David Archuleta~Wednesday With a Whole Lot Of RSO & “Glorious”, Breaking News from OS ~ David Headlines 3 concerts in November! A Talented Trio From Pocoelsy! RSO Event Buzz, Ron Gunnell with a Pathway Of Hope Reminder, A Glorious 4yr Old Crush, Shelley’s Birthday Book Update, A “Glorious” Message from @StaphanieMabey, Remembering a Riddle


MKOC~ Anaheim~ Credit NareeJo

MKOC~ Anaheim~ Credit NareeJo

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Quote shared on twitter by @shell_eeeyyy

Quote shared on twitter by @shell_eeeyyy

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NEWSFLASH!!!!  Directly from the OS!

Posted approx 8:15 pm EDT October 29th on www.davidarchuleta.com

Celebration of Christ

For three performances in November, David Archuleta will headline “Celebration of Christ ~ An Interfaith Concert” at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake City.

It will take place at the following dates and times:

November 28, 2014 (Friday) - 7:30 PM

November 29, 2014 (Saturday) – 2PM and 7:30PM

David will be performing four Christmas songs at the “Celebration of Christ” concerts. The event also features Kevin Olusola from Pentatonix, and the One Voice Choir returning from a stellar performance on “America’s Got Talent.” The program includes special guest choirs a full orchestra, and a dance ensemble drawn from nine different faiths uniting in Christianity to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ in music, dance, and special effects. The event is presented by Vic Deauvono & 4Life Foundation.

Tickets for all three shows go on sale Friday October 31 at 12 noon MT. To purchase tickets, visit http://www.arttix.org/.

Okay, DISCUSS!!!!!

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RSO Event Buzz!

Deseret news logo

David Archuleta and Lexi Walker sing ‘A Whole New World’ duet

Compiled by Sarah Petersen, Deseret News ~SOURCE~

A YouTube video of the duet was posted on Walker’s YouTube channel Monday. Archuleta also posted about the event on his Instagram account Monday.

The video had 700 views at the time of publication with several comments.

“Oh my goodness! That is THE most beautiful voice I have ever heard — adults, children and everyone included,” Aixa Hayes commented on the YouTube video.

Additional songs were performed at the Rising Star Outreach event, including “God Help the Outcast” and “Prayer of the Children.”

Walker has become well known for her performance in Alex Boye’s viral cover of “Let It Go.” She has since appeared on “Good Morning America” and “America’s Got Talent.”

Archuleta most recently released his version of Stephanie Mabey’s song “Glorious,” which is featured in the film “Meet the Mormons.”

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FOX 13 RSO Event Coverage!

Fox 13 RSO event coverage

Lexi Walker, David Archuleta perform ‘A Whole New World’ duet

lexi walker and David practice pic at RSO event
Utah singers Lexi Walker and David Archuleta performed a duet of “A Whole New World” from Disney’s “Aladdin.” According to the description on this video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, the performance was part of an event for Rising Star Outreach, an organization that provides aid to children and families affected by leprosy in southern India.

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A Talented Trio~ by Pocoelsy

The Three Talented Amigos

Such a fun “creation” and Lexi thought so, too! :)

tweet lexi mae walker the talented trio

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A Pathway Of Hope Memory/Reminder from Ron Gunnell~

Yesterday Ron Gunnell tweeted an Instagram pic of the RSO David Archuleta Pathway of Hope located in India outside the childrens’ school.

Ron Gunnell David Archuleta RSO Pathway of Hope

Pathway Of hope credit Ron Gunnell

Who has a brick on the pathway? Another good question: Who remembers what was written on the brick you purchased for the pathway?
Below is a portion from my past post-> : FEB. 5TH, 2011  with information on FOD’s  contributions during this time! What a Glorious time that was as David’s fans are forever so enthusiastic in their support and giving!!

11 New Bricks and 1 Child Sponsored !

I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives” ~Tracy Chapman~

In our short campaign for the Pathway of Hope, our FOD “angels” came through in a big way raising enough money for 11 new bricks! There was also a donation to sponsor a child! The grand total for bricks = $570.00 (11 bricks plus an extra $20.00 for their general fund) and one participant who has sponsored a child bringing our grand total to $930.00!!

The inscriptions submitted and voted on by all of you are in! I, in a very remedial “paint program” kind of way, made a little picture to show you how our inscriptions will appear on the bricks. What do you think? Was your submission one of the top 11? They are a great representation of  how David Archuleta has inspired us, and how we hope to inspire all those who walk the Pathway of Hope in India. A sincere and grateful “Thank You” to all!

~More past Pathway Of Hope pics :pathway of hope David visitsPAthway of Hope bricks 2

And remember, you can learn more about RSO & AFAC and donate any time at RisingStar.org

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 A  Super Sweet 4 Yr Old “Glorious” and a Crush

glorious cover hope 4 wave

Mary Lou tweeted this Glorious Cover MTM contest entry yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t not post it today. In her most sincere preschooler honesty, Hope tells the viewers re: David : “I might  just have a tiny crush on him!”  She’s too cute for words and she sure can sing!!  This little girl is already a rising star! :)

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A Birthday Book Update from Shelley

Shelley let the fans know about her progress with David’s BDay Book! She also shared that she’s making the pages herself this year! That muscle emoji she used is pretty perfect I’d say! :)

Tweet Shelley 30 pages done Bday book

She also tweeted to show us what a few pages look like! It’s SURE Looking NICE!

Shelley Birthday Book pges 1

Shelley's book 2  pges

Shelley Birthday Book pges 2 JPG

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RSO Treasures !

Credit (post) Fanscene and tweeted by Patty-Ann

David credit Patty Ann

David and Lexi credit PAtty-Ann

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Sharing a Few More “Glorious Covers” today. There are currently 29 entries!

CandiceSings303 With a Ukulele ~This is the first song she’s recorded since returning from her mission. Fun vibe!

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Glorious cover from Teddy (Mingandipotogether)~ He’s a sweetheart who left a message with his backstory for David to read on YT. David has inspired him immensely! Watch and head over to YT to read his story.

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Glorious Cover From Janel! It’s an audio only, but very nice!! :)

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A “Glorious”  Message From Stephanie Mabey

Stephanie’s (original) Glorious rendition is nicely nestled in the covers playlist on You Tube. She also shares a message about something coming! So looking forward to the video and her new song!

Stephanie Mabey Glorious message

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RePosting Patti A.’s  RSO Event vids

I haven’t quite been able to get my jaw back in it’s normal position after dropping along with blotting the tears after watching/listening to David’s performances from Friday night.  I can’t say enough about how beautiful he sounds. His voice is just exquisite! Thank you again, Patti for sharing your vids. I’m re posting them today for continued enjoyment, and I’ve nestled them in a little playlist so the 3 just continue. Hope that’s ok? ;)

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Ending today with a “Riddle” replay. Gwen and Patti shared that David also sang “The Riddle” on Friday night, and since there isn’t a vid of that song, I’m dipping back into 2009 when he sang it throughout the MKOC tour. I truly love this Five For Fighting song which talks about searching for the meaning of life as we pass through. David sang it on tour with such joy~ I’d love to hear him sing it live again someday. :) This is from (my) one show when I traveled to Waukegan. It was a magnificent show! Thx Laurie for your vid!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! I’ll be here once again tomorrow, and also here to update if needed. :)

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David Archuleta and Tuesday Explosion of Musical Excitement! Wishing for a purple magic carpet, Fan appreciation for RSO performances (coming), Rehearsing with Lexi, Nandito Ako repeated in Phils this Fall!


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“And the moon is the only light we’ll see”

SBM Hong Kong cap 2

Stand By Me cr Madelasuncion

Stand By Me cr Madelasuncion

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David’s Magic Carpet Ride

Well, not really. But David thinks a purple one will make him cool.  I think you already have the cool factor in spades, sir. Click to go: magic carpet You can also find it on Facebook here

And Pocoelsy created a few versions of David on that purple magic carpet!  Love it! 20141028_141835-BlendCollage 20141028_145431-BlendCollage-001

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Patti’s RSO videos

We are so pleased to post Patti’s (Patti Adams’) videos of the musical performances from the Rising Star Outreach fundraiser event on Friday evening.  We have heard Gwen’s wonderful story of her experience, and we pointed you to Patti’s story at The Voice, but yesterday Patti posted videos of the performances on Youtube. We are happy to post them here, and anxiously also await the official videos from Team Archuleta!  As soon as we see them, we will post them too.

If you haven’t watched these yet, a word of caution.  You will not be able to do anything else for at least 20 minutes.  There is a distinct richness to David’s voice, subtle but distinctive new interpretations of songs and a mastery of performance on a windblown stage. You will be also blown away by Lexi’s voice too.  Such a great talent.  She’s going far. Both of them together created what appeared to be a magical evening.

Thanks again to Patti for posting these.  It would be awesome to leave a comment on her vids on YouTube to thank her.

* * * * *

1.  A Whole New World and Glorious

“Rocking out that Giant Jacket”

These songs actually ended the set but I’m starting with them here.  During A Whole New World duet, David’s lower register is very apparent.  Lexi is a powerhouse!  Pretty harmonies by both of them. And Glorious.   A beautiful introduction: “This song helps awaken that symphony in you” ~ David Archuleta.  The song appears to float as sung by David, especially on a windblown evening.  I love how the song builds, and the way David sings it, he holds the song back at just the right time, and then, he lets it goooooo.  His phrasing is impeccable.

I’m such a fan of this song, more than I ever anticipated.   Standing O!

2.  Prayer of the Children

Lovely Harmonies with Lexi, David really takes control of this song. Notice how David expresses himself also with his left hand. I have a feeling we will see even more of this in the future. David is cold and here come the re-inforcements. Eight seconds of cold.  It’s kinda precious!

3.  Somebody Out There and Stand By Me

I saved two of the most dramatic for last: Somebody Out There.   A riskier, more confident performance. It was a bit strange listening to this one with a piano accompaniment, but it actually added a nice quality to it, a stillness to it.  David’s voice was in such control here, perhaps after so many years of singing this lovely song that he wrote.  The way he sings “where to turn to” in the second verse is just Wow!  I’m sensing a change to the phrasing, subtle pauses, more risks taken on the chorus.   “Every time I hear it I think of those kids (at RSO India), it has become their song, it’s not my song anymore”.

 Stand By Me: “If you want to snap you can” David tells the audience before he launches into the song.  David explodes on this one.  Again, the phrasing is wonderful.  And the “tumble and fall” motions are back.  And the growls!  David took some nice liberties with the bridge too. As well as the daaaaaaahhhhhhhling!  No false, no hunkerdown, but the ending is just as good as ever.  And the dramatic closing arm movement on the last downbeat.  A signature David move?  Just maybe.

Later today, I’ll collect some of the comments on this song because I think they need to be shared.  And posted here.  More to come.

Sit back and enjoy. You can get all the MP3s and the MP4s by accessing the following link, which Abrra shared with us!  Thanks so much!


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Rehearsing A Whole New World

I am always a bit cautious about ‘rehearsal’ vids, since everything is still being, well, rehearsed. It’s often not exactly what the artist has intended yet. But honestly, this sounds pretty darn wonderful! From Lexi Walker:

And another picture posted by Lexi of rehearsals.  Check out Kendra’s hashtags :)  Here is a link to Lexi’s instagram account


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Nandito Ako Repeating this Fall in the Philippines!

According to a tweet last night from @hpottergirl03:

na on fox filipino fox filipinoFox Filipino is an archive entertainment cable channel in the Philippines network owned by Fox International Channels Philippines.

Fox Filipino features Filipino-produced programming from GMA Network, Inc. and TV5, as well as Filipino movies from GMA Films, entries from the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, selected Asian movies, and selected programming from Channel M dubbed in Filipino language.     Lucky fans in the Phils who are able to see it again!



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Glorious Covers:  Update

Since yesterday, eleven more covers have been added to the submissions!  Here is the link to the Playlist: Here is a wonderful cover performed in American Sign Language by Susan L.  I can’t read sign language but wow, is this beautiful! * * * * *

Ending with a cutie

Love this picture of David and young fans recently posted on Twitter.  Have a good day all! Anna mace

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