David Archuleta~ On a Wednesday: Symposium Tonight, Kari Arrives in Windy, Snowy SLC, Weather Reports, @LadyVmusic, @JeffreyTrott, & David in studio tomorrow! @DavidArchie Tweets Nico & Vinz Wisdom, Fan Finds, Thursday Updates


~ Using His Voice~

Angels in the Realms of Glory screencap

Angels in the Realms of Glory screencap

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quote the one thing that you have
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Thursday Updates April 16, 2015

UVU David Archuleta Inspiration to the “nth degree!!!”

UVU Firefly Official on fb

UVU Firefly Official on fb

UVU Tweets Highlights of David’s Talk

UVU twitter logo A HUGE thank you to UVU for tweeting highlights from David’s talk last night. And thanks also to Patty-Ann for RTing the tweets , Pattycake for her tweets, pics, and videos (see below) and also Janel for her tweets and updates! Below are some of the quoted /tweeted parts of David’s speech, it was truly an INSPIRATIONAL BEAUTIFUL MOTIVATING talk as he shared his experiences in living with faith as his guide. Following the tweets are Pattycake’s videos. Please look for her on twitter @Pattycake24 and send a big thank you her way. If I’m reading tweets correctly, I believe Janel helped her get tickets to see the symposium finale, and it was an extra special gift as yesterday was Patty’s  birthday! :) What an awesome birthday!! UVU @UVU · 3h 3 hours ago .@DavidArchie: David Archuleta jokingly sings “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” in honor of the winter weather today.

.: Singing “He Lives in You.”

.@DavidArchie: “There is no mountain too great. Have faith. He lives in you, he lives in me. He watches over everything we see.” @CCSUVU

.@DavidArchie: Sharing how keeping his religious beliefs have benefitted him as a performer and everyday individual.

.@DavidArchie: Focus on your principals of love, hope and courage and reflect on what can be added to these in your lives. @CCSUVU

@DavidArchie: Felt an overwhelming energy driving me to audition [for American Idol], guiding me to an invisible door to my future. #CCSUVU

@DavidArchie: My religious values helped me stay true to who I was.

@DavidArchie: I felt an overwhelming energy to put my career and life on hold to serve an LDS mission. .@DavidArchie: Singing “Be Still, My Soul.”

@DavidArchie: How blessed we are to live in a country established on liberty and justice for all. .@DavidArchie: Rise up with courage, truth and light. Our own simple decisions will impact on future generations.

.@DavidArchie: Give your best to show who you really are. Become the better you.

.@DavidArchie: Stand up and make a difference. As you stand up you become a leader of light instead of a follower of fear. quote leader of light* * * * * *

UVU Symposium Videos

UVU Pattycake 1

UVU credit Pattycake 1

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas~ ;)

David’s humorous side with the April snow present in UT yesterday captured by Janel!

In watching the videos uploaded and shared by Patty (a good portion of his talk plus BSMS), you’ll find that David’s talk was eloquent, honest, brave, strengthening, encouraging, faith-filled and spirit driven. He is guided by “that small voice” acting as a compass to steer him on the “right path.” Sit back and soak in the faithful wisdom of David. What a wonderful talk. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 * * * * * *

Kelsi Johnson’s Recordings 

Kelsi Johnson recorded David’s full program with his 8 thoughts. (musical performances included!) Thank you Kelsi!!!  I’ve created a (5 part) playlist so you can sit back and watch in its entirety. He even includes a part where he openly discusses the “RT’d quotes of #PresPacker . David is resolved, kind, and explains the entire matter eloquently.

**WARNING** You may very well need a box of tissues!!

NOTE: I need a bit of help here~ While David was speaking, I admit I was taking some notes in hopes of not missing something~ I carefully wrote down the “points” but in all honesty, I somehow didn’t get the last point…#8. was it understanding or love?

1. Truth Within
2. Prayer
3. The Greater Good
4. What Matters Most
5. Facing Your Fears
6. Mission and the power of Religious Freedom
7. Serving Others
8. ? Understanding? Love? <—-PLease let me know if you were able to catch it. thx!
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Janel’s Recording of “He Lives In You” ~ POWERFUL!!!! SO GOOD!!!

Janel recorded David singing “He Lives In You” ~ a song from Lion King 2. She was unable to get the very end, but we’ll just have to tell David we’d love to hear it again. ;)

Quote whether we choose to express love

Following his talk, David performed “Glorious” accompanied by Kendra. Is was beautiful, soaring…and sublime. Then in the most perfect way, following “Glorious,” David received a standing ovation. Everyone on their feet with thunderous applause, whistles, and (I’m sure) a fair amount of  tears. The perfect end to a most beautiful lesson of freedom, faith,   honesty, understanding, service, love, and life. David, you did well…very very well. ♥

I’ll close this “update section” of the post with some of the tweets that followed. Kalei will most likely have much more on the symposium tomorrow, but I wanted to get a good amount added for today.

UVU favorites 1 UVU responsesresponses 3 response 4

Adding this sweet comment from Pattycake24 as she was able to greet David after the Symposium ended.

Pattycake24 says:

What an unforgettable night it was listening to David last night. I wanted to share how it went after the show……….After the show was over, storms of girls holding their camera phones (including me, lol) sorrounded the stage where David was shaking hands and saying thank yous, before walking off the stage he looked at the girls, walked over and shook some of our hands (including me) as security was telling him he had to leave. I looked at girls around me, some of them were literally crying. Then security escorted David to his green room as girls ran beside him, screaming “I love you David, Marry me!” You would think it was Justin Beiber or something…but even better, it was our David. He still has it and my love for him grows stronger by the day :) :)

Stay tuned for more updates. Kalei will be back to continue tomorrow.

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Wednesday UVU Appearance Tonight!

Constitutional Symposium

Previously posted on FOD was the Herald article  explaining their choice to have David participate in the symposium.

HErald MEdia blue

The symposium finale will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the UCCU Center and will provide a vibrant program of final remarks and musical performances.

UCCU center at UVU shared by Janel Woodbury

“Because freedom of religion is a freedom shared by all Americans and because music has been such a powerful medium of religious expression, vibrating through the pages of our nation’s political and constitutional history, the center was especially interested in including a prominent musical guest speaker,” Griffin said. “We are excited to have popular singer and songwriter David Archuleta as the finale’s featured speaker and musical performer.”

As a former “American Idol” runner-up and member of America’s demanding music industry, Archuleta will share via word and song his unique life experience and provide insight into how religious freedom has impacted his life and career as an international musical performer. The finale will also include contributions by Kmiec, former U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Malta, and the popular Calvary Baptist Choir of Salt Lake City.

** Thanks Janel for sharing this pic of the UCCU on twitter!  With a capacity of 8500, David’s voice in song and “remarks”will reach so many lucky listeners! We’re sure looking forward to hearing all about it, and will post as the (shared) info comes in! BBanksxx96 shared a pic of her tickets to the finale on twitter. Nice!!**

Symposium tx BBbanksxx96

Symposium tx pic~ credit BBanksxx96

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Arrived in Utah!

Kari shared with us on twitter and Instagram yesterday that she’d arrived in Utah! By the looks of her state entrance, either she had driven in, or flew in very  low!  ;)

Kari ig message welcome to UTkari IG pic welcome to Utah

Kari also gave us a couple mini weather updates and a visual from Salt Lake City~ tweet Kari slc windKari IG message snowy coldKari IG UTsnowy

Current conditions show freezing temps (eek) with some snow falling. Wishing everyone attending the symposium this evening a safe commute!

David Own IG “take” on the UT weather!

This am, David also chimed in on the snowy April weather with this IG and FB post

david IG message snowdavid IG snow

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#GoodTimes With Lady V & Jeffrey Trott in Studio Tomorrow!

Lady V, David, Jeffrey Trotter

They’ll be at it again tomorrow~hanging and writing, and sharing #goodtimes !!! Excited to see where this goes!!! So looking forward to the new music! :)

tweet Lady V David  Jeffrey Trott 4-15-2015
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 Lyrical Wisdom from Nico and Vinz

Nico & Vinz Black Star Elephant


David shared some GREAT lyrical wisdom from Nico & Vinz song “Miracles” in a tweet yesterday.

tweet David Nico and Vinz quote

Miracles Nico Vinz

The song “Miracles” is from Nico & Vinz’s Black Star Elephant cd …a cd chalk full of uplifting, positive, and inspirational tracks. This is the second track from Black Star Elephant that David’s share by tweeting. In February he tweeted “Powerful” which as track 9, is simply a (powerful) spoken quote. tweet david quote be aware of what you've got... powerful gratitude
Be sure to check out the cd. Along with “Miracles” with their big radio hits “Am I Wrong” and “In Your Arms,” be sure to check out “When the Day Comes;” the mv is very cool.

* * * * * *

Fan Finds

An artsy sketch & real collage by @JPaleFOD

jPalefod sketch and real

 A Colorful Nunca Pensé Collage by Mary Dee!

collage Nunca Pense 1 credit MAry Dee

Wishing everyone a (hopefully good) tax day today, and a happy “hump” day. I’ll be around to update as news  comes in. :)

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David Archuleta and a Momentus Monday! SOLD OUT? The Vocal Coaches of American Idol, As Found aRound, Things are looking up!


- from the MTM Premier  M&G in Mexico 2/19/15

– from the MTM Premier M&G in Mexico 2/19/15

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wake up and be awesome quote

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Tuacahn Sold out?

tuacahn amphtheater

Pretty darn close!  As of last night, only 3 tickets were available in the far right corner of the amphitheater in St. George, Utah.   We never had any doubt!!!   Source


As Joanie reminded me, for the Nov. 7 concert, as soon as regular seating was sold out, the venue opened “overflow” seating.  Let’s hope that happens here too :)

Congrats David and team for another stellar response to this first set of concerts.  With this response as a start, I expect more to come!

oh, how did THIS map turn up in my post??? Hmmmm …


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The Vocal Coaches of American Idol


A great piece from Variety on the bond and relationship between the uber talented Michael Orland and Dorian Holley and the American Idol contestants.  I’ve seen both of them at Sounds of David and I wholeheartedly agree!


michael orland heaven david archuleta fans of david

Certainly must be wonderful to see these young talents blossom in front of their eyes!

* * * * *

As Found aRound

From Martha on Twitter:

david colin farrel

fire pauer lauren sauer kailie stewartelaineAnd I love this pondering pic!

Things are looking UP!

david archuleta mexico

See you later on Monday!!!

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