David Archuleta: Tuesday~ Surfin’ USA in Californi-a! Twitter Questions and Convos With Kari, Idaho Falls Tickets, An Offer From Shelley, Fantastic Edits, Wednesday Updates: J 14 Mention and Happy National Dog Day!


 ~Surfin’ USA~ In Californi-a!!

surfing Credit David Archuleta IG

surfing Credit David Archuleta IG

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quote life is a wave your attitude is a surfboard stay stoked and aim for the light

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Wednesday Updates~ August 26th, 2015

J-14 Likes the Surfer Dude! (DA Mention)

Loving this mention posted yesterday by J14 online. Be sure to CLICK HERE to visit the site and leave a comment if you choose. :)

J 14 Learning to SurfJ 14 Learning to surf 2

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dog day collage

David Archuleta with some of his furry canine friends…& one furry pup wearing “David ” well.


A dog is man’s best friend” 

National Dog Day is observed annually on August 26th..  This day  encourages dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and “abuse-free life”.   Dogs give us companionship, they keep us safe and they aid those in need.  It is a goal, for many on National Dog Day, to find homes for all dogs in need of a loving family.  The goal of the National Dog Day foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year.

For more information on National Dog Day, see http://www.nationaldogday.com/

David with Duke National Dog Day gif

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Wishal Shares a Fun Collage of What’s New and Coming! ♥

Collage aug 2015 concerts and music coming credit Wishal

Collage aug 2015 concerts and music coming credit Wishal

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DA Surfin’ USA ~ in Californi-a!!!

This post by David shared yesterday couldn’t have been more timely as August 24th was the birthday of the late Duke Kahanamoku ( Father of Surfing) who would have turned 125! *Click below to learn more about Duke*

Duke Kahanamoku anniversary

surfing IG post mssg by David

surfing Credit David Archuleta IG

surfing Credit David Archuleta IG

What a FUN share this was by David! His  IG surfin’post  from yesterday (at post time) already has 9,524 likes, and on FB, 9,953 have given it the “thumbs up!”  How awesome is it that David is learning how to catch some waves and sharing the experience with us right down to that relevant cute little surfer emoji!  * Now…just waiting for that next action shot, but Pocoelsy may have already seen it!*  ;)

Surfing david IG collage credit Pocoelsy

Kalei and Rhiminee shared a couple thoughts (and a question) about David’s post:

Surfing convo Kalei and Rhiminee

Kalei, who knows,  maybe David has already “been there and done that!”… surf in Hawaii, I mean.  lol  ;)

surfing edit april Fool credit Pocoelsy

credit pocoelsy

Actually, Janel and Becky put their heads together and came up with quite possibly David’s exact location! It sure looks the same to me! And it makes perfect sense that it’s name is even found in a lyric of the famous Beach Boys song he shared! (you ladies are gooood!) :D

Dana point Doheny Beach

Dana point Doheny Beach

surfing related Doheny comment by Janel

* * * *

~And about that Teen Choice Surfboard? You’re right, Kalei; doesn’t he have about 6 of them?!?

teen choice awards 6

David 2008 teen choice surfboardDavid teen choice surfboards 2010

It truly did my heart “good” to see that Instagram post by David yesterday, and so very happy that he’s out trying it! Although he’s  #stillinprogress, I have no doubt that he’s having FUN with it!
Quote The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun
* * * * * *

Fans also Catching “The Wave~”

David’s fans are just the best, and so creative! Along with Pocoelsy’s collage posted above, Patty-Ann and Shadow Benny also shared some DA surfin’ artful fun!

surfing david IG edit credit Patty-Ann

surfing david IG edit credit Patty-Ann ~ Beautiful!

Surfing sketch credit shadow Benny
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Twitter Questions and Convos with Kari

Kari checked in with the fans on twitter yesterday with a request for prayers along with “mail” and concert info! As we shared here on FOD last week , a fellow (Golden) Archie, @Bankergin is very ill and in need of our prayers and well wishes. Kari tweeted a request for the same yesterday. She also answered questions regarding future east coast and California concert possibilities in the works!

Angel hugs and healing energies mail  and address mailbox tour dates

Kari twitter 8-24-1Kari twitter 8-24-2 mail
Kari twitter 8-24-3 concert east coast and Cali info

 In Summation, your prayers and good thoughts for Virginia and her family are very much needed and appreciated at this time. ♥ ♥ ♥

Kari will be taking a box of fan mail to David the second week of September, so get your cards and letters mailed to the box soon .

Lastly, stay tuned as details associated with additional concert dates and locations are being worked out and solidified with contract signings to follow! I like Kari’s offering that David can make the announcement when everything is set. :)   All good!
* * * * * *

Idaho Falls Tickets: Some Seats Still Available and Shelley has an offer for you!!!

Seats continue to sell for David’s first 2 shows in Idaho Falls but if you haven’t purchased tickets and are able to go, you’d better do it soon before they sell out! Click below to buy!

idaho Falls tix purchase

Shelley’s Offering FREE Tickets!!

Shelley free tickets to IF

*Sigh* If only I was able to make the trip at that time~ I’m so excited for all who will be able to be in Idaho Falls to welcome David to the stage once again! We’d love to see the Colonial Theater plumb full so be sure to let anyone you know who might be in the area or able to attend about this wonderful generous offer by Shelley!! Thank you Shelley!
* * * * *

Layton Tickets Available From Breanne

Breanne commented that she has 2 tickets available at a discounted price for David’s first show in Layton. I’m posting the info, but if you’re interested and would like to email her about the tickets, you can find her full comment and email address near the bottom of the last comment thread.

BReanne Tickets for LAyton
* * * * * *
Have a great Tuesday , everyone! Leaving you today with a thought for trying new things as David is doing with surfing. And finally a vid from Marcella reminding us to live in the moment!
quote if you never try you'll never know

Good to be home! I’ve been on the road with family since early Friday to Pittsburgh, Penn State (dropping off one for school,) back to Pittsburgh and finally home late last night! I wanted to get a post up ASAP as the comment thread was getting very L O N G. I’ll be around to add and update right through the weekend as KAalei is now out east on business. :)

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David Archuleta ~ Finding David Friday, Countdown to Idaho Falls, Duets with AI Pals, Fan Finds – Saturday Update: David in San Diego! Lisa King’s Blog Update


Look who I found after 7 years!

- credit illyssavictoriasecret IG

– credit illyssavictoriasecret IG

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.39.04 PM

Isn’t it great when dreams come true!  Seven years is a long time, but the Archuleta is worth the wait!  David was visiting the Anaheim Packing House when this lucky fan got to chat with him for a bit and even got a pic!  The following twitter convo revealed that David was in Anaheim!  The fandom immediately started speculating why he was there – everything from working on his album, to partnering with Disney on a project, to (my favorite) auditioning members for his band for the upcoming Fall concerts!

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.48.50 PM

Anaheim Packing House

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.31.25 PM

– click to visit their site

Featuring an array of restaurants, a Farmer’s Market and live music events, the Anaheim Packing House seems like a fun place to spend the day!  Was David visiting a restaurant, shopping for fruits and veggies or planning a performance for the future?  

*  *  *  *  *

not-knowing*  *  *  *  *

Saturday Update 08/22/15


- credit Brenna Allen Twitter

– credit Brenna Allen Twitter

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 11.47.31 AM

This pic caused a stir because it looks like David was at a wedding!  Eagle-eyed Archies spotted the bride and groom in the background and speculation began wondering where David was and if he was possibly singing at the wedding.  Fans commented that the location is a Temple in San Diego – so David is in Cali still!

Well he sure looks dapper in his suit and tie, and lucky Brenna Allen got a quick pic with him!  Apparently David forgot to ask for her number lol!

*  *  *  *  *

Update to Lisa King’s Blog

- Click to read the blog

– Click to read the blog

Thanks to Grammyj for the find!  Lisa King updates her blog with a few mentions of David and some embedded vids from the Sydney TOFW event.

*  *  *  *  *

I will be away all next week on a business trip with very limited access to be online for updates, so Joanie will be here to post important breaking news or tweet updates.  Getting closer to the Idaho Falls concerts – hopes he can sing to a SOLD OUT crowd!

Have a great week everyone!


*  *  *  *  *

Countdown to Idaho Falls! 

- click to buy your tix today!

– click to buy your tix today!

It’s getting closer now closer now!  We’re less than a month away from the first of the Fall Frenzy concerts!  Idaho Falls will be our first glimpse at the type of music David has been working on since he returned from his mission.  There was lots of speculation in comments and hopes for various songs from BEGIN., NMHF, Forevermore and of course from his new yet-to-be-revealed album!

Will the songs be Pop?  Spiritual with a message? Covers of popular songs by other artists? New original music?  Or a blend of all of the above?  What we DO know is that we are giddy with excitement to hear David performing live for his fans again!  I’m throwing in my personal request for a live performance of PRIDE – that snippet from Australia was just enough to whet our appetites for MORE!

For you lucky Archies who will be at the Idaho Falls concerts, we’ll be watching for pics and vids so we can live vicariously through all of you!  There are still (surprisingly) tickets left for both concerts, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, what are you waiting for!  Let’s get a giant SOLD OUT sign for both of these concerts, and welcome David back to live performances with the fan support he deserves!

Ali shared some interesting statistics re: David’s concert tickets sales compared to the average indie artist:

Ali says:
August 20, 2015 at 10:40 am

The ticket sales for the concerts that David has so far are actually quite good. More than quite good for an indie artist. Truth is that most indie artists are playing clubs with a capacity ranging from 50 people up to several hundred. Want a comparison of someone from Idol? David Cook is playing venues ranging from a seating capacity of less than 300 up to about 1,000 for the shows he has scheduled this fall.

Compare that to the approx capacity of 2,000 at Layton & Tuacahn (times 2 because both have 2 nights) which are all sold out and the capacity of 1,000 per night at Idaho Falls which is 56% and 68% sold so far and then the approx 10,000 capacity of BYU Spectacular per night…. to me that adds up to good tickets sales in general, and really good for an indie artist.

He will need to do promo if he plans to play venues of that size outside of the Utah area but I think he would be well able to fill most of the smaller venues that indie artists play.

Thanks for this great info Ali!

*  *  *  *  *

New Music From David’s AI Pals

It seems that David Cook and Jordin Sparks have new albums out, so their fandoms are probably doing the happy dance as we speak!  Archies continue to wait patiently for our turn when David debuts his new album too!  Until then, we can enjoy these duets that David did with his AI buddies – good time folks, good times….

No Air – Jordin Sparks feat. David Archuleta (credit: I heart New Year)

David Archuleta & Jordin Sparks – No Air (credit: ShelleyFOD)

David & David – Hero Duet (credit: idol4life2008)

Crush: David & David Sandy, UT (credit: ConcertsByCD)

*  *  *  *  *

Fan Finds

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.38.44 AM

I still get excited when I hear a David song playing in a store or restaurant! #ForeverAFangirl

- credit jPaleFOD

– credit jPaleFOD

- credit jPaleFOD

– credit jPaleFOD

*  *  *  *  *

Still on the lookout for more vids from TOFW Auckland – maybe they’ve just been really busy and haven’t had time to upload them?  Things are quiet on the Fandom front right now, but we’ll be back tomorrow with a Saturday update.  Hope we get some news!

-  Jordin Sparks Superbowl Experience - credit Getty Images

– Jordin Sparks Superbowl Experience – credit Getty Images

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