Happy Weekend!!! Chapman University Commencement in @davidarchie pictures and vids! A reunion with @pinantonio, Tweets of wisdom this week


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My Hands ….

hands david archuleta

Credit to Pattyann for the cropped image from Paul Cardall’s FB

 best mirror is an old friend

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Chapman Update!!!!!

david tweet chapman

And look, the closest we have had to a twitter party in a long time!

jen swift tweet connie sellecca tweet

I agree with Martha’s tweet completely.  Love this couple and love how open they are about their faith.  When I was at home for several weeks last year I anxiously would watch their lifestyle show, corny as some of it was, because they are the cutest couple!

So great to see David respond to some of these tweets!

I posted the setlist from the Interfaith Service already:

setlist chapman

Love this IG.  Thanks DFT for the find!

“I highly recommend sharing the stage with an American Idol star when at all possible”.

david dressing room

valeriekaur igvaleriekaur and david archuletaAnd here are some snippets from the performance:

Before I get into the songs, please make sure to check out @djafanthevoice’s recap at The Voice.  What a great night for her and her granddaughter!


He Lives in You.  Sound only.  From Pam Pike (thank you!).  The link is to Pam’s FB page so click on the image below to go there:

he lives in you final

And Crush on IG.  Click to go!

chapman crush ig

And full vid! David KILLS THIS!!!!

Glorious!!!!! What fine fine fine voice!!!!

Be Still My Soul. Acoustics are INSANE! David’s voice is INSANE!

My Little Prayer. This is my new favourite song. I have been singing it in my head every morning. David, you connect in so many ways.

A few pictures from Lily!

lily chapman tweet

lily chapman 2 lily david chapman 1

and some more pictures from Ruth Muñoz Cruz Landa who travelled from Mexico to the event.  From her FB page. 

ruth munoz cruz landa 5 ruth munoz cruz landa 4 ruth munoz cruz landa 3 ruth munoz cruz landa 2 ruth munoz cruz landa 1

We love the happy looks here!

morgan jul tweet chapman* * * * * *

Chapman University Commencement event today!

David at rehearsal.  I think I am in love with this picture.  All is calm, David is focused, seated, alone.  Bathed in blue.  Great shot Kari.

intimate chapman u david archuleta instagram

calm before the crowd musco center interfaith service baccalaureate chapman university

More on Chapman!

chapman university graduates

And David will perform at the Interfaith Service! But will there be a livestream?

live stream chapman

Although the schedule above does not show one, this was posted earlier this week, and here is the LINK


baccalaureate interfaith service link

And here is the overall schedule of events today.

chapman schedule

4 pm PDT is 7 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  I hope all the graduates and attendees have a great ceremony and enjoy the service.

DJATheVoice was there!

setlist chapman

And from Chapman University Instagram …

chapman u instagram

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David in California!!!!

… and there is ice cream on the agenda!!!  The lovely and talented @pinantonio is in California with @andraiantonio and low and behold, there were lovely pictures to document the event!

If you do not remember, Pin Antonio styled David’s hair when he was in the Philippines in 2012.  In addition, David and his team used Pin’s house for the Forevermore music video.  Loved it!  Love everything about Pin <3.

picture pinantonio ice cream ig pinantonio ice cream pinantonio dinner karisellards david archuleta summer thacker bryan thacker

Kari is so dang cute here!  And Pin is as stylish as ever!  You should check out her IG too. Love her quotes and messages on there.

david archuleta pinantonia kari sellards califronia

pinantonia ig 2

pinantonia life is beautiful IG pic

pinantonia life is beautiful IG

Nice to see old friend reunite!  Here’s a pic from the FOD media library!  Good times in 2012~

Another one

David and Pin

david pinantonio after i cut his hair david archuleta pinantonio pin antonio philippines david archuleta pinantonio pin antonio

And here is the Forevermore music vid!  My hands again!

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More from Slovenia

A few more pictures from the event in Slovenia, and such.

Love the massive smile!  Something must have been funny!

david archuleta smiling and paul cardall david and paul cardhall

david slovenia the prayer david slovenia interview

 A week in tweets of wisdom …

Just gathering up a few David communications this week :)

Here is the link to David’s tweet, and Amber’s IG.   Make sure to read her IG.  Yup, Amber gets it …

davids sister amber wise

Love this quote from Paul on taking risks.  All very true!   Here’s when better to be safe than sorry does NOT apply …

tweets wisdom paul coelho

I’m not sure I fully understand all of this one, but lots to ponder on here…

attract what you expect quote tweet david archuleta

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As Found aRoundmy sharona chapman u cathern chapman u

I’ll gather up whatever I can, folks!

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All is Beautiful in the Balkans! Humanitarian Concert makes news, Mother-in-law love, @davidarchie Flying Under the Radar, More Weekend pictures


paul cardall david archuleta microphone

Credit: Paul Cardall’s FB


quote happy lincoln* * * * *

Images from Slovenia!

Castle hopping!!!!

predjama cottage ig predjama castle slovenia

So, where is David and team?  If you double click on David’s location on Instagram, Predjama Grad, Instagram brings up this, and look who has the top post?

ig predjama castle slovenia

but that isn’t very informative re: where the castle is located.  This is a bit more helpful!

where is predjama castle

And look how close it is to Venice!!!!

From Wiki, Predjama Castle is a Renaissance castle built within a cavemouth in south-central Slovenia, in the historical region of Inner Carniola. It is located in the village of Predjama.  The castle was first mentioned in the year 1274 with the German name Luegg, when the Patriarch of Aquileia built the castle in Gothic style. The castle was built under a natural rocky arch high in the stone wall to make access to it difficult.  Source

No kidding!

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David and Paul in the news!

First, from Deseret News:

David Archuleta, Paul Cardall perform at humanitarian concert in Slovenia

Many online news blogs picked up on this article.  Deseret News posted this on Sunday.

deseret slovenia article


Published: Sunday, May 15 2016 6:30 p.m. MDT

Musical artists singer David Archuleta and pianist Paul Cardall performed Friday, May 13, in the Slovenian Opera Theatre for the Slovenian Heart Foundation’s sold-out 25th anniversary charity concert celebration.

Musical artists singer David Archuleta and pianist Paul Cardall performed Friday, May 13, in the Slovenian Opera Theatre at the invitation of the Slovenian Heart Foundation for the group’s sold-out 25th anniversary charity concert celebration.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was invited to partner with the foundation and find the entertainers for the event, the proceeds of which will benefit children and their families in times of illness.

Cardall, who is a heart transplant recipient, previously performed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last September as a guest of the Adriatic North Mission in partnership with St. James Catholic Church, to benefit the Slovenian Heart Foundation.

While in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Archuleta and Cardall toured the Pediatric Children’s Hospital and met with LDS Church missionaries.

Here are a number of pictures from the article:

david archuleta paul cardall tour pediatric childrens hospital 1

Paul Cardall, center, and David Archuleta, center right, tour the Pediatric Children’s Hospital. Cardall and Archuleta were in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to perform at humanitarian concert to benefit the Slovenia Heart Foundation on May 13, 2016. (Tim Johnson, KSL)

david archuleta hugging paul cardall slovenia david archuleta smiling as he is singing kendra slovenia david archuleta paul cardall tour pediatric childrens hospital 2 david archuleta paul cardall slovenia heart foundation may 13 ksl deseret slovenia david archuleta singing the prayer

Paul Cardall, center, and David Archuleta, center right, tour the Pediatric Children’s Hospital. Cardall and Archuleta were in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to perform at humanitarian concert to benefit the Slovenia Heart Foundation on May 13, 2016. (Tim Johnson, KSL)

And from Paul Cardall’s Facebook Page.  Some lovely images from the concert on Thursday in Lj

david archuleta and paul cardall on stage david archuleta flowers slovenia kendra paul cardall david archuleta singing slovenia paul cardall And some backstage pictures:

paul cardall and family and david archuleta group picture slovenia paul cardall

And this is my absolute favourite:

“My Slovene Mother in Law loved David”. And it shows!!

"My Sloven Mother in Law loved David".  And it shows!!
“My Slovene Mother in Law loved David”. And it shows!!

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David Archuleta at Chapman College on Friday

chapman uni picture

As published by Kalei, David is slated to perform at the Chapman Baccalaureate Interfaith Service on Friday May 20th.  This article explains the event very well:

Crushing on Archuleta

Sending graduating students into the real world with the help of a spiritual ceremony featuring celebrity David Archuleta is the mission for the Chapman Baccalaureate Interfaith Service.

“We are hearing a lot of excitement,” said Gail Stearns, dean of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel. “People want to come and tickets are going really fast so people seem really excited about having him.”

david portraitRunner-up American Idol Season 7 contestant Archuleta will be singing and speaking at the baccalaureate service May 20 in the Musco Center for the Arts at 4 p.m as a part of the spiritual ceremony for graduating seniors.

A baccalaureate is an inspirational and a traditionally religious service for graduates. As Chapman is an interfaith campus, the service will be about the students following their own journeys, whether they’re religious or not, Stearns said.

Archuleta was chosen because of his connection to Mormonism and passion for the Latter Day Saints, Stearns said. Although Archuleta will be singing some of his music, he is being paid a fraction of the cost of a regular concert, Stearns said.

archuletapdf“What we do is we look for people that are really motivated by either their faith or spiritual traditions or in some way can talk about what it means to do their art as a form of service,” Stearns said.


Valarie Kaur, a member of the Sikh religion and an inspirational social justice speaker, will join Archuleta onstage, Stearns said.

The Fish Interfaith Center Advisory Council, which is made up of students, faculty and members of the Orange County community that are involved in interfaith work, select the speakers each year, Stearns said.

“I think what I’m really excited about is we have these two people, David Archuleta and Valarie Kaur, both of whom are both really inspirational people because they come from a very deep place within themselves and consider their work really a service,” Stearns said.

Rachael Cohen, president of Chapman Hillel and a past member of the advisory council, is volunteering her time to help out with the event.

“I think people are surprised by it because David Archuleta sort of flew under the radar for a couple of years, but I think people are generally excited about him coming for baccalaureate,” the junior strategic and corporate communication major said. “I am excited to actually see what baccalaureate is. I’ve been hearing about it for three years and I’ve never actually seen what it is.”

The event is co-sponsored by the Argyros School of Business and Economics, the College of Educational Studies, the Huntington Lectureship in the Department of Religious Studies, the Newman Catholic Fellowship and the Student Government Association.

Krista Hengesh, a senior public relations and advertising major, said she is not able to attend the event as she has her graduation party.

“Honestly, I’m really disappointed I can’t go,” Hengesh said. “I think it would be awesome to hear him speak and sing.”

Stearns said she thinks the event will be meaningful.

“I think it also really demonstrates Chapman’s commitment to interfaith and two different viewpoints, so that’s one of the things we really want to showcase and just really give the graduates a very meaningful send off,” she said.

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As Found aRound

madeline cant help


a beautiful thing

Credit: Shelley

Credit: Shelley

See you later on this week.

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