David Archuleta~Wednesday Words: David’s (Quote) Reflection on Perfection, Trend On Friday, New Cover Pic on BYUH KE ALAKA’I, UPDATE! Brooke White and David With Cherry Lane!!! A 2nd New Track Shared by Brooke White, Melodies Of Christmas, Fan-tastic Contributions


Christmas-y edit credit Patty-Ann

A  lovely Christmas-y edit by: Patty-Ann

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 quote perfection

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A  Tweet of “Perfection”

David shared a quote re: perfection yesterday:

tweet quote I'm not close to perfection

There were responses a plenty yesterday following David’s shared quote. With  a (Google) investigation of the quote, author, and it’s recent use, a connection was quickly seen. Bishnu is one of the people featured in the MTM movie which includes David singing “Glorious” at the end! *Click below to read  about the quote’s author, Bishnu Adhikari.*

Bishnu Adhikari the humanitarian MTM* * * * * *

Ready To Trend This Friday?

An early birthday greeting awaits David this coming Friday (or Saturday depending on where you may be tweeting from) in hopes it will make a WWTT birthday splash! Check the graphic below to find your timezone location and start time. Thanks to  TT crew for this info and lovely graphic!

Trend Happy 24th David Archuleta

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 David On The Cover Of BYUH “KE ALAKA’I”

As tweeted yesterday by Spencer Taggart, he appears with David, Tiffany Alvord, Stuart Edge and others on the cover of BYUH’s The Leader.

tweet crop Spencer Taggart BYUH mag cover

David’s visit to BYUH recently to participate in a gymnasium Fireside and also participate as a judge for the Great Ideas Video Competition Finals  are featured in the issue. Click on the pics below to read the article. Follow the prompt on each page if you would like to leave a comment on the article.

BYUH The LEader 1

BYUH The Leader 2

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Brand New Update!!! Brooke shares “Cherry Lane” ~Sung by Brooke and David Archuleta

Brooke and David Cherry LAne

Brooke + David Archuleta “Cherry Lane” Stream

This guy, I can’t tell you the love and respect I have for him and his absolutely incredible talent which can only be surpassed by his character. Maybe he wins the #bestpersonIknow hashtag award. I’ve known him for years now since our Idol days, and have watched him grow from a shy teenage heart throb into such a great dude with such a solid sense of himself, God and all that is important in life. Since the return of his mission we’ve seen each other for a quick minute but have talked several times. Every one wants a piece of him, I knew people were beating down his door with requests and opportunities to lend his golden pipes so I was apprehensive at first to even ask him to do this, as a friend I try not to ask for anything :-) But given the nature of the project I figured it was worth asking, so I picked up the phone and gave him a call and told him about the cause. With in a few days he responded with an enthusiastic yes! Such great news! It just so happened that we would both be in Nashville at the same time, this in itself is a miracle.

So he came to Daniel Tashian’s studio on a Friday and the three of us wrote and recorded “Cherry Lane”, one of the happiest songs of the whole record…. stylistically it probably leans a bit more my direction with it’s throw back vibe, but the soothing sound of his voice on this call and answer chorus is what makes it completely magical. You don’t understand, his pitch perfect tone is at such a world class level, and it’s baffling, and yeah, nerve racking to even have my voice on the same track. Seriously, I get a tear whenever I hear him sing. Who doesn’t?! Anywho, “Cherry Lane” is a song for us grown ups, it was that first street I grew up on, it represents a simpler happy time and place when we’d “rather stay outside and play than stare down at the phone all day”. It’s emotional too though, David’s voice beckoning “we could go back, we could go back to where we were”. Thanks David for being a part of this. Also, funny side note, I was so excited that I called my parents from Nashville to tell them about the song the next day, and my mom said “oh honey, the street was actually called “cheery lynn”…. haha, ah well, cherry lane/ cheery lynn, tomato /tomahto close enough ;-)

We’ve reached over 60% of our goal! Please help spread the word and get us over the hump!


And head over to consider making a pledge and receiving this lovely cd!!

Brooke Studio Cherry Lane

I love this duet … That is all. :)

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Brooke White Shares “Baby Bloom” With Deana Carter from “Never Grow up”

Brooke White and Friends

Brooke + Deana Carter “Baby Bloom” Stream

If you remember the huge country hits like “Strawberry Wine” or “We Danced Anyway” then you’ll remember the legendary Deana Carter. We met for the first time about 4 years ago in a songwriting session. We clicked right away, had a good long chat about everything, wrote a solid song and became fast friends and soul sisters. I very much admire and respect the legacy she’s built around her incredible gift of both singing and songwriting. I look to her as a mentor, she has a heart of gold and didn’t hesitate to say yes when I asked her to be a part of this project. “Baby Bloom” is the first song that was written and recorded for the record, and it set the bar rather high, or should I say branch ;-) This song is written from the perspective of a wise tree talking to a young one, advising them to love every season and bloom where your planted. I was so humbled to sit in a room with Deana and Chris Seefried (whom also sings/produces and plays on the track) and write this mighty little song alongside them and just soak up their seasoned talent and musical wisdom. It was such a reminder that I have a ways to “grow” to reach such great heights.

Listen to “Baby Bloom”

We’ve reached over 50% of our goal! We’re hoping to reach our goal by Friday so we can deliver a digital download to everyone to enjoy over the holidays! Please spread the word!

Brooke and Deana Carter

BROOKE HAS NOW REACHED 61% of her PLEDGEMUSIC GOAL with 15 days to go!!!! If you’d like to make a pledge and “pre-purchase” the cd and/or one of the incentives  CLICK HERE !! 

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CFTH Final Track~ Melodies Of Christmas



Today we finish up our celebration of live performances of tracks from David’s “Christmas From The Heart” cd with Melodies Of Christmas. ~From Songfacts : 
This song, which was written by Archuleta and Z. Picante, is the lone original track on the 2008 American Idol runner-up’s first seasonal album, Christmas From The Heart. Archuleta told MTV News that working on an original Xmas tune came naturally. “It all happened so fast that I didn’t really think about it!” he said. “I mean, that was the last song we worked on and recorded. And it was all pretty much a rush.”

One of the backing vocalists is American Idol Season 9 contestant, David Osmond.

Today’s feature of Melodies of Christmas is from 3 years ago today when David performed in Anaheim. The vid is “close up” and wonderful! It was recorded by Naree! :)


Closing with a couple Fan-tastic Contributons

From Shelley~ Memories from Ventura on the MKOC Tour 12/16/2011

collage Shelley MKOC Ventura ShelleyCollage MKOC Ventura credit Shelley colorful

edit credit Bennie

edit credit Bennie

LASTLY~ The “Angels We Have Heard On High” mv is closing in on 2 million views! It’s currently at 1,967,767 and rising steadily!!! Watch it again HERE!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! I’ll be around today and back tomorrow. :)

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David Archuleta on a Treasurechest Tuesday, More Pics from BryCox, News from the OS, Brooke’s “Never Grow Up” collaboration, Golden Archies’ Giving is Golden! Amazing things discovered about music, Riu Riu Chiu from Verona! This and That


david share the gift bry

Credit: BryCox.com

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And more from Bry Cox and Peter Hollens

Thanks to Fanscene for tweeting out the new pictures on Bry Cox’s site, and from Peter Hollens.  Posting them here with the links to the original. Source:  http://brycox.com/newsblog.html Cox_Nativity-528   Cox_Nativity-523 And the one below can also be found on Peter Hollens IG (source) Cox_Nativity-541 (1) Great pictures!  And David is lead picture under Bry’s “Celebrities” tab too!

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Brooke White and Friends:  Never Grow Up

Brooke has reached 50% of her PledgeMusic goal!  That’s awesome!  And recently, she changed the title of her new album from “Lullabies and Happy Songs” to “Never Grow Up”.   You can hear the title track, a beauty, on her site here:

And here is an interview with Hudsucker regarding the new CD and the collaborations.  And David is mentioned!

the hudsucker

“Brooke White Gets By With A Little Help from Her Friends”

brooke white coverThe HudsuckerAmerican Idol fans are stoked to see you reunite and collaborate with two of your good friends from your Idol family, Carly Smithson and David Archuleta. Can you discuss their interest and involvement in this project?

Brooke White: Carly Smithson was obviously part of my idol family and continues to be one of my closest friends as we both are moms of toddlers – we can really relate. Her voice is so powerful and pro. I am so glad she agreed to be a part of it. David Archuleta was on my wish list and he’s so busy I almost didn’t ask because I didn’t want to bother him, but he is such a close friend and I knew having his vocal on this record would be a highlight. I only wish I could hear even more of it! He has a heart to match his voice, such a GREAT human being. We had a blast!

david and brookeThe HudsuckerCan you tell us more about your collaborations with these artists? How did you manage to coordinate the songwriting and recording sessions? Is this an album of all original songs? Is there a consistent theme among the tracks on the album? 

- David & Brooke collaboration coming soon!

– David & Brooke

Brooke White: [laughs] It was VERY challenging trying to coordinate a bunch of artists schedules, not all of them came to fruition, but I am so happy for the ones that did. My manager did SO much to make this happen and he truly propelled the project and am so grateful for his hard work in supporting me and seeing this through to the end. The entire record is original from start to finish. And seeing that every song was a collaboration, it is very eclectic in songs and styles but all with the common theme of childlike joy.

Can’t wait to hear the whole thing!  Pre-order “Never Grow Up” if you haven’t already. The digital download of the album will be released Friday December 19th and the physical CD will ship on Monday December 22nd (CDs signed by the other collaborators will not ship until after Christmas).   Purchase here:


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7th annual CD donation to Primary Children’s Medical Center (PCMC)

Special to FOD, from Linda Callaway:

For David’s upcoming 24th Birthday,we Golden Archies were pleased to #ShareTheGift of music with our 7th annual CD donation to PCMC in his honor.

Here is a short Montage I made of the delivery

Here ‘s a beautiful write up of the event,  Credit w/permission for use to Louise Perry:

“Since David has encouraged us as fans to Share The Gift I thought I would tell you about how the Golden Archie’s have been sharing the gift of music. For the last 7 years for David’s Birthday the Golden Archie’s have been gifting David cd’s and money for the music therapy department to Primary Children’s Medical Center here in Utah.

I was honored this year to deliver along with Elizabeth Bigwood 50 signed David cd’s along with money for the Music Therapy Department. The children’s hospital was so pleased to receive this gift once again. Marie (donation director) was so nice to us and told us about how music therapy helps the children. She told us a bout a girl who had to learn to walk again and was stuggling. In physical therapy she was only taking 2 steps but once they added music therapy she was able to take 27 steps. It is amazing how important music is to healing.

Thanks to David for taking the time to sign the cd’s…he is such a kind fellow. Happy 24th Birthday to David. Golden Archie’s…you rock…so proud to be part of this project. Your hearts are solid gold in my book.”

~ Louise Perry

We are all so inspired by the wonderful young man..David Archuleta! Thanks for all you do FOD.. #OneArchieWorld Respectfully & w/love , Linda S.Callaway (@LSCtheliverlady) Golden Archies

* * * * * * *

News from the OS ~ Maintenance causes need to Re-register for some

Source  Hey, we know about maintenance.  Darn it those nasty bots!  Thanks for the heads up OS Web Team!

site maintenance * * * * *

12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered This Year About People Who Listen to Music

This article was tweeted by MaryAnn Munk, and I found it most interesting.  I included a number of the points cited below.  Read the full article here!

In 2014, scientists looked closer than ever before at why exactly music makes us feel so powerfully. And they found some amazing and unprecedented things.  Here are 12 amazing things we discovered about music this year:

1. Learning an instrument at a young age can provide improved executive function

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital found that early musical training helps children improve their executive functions. Executive functions are incredibly important; they enable people to retain information, regulate behavior and solve problems more effectively.

Children that started playing music at age 6 showed enhanced activation in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that owns executive functions. And they performed far better than control groups on tests requiring them to shift between mental demands. Executive functioning is also a “strong predictor of academic achievement, even more than IQ,” said study senior investigator Nadine Gaab. “Our findings suggest that musical training may actually help to set up children for a better academic future.”

5. It can provide benefits to long-term memory

lightbulbMusic’s benefits to working memory and spatiotemporal faculties have been established with years of research. But evidence that music benefits long-term memory had eluded researchers. Until this year.

Heekyeong Park, from the University of Texas at Arlington, has found the first initial evidence that musical training provides benefits for some aspects of long-term memory. Park presented a group of classically trained musicians and a group of non-musicians with a memory test. She found that trained musicians could far better recall pictures, even though they experienced no benefits for verbal cues. She attributes the findings to the years musicians have spent pouring over musical scores, but she does not have enough data to say conclusively. She’s currently planning to repeat the study with more musicians to confirm her findings.

9. Music can enhance running performance

dafitclubThere’s been a long debate within the running community about whether it’s better to run with music or without. This year, musical runners were validated by the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, which showed that music can significantly affect your running abilities.

Researchers had runners listen to three types of music while they ran: fast motivational music, slow motivational music and calm songs. Runners listening to fast motivational music and slow motivational music completed the first 800 meters faster than the control and the calm music groups. All the music helped stimulate runner’s prefrontal cortex, which allowed runners to maintain more positive emotions as they ran. These positive emotions contributed to increased performance and faster recovery time post run.

10. Sound quality has a huge impact on musical enjoyment

2014 saw a huge resurgence in the popularity of vinyl. Call it a hipster renaissance if you will, but it’s bound to have a hugely positive impact on people’s enjoyment of music.

earphoneMusical quality has a significant impact on musical enjoyment. Researchers at DTS monitored participants’ brains while they watched a video accompanied by differing levels of sound quality. The brains of those listening to high-quality 256 kbps sound elicited a 66% larger pleasure response than those who listened to 96 kbps sound (the standard sound quality of Spotify and most streaming services). Now, the sound quality of vinyl hovers around 1,000 kbps according to many estimates. So the potential that music played on vinyl will blow a listener’s mind is astronomically higher than when it’s played on a digital service.

11. Some people cannot enjoy music

unhappy_face_sticker-p217427116611791537qjcl_400By far the saddest musical news of the year is that some people’s brains simply cannot derive pleasure from music no matter how good or how high quality. The disorder is a form of anhedonia, which describes a person’s inability to enjoy activities most find pleasurable.

“Now that we know that there are people with specific musical anhedonia,” said Josep Marco-Pallerés, lead author of the study.

Individuals with specific musical anhedonia have normal music processing abilities, and they’re not depressed. The music they hear simply does not translate into an autonomic response or feelings of pleasure. People with musical anhedonia did receive large amounts of pleasure and nervous system response from playing a economic money-exchange game. Everyone’s got their trigger.  (Ed Note: well, at least there’s THAT!)

Music is many things, but it isn’t easy. It takes work to create something this important — it takes effort to make something that can so powerfully mold a life.

It does take work, and we appreciate all the work that David, Brooke and other talented artists put into their craft.

* * * * *
Verona’s Riu Riu Chiu

Almost finished posting live performances of the Christmas From the Heart tracks.  Next up is the fun Riu Riu Chiu, with a wonderful build up as the song progresses.  The fan favourite in our MKOCFTH Virtual Concert last year is shown below. The lighting at this venue was amazing too.  Who was there?

* * * * * *

This and That

Lisa from Texas has been gifting David CD’s with every house closing.  She’s been doing well, and David’s voice is filling more and more homes in Texas!  Great idea Lisa!

lisa ornaments

Love my pal over at KrisAllen Lists.  Can Kris Allen Christmas ornament be very far behind??

kris allen lists

And nothing like a warm sweatshirt on a cold day!

fave boys sweatshirt

I think I’ll end here before the Workpress Gremlins eat half my post again :(  See you next week everyone!

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