David Archuleta ~ Continued “Crush Duet Love” Welcome on Wednesday, Happy National Cheesecake Day! New Blogs From the Ethiopia Tour stop, A new “Crush Duet” vid! More Screencaps anyone?


Inspiration in Ethiopia~

Ethiopia Credit Hansen blog

Ethiopia Performance~ Credit: Hansen blog

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Happy National Cheesecake Day!



July 30 annually celebrates a food holiday, it is National Cheesecake Day.  

Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that is loved by millions around the country.  It is a sweet dessert that is a mixture of soft fresh cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese, eggs and sugar on a crust made from crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, pastry or sponge cake. Cheesecakes can be prepared baked or unbaked, can be flavored and are often served topped with fruit, fruit sauce, chocolate or whipped cream.  There are many flavors in which cheesecakes can be prepared, some of which are blueberry, strawberry, pumpkin, chocolate, key lime, lemon, orange, raspberry or toffee.

It is possible that an ancient form of cheesecake may have been a popular dish in ancient Greece.  It has been found that the earliest attested mention of a cheesecake is by Greek physician Aegimus, who wrote a book on the art of making cheesecakes.

*James Kraft developed a form of pasteurized cream cheese in 1912.  In 1928, Kraft acquired the Philadelphia trademark and marketed pasteurized Philadelphia Cream Cheese which is now the most commonly used cheese for cheesecake.*

cheesecake factory pic credit unknown

Not sure what David’s favorite cheesecake might be, or if he in fact eats it,  but he holds a soft spot in his heart for The Cheesecake Factory! Remember his signed menu left for fans who were to arrive the day following his visit


And a Topsy search of cheesecake and @DavidArchie  shows that the only time he’s tweeted about cheesecake, was in a tweet thanking our own Pastel for a special gift!

tweet David to pastel re cheesecake card

To celebrate the day, I’m including a NEW FAVORITE Cheesecake recipe that will capture any cheesecake lover’s heart. My daughter and her friend made these delectable little gems this past weekend for a large family gathering  and I was in salted caramel/oreo heaven! ;) *Lucky mom* Click below for the complete recipe!

Salted caramel cheesecakes Sally's addiction


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 The David Duet “Crush” Love Continues: MasterClassLady weighs in!


Masterclass Lady banner

Aww how I love MasterClass Lady’s thoughts regarding this perfect duet and how American Idol has lost it’s way since Season 7!! She is wise, and she rocks!Masterclass Lady David and David

In my humble opinion, American Idol has slowly lost its way since Season 7, spending money shamelessly on judges and production when, in the end, all the fans want are excellent singers with genuine personalities and respect for the art. CLICK on “Source” or MasterClassLady’s banner above to head to her site to read the entire post, and to comment on her site. :)

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Crush ~ A New (Up Close) Upload from Cooksongrl

This latest uploaded video of last Saturday night’s performance is close-up and complete with PAA~ “pretty awesome audio!”  Credit to Cooksongrl! And Thanks to Patty-Ann for the quick find and “share” on twitter!

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Screencaps Just Because~

Can we have enough pics and screencaps of that epic performance??? I say no! So here are a few more from moi!











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Speaking of Crush….How about Cruisin to Crush?!

It’s a ride full of DA fun when Sean Smith and crew sing along with David in the car!

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Two New Blogs: The Military Tour in Ethiopia

Two new blogs were shared yesterday by (LDS) Church members who attended the fireside and dinner in Ethiopia while the Military Tour group were on a 10 hr layover. First is the blog from the Hansens. I’ll just post a few pics along with selected excerpts. You can click on the Hansen’s header below to read the entire piece. I’m still holding my breath  re: the  “mob” incident which ensued following David’s performance (requested by the restaurant manager!)  :(  So very grateful the group made it out safely!!!

Hansens in Uganda

American Idol David Archuleta in Ethiopia

Wednesday we were notified that David Archuleta and three other performers, who were on an Armed Forces Entertainment Tour, had a 10 hour  lay-over in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday and would be available for a youth and young adult fireside.  School is out for winter break there so those 12-30 years of age were invited from Addis and Debere Zeit to the Church for the 4:00-5:30 PM meeting.  Sue and I found out, so we caught the flight out on Wednesday evening and were ready Thursday afternoon to cover the event.  There were 135 young people and missionaries ready to be entertained.  It was a spiritual and enlightening meeting.  …

Ethiopia- David and Miss Africa UT credit the Hansens

Ethiopia- David and Miss Africa UT credit the Hansens

Miss Africa Utah was also in attendance. She was an Ethiopian orphan adopted nine years ago by a family in Ogden, UT when she was 14. She is a student at Weber State studying International Relations and was in Ethiopia doing some work for an NGO.

Ethiopia ~ credit Hansens in Uganda

Ethiopia ~ credit Hansens in Uganda

David sang four hymns for the audience and shared his testimony.



The celebrities seemed to enjoy the food.  David was on a first name basis with the food ver. The celebrities seemed to enjoy the food.  David was on a first name basis with the food server. 

* insert Archugeezer’s pick-up of that line! ;)

Archugeezer on tweet about David -foodserver-first name basis-Ethiopia

Ethiopia Hansens in Uganda 7 Singing with caption words

David is a quite a shy, humble young man and when management told him he had been recognized he was a little embarrassed. The manager asked him if he would come on stage and sing a couple of songs. His voice coach had his guitar with him and so they performed. When David is on stage he flips into IDOL mode and is a great performer. <--a very interesting observation but one that’s been shared before~

Ethiopia Hansens In Uganda 3

David Archuleta singing in Ethiopia~credit: The Hansens

 David sang two songs; “Stand By Me” by BB King and “Everybody Hurts” by REM

Ethiopia ~ credit: the Hansens

Ethiopia ~ credit: the Hansens

Ethiopia David sings~ credit The Hansens

Ethiopia David sings~ credit The Hansens

**CLICK HERE ** to head to the Hansen Blog !

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The Wold Blog From Ethiopia

Our Mission in Ethiopia



Click above to read the entire recount~

 Friday, July 25, 2014
What a WONDERFUL time we had yesterday!  David Archuleta, with his voice coach, Dean Kaelin, comedian, Jason Hewlett and Dan Clark, an inspirational speaker, have been touring military bases and performing for the troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bahrain and Djibouti and they had a 10 hour layover in Addis Ababa! So we had them with us for seven hours!  They are all returned missionaries. We had an AMAZING fireside with 125 of our young people and then Habtu took them, us, Elder and Sister Moses and Elder and Sister Hansen (public affairs ~ from Uganda) to dinner at Yod Abyssinia!  We had a GREAT time and really got to know David Archuleta.  What an outstanding young man, with a humble, strong testimony and so very inspiring.  We LOVE hearing him sing and speak to us.  He shared so many AWESOME experiences!  What a night!!

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Disney Dreaming on David’s Sharing French Toast with His Sis

Disney dreaming new banner

Disney dreaming on David and Jazzy with French toast

Awww Love Disney Dreaming! They have David pegged so right; he really DOES put his heart and soul into everything!!  :) CLICK the Disney banner above to comment. :)

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Facebook and other “Finds”

DA cropped original credit:

DA cropped original credit: Marines2E

Ethiopia pic with Willright24
Hehehe Well he did win in my heart~ :) ~And what would “ArchuletTa be without that frequently incorrectly added additional “t?” ;)* * * *

Facebook pic 07-29-2014

LOVING the Chile futbol T!!!

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That’s about it from me, today~ I’m still busy hitting that ‘like” and replay button on the Crush performance vids from Saturday night. I’ll post any new uploads that make an appearance today.
Thanks for all of your contributions in comments!! Also, it looks like the use of the reply feature Pastel added is going well so far. :) Have a great day everyone!

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David Archuleta ~ Smiles by the French Toast Truck! Sandy Plus+++, A new vid from KryztynSTELLAR with great audio! More from Cindy, DavidCook’s Crush/Archie mention, Deseret Summer Sale, SBL in Nevada! Votes Tallied, David Out and About! As Found aRound


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Smiles a Mile Wide!

french toast truck

ig food truckLast night, David posted this picture of himself and his sister Jazzy by the French Toast truck.  Looks delish!  What better way to spend an evening than with your family partaking in a little gastronomical decadence.  Yum!

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appreciated quote

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A new Crush vid!

From KryztynSTELLAR.  Slightly different vantage point, great voice quality!  Enjoy!

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 Worth Repeating

I’ve been fawning over all of Cindy Cassity/Cindy_Maxwell’s ArchuCook pictures from David Cook’s Sandy Utah concert on Saturday night.  So, to make it easier for me, and you to see, I am posting them again here!

Thanks a TON Cindy!  Yes, that was me creeping on your FB page :)

Find all the pics here




cindycassitydavidatnordwithcook DavidexplainingthatutahlovesDavidCookCindyCassityFOD



RedNordandDavidArchuletaInBlueCindyCassity davidatthenordcindycassityFOD




DavidDepartsCindyCassity davidapplaudingcindycassityFODcindycassitycookarchuletathumbsupFOD* * * * *

File under “I had NO idea!”

This morning, @cookistas shared with FOD this video of David Cook back in May, when he sings Crush intro & mentions celebrating David Archuleta being home.  Thanks for the heads up tweet!

That was all sorts of awesome! Watch the first 55 seconds :)

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How Cool is This?

From Fans of David Archuleta Facebook Page

Linda Weaver-Pettingell:

sbl-hd-big 896I just had to share this David tidbit with his fans. I live in Laughlin, Nevada, which is a casino town at the southern most tip of Nevada and David has a fan employed by the Riverside Hotel and Casino. I’m sitting there last week playing Keno on a slot machine and I was singing along with the music which is played 24/7 throughout the casino, and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I was singing along with “Something About Love”. I was so excited. I have heard it 3 times since, so somebody there, whoever selects their music, is a DA fan and it just puts a smile on my face everytime it comes on. Too cool.

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Summer Sale!

Deseret Book is having a Summer Sale!  Up to 53% off of BEGIN. and No Matter How Far and a chance to pre-order Called To Serve with 10% off.

Notice that Called to Serve says it’s by David Archuleta.  I never noticed that.

Link here

deseret book

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The Votes are in and the results are …


commentary poll results

Over half of you want Replies on FOD comments in some form, and the other (almost) half decidedly say No Thanks.  Right down the middle.

Hmm.  Let’s try this.

Let’s keep the new comment system (“Nested” Replies 3 Levels deep) for the week and see how it goes.

But let’s try this:   if you have a MAJOR/lengthy reply to a comment,  post it as a “stand alone” comment, not a “nested” reply.  Refer to the specific comment you are responding to just as you do now.   This way, we limit replies to the more minor responses, and there is a less of a chance of missing an important convo as you scan down the comments.

How does that sound?

That reminds me, I’ll be looking into a plug-in to provide a number to each comment as another option.

One more poll! (BTW, there is no “other” choice lol, can’t seem to get rid of that!)

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David Out and About!

From jahzey instagram

french toast trucks


A public service tweet below ;) You can tell above there was a recent nice trim around the edges :)  Looking good!


hairnews2* * * * *

A Greensboro Slideshow, or three

The Greensboro show was July 29th, 2009 and I will use any excuse to post a slideshow.
From Patti!

From Rachel!

From Catherine!

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As Found aRound 

Great talent!

keiynart pic


Great find!


Great suggestion!

bachelorette* * * * *

In honour of Patty-Ann’s birthday, mega contributor of images to our media gallery, I’m posting a few favourites.  Best Wishes Patty-Ann!


- By pabuckie (#3)

- By pabuckie


MKOC stars and stripes Patty-Ann

This post was little when I first published it last night, but suddenly got bigger!  More fun stuff for all of you keeps popping up ;)  LOVE IT!  See you all next week!

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