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As found on Mary Ann Munk’s Facebook page:

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A Sunday Tweet

A very rare tweet on a Sunday from David, to encourage us during Holy Week.  And many fans responded, even on a Sunday evening.

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Another perfect tweet for a Sunday

How being Humble, Kind and Calm Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Great article that Gina referred her followers to.  As I read it, I can’t help but think about some special people in my life who are great examples of this, and, of course, David.

You’ve heard it all your life: Being humble, kind, and calm is the “right thing to do.” But if that isn’t enough to convince you, consider this: humility, kindness, and calmness can actually help you get ahead in life.

The Benefits of Being Humble

Confidence is key to getting ahead in life. It helps you do better at work, in relationships, and in interviews. Overconfidence, however, can make you seem like a genuine jerk. We all know that one person that thinks they are the strongest, smartest, and just all around best at everything. Truthfully, we all dislike that person to some degree. 






People respond well to humility because it shows that you place yourself at the same level as them, and not above them. Plus, it has other benefits too. Psyblog has an eye-opening list of these benefits that can occur in your personal and professional life. Here are just a few:

  • Soothe the Soul: Humble people are better able to cope with anxiety about their mortality. Instead of erecting self-defenses against death, humble people tend to find it provides a useful perspective on life and how it should be lived. When it’s not all about you, it makes death easier to contemplate.
  • Higher Self-Control: Having high self-control is one key to a successful life. Oddly, perhaps, studies have found that an obsession with the self can paradoxically lead to lower self-control. The humble, though, because they place less importance on the self, exhibit higher self-control in many situations. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that humble people tend to know their limits.
  • More Helpful: Humble people are, on average, more helpful than people who are conceited or egotistical. In a study by LaBouff et al. (2011), participants who were more humble, were more likely to offer help, and offered more of their time, to those in need. Unsurprisingly, humble people have also been found to be more generous.
Check out the rest of the article at LifeHacker here.

I’ll post the article today, and I invite you to talk about it in comments.  I think I could devote an entire post to some of the thoughts mentioned in the article.

I’ll bring it back tomorrow and provide some of your comments and discuss further in my Tuesday post.  

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A Message from The David Archuleta Music Scholarship Team!




Because of YOU we will be awarding 2 deserving

students a scholarship worth $1,800 each!! 

Over 5 years of scholarships the

total amount  given is $19,600!!!!

It is ALL because of YOU and we cannot say THANKS enough.



will be awarded in a ceremony later this Spring. 

When we have information on the

recipients we will post it on our website


and let you know that it’s there.


“No person was ever honored for what he received.

Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” 

—-Calvin Coolidge


WE honor YOU and your giving heart.



We have a WINNER!!

HOWEVER, a number of emails have

been sent to the winner with no response. 



If we do not hear back we will have to draw a new winner.


Friend us and ‘like’ us on Facebook          Follow us on Twitter

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Get Your Vote On!   Best American Idol Contestant of All Time!

Ending Soon!  ROUND 1: Vote For Your Favorite ‘American Idol’ Contestant Of All-Time!

Closing this week~  
Poll results are hidden for the duration of the contest, and they have included an additional layer of security to the voting process, but it’s still worth voting to support David!  
Have you done so recently????  Do it! 

Here is the voting link:

ROUND 1:  Who is your favorite Idol Contestant of all time?

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It’s Quiet, so …

I’m just gonna pull up a cornucopia of gems from April 14 from years gone by.

An new David Archuleta vlog (sort of)

One of my favourite fan produced sort-of-David-Archuleta vlog.

I will never be able to look at a camel the same way again.


This vlog was all sorts of perfect!

A result of a weekend fan get together in Cincinnati, Ohio with the “Out of Towners”, this vlog touches on it all:  its full of all sorts of randomness, thanks to fans, food, animal references, a comment on the hair, and questions and thanks to fans.  And scratching that chin!

All done with tons of love! Thanks so much to the crew!

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Mormon Times covered David on a Mission, a fan perspective

 KSL.com’s Mormon Times ran a segment on April 14, 2013 on what David Archuleta was up to musically during his mission.  It was a mystery to some not familiar with David that he was able to release music to fans while away on his mission in South America.  This segment explained that all music was recorded before David departed.

I enjoyed this fresh perspective on what David is doing, as it focused on the viewpoint of four different fans, specifically their thoughts on David as a person, his music, his service and his return.  

Mormon Times interviewed  Shawna Tidwell (@stidwell53), Kim Takata  (@unicornfeather), Sara and Tiffanie, obtaining honest reactions to David leaving, his history of service, understanding what fans miss about David and how they are continuing to support David. They talked about what they would like David to do as a project when he returns.  The segment was short, but alot was said in less than 2 minutes, including alot of familiar areas to us:  the two CDs, David’s record of charity, the DRA music vid, the memorabilia.  I suspect it was educational for many.

“(While David is gone), people were expecting his fansites to be very quiet.  Boy, were they wrong”.

That statement made me laugh :)  I guess we would have been quiet if David didn’t leave us so many gifts of music and if Kari didn’t provide use with snippets of info, pictures or vids pretty well weekly over the two years.  I thought it was very nice to see the acknowledgement of many of the fansites including international as well as the OS.

Here’s our banner as it appeared on the screen momentarily )  We swelled with pride!

But what I loved about the segment was how each fan spoke honestly about their commitment to David while he is on his mission, while being excited for his return.  Fans spoke from their hearts, and that shone through!

The segment was a great demonstration that  #DA2014 was alive and well!

Well done to all four fans for representing the fans so well ~ Shawna, Kim, Sara and Tiffanie did GREAT!!!!  It would be cool if  Mormon Times decided to produce Part II, post mission!  FOD provided some help with the initial segment last year so would love to see another!

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Mormon Times Segment ~ The Back Story

Last year, we asked Pat Duran of KSL if she could share the back story on how the Mormon Times segment on David Archuleta, his mission, his music and his fans came to be.  Amid a very busy news day last year (Boston Marathon bombings), she took the time to answer a few questions for us:

Tell us  your role at KSL:

I am a television news editor, and I also help out on the program “Mormon Times” as an editor and I have been a field producer on a few of the stories.

Why did you decide to do the segment on David Archuleta, his mission and fans?  How did the segment come about?

I have been an ardent fan of David’s since seeing him sing “Another Day in Paradise” on American Idol. (I was a little late to the party.) So, being such -  anytime, anything might be happening in the Archiuniverse I would mention it to a producer, like the Libbie Linton interview or sneak in some of David’s music, like the KSL Christmas card show closer.

When I found out about David’s newest CD, I definitely approached the producer of Mormon Times about doing another story on David. I sent a youtube link of “Don’t Run Away” for her to hear. Angie, the producer, claimed she really liked it and was greatly impressed by the positive comments that were there. That opened the door to discuss my favorite subject -  I told her that there are still lots of people who are fans and David has had an Album on the Billboards 200 chart every year since American Idol. Since I was talking about the fans so much, it was decided that that would be the angle on the story.  :)

How did you chose the fans to interview?

Here I must give a shout out to the crews at FOD & THE DAVID CHRONICLES who helped me find other fans and photographs respectively to use in the story. Both  were instrumental in the making of this segment of the show. It was a quick turn around on setting up the interviews to the actual airdate that fans who were available at the time were on the show. I had others who expressed interest, but because of the date and time were not able to participate. The four that I am so grateful for – Shawna Tidwell, Kim Takata, Tiffanie Robertson and Sara Begent did a wonderful job of helping me explain why we are fans of David.

What was the common theme among fans?

There is a depth and emotional maturity among David’s fans that I don’t believe exist in other fandoms. David fans come from all over the world, of various age, ethnic , sex, creed and professions. And, with such diversity, it is amazing how dedicated we all are.

What could we find in the B roll?

I wanted to emphasize memories, both from the past and the ones I believe we are all looking forward to in the future. So, I asked the fans to please bring in David memorabilia. And, boy, did they!   :)  There were so many photos and posters, clothing and bracelets, calenders, pencils and even candy wrappers laid out on the counter. The package only shows a portion that was there. Also, those 4 did wonderful on the interviews and I would have loved to been able to expand on their answers. But, alas, I was only allotted 1:30, so I had to cut some short. Maybe with their’s and FOD’s blessing, I could post the log sheets of the whole interviews, if you’re interested.  (Maybe we should!) 

 Anything else  you’d like to mention?  

One quick story, As I was setting up for the interviews, the photographer – male, mid 20s, rides a motorcycle, claimed he has been to four of David’s concerts. Yay! all this time I didn’t know there was another David fan so close. :D

That was a great back story to how a segment makes it on the air!  Thanks again to our friend Pat for the interview and for being instrumental in this story :)

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Focus on “Shout to the Lord”

BY FAR, my favourite Idol collaboration ever.  It was performed and recorded for the Idol Gives Back segment during AI7.  The studio version is quite different from the live version, and it’s the studio version that provides some of the lushest and reverent vocals from David Archuleta within a collaboration.

Last year, Martha dug up some info about the origins of this song on the show. Apparently Sheila E. suggested it be performed on Idol.  I did not know that!

“A download-only recording by the 8 finalists of the 2008 American Idol competition took this worship song into the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100. The 8 had originally performed this at the end of the 2008 Idol Gives Back charity special.”

“According to Christianity Today it was the 1980s singer/percussionist Sheila E. who suggested this song to the American Idol producers. Sheila E was also a judge for The Next Great American Band, produced by the same company as Idol and though ultimately it wasn’t used, the producers loved the song so much, they waited for the right opportunity to use it later.” 


From: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=11164

Ending with this gorgeous Shout to the Lord (Studio version with David Archuleta solos) and video footage, with Spanish subtitles.  Check out 0:40 where it was apparent that David’s solo was so amazing, he got a friendly “you killed it” push as a result.

I could listen to this song daily.  Every.  Day.

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No Matter How Far love across the world

Last year, approximately 250 CDs were sent by very generous donors to recipients around the world. Here is but one of the lovely thank you notes to the donor.   We are always amazed at how when we ask for help, we are overwhelmed with replies.  There is no better set of fans, anywhere!

From a fan in the Philippines:

I’m so glad to hear that (I will get a CD)! I thought you won’t be able to find me a donor ’cause I saw on your FOD fb post that there were more people requesting than those donating, but here we are! Thank you so much for the effort, thanks for taking time to find someone who could donate a CD to me.. I really, really appreciate it. I wish I’d get old faster and finish college and find a job then maybe I could be a CD donor to my fellow archies too. :) I promise I’d give this gift back to you guys.

You don’t know how much you made my day with this news. :) Please tell my donor that I am beyond grateful for his/her kindness. And I hope I could get to know him and thank him personally.

I will wait very patiently for the CD and I’ll let you know when I receive it. I am very sure that I’ll enjoy listening to it and I’m very excited to see and hold and listen to it. And yep, they play David’s music here in the Philippines especially those from Forevermore. I actually get that “zero gravity feeling” everytime I hear David’s songs on the radio! Haha.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for connecting archies around the world. It is so overwhelming to be a part of your happy family. Please continue doing what you do, supporting David and his charity and reaching out to his fans no matter how far. :)

 From a fan in Cambodia

Enter your zip code here

Oh My Gosh I’m so glad and exciting right now.  Thanks u so much for this amazing gift. Yeah yeah, David’s music is so much adorable to me, and I love requesting his music on radio fm too, they often play his music too  I’m waiting to see your magical gift for me here, THANKS U SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH 

From a fan in Peru

Yeahhh!! Of course!!! David’s music is amazing!! David is everything!!! his music is the best I’ve heard and I can listen for the rest of my life!!David is my Angel!! Angel that God sent his music to get my mind and my heart, really thank you very much because you are making my dream come true!! I know that when it comes to me I will enjoy the beautiful CD lot lot lot!!!
Yeahh here in Peru there is a fan club of David, of course, tell you that last year for David’s birthday (December 28) Peru Fan Club held a meeting to celebrate the day of David!! Although he is in his wonderful mission, me and all the fans here we are waiting # DA2014!!!

Thank you FOD for accepting my request,
thanks to my donor Shelley.. :)
I immediatelly play the CD when I got it..
I’ll share his songs to my sisters and my friends too..
I always introduce the new song of David to them.. hehe..
and I’m happy they like the song too..  :D

My donor Shelley gives me an extra photo too in my package..
I love David’s smile in the photo.. ^_^

thank you.. May God bless all donors and FOD admins.. :)

* * * * *

Looking back some more

We covered April 2013, but here’s what was going on April 14 in other years:

2012:  Day 17 in David Archuleta Land; Oh, Those Beautiful Eyes; Re-Visiting ‘When You Say You Love Me’…..

2011: INTERVIEW POSTED! David Archuleta interviewed THIS MORNING! LISTEN HERE!

2010:  Songwriting in NYC!!

2009:  New Vlog! More Summer Tour Goodies!  (CHECK OUT THE EYES HERE!)

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The Best of the Best ~ Intros and Band Solos

Today’s focus is on Band introductions and resulting solos.  Take a look at our nominees and tell us what you think of the winners.  HINT:  the winner was from a concert that was all kinds of awesome (not much of a hint, is it!)

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As Found aRound

Credit Shelly Tonder

Credit Eliane Barcelos

Credit to   @ElianeTulipa


Credit to whom?

With a little pastel colouring added, this is my twitter background.  Love it!

Credit: @grayAAA

NA Memories

Credit: @sandyronquillo

The Ties Have It!

Credit: truearchiefan

Hanne Denmark photo Matt Clayton original

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That’s it for a Monday!  See you tomorrow.

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David Archuleta ~ Sunday Serenity


There’s no place like home….

– credit jmorales

I love Juan’s photo-edits of David, and this one seems particularly appropriate as we continue to celebrate welcoming David home.

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~ Thanks to Lisa B. for sharing this quote with us!

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Best of the Best Performances

Category:  Best Cover

The Nominees (there are 7!):
1. Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Myrtle Beach
2. Ribbon in the Sky – Duffy’s Hope
3. The Riddle – CFTH, Stroudsburg
4. Apologize – David/Demi Tour, Hartford
5. One Medley – Solo Tour
6. Gotta Get Thru This – Nashville
7. Crazy – Hong Kong

And the winner is (drum roll)……..

The Riddle – CFTH Tour Stroudsburg (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

I love David’s cover of the Riddle, and also Fields of Gold from the CFTH Tour – if David chooses to take his music in this direction that would be cool!

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Collage Collections

Here are two collages from our FOD Archives – perfect to enjoy on a lovely Sunday.

– collage credit Hanne Denmark

– via FOD Archives

*  *  *  *  *

Celebrating another week of David being home – and what a week it’s been!  Wishing you all a blessed Sunday – I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Pastel will be back tomorrow with another amazing post!

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