The Gift of the Recap, Shelley’s heartfelt letter to @davidarchie, Song Sung Yellow, Pretty in Pink Lemonade, Chillin’ with Arthur

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The Gift of the Recap

Shelley has been very generous in not only sharing pictures and vids of her concert adventures, but also recaps.  Shelley has said on many occasions she is blessed to have gone to a number of Orion Shows, with various friends and family members.  And we are pleased as punch at FOD to post them!

Recaps take time.  Recaps require you to un-vortex yourself from your concert experience and explain it in a way others understand.  It’s not easy.  We seek concert recaps and are very appreciative to all of you who have stepped to share your joy, you nuggets of info, your insights, your Did-He-Really-Do-That? moments.  That vast majority reading recaps have not gone to concerts this tour and, together with pictures and vids, this is the closest thing to being there.  


It is now Tuesday June 27th ~ the day before David’s Denver show at the Soiled Dove Underground. (It is really underground too) When I got off work I came home and took a nap for an hour before I had to pick up Shirley and Heather from the airport in Denver. On my way to the airport I stopped at Starbucks and a very nice person paid for my drink.(I will pay it forward somehow) I finally picked up Shirley, it was so awesome that she and Heather came for the show. Shirley is from Utah, and Heather is from central California. Heather finally arrived!! YAY!! We decided to go check out the Soiled Dove. It is a restaurant and a tavern. Underneath it was the venue.

There were pictures at the restaurant all over the walls of people that have played there. (I hope David’s picture will go up there.) We ate dinner and was talking to the waitress about the show. She said she works at a radio station too and they play David’s music often. We went to my house after, it was pretty late when we got there. It was so fun to have them there. The next day we got up and got ready yo head to Denver. (it was maybe a little over an hour drive) Before going to the venue we stopped at Edible Arrangements to pick up 3 boxes of chocolate covered strawberries for David and the crew.

We met up with Lisa and her daughter and decided to go to The Native Foods Cafe about an hour or 2 after David posted he ate there.(You know we always have to go check out where David eats) lol. It is a vegan cafe with pretty good food. Kind of a little whole in the wall. They had watermelon juice that was really good. After dinner we went back to the venue and waited around. We saw Amber and Emily doing Amber’s Instagram live, haha. While we were in line there was a lady there that was saying her brother worked with David in trying to get him to come to the Colorado State fair right after he won Star Search. He was all set to be there, but that’s when his vocal cord gave out so he could not sing. Interesting little tibit there.

Finally after standing in line in the heat we got to go in. It was super exciting. David was singing at the piano when we walked in. I had no idea that place was so small. It was a VERY cozy little venue with amazing sound quality when David talked and sang. He counted everyone to make sure everyone was there. I think he stopped at 20. It was now time to ask questions.

  • Someone asked if he was able to do any sight seeing while in Colorado. He said not a lot this time but he has before when he came and he has family here.
  • Annalea (my 9 year old grandaughter) asked him which music he liked better,  country or rock? LOL (She has been saying she wanted to ask him that). He said he likes soft rock, pop rock. He said that if he is listening to the radio he would probably put on country. He likes store telling country. Then he asked her what kind of music she likes and she said rock. hahaha  He asked what kind of rock and she said Christian rock. ( Her dad listens to that.)
  • Heather told him she went to the Hollywood show and asked if he would dance in Denver like he did in Hollywood for Up All Night. LOL You go Heather!! Love you!! He said he would try but he hurt his neck doing limbo in Santa Fe so he has not been moving much.
  • Veronica asked him if he ever wishes he was not famous. He said he really doesn’t and that he feels he is not too famous. He said life has been good. (YAY!!)

After questions he sang part of Running, Invincible and Fast Car. Boy his voice just resonated in that place. So amazing…the deep, pure shakiness in his voice. Ahhhhh just beautiful. After questions we were waiting to take pictures. Shannon and Veronica went before Annalea and I. (Shannon is Veronica’s best friend since 3rd grade that LOVES  David also.


I asked David about an east coast tour. He said they have to figure out the routing first. I told him his shows have all been awesome.  Annalea gave him our little gift. 2 pairs of Pokemon socks. He said we were “giving folk” after Kari told him we gave them the strawberries. lol After everyone was done taking pictures Annalea said she was going to go ask Kari if she can get a picture with her. Next thing you know we see her taking a selfie with David. LOL She told me that Kari said he would come back out and get one but she got a little busy. By the way if anyone of you has met my grandaughter, that kid is not shy at all. Her and Heather were best friends while Heather was here. She mingled with everyone.

While we were waiting there were to teenage girls at  Shirley and Annalea’s table. (This place had small round table with chairs, the ones up front were touching the stage.) The girls just had a VIP ticket and not an actual ticket to the show. Oh no!! I am so glad that I had 2 extra tickets for them by us.  Veronica and Shannon had a table touching the stage too. Every seat was a great seat because this venue was like a giant living room. Heather and I had an elevated seat that was right in the center. It felt like 3rd row elevated. When he came down the aisle everyone screamed and had a smile on their face. Again the sound in there was amazing. Maybe because it is underground?

He was pretty much on fire in Denver. ALTNOY was so good. Also He Lives in You was just….um watch the video. Wow!! One of my favorites on the EP is Invincible. I can totally relate to that song. Higher Ground was on a new level. He did do a little dancing in Up All Night. Say Me was pretty heartfelt and so was Broken. I love both of them! During Something Bout Love Heather, another girl by her and I were standing up dancing, and an older man told Heather we were the only 3 standing and he couldn’t see. Hmmmm.

David was so energetic  and we all sang it with him. He held the mic down to to Shannon and boy did she belt it out. Good job girl!! For the last several songs I stood up and danced even though I looked foolish. I think I embarrassed Veronica. I saw Shannon looking at me and telling Veronica something like “look at your mom” lol. Oh well. He ended the show with making sure he touched EVERYONE’S hand…he even came back after he started walking away.

My last show for awhile. But it was so so good. After the show we were hanging around outside. It wasn’t long until David and Kari came out. We all lined up and got our pictures taken and got some stuff signed. I thanked him for coming to Colorado and I didn’t  have to travel. I think he said something like “I know right?” I told him again that he made new fans. There was a lady that sat next to me at the show that has never seen him live. I asked her what she thought and she said he was just amazing. Not only amazing but she said he was a class act. Yes he sure is. After the show Annalea finally got her picture with Kari that she has been wanting since she met her.

Thank you David, Kari, Chad, Brady, Aaron, Jay, and even the 2 beautiful Merch girls Amber and Emily for making this tour a special and wonderful experience. Until next time. We got home around midnight and didn’t fall asleep until a few hours later. The next morning I took my wonderful friends Heather and Shirley to the airport. We had such a wonderful time! Thank you ladies!!

Shelley’s letter to David,

While I was driving home from Denver the day after your show, I was thinking about all the people on this tour that saw you froor the first time and were just in awe of you. Your talent, your character. You really are a class act in every way. Like I told you in Pocatello, you have made so many new fans on this amazing tour. At every show I would look around at everyone when you get on that stage and everyone just had a huge smile on their face the whole time. Me included. Sometimes tears of how your music affected them, me included during Broken or My Little Prayer. (Which was at the Christmas shows). You may be starting to understand why your fans love you so much and go to several of your shows. You are the kind of artist that people  should be fans of. Your music and the way you sing your music is so real and raw. People also love the fact that you gave up your music, career and everything to follow your heart to serve our Heavenly Father. That says so much about your character. Most people love that in a person. When we hear about all the “behind the scenes” things that you do, visiting sick kids or elderly people, whatever it is that you do or announce or let us know, it shows what an amazing heart that you have. You have that light that bounces onto your audience at every single show. I see it with my own eyes when I look around at other people at your shows. Thank you for sharing your light and music with us. You give us joy.

Always and forever a fan, Shelley 


And a few videos from the Denver show

Intro to Beautiful and Scars to Your Beautiful

Say Me.  ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


And here’s a slideshow for you to enjoy!

Everything is coming up yellow!

Feelin' the power. #anditwasallyellow

A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

David seemed to be in Layton at the launch of Archuleta Performing Arts 🙂 

Pretty in pink, as in pink lemonade!

Ever one to support local initiatives, David stopped for a “cold one” 😉  


Tuesday Afternoon Cartoons

Why not?  Arthur was a staple at our house.  I miss it!

David really enjoying the humor here.  Love the last shot especially!

Ending with David’s quote from


It reminds me of a favourite quote from To Kill a Mockingbird

That’s it for now, will add more throughout the day.

Enjoy the mid week milestone!

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David Archuleta ~ Saturday Update: Yes to Switzerland! Making Friends at the Airport, Throwback to the Troubadour – Angela’s Pics, New Vids: Solamente Tu, Beautiful/Scars from Safford & An Orion Tour Flipagram! Friendship Friday: David in Switzerland! Road Trip – Shelley’s Pics & Vids – Bend & Portland



– credit David’s IG Story



Sandy & Phil from Hawaii!

Rockin’ the scruff and eating lunch at the airport – best guess is the Seattle Airport (SEATAC) based on the windows – when people start recognizing David, some friendly Hawaiians ask him “Are you famous?” 😀

Sandy & Phil have joined the ranks of Tollbooth Betty as David continues making friends at airports around the globe!

– I have 7 music and one of them is yours! Crush!

– Are you famous? Well, I’m a singer

I’m thinking David meeting a couple from Hawaii in the airport is indeed a plan in disguise – some say everything happens for a reason, so David, you need to get on a plane and head to Hawaii soon! 🙂

Thanks to Joanie for capturing David’s IG story and archiving it to a YT vid!


Switzerland Indeed!

David took to social media and confirmed that he had indeed visited Switzerland after the Orion Tour ended. He went to attend a friend’s wedding.  He commented on his philosophy re: learning about different religions and faiths, and how it leads to better understanding among people – there are a ton of comments on his post – the majority are really positive so go read them and maybe add a comment of your own!

David’s IG Comment:

This is the LDS temple in Bern, Switzerland. I had the chance to be here for a few days this week after finishing the Orion tour to accompany dear friends of mine for some special things—including a marriage ceremony. In LDS temples the marriage ceremony is different. Rather than “Til death do you part” the words are “for time and for all eternity.” Mormons believe that families can be together forever, and who we are is so much more than starting just on our birthday and ending here with our death date. It expands to who we were before then and who we are after.

If you know a Mormon or ever come across Mormon missionaries, you’ll probably hear about this when they talk about the Plan of Salvation (or plan of happiness). It’s one of the things I got to teach people for 2 years in Chile as a missionary. I’m grateful for the peace I feel here at temples, and the time I got to spend with my friends as I supported them in Switzerland. If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, you can check out and look up the beliefs.

I know a lot of things are said about my beliefs, but there’s no better way to learn the truth about someone or a religion than to talk to someone of that faith or go to the source. A lot of fears and misunderstandings get cleared and we can gain more respect for each other. I’ve loved getting to go with band members and crew of other beliefs to a catholic mass, hear a baptist sermon, hike or drive up a mountain and do some meditation, or attend a mosque during time of prayer.

You gain so much more appreciation and love for others when you understand where someone comes from. So next time you see a Mormon or a Mormon missionary, you can tell them I told you to say hi and ask something about what us Mormons believe. 😉 #Switzerland #Bern #LDS #Mormon #ontheroad #beliefs #learnsomethingnew #family


Angela’s Pics from the Troubador


Video Roundup

Here are a few new vids I found on You Tube!

Solamente Tu is David singing in Spanish, and based on the tag, this vid is from some time ago, but she just found it on her phone and uploaded it. Does anyone know where this vid was taken?

Solamente Tu (credit: Erika Heredia)

Beautiful/Scars to Your Beautiful  – Safford AZ(credit: Shyanne Renee)

Orion Tour June 2017 – Flipagram (credit: skigirlsc)


It’s been a fun week covering the last show of the Orion Tour in St. Louis, MO, his appearance at the Lions Club International Convention and following all of David’s antics on social media!

While I do hope he takes some time off to relax and recharge, he does have an EP to release! I hope he continues to post IG stories, tweets and IG posts to keep us informed and of course, entertained.

Thank you for the Orion Summer Tour David, it was amazing – just like you!


Say (Swiss) Cheeeeese!

– Switzerland -credit cusu95 IG

Such a happy smile! What is David doing in Switzerland? Everyone thought he was taking a break fishing at the pond lol!



Is David In Switzerland?

This IG post showed up online today – thanks to @DavidUniverse for sharing it! It looks like a recent pic, but we’re not 100% sure. It’s fun to think that David finished the Orion Tour then hopped on a plane and flew over to Switzerland! He sure deserves a vacation and some rest and relaxation!


Road Trip ~ Bend & Portland Oregon

~ From Shelley

Yesterday we shared Shelley’s road trip memories from Spokane to Layton, and now we take a trip even further back down memory lane all the way to Oregon! Bend and Portland to be exact! So grab a drink and some snacks and settle in!

As you all know, Veronica and I went on a 2 week road trip to Oregon and Washington. It was a vacation for us with a few David shows in the mix 😊 We left for Seattle on June 1, stayed with my very sweet Shirley in Utah on the way for a night. We went to Seattle for a few days before heading to out first concert in Bend Oregon.

In Bend we met up with Jana, Kalei, Shirley, and Cheryl. There were really no other fans that we knew at that show. We did meet a fellow named Meekoh. He was a young singer that has been putting out music. He really likes David, and he was looking at his poster out front of the theater, and said he would try to go and post a Facebook live to try and get people to come to David’s show. Kari ended up giving him tickets. She is so awesome!

– Bend VIP – Jana, Kalei, Cheryl, Shirley & Shelley

So at the VIP there were only 10 of us. We all got to ask him a question on a paper that Kari gave us as we were going in. I asked if he has ever been to Red Rocks in Colorado. (Hoping he will do a show there someday) He said he has never been there. Veronica’s question was …when can we meet your girlfriend – which he conveniently skipped lol! Jana told him welcome to Oregon, (she lives there) and asked him what he likes most about it. He said he loves that it is so beautiful and green. I do too. Oregon is very green and just amazing.

– Reading VIP Questions – he skipped the GF question lol

– Crater Lake – credit David’s IG

Kalei: I asked David if we could expect to see his dance moves in future music videos – he said Aloha! Then asked if I had come from Hawaii – umm yes lol! He then started a convo about visiting Crater Lake yesterday, and I told him I tried to also, but the road was blocked with snow and he proceeded to explain the alternate entrance you had to use which was over an hour drive away! He then asked if I would be around tomorrow, that I should definitely visit – I told him I was going to Sacramento and he laughed and said Oh! You’re going to Sacramento! He didn’t answer the original question, and Kari said “Answer the question!” and he said “What was the question?” and looks at the card – then says Oh! I thought it was about Crater Lake! 😀

His eventual answer was that he wasn’t “dancing” it was “movement” to the music and that he didn’t dance (*insert awkward dance move here). He clearly proved THAT wrong in the later concerts when he cut loose and showed off his moves to Up All Night!

He sang Fast Car by Tracy Chapman which was super good. And he also sang Invincible. (I feel like that song speaks right to me.) Then we got our pictures taken and got to talk to him for awhile. We got all of our stuff signed. The venue people gave us each a promo poster and we got them signed. As he was talking to us, he was be-bopping all around to the music that was playing which was fun to see.

A post shared by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on

So now it is showtime! All of the songs on his EP are so good live. And all the covers and throw back songs were amazing. The Lion King song is very intense. I love the way he sings that, and of course Up All Night is one of his best songs in my opinion. Higher Ground is a super feel good song that he slays every time he sings it.

Say Me – Bend, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

He Lives In You – Bend, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Invincible – Bend, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

The first show of this amazing Orion Tour (for us) was amazing and I got to see old friends which made it better. I was hoping Jana would be able to go to the Portland show but she had to work later than she would have hoped, but I am so glad I got to see her. She has been here since the beginning supporting David.

– After-concert pie!

After the show, we got a picture with 2 of the most sweetest merch gals ever – Amber and Emily. We took a pic of our little fan group before saying goodbye. Kalei, Shirley and Cheryl were headed for the Sacramento show the next day. Veronica and I were headed for Cannon Beach for Veronica’ surfing lessons which was so much fun. We went and stayed at an amazing hotel right on the beach.

– Amber & Emily

– Shelley, Emily, Jana, Amber and Kalei

– Cannon Beach, OR

Then on June 9th we headed to Portland for our second Oregon show. Being in Portland really made me think about Jennifer Barry a lot. She is the amazing David fan that has done so much. She lost her life 2 years ago in a car accident. I really thought about going to see if we could visit her son who now has cancer. But I thought that would be weird so we didn’t.

At the Portland show there were a lot more fans that we knew. The VIP for that show was sold out, so there were 40 people. The VIP was awesome! Of course Veronica wrote the same question as the one in Bend that he skipped. “When can we meet your girlfriend” lol David answered it this time. He was kinda saying he does not have a girlfriend anymore but when he gets another one he would let us know haha!

I asked him if he were a superhero which one would he be. He said Captain America because he always tries to do the right thing. (of course he would 😇. BTW that was my daughter Angelica’s favorite show as a kid. ~Captain America) Nancy or Deb from Canada asked him if he ever feels like busting out a dance move at weddings or something lol, and how was it to learn the Up All Night Dance Moves? He said he learned over skype and just had a few days to learn it. He said he did not really consider it dancing lol. While we were taking our pictures David confessed to Veronica that he might have a girlfriend – which we already knew right? 😉 Which is amazing news in my book. ​

– He might have a girlfriend…

​Higher Ground – Portland, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Beautiful/Scars to Your Beautiful-Portland, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Glorious – Portland, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

The End – Portland, OR (credit: ShelleyFOD)

I have to say the Portland show was so energetic and David was absolutely on fire. He did not sing Say Me though, which was a bummer. Everyone screamed and cheered and completely showed him the love. It was so fun to see everyone that we knew. After the Portland show we hung around to check out Multnomah Falls which was breathtaking. David and all the other traveling Archie’s did the same. So our next show is in Spokane WA which was about a 6 hour drive. I will do a recap of that in another post as this recap is super long lol!

– Multnomah Falls

– David and Kari also visited the falls!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that Shelley and Veronica continued their adventures through Spokane all the way to Layton! The last stop on their Orion Tour vacation was their home state of Denver, Colorado! If we’re lucky, we’ll get a recap of that show too! Thanks again Shelley for taking us along on this wonderful journey across Oregon!


Fun Finds


Chad giving Brady a run for his money!

– credit Shadowbenny

– Found at Forever 21 by Marietta B.

– Shared by Reid Williams

This photo was shared by Reid Williams who commented on David’s FB that after the St. Louis show, David took time to get on the van to greet wheelchair-bound fans and take pics with them – his light shines through these acts of kindness.


Another fun recap from Shelley! Nothing like a David concert road trip and concerts with friends! Sad that the Orion Summer Tour is over, but excited for the new EP – which should be debuting in July (per David who said he wanted to release it earlier than August). Then hopefully an announcement of future shows for the next leg of the tour.

What will the name of his next EP be? He gave us a hint – that’s it’s the name of another constellation… any guesses? Could it be Perseus – the Champion/Rescuer who killed the Gorgon Medusa? Or Centaurus teacher of medicine, music and hunting? Let us know what you think! All I know is that David said the EP would include I’m Ready and three retro grooving songs that we can move to – can’t wait!

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