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- via La Region Hispana's FB

– via La Region Hispana’s FB

For those of us (read ALL of us) who love to hear David speak and sing in Spanish, looks like there’s a great opportunity coming up in October!

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An Interview With David

The Mormon Channel revisited Roots Tech and did a quick interview with David – it’s done radio style, so audio only, but it’s great to hear David’s voice!

- Click to listen

- Click to listen

Today we revisit RootsTech, the largest family history event in the world, where we talked with singing sensation and returned missionary David Archuleta. He told us what it was like transitioning from the spotlight to the mission field and back again. His family has made all the difference in his passion for music and faith. To learn more, listen in.

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Bee Yourself!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.39.43 PM


David shared a scene from Aladdin which got fans in Speculation Mode! Some people sensed a Disney theme with David singing a song from the Lion King at the Symposium, and now sharing a clip from Disney’s Aladdin.  Is David going to do a voice-over for a Disney film?  Will he star in the stage version of Aladdin?  For the record, David would make an awesome Aladdin on broadway!  We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any Disney-related news!

Go Jump off a Balcony (credit: agentcoffee)


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Luz de las Naciones: Juventud de la promesa

This event popped up on the FB and IG sites of La Region Hispana, and of course it was in Spanish!  For those of us who didn’t make it past High School Spanish, there was an English translation posted on David’s FB!

- click to visit

– click to visit

Looks like it will be  huge event hopefully open to the public!  If you live in Utah, are between the ages of 12-30 AND speak Spanish you can audition!  The Audition information is in Spanish – I guess that’s the first part of the audition – complete the application in Spanish!

- click for the application

– click for the application

Please let us know if you plan to audition, what the audition process is like and if you’re selected!

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David On The Move

I’ve had two back to back business trips and just got home today!  Seems like David has been doing his share of state hopping too!  Our first clue came from Kari:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.51.15 PM

Then Dylan Chambers tweeted from a show he was doing with Casey Abrams and Haley Rhinehart at Room 5 in LA – this seems to be the same venue where I saw Jeff LeBlanc perform last year!  It’s a very small venue – maybe 40-50 capacity – with a few tables and standing room behind the table area.  The stage is also small, but the acoustics are great!

dylan casey haley

dylan chambers

Then Kari gave us a second clue!

- via Kari's IG

– via Kari’s IG

 That looks familiar!

- credit me!

– credit me!

- Efam visit to see Jeff LeBlanc

– Efam visit to see Jeff LeBlanc

Two days later, David is spotted in Nashville at the Ryman Theater to see the Ten Out Of Tenn 10th Anniversary show – how do we know?  Because McKenna’s mom got a selfie with David!


mckenna tweet

Looks like David’s friend and album cover designer, Katie Moore, was also at the show!  And she embedded a vid in her tweet!


– click to watch the vid

David was also spotted by others:

monica moser

Learn more about Ten Out Of Tenn, created by Trent Dabbs, who has worked with Joy Williams among others – click on the graphic below: 

- click to visit Trent's site

– click to visit Trent’s site

So David is back in Nashville, hopefully writing and recording more music! He’s got some concerts to prepare for, so I hope he finishes his album soon! A few more concerts wouldn’t be bad either!

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Poll Results

Speaking of more concerts, thanks to everyone for sharing their picks for some concert locations where David would be more than welcome!  It was a long poll, so I had to shrink the graphic to fit the page:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.56.48 PM

And the winner is…. OTHER!  Lots of fans weighing in and naming their state if it wasn’t listed in the poll.  California took 2nd place and the Mid-West came in 3rd. Unfortunately Hawaii came in dead last :-(  But I had no computer access to vote, so thank you to all the Archies who voted for Hawaii to keep it on the board!

Thanks to Joanie for this fun poll!  David we hope you see this poll or someone tells you the results – a 50-State Tour plus visits to International locations would be appreciated!

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National Telephone Day!


On April 25th we celebrate National Telephone Day. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell introduced the first version of a telephone. The telephone was first referred to as the electric speech machine. “Mr Watson…Come here…I want to see you” were the first words spoken into a telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas A. Watson. 

Since 1876 the telephone invention has emerged as one of the most successful products ever. Times have changed and today people are familiar with the modern technology in telephones such as the Droid, iPhone and Blackberry. It is a different world carrying a phone in your pocket compared to the telephone that was hard-wired to the wall or sat on a desk with a cord and a rotary dial. What would Alexander Graham Bell think today about having internet capability, voice activation, built-in camera, games, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, and music on a telephone?



– SU2C

Celebrate National Telephone Day by calling someone and telling them Happy National Telephone Day! Share your vintage telephone pictures on Social Media using #NationalTelephoneDay to show the different telephones that have been used!

So grab your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry (if you’re still using one) and celebrate the invention that allows you to not only keep in touch with your family and friends, but you can take awesome pics & vids at concerts and store hundreds if not thousands of photos of your favorite celeb – any ideas who?  Plus you can store music and play games!


- FOD Archives

– FOD Archives


– Open-Mic iPhone app

Hey David!  Call us maybe??

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Nunca Pense 

Getting excited for some Spanish singing from David? – maybe he’ll sing Nunca Pense live for everyone again!  Let’s revisit his live performance from Roots Tech! So good!! (vid credit Chari Pack)

- credit Shadowbenny

– credit Shadowbenny

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- Work in progress - jPaleFOD

– Work in progress – jPaleFOD

Well I’ve been traveling on business so it’s been a whirlwind!  I know how David feels traveling from state to state and packing and unpacking a suitcase every time you take a trip!  Glad that David got to enjoy some great concerts – hope he’s inspired to schedule a few more for himself!

Thanks to everyone for bringing info and links to comments – it’s easy to catch up with all things David!  Wishing everyone a Superb Saturday and a peaceful and relaxing Sunday.  Pastel will be back  on Monday with a new post!


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David Archuleta: Happy Earth Day Wednesday ~ Where Would You Hope To See @DavidArchie on Stage? ~A Poll, Huffington Post: Ambassador Kmiec’s Commentary on David Archuleta’s Symposium Speech at UVU, Jeff LeBlanc “Vision” Received! Fan Finds


laguna beach Matt Clayton grey jacket
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quote You're the director of your life
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A TBT Update  for Thursday April 23, 2015

A TBT treat by Shanelle to make your Thursday a little more terrific!!

A TBT treat credit Shanelle

A TBT treat credit Shanelle

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Remembering David’s “Focus” Wisdom

Today’s quote was sparked by David’s appearance and talk last week at the UVU Symposium. David addressed the thousands in attendance with eloquent words that offered honesty and firm conviction. He has matured into a young man who IS directing his own life and knows where he wants to focus. In the past he also tweeted a great quote regarding “focusing.” ~No worries about the length, David, I loved the quote, too! :D

tweet focus your energy 1tweet focus your energy 2

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David Receives High Praise from (Retired) Ambassador Douglas Kmiec!

Huffington post politics


Ambassador Mmiec

In the following Huffington blog post, retired Ambassador Kmiec talks about the recent symposium on religious freedom conducted by the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University (UVU). Ambassador Kmiec was included among the list of presenters who throughout the symposium offered personal stories and views on the current issues of religious freedom being faced in the nation.

He begins by explaining at length background information as well as his personal views on  matters of religious freedom and the role of the Supreme Court in recent matters in the country. *CLICK “SOURCE” (ABOVE) TO READ THE ENTIRE BLOG* There is also an option at the bottom of the piece to leave a comment.

Below, I have pulled out a number of his statements, though, as the focus of the article turned to David Archuleta and his speech at the Finale of the symposium! Ambassador Kmiec was incredibly impressed by David and offered great praise for him.

“The symposium at UVU included in addition to myself some of the leading litigators in the contests over same-sex marriage; historians and authors of presidential biographies from the finest schools and think tanks, and perhaps the greatest teacher of them all, one that far eclipsed anything I had to say about the importance of interfaith diplomacy, Mr. David Archuleta, winner of multiple talent contests, including a near victory on American Idol….”

The polite UVU inspired audience listened and were even more gracious to say nice things after, but any sane person of 19 or 20 could’ve told me that every minute I frittered away on inter-faith advocacy was delaying the appearance of Mr. Archuleta, who truly is an American idol to many who share the designation of twenty something with himOn that night, it was David Archuleta’s youthful voice that would be heard.”

Constitutional Symposium

“And so it was. Mr. Archuleta is more than a fine singer. He’s a young man who bears good fortune as an opportunity to witness to faith.  Given opportunities for fame and recording contract very early in life, he has also confronted challenges from those who would seek to tempt him away from his Mormon faith, a corresponding commitment to family, and a rather unsullied view of human nature. Mr. Archuleta sang his favorite songs but in between, he laid bare before an impressionable audience of people his age and younger how more than a few seemingly more knowledgeable adults significantly older than him had been a ready source of bad advice urging him to make equally bad choices that would inevitably draw him away from truth.”

“With humility, Mr. Archuleta identified the choices that he made and the moral dilemmas he encountered in making them. …”

- credit n8edwards IG

But the truth of my sorrow in remembering the hopeful faces of migrants who did navigate to safety despite a largely uncaring world is really just a different glimpse of the truth that was testing David’s life. However, these different calls to faith are; they are tests to be met, and in meeting them to teachBeing pressured to sing John Lennon’s lyric that invites imagining no heaven, David steadfastly refused so as not to leave his young audience confused as to his own belief. He chose the lyric in the John Lennon song “Imagine” that did not place him in the position of endorsing a world without God; he chose to take up a Mormon mission in a place of disadvantage even though it meant passing up generous contracts and a career momentum that few people could resist; and home from his mission and still filled with the zeal of faith…” 

- via David Archuleta Universe FB

“…what David correctly hopes for in romantic love and I would broaden to all human relationships — be they domestic or international — that they bear the markings of fullest conception of love, which after attraction is necessarily dependent upon understanding.”

What a wonderful assessment and endorsement for David by a man extremely well versed, experienced, and politically respected! Did I mention a very smart man as well? ;)

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Happy Earth Day Today!

Happy Earth day 2015 credit ShadowBenny

Happy Earth Day edit by ShadowBenny

And  Speaking of Earth Day…

 Where Would You Like To See That Next Concert Announcement Pop Up? ~Take Our Poll

World map cartoon

David will be performing in Utah this fall and we know “other states” are being lined up as shared by Team David! How about a fun poll today to see where you’re hoping to see a new concert pop up?? With the (reality) in mind that although we’d all love to see David in our own country or state, where to or what distance would you be willing to travel for a show?

*Note~ I know I didn’t even scratch the surface for people and places waiting to see David, but we’d love to hear from you in comments or choose *other.*  For some reason my FL choice didn’t show up, so that can go in “other,” too.

* * * * * *

Jeff LeBlanc News

Jeff LeBlanc’s Kickstarter (donation) incentives are being delivered as I type! In fact, my special package complete with a wonderful little “thank you” from Jeff arrived yesterday!

Jeff Leblanc Vision Kickstarter incentives

~And the music is sooo good!. Jeff’s vocals are silky smooth. His EP (out in May) has 7 tracks and if you pre-order, you can immediately receive “Stumbled.”  My (current) favorites after a few listens  are “Stumbled,” the uptempo “Say Anything You Want,” “Lost Tonight,” and one I can most definitely relate to, “Why Do I Worry.” Click below to pre-order on iTunes if you’d like.
Vision jeff leblanc pre order on iTunes
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Fan Finds for Today~

Creativity is never lacking in David’s fanbase! Here are some “finds” today!

The latest from JPaleFOD!

The latest from JPaleFOD!

India washing feet quote must donate

India 2011 edit credit Pocoelsy

Sketch by JohnHatcher1995

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Fields Of Gold

For the musical selection today, I chose the beautiful “Fields Of Gold” in honor of Earth Day. The “Out Of Towners” watched (Kristin’s CFTH) video this past weekend and once again we were completely mesmerized by David’s beautiful emotional vocals and rendition.

* * * * * *

Symposium speech by David Archuleta

This is Janel’s (Completed) transcript of the UVU Religious Freedom Symposium speech by David Archuleta ~ additional thanks to Jane R.(@Platinumjane) and her nephew. :) Thank you all so much! Be sure to click *read more* to continue.

David Archuleta Speech Transcript

Religious Symposium 14 April, 2015

Introduction of David (Applause)

David: I want to extend my thanks to Dr. Griffin for inviting me here and to UVU for hosting this wonderful event. And I’d also like to thank all of you for coming here tonight to share this evening with all of us here. Thank you (Applause), thank you.

(Moves over to other mike). “I’m going to move over to this mike now”. Sings first few words of “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

David: No, (laughter) even though I got a little confused with all the snow out there. But, no, we’re really going to sing a song for you and uh, in fact, it has to do with what we’re all here for tonight. And um, it’s a song…it’s from a, it’s from Disney, but it’s uh, it’s a really, a song I was really excited to share tonight, it’s a song called “He Lives in You”.

(Sings Disney song “He Lives in You” from the movie Lion King II)

David: The beliefs in the forefront of my life, in life’s decisions have benefited not only in what I do as a performer, but also as an everyday individual.

I was raised with Christian beliefs centered upon Jesus Christ as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But I hope the things that I share tonight with all of you from my life’s experiences will be beneficial whatever your beliefs and upbringing may be; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or unaffiliated with a particular belief. I hope I express the truth I have come to know in a way that will be of value to you.

We are all in this world together, so why not support one another and come together in strength to receive the joy that I know we can find in our lives. I invite you to focus on your principles of love, hope and courage and reflect on what can be added to these principles as I share with you 8 of my own thoughts. Continue reading

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