David Archuleta: Wednesday Working Late ~@DavidArchie and Stephanie Mabey in Nashville! Trend Wednesday, Updates for Jeff LeBlanc and Online Concert Tonight! AI News, An Acoustic “Heaven”


Sparking the Light…

Constitution Fair Credit Lily

Constitution Fair Credit Lily

…that illuminates the world

Constitution fair AZ credit Lily

Constitution fair AZ credit Lily

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quote you have to know what sparks the light

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Working Late In Nashville With Stephanie!

buckle up straightened

From Nashville!! Last evening, Stephanie Mabey brought squeals of delight to the fan world with her tweet and IG news accompanied by a photo!

tweet late night in studio with Stephanie

Nashville Late night writing with Stephanie crop

Fun fun fun news and a great pic from Stephanie! So happy to hear they are collaborating again, and can’t wait to hear the music they’re creating!!!  Sure do love seeing David in studio singing …and playing piano at that!!! *cue a few more “in studio pics*  ;)

David and Stephanie (crop) in Oct. 2014

David and Stephanie (crop) in Oct. 2014

David and Brooke in studio recording Cherry Lane

David and Brooke in studio recording Cherry Lane

David in studio 2014  "Glorious"

David in studio 2014 “Glorious”

David recording with Joy Williams 2009

David recording with Joy Williams 2009

CFTH recording 2009

CFTH recording 2009

Like the above posted (altered/edited) road sign David tweeted from Nashville last fall says, “buckle up ya’ll” ; there is great “new” music from David Archuleta up ahead, down the road, and around the corner.  Plus, there’s that  new original Spanish song coming sooooon! This news makes it time for a happy dance!!

dance-1Jimmy fallontumblr_myaqb64F5U1svoh1co1_500

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Trend This Friday!

A reminder to come and join the ranks on twitter this Friday as we celebrate ” Moving Forward David Archuleta !!!” If you’re able to be online and tweet, as always, you’re invited to share pics and (created) graphics as part of the trend celebration!

Trend Moving Forward David Archuleta
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Jeff LeBlanc News and an Online Show Today

Because we’ve grown pretty fond of David’s MKOC tour buddy, we love sharing updates on Jeff LeBlanc as we’re also FOJ’s :) For all here who have contributed to Jeff’s Kickstarter program for his upcoming cd, there’s exciting news: it’s in the works!! Jeff tweeted this update on Monday (in case you missed it.)

Jeff Leblanc new album day 1And TONIGHT, Jeff will be a special guest of Liv Longley as part of her @concertwindow “Live in the Living Room” concert!

liz lonley concert

If you would like to tune in for the show at 9pm PST tonight, click below to head over to Concert Window for more specifics! **Note- Concert admission is required to participate with a “name your price” ticket (minimum is $1.00). **

Liz Lonley show

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AI Winner Phillip Phillips Files Petition to End AI Contracts

“I look forward to being able to make my own choices about my career and to being able to make great music… for my fans,” ~Phillip Phillips

Phillip-Phillips 2

** Not an article about David Archuleta, per se, but AI related and quite interesting. Many of you may have already read about Phillip Phillip’s petition to be released from his AI 19E contracts. The petition, filed in California (with the CA Labor Commission)  on January 22nd, 2015, was explained in depth in an article published in The Hollywood Reporter. Some of the complaints expressed by Phillips left me wondering if there are perhaps some similar feelings shared by David re: his personal post AI contractual experiences. In any event, it certainly opened my eyes a bit as to an Idol’s obligations to 19E once the season is over. Phillip’s quote (above sent to me by Maryanne) expresses his longing to conduct his music career and do things his own way. Shades of what he shares is reminiscent of the frustration David shared in his blog, and how he’s hoping to “ find the right story to tell this time in music. “

hollywood Reporter banner

‘American Idol’ Winner Files Bold Legal Claim to Escape ‘Oppressive’ Contracts (Exclusive)


Phillip Phillips

For those who would give almost anything for a chance at superstardom, American Idolmight be the entertainment industry’s version of a Faustian bargain: Through 14 seasons, the very successful Fox show has exploited the fact that there are millions of singers who are willing to sign onerous deals for the chance to compete. But season 11 winner Phillip Phillips isn’t going to let the deals he made as a precursor to his fame go unchallenged.

On Jan. 22, Phillips lodged a bombshell petition with the California Labor Commissioner that asserts thatIdol producer 19 Entertainment and its affiliated companies have “manipulated” him into accepting jobs since he hit it big. In a filing that reveals some of Phillips’ post-show tribulations, including being forced to perform for free for one of Idol sponsors and not even knowing the title of his last album before it was announced publicly, the singer is seeking to void his various agreements with 19, said by the star’s lawyer to be “oppressive, fatally conflicted.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunities provided to me through appearing on American Idol,” says Phillips. “The value that the fans and the show have given to my career is not lost on me. However, I have not felt that I have been free to conduct my career in a way that I am comfortable with.  I look forward to being able to make my own choices about my career and to being able to make great music and play it for my fans.”

The petition to determine controversy (read here in full) is grounded on the Talent Agencies Act, the California law that says only licensed talent agents can procure employment for clients. In the past, the law has been used as a cudgel by Hollywood artists from Arsenio Hall to Kesha who wished to escape paying commissions to their managers. Phillips now hopes to have the TAA applied to an entertainment company that has had its hand in his pocket even since he won Idol‘s 11th season on May 23, 2012.

Before Idol viewers voted him the winner that year, Phillips signed a series of contracts governing his management, merchandising, recording and publishing. The deals are quite favorable to 19 Entertainment, a company founded by Simon Fuller that also produces other shows such as So You Think You Can Dance. For example, according to the complaint, when Phillips does endorsements, 19 gets as much as a 40 percent cut.

Nevertheless, Phillips tells the California Labor Commissioner that 19 has a fiduciary duty to him, and that the company has breached such duty by compelling him to take jobs that are of benefit to the company and its affiliates rather than to him.

In the time since he’s been on the show, his managers at 19 have lined up gigs like performing at the NBA All-Star Game, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a World Series game, and appearing on such shows as Letterman, the Today show, Ellen and The View. The appearances are said to have been “procured” by 19 despite not being licensed as an agent. This, the petition argues, amounts to a “pattern and practice of flagrant violations of the [TAA].”

While some of these gigs boosted Phillips’ profile and are arguably in his interest, some other appearances by the singer may have done little to boost his career. For example, the petition says he did a live show without compensation promoting JetBlue in 2013.

“In response to Petitioner’s questions about why this deal would make sense, 19 admitted the deal was being entered into in exchange for JetBlue’s support for the 2013 American Idol Live Appearance Tour,” says the petition. “Since Petitioner was not performing on the 2013 Idol Tour, the only conceivable purpose for Respondent booking the performance was to help the struggling finances of Respondent’s Idol Tour.”

Similarly, Phillips says he performed at a corporate event for an insurance company — only it was labeled an endorsement deal. Raising a problem with this gig, he says 19 took the position that it was subject to the Merchandise Agreement, with a 40 percent commission. Phillips argues, “If Respondent was truly putting Petitioner’s best interest above their interests, Respondent should have taken the position that the performances should be commissioned at the 20% commission rate provided for in the Management Agreement.”

The petition also chronicles other indignities that Phillips has faced in the past couple of years. He says that 19 lined up a producer for his first two albums that compromised his interests. He says 19 lied to him, saying that the producer wouldn’t receive greater mechanical royalty rates than he would. He adds that 19 has repeatedly withheld information regarding his career, including the title of his Behind the Light album released last year.

It’s not unusual for those successful on reality TV shows to renegotiate deals at some point in their career. Phillips says that he “frequently requested” this, but suggests that the relationship between his management company and recording company frustrated any hope of doing so. According to the petition, “Because 19 Recordings, Inc. is also Petitioner’s record company, 19, as Petitioner’s management company, failed to secure even a single improvement to the terms of the Recording Agreement, in breach of Respondent’s fiduciary obligations to Petitioner.”

Represented by attorney Howard King at King Holmes Paterno & Berliner, Phillips is making a bold and ambitious attempt to bring entertainment companies like 19 within the scope of the TAA, a law that has been controversial since it was added to the books in 1978. Phillips’ attempt to challenge his Idol deals figures to spark jurisdictional challenges and raise issues about the corporate structure of 19, which is owned by CORE Media Group. Phillips will likely also have to get around a notable exemption in the TAA for the procurement of recording contracts.

But if Phillips is successful in voiding his deals as a violation of the TAA, the ramifications would be huge — potentially impacting other successful competitors on Idol as well as perhaps other reality TV competition shows. The adjudication of TAA disputes also tends to be a very, very slow process, with rulings often happening many years after the initial filing of a petition. The result of the creeping pace could put a number of deals in legal limbo, undoubtedly a concern as Idol and other shows move forward.

A spokesperson for 19 Entertainment tells The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re very proud of everything we’ve accomplished together with Phillip, working closely to help nurture his extraordinary talent and advance his career. We have always acted in the best interest of Phillip. We will vigorously defend ourselves from any baseless claims to the contrary and from any attempt to interfere with our rights and relationships.”

* * * *

yahoo Phillip PHillips

Yahoo also has a great little article on this story with a brief video of the discussion on Good Morning America. (The title on Yahoo is technically incorrect as there isn’t a filed “lawsuit”currently. CLICK HERE for the article on Yahoo and watch the video on ABC NEWS by clicking below!

World News Videos | ABC World News

Additional information, about Phillip Phillip’s story, can also be found at the following:

MJ's big blog


We’ll have to stay tuned to see how this all shakes out (it will definitely take some time) !

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Ahhh Heaven~

Closing today with David’s acoustic “Heaven” from Singapore. Just David, Yusiani, and a guitar..so perfect! A forever favorite. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! I’ll be back next week (or tomorrow with updates as needed.) Kalei will be back on Friday!

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David Archuleta and a Making Contentment a Habit, Signed “Never Grow Up” CD’s arriving! A Tweet ~ Living a Meaningful Life, The First In-Person @davidarchie Signing Post Mission *AllWelcome*, Friday TrendDay, Stay Safe Everyone, You Can Go Your Own Way, This Song.


On being content …

Credit:  Sheila

Credit: Sheila

someone else is happy quote

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Being Generous with our Gifts

David tweeted late Sunday night …

tweet life decisions

My quote yesterday had to do with making every day amazing, in a way that is meaningful to you.  David’s quote encourages us to ensure we are sharing our talents in a way that is meaningful and pleases God.

Do you have a similar quote that is meaningful to you?  Share with us in comments.

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David to be Signing at RootsTech!

Over the weekend, some attendees of the Rootstech conference got emails that contained the following:

“Between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. (Sat. Feb 14th), the cast of BYUtv’s Studio C and David Archuleta will be available for signing in the north foyer. ” 

Since not all attendees received this message, we followed up:

pastel rootstech kari rootstech

Great news!  I’m sure David will be excited to see everyone at that time!  I think it’s going to be one very very popular signing tho.  So, for those going, get there early and say hello from all of us!

david archuleta signing singapore credit os

Pittsburgh credit Jennifer

Pittsburgh credit Jennifer

- Keiko got her cd signed by David!

– Keiko got her cd signed by David!

Enter your zip code here

Credit: Lily

* * * * * *

Lookie what Tina and Joanie Received!

Updated Monday, January 26th, 7 pm:  Speaking of signatures, Tina received her “Never Grow Up” CD signed by both Brooke White and David!   Looks awesome!

tina david never grow up brooke signature cd

‘Tis more than lovely.  It’s a great album inside and out.

And Joanie received hers too!

joanie never grow up david brooke signature autograph

If you ordered an album, let us know when you get it and send us a picture!

* * * * *

Friday is Trend-day

A reminder!

Trend Moving Forward David Archuleta

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It’s Stormy Out There! Stay safe everyone!

storm stay warm

For our reader on the east coast who are in the line of fire this winter snow blast, stay safe!  Hunker down, stay warm and ensure you wear your hat, mitts, scarf and slip-free footwear if going out!  We want to see all you safe and sound tomorrow!

* * * * * *

Repost from Brooke White:  The Contentment Habit

the contentment habit brooke white


Last week, I included in my Monday post a great article on the things that make you happy.  Well, this is an expansion on that them, with a little reminder of why our contentment, our happiness, is totally dependent upon us.  None of this info is new, but a great reminder.

* * * * *

By Leo Babauta

I’ll admit I do it as much as anyone else: see the cool things that others are doing and wish I were doing something cool like that too.  You see great travel photos on Instagram and other social media — people living amazing lives, creating cool things, going on adventures. And instantly, there’s the thought that you should be living a better life.

But this is the wrong habit. It leads to a feeling that your life isn’t good enough, that you aren’t good enough. And the habit doesn’t end: if you pursue a better life, you will always feel that you should be doing more, partying more, creating more, learning more, reading more, traveling more. You can’t possibly do it all, but you’ll always wish you were.

So what’s a better habit? The contentment habit.

What I’ve been learning is that happiness and contentment and greatness isn’t out there. It’s not where everyone else is, even if it seems like it. You can spend your whole life chasing this happiness, contentment, dreams, greatness, coolness, and never reach it. That’s because it’s right where you are now.

Before we talk about that, let’s look at the habits that most of us do.

The Discontentment Habits

Tell me if these habits sound familiar:

  • You see people doing great things, traveling, having fun, and wish you were doing something like that too. This never ends, because no matter how much you do, there will always be other people doing still more things that sound really cool. So you’ll never reach the pinnacle of fun and cool and achievement.
  • You look at yourself and think that you can improve — get fitter, leaner, more learned, calmer, happier, more productive. This too never ends, because even if you do amazingly at improving yourself, you will never be perfect, and there will always be more to improve. So you’ll never be content, and then you die.
  • You feel you could be doing more. You’re rushing around, doing a lot, but there’s always a feeling that you could be doing more. This never ends, because there is always more you could be doing. You can never do everything, so there’s always more that you’re not doing than there is that you are doing.
  • You criticize others for what they’re not doing. Your kids, your spouse, your family, your friends … they’re all doing something you think they shouldn’t, or maybe not doing something you think they should. There isn’t happiness in criticizing others, because you’re dissatisfied with life when you’re dissatisfied with other people.

If you find yourself doing any of these things — and I’d bet $1,000 that you do them more than you realize — then it’s a good time to think about whether that habit will ever end, and if it will bring you happiness.

The answer to both questions is no — those habits don’t have an end, and they don’t bring happiness or contentment.

The Contentment Habit

When you catch yourself doing those discontentment habits, by being mindful of your feelings and thoughts during the day … try this instead:

crop original photo credit cocobean

crop original photo credit cocobean

  • Stop looking elsewhere for happiness — in what others are doing, in what you should be doing, in what others should be doing but aren’t, in the things you should improve. Happiness and contentment aren’t out there.
  • Instead, turn to where you are right at this moment. Pause and feel your body, your breath, and all the sensations surrounding you right now. See how this moment contains so much that you don’t normally notice, if you start paying attention.
  • Realize that this moment is enough. All around you, right now, is a moment that is as high quality as any of the possibilities that often enter your mind of what you should be doing or where you should be. Those ideal experiences aren’t of any higher quality than the experience you’re having right now.
  • See the wonder in this moment. Right where you are, right now. Notice the amazing things around you, and in you, as if you’re seeing it for the first time ever. Notice the miracle of your body, your mind, your surroundings. How did all this come to be? The building you’re in, or the nature you’re in, didn’t just magically appear — it’s almost as if the world conspired to make this moment happen, and you get to be here to witness it. Awesome!

That’s the contentment habit, and you can do it anytime, anyplace, no matter what you’re doing or who you’re with. It is free, always available, always miraculous. And it never ends.

* * * * * *

You can go your own way

I can never watch this vid enough!

* * * * *

Closing with a Song

In fact, closing with “You Are My Song”, the little gem from Forevermore.  Posted by @rhiminee and discussed with @kimak on Twitter last night, the best build up, strong vocals, and a nice production.  As Tina noted, almost 1 million views for a lyric vid … that’s just unreal!

Enjoy everyone, I’ll be back next week!


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