Not-so-calm before the Storm! New @Davidarchie music, CD, and music video coming! A Champagne / Golden / Grand Birthday for Amber! A week of snippets!

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shelley colour

Credit: Shelley


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A Fact-Filled Friday!

Kari unleashes some news!  Just waiting for the payoff!  David has been a busy bee!



Storm on it’s way! I’m expecting a deluge!


Keep those cards coming!

postcard & mailbox

Wouldn’t it be nice if David got a bunch of cards and letters, perhaps from folks he hasn’t heard from in awhile?  Here is the address!

Fan Mail Address

David Archuleta,
PO Box 4297
Apopka, FL 32704

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A very special birthday for Amber!

imikimi – sharing creativity

A person’s golden or grand birthday, also referred to as their “lucky birthday”, “champagne birthday”, or “star birthday”,  occurs when they turn the age of their birth day (e.g., when someone born on the 25th of the month turns 25 or when someone born on the ninth turns nine)

Well today Amber Archuleta turns 18!!! On the 18th of February!   Wishing her a very special day and hopefully a special musical wish from big bro~

FABULOUS birthday vid from Shanelle!!!

David has shared so many good times with his sister in pictures and vids over the years, hear are a few!

david amber and jazzy amber 17th birthday david and amber pokeman david and amber amber

Amber IG Instagram David and Amber Soupe festival david and Amber Celebration of Christ Amber credit david



- click to view the vid on IG

– click to view the vid on IG

And here’s David’s Ice Bucket Challenge!

Brio cafe with Jazzy and Amber credit jazzy david-and--amber-mickey

- Beautiful Utah! Credit Amber's IG

– Beautiful Utah! Credit Amber’s IG

From Shanelle

Snippet Sharing

We posted a bunch of concert snippets this week and many of you joined in!  I love snippets because they usually focus on a very exciting, interesting part of the song and has some special differentiator from the rest of the video.

Here are some here!

From Muldur. The Prayer from the last Layton show

And from Muldur. Joy to the World snippet from the same Layton show!

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As Found aRound

Beautiful edit from Miss Bianca!

miss bianca

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Hope next week is the one!!!!  Joanie will be with you next week!

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Sending hugs to @davidarchie and our Fan Family! Hugs all over the world!

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Credit: Shelley

Credit: Shelley

valentines picture shelley

- credit Jessica via

– credit Jessica via


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Happy Heart Day!!!

David Archuleta Valentines Day gif

David Archuleta Valentines Day gif

I quickly gathered up a few Lovable things to help celebrate Valentine’s Day!

And yes, I’ve stolen shamelessly from past posts!

First, let the hugs begin!!!

Hugs all Over the World Tonight

Check out our globe and find yourself!  We LOVE our Global Fan Family!

  A few pictures Valentine’s Day inspired pictures from this year.  Hold onto your hearts! david archuleta hugging paul cardall slovenia And a few very special fan hugs

David and Joanie in Tuachan

David and Joanie in Tuachan

david and gengen hug

Two arms for GenGen!

from the past … Credit:  Frogcooke

A hug from Cookie!

A hug from Cookie!

The ArchuCook hug - credit Becky

The ArchuCook hug – credit Becky

Flowers on stage and a hug

David and Lupe HYAMLC HUG credit Tina

David and Lupe HYAMLC HUG credit Tina

hug Davdi and shy one Lil Rock cred 106.3

A Little Cutie Hug (credit ?)

A Little Cutie Hug (credit ?)

Josh and Anya hug credit : Shelby

Josh and Anya hug credit : Shelby

A hug for Leslie Roy *cap credit me* vid VWilliams 1231

A hug for Leslie Roy  vid VWilliams 1231

An Archu-Lushington hug

An Archu-Lushington hug

Mom hugging David - Copy

David and Phyllis

This was one of my favourites, of a young girl as she realizes that she is actually hugging David Archuleta back in the day.    Watch your volume, it starts very LOUD!

*  *  *  *  *

Love Is In the Air!

A few years ago, we celebrated 14 Days of Fondness for Love Songs – specifically David’s love songs!  An excerpt from Kalei’s post at the time … The first rush of young love – the feeling that you’re falling and floating at the same time!  You can’t breathe and butterflies take up residence in your stomach making you giddy and weak in the knees… Is it real or just another Crush? Crush (credit: davidarchuletaVEVO) The heartbreak of lost love – something that was so right somehow turned out so wrong – you replay every moment over and over in your mind, what could you have done differently?  You can’t deny it, I’m A Little Too Not Over You.A Little Too Not Over You – Vietsub (credit: vegas kjd) No matter how long it takes to find your true love and no matter how many times your heart might get broken, you never give up searching for The One, the person who is the ying to your yang, you’ll keep searching because there’s just Something ‘Bout Love! Something ‘Bout Love (credit: davidarchuletaVEVO) And this one from David himself!

There’s someone in this world for everyone – like David said, they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be My Kind of Perfect!


My Kind of Perfect (credit: Shelley)  Listen to the intro!!!!

Cupid’s arrow finally hits the target and you’ve found your one true love!  You want to start your life together as soon as possible!  Are those wedding bells we hear?  Who can make me fall in love?  You Can! Thanks for this one Margie!

You Can – Sessions @ AOL (credit: davidarchuletaVEVO) When you find that perfect someone and you’re building a life together, you’re so happy you don’t want it to ever end – you want it to last Forevermore.

Forevermore (credit: David Archuleta) valentine_heart_vector_graphic_557137Heart Falls Out ~ the ache of heartbreak.  Not knowing how to feel, where to turn.   Great lyrics and great visual through  Marcella’s Music video!


pairing heartThrough it all, remember, there is always Somebody Out There.

This beginning the best ever, as recorded by Joanie

*  *  *  *  *

 What Does David Love?

Looking at past tweets, looks like David loved alot of things!   There were so many tweets Kalei made a slideshow!

And David mentions love on many occasions

*  *  *  *  *

Valentine’s Wishes back in the day …


– let us know if you’re the lucky owner of this autograph & we’ll credit

Happy Valentine’s Day from David 2009 (credit: r2rod2)

And David’s Valentine’s Day voicemail from February 14, 2010

*  *  *  *  *

Fan Valentine Edits

happy valentines day pocoelsy pocoelsy heartbeat

Thanks so much Poco for these!

And more from Shelley

david heart valentines 1

Credit: Shelley

david heart valentines 3

Credit: Shelley

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A Little Prayer Lesson

Jenny Jones ‏@JennyJo75044789 is a talented pianist and posted a tutorial on the chords from My Little Prayer. Sadly, don’t know how to play piano but for those who do, try it out!

* * * * * *
A Blast of Love from the Past

Joanie found this old vid of mine from a memorable concert in Pittsburg. Isn’t this just the most beautiful love song?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and hug those you love today!

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