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That smile!

Cropped picture from @jaelynnsSings

mother teresa quote if you judge people

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“The bromance still reigns!”

Ha, you bet it does.  If you haven’t taken in all of Kalei’s post from  yesterday, BOOKMARK this link NOW!

You can’t fake what you saw on the vids posted on her Sunday post from Maggie, Janel and others.  A special bond indeed!

I’m just gathering up some more buzz from Sunday. Source

the daily post bromance

There are two more vids posted and Maggie is given a big plug.  Woohoo!  Go here to see for yourself!

And more buzz!  Looks like everyone is using the same sources lol.  Emusicality link hereemusicality crush

And this was NOT the first time we heard David Cook sing crush, even as a background vocalist.  Remember this?

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Dave Hodges love!

hodges crush

Our first mention of David Hodges on FOD occurred when we learned he was working with David:

Afternoon Archuleta Fix: “Crush,” Vegas Fan Pictures, and a Fan Video!

A reminder of who Dave is …

david hodges











And David met up with Dave Hodges, Jess Cates and Emmanuel Kiriakou in 2010 and performed Crush in LA.

David Archuleta with Emmanuel Kiriakou, Jess Cates and David Hodges at The Mint in LA, 2/22/2010.  Credit to JWipe

From our post JAM Session at the Mint, Feb. 23, 2010 by Becky!

Too much talent in one room!

My head’s going to pop on this one, but here goes.  David Archuleta made a special appearance on-stage last night at The Mint with Emmanuel Kiriakou, Jess Cates and David Hodges!!!!!  Jerry (JWipe) and others were there!  Jerry recorded audio!  YES HE DID!! There was a very strict (and expensive) video policy so he went the audio route. And we’re glad he did! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Jerry!

I’m REALLY loving David Hodges.  He’s written OODLES of hits, including the Kelly Clarkson stunner, “Because of You,” found on her second smash album “My December.”  Check out David performing the song last night at The Mint.  SOOOOO GOOOD.  You’ll fall in love.  Or feel so sorry for him if you listen to the words.  Either way, he rocks.

 A bit of Crush and uploaded to Twitvid!


More from Cookchuleta:

First from Cindy Cassity


And from CraftyFoxLV


From Debra


From PattyAnn on Facebook

from Pattyann on FB

And from comments:

crush voice maureen ali tweet crush


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It had to be done

As Ali said above, one of the best parts of this vid is when David dives aggressively into the bridge and motions to his guitarists on the stage (aka David Cook and his bassist) to hold up.  Aka silence por favor.  Aka “I got this on gentlemen”.

He’s taking this part SOLO.

A true professional and an artist who knows what he wants.

I just had to make a gif of that little part.  Look as Cookie lifts his hand from the guitar after the wave.  And once the note is reached, his hilarious reaction.

Yup, David is ready for the big stage again.  That sealed the deal for me.

BossMan David A waves off guitars in a “I got this” wave.  Cook gets a total kick out of this.  Credit Pastel

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As Found aRound

Woohoo!  All dressed up but …

bandsintownAn oldie but goodie!

steven drums

But, as Eric Alper says …

no to drummers eric alper

HAHAHA!  We’ll have to ask Steven if that has ever happened.  Maybe David’s just waved him off ;)

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David Archuleta: ArchuCook Celebration Sunday! Allied Ground, Operation Gratitude – Are You In?, David’s Blog Revisited, Tweets & Other Fun Treats


ArchuCook Reunion!

- Screen cap via YT vid credit ConcertsbyCD

– Screen cap via YT vid credit ConcertsbyCD

Two-armed Hug!  Amazing night in Sandy, UT – David’s first “concert appearance” since he returned from his mission! Takes me back to 2008 lol!

*  *  *  *  *


*  *  *  *  *

Allied Ground

What an amazing night in Sandy, UT!  Fans packed the venue to see David Cook and got a 2-for-1 surprise!  Cook invited Archie on stage – first for a quick wave hello to the fans, then later to SING!  I’ll dispense with the monologue and cut to the chase!

DA Tweet

Crush (HD) David Archuleta & David Cook, Sandy UT (credit: ConcertsbyCD)

I’m in a Time Warp – it feels like we’re back in 2008 watching American Idol and Cookie and Archie just finished their duet of Hero *insert nostalgia here* – but I checked my calendar, and it’s actually 2014!  Six years have gone by and the ArchuCook bromance is still going strong!  Yesterday I posted a pic from Idol of Cookie with Archie in a headlock – while they both look younger then, you can still see that same mutual love and respect they have for each other today – on a stage in Sandy, UT – with DavidArchie in shorts and black socks waving to the audience – I’m sure we’ll hear more about D’s fashion choices as the day progresses lol.

 - credit Spencereynolds IG

– credit Spencereynolds IG

- credit Skellytun IG

– Tippy toes – credit Skellytun IG

ChristinaD23 2

– credit ChristinaD23

- credit Skellytun

– credit Skellytun

We’re lucky that there were some Archies in the audience and they shared their vids & experiences with us!  Thanks to Maggie & Janel for having your cameras/phones at the ready to capture this momentous occasion – the ArchuCook reunion and the first “concert appearance” by DavidArchie since he returned from his mission – we’ve waited a long time for this!

Cook trying to sing a little Crush (credit: Rochelle Dawn)

David waves a little hello (credit: Rochelle Dawn)

Close up view of DavidArchie waving hello – via Maggie’s FB

- Click to watch on Maggie's FB

– Click to watch on Maggie’s FB

David Archuleta Sings Crush at Cook Concert (credit: Maggie A)

Archie Crush at Cook Concert (credit: Rochelle Dawn)

Maggie’s Crush vid on her FB – includes banter about “Enemy Territory and Allied Ground” methinks David picked up some new terms from his Military Tribute Tour!

- Click to watch Crush on Maggie's FB

– Click to watch Crush on Maggie’s FB

Cute!  Cookie is bobbing his head along to Crush! This snippet is from Skellytun’s IG vid.

skellytun IG

- click to watch the vid on Skellytun's IG

– click to watch the vid on Skellytun’s IG

Janel shared a little bit of her concert experience in comments:

Cook kept saying things like being in enemy territory and we must have thought we were coming to a different David’s concert, and 80% of Archie’s votes came from Utah. But he had a lot of good things to say about David. At the end of the video where David comes out and just waves hello, Cook talked about how David just came back from the Middle East to perform for the troops. At the end of Crush when David left the stage, Cook said he really loved David. He played a couple of numbers on the piano and mentioned how David could play circles around everyone on the piano during Idol so he said he wanted to do that. He played and sang a really awesome cover of “Wicked Game You Play”. My video of it didn’t turn out well. Hoping that Maggie recorded some of Cook’s songs. They are so worth watching. One of his band members played “Sweet Home Alabama” with Cook and the rest of the band backing him up. That was fun and crazy good!  It touched me to see the tender hug between these two friends. Perfectly wonderful night. I think it might be hard for me to sleep. Still up on cloud one million!

David Archuleta at Sandy Amphitheater (partial Crush) – (credit: Nanci Olsen)

This little surprise performance was not planned at all – good fortune smiled down upon us for being so patient these past two years haha!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.01.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.02.37 AM

mjsbigblog Crush Buzz!

Nice to see all the love over at MJs – head on over and leave a comment – there are already a bunch of great comments like these!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.09.12 AM

MJ tweet

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.52.19 AM
Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.52.33 AM

OMG THE FEELS! As the kids say. American Idol season 7 winner, David Cook, played a concert Saturday night in Sandy UT and was joined on stage by none other than runner up, David Archuleta!!!

Archie has been back in Utah since returning from a Mormon mission in March. Although he recently performed on a military tour of the Middle East, he hasn’t performed stateside in a couple of years.

What a nice surprise when Cookie invited Archie up on stage to sing.

Archie wasn’t sure what to sing. “If you’ll do Crush…,” says Cook, “Give the people what they want!”

“He keeps making these comments of enemy territory and stuff!” joked Archie, cracking Cook up. “He needs to know he’s on allied ground!” The crowd roars.

Archie performed at the keyboards, while Cook played guitar. After the song, the two hugged. “I love that dude to death,” said Cook.


To read & leave a comment:  CLICK HERE

We’ll keep an eye out for more vids and pics and tweet them out when they surface! What a great night for the fandom – DavidArchie is already looking mighty comfortable up there on the stage – I hope he’s remembering how great it is to perform live for fans and that the feeling translates into a concert or two!  Even with jet lag his voice was strong and he ended the song with a little change up that was signature Archuleta!

*  *  *  *  *

Operation Gratitude – Are You In?

- credit davidarchuleta.com

– credit davidarchuleta.com

Coming down the home stretch with a few more days to finish up your paracord bracelets or dig out your beanie baby collection from the attic/basement/closet!  In his recent blog, David talked about giving the gift of his time to our soldiers in the Middle East, and we also have an opportunity to support the troops with our gifts of time/talent/treasure by participating in this wonderful project!

Friends of David Archuleta project makes it easy and Holly will coordinate all of the donations and package it up in one mailing, saving everyone time because the mailing requirements are very detailed and specific in order to get the package delivered correctly!  If you don’t have time/energy to make bracelets or gather other goods to send, please consider making a monetary donation (every little bit helps) to defray postage costs.  One small donation may not seem like a lot, but when combined with others, the gift becomes quite significant!  Join us today and support the troops!

A special project from Holly!  “Thanks to the Troops”. Repost/Link

david female soldier cropped

Hello everyone:

dan speaks group militaryToday I read Jason Hewlett’s blog from Kuwait (http://jasonhewlett.com/us-troops-tour-kuwait/). By the end I felt I had to do something and I can’t think of any better helpers than David’s fans.   I know that each of us can do things individually (I provided some links below) but together, we can accomplish so much!  I am happy to co-ordinate care packages to send to US troops and Canadian Peacekeepers,  on behalf of Friends of David Archuleta Worldwide.  Some of the instructions to send packages off to our troops are specific and I’m offering to sort through the instructions and packaging requirements and mail gifts, letters and music to our troops, but I need your help! 

Who’s in???   

operation gratitudeI have found an organization, Operation Gratitude, (www.operationgratitude.com), who does this for US troops and several people have told me that this is a worthwhile organization. How can you help? CLICK HERE FOR MORE or  the PROJECT TITLE in our black banner at the top of the post!

Deadline for mailed items such as paracord bracelets, beanie babies, hats & scarves etc… is August 15th.

Deadline for monetary donations to defray postage or have items purchased on your behalf is August 8th.

*  *  *  *  *

David’s Blog Revisited

In case you’ve been under a rock or have been otherwise engaged, here’s a re-post of David’s blog wrap-up of the Military Tribute Tour.  A wonderful read – to see his personal perspective in his own words and “voice” – you can just hear him as you read the blog lol!

Military Tour Wrap-Up

This week we finished the Military Tribute Tour. We went back to Kuwait for 3 shows, and then did our last show on the tour in Djibouti. It was a bittersweet experience having it come to an end, but it made such an impact on me.

It was interesting to me as this was my first time coming back performing with the title “David Archuleta” and having to embrace that since my mission. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but there was a different motivating factor this time, which was that this tour was all about giving tribute to the troops. We flew out to these countries; to these military bases on our own time and without getting paid anything. We came out to get to know them, and express our gratitude for them with what God gave us in our abilities and talents.

I would divide the focuses on this tour into 2 different categories: 1st, Getting to know who these men and women were and 2nd, Getting to know what they do.

Traveling to the different bases in each country gave us a realistic view of what is going on and the work that these troops do. They showed us everything from the aircrafts and vehicles to the loading areas and offices; from the chow halls where they eat to the living quarters— whether they were buildings, CLU’s (containerized living units), or tents. We saw all of the different parts it takes to put it all together, and all of the people it took with different skills.

My favorite part of these tours and staying on these bases was getting to meet these servicemen and women and hear their stories. One of them I met in Camp Patriot in Kuwait. She was a Captain, and had an 11 month-old daughter, but she had been away from her for the last several months. On top of that, her husband was also deployed in another camp in Kuwait, so neither of them are able to be there with their new daughter to watch her grow during these first months of her life. The daughter stayed with grandparents in the meantime.

I was impressed to hear stories similar to this time and time again. A lot of times we have stereotypes for these men and women of what kind of lifestyle they come from, what matters to them, and how normal they really are. I met parents, grandparents, people my age and even younger than me everywhere. They all were far away from family and loved ones, and while they are fulfilling to their amazing duty to serve our country it still is no easy task to be away from family and loved ones in tough circumstances that are not your typical home environment. I jumped at the chance to listen to them, and simply be around them. If there was nothing else I could give to them, at least I could give them my time— there is nothing more valuable to me than that, and so I am glad that I could give even a little bit of time to be with them and get to know who they are and what they do.

At the end of the trip we were able to go to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We did a faith-based meeting (also known as a fireside) with stories and music similar to what we were doing on the tour, only more faith-focused. I really loved getting to do these firesides throughout our trip when time permitted, and to feel the hearts and spirits of these strong-spirited youth in these parts of the world.

After this fireside we went out to an Ethiopian restaurant where they had traditional Ethiopian dancers and an Ethiopian band. It was awesome! A few people in the restaurant recognized me, along with a worker, and the next thing I know the owner comes up to ask if I would sing for everyone there. At first I felt awkward, but in the end I thought “eh, why not?” and got up to sing 2 songs: “Stand By Me” and “Everybody Hurts” which I had been singing during the military tour. It was quite the experience being backed up by an Ethiopian band along with my voice coach, Dean Kaelin who was on the tour with us. Good times!

It’s been unforgettable. I am taking so many memories with me from these past few weeks. I just want to thank again these men and women in the military for serving and doing what they do. I am so grateful that they took us in and allowed us to experience a little bit of their experiences. It means so much to me, and to everyone on our tour. We appreciate you and your time you shared with us. Military Tribute Tour accomplished!

Well that’s a wrap for this blog.  Thanks for reading!  ~ David

* David’s blog is posted at davidarchuleta.com

*  *  *  *  *

Tweets & Other Fun Treats!

A fun time was had by all – and for some fans, it was REALLY FUN!



Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.32.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.27.22 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.49.36 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.27.50 AM

- collage credit Marydee

– collage credit Marydee

And about that shorts & socks fashion statement:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.21.07 AM

All I can say is that for years we’ve been begging him to wear shorts – and now when he finally adds them to his wardrobe, all the focus is on his SOCKS!  I think he’s been wearing socks all along – they were just hidden under his jeans! :-)

A blast from the past – ArchuCook Duet!

Cook & Archuleta – Hero (credit:idol4life2008)

*  *  *  *  *

WOW!  What an amazing night!  Like so many of you out there, I wish I had been there in person to witness the first “concert appearance” by David since returning from his mission.  There have been many other performances, for church-related events, and of course the awesome Military Tribute Tour, but this felt different – it felt like old times – really old times, like back to the heyday of American Idol times with Cookie and Archie sharing the stage  - the funny big bro-little bro banter and the obvious love and respect they have for each other as fellow artists, and most of all friends.

There is a lot of history between them, as Idol was essentially the “start” of their music careers, even though both of them had been singing for several years prior to taking the Idol stage.  Watching the vids from tonight reminded me of the Idol tour when we used to camp out on our computers waiting for fans to upload vids and squeeeeing over each one as we discovered them.

That was when twitter was in its infancy, or maybe hadn’t even quite started up yet, so FOD comments used to rack up over 1,000 comments a day with people chatting back and forth about the recent meet & greets, autograph signings by the buses and of course every detail of David’s 4-song set plus the “group numbers” – I still have Please Don’t Stop the Music playing in my head and Cook and Archie doing their little kneeling/bowing bit at the end – showing mutual respect for each other after every one of the 56 performances that ended with a finale on a darkened catwalk in Tusla, OK – and with only camera flashes lighting the stage, Cook chased David down to give him one last huge bear hug – that image is forever burned in my memory – everyone was in tears because we thought that was the end…. but it was really only the beginning.

Flash forward to 2014 and Cookie and Archie share the stage once more – they look a little older, and DavidArchie’s fashion choices have changed a bit (at least he wears shorts now!) but the feelings are still the same – the way they feel about each other, and the way we they make us feel when they’re together.


– ArchuCook Hug

- Hero - via American Idol

– Hero – via American Idol

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