch My Hand” credit Jerry


David surprised us arriving at the American Idol finale!  David makes sweet Makelle’s wish come true.  TOFW in Cincinnati! And Orlando!


FOX's "American Idol" Finale For The Farewell Season

makelle and david

TOFW Orlando AlwaysCorbin in the 2nd row

TOFW Orlando AlwaysCorbin in the 2nd row

TOFW David Archuleta


DAVID COMES TO CANADA TO TOFW!!!!!!! And stands in front of Tim Horton’s and wears a most awesome Canada maple leaf hat!  David also goes to Eastern Europe to perform with Paul Cardall.  And there is the Chapman University Baccalaureate event.

David Canada hat Tim Horton's

TOFW Lethbridge credit Sarah_bolokoski David singing Glorious- Their niece performed sign language for glorious

TOFW Lethbridge credit Sarah_bolokoski David singing Glorious- Their niece performed sign language for glorious

David in Croatia

David in Croatia

paul cardall david archuleta microphone

David performing with Paul Cardall

david archuleta paul cardall tour pediatric childrens hospital 1

David and Paul in Pediatric Hospital

ruth munoz cruz landa 5

David at Chapman University Baccalaureate Evet



Insane concert in Rexburg with the best audience participation!  Sandy Utah with first VIP in many years!  And another in Orem!  David performs x 2 in Safford AZ and flies with the Thunderbirds!  And FOD interviews Brianna Ray!

Rexburg preconcert 1 Barber collage IG

Rexburg 2016 colykatheryn IG

david rexburg wave crowd stage kari sellards karioontour

Sandy VIP pic credit Shelley

Sandy VIP pic credit Shelley

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.55.41 PM

- credit Maggie Arnold

– credit Maggie Arnold



Safford and acceptance of the rose.  Credit Kari Sellards

Safford and acceptance of the rose. Credit Kari Sellards





David joins Nashville Tribute Band in Nampa!  FOD interviews Chad Truman!

Jason Deere, David Archuleta, Marie Osmond, Alex Boye, Dan Truman  Redeemer Concert in ID Credit David Archuleta

Jason Deere, David Archuleta, Marie Osmond, Alex Boye, Dan Truman Redeemer Concert in ID Credit David Archuleta

credit - Shelley

credit – Shelley, Nampa

- shared by pabuckie

– shared by pabuckie



Workin’ track and MV!  David in Taiwan and Shanghai!  David visits an orphanage.  Numb photo shoot!

workin oooo 3


sam louise workin fave wave

David Archuleta IG Taiwan Beautiful 1

David singing Beautiful in Taiwan

David Archuleta IG Taiwan Foodie post

- credit David's IG

– credit David’s IG, David at an orphanage in China

david looking up 2

David pensive before his video shoot

Numb Music Video shoot

Numb Music Video shoot



Madison, WI TOFW, Sacramento TOFW and TRF Gala in Las Vegas!


Credit:  Joanie

Credit: Joanie



getty-images-david-trf-3 getty-images-trf-2


TOFW Birmingham AL, David in the studio

Wrapping up some tunes with @davidarchie

A photo posted by Thomas Doeve (@paperswanstudio) on


Credit: Shelley



Jam packed November, starting with 3 nights at Tuacahn!!!  And the FOD mods are there!  And a Fan lunch surprise visit orchestrated by the best-tour-manager-ever Kari.  And Numb single released including lyric video!  Numb on Sirius Radio!  David at Vanderbilt Hospital, and David masters FB Live! Numb Music Video released!  Christmas tour starts in Provo!  My Little Prayer released with “The Prayer” as 2 track CD. Indianapolis hosts first Christmas VIP!  FOD Interviews Bobby James!

tuacahn-fod-mods tuacahn-fan-lunch-david-singing-img_0176

Everybody say  Queso!

Everybody say Queso!  David, Kari and the band surprise fans in St. George


David and Gracie perform Leave Your Light On in Tuacahn


David Archuleta Tuacahn 2016 2 Credit Suttygal

David Archuleta Tuacahn 2016 2 Credit Suttygal


From Numb music video


Numb Cover Art.



Lyric Video, Numb



David in Seacrest Studios, Vanderbilt Hospital, Nashville.


Cover Art. My Little Prayer. Perfect.

Credit: Shelley in Provo

Credit: Shelley in Provo


David in Indy: Credit Joanie

David in Indy: Credit Joanie


David at VIP in Indy


David partners with Holt International



David completes the Christmas tour with his amazing band and with Nathan Pacheco, visiting Rexburg, Boise, Layton, Logan, Las Vegas, Mesa AZ, Costa Mesa CA, Sacramento.  And a 96% sold out rate since Tuacahn.  And My Little Prayer is released as a music video. Road tripping gigglefest!   So goooood!  screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-8-01-46-am

David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks~Mesa Arts Center~ credit Jordin Sparks (IG)

David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks~Mesa Arts Center~ credit Jordin Sparks (IG)


Credit: Michelle




Credit: Bobby James

David, Nathan and the awesome band. Credit Bobby James


Credit: Melanie Shore

Credit: Melanie Shore


Lexi, David and Rich Parkinson

Best giggles x 2 ever!

Wheewwwwww ….  All of this in his 25th  year.

David birthday’s over the years

Here at Fans Of David we’ve celebrated David and his birthday in style dating back to 2008. If you’d like to take a stroll back through our archive of festive celebrations, click on the posts below. :)

Happy Birthday 2008

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2009

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2010

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2011

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2012

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2013

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2014

Happy Birthday David Archuleta 2015

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And the Birthday Messages are coming in 


* * * *

Came home late tonight and noticed a spontaneous Happy Birthday twitter trend in motion!  Hoping for success!!!  I’ll post more during the day of the 28th!!!  Night all!

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