David Archuleta ~ Thursday Treasures: Spokane & Seattle Roundup – Sleepless In Seattle… cause we were Up All Night – AGAIN!


Thursday Update 06/14/17

credit: Sara (naughtiest)



David Hits Up Social Media

David was busy tweeting and posting on IG today!

– Read the tweets in reverse order

Spokane & Seattle Roundup

This update post is going to be short on editorial content and full of tweets, pics and vids from all over social media! Fans have posted more of their pics and vids from Spokane and Seattle, so enjoy!

Do you catch a breath when I look at you? (idk maybe…) 😉 @davidarchie #davidarchuleta #crush #thetripledoor #seattle #tbt

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We're in #Heaven. 🎶 @davidarchie #davidarchuleta #bryanadams #thetripledoor #seattle

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Seattle VIP – Fast Car Cover (credit: Rinnie Yang)

Crush – Triple Door Seattle (credit: Paul Quinonez)

ALTNOY – Seattle (credit: Paul Quinonez)

Invincible – Seattle (credit: ShelleyFOD)

He Lives In You – Seattle (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Forevermore – Seattle (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Broken – Spokane (credit: ShelleyFOD)



Pics, Pics & More Pics!

– Seattle Set List: credit iteachkidz22

The next series of pics are credited to Sara (naughtiest) – and they are FABULOUS!


There are a lot more vids on You Tube – so filter by “Today” or “This Week” and get caught up in the vortex that is Archuleta Perfection! He really is in his element and loving every minute of these performances – we are a very blessed fandom indeed! Thanks to everyone for sharing pics, vids, tweets and other social media content – we love to keep all fans in the loop and up to date on David’s adventures!

Next shows up are Pocatello ID  and Layton UT – there are still tix available so get yourself to a concert this summer!

Click for tix


Sleepless in Seattle…

– credit Sara (naughtiest)

David and company left it all on the stage AGAIN in Seattle! The crowds went wild for the set and David was in amazing voice, despite his intense Spokane concert last night where he brought the house down!



Still Losing Sleep

The Orion Tour continued spreading love and amazingness across the PacNW and will be heading to Pocatello ID and Layton UT later this week! The tempo of this tour mirrors the tempo of David’s concerts – it started out on a slow, even pace, then keeps building and gaining momentum with each mile that passes under the wheels of the black ArchuBus as it carries David, Kari, the ArchuBand and the ArchuCrew across the states to meet throngs of excited fans waiting to hear the Orion EP brought to life ~ to sing, dance and groove the night away because last night, fans were truly sleepless in Seattle!

A set list hasn’t surfaced yet and many fans who took vids may be uploading them tomorrow – so stay tuned!

The Triple Door was basically SOLD OUT but for a few Standing Room Only tickets – and we heard through the grapevine that even those sold out before the concert started!

VIP was a little different at this show – instead of the Q&A session, fans enjoyed an additional soundcheck song! David sang He Lives in You, Invincible and Fast Car.

VIP Pics are always awesome!

Mr. Coolchuleta showed up wearing shorts and his hat on backwards to pose for some very memorable VIP pics! He sure loves that Obey cap! And that little tuft of hair peeking through! 🙂


The Man & His Music

Did I mention that the show is getting better and better? Like fine wine as it ages? Here’s a roundup of clips and snippets (and maybe a vid or two) for you to enjoy! Get thee to a concert forthwith!!

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Higher Ground (credit: ShelleyFOD)

MKOP (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Broken (credit: 2bemeagain2005)

Glorious with Handshakes at the end (credit: ShelleyFOD)

Spokane Glorious with Children’s Choir (credit: 2bemeagain2005)


Spokane Recap on Snowangelzz!


Spokane was amazing! And all that awesomeness is captured right here including the VIP Q&A – click on the graphic above to get a first-hand description of what it was like to be where all the action was happening! You’ll feel like you were right in the thick of it!


Fun Fan Finds

I love seeing long time Archies in attendance! Special shout out to Seattle D and Miss Bianca! You’re on your home turf!


Sara’s Pics

Here’s a series of gorgeous concert photos shared by Sara (naughtiest) on her IG – I love the band photos! These would be lovely to include in the CD insert… IF THERE WAS ONE!


WHEW! This concert business is tiring! But we don’t mind staying Up All Night to bring you all the David news we can find!

Next up are Pocatello ID (still tix available!) followed by Layton UT, which is almost sold out – just some lawn seats left!

Archies headed to these concerts, please let us know if you’re going so we can follow your travels! Everyone travel safe and we’ll see you in Pocatello!

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194 Responses to David Archuleta ~ Thursday Treasures: Spokane & Seattle Roundup – Sleepless In Seattle… cause we were Up All Night – AGAIN!

  1. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    Kalei wow thank you for this fabulous thread I love it all seems Seattle was great wish I was there!

    love the backwards cap lol the special drinks wonder how David felt about that

    rhiminee‏ @rhiminee 6h6 hours ago
    So the Seattle show was THE BOMB omg. I didn’t think any crowd would ever rival Portland but wowwwwww bravo Seattle 🙌🏽 so loud, so fun!!!

    this about says it all so where are they off to next saw an IG from Amber seems they were in the tour bus?

  2. kimk says:

    Jun 16 Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheatre Pocatello, ID Tickets RSVP
    Jun 17 Kenley Amphitheatre Layton, UT Tickets RSVP
    Jun 22 Troubadour West Hollywood, CA Tickets RSVP

    Friday in ID Sat in UT
    really looking forward to the Troupadour another one I wish I could go to!!

  3. kimk says:

    not many concerts left lol feel like he is just getting started.. ha I know just warming up for the east coast! 😉

    I miss GG she was so much fun.. David saying he was into singing Running and Higher Ground the most is what made me think of her. Running was ‘her’ song. those two songs are great great choices.
    hmm so David has nothing scheduled for July etc no word no peep.. wants a family single but probably not for too long.. I wonder just wonder..
    ha ok Archies be on the lookout sure know I will be! 😀

    • Martha says:

      Exactly, he’s just getting started. He needs more dates for sure!

      • kimk says:

        I have a feeling they are coming.. lol just hard to be quiet here has been way too long. love what I see though like yes he is just getting started plus I am so very thankful for those who share what they can when they can.
        another thing that is really cool yes there are still a lot of mom fans but I see more youngens popping back in and that is good. that is a good sign I think that his fanbase is growing again. wfm!!!

  4. kimk says:

    only thing is David didn’t post after the show he usually does if he likes it.. doesn’t mean anything just thinking the Seattle show area well it is an interesting type of place probs like LA in a way pretty progressive. think it is great he even played at the club there is hope for us east coasters plus Nashville lots of places like that this way. where I live well there are nice places too so if David’s peeps are reading.. try St Augustine FL area great place lots of fun and there are beaches!!! 🙂 think David would love a certain Spanish restaurant there the town and Spanish fort are way cool.. lol and there are pirates! #arrrghmatey

  5. kimk says:

    THIS THIS!!!

    David Archuleta~Higher Ground~ Seattle


    really the crowd was great the band and David well lol I WANT TO SEE THIS LIVE!!!!

  6. Martha says:

    Loved reading the fans’ own words on the Instagram pics. Such beautiful expressions of what he means to them.

    • kimk says:

      yes me too
      especially loved the story of the fan traveling from Nebraska to hear My Little Prayer so David performed that for him think David was touched by that too

    • Sutty gal/Joanie says:

      Me too, Martha!!
      So much joy in the comments and so much affirmation for David, his shows, the experience he gives to all who come and the wonderful feeling they all leave with!!! Let the Orion good times continue to roll and hoooope to see more dates pop up soon! 😊👍🎶✨

  7. GrammyJ says:

    Thanks for another great post. It’s so much fun being a fan of David when he is on tour. Love all the pictures, tweets, fan recaps, and videos. I also love that David, Amber, Kari and band members post on Instagram. So much fun to see their touristy moments and a bit behind the scenes of the tour. I will miss this in July but another EP is coming out in August and hopefully more tour dates!

  8. Martha says:

    In comments, father of person who wrote Invincible with David


  9. kimk says:

    think Seattle was sold out was this the first concert with this tour to be if so? cool it was Seattle if so hope I can go to the one there next year

    • Martha says:

      This made my day. See you on the 24th

      • kimk says:

        woah nellie that is good!

        lol saw some comments about the base player being hot.. manbun facial hair etc.. umm ha no comments that I saw that David is. interesting lol guess folks still see him as the teddy bear type know I do.. lol ditto yes I think the base player has it going on too. lol guess like a few D fans think that about Nathan. speaking about him think he is an opener whatever Friday for D. rofl let you know if the gals go nuts for him again. duh.

    • Seven7Swans says:

      Don’t understand this setlist at all. There’s not one song at the level of “7 Years” or “Angels” IMO. Maybe “Broken.” The one gem on the Orion EP is “Say Me” and it’s been dropped. Meanwhile he’s singing “Hannah Montana,” “Elevator” and “Running.” Still opening with P&A. Encore “Crush.”

      • pdxfan says:

        I’m Ready is on the piano and along those lines, it’s a beautiful song and will be on the next EP. My guess is he’s trying to have a good mix of upbeat, get the energy and crowd going so they can feed off of it.

      • GrammyJ says:

        I love Running, Elevator and Panda. Crush is he encore because it is his one big hit. I do love Say Me but my favorite from the EP is Invincible. We all have our opinions on what songs we like and which ones we don’t. I have only seen glowing reports about the concert from those who have been able to attend. Oh, he only sings one line of the Hannah Montana song as a joke! I will say that the Hannah Montana song is the second highest number of streams of his songs on Spotify with Crush has the most.

  10. SMcM says:

    Hi Everyone!!!

    I had to come through the back door…with a key…. to get here. I can no longer click on my FOD tab and get a working fansite. I think I got this link on the FOD Twitter . I have been having this problem for about a week now. I miss my front door access! haha Is anyone else still having this problem?

    Thank you to all the MODS and great fans who are keeping us updated about David’s concerts!!! You are all just the best!!!! I feel so badly that I can’t attend any of these, but am so hopeful that there will be one on the horizon that will work for us. Hearing David’s voice in the videos is such a great gift to us, but nothing can compare to being there….and the feeling of elation and inspiration that permeates the crowd!!!

    Justin Bieber and others may have a Pyro-Technic Show. (sp?) However, David’s light comes from within!!! It starts out as a soft glow….building into such a bright light in such a short time!!! Before the night is finished you feel as though fireworks have exploded on the stage!!! His flame has ignited dormant embers simmering in our souls….that have just been waiting to explode!!! David’s light is contagious!!!
    We are inspired to be more and do more…to help enrich our lives and the lives of others! It is a rare person that can illuminate and reflect light in such a honest and heartfelt way. Our path and journey is seen more clearly !!!

    I was struck by this question asked of him at one of the VIP’s. (from SnowAngelz)

    Biggest challenges? Believing in himself… something he continues to struggle with.

    David….please always believe fans when they tell you that your gift from your heart is as big as your gift of music. If you did nothing more than to touch and inspire one heart at each concert….it would be a huge success!!!! That is how inspirational you are to others. We all know that you touch the hearts of all that come to hear you sing and talk. Singing is another medium to express your heart. No one…in my opinion… sings as beautifully as you do. Even your speaking voice garners so much attention!!! Always believe that your gifts come in many different kinds of packages!!! All of them are rare and beautiful. ♥

    Thank you to David…Kari, his great band and crew….for bringing us on this epic journey. Thank you for being real….and true to your heart! ♥ 🙂

    • bobanna says:

      Hello SMcM! Yes, I as well as others are having the same problem! 🙁

      • SMcM says:

        Hi Bobanna!!!

        Bummer…. 🙁 but the good news is: there is more than one road to hear about David!!! 🙂

        Even though we have been detoured….the Archie Fans can’t be deterred!!! 🙂 We will find a way….even if there are a few roadblocks!!! haha

    • Kalei says:

      Hi SMcM,
      What a beautiful comment! David’s light surely is contagious and I hope he continues to shine wherever he goes!

      Sorry for those of you having access issues for the site. Pastel is working on upgrading the site and we’re experiencing a few hiccups along the way – thanks for being patient and having a backdoor key to enter the site!

  11. bobanna says:


  12. kimk says:

    I can get in most times hope they fix whatever is the issue

    Seven Lukas is good.. what are you thinking for songs if you had the choice?

    I like tis one by him as well

    Lukas Graham – Mama Said [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]https://youtu.be/HdAkYCyCZv8

  13. kimk says:

    I like Running as for the setlist almost like he is into doing songs he knows or has done before? only one song that is new pretty good one but I would think he would of tried some more new ones. think he did this with the Christmas tour too
    not sure there is any new music out like 7 Years right now. I like Imagine Dragons Thunder that is cool but it has a rock feeling don’t think David is into all that. oh and lol pretty sure he hates the Miley song..

    • missbianca says:

      Not sure what you mean, “songs he knows or has done before”? I can think of 5 he hasn’t done on tour before that aren’t even on Orion: Running, Higher Ground, He Lives In You, Broken, and Scars to Your Beautiful. And I’m not sure how he could do songs he doesn’t know…it would be fun if he could write them on the spot but he is (as he said) a ponderer.

      Short concert report: No words for how great! Audience almost as loud as Portland but did not dance much due to the dinner theater setup. Every number was spot on. The Triple Door has possibly the best sound system I’ve heard David use. I sat next to a young man who whooped the loudest of anyone there.

      One error in the post, Kalei. There was Q&A at the VIP, just not written questions. David called on people who raised their hands.

      • kimk says:

        Running I was lucky enough to be at VABeach to see him sing Running so very very long ago might be the only time? think he said it was too high for him not sure but I do like Running vote for that plus love Higher Ground.. do not know why UAN is done like it is it has the option of being the new ZG but he doesn’t go for it for whatever reason.
        yes of course he should sing the songs from Orion.. think I am talking about the others for the most part? why I said maybe he is trying to get back his fans? Forevermore, Beautiful, Elevator, Heaven, etc he has sung He Lives In You many times besides others
        Seattle seemed great have no issue with it was just speaking to the comment from Seven.. maybe he is talking about introducing some covers folks would know that are popular now? 7 Years was a good one don’t really have one for David to cover as most songs these days are romance type ones not for David it seems.

      • Kalei says:

        Thanks for that update Miss B! Could you share with the the Q&A from the folks that were called on? I saw a tweet from someone who mentioned that instead of VIP questions, David sang He Lives in You. Deb later said that he had ppl raise their hands if they had a question.

        Would love to know the questions and the answers! Glad you had a blast at the concert and we need to get to one together soon!

        • missbianca says:

          I was late to VIP and totally missed He Lives In You. Maybe they didn’t know how much time they had and decided there was enough for Q&A later?

          I’m sorry, Kalei. I didn’t take notes … that’s the problem with getting those little journals at the end of VIP instead of the start 😉

          I am so going to cry if we don’t get to be together for whatever comes up next! You and your fanfam are just fanfun!

  14. kimk says:

    Lukas Graham – Mama Said [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


    maybe David right now is working on getting back his fanbase?

  15. kimk says:

    maybe a Twenty One Pilots song.. many great ones
    he did cover this I think in Europe
    not TOP but they did cover it themselves

    twenty one pilots: Can’t Help Falling In Love (Cover)


  16. Martha says:

    I always get in, but like SMcM says, but with a few extra steps. It’s been a while too, but never mentioned it because it really wasn’t an inconvenience. I know when I sign on it may not be current so I refresh, usually twice, and it’s current. Same thing every time. This is my PC at home, which is not current lol. I figure it is having a hard time handling all the videos and such. Need some new hardware, but that’s my problem. My phone works fine, but I refresh once, just in case lol.

    Just tried my Ipad, it was current the first time. Probably means my PC needs some cleaning since I use it the most. The ipad I use the least. So I really don’t think it’s FOD’s issue. I’m guessing they are current and we need to keep up. I’m so tech savvy (NOT!)

  17. Moelita says:


  18. Moelita says:

    Why shouldn’t David sing his own songs? I love his music. I wouldn’t go to an Elton John concert and not expect to hear a mix of his new and old material. As for covers, I don’t mind those either. I want David to be David . His voice, his personality, his live shows are stellar. What more could a fan want? Well east coast concerts , of course. I am really looking forward to his next Ep, and if his album has 16 songs, like David said he wanted , then I for one will be a happy camper.

  19. angelbymyside says:

    Peeps are complaining about the set list??? I’m pretty sure the few bars of Hannah Montana are meant to be humorous!

    • kimk says:

      lol that is golden.. as for setlist aren’t you upset no Say Me?

      • angelbymyside says:

        Upset?? No!! Would I like him to sing Say Me, absolutely cause I love the song. Maybe I am disappointed he removed the song from the selist, but I am not upset. I would be interested in hearing from the people who have gone to the concerts if they were upset at the playlist. I would think the majority of them didn’t have an issue with what he sang. In fact, I think they went away pretty happy. 😀

        • Kalei says:

          Hi ABMS,
          I was at the Bend concert where he did sing Say Me and it was beautiful beyond words – I was tearing up because during the intro David talked about how he wrote this song for himself – that after his experiences at Idol and with Jive and Hollywood in general, he felt like he was a kid in a grown up world where everyone was as old as his parents or even his grandparents and he felt like he didn’t have a voice and what he thought or said didn’t matter so he just went along with what people told him.

          After his mission he did a lot of soul searching and “pondering” and he had an epiphany that it was HIS life, HIS face on the albums and HIS music so he needed the courage to choose himself – that what he thought did matter, and that he needed himself to say ME.

          So when he sings “I need you, I need you, I need you to say me – he’s singing to himself.

          I was bawling by that time, and he sang the song with so much heartfelt emotion – the audience was totally enraptured. Say Me followed MKOP – he sang both at the piano, so having 2 slow songs back to back kind of brought the energy down – not in a bad way, but everyone was so emotional after these songs.

          The next night in Sac, he did not sing Say Me, and everyone noticed!! I asked Brady after the show why Say Me was left out and he said David just didn’t feel like singing it that night – he wasn’t feeling it. I then asked Kari the same question and she said David just wasn’t feeling it and asked if we missed it – did we like it? We all said YES WE LOVE IT! But I asked her not to mention to David that we were asking cause I didn’t want him to feel bad for leaving it off the set list.

          I thought for sure it would be back by Portland, but he said he didn’t think the audience was “vibing” to it. I think it’s more that there were 2 slow piano songs back to back, and maybe if he separated the songs with one or two more upbeat ones in between, the pacing would have worked better.

          Another interesting transition is when he goes from the high energy Higher Ground where we’re all dancing and singing along into the slow paced Forevermore – that felt like a distinct energy level change.

          But no matter the set list, or the order of the songs, the show is so amazing and his voice is such perfection that he could sing the alphabet song and I’d be happy!

          I do think he’s still working out the pacing and tweaking things as he goes – the setlist is getting tighter and the show is flowing better – especially with the addition of the band solos during the intros – they added that in Sac, and it makes a HUGE difference!

          Sorry this response is so long!

  20. kimk says:

    sure Seven won’t come on and say what would they would like instead of.. drop stuff and leave. me ha well I will say something and suggest something would love for him to cover Can’t Help Falling In Love or any TOP song think youngens would love it.

    • Kalei says:

      Funny thing is that Can’t Help Falling In Love is an Elvis song lol – he did cover it in Slovenia – I would LOVE to hear this in concert! I’m guessing he needs some “inspiration” to sing this one at a concert!

      I do love the ukulele in the TOP version (I’m biased)


      • jana says:

        I could not believe how beautifl SAY ME was in Bend. The intro to it was very eloquent. He was so clear and concise it just flowed out of him. (tears) Then when he sang to song, well it was lovely.

  21. kimk says:

    again I will say it.. why is Higher Ground the go to video song of the tour that is not David’s.. David’s new song is Up All Night you never see a video of that one.
    I know why it is not because it is a bad song just think it is the way he sings it plus doesn’t dance like on the video.

  22. kimk says:

    I dunno way I see it just as long as the young peeps keep coming more and more I am good haven’t seen a whole concert yet most times the periscope doesn’t work or I don’t have the time. now I have watched Higher Ground a lot watched a Broken video once love the IG vids and such.. ha probs
    throw me a new song I will watch it. am I different then other ODD fans I bet I am but bet not all that much have read folks say they don’t watch the videos as why should they not like any concerts for me..

  23. Martha says:

    Frankly I don’t care what David sings. I’m not going to second guess his choices, he says I’m singing this night and we go if we want. Doesn’t need to submit a setlist for our approval lol. (nice idea) There are songs I wish he would sing, and I could hear Somewhere Only We Know every time. I like Look Around but not so much Elevator. Or P & A not so much. But that’s OK. Maybe he’ll get to Beauty and the Beast songs. We all have our preferences. I just like to see this great talent on display. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

  24. kimk says:

    does David have to listen to me.. rofl of course not but will still tweet etc song suggestions among other things. ha at least I don’t bother him for hugs and vids to my parents etc..

    • Martha says:

      ouch lol

      • kimk says:

        lol yeah bad me

        umm come to think about it what if David had a contest..
        private concert
        setlist of your choice..
        streamed live from your living room 😀

        ok now that one I would enter!!
        lol only thing other folks would have to come I could not do a private concert would freak out.
        funny once hubs asked if he could buy David for me for breakfast (he booked a penthouse suite where he was playing) when we were going to Atlantic City lol I laughed. too bad that concert went away would of been great.

  25. Alwaysafan says:

    Just a note for some that may not know this, but one of the reasons it can be hard to get on FOD with an iPad at times is because the thread contains lots of videos or intstagram clips. This can cause the site to reload over and over and sometimes it will eventual load but like for me last nite, it wouldn’t after several tries so I used my phone to come on instead. I don’t know if this issue can be fixed, or if it just that certain devices can handle too much stuff.

  26. alwaysafan says:

    Can’t handle it I meant:/

  27. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    SMcM….I’m also having a hard time getting on this site……had to go through the back door with a key too……..What is going on????? Miss Vicki

  28. kimk says:

    I heard she was in bad shape.. cutting herself depression whatever

  29. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    SMcM….I love your comments about David’s light shining in concert and how it turns into fireworks….so so true……He doesn’t need all the fancy lighting and pyrotechnics some folks use…..He has his own natural light……angelbymyside…………..I agree…think he is singing a snippet of Hannah Montana to be cute….maybe to reel back in some of the young girls that swooned over him when he was on that show……I like his set list….new songs, new covers, older songs that he hasn’t sung before, including current pop songs……a good mix…..Miss Vicki

  30. kimk says:

    #1 song if I won the imaginary contest.. When You Say You Love Me 😀

  31. kimk says:

    ok I looked up top to see if I missed a current pop song.. nope only one is the Scars one

  32. kimk says:

    I like Say Me.. not sure I saw him sing it lately on this tour did see Broken
    maybe because it isn’t a love song folks weren’t digging it? got me

  33. kimk says:


    David Archuleta‏Verified account @DavidArchie 2m2 minutes ago
    David Archuleta Retweeted GNTLMN
    Whoa! Dudes! You saaaang #UpAllNight! Such a rad arrangement! Truly an honor you’d do this! Keep it up @GNTLMNofficial 🙌🏼👌🏼🙏🏼

    David saw it they are good.. vote for them for opener!! 🙂

  34. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    This is crazy….where are the posts I just posted about an hour ago….they vanished….and Kalei…..Sleepless in Seattle was my post from last night!!!!…….Thanks for passing on the thought!!!!…Looks like it really was Sleepless in Seattle last night…….awesome pics and videos…….Just hope David keeps up the momentum for East Coast concerts that may come up…..Miss Vicki

  35. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    kimk…..that’s the one….Scars to My Beautiful…..that’s a current pop song….never heard it before David sang it…..I never listen to the radio….so I have no clue what the current pop songs are….but I figured out that was one of them….the only current pop songs I hear are the ones David sings and makes his own……ha ha ha
    ….Miss Vicki

  36. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    alwaysafan….I’m not on an i-pad….just my regular desk top computer and I’m having problems……Miss Vicki

  37. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    alwaysafan….I’m not on an i-pad….just my regular desk top computer and I’m having problems…..and Kalei….my last post from last night was Sleepless in Seattle….glad you caught on to the idea and ran with it…..Think there were a lot of fans up all night and Sleepless in Seattle last night……Miss Vicki

  38. Miss Vicki DA@2014 says:

    See…..I post and nothing shows up and then I post again and the comment is there……my computer is so so messed up…….Miss Vicki

  39. kimk says:

    Miss Vicki lol FOD has gone wonky!!

  40. The Seattle show was amazing! He was pitch perfect, and don’t know how his voice doesn’t give out, sang with such power and strength! Loved the venue, he was on fire and the crowd loved him, I didn’t want it to end! Such a wonderful person and entertainer!! His sister sat three feet from, what a cutie!

  41. Moelita says:


  42. bobanna says:


  43. alwaysafan says:

    David’s recent Instagram stories, two food pics:) He must be happy to be able to eat guacamole again! He sure is a big foodie and I love that he shares that with us;). Also, I don’t know if that reloading problem is only on iPads, haven’t tried it on my laptop lately but I do seem to remember having a tough time getting here on my computer before.

  44. Kalei says:

    Apologizing again to everyone who is having issues logging onto the site. Pastel is working on upgrading the site and software package, so we are experiencing some hiccups along the way.

    Thanks for bearing with us and being patient – we’ll get everything working smoothly soon and then the site will be much more stable for all of us!

    Updating the post with more Spokane and Seattle goodies – have a wonderful day!

  45. VaBeachJudy says:

    Good morning guys! HAPPY Thursday! 🙂

    Sure am LOVING the vids , pics, instagrams and comments from show goers! Sure is a lot of ARCHULOVE! David and the band have but on one heck of a show! 🙂 Thanks to our FANTASTIC fans we can ENJOY it all too! 🙂

    Nana patrol! ENJOY your day! 🙂

  46. kimk says:

    good morning folks lol the young lady at the end 🙂

    janey‏ @janey79 Jun 14
    precious gal at 4:16 ( i feel ya’): https://youtu.be/RV1fT94arTY glorious, seattle, hands thx @Shell_eeeyyy

  47. kimk says:

    janey‏ @janey79 7h7 hours ago
    for all the Say Me fans, from bend thx @Shell_eeeyyy,

  48. kimk says:

    David Archuleta‏Verified account @DavidArchie 9h9 hours ago
    “Forgiveness is freeing up and putting to better use the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harboring resentments, and nursing…

    David Archuleta‏Verified account @DavidArchie 9h9 hours ago
    …unhealed wounds. It is rediscovering the strengths we always had and relocating our limitless capacity…

    David Archuleta‏Verified account @DavidArchie 9h9 hours ago
    to understand and accept other people and ourselves.” – Dr. Sidney Simon
    12 replies 125 retweets 309 likes

  49. kimk says:

    ds1no‏ @ds1no 7h7 hours ago
    Looks yum @DavidArchie 😊


  50. kimk says:

    didn’t think Seven would come back and suggest any song replacements…

    • GrammyJ says:

      No, she just complains. I love David’s set list. It is a Davud Archuleta concert so people come to hear his songs NOT a bunch of covers. He will always throw in a few covers but most will be the songs from his album and EPs. Crush will ALWAYS be on the set list because it is his only hit and fans want to hear it. Yes, he needs some slow and some faster songs. There was only one person complaining about the set list, and there is no way David can please everyone. I have only seen glowing reports from people that actually attended the concerts.

  51. kimk says:

    maybe folks should let David know if they like a song right after even if it is a quiet song.. don’t make excuses make results? just saying

    • kimk says:

      lol me I am loud
      here and at the shows I whoop it up dance it up let him know.. well that is when I am able to see him that is. most east coast fans do that from what I remember Stroudsburg nice town good show but would prefer not to go there again (too far away now for me anyway) they do not let you stand up dance anything lame.

  52. GrammyJ says:

    The Hannah Montana song on Spotify has over 10 million streams so obviously there are people who like the song. I actually think David’s set list is really good! His set list needs to be his songs since fans come to a David Archuleta concert to hear David Archuleta songs. He has songs from all his albums and his new EP. He has ballads, mid tempo, soulful, Disney, a few covers with his popular hit song, Crush, as an encore ending with his Mormon movie favorite, Glorious. Luckily for David he has many songs to choose from since he’s done six albums and an EP so he will always have to leave out some songs fans love.

    • Mango Judy says:

      There’s nothing worse than going to a concert and hearing all new songs that you don’t even know or recognize. People want the familiar oldies…just the way it is. I think David does an excellent job of putting together a set list. He knows what he’s doing.

      • missbianca says:

        Right on, Mango Judy!

        I once went to a James Taylor concert and in his intro to “You’ve Got a Friend” he said when he first did it he had no idea he’d still be doing it [so many years] later. But there he was.

  53. SMcM says:

    LOVE whatever David sings! LOVE his stories! LOVE his heart! Love his person!
    When you are at a concert…..every song he sings becomes your favorite! Each note is enhanced with his “light!” Blinding! ♥

    * I was able to get in the front door of FOD today without a key!!!! haha
    YEAH….is everything fixed now? Thank you so much!!! I had my trouble on a computer…not an Ipad. Keeping my fingers crossed that all is ok now. Even if it isn’t, I will find a way to get to this special fan home! Thank you MODS for everything you do each day to bring us David’s great news! ♥U

  54. ray says:

    radio!!! they still have radio???.no problem getting on here.it<s the voice for me not the song lol.

    • SMcM says:

      In answer to no one special…. just because there are not enough affirmations happening in the world ….just because David has a hard time believing in himself sometimes…. just because David’s heart and inspiration can be felt through each video….just because my life has been enriched for the past 9-10 years because of the beautiful vocal chord that entwines his heart ….I would like to say:

      David is a gift that includes many packages: his voice, his heart, his music, his light, his energy, his inspiration, his stories (his messages), his tweets, his IG, his quotes, his sincerity, and his genuine soul!!!!! He is honest , humble and kind. With all of that, I am sure I am missing many of his gifts. He is never afraid to admit his challenges, his shortcomings, or his setbacks. His life experiences that have touched his heart in a positive or negative way…reminds us that he is human…just like all of us. David is the Real Deal and I hope he never changes! 🙂 May the love and joy he spreads to others ….comes back to him a million fold! ♥

      David is sincerely a gift to the world !!! ♥

  55. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Stopping by to wish y’all a Wonderful Thursday!!! 😀

    Sorry to post & run, gotta go, Take Care All, TTYL! 😀

  56. JustJess says:

    I’m on my mobile browser and FOD only stays up for at most 30 seconds before it redirects to a blank white page. I cleared cache & cookies and restarted my phone but no luck. 🙁 Anyone else have the same problem? Any suggestions? I don’t know if I’ll even get enough time to check back for advice lol!

  57. kimk says:

    ray ha you are a hoot

    umm lol I dunno David breaks out with a #1 song Spanish no less and the Biebs to boot bet the crowd would go crazy 😀

    Justin Bieber – Despacito (Lyrics) ft. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee [Pop]


    lol whateven yes I know David would never do that one but still would love for him to sing Selena again … ahh swoon…

    • Mango Judy says:

      Saw on tv last night that Bieber tried to sing his Spanish song in concert…and failed. Couldn’t remember any words. That would not happen with David with a Spanish song!

      • kimk says:

        first thing I thought when I saw the Biebs was working with Luis Fonsi is it should of been David yeah I agree.

        I mean this killer performance
        that voice the crowd and a SO!! gah!

        David Archuleta Singing “No Me Queda Mas” As Tribute To Selena At The 30th Tejano Music Awards


  58. kimk says:

    Grammyj Seven is a girl?? ha figured a cranky guy but yeah helmet hair blah blah blah sucky setlist.. setlist is ok not like I know really no concert for me. do think David may be doing the oldies but goodies to get back his fanbase? Seattle was sold out I think so hey maybe it is working.

    lol whateven he did a Spanish love song like that dance no less..

  59. kimk says:

    JustJes hey they are working on the problem just think it can’t handle all the stuff going on

  60. kimk says:

    Rinnie Yang (楊瑞安)‏ @HPfanRinnie 17m17 minutes ago
    David Archuleta covers Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”. Seattle 6/13/17. Loved this!! #oriontour… https://www.instagram.com/p/BVXgPAagpPt/

    5SOS’s Girl‏ @ArlaKeynes 9m9 minutes ago
    I just love this song!!! I was at ur show in Spokane and I could tell u were radiating so much new inspiration and I love it!! @DavidArchie

  61. kimk says:

    lol I love Higher Ground

    okie dokie off to get my car back hubs accidentally dented it lol he was in deep doo doo for a while but hey not like I haven’t done that before 😆

    maybe something cool will pop up soon.. like east coast dates!!!!!!??? 😀

  62. Moelita says:


  63. SMcM says:

    In answer to no one special…. just because there are not enough affirmations happening in the world ….just because David has a hard time believing in himself sometimes…. just because David’s heart and inspiration can be felt through each video….just because my life has been enriched for the past 9-10 years because of the beautiful vocal chord that entwines his heart ….I would like to say:

    David is a gift that includes many packages: his voice, his heart, his music, his light, his energy, his inspiration, his stories (his messages), his tweets, his IG, his quotes, his sincerity, and his genuine soul!!!!! He is honest , humble and kind. With all of that, I am sure I am missing many of his gifts. He is never afraid to admit his challenges, his shortcomings, or his setbacks. His life experiences that have touched his heart in a positive or negative way…reminds us that he is human…just like all of us. David is the Real Deal and I hope he never changes! 🙂 May the love and joy he spreads to others ….come back to him a million fold! ♥

    David is sincerely a gift to the world !!! ♥

  64. SMcM says:

    Sorry for the double post!!!! I didn’t think it posted, so posted it again! 🙁

  65. kimk says:


    Archuleta said he thinks those at BYU-Idaho may feel like they are not good enough and that his songs from Orion will help students to remember their worth. Sometimes students feel pressured to be perfect and that they cannot show any weakness because Christ said to be perfect.
    “Christ said to be whole, to be complete,” Archuleta said. “He didn’t say that you can’t be flawed.”

  66. kimk says:

    David says it is ok not to be perfect.. even him
    happy to see David doesn’t have to be perfect

    also liked this part..

    “The song I’ll be singing that I haven’t released yet is a preview of what is yet to be released,” Archuleta said.

    guessing it is I’m Ready? not sure how that is different then Say Me etc but who knows we will see tomorrow what he sings
    we have heard I’m Ready live already so not sure if that is it

    • missbianca says:

      What I’ve liked this tour is David admitting he still struggles with this. He knows it’s okay not to be perfect, that he needs to listen to his heart, but falls back into his old thinking sometimes. That kind of struggle really resonated for me.

      • kimk says:

        like that part.. that it is ok to not be perfect

        lol how about messing up the hair some not shaving.. go on stage a mess to start? 😉

  67. kimk says:

    how are ID and UT venues selling guessing they are not sold out as just saw DA on twitter poatcabout them.

  68. bobanna says:


  69. alwaysafan says:

    Dang, having some trouble with comments reloading, finally able to post. I think I heard that Layton was pretty much sold out, not sure about Pocatello.

  70. VaBeachJudyu says:

    Good morning guys! A FANTASTIC to all! 🙂

    In for MORE Orion concerts! 🙂 Layton and Pocatello! Great crowds and music! ESPECIALLY looking forward to the new song he said he will sing….wonder if it is I’m Ready or another song from the up coming EP? Just LOVE when he is on tour…sure is FUN even if it’s in the second person! The East will get it’s turn…sure hope it’s THIS YEAR!

    Last day for Nana patrol! School will be out for the summer! 🙂 ENJOY your day ! 🙂

  71. kimk says:

    good morning folks.. clicked on htis link tried to buy one ticket none available good 🙂

    Layton Utah News‏ @LaytonUtahNews 3h3 hours ago
    Northern Utah live music: David Archuleta, the Shins and more playing this week – Standard-Examiner http://dlvr.it/PMjgbQ – #Layton #UT

    good morning Judy!!

  72. kimk says:

    Hannah #identity(57)‏ @banana_hannah08 6h6 hours ago
    I still don’t get why David Archuleta didn’t perform at the idol fanile last year

    me too

    Gwen Porea‏ @GwenPo 11h11 hours ago
    Tomorrow , tomorrow we’ll see him tomorrow. Right here!! Very nice venue.

  73. Moelita says:

    Still having trouble viewing comments.

  74. bobanna says:

    Goodmorning to all! 🙂

  75. kimk says:

    hey David just IG story about doing an interview in ID hope for a video!! 🙂

  76. fan4david says:

    I agree with a another viewer that David should DANCE during Up All Night. UAN is his new song and he needs to make it unforgettable in the fans minds so they’ll be talking about it after the concert. Rocking out to Higher Ground is great, but that song is not on his EP. Promotion is everything.

    • Martha says:

      Yes, Up All Night should be one of the top songs of the night. He does it at the end of the concert and a lot of his energy is gone lol. A variation at least of the choreography would be nice and fun. End the show with a bang. Easy for me to say lol. The tour should be promo for the EP.

      • Seven7Swans says:

        There are other things he could do instead of dancing to set the song apart. Change the lighting for this song so that it creates the sense of rhythm and movement. Bring up audience members to dance during the song. Turn the volume up. Go into the audience (bring security). Blast confetti, etc.

  77. kimk says:

    UAN should be the ‘it’ song has that potential great song video umm but I said this before..
    he could change it up not do it at the end..
    think he just doesn’t want to dance move whatver it is.

    • Martha says:

      Lol, he insists it’s not dancing. He said it again today.

      • kimk says:

        haven’t seen the interview yet lol really let me go watch

        • kimk says:

          aww watched it..
          hey if any of David’s peeps are reading this please encourage David to go for it move dance whatever to Up All Night it is such a cool fun song it deserves even more recognition then say Higher Ground it is his baby. 😉😃again David I say go for it believe me your fans will eat it up to the max!!!🕺🏽🕺🏽😍🙌💃💃👍👏👏👏

  78. Seven7Swans says:

    I see my comments struck a nerve. Sorry, but I’ll always advocate for “Say Me” over Hannah Montana. I’m shocked that Kari would ask fans if they actually liked it. David wrote it and now he’s not feeling it? Doesn’t make any sense.

    It’s also amazing to me that I get accused of wanting David to sing covers instead of his own songs when I brought “Say Me” up, which is David’s original song.

    For the record, however, a lot of singers have had their biggest hits and signature songs with covers. Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” is a cover. Yes, it is. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and “The Greatest Love of All” are covers. Yes, they are.

    As for setlist, take out the few I mentioned earlier. Put in “Say Me,” “Seven Years,” and “Stompin the Roses.” Open with “Day After Tomorrow.”

    • Martha says:

      Day after Tomorrow is a good one. Kari asked fans if they liked Say Me? I missed that.

      • Seven7Swans says:

        Up thread. Kalei’s wonderful in-depth comment about “Say Me” being pulled from setlist.

        • Martha says:

          Just read it. That’s probably right. It left people speechless plus the 2 slow songs together. Drop MKOP. It’s not on Orion. Not vibing, hmmm. I don’t know. What were they doing. Going to the concession? Songs like that are thought-provoking and emotional for most people because we can relate. When I first heard it, got a lump in the throat.

  79. Seven7Swans says:

    “Crush” and the Hannah Montana song will always have more streams on Spotify than any of David’s newer songs. Crush was played on the radio and almost reached top 10 on CHR. Hannah Montana is a duet with Miley Cyrus and was part of a huge tween TV show. As long as David is not allowed to break out as an indie artist, this will be true. That doesn’t mean he has to sing them and hold himself in the past.

    I would not equate teen love songs with “You’ve Got a Friend.” I just wouldn’t. One song represents the consummate artistry and the very identity of an artist. The other two don’t.

    • missbianca says:

      7, I’m the one who mentioned James Taylor and I think I left out the important part of his intro in what I wrote. He didn’t WANT to do YGAF any more, kept trying to leave it out but fans wouldn’t let him. To many David fans, “Crush” is part of David’s very identity. I don’t think either artist defines himself according to these early songs.

      The goal, I guess, is for the artist to strike a balance between “Give ’em what they want” and “Give ’em what I want them to hear.”

      The Hannah Montana thing was a joke. They did about 5 bars of it, not even enough for me to recognize it.

  80. Alwaysafan says:

    Need a new thread ASAP, can’t get on hardly! Where’s the interview?

  81. Martha says:

    David can pick the songs he wants to sing. And we can wish for others or not. I go to his concerts willing to hear whatever. That’s me. I do think since it’s the Orion Tour he should sing all the songs from Orion since it’s only 4. Don’t know why he stopped. It’s a beautiful song.

  82. Alwaysafan says:

    Wow. I can’t get on FOD on my laptop or my iPad. It keeps saying unresponsive or script problem. I’m posting this on my phone. I hope this gets fixed soon, I did find the interview, had to watch it on my laptop, the news site kept reloading too. Such a pain today to get David updates!!

  83. kimk says:

    Seven thanks for the reply I like Say Me.. 7 Years is not his neither is Higher Ground but it works.
    dying to know why he thought folks didn’t like the song
    don’t know what concert it was but geez folks get with it and let David know you like his music when or after he is done ok.

  84. kimk says:

    David Archuleta‏Verified account @DavidArchie 16m16 minutes ago
    #Pocatello show tonight! Dropped by @KPVI this morning and the Station GM, Tony gave us #doubleshots donuts! Thanks Tony!


  85. kimk says:


    umm I am passed song choice.. back him not ‘moving’ for UAN 🙂

  86. kimk says:

    David Archuleta Fans‏ @DavidUniverse 5h5 hours ago
    @DavidArchie on KPVI News this morning! @FODFansofDavid 😄😄😄 His morning face 😍😍😍


  87. kimk says:

    well now.. this one would be nice

    Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Live on Billboard Music Awards 2017)


    dreamer here..

  88. kimk says:

    aww come on folks.. confetti??? lol we all know David can dance he is just afraid to.

  89. Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Just a thought. It might be quite difficult to dance to UAN, because of
    so many high notes. He could sing & move around for Zero Gravity, maybe,
    because it didn’t have as many high notes. I think it would be difficult & I
    think the words come first for David, before any Dancing 😀

    • kimk says:

      could be Beth

      • kimk says:

        Zero Gravity David doesn’t dance the whole song could work it out get something going.. song is fun folks should love it not pass it by

        • Beth, Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

          Hey Kim! Got a bit sidetracked tonight. He moved through the whole song though, jumping a lot, just think it’s harder to do w/UAN. Although, they could add a little more music at some points & he could do some of the moves.
          Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

  90. kimk says:

    all I know folks aren’t flipping out for the song live.. ha ok lets go back to confetti.. or even better he could pass out silly string

  91. kimk says:

    Kailey 🍁 (Jean)‏ @Klutzy_Kailey 10m10 minutes ago
    Getting ready to head to the @DavidArchie concert! Just waiting on my bff to get out of work! In pretty pumped!

    rick kartchner‏ @rspudstud 26m26 minutes ago
    K eastern idaho concert peeps I have an extra ticket to David Archuleta in pocatello hit me up on here if your interested

  92. kimk says:

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 55s55 seconds ago
    Some people are in there but they won’t let us in weird

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 23m23 minutes ago
    Can’t bring my camera in


    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 2m2 minutes ago
    Most unorganized venue I have been to. No one knows what to do and where we go. We have tickets too


  93. kimk says:

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 35s35 seconds ago
    And it’s a half mile walk from here to the stage 😂

  94. bobanna says:

    Checking in!

  95. kimk says:

    Jenny Jones‏ @JennyJo75044789 34m34 minutes ago


  96. kimk says:

    djafan#DA2017‏ @djafanTheVoice 4m4 minutes ago
    djafan#DA2017 Retweeted Loudie
    I will be there!!!! #Concerts #Tour #OrionEP #Numb #SayMe #Invincible #UpAllNight #Live #DavidArchuleta .@davidarchie

    In 2008, 30 mil tv viewers fell in love w/ @DavidArchie’s on @AmericanIdol. See him at @theTroubadour on Thurs 6/22! https://www.loudie.com/shows/2078645

  97. kimk says:

    Kailey 🍁 (Jean)‏ @Klutzy_Kailey 12m12 minutes ago
    I got to awkwardly stare at @DavidArchie from a distance. Perks of my mom knowing people, I got in early. Wish I could have met him tho.

    mjsbigblog‏ @mjsbigblog 17m17 minutes ago
    Tonight’s Concert Schedule: Sundance Head, Johnny Gates, Lilli Passero, David Archuleta and more http://bit.ly/2rAybVR

  98. Moelita says:


  99. kimk says:

    Abigail‏ @theenameisabby 8m8 minutes ago
    Currently at the David Archuleta concert and the lady next to me is a little heavier and she legit sat on me…

  100. kimk says:

    Tiffany Stanger‏ @TiffanyStanger 16m16 minutes ago
    Great seats at David Archuleta concert!@TrentonStanger


  101. Anonymous says:


  102. kimk says:

    hey guys wow just wow from what I can tell last night was great.. rained no one cared GREAT CROWD TOO!!


    davidarchiePocatello, Idaho!! Look at that rain pouring down and you still jammed and kept the energy up the whole night! Thanks for weathering the storm wth us! 🌧❤️ #Pocatello #Idaho #tour #rainwontstopus

  103. kimk says:

    Shelley did twitter live a ton of them.. haven’t seen them all but omg WOWZA He Lives In You was GREAT!!! he did Don’t Worry Child too crowd was up jumping Amber did an IG story

    He Lives In You

  104. kimk says:

    Sydney‏ @_MyNameIsSydney 1h1 hour ago
    10 year old Sydney is freaking out right now because I’m going to see David Archuleta tomorrow. I still have the biggest crush on him. ❤❤❤

    Kamryn Sessions‏ @KamrynSessions1 2h2 hours ago
    Every time I see @DavidArchie in concert, I always want to be a better person and grow so much more in my faith. Amazing concert ❤️

  105. kimk says:

    Kermit the Pepe‏ @nefariaas 2h2 hours ago
    Watching people’s videos at david archuleta show on instagram and i’m 😭😭😭 he hasn’t changed at all not even his voice?!?!?

    Abigail‏ @theenameisabby 3h3 hours ago
    @DavidArchie 9 years ago I went to your concert. Tonight was so nostalgic and I realized I love you just as much as I did when I was 11 💕

    Nic 🐳‏ @nicolle_alli 3h3 hours ago
    Had the best time at the @DavidArchie concert tonight. Amazing guy and even better performer❤️❤️❤️

  106. kimk says:

    hey guys hope a new thread pops up soon.. another concert tonight in Utah 🙂

    Rejoice‏ @iamREJOICE2 49m49 minutes ago
    #Throwback #NanditoAko @DavidArchie @kariontour @ginaorr @MyDearWriter

  107. kimk says:

    Carmie-STL‏ @CarmieSTL 51m51 minutes ago
    Replying to @DavidArchie
    Following your #OrionTour from afar, loving your songs #UpAllNight❤️ u have a dedicated fans😘 waiting for u in St. Louis

    🌻 little j 🌻‏ @magnanimitea 1h1 hour ago
    I still love David Archuleta idc he should have won American Idol

    yes David should of won American Idol

  108. kimk says:

    I think Shelley couldn’t take her camera in but she did take twitter periscopes with her phone hopefully they will be saved

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 6h6 hours ago
    Singing Numb #davidarchuleta @davidarchie https://www.instagram.com/p/BVbqVLDjio1/

  109. kimk says:

    Shelley‏ @Shell_eeeyyy 6h6 hours ago
    One more #davidarchuleta @davidarchie https://www.instagram.com/p/BVbqDp5juyN/

  110. kimk says:

    Kalei‏ @KaleiLuvsHawaii 9h9 hours ago
    Replying to @iteachkidz22 @DavidArchie
    he put Higher Ground after Forevermore – smart!! Added Don’t You Worry Child eeep!🔥🔥🔥

    lol this is crazy good!!

    LindaSpivey#DA2016‏ @erlindita 8h8 hours ago

  111. alwaysafan says:


  112. Moelita says:

    Comments still wonky.

  113. SMcM says:

    Where Oh Where are the comments???? I can’t find a new thread!!!!!!! Is there one????

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