Saturday Shorts, @davidarchie concerts in Las Vegas, Mesa and Boise ticket buying a success, Indianapolis Monday, Jani’s TOFW recount, Joanie’s True Colors!


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Trapped, but for a good cause

David donating blood today!

We saw a pic of him doing that right after returning from his mission

Donating blood zoom

David’s IG today was hilarious!  No place to hide when you are giving blood, and David made the best of it!

And David realizes that many in the Filipino communitys know who he is, and what he looks like!  If you want to be in cognito David you need a baseball hat to match that awesome tie ;)

Ticket Buying Frenzy on Friday ~ Indy still to come

It was a busy day Friday and people used those well honed (but put on park) ticket buying skills for the David Archuleta Nathan Pacheco Christmas Tour as tickets for Boise, Mesa and Las Vegas went on sale!

Unfortunately, due to other issues, Indianapolis tickets were not available and an apology was issued from David’s team early in the process:

response-3 response-2 response-1

And some lucky folks celebrate with tweets!!!


Indy on Monday!

Many of you have had several days to practice.  Best of luck to all those wishing to go!

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Jani shares her TOFW story!

We love these recounts from Jani.  She was lucky enough to go to Madison a few weeks ago and described her experience AND HER FIRST MEET AND GREET!  Read on!  And I included Joanie’s pictures/screencaps in the story!


Credit: Joanie

Real life keeps getting in the way of writing a recap, but I’ll try to do a quick version of my experience!

And it WAS an experience!  I won’t go into the details, but there were a few minor mishaps along the way in getting to Madison and the venue, so when we finally arrived and found ourselves in line, we (my sister and I) were thrilled just to be there – and pretty close to the front of the line at that! There was the now familiar feeling in the air; the excitement and anticipation of seeing David! Yes, I could feel it.  I knew there were Archies with me, though I didn’t really know any of them. (Who else would be at the doors 2 hours early??)  As I chatted with the girl in front of me, I casually mentioned that I was really there to see David.  ‘I know! Me, too!” she laughed.  Well, we became fast friends, and both bee-lined it to the front seats when the doors finally opened.  I had warned my sister about this so she was prepared, though I know for a fact she thought I was acting like a silly school girl, or a crazy old goat…or both.  But she was a good sport and the three of us found seats on the third row, and I was so happy!!!  We had a perfect view of the screen and the stage!


Credit: Joanie

When David came out and started right off singing Glorious, I was a little surprised, as that had been his encore song in concerts, and seemed to me more suited there. But no matter, it was David and I was thrilled see him!  I have to say he looked radiant, sweet, handsome, happy, and absolutely relaxed and confidant.  There was that peace and goodness about him that I always feel in his presence.  We know he is amazing when he sings, but I felt he was equally confortable and at ease when he spoke. That was a pleasure to see! And he spoke quite a lot.

Before he sang Angel, and told us how his grandfather Archuleta would be lovingly  gruff and say things like “Who are all these funny looking kids?” when the family got together.  At around 9 years old, David sang this song for one of these gatherings, and he noticed his grandfather’s face change and soften and his eyes get teary.  David said he realized that there was power in music; that he knew his grandfather could feel what he, himself felt when he sang, and what a great realization that was.  He said he has always loved this song because of that experience.


Credit: Joanie

The other songs, including most of their introductions, (which are great) have been wonderfully recorded by kind fans.  I’m thankful for them!  If you haven’t taken the time to listen to them, do it!  You won’t be sorry. There is not much I could add to them. As I said, I enjoyed his speaking as much as his singing.  I loved his stories of helping in Louisiana, (“The only thing I know how to do is hold this mic and sing. But it felt so good to help out. It was the best part of my week.”)  I loved his Spanish pronunciations of words as he told about helping to translate for a family from Ecuador, all because he had decided to say hello to them on the plane, (a small and simple thing) when he really wanted to sleep. I loved how he noticed a girl (who appeared to have Down Syndrome) dancing at the edge of the stage, and went over to “high five” her, and others dancing with her.  I loved how he talked about weaknesses becoming strengths.  I could go on, but as I said, I think most of it is in the recordings, and they are so worth a listen…… or three. J  By the time he sang Be Still My Soul I felt blanketed in the warmth and glow that is David and didn’t want it to end. There is something intangible but real about hearing him live. 

My little recap wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share my meeting with David. It was both thrilling and kind of embarrassing, and sort of surreal.  When my sister and I discovered a sign by David’s BEGIN cd’s saying that those who bought the first 200 got a chance to meet David, I was beyond excited, but also nervous because I was sure all two hundred had been sold.  There had been a steady stream at the merch tables since we arrived and I hadn’t even looked at them until right before the break was over.   I quickly picked up BEGIN (there were only a couple left) and went to the line to pay, praying that the 200 had not already been sold.  Someone suggested I go to the cash line as they more likely had numbers there than the credit line.  Cash line it was, and I’ll tell you, this silly school girl, old goat was happy dancing all the way back to my seat when I got one!!!!!  That little square white card was my golden ticket!  I was going to meet David. 

 Of course, I hadn’t thought to ask where the signing would be and they sure didn’t announce it, so we had to just watch and see where a line began to form when the event was over.  By the time we got there it was looonnnnggggg.  But, again, no matter, I was willing to wait all night. J  Then an organizer told us David had to leave at 10:30. Yikes! Would I get to him before had to leave???  My sister sat on the stairs while I waited and chatted in line.  Fun time sharing with fans again!

 As we approached David, I discovered two things.  My cell phone had gone completely dead, (though it had been fully charged at the beginning of the night…ugh.) and…… I could not find my magic number card!  We noticed that they were taking them right as you got to David’s table.  Ohmyheck, where was that thing??!  Why do these things happen when I’m around David???  My friends in line had both seen my card at the beginning, but we could not, for the life of us, find it now, even emptying my bag, and searching the floor. I was so engrossed in this search and the worry that they wouldn’t let me through, that when I DID get to the lady and vouched that I really DID have a ticket, (somewhere) and she let me “slide through,” I was all of a sudden in front of David, and hadn’t planned a thing to say!   I’m not exactly sure what I did say, as I can’t remember most of it.  I know I thanked him for a fabulous night, but I felt like a rambling fool.  He smiled and said “Thank you.”  I didn’t want to move on, so impulsively said, “Can I shake your hand?’ He said, “Sure,” and held it out.  It’s pretty sweet to shake hands with someone you respect and admire and feel gratitude for like David. (And, holy, moly, that skin. I know people have talked about it, but it is so completely flawless, and lustrous, and those eyes, and that smile…..well, you know!)  He was sweet, kind, gracious and everything I could have hoped for in my first M&G.  Then, it was over…way too soon!  I walked away feeling like I had really wanted to have a nice long chat with him, lol. 

 Then came a nice surprise. Both girls on either side of me had taken pics for me out of pity for my lack of camera.  I hadn’t realized they were doing that, but was pretty happy when they both stopped me and shared them.  How nice!  (Although, what in the world possessed me to bend clear down to David’s eye level, I don’t know.   I hadn’t even realized I’d done that until I saw those pics! Goodness.) 


Credit: Joanie

 I surely hope others around the country and the world who have’nt had the chance to hear the more mature David and meet him have that opportunity soon.  It’s pretty special, and I feel really, really grateful.  It was a wonderful weekend, and great memory to enjoy now that I’m home.  And this has turned out NOT to be such a “quick version.”  I don’t think I know how to do those.  If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening. J

WONDERFUL JANI!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I hope David does more events in years to come!

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As Found aRound

One more from Joanie


Credit: Joanie

So worth watching this weekend!

And Joanie has captured David’s True Colors so well on this vid, and from a different vantage point.  The change ups here are so good.  And that ‘hep’!  Enjoy!

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Whew, it’s been a stressful week, and there is more stress to come lol!  Have a wonderful weekend all!

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Get them while they are HOT! @davidarchie @nathanpacheco Tickets TODAY for Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Mesa and Boise! Kari shares! DAC the Halls Layton sale dates announced!

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Credit: Shelley

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Ticket buying starts at 10 am EDT!

For those of you interested in seeing David and Nathan Pacheco in Indianapolis Indiana, Boise Idaho, Las Vegas Nevada or Mesa Arizona this winter, today is your day!


mesaGo on the OS and click on the “Tickets” icon beside either Indy, Boise or Las Vegas and here’s what you get …


You need to contact the organizer and you will get an email from Deseret that says the following:

Deseret Book Co  |  Sep 22, 2016 06:14PM MDT
Thank you for submitting your request. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email.

Thanks in advance for your patience and support.

Hopefully, the invite will arrive in your inboxes soon after you send it!

number-one-First up!  Indianapolis, Indiana    Monday Nov. 28, 2016

Pike Performing Arts Center

Time of sale:  10 am EDT 

How do you get tickets:   OS link takes you to Eventbrite

LINK TO OS Ticket Buying Page


Boise Idaho  Monday Dec. 5

Centennial High School

Time of Sale:  10 am MDT   (noon EDT)

LINK to OS Ticket Buying Page


Las Vegas, Nevada  Friday Dec. 16th

Cashman Center

Time of Sale: 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

Link to OS Ticket Buying Page


Mesa, Arizona. Monday Dec. 19

Mesa Arts Center

Time of Sale:  10 am Mountain Standard Time (1 pm EDT)

Link to Mesa Arts Centre

Good luck everyone and we will update if there is any ticket buying changes!!!!

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DAC the Halls – Layton Ticket Sales announced!

Late last night Joanie found this in her google alerts!  Get your Layton tickets in October!

Click to go!



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Kari answers!

Kari answered alot of your questions about concerts last night.  Here are a few ….





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Take us back to Time Out for Women!  

There was so much shared from the TOFW/TOFG Sacramento and TOFW Madison, but some information came in this week that we MUST post!  Saving it for Saturday.  You will love it!

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As Found aRound

Everyone needs a good mattress, right?


Credit: rhiminee on tumblr from Shelley TOFW SAC Beautiful vid


Credit: rhiminee on tumblr from Shelley TOFW SAC Beautiful vid – selfie


credit: Shelley


Credit: @pestipasqualine Lisa on Twitter

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