David Archuleta~ Sunday Soliloquy~ On ” Happiness,” @Kariontour’s Full LA Trip with a @DavidArchie Core Meeting


 Be Happy and T-R-U-S-T

 David Archuleta~Lean on Me edit credit:  Juan

~~~~~~~~~~~~ David Archuleta Photo edit “Lean On Me” by Juan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

quote the key to happiness 3

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Kari Tweets News About a @DavidArchie “Core Meeting!” ~ Also, Wishing Kari Safe Travels to Australia!

core  meeting

tweet Kari LA core meeting

David’s Road Manager, Adventure Buddy, World Traveler and all around awesome gal, Kari Sellards is now off to Australia (aka OZ) with JT’s continuing 20/20 Tour, but before leaving, she shared some important and welcoming news to DA fans!

A “@DavidArchie core meeting” took place in LA this past week! The late night news was received well by the fans!

fans happy about core meeting

Anonymouse in comments offered the following explanation:comment annymouse on core meeting

Even though “core meeting”didn’t come with specifics, Kari’s tweet caught our attention in a positive way! It’s a great confirmation that there is planning with the central core of David’s professional “team”with direction taking place! We know that music is already being recorded, so this is all very good news!!! :)

core meeting tweet response 1 core meeting tweet response 2 core meeting 3

Also, along with news about David in her tweet, Kari  mentioned filming with Alex T Marshall! Alex (previously with the group “The Cab,”) tweeted on Friday that he was shooting a new music video! Cool! I’ll be looking forward to seeing it!

tweet Alex T MArshall music vid LA

Thanks, Kari for the update! We’ll definitely be staying tuned here! Wishing you safe travels and  a super fun time as you head across the ocean once again!

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A Little Sunday Soliloquy on Happiness and Trust

juan faith lov music cropped

Happiness and trust are words that each carry so much weight when referring to the circumstances and relationships in our lives. During the past ~five months since David’s return from Chile, there have been times when I’ve witnessed excitement, anticipation, handwringing, joy, patience, impatience, happiness, worry, longing, peace, frustration and resolve..all within… me. As a “long time fan of  David” I’ve had some real “figgering” out to do… It has involved some change and (hopefully) growth on my part. David worked hard during his two years away to mature, grow, and bring back the person he “became.” He’s shared some of these revelations and points of growth with us, so I guess it was my turn.

While David was away for two years “becoming,” I, as a fan, had remained in the same place. Although I fully expected to see changes in him when he returned, I was still (in my head) stuck with the way things had been for me as a fan in the years prior to his departure. It was time for me to reflect and hopefully grow a little, too, while continuing to support and celebrate the artist we respect and love.

I have been blessed beyond measure by all David selflessly and tirelessly gave in terms of music, personal time, and himself beginning in his teenage years! I was privileged as a fan to receive time that was being sacrificed from his family and friends. Beyond that, I’ve been personally blessed with friendships and “family” I’ve gained because of him. I don’t know if he can truly understand how much he has done, and the beautiful relationships that “exist” and continue to grow because he entered our lives. Simply amazing!!!!

He’s been taking more time since he returned for siblings and family which I am so very happy about. He’s shared on a number of occasions that he’s been working collaborations and about writing new music, which I’m elated about! Two of my favorite tweets from David since he’s returned are these:

tweet david gosh I love music tweet david music from the heart

David has also shared that he’s pursuing some new educational opportunities and I think this is awesome! With these priorities (and maybe other reasons as well), some of the time he’s previously spent on social media has changed. Enter today’s quote~

“The key to happiness is letting each situation be what IT IS instead of what you think it should be (or what you’re used to having it be).” <—my added words. ;)

When I saw this quote the other day, it suddenly made more sense to me. Although I was used to things being a certain way in the past as a fan, being completely honest, the basis of why I became a fan in the first place hasn’t changed: David is an incredibly talented man, with a wonderful spirit, and his voice moves me like no other. I simply love hearing David sing! I love his voice and I love the way he puts 100% of every fiber of his being into each performance.  I value each and every album he’s released, appreciate the labor and effort he’s put into all of his music, and I look forward to the next and all others after that when they come…whenever they come. I’ll listen, get those chills, and most likely cry as I have so many times in the past. I’m so looking forward to the day, too, when I’ll be able to hear him sing live again whether it’s this year, next year, whenever it happens, and I believe it will happen, I’ll again be moved by his live voice and so blessed!

It’s a good feeling to know that we can all continue to celebrate David’s music, celebrate each other, support each other, work together for charitable causes, appreciate the music of other artists, too, and just have fun hanging out together in the meantime. I think my friends and “team members” Mary Lou, Kalei, David G, along with our chat mods here all agree on this.  And as Kalei mentioned yesterday, the celebration of David’s  music and of our “archu-buddie adventures” will continue MOST definitely ~until the day when we see David live again..and I DO trust that we will. :)

So for today, I’m going to continue to celebrate with all of you, choose happiness, and….

quote keep calm and trust Disclaimer: Today’s soliloquy is just me~ sharing a little of what’s in my head and my heart. There are so many ways to feel as a fan and no way is  better or “right.” I’m sorry today’s post is so very late but if one could see eraser marks and re-writes on this post, there would be many. :)  Hugs to all and have a great Sunday! I’m closing with an all time favorite memory and reminder of what being a fan of David for me is all about.

Wishing you all a great remainder of the day!

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David Archuleta ~ Sing-In-The-Car-Saturday, Operation Gratitude Poll Results, The ArchuAdventure Continues, StarHub Live Chat, Nandito Ako Marathon Anyone?


Be Still….

photo edit by jenleighbarry

photo edit by jenleighbarry – photo credit matt clayton

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Operation Gratitude Poll Results

The votes are in, and there is a clear winner!  The great majority of fans voted for the remaining funds to be donated and used to cover postage to send goodie boxes to soldiers.  Thanks again to Holly for her wonderful inspiration and for coordinating this super successful project!  Thanks also to everyone who participated – soldiers everywhere will appreciate the reminders of home!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.53.05 PM

*  *  *  *  *

The ArchuAdventure Continues

~The Quest To See David On The Big Screen

After staying up all night talking, reminiscing and creating new memories, the sun rose mighty early the next morning!  Shari was coming to meet us for lunch and we settled into day 2 of our ArchuAdventure.  We ended up at BJ’s Brewhouse hungry & ready to eat!

P1010839BJs Lunch

After a yummy lunch and sharing stories about the wedding, it was time to say goodbye to Shari and head up to Angela’s house – about a 2-hour drive – so what do die-hard Archies do on long car rides?  Why yes!  We queue up David cd’s on the fancy Bose stereo sound system and sing along to David music!

Janet’s beautiful SUV was also outfitted with a dvd monitor (or in our case – david monitor lol), which gave us the perfect opportunity to watch Called to Serve!  After that we watched the dvd extras from the Forevermore album, which included all of David’s official music videos!  That was a fun drive!


Monday marked the 3rd day of our ArchuAdventure, and the group was down to Angela, Randy, me, and Jerry – we made our traditional trip to Trader Joe’s to stock up on goodies, and for me to pack my bag full of treats to take back home with me!  We stopped at The Habit for lunch because the Huffington Post said it was voted the favorite burger place in the nation – even beating my fave, In-N-Out!  The burgers were tasty, and the fresh ingredients did add great flavor!


- Angela, Randy & Jerry outside the Habit

We decided to make spaghetti for dinner – because we weren’t stuffed enough from the giant burgers?  But it’s always fun cooking together, so we got our ingredients and headed back for a taste of little Italy!

- Mama mia that's a taste of Italy!

– Mama Mia that’s a taste of Italy!

~ Roku Night

Angela owns a GIANT 50″ TV and we were brainstorming ways to watch David vids on that big screen – Randy aka DigitalGenius, told us about Google Chromecast which allows you to play anything on your computer, iPad or smart phone and “beam it up Scotty” directly to your TV!  We were intrigued!  So we hopped in the car and made a trip to Target to acquire this magical device!  Alas, Target does not carry Google Chromecast, but they did have its close cousin, the Roku Streaming Stick!


Now I have a Roku Box at home for my TIVO – and it allows me to watch David’s performances from AI7 – with commercials intact – that I recorded way back in 2008!  The new generation Roku Streaming Stick is a slick purple and black number with a USB drive that plugs into your smart TV.  It took a good bit of effort – mostly from Randy & Angela – to turn the giant TV so we could get the device plugged in, but once we had a continuous power supply ie: plugging it into a wall socket, Voila! we were able to watch You Tube vids on the giant 50″ screen!

We gathered on the couch and watched David’s journey through the Idol process from his first audition singing Waiting on the World to Change.  We watched each vid in chronological order – just like the first time – but this time we were TOGETHER!  Yelling at the TV when Simon criticized David, and grimacing in union on that first Beatles performance when David didn’t quite work it out….


We almost called in to VOTE!

We watched all the way up to the Finale – it was past midnight and Jerry had to leave, so we were spared the agony of re-living the episode where Ryan announces the wrong David lol – it was a wonderful way to spend time with ArchuBuddies – exclaiming about how young David looked and his penchant for graphic tees and baggy jeans haha :-)

Next time we meet up, I think a Nandito Ako marathon is in order!  We can make popcorn and re-live the 25 glorious hours of David in the Bunny suit hopping into the limo, exclaiming to Anya “I’m not LAMPA!” and singing his heart out to Holly in her head scarf and sun hat.  Thankfully we will not have to watch 30 minutes of Will Time Big Time and the spinning of the giant wheel with the scantily clad WTBT dancers first!  You gotta love the magic of technology!

Here are a few collages showing how much fun we packed into 3.5 days – and realizing that no matter how much time we spend together, it is just never, never enough.

Red Robin YUMMMM!

Red Robin YUMMMM!

Wedding Fun!

Wedding Fun!

More wedding fun!

More wedding fun!

Efam = LOVE

Efam = LOVE

More eFam fun!

More eFam fun!

Memories to last a lifetime

Memories to last a lifetime

*  *  *  *  *

StarHub Live Chat

Anodrlurker shared the links to these great live chats that David did back in the day for StarHub Entertainment – he’s chatty and giggly and random – all the good stuff we love about David interviews!  And of course, someone gave him a spinning chair lol!  He also sings a snippet of A Whole New World!

Live Chat StarHub Entertainment Part 1 of 2 (credit:StarHub)

Live Chat StarHub Entertainment Part 2 of 2 (credit: StarHub)

*  *  *  *  *

Nandito Ako Marathon Weekend 

Mary Dee asked if anyone would like to indulge in a Nandito Ako marathon this weekend?  If you have a 50″ TV, may I suggest that you take her up on that offer! :-)  For those of you who have Nothing Else Better To Do, this would be a perfect way to spend 25 hours every day!

Nandito Ako (credit: saragirl)

Watch live streaming video from saragirl at livestream.com

*  *  *  * *

That’s a wrap for this short Sing-Along-In-The-Car Saturday post.  Hope all of you enjoy a wonderful weekend with family & friends!  I really need to get me a 50″ TV haha!  I still have to unpack and wash laundry from my trip to Cali, so my weekend is booked!

Joanie will be back tomorrow with a lovely Sunday post!

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