David Archuleta ~ Just The Facts Friday – Idaho Falls Pre-Sale Today! #IdolMoments, Get Well Wishes for a Sweet ArchuFriend! FANtastic Artwork


Things are going to get better….

- MDA Telethon 2010 - via peaceloveDaivd Tumblr

– MDA Telethon 2010 – via peaceloveDaivd Tumblr

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Memorial Day Weekend & Memories of Myrtle Beach

Sorry for the late update – real life keeps getting in the way!

A Little Red, White & Blue

- Stadium of Fire 2011

– Stadium of Fire 2011


Best Patriotic Song

SSB Stadium of Fire (via FOD “Best Of”Contest)

Myrtle Beach – Black Bird

Blackbird Compilation Vid (via: FOD Virtual MB Concert)

Myrtle Beach Memories

Finale Vid from Virtual Myrtle Beach Concert (via: FOD Vids)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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Ready – Set – Idaho Falls!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.39.49 AM

Pre-sale tickets for David’s Idaho Falls shows are on sale today!  Did you become a member of the Idaho Falls Arts Center?  If you did, you’re eligible to purchase your concert tickets today!  That’s a full 2 weeks before tickets go on sale to the general public on June 5th.  Fingers poised on your keyboard, get ready to GO!

Let us know if you get tickets and for which show (ummm BOTH) so we can see which Archies will be bringing pics and vids to those of us who can’t make it to the shows.

Let the FRENZY begin!

- click to get Pre-Sale Tix!

- click to get Pre-Sale Tix!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.27.12 PM

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- credit imdb.com

– credit imdb.com

Archies and ArchAngels, here’s your chance to let American Idol know your favorite #IdolMoments – and WE ALL KNOW WHICH SEASON HAD THE BEST IDOL MOMENTS!  Go share your favorite memories – your favorite performance or judges comments or interaction between Ryan Seacrest and David or David and his Idol Buddies! There’s so much to choose from!

This is a great way to support and promote David – no matter what you think of Idol, it brought us David, so let’s shout it from the rooftops that David Archie is the best #IdolMoment ever!

Fourteen seasons, eleven judges, and THOUSANDS of contestants later, American Idol Season XV will mark the end of an unprecedented era of television. We are sad, but also EXCITED, because with the end comes the opportunity to properly send off a show that’s meant so much to us. We’re ready to celebrate. And we hope you are too… because we need your help.

Think back on the moments that made you laugh, the moments that made you cry, the moments that made you want to throw a brick at your TV. Tell us about the contestants you loved; the contestants you loathed. Remember the ways which Idol became a part of your life, or vice versa.

Got something? Now share it using the hashtag #IdolMoments. We want to make Season 15 a tribute: to the songs, the singers, the judges, the show. But most importantly to you, the FANS who gave a little singing competition life beyond our wildest expectations. We can’t wait to hear from you.

There are two ways you can promote David as your favorite #IdolMoments!

1.  Use the hashtag #IdolMoments in all your tweets about @DavidArchie

2.  Leave a comment on the American Idol website:  CLICK HERE

Here are a few comments that appeared on their site:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.07.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.05.34 PM

There are more posts about the recent Idols, a few about Cook and some of the Idols from earlier seasons, but if we SPAM the site with posts….. would they take notice that the fandom is still going strong and invite David to sing on AI15?  Can’t hurt!

One of my fave #IdolMoments:

Smoky Mountain Memories Top 9 – AI7 (credit: zzcali’s channel)

Or this one:

Shop Around Top 24 – AI7 (credit: zzcali’s channel)

Or all the best parts of the Group Songs!

Group Spotlight Performances – AI7 (credit: zzcali’s channel)

I could go on, (truly I could!) but these are, IMHO, a few of my neutral, completely unbiased opinions of the best #IdolMoments – American Idol – Are You Listening??

Don’t even get me started on “That skin DANGIT!” or (commenting on the real diamonds in the bracelet Paula gave him and the interviewer says Did you think it was cubic zirconia?) and David innocently responds “That’s what my mom has.” :-)

So pick your favorite Idol Moment and celebrate it with the hashtag #IdolMoments !!

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Get Well Wishes For An ArchuFriend


The ArchuFamily sends lots of ((HUGS)), Prayers and well wishes for a full recovery to our sweet ArchuFriend Supergrand Judie – our thoughts are with you and your family during this time – we hope to see you back on Twitter and in comments soon!

Let David inspire you as he lets you know that no matter how tough things get, Things Are Going To Get Better!

We know you’re STRONG!

- MDA Telethon 2010

– MDA Telethon 2010

Things Are Going To Get Better – MDA Telethon 2010 (credit: zzcali’s channel)

pigment-happy-jackson-get-well-soon-greeting-card-gf828b_1*  *  *  *  *

FANtastic Artwork

- credit Georgie Juanita De-LeonArchuleta

– credit Georgie Juanita De-LeonArchuleta

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.12.26 PM

- credit jPaleFOD

– credit jPaleFOD

- credit Shelley's Twitter

– credit Shelley’s Twitter

*  *  *  *  *

Wishing you all a Fun-Filled Friday, and anyone getting tix for the Idaho Shows, please let us know!  We promise not to be jellus – well maybe just a little bit jellus.

Judie – lots of well wishes for your recovery – we love you!

And for everyone facing health issues or with family or friends with health issues, we wish you all a speedy recovery!


I’ll be back tomorrow with any breaking news – good luck to all you pre-sale ticket buyers!

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David Archuleta~Wednesday : Memories and Musical Moments, “He Showed Me How” Vid by Pocoelsy, New Song Fan Reactions, Fun Finds, Idaho Falls Presale Friday!


Special Memories

UT ent awards 2011 credit Janel

UT ent awards 2011 credit Janel

… And Moments

UT Ent awards 2011 credit:  Shelley

UT Ent awards 2011 credit: Shelley

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quote Memory is a way
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“He Showed Me How”~ Video by Pocoelsy

Mary Lou shared the (free download) information in her post yesterday regarding “He Showed Me How” written by David Archuleta and Stephanie Mabey (performed by David) as part of the soon to be released 2015 EFY music cd.  Below is a beautiful video with lyrics created by Pocoelsy! She also included the EFY site and download link in the description.

* * * * * *

Thoughts re: “He Showed Me How” from fans (tweets and comments)

Pastel posted some of the immediate initial responses to David and Stephanie’s song yesterday evening. I’ll add a few more reactions today! Thanks everyone for your comments!

Tweet EFY Nareejo 1tweet EFY nareejo 2Tweet EFY reaction 3tweet EFY reactuion 4tweet efy reaction 5

EFY song reaction AliEFY song  reaction maryLeeEFY song reaction VaBeachArchieEFY song reaction MaryLeeEFY song reaction SM

Fans also shared their thoughts with Stephanie’s dad on twitter Efy song reaction Stephanie's dad with Janel 1EFY song reaction Stephanie's dad with Janel 2Efy song reaction Stephaie's dad with Gwen

“He Showed Me How”  is a soft soothing sweet silky song of faith~ a communication that if you’re having a hard time with self assurance or doubt, that there IS someone, God, who will turn their life around if they seek Him and allow Him to lead them.

It sounds like a perfect song for the youth and those serving missions. It is a faith seeking, reassuring, and strengthening “message song,” and David’s vocals are beautiful! If David and Stephanie were asked to collaborate and write music for this purpose, I believe they answered the call beautifully. This song will be appreciated and very well received and not only by “youth”. :)

* * * * *

The Gift Of Music~ Share Your Music Memories

david_archuleta_toronto contact music 2211087 jumping Spring Forward david archuleta american idol six 6

The quote shared today is a favorite of mine because it speaks to something we can all relate to, our memories. Here on Fans Of David, we celebrate David Archuleta along with his music. Whether it’s an AI memory, a particular song, a concert you attended, an interview, a gathering of DA friends, or a video you watched, we all have special memories created by David and the music he’s shared with us.

Share your music memories site

Music is so closely wedded to our memories because it reaches into our very being…into our souls and connects with joys, fears, tears, people, places, love, all emotions, and moments we’ve experienced in our lives.

There is a site called “Give The Gift Of Music” where people from all walks of life gather to share their special “music” loves (artists and music) along with related memories. The stories are heartfelt and honest; some are humorous and some heart wrenching.

I began reading stories… most recently posted in 2013 and continued back through the months and eventually years. Artists mentioned included : Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, John Mayer,  Mariah carey, Madonna…

I read many stories as I clicked back through previous pages until I got to page #4, and there it was~ the story of a man who was inspired by David Archuleta and wanted to share his “music” story~

dnews david archuletta fox 13
Frank Miami FL 12/20/2010
During American Idol Season 7, I would see David Archuleta perform and I said to myself one day I want to do what this amazing kid does. I want to stand on that stage or a bigger stage and sing my heart out. A couple of months later, I went to the doctors for a checkup with my mother and the doctor diagnosed me with Tourette syndrome. I started seeing the twitches come out more and more often prior to the appointment but getting the diagnosis was just the icing to the cake. I remember seeing my dream of performing dying in front of my eyes as the tears just rolled down. It was so depressing because you felt like one day you were really happy but then the next day you find out you have a disadvantage compared with other people who are regular. I was so down everyday, my tics wouldn’t let me sleep. Some way some day I had to find some solution and that was when music became part of my life. Everyday regardless of how strong my tics took over my body I started to sing. Scales, songs, anything to get my mind of the frustrating setback. I knew at that moment that my voice wasn’t amazing but I told myself, “Frank you have struggled so much up to now and now you have the choice of sticking to your dream or letting your neurological condition take it from you.” I made a choice and it took a lot of strength but something told me to stick with my gut decision to stay with music. Everyday I sang. Even when I had to be homeschooled for the severity of my twitches and tics I sang. A couple of months I realized the tics were calming down. I thanked God for everything I that day I made the promise that everything that was a part of music would be part of me. I was going to study culinary arts in highschool but I switched to Sound Engineering my senior year only because I made the promise. At this point I did not care. I went through harder things than others for me to stick to something I did not like as much as music. I did a year in music and recovered alot. My music teacher took me to a grammy workshop for only high school music students and in that workshop I fell in love. I said I don’t know how but one day I will be there in the grammys. I don’t know how I kept tell ing myself but I knew that somehow someway there would be something to bring me to it. I graduated highschool and auditioned for an Opera school in which I made it. It is called New World School of the Arts. :)

AND ANOTHER (think I may know this person ;)  ) on page 6!
Katie New Salisbury-Muncie IN 12/15/2010


Music Memory? Well, music is my life. All of it. Without music, I’m not sure how I could praise my Savior or how I would deal with the trials of everyday life. So many musicians inspire me each and everyday. Then there is David Archuleta. I saw him first on American Idol the week he sang John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Nice timing right? Yes, because everything else in my life was seemly beginning to fall apart. My dad lost his job, I wasn’t doing well in school, and my self-esteem was down. David Archuleta, starting that February night, made all the difference in the world. I have so many new friends and music memories because of him. David Archuleta also lit the fire in me again to read album liners in CD jackets. I now have a dream, to be one of the few female audio engineers to win a Grammy. Thank you David. You have no idea what your music memories have meant to me, and all because you prayed to God to help you decide to try out for the show!

I know we have featured dozens and dozens of your personal stories related to being a David Archuleta fan over the years, but if you’d like to share your story again, or if by chance you haven’t yet shared your story in writing,please send it in and we’ll be happy to share it on our front page! :)

* * * * * *

ChildFund and RSO News

Mary Lou tweeted these updates yesterday afternoon but I”m bringing them here in case they were missed. ChildFund is partnering wiTh Tom’s Shoes to bring footwear to children across the Globe in need. CLICK BELOW to read about the “one for one” program!

childFund news with Tom's 5-2015

RSO is looking for additional sponsors for their children. If you don’t already sponsor a child (through RSO, ChildFund, etc.) or are moved to sponsor an additional child, please click below to learn more!  Sponsorship is a wonderfully rewarding experience! ♥

RSO news 5-2015

* * * * * *

Fun Finds~

Awww This is a cute little throwback video from David’s Star Search Days when Hilary Duff aka Lizzie Mcguire  appeared a guest judge! “Oh my gosh he’s so cute!” Anna Marie Perez was also a contestant on this episode.

* * * * * *

Idaho Falls Presale Reminder

Remember the presale for tickets to the shows in Idaho Falls (9/17 – 9/18) go on sale Friday. Click below if you’re interested in becoming a member and purchasing show tickets on the pre-sale Friday!

- Click to visit the site

– Click below to visit the site

- click to go

– click to go

That’s about it from me,today. Wishing all of you a nice Wednesday and I’ll be here through tomorrow to update. :)

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