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Credit Shelley

Credit Shelley



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Shelley’s (and Lisa, Veronica and Shannon’s) Excellent Adventure!

Here is my recap of the amazing trip Lisa, Veronica, Shannon and I took to see David live!! First of all Veronica and I painted up my car with David’s name.

David Archuleta Shelley's car signs bumper stickers Fans of David


David Archuleta Idaho Falls Girls by the falls

Drove a long 12 hour drive to Idaho Falls. Veronica spent most of the drive doing her homework.On the way we saw a very petty lake in Idaho stopped to take a few pictures.

We were all so excited to see David and our David fan friends and to meet new friends. I was also excited to see my long time friend Mike who lives in Idaho Falls. We haven’t seen each other in over 26 years.

We went to the Colonial venue, and saw a picture of David in front so Veronica and Shannon took a picture with it. By the way, these two 15 year old girls are so much fun to travel with. They are an absolute hoot.

david archuleta sign Idaho Falls girls freak out credit shelley Fans of DavidThursday night concert. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces. I saw Miss sweet Bianca and she was giving out David trading cards (see below). They are so awesome. What a clever idea. Thank you Miss B.

I bought me a poster and a T-shirt  at the merch table, also a Gracie CD. I finally got to meet Deb and Nancy from Canada. They are both very sweet. I met a sweet fan named Jani form Minnesota. She was with Sharon. I had 2 extra tickets in the second row so I gave them to Jani and Sharon. This was Jani’s first David concert. It was meant to be.  We were all so excited to hear and see David! You know….that antsy feeling you get right before the AMAZING DAVID ARCHULETA takes the stage???

First was Gracie….I love her voice. She is such a sweet girl. That girl is so talented.  After her set, Veronica and Shannon went out to take pictures with her and her guitarist Cutter Gage. Then we were all sitting and waiting for David. We started chanting DA VID DA VID but people were not getting into it much so Veronica had to stand up to motion people to start chanting. LOL ….She is unlike me…I printed a bunch of WELCOME BACK signs for people to hold up.

David Archuleta open hand singing credit Shelley Fans of DavidI don’t think many did though. Then FINALLY after 8 months of waiting after buying the tickets…DAVID came out!! Eeeeeeek! He started with TOSOD . His band looked so awesome and fresh. They did not want people taking videos.

david archuleta very serious singing at mike credit shelley Fans of DavidI was a little worried, I was in the front row around the middle. The usher was at the end of the aisle. I saw her shake her head when she saw me, but she did not say anything. He sang everything so perfectly. The ones I really liked the most were Don’t Give up, Everybody Hurts and the new song Numb. That is my new jam by the way ☺Right before he sang it he told us how it came about. That he felt he did not want to do this anymore….making music? I think we all gasped. The song is so amazing and I hope it is a single on his new CD. I can just hear it on the radio. By the end of the show, we were all in an “archudaze” as usual. Veronica and Shannon made friends with Gracie and Cutter at the end of the show haha!

We hung out for a bit and saw Kari. I think I gave her a key chain that I made for fans. I cannot remember if I did. “old age” We  had to pry Veronica and Shannon away from Gracie…we were one of the last to leave. Then Julie, Shawna and Pam came to our hotel for a few hours.

david archuleta and the girls tractor credit shelley Fans of DavidOn Friday Lisa started feeling under the weather a little. Poor girl. We went and checked out the water falls. Came back to the hotel so she could rest. We met up with Linda from Texas and she hung out with us. Then all of a sudden David tweets the hide n seek tweet!!?? We got Lisa up and went to see if we could find him so that Veronica could possibly get her selfie with him that she has been wanting. lol We googled tractors in park and it kept coming up with snake river. We finally SAW HIM!! The girls screamed so loud when we turned that corner and they jumped out of the car and almost “plowed” him over. lol We were second to find him so they all got their picture with him. I wanted one so bad, but I did not want to bother him with a picture with me. Kicking myself now. haha. He was probably thinking…..this crazy lady with my name all over her car….he couldn’t talk because he was on vocal rest.

Shaycarl Shelley Linda Lisa Jules Idaho Falls Credit Shelley Fans of DavidBut it was a lot of fun. Then we went to meet my buddy Mikey at Famous Dave’s BBQ before show number 2. We finally met Mary Dee. She is so much fun!! What a sweetheart that gal is. We saw Shay Carl and got a picture with him. The video police were in full force for this show. Boooo. Numb was even better at his show. He sang all the same songs that he did the night before. Beautiful was out of this world. Veronica and Shannon said they saw Kari at the end of the show and went where they were not suppose to by accident and gave Kari a huge hug! Where was I? lol I am thinking Kari will not forget those 2 faces. haha  We had another late night uploading pictures…watching videos.

idaho falls credit shelley david archuleta fans of davidNext stop…LAYTON!! We drove a few hours to Layton and saw Lily, and her gang on the way pass us up. I look down and my gas light is on! Oh my….with all the excitement we forgot to get gas Luckily we made it to the gas station. We went and checked out the beautiful venue when we got to Layton. Went back to the hotel and got ready for the show. When we went back to the venue there were tons of people in line. I mean TONS!! I loved it! When the concert started, I knew right off the bat that David was sick. He talked through a lot of the songs and the band had to sing a lot more. He still sounded amazing. He wanted us to all help him sing. I felt so bad for him. You know how he wants to put on a good show and how he does not like to cancel shows, but he was pretty sick. We saw Kari come out and say something to all the band members.

David Archuleta holding 3 fingers up Layton Utah Credit Shelley Fans of DavidDavid left the stage for a few minutes and came out with a venue worker and the man told everyone that David has the flu but David would not stop the show. So of course David sang…and talked a couple more songs. So many people sang Glorious with him. I think he was shocked that no one left. lol Oh David….like I said you could just stand there and smile for 3 hours and no one would leave. Veronica and Shannon talked to Gracie and Cutter after the show, and Cutter said that everyone said he should not go on, he was pacing back and fourth backstage. Poor David. He had a Dr. backstage with him also. So he was really sick.

Close up david piano Layton Credit Shelley Fans of David


david holding mike red background credit Shelley fans of davidWe kept checking our emails for the next 2 days. Of course we wanted to see him again on Monday, but we also wanted him to get better. Sunday we went and checked out The Salt Lake. Took some pictures, got muddy. lol Then went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The girls wanted to make a sign for Gracie, Cutter and David so we went and got supplies for that. They did an amazing job on those signs.

Monday….the last day of the concert….There were a lot of people in line again for this show. We went and got David and Kari each a get well card for all the fans to sign. That was Lisa’s brilliant idea. We also got David a hat at the mall…a get well gift?? lol So many fans signed the cards before the show.

david in purple layton holding mike credit shelley fans of davidWhile I was off doing that, Lisa made friends with a very sweet couple next to us. Then David tweeted about giving front row center tickets away to the first person that went to the merch table that could say where his mom was born. Lisa had helped the sweet couple next to us win those tickets. Their first time seeing David. So we were at the merch table and Kari took a picture of us all and with the girls sign they made. The sign said “You are our inspiration David” I told them they could write WE LOVE YOU DAVID!! But Veronica said that was not a good thing to write because he doesn’t even know us. lol  On Saturday night some girls yelled WE LOVE YOU DAVID!! And he said very politely and funnish…”you don’t even know me” lol

david grinning jazzy reading Layton credit shelley fans of davidBut anyway Monday’s concert was so amazing!! David sounded much better!! He had Jazzy come up and talk his rambling parts. Very clever idea on his part, so he could save his voice for singing. He wanted the audience to sing along. We were in the 3rd row at this show and during Something Bout Love David saw Veronica and Shannon singing so he motioned them forward with his crinkly nose frown smile and put the mic towards them.

Daving bending to girls layton crowd credit Shelley Fans of DavidThey both jumped up and sang!! lol Another highlight of their trip! At the end, his mom and Aunt came out to help him sing Nunca Pense and they danced. They are great singers and dancers of course! That was pretty awesome! And then it was all over!! That sad feeling of it being over! NOOO!!

serious David looking up Layton credit ShelleyI saw Kari after the show and we gave her the cards and gift for David. She asked if we were coming to St. George and at Christmas. You betcha Kari!! lol We had a really fun time!! One of the best times ever! The girls went and said goodbye to Gracie and Cutter. Shannon said that she could do this every day!! They both LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!

Maybe I can get Veronica and Shannon to do a video blog or write up of the trip also. You will LOL at them two!

the girls and the band Idaho Falls Credit Shelley

We CANNOT WAIT!!!  Thanks Shelley, sounds like an adventure of mega proportions!

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Queen Creek on Windish!

The first 2016 David Archuleta concert that we are aware of is now on Windish Agency site.  Thanks DFT for the find!!!

cap1 windish az

Who is excited for 2015?

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Second Generation Fan

Send in your second generation fan pics!  We’d love to see how enjoying David’s music is a family affair!!!

second generation fan

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Trading David

Not really :)

Special email to FOD from Miss Bianca contained a wonderful treat!  Bianca created a goodie to hand out to David’s fans at the latest shows: trading cards! Each person who got them received 3 identical cards so they HAD to trade with friends and strangers, to share the joy!  Very clever Miss B :)


The first nine cards are printable and available on Miss B’s smileblog.  If the response to these are good, she’ll release cards representing future David-years!  Comment on her blog and let her know what you think!

Thanks a million Miss B!

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Pictures from Sydnie

Sydnie shares her pictures from Layton.  These are great!  Thanks for sending them in Syndie!

sydnie 1 sydnie 3 sydnie 2

As Found aRound

A collection of a few things I found amusing or interesting on Twitter or Instagram.

Love Keiko’s Merry Go Round!  The look on Lupe’s face is awesome!  Click to go!

keiko rocktellme nunca pense layton vid instagram

coming back

keiko rocktellme profile david archuleta keiko rocktellme b and white david archuleta

low key crush cheeks high quality guy shadow benny sunday

And then there is this…

roomie hipster

But, David not a hipster?  I guess you’ve never seen this:

mustache hipster copy

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More than words …

Today I posted a quote from the Pope because I loved what he said and I wanted to share with all of you.  There have been alot of social media postings surrounding the visit from Pope Francis and for those of you who may not interested you may be saying ‘too much’!  I know we at FOD have sometimes been faced with the ‘too much!’ when we post performance-related news associated with church, although we have rules re: posting inside religious establishments themselves.

Part of what we do here at FOD is to bring you not only the David news, but to keep us all connected with each other as a fan community.  Just as we are inspired with the person David is and by his artistry, we hope our quotes supplement that sentiment to some degree.  Good words, inspiring words are worthy of sharing and can come from a variety of individuals, of all different backgrounds.

We started posting quotes shortly after David left on his mission, and we try to find one that aligns with a theme within our blog, with current events, or just something that struck a chord with us, be it serious or hilarious.  We love that many of you share special words with us too, and to the extent we can, we post those too.  Please continue to send those in.

When David quotes from his religious leaders and from a doctrine we may not subscribe to, we need to look beyond faith boundaries and understand the intent of the message. And similarly, today I put up a quote from Pope Francis because it speaks to family, an area that we know is extremely important to all of us including David.  Many of us struggle to keep our families intact, to encourage each member to flourish, to grow and to strengthen our relationships with each other.  The quote today is an affirmation of the importance of the hard work we are all doing.  We all know some times are much harder than others, but the effort and commitment is worth it.

That was on my mind this weekend :)

That’s it for me.  Have a good week all.

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David Archuleta ~ Saturday Celebration with Pics & Vids! Pam Pike’s Blog & New Pics on FB, Concert Recap from Jani, Fan Lunch Planned for St. George Tuacahn Concerts!

Beautiful in every single way

- credit Keiko

– credit Keiko

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More Gorgeous Pics!

The pics keep rolling in and we LOVE IT!  Keep ‘em coming!

Keiko 1

– credit Keiko

Keiko 3

– credit Keiko

- credit Keiko

– credit Keiko

- credit syd_sf

– credit syd_sf

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

We love fan group pics & selfies too!

Part of the fun in attending David concerts is meeting up with ArchuBuddies! Sharing the magic of David’s music with friends keeps us coming back for more!

- credit Lily

– credit Lily

- credit Lily

– credit Lily

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.46.40 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.46.50 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.47.19 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.46.59 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.47.09 AM

Everyone going to future concerts, please remember to take pics with your friends because they make wonderful memories!

*  *  *  *  *

Pam Pike’s Blog

- click to go

– click to go

“He takes you out of your head and puts you into his heart.”

Recently making a comeback to pop music after his two year mission in Chile is David Archuleta a gifted singer who has been significantly missed. Fans waited restlessly for almost four years to hear him perform, and in his own words has started a warm up concert tour.

Many couldn’t help but wonder if a successful comeback was even possible, but after listening to his first four concerts it is apparent he hasn’t missed a beat, delivering as he only can, heartfelt music, even with a bout of flu which consisted of a cancellation half way through his second night in Utah.

David stepping into the spotlight once again is a reminder of a few artists that have taken time off, only to return to form or in some cases even better than they were before they left. And in David’s case I believe he is better than he has ever been. His tone is deeper, richer and more resonant than ever before and that pulls you in as a listener.

David creates his own original interpretation of a song and creates an emotional response. Passion and conviction is one of his most important achievements. His songs are a portal for his personal style and individuality.

David never takes himself out of the moment of his song or his audience. A lot of singers are great musicians but they think they are the gift. David knows, it not about him, it’s about what you do with the gift. He gives joys to people, and that is his and our rewards.

David new album soon to be released will probably include a new co-written song “Numb” a song that is a personal introspective of his feelings today.  David’s upcoming new album has been long awaited and hopefully will give us an insight to his future direction in music and goals.

Success doesn’t happen in a single moment, the journey between inspiration and greatness is filled with a thousand small steps. With these concerts in Idaho and Utah David has started the process of a great renewed career.

Look at David’s upcoming performance schedule on so you don’t miss a concert.

~ Pam Pike

*  *  *  *  *

Fan Lunch In St. George


Calling all Archies going to St. George, UT for the Tuacahn shows!  We are planning a fan lunch get-together on Saturday, so fans will have a chance to meet each other and celebrate David’s music!

The lunch is still in the planning stages, but I do need a rough headcount to ensure the venue we choose has enough room for everyone!

Date:  Saturday, November 7, 2015
Time: 11:30am – 2:30pm (approximately)
Place: TBD
RSVP: With the total number in your party that will be attending and everyone’s name. Email us at

Even if you are not attending the concert, but live in the area and would like to meet up with other Archies, please plan to join us!  Details for the lunch are still in the planning stages, but you can plan that we’ll keep lunch costs to no more than $15.00/person. Hope to see you there! :-)

*  *  *  *  *

Vids Keep Rolling In 

Here are 2 new-to-me vids from the Layton shows.  David was not feeling 100% but he sure sounds great on these vids!

Glorious – Layton 9/19/15 (credit: mundo archuleta)

Beautiful Snippet – Layton 9/19/15 (credot mundo archuleta)

*  *  *  *  *

Slipping In A Slideshow!

Pam shared more gorgeous pics on her Sounds of David FB – thanks Pam!

 To view Pam’s Sounds of David FB:  CLICK HERE

*  *  *  *  *

Concert Recap from Jani!

Jani sent in a wonderfully detailed recap from Day 1 of her concert experience in Idaho Falls with promises for Day 2 and both shows at Layton!  We love to hear fan stories and re-live all the excitement of David’s concerts!  Each fan has a different perspective, and remembers different details, so we get a well-rounded view of what it felt like to actually be there listening to David sing (and talk) live!

Thank you Jani, and all fans who have shared their fan stories with us, and to those fans that will share their stories from the upcoming shows! :-)

- credit Pam Pike

– credit Pam Pike

This is a rambling attempt to recap four days of amazingness!

Day One: Sweeeeet & Stunning

After much excitement, planning, packing, and travel, I made it to Idaho Falls on Wednesday night, and met up with Sharon (from MN) and her husband John at the hotel. It felt a bit like Christmas Eve as a kid. I was too excited to sleep, full of anticipation, and sensed a bit of magic in the air! It was David’s first concert back, and I was really going to see and hear him LIVE!!!

Thursday morning brought more butterflies, as I thought about David and what HE must be feeling. Was he as excited, nervous, scared, and happy to be on that stage again as I was for him??? I kept telling myself to calm down, he had done plenty of singing in the last 4 years, and he would be fine, he would be great! (He would, wouldn’t he??) Later, the butterflies and excitement multiplied when I met up with Sharon and we got a peek into the theater and stage. A band set-up!!!!! Aaaccckkk!!! That made me happy! I could not stop smiling!

After a nice walk around the Falls and shops, pics in front of David’s posters, and an early dinner at the Snake Pit, (ha love that name), it was time to walk to the theater! How fun to meet and visit with other fans and just be there! I bought the t-shirt, (Liked the pic of D on the front, but plan to give it to a young fan friend; she’ll love it!), and then it was time to go inside! Eeeekkkk!!! This was really happening!!!

I found my seat, J28, settled in, enjoyed watching those around me, especially the excited young girls. Then miracle of miracles! Sharon came over and said that dear Shelley, (oh, how can I ever thank you enough?!?) had a ticket that wasn’t being used for the 2nd row smack in the center!!!!!!! She dragged me up there (thank you, Sharon!), and I was dying! Dying!!! Could this get any better???!!!

Well, of course it did! After Gracie’s set, (really liked her, and thought she was darling,) and the intermission, which felt sooo long, the band finally took to the stage, and we cheered for David to come out. My heart was pounding, I was on the edge of my seat, and finally, THERE HE WAS , walking to the mike, with the crowd erupting, welcoming him back. Next thing I knew, he was right in front of me! And I must say, looking mighty FINE!! I loved the charcoal, tweedy knit jacket, white t, black skinny jeans and the DRESS BOOTS!!!!! Holy moly, his hair looked great, and his smile, skin, and sparkly eyes! Was this really the same young man that lifted and stole my heart watching GCT? That I’ve seen in a million viewings of AI and concerts? The same guy in the Bench shoots and music videos, from Crush to Contigo, to Nandito Ako and Glorious? The same one I’ve listened to in countless interviews, with a book that I’ve read every word twice? Was this really the guy whose voice I’ve listened to on dozens of car trips and danced to in my kitchen? The same voice that would soothed my heart one day, and make me glad to be alive on others? Really??? Yes, yes, yes!!!! The same guy only better! He was there in the flesh, and not 15 feet in front of me! I couldn’t take my eyes of off him. I tried to take some pics, but found it so difficult to calmly do that, that I decided I just needed to stay “in the moment.”

And then he started to sing. That voice! It was surreal to hear live what I’ve heard on recordings so many times. It was richer and better, and real and wonderful! And watching him! Oh my goodness! He sang with every fiber of his being. Every part of him was feeling and expressing the music from his head to his toes, in those fabulous shoes! I knew people said he was better live, but seriously, now I knew what they were talking abut!

I was happy to see how quickly he seemed to get comfortable, and how natural it all became after the first song or two. I was blown away by his stage presence and natural charisma. He exudes something indescribable. I had not expected this! Being so close I could witness every little nuance, grin, expression, and movement. In a matter of a few minutes I was “hypnotized,… mesmerized,” and loving every second. A few times I had to just flop back in my seat, having completely turned to mush. ;) With every song he seemed to get stronger and more in command of the stage. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite, I loved them all because HE was singing them.

When he spoke, I hung on every word, as I have always loved his speaking voice, too, and we know he often says things that are endearing, wise, and wonderful. He opened his heart to us. When he told us he had called his manager and said, “I don’t think I want to do this anymore,” my heart stopped. I wanted to cry. Here we were clamoring for him back then, and he wasn’t sure if he could do it, or wanted to. When he said he was so happy on his mission that it felt like a step down to be back to the “real world” and his career, my heart ached a bit. (Oh, David. Thank you for seeing that through and continuing on!) In other moments, he was upbeat, funny and charming and I remember turning to Sharon once and saying, “He is as adorable as ever!” He seemed to be happy and enjoying himself up there! That made it all the better. (Of course, David, you made the right choice!)

MaryDee gave us a wonderful write up about each song, and I loved and agree with all she said. He was simply amazing. I was stunned by his talent, by his soothing, beautiful, powerful voice, and the things he did with it; the perfect pitch, and the way he drew me in to each song, and made me feel it. I knew all of this, of course. I’d heard about it before. But to experience it up close was something else entirely! I don’t think I could pick a favorite song or moment. The night ended way too soon, with a standing ovation and encore, and I walked, perhaps floated, out of the theater in a happy daze. Yes, he was back and better than ever! And it was also better than Christmas, in a way, because I would get to do it all again tomorrow!   (to be continued)…….

*  *  *  *  *

I’m feeling the ArchuBlues – after so much excitement and four David shows full of fun and fan friends, it’s hard to get back to Real Life.  We have the BYU Spectacular coming up – wonder if he’ll sing some new songs? Then Tuacahn in November which will be super fun!  And of course we can’t forget the Christmas Shows! Hoping for some all across the United States so everyone can share in the holiday cheer!

I’ll update this post if news rolls in, otherwise Pastel will be back with a new post on Monday!


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