David Archuleta ~ Mini Monday Post


Meeting David ~ Priceless!

- credit La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias en México

– credit La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias en México

This little girl’s expression is beyond cute!  Young or old and all ages in between – from every country around the world – when we meet David in person our reactions are all pretty much the same!

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we don't meet people by accident quote

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UPDATE Tuesday 02/24/15


- David posted on his IG & FB!

– David posted on his IG & FB!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.26.05 AM


The hashtag king strikes again!  David posted a collage of pics from his visit to the pyramids in Mexico on his FB & IG and he was generous with the hashtags! This post didn’t make it to Twitter – perhaps because the tag is way over 140 characters – but this would have been an awesome pic to retweet!

It’s so great that David and Kari got to spend some time exploring the historic sites in Mexico – looks like he’s excited to return soon!

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- shared by Shanelle on FB

– shared by Shanelle on FB

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.33.41 AM

Shanelle followed in David’s footsteps and got happy with hashtags!  I love #nofilter and #naturalbeauty – it’s totally true – David doesn’t need a filter to look great!

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Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.39.34 AM

- click to read the article (in Spanish)

– click to read the article (in Spanish)

If anyone can translate this article – we’d appreciate it!  I never really trust Google Translate to get it right lol!

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Roots Tech Vid 

A newly posted vid from Roots Tech – David singing his amazing version of Don’t Run Away and Glorious!  He also talks a bit between songs – “Can you see me?” – “We’re all cousins right?” – I can listen to him talk all day long!  The audio on this vid is terrific!  It feels like you were right there in the audience!

David Archuleta Live at Roots Tech (credit: Jennifer Day)

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Well that’s it for this Tuesday update – love that there was news to share – we always love a good IG & FB post from David!  I’m guessing he’s back now – either in Utah or Nashville – stay tuned when he updates us on his next adventure!

Joanie will be back tomorrow with the Wednesday post!

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Slow News Day In ArchuLand

I’ve been searching all forms of social media and there was really no news today so I was stumped about what I should post.  I ended up searching You Tube, and of course when you search for “David Archuleta” the first vid that comes up is Crush – because it has an amazing 46,629,987 views!  That got me to pondering what vids had the least views?

I sorted by number of views and there are 36 pages of vids, this is what I found:

The first vid had only 3 views, but that could be because it was just posted yesterday.  It’s an orchestral version of Crush – very chill version at that – take a listen and see what you think.

Crush (credit:#TheOrchestralAcademyOfLosAngeles)

The next least viewed vid is sure to get many more views, but it was also just uploaded yesterday and had 37 views as of this posting.

Nunca Pense – Live at Roots Tech 2015 (credit: Jennifer Day)

I’m skipping several other orchestral versions of Crush – they all got posted yesterday – not sure why there are so many vids of the same thing lol – anyway, the next vid is interesting because it was just posted on 2/20/15, but it’s of the 2010 Capitol Fourth SSB! Yes it’s a recording of the TV broadcast, but someone took the time to record and post it, so let’s watch it! It only had 3 views at the time of posting:

A Capitol Fourth 2010 David Archuleta (credit: Chris Myles)

Chris must have just rediscovered these old vids and decided to post them! The next one with no views is the broadcast of the SSB from the NASCAR Auto Club in 2011 – it’s a patriotic day here on FOD!

NASCAR Auto Club 2011 David Archuleta (credit: Chris Myles)

Next up is a fan vid of collected pics made into a slide show to David singing Imagine – 62 views so far – let’s give it a few more!

David Archuleta (credit: KaYlaArChUlEtA)

And what concert would be complete without jumping to Zero Gravity?  This is a cute vid – a bit frenetic when she jumps along to the song lol – and the singing along is awesome cause it captures all the excitement of a David concert – which I hope we ALL get to attend again soon!

Crazy Zero Gravity that made me all dizzy (credit: ACCIO VIDEOS)

I’m closing this very short post with David’s baby – the song that started it all, and still continues to rack up views even after 7 years! CRUSH!

Crush (Official Video) – (credit: davidarchuletaVEVO)

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cold outside

As it turns out, the sort function on You Tube is not accurate – there are vids in random order that have fewer views than the ones I posted, but these were at the end of the queue, so those are the ones that got posted lol!

Wishing everyone a warm and safe week!  Hopefully there will be some news today and I’ll post an update tomorrow!  I hope someone is archiving all of these videos – there seem to be fewer and fewer of them each year as people take them down or close their You Tube channels. :-(  

The good thing is we can always look forward to NEW David vids as long as he keeps recording & performing!


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David Archuleta ~ See The Sights Sunday Post


Seeing The Sights

- credit Kari

– credit Kari

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.55.27 PM

And the slightly longer description on IG:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.50.12 AM

And now a close up photo!

- We see you David & Kari! - via rhiminee's twitter

– We see you David & Kari! – via rhiminee’s twitter

It’s great seeing Kari and David enjoying the historic sites in Mexico!

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Be Still My Soul

Kurt Bestor’s beautiful arrangement of BSMS for David’s BEGIN. album is now available in sheet music!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.11.22 AM

– click to purchase

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.24.17 AM

- click to purchase

– click to purchase

Here’s a reminder of how beautiful this song is (different arrangement)is when sung by David.

Be Still My Soul (credit: Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

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Fun Finds

Creative Archies share their talents!

- Artwork by Annisaa Bustami

– Artwork by Annisaa Bustami

- Celebrating Chinese  New Year- credit pocoelsy

– Celebrating Chinese New Year- credit pocoelsy

- Waving Hi! - graphic credit pocoelsy

– Waving Hi! – graphic credit pocoelsy

- colored pencil drawing credit JPaleFOD

– colored pencil drawing credit JPaleFOD

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Mahalo For Your Birthday Wishes!



A big mahalo to everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes!  Whether on twitter, on Facebook or right here in our very own FOD comments – the multitude of good wishes really made my day!  I tried to respond to everyone, but if I accidentally missed you, sincere apologies and please know that I loved your birthday wishes!

Pastel and I are switching days, so I’ll be back tomorrow with the Monday post!

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