David Archuleta and the Big Warm Up, Poll Results are IN! Vocalizing the right way, The Comments are STILL Coming ~ IMAGINE that? National Walk in the Park Day, The Evolution of Como La Flor


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Are you headed to St. George, Utah?

The results of Joanie’s poll are in! And 20% of those who responded will be travelling to the St. George Show!

Given that the show is now sold out, that 20% represents a whole lot of folks, many of course who did not vote and/or come to FOD.

I’m still surprised-but-not-surprised at the response.   This bodes EXTREMELY WELL for any future shows too, Team Archuleta!   Every single fan has hopes of the location/timing of future shows ~ we’ll just have to be patient to see what transpires.

poll st george

We’ll try to do another poll for Layton too!

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The Big Warm Up

Who can forget David showing Marilyn Denis of Toronto’s Chum FM how to do vocal exercises? Preparation ~ We all do it.  Before we give an important speech, go in to apply for a loan, or write an important test, we need to ready ourselves.  For musicians whose voice is their instrument, this preparation includes a vocal warm up.  And for David Archuleta, who has one functioning vocal chord, this has even more importance. wish breakfast 091208

As many of us are waiting, oh so patiently, for Spring to spring into action, I thought it was poignant to share an article on the steps to warming up your voice.  Many of our readers do sing, so hopefully you’ll find this interesting.

But first, a most-awesome video from Manila where David teaches the reporter how to do vocal warm ups. The same interview from a different angle appears on the OS HERE And this one …

“Now let’s try OOOOOOOOOO’S”.  BEST. LINE. EVER!   More sharing of vocalization techniques from David in Arizona. Here is the article …

The Total Warm-Up

Source:  Gerald Klickstein March 15, 2010


“Like sensuous opening ceremonies, warm-ups prepare the body, mind, and spirit for making music.”

I always take pleasure in my daily warm-ups. As I open my guitar case, tune, and play my first notes, I feel inspired and grateful to be able to make music. Students, however, often lack clarity about how they might warm up. In response, I’ve developed an adaptable 6-part framework that musicians and others can use to fashion warm-ups. Here’s the basic design. 



onp-tumblr jumping jack


1. Breathe, Move, and Center. To transition from everyday life to the higher realm of creative work, I do a few whole-body movements before I unpack my instrument – these help me limber up and achieve a centered presence. Depending on your musical medium, you might opt to do things like arm circles and shoulder rolls, or you could do movements drawn from the yoga, tai chi, or other traditions. 

2. Specify Goals.

Constitution Fair Credit Lily

Constitution Fair Credit Lily

Before I unlatch my guitar case, I always pinpoint what I’m aiming to accomplish in my playing. I then craft a warm-up in line with the repertoire I’ll tackle and the situation before me. If I’m going to practice high-velocity music, let’s say, my warm-up will culminate with speed-building exercises. If I’m backstage getting ready for a show, I’ll focus on soulful expression and the emotional fabric of my repertoire. Simply put, vivid goals ignite creativity.

3. Mindfully Set Up and Tune. david-a-t12-piano practice fans of david archuletaAs I unpack my instrument and otherwise prepare to practice or perform, I do so with a focused demeanor that supports my artistic mindset. I never let myself blast through the steps of preparing to play. As you set up, I invite you to likewise affirm your passion for music; then, tune with precision, and cross reverentially into the lofty spheres of music.

4. Begin Moderately. Warming up increases the blood flow in our music-making muscles and stimulates lubrication in our joints or vocal folds. Hence, warm-ups help us execute with ease and contribute to the prevention of music-related injuries. So start at moderate tempos, and then gradually step up speed, intensity, and range. Begin with any sort of material, just be sure that it’s undemanding. Then, infuse every phrase with habits of excellence.

5. Mix It Up

- screencap via

– screencap

Our opening routines should give us wide-ranging control over our instrument and fire up our imagination. To that end, I avoid beginning with the same material each day; instead, I typically start with some gentle improvisation. I next proceed through a variety of techniques and registers. Whatever your musical style, soulfully explore an assortment of material during your warm-ups, and be open to whatever you experience. If a particular technique feels odd, you might invent or review some targeted exercises.

6. Finish in 10–15 Minutes. Once you begin to play or sing, ordinarily conclude your warm-up in 10-15 minutes so that you’re nimble and focused but not fatigued. In contrast, extended drills can lead to exhaustion during rehearsals or performances. That said, some of us warm up more quickly than others, and different instruments and repertoire come with different demands, so be flexible. For instance, before brief performances, we might prolong our warm-ups. On tougher days, we could similarly take our time and incrementally restore our coordination.

And here are a few Sound Check vids to round out this feature.  First is our winner of Best Soundcheck in our Best of the Best Simulcast. And Love Don’t Hate from Malaysia Love Song soundcheck.

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Still the same, or better, after all these years

Got this from Jeff Roscoe’s FB page.  Couldn’t have said it better!

jeff roscoe imagine fbAnd to prove Jeff’s point, here are the last 5 comments on that Youtube site. comments imagine Here is the performance *sigh*.  Brings back great memories.  Still so impactful after 7 years.

Yup, 7 years. * * * * * *

It’s National Take a Walk in the Park Day!

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with some David-in-the-park pictures!  I just wish it would get a touch warmer in Toronto so that I don’t have to wear my ski jacket during my walk!

david-archuleta-in-ny-central-park-tosod-preview vn

Credit: DavidArchuletaVN


begin photo shoot park


walk in the park david tosod

David has been talking about the priorities in his life and being himself for awhile now ~ Case in Point, the vid below where he talks about Who I Am and Falling Stars.  Listen carefully.    All taking place in Central Park, NYC.

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Como La Flor Evolution

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the tragic passing of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, an American singer-songwriteractress and fashion designer who was also named the “Queen of Tejano music” .  David has often paid tribute to Selena by singing a number of her songs, and I thought I would include a compilation of one of her most famous songs “Como La Flor”, of which David sang a chorus at a number of his solo tour shows in 2009.  Watch as he gets more and more confident with each performance.  Love watching this vid!

David’s first concert in Spanish will be INSANE!!!!

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That’s it for now.  Have a good Holy Week for all those who observe it.  I’ll be around today and tomorrow.

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Snapshot Sunday, No Matter How Far 2 Years Ago! A Concert Perfection Wait


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sunday quote

From TheRandomPinay Instagram

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Another Anniversary!

Bringing back a snapshot in time from 2 years ago, March 26th marked the second anniversary of the release of No Matter How Far.

From Shelley’s Facebook Page

shelleys fb page nmhf

Celebrating with a few “snapshots”/images from the CD and from others who created lovely edits from this time:

No Matter How Far full size DA_NMHF-1

Credit: Miss Bianca

Credit: Miss Bianca

NMHFContestHead-608134_140x140 nmhf cards Blue and white  NMHF stripped T zoom MAtt Clayton NMHF  Post DavidAlbum Matt Clayton NMHF post 3 David

- How can you not vote for this face?  - credit NMHF photo shoot

– credit NMHF photo shoot

Matt Clayton NMHF Post David2 Matt Clayton NMHF post David1

What is your favourite track from this CD?  Tell us in comments!

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Ending with “Wait” Concert Perfection

This video was shot at Irving Plaza, NYC by @rhiminee/Tina and is the perfect depiction of what it’s like to be in the mosh pit, looking up, often blinded by concert lights but with a near perfect view of the stage.

David is bathed in purples and blues and sang Wait in the presense of his co-song writer, Nate Campany, who was in the balcony that night.

Just beautiful!  How wonderful for the folks who have their tickets to David concerts this year ~ David concerts are the best!

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That’s it for this Sunday.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more.


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