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9 Responses to Chat

  1. Mimi says:

    I am wondering about the gathering next weekend in southern California. Is it going to be held at Universal Studios? Time?
    Thanks for any info you might have.

  2. dogolv says:

    No longer able to get into ANY chat :(

    Guess I’m locked out of the chats from now on. Sorry I will no longer be able to lurk any longer.

  3. desire H.n says:


  4. princessinpink says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!fans of david archuleta

  5. diana says:

    ilove the way he sing .. crush ko sya ever since

    <3 ilab u david

  6. oinkiers says:

    I am a lurker all I can say is I wish there was a like butten for your comments LOL!!

  7. DFT Nephew says:

    LOng time no see!!!!

  8. chavali says:


  9. rose lim says:

    love david A SINCE NANDITO AKO i am a filipino living in paris…since then on i bought all his album ha ha ha. i never been a fanatic though i followed some of the artist but never crazy about them, so i couldn’t believe myself i am crazy with anything about archu. I am sure i will be sad when his sad happy when his happy heartbroken when his heartbroken…maybe because he has all the charms he’s so different among any celeb in this world his humility stand out the most for me. LOVE U DAVID XXX …. wish him more success and hopefully when he comes back he’ll have time for himself perhaps be inlove this time he is not getting any younger. i am not a selfish fan i want him to be happy falling inlove with a special girl one day.. it’s about time that he should think of himself and not always thingking of what he can give to us fans.