David Archuleta: Sweet Silent Sunday as the Up All Night Celebration Continues, A very important FOD Facebook Announcement, A Lovely “meeting David Story”, David soothes the soul


A Little More Anchorage Light :)

David Archuleta Anchorage TOFW crop Joe Kuczmarski (2)

David Archuleta Anchorage Alaska TOFW crop cred Joe Kuzcmarski

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quote no where else that I'd rather be no greater gift than what you've given me.

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A FOD Facebook Announcement from DavidftFOD (Our FB Mod extraordinaire)

Facebook Fans Of David new fan page

David G aka @Davidftfod our FOD facebook MOD extraordinaire has written an announcement that we’re sharing here today. I will most likely also have this on the front page as the week continues so we’re able to continue to get the word out!

FOD Facebook update:

Hello everyone. As many of you have noticed, our FOD Facebook suddenly disappeared.  On April 19th, Facebook disabled our account.  We have filed an appeal to regain access to our profile account.  It may be that profile accounts are meant for individuals and self-employed businesses.  After much research, we’ve decided to create a Facebook Fan Page in order to stay connected to all of our David Archuleta friends and keep promoting David’s newest EP/Tour and future endeavors.  If granted access to our profile account, we can transition everything to our new Facebook Page. So please  come and join us at our new FOD Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FODFansofDavid/ 

And be sure to use the “invite friends”  feature which also helps to get the word out. In fact, why not take the chance and invite some friends who could be potential new fans? ;)

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 The “Gift” of Meeting David~ a TOFW Fan Story

Ths sweet story of “giving the gift of meeting David” to another was posted under the public #TOFWAnchorage shares on fb and it’s so sweet we wanted to share it here as well. Young Jada received a beautiful gift from another woman she didn’t even know following the Anchorage TOFW event Friday night. <3

TOFW Anchorage story credit Holly Web Wrigleytofw anchorage holly Web and Jada

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 “Be Still My Soul” To Soothe your Sleepless  #UpAllNight Self This Sunday

Sublime and soothing, here is david singing a most beautiful “Be Still Mt Soul” at Time Out For Women in Anchorage. vid credit Kim Kneudson and uploaded to You Tube by Shanelle.

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Continue the #UpAllNight Party!!

As we begin the new week, continue to stream, share, gift, and enjoy David’s new awesome single! (as if you need encouragement, right? ;) )

The audio vid David shared YT has 27K+ views but we can do better! I’m also hoping to soon see it added to his fb page as well to increase those shares , views, and exposure.

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Fine Fan Finds


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Just taking a little “breather” today as we rejuvenate after a very busy “Up All Night” release, Orion pre-order premiere (Amazon), and TOFW event in Anchorage~ A huge thanks to Mary Lou who took us through the excitement this past week in most excellent fashion!! And thank you to DavidDFT  who has worked so very hard to prepare a new facebook site for all of us after having our previous account closed so unexpectedly. More charting info to come along with another upcoming TOFW event this coming Friday in Houston!! I know Gwen and Michelle will be attending with “bells on” ; who else will be there? Be sure to let us know! Happy Sunday everyone!!

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TOFW in Alaska and we have the performances and more! #UpAllNight still going strong, TREND it! Add your review! #Orion ready for Pre-order – 4 songs to love by! Loving those IG’s! Official Audio on Youtube with Lyrics, Mystery of marry/memory solved! Tuacahn concert vid is soooo ahhhh!


david archuleta fb chat

Screenshot from David Archuleta live FB chat


Official Audio now on YouTube!!!  And lyrics!!! 

Team A is sharing this song everywhere! Love this!  And the lyrics below!

The “marry/memory” mystery solved!


I am knocking standing at your door 
Somewhere new I’ve never been before 
Take me in and it feels like home
It’s getting late and I don’t want to go

Something simple in the way this feels 
Like love is something pure and real 
It’s getting late and I have to leave
But tonight your memory is holding me

I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside 
Keeping me up all night 
All these feelings inside 
I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside 
Keeping me up all night 
Pictures that cross my mind

They’re keeping me up all night 
They’re keeping me up all night 
They’re keeping me up all night 
Keeping me up all night

See my heart and there’s an answered prayer 
Feel the magic in the midnight air
Breathe it in I want to pass it on
The strength of finding somewhere you belong 

I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside 
Keeping me up all night 
All these feelings inside 
I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside 
Keeping me up all night 
Pictures that cross my mind

They’re keeping me up all night 
They’re keeping me up all night 
They’re keeping me up all night 
Keeping me up all night

Here so small but I am safe and sound 
Where I stand it feels like solid ground
No where else that I’d rather be
No greater gift than what you’ve given me

All these feelings inside 
Keeping me up all night 
All these feelings inside 
I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside 
Keeping me up all night 
Pictures that cross my mind

They’re keeping me up all night 
They’re keeping me up all night 
They’re keeping me up all night 
Keeping me up all night

They’re keeping me up all night, keeping me up all night

* * * * * *

You have to laugh at David’s comment back to one of his commenters!  All kinds of perfect

zoinks shaggy autotune

David Archuleta’s IG video!

Great fringe benefit of travel to Alaska is a very long day!

alaska daylight

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Orion tracks unveiled!!!!

orion cover

This morning the pre-order for Orion EP came up on Amazon!!!!  Only $3.96


As expected, there was one song that David has sung before.  As many of you guessed, it was Say Me.  David unveiled the name of another song “Invincible”.  And the final two, of course, are Numb and Up All Night.  Four power packed songs!!!

We have heard Say Me before, but Invincible is a mid tempo ballad from what I hear.  Can’t wait to hear that one and Say Me’s production!

sampling orion





Let’s make this bigger!

list of orion songs

* * * * * * *

 Up All Night!  Climbing the charts!

As of 10:00 pm Friday April 21, David Archuleta’s Up All Night is #66 on iTunes!  Let’s get it higher folks!



Add your reviews!

Here are some Amazon and iTunes comments on Up All Night.  Add yours now!


amazon reviews


reiews itunes


Tuacahn concert footage promotes #UpAllNight

David released on IG and Facebook a nice edit of his concert footage, shot by Ben Sherrill and asked if we have listened to Up All Night yet.  Are you kidding lol?

This would be awesome to add to his bio on concert ticket sites!  A little longer perhaps but so good!

Did you notice anyone in particular in the vid?  Maybe tinaarlenekaleijoanieML?  Tina is my hero!!!

tina arlene kalei joanie ml tuachan vid ben sherrill 2 tina arlene kalei joanie ml tuachan vid ben sherrill

We LOVE Mark Franklin!



April 21, 2017 By 

David Archuleta at last year's American Idol finale.

The long-awaited new single from David Archuleta dropped Friday, and fans are giving his new sound rave reviews.

“Up All Night” is from David’s upcoming “Orion” EP, his first major release since 2013 and one that’s being dubbed as his “first truly adult album.”

Remember, David was just 16 when he auditioned for Season 7 of American Idol en route to a second-place finish.

And he was still a teenager when he released his first three albums.

In a Facebook chat with fans earlier this week, David, now 26, said “Up All Night” isn’t your typical up-all-night party song. It’s more about the thoughts that ran through his mind while he was up all night writing the song.

That said, “this one — ‘Up All Night’ — is one you can groove to,” David added. “Usually, my music isn’t something you can groove too. But this one you can.”

And fans apparently are, judging from their comments on Twitter. A sampling …

Lindsay‏ (@lillmissy): “@DavidArchie #upallnight OMG THIS SONG. I’M SHOOK.”

Bianca‏ (@missbianca): “I have @DavidArchie’s new song #UpAllNight stuck in my brain. I think it’s his best since Crush and deserves attention.”

Barb‏ (@EL_FOD): “Well, I’ve been #UpAllNight listening to this song, so must get some shut eye. Hoping this song gets the recognition @DavidArchie deserves.”

Eloy Camacho‏ (@eloyonair): “@DavidArchie’s new single #UpAllNight is like, really catchy!”

Deb‏ (@debz416): “@DavidArchie every time I listen to #UpAllNight I hear something new…it’s got more delicious layers than a #UnicornFrappuccino!”

Oh, and fans have also gotten the song on the iTunes charts. Twelve hours after its release, “Up All Night” was sitting at number 71 on the iTunes pop singles chart.

The “Orion” EP is set for release May 19. The best news of all for David’s fans is that it’s supposed to be the first in a series of EPs.

He’ll also be touring this summer, and polls are underway on his Facebook page so fans can make suggestions on where he should perform.

June tour, with 11 dates in the western U.S., has already been announced.

* * * * * *

Tonight!  David in Anchorage!

Perhaps we’ll get a periscope from Team A!


A group picture!

david archuleta group tofw alaska

Get ready for it.  Invincible!

Just a snippet (we won’t post a full version of a song if not released) but sounds awesome!   We will have to ensure to buy buy buy when the EP comes out!!!

True Colors!

Groooovilicous True Colors with a ‘hep’ thrown in!


Intro to beautiful. Love Davids slow, measured, purposeful speaking.

#TOFW @davidarchie

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And another

Bridge over Troubled Waters

Say Me

The chords are not what I remembered them, but still beautiful.

“Say Me” #TOFWAnchorage #davidarchie A post shared by Debbie Mudge (@smudgeworth) on


“Everyone getting hyped up!”

Everyone gettin hyped up!!!! #TOFW @davidarchie

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“And then the crowd went a little crazy”

Be Still My Soul

My Little Prayer




At the piano

https://twitter.com/DavidUniverse/status/855631764114599936 And Kari closed it off …

Didn’t get to see much in the 28 hours we were here Anchorage but it was fun! #upallnight #tourlife A post shared by Kari Sellards (@karisellards) on

Toll Booth Betty is Back!

David travelled back to Nashville today, and found Betty at the Booth!  She had been ill, and David was thrilled to see her and shared!

No need to worry about Grammar, David.  We feel the pressure here at FOD too, but errors happen.   And then, there is always a fresh post lol.

As Found aRound!

For kicks and giggles

And a few pictures of David Archuleta just for kicks and giggles #TOFWAnchorage #davidarchie A post shared by Debbie Mudge (@smudgeworth) on


More to come!!!

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