Happy Thanksgiving Canada! And Columbus Day in the US! On Gratitude from Muldur: Sharing a Message of Love and Light, Still the Spectacular Now, Abrra Filling the Candy Jar! Cards to Sign, @kariontour updates and video tracking explained, CFTH is SIX!


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Outstanding edit, credit to Miss Bianca.  Just wow!

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David Shares a Special Birthday

Saturday was Jazzy Archuleta’s birthday, and David shared his family celebration with us.  From all of us at FOD, best wishes Jazzy!!!

jazzy birthday cake

sharing a message of love and light – from Cody, Kalei’s post

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On Gratitude

gratitudeToday is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I wrote about that in the post further below. But the beautiful words from Muldur in comments yesterday speak more eloquently than I can articulate of feelings of gratitude; for the opportunity to hear David share the message of love and light, as Cody from Vocal Point put it so well this past weekend.  I felt compelled to share them here and hope Muldur will forgive me for singling them out.  But they are worth a careful read:

I have been going through phases the past 48 hours. There is the awful feeling after the last show is over and you have to get yourself ready for next day travel, usually really early. For me, the next day is always a long one with hours of travel and changes and grabbing sleep when I can because I know the last leg is a drive. Sometimes, I have to work next day, usually, actually, but not today. I spent time with my son and his family which was really sweet. I actually came home very tired and craved time with my family and even tweeted about feeling grateful to be home. Part of that was also feeling happy for those going to the next couple of events.

I got to thinking this evening about the past few weeks and the many moments and performances, which are getting to be so many it’s hard to even get your memory arms around them. This is why I do video. It’s why I always recorded. I want to be able to re-experience it. Sharing is wonderful, too. But think about it, in the past few weeks we have gotten the ever legendary Everybody Hurts, growing in amazingness every time he performs it, we got Numb, we got the Tarzan medley, we got Nearer My God to Thee, which hits me like a ton of bricks every time. My favorite words are “Angels to beckon me, nearer my God to thee”. The way he sings it, just powerful. We got Beautiful, Somewhere Only We Know. We got a re-visit to PandA. We got the most amazing and emotional Don’t Give Up duets. We got two special experiences at Layton, where everyone in attendance bought their tickets within a few hours of them going on sale, and found an artist who could not sing, but could only speak his message. We saw fearless David there, on a mission of his own to share his feelings and thoughts with us, no matter what. And we got Imagine. A softer, sweeter, more personal, if that’s possible, Imagine. We got to see this man David has become. He is very different in my opinion, although many will say they see the same person. But regardless of what part of him is changed and what part is not, his artistry is huge. His presence is huge. So while I am tired and grateful to not travel for a few weeks, I am grateful we have other chances to hear him sing live. So many people, not die hard fans, but others, commented this week about how incredible it is to hear him live. It’s better than ever.

I wanted to share this, that the accumulation of the past few weeks is almost overwhelming when you think about it. So much greatness from David. From his spoken messages to his beautiful voice, lots of greatness. I am grateful, that is for sure.

Simply, but beautifully said, Nancy <3

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The Spectacular NOW

More from the BYU Spectacular.  This is long, and not as good audio as others, but so many great moments!

And some great audio from Heidi Bird

And this view of Everybody Hurts is nice because you can see alot of the dance performance, but it’s just a snippet. Gosh darn it.

I have more videos to share from our FansofDavidVideos account but for some reason, it’s not letting me add ot the playlist Kalei has already created.  Hopefully sometime today :)

From Sounds of David

Pamela Pike took some awesome pictures!  I have posted a few here, and also created a slideshow!

Click to bigggggger

12091249_929723167075001_4089600448415114520_o david archuleta red shoes david guitarist spectacular pam pike spectacular david reaching hand

… and all the rest here!

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A bounce in his step!

As posted by Kim in comments.  Love this!  And the shiny shoes too!


And some more from Keiko!

I love her snippets of some of the most memorable portions of the performances.  Nice job Keiko!  Original videos from Shelley.

 The Nunca Pense Turn!

davids turn keiko

The Everybody Hurts Fist Clench!

Everybody Hurts bridge clench fistAnd we just got an awesome share from Abrra!  All the mp3′s and mp4′s from BYU Spectacular here!  Worth putting on the ipod!


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Kari Updates!

Kari checks in after a VERY FULL two days in Utah, with a updates and musings …

Feeling the Philippines …

kari 4

To bring a gift, or not to bring a gift.  That is the question …

kari 1

More PANDA?  Perhaps!

kari 3

What’s next, Kari?

kari 2

Video tracking is the process of locating a moving object (or multiple objects) over time using a camera. It has a variety of uses, some of which are: human-computer interaction, security and surveillance, video communication and compression, augmented reality, traffic control, medical imaging and video editing. Video tracking can be a time consuming process due to the amount of data that is contained in video. Adding further to the complexity is the possible need to use object recognition techniques for tracking, a challenging problem in its own right.

Here’s an example of video tracking, and the result, here.

Can’t wait to see what is in store!

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Cards to Sign … from Shelley

Shelley is starting early to ensure these cards arrive on time!

Shelley is creating her last birthday book for David, and has asked each of you to contribute.  David turns 25 this year.

Please sign, and also tweet @shell_eeeyyy with your group pictures at get togethers this year as well.  They make for wonderful additions to the book!

First up is for David!

happy birthday david groupcard

And the next one is for Kari.

kari thank you card groupcard

Kari goes above and beyond, in supporting David and being the conduit between David and all of us!  If you are interested in contributing towards a gift card to Kari, please email us at fodfrontpage@gmail.com and we will provide you with Shelley’s paypal account information.  I think this is a wonderful idea and a lovely thank you.

Shelley has asked that no one tweets out these cards using @davidarchie or @kariontour in the tweets, to try to keep it a secret!  

Don’t delay, and sign the books.  We’ll post any deadlines as they are known!

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Hello to all our Canadian readers and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Thanking all of you!


I’m thankful for so many things, but on this occasion, I’d like to express my thanks to all the visitors on FOD who bother to read my less than stellar musings and hastily put together posts these days.  And special shout out to commenters and others who contribute in some way, with emails or opinions.  We like to think we provide value to many of you, and when we hear from you it motivates us to stay the course, and your suggestions also help us to alter it as we need to.  Thanks for sticking with us!

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Happy 6th Anniversary Christmas from the Heart!

– CFTH Tour – source: Donnary Gavin Twitpic

Six years ago tomorrow David gave us the gift of Christmas from the Heart – his first of what we hope to be many Christmas albums in his career.  Remember how excited we were when we found out his second album was going to be a Christmas album?  This is the gift that keeps giving back every Christmas season!

– source: CFTH Liner Notes – Love this pic!

– CFTH Photo Shoot

– CFTH Photo Shoot

Many “pseudo-album-covers” were designed by fans upon learning about the title of the CD:

– credit Juan M.

– credit Juan M.

– credit ferjiperj

– credit frogcooke

– credit Jackie

– credit AnnieDAFG

– credit frogcooke

– credit ferjiperj

– source Coverlandia

CFTH by the numbers

The only official number I can find regarding sales is from 2011, and lists CFTH sales in the US as 246,000 (source).  It peaked at position 30 on the US Billboard 200 and No. 2 on the US Holiday charts.  (source).   “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” peaked at No. 23 in the Adult Contemporary charts.

For you listening pleasure, as put together by Joanie two years ago, is the complete setlist for the LAST tour stop in Westbury.  Although this was the CFTH Tour, there was alot from the debut CD as well as some covers.

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Ending with this …

Here’s one for the DAFitClub!  Similar to video tracking!  Thanks Mary Dee!

oct 10 stages of hunkerdown mary deeHave a wonderful week everyone!

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David Archuleta ~ Spectacular Saturday! A Plethora of Pics, Vids & Fan Stories! Props from Vocal Point, Fandom Diversity, Next Up: Nathan Pacehco feat. David Archuleta 10/16/15!


Everybody Hurts….

- vid screencap - credit Shelley

– vid screencap – credit Shelley


- via BYU Now

– via BYU Now

- via BYU Now

– via BYU Now

That smile says it all – he’s BACK and owning the stage!  Watching his comfort level grow from the first Idaho Falls concert until now has been amazing – it feels like he’s found his footing and that performing for adoring crowds is going to work out career-wise :-)  I think he’s happy he decided to stick with music…. SO ARE WE!

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Spectacular Spectacular!

Sometimes the stars align and we get more than we could have ever imagined or hoped for – one Spectacular night was a blessing… but two? A second chance to watch David take the stage and simply OWN IT.  To see him so comfortable performing for an adoring crowd of thousands that he epitomizes the saying Born for the stage.  He may be a reluctant star, but his light shines so brightly that he not only lights up the stage, but he lights up our hearts  - SHINE ON!

A second night of pics, vids and stories – so much love for David and his music that it can’t possibly fit into one post – but we’re going to try our best!  I’m going to take a different approach today, because by now everyone knows the set list, so this will be a more organic post - enjoy!

Shelley shared some pics and I took the liberty of screen-capping a few from her Everybody Hurts vid!

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

- credit Shelley

– credit Shelley

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.00.18 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.52.50 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.53.10 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.57.21 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.59.16 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.04.04 AM

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Just Like Being There! Fan Recaps 

- credit BYU Now

– credit BYU Now

Cheryl’s Story


It was a beautiful fall day as my husband, Jim, and I traveled to Provo from our home in Cottonwood Heights (which is just south of Salt Lake). We had been on vacation in Oregon when this concert was announced and I immediately called the BYU ticket office and since we both are BYU alumni I was able to purchase tickets before they went on sale to the public. Then I casually asked Jim if he would like to go to the BYU Spectacular with me in Oct. and he said “sure” to which I replied, “Good, because I just purchased tickets for us!” This was to be Jim’s first “David experience.” The drive down to Provo was so pleasant (except for the road construction on I-15.) The sun was shining so brightly and the Wasatch Mountains to the east were beautifully dotted with shades of autumn as was Mt. Timpanogos. And then my check engine light came on……………this had been happening sporadically for the last year and every time I started to take it to the dealer, the light would go off and they couldn’t hook it up to the computer to see what was wrong. So I had visions of being stranded on the road holding a sign………need a ride to see David Archuleta……….. (with Jim trying to hide behind me), but I didn’t have anything to write with or on. So I decided I wasn’t going to get upset, I would continue driving and be happy and that things were going to work out.

We arrived in Provo around 5:00 pm and took a leisurely drive around the campus…………so many memories came flooding back to me of my BYU days in the late 60′s. We drove around the beautiful Provo LDS Temple, past the MTC where we had dropped our two sons off to begin their missions, past Cougar Stadium and the Marriott Center where we go often as we are season ticket holders for both football and basketball. We parked and decided to take a stroll around campus because we hadn’t done that in a long time. The BYU campus was quiet as it was dinnertime and it was great to just soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful campus. The campus is so clean and the buildings are each unique and beautiful. I couldn’t believe how many new buildings had been added since my BYU student days. One of the buildings has one side that is a sheet of glass windows and we could see the beautiful mountains of Provo reflected in the glass. Jim wanted to stroll through the Eyring Science Center because that is where he spent most of his time. It was awesome to walk through “our” campus once again with memories swirling around as we strolled the beautiful walkways. As we headed over to the Marriott Center where the Spectacular was to be held, we wondered what the inside would look like as the lower bowl had been renovated after last basketball season.

Once inside the Marriott Center, I was delighted to see the new seats, the stage, and the new video screen overhead. The stage was an oval shape, with 3 protrusions………..one in the middle and one on the left and then one on the right side of the stage. I thought…….boy it will be great to see David stand front and center on those with a spotlight on him! There was a gigantic video screen at the back of the stage and then another smaller screen on top of it. The video board in the ceiling had a screen on all four sides. Wow, so many places to view the show…………stage, and all of the video screens. I was really getting excited for the show to Begin. My heart was pounding in anticipation and hoping that hubby would enjoy his first David outing! The band, Synthesis, came out and took their places in front of the stage and still the show didn’t begin. Fifteen minutes after the start time, the show finally began.

The announcer gave a brief introduction when it was David’s time to perform…………he said David served his mission in Santiago, Chile……….which was incorrect……….David served in the Chile Rancauga Mission………….and then THERE HE WAS! David came running out and leaped up the stairs and the adrenaline was flowing and the crowd was cheering and enthusiastic! And boy did David look mighty fine…………..hair, perfect; light blue button-down collared (buttons on the collar were unbuttoned) long sleeved shirt (sleeves were rolled up) and the shirttails were out; dark pants; and some mighty fine brown shoes. I’m sure lots of girls had their hearts aflutter when David appeared.

Since most of you have viewed the videos of that night, (which speak for how ON FIRE AND IN THE MOMENT, David was), I will just share some of my thoughts on each song and a few tidbits of things I observed.

CRUSH–David was really into the song and so was the crowd. People were clapping and singing along with David (I warned hubby beforehand that I would sing and clap so he wouldn’t be surprised at my behavior)! The crowd was a good mix of people…………lots of students it seemed in the upper parts of the arena who enthusiastically joined in (am sure some of the girls were hoping that David would have a CRUSH on them), families, young, middle-aged and older people. David got the crowd pumped up and excited to see him perform once again. I liked how David used the stage so well……….he roamed all over and when he stood on each protrusion the crowd in that area roared with approval. It was a good song to start with.

IMAGINE–David mentioned that he sang this song on AI and it was a changing point for him when that happened because he realized how music can have such a powerful impact on people and that a song can deliver such a strong message that others can feel and experience through the words, music, and how the song is expressed by the singer. David introduced his guitar accompanist and I love that David always wants to recognize those that perform with him. David is always so gracious and willing to give notice and appreciation to those who help him in his performances. I loved that it was just simply he and his accompanist, sitting on stools, beautifully sharing their talents. Before he began to sing, there were lights kind of floating back and forth overhead and David jokingly asked if UFO’s were coming……….don’t you just love David’s random comments. It was a TOTALLY DAVID MOMENT! It is one of the things I love and appreciate about him……..he’s not afraid to just share these random thoughts. It was a beautiful rendition by David as he sometimes used his lower range instead of his higher rang this time. You know how adept David is at changing up songs and I appreciate that he can and likes to do that as one gets to hear the same song in a different way………you can’t put David into a box and say that this is how the song will sound…………he is a gifted musician to be able to make those slight changes each time he performs. I was thinking that since David was using more of his lower range on this song that maybe he was still having some trouble with his voice (don’t freak out please), but realized as the show progressed that he hit a lot of high notes on other songs so he was just adapting and changing a little where he could so that he voice would be ok. When David did hit the high notes on this song, the crowd went ballistic……..it was so fun! I loved how expressive David is…….not with just his voice, but his body language, his face, and those hands!

NUNCA PENSE–I’m going on record that I would love to have David sing at least one Spanish song at every concert. He is especially dynamic and expressive when he sings in Spanish……those Latin genes come alive. One of the things I so enjoyed while David was on his mission were the vids we were able to see and hear when he sang in Spanish. I would love to see him perform more in Spanish. I did take Spanish in school and can pick out words here and there…………but I don’t think one needs to know the language to be able to experience the depth and feeling of what David is sharing in Spanish because he is able to express so well what he feels and one just becomes swept away in the moment and the beauty of his performance. He thanked the Women’s Chorus for their song and said he had never been able to perform with so many beautiful and talented women who were sharing the stage with him that night. I’m sure many were thinking……………no, David, the privilege is ours to be able to perform with you! The audience was into the song……….think many may have heard it before……..maybe at RootsTech. There was lots of applause at the end………….David was stellar……………but I kept hoping that he would divide the audience in half and have one side sing part of the chorus and then the other side sing the other chorus part. I was ready to do my part and belt it out like what had happened in Idaho and Layton, but I’m sure that wasn’t possible to do because of the program setting. But I want David to know I am ready to sing my heart out on the chorus (if I’m not there in person I’ll do it at home as I watch the vids!) Oh, and David had some moves during this song……..why does he say he doesn’t dance well……………….so NOT TRUE.

PARACHUTES AND AIRPLANES–David introduced this song by saying he hadn’t sung it professionally in abt 5 years. David invited the audience to sing along and dance and people were standing and bouncing, swinging and swaying. It was electric! and David seemed to really enjoy moving all over the stage. There were lots of hunker downs in this song and I was loving it. The audience was really with him on this one………….standing up and showing the lights on their phones…………it was a beautiful sight. I loved the end of the song because on the video screen they showed a shot of David from the back and all of the phone lights twinkling all over the arena…………it was so magical. David seemed to have so much fun with this song. It was about this time that I was wishing David had been asked to do a dance number with one of the dancers………….he could do it……….think David can do anything he sets his mind to do. He had so many moves this night and I think with the right dance partner he could have performed beautifully. One can wish that might happen some day. And then when Vocal Point sang Happy, I was wanting David to be out there with them, too……………….he would have been awesome with a capital A………..singing and grooving with them. So on My Wish list is to see David DANCE AND SING at a concert…………I think he is totally capable of doing both.

EVERYBODY HURTS–This was probably my favorite song of Davids! It was so hauntingly beautiful and he showed so much emotion and feeling…………..it gave me chills and “goosies” (thanks JLo for that word). David went to the back of the stage, up the steps, and the spotlight was just on him. Since I had never seen David sing this song live, it was quite the experience. I couldn’t believe the feeling and emotion he expressed……….it was incredible. I was just mesmerized by the whole song and David was really into the song………….kind of like he was in a world all by himself and we got to peek in and see and feel what he was feeling. There were dancers in front of him, but I was so caught up in David that I didn’t notice them (sorry dancers, I’m sure you were wonderful), but I couldn’t take my eyes off of David. Such a heartfelt rendition of this song. David then walked diagonally across the stage, through the dancers, and stood at center stage. I was so caught up in the song I don’t think I was breathing much………..glad I didn’t pass out (hubby might not have liked that!) And then the dancers left the stage and David was just standing there alone finishing the song………….WOW, is all I can say. I think I definitely needed Ray and his defribulator!!!!!!!!!! (See, it’s Friday and I can’t even figure out how to spell that thing-a-ma-jig)! Crazy, beautiful, amazing performance by David.

NEARER MY GOD TO THEE–I think this was close to the top of my list, too. David sang this song with Vocal Point and they were fabulous, too. VP started the song and they were along the front of the stage with the center open, and then the spotlight shown on David who was in the center and behind VP and he moved forward to join them……….it was classy. I loved how this was staged. I was blown away by this song, too……………..needed Ray’s help again. This is a beautiful hymn but it was sung in a more modern arrangement with the background vocals by VP…………so hauntingly beautiful, also. I loved what VP did with the background………….so unique but yet it was so reverent and meaningful combined with David’s vocals. It was a different arrangement, but I loved it. Again, chills and “goosies” for me. I will let the vid of this song do the speaking! Oh, I do need to say that David changed into a suit for this number, looked like a black suit, and still wore the blue shirt (but it was tucked in), a nice looking belt and black shoes. He looked mighty fine! I think I would like to hear David do some more songs with VP………for me it was a great combination.

GLORIOUS–I so loved this song and the meaning of the words and seeing David sing this song live was well Glorious! I loved how David moved from one side of the stage to the other side and let the Cougarettes have the center of the stage and then he moved to the center to finish the song. He’s so classy and thoughtful, too. David just knows how to draw you in and hold your attention. He stands in a class all by himself! Each time I hear David sing this song, I’m just drawn in by the beautiful words and his ability to send such a positive message to all with such tenderness and feeling and it just makes me feel good!

LOVE IN ANY LANGUAGE/FILL THE WORLD WITH LOVE–This was the finale song with all of the performers singing together. I thought it was sweet that Mindy Smoot Robbins told David she loved hearing David sing Glorious and that it was a pleasure to share the stage with him tonight. David thanked all for coming and then the performers ran off of the stage. I saw David and one of the Cougarettes give each other a high 5 as they were exiting the stage………..so cool!

I looked down at my watch and couldn’t believe that the show lasted 1hr and 45 minutes……….it went by so quickly and the show ran so smoothly. I was so proud of David and all of the performers………….it was truly SPECTACULAR. I couldn’t believe all of the talent at my Alma Mater, BYU………….it was mind boggling and there were so many groups that didn’t even perform. Talent surely abounds at BYU and I was so happy that David was invited to be the headliner for the Homecoming Show. I asked Jim what he thought of David and he said he was great. I wanted to know what his favorite David song was and he said Everybody Hurts………no surprise from me on that one. So then I asked if he would go to another David concert and he said he would! WIN, WIN, WIN night for sure.

I couldn’t help but have a flood of memories last night as I reflected on a similar night in 1989. It was Homecoming, too, and BYU chooses 5-6 people to be honored each year which are chosen from all over the US and then each college chooses an alumnus to be honored as well. Jim was chosen to be the honored alumnus for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences that year and we had a wonderful week of festivities that we shared with our children…….dinners, a lecture given by Jim to the Chemistry Dept., an evening similar in nature to the Spectacular, the homecoming parade, and the football game. Such fond memories and here we were again, in a different setting, but enjoying David and the other BYU performers. Boy, was that a treat to be able to reminisce on happenings of years ago.

We returned to the car, and yes the check engine light was still on, but we made it home safely. What a night to remember and to share it with my husband of 47 years……….that made it even more fantastic! Forgive any grammatical errors, etc. and hope that my memories have helped those of you who were not able to attend enjoy some of the magic of Thursday night. Tomorrow is the homecoming game……………..GO COUGS! So excited to be able to attend the game with our family!

- credit BYU Now

– credit BYU Now

Janel’s Story

BYU Spectacular feat. David Archuleta

I started out my evening with an early dinner at Los Hermanos with Judy Webb, Shelley Tonder and her daughter Veronica. It was good to chat with them all but duh, we forgot to take pictures. We went to the Marriott Center parking lot pretty early and got good parking spaces but the doors weren’t going to open until 6:30 (which ended up being more like 6:45) so Judy and I chatted more in her car.

When I sat in my seat I was pleasantly surprised that even though I was up a ways from the stage I was center with a straight view to the middle of the stage. If I had a decent camera, it would have made for good pictures and videos, but hindsight I guess. Grateful for those who took good videos anyways.  The stage set was very nice which increased my anticipation of what was to come. Rather than go play by play of every performance of the night, I’ll just set my focus on what David sang.

First off was Crush. I guess that David will perform Crush no matter where he goes is kind of a no-brainer. It’s what everyone associates David with because it was such a huge hit, and even today the views on the video keep increasing. As he sang it I felt the energy in the room. The crowd loved it, loved his energy. Plenty of woo-hoos, screams, “I love you” shouts, and marriage proposals. I love seeing that young girls still love David even if the “I love you’s” make him uncomfortable since he doesn’t know them. LOL.

Second was Imagine. I was so happy he sang this because I had heard he sang it in a rehearsal so glad it wasn’t just a rumor. I love that he sang every verse. It was tender, it was gorgeous, and even at the end he got a little emotional. He acknowledged at the end that Imagine was really what started things for him on Idol and has a special place in his heart. (Sorry if I’m not remembering exact words or phrases, typing it how I remember it).

Nunca Pense was next which he sang with the BYU Women’s Chorus as his backup. I liked that he recognized so many beautiful girls on the stage with him and they all looked good. That was so sweet. I love his energy in this song. He has such confidence singing in Spanish and he sounds good doing it. I saw a couple tweets of people thanking him for singing in Spanish. I’ve loved this song since he first sang it at Root’s Tech. Catchy song you can dance to. I wish David would have done some more Latin dance moves while he was singing it. We know he can!  I loved the background pictures of BYU’s past being shown as he was singing. The song is about connecting to your past to see and appreciate who you are today.

Next was Parachutes and Airplanes. Was glad to be there for this because the last and only time he’s sung it he was at BYU Idaho in 2010 and I was there as well. I always enjoyed this song. I remember at BYU Idaho he dedicated it to his sister Claudia. He asked for dance participation in the song, but really the way the seats are at BYU, it might be dangerous to dance. LOL. Glad of the reaction with cell phone flash lights as he sang. Someone tweeted of that song that he dances like a dad. Well, maybe a little awkward at times but it wasn’t bad. Besides I’ve seen some dads with some pretty good dance moves. LOL.
Everybody Hurts was next. The best way to describe this performance besides incredible was the release of pain on David’s part. He was telling a story, his own story. You could feel what he’s gone through with his own struggle to continue with music and his angst he felt concerning the big world of the music industry and wanting to do things his way. He poured his heart out on that song, leaving it all on the stage with every note. And a glory note to boot which was other worldly.

Next was Nearer My God To Thee. Someone should have put a warning sign on this one. It was all kinds of wonderful. It was beautiful, angelic, gorgeous, blow me away, heavenly ear candy. I’ve watched Rhiminee’s and Shelley’s videos on this several times already. I love how the sounds from BYU Vocal point and David blended so beautifully.  Something about Nearer My God to Thee is that it’s always been a favorite hymn of mine, and I’ve even sung it in church as a duet with a friend. I’ve heard many beautiful renditions of this song, but this far out does anything I’ve ever listened to. I was awestruck, I was soul touched, I was completely enthralled in the moment, and crying to boot. That performance sums up every reason why I’m a David fan. His butter smooth tone, his depth of range, his ability to connect to others with his voice, his own connection to a song and how he does such a great job interpreting the lyrics through his delivery. Also those other worldly glory notes that make you realize he really does have an angelic voice gifted to him from God. Thank you God for David, and thank you David! I told Kari that David should take BYU vocal point on tour with him to sing this song and let them sing a couple of their other songs. Their performance of “Happy” was a lot of fun.

His last solo performance of the night was Glorious. This was another song the audience connected to because of the Meet the Mormons movie. It was really pretty and the performance by the Cougarettes was really pretty too as they danced to it. I think it was my favorite of all the times I’ve heard David sing it live. Another glory note in there I might add.

All the performers ended with “Love In Any Language”. It was a pretty song and maybe it was just my inability to hear him well or the fact that everyone sang, but I didn’t hear David much in that song. Mindy Smoot Robbins has a powerful pretty voice and I think with a few places in the song, David was getting drowned out by her.

The night ended with my love and adoration for this young man increasing. I am in complete awe of him. I am glad he decided to continue singing. The complete shame it would have been if he didn’t. The world needs performers like David who have a pure heart, an intense soul and a beautiful voice. So glad too that he is well after the flu he had. Hope that never happens to him again.
Time to hurry back over to YouTube to listen to Nearer My God To Thee again. I think I hear heaven cheering for an encore led by all the fans who are no longer with us. Can’t wait for the videos from tonight. Hope you all enjoyed my recap.

- credit emma

– credit emma

Sharon Shares Her Thoughts

Dear David…..
I love ♥ the man you brought back!!!
Always. Always. Always. #BeYoU in ALL- WAYS!!! You are a most welcome change and bright light…. to our music and our world!!! Don’t ever give up!!! :) Our world needs more people like you!!!
I hope that you feel that you are still on a mission serving others…because you are!!! :)
You ARE a catalyst for change!!! :) Maybe you can see your direction more clearly now… after feeling the reaction of all the people who have come to see you in all your performances!!! Keep on sharing your light…just as you are doing…always staying REAL! :) It isn’t pressure…it is just an affirmation to you that who you are is all you need to be!!! Thank you David so much!!! :)

Seeing David and the wonderful young men and women at BYU just makes me feel so happy and hopeful for the future!!! There are still young people out there spreading goodness and kindness with their words and their actions. What a breath of fresh air!!!
It was such a wonderful performance by everyone!!! I was filled with lots of love and happiness after seeing the performances. I loved all the BYU groups!!! Gosh we need more of this positive energy in our world!!!

David’s light could be felt all over that arena!!! He was spectacular!!! I loved all the songs that he sang… with so much passion!!! He was in his element!!! I was so glad he was feeling better!!! I am sure he enjoyed participating with all those young people as well!!! I am equally sure that each of those students went back to their dorms with more love and happiness in their hearts!!! Seeing the students shine their lights in the audience just thrilled me!!! It was a circle of love…once again!

Whatever David does….wherever he goes….he will always be helping others…..just by being himself !!! He IS filling the world with love!!! It is contagious…and that’s why
he is loved!!! As more people get to feel his heart through his music, his words, and his actions…they will pass it on and try to spread his light!!!
“Goodness begets Goodness” !!!

Passing this big smile on my face on to everyone!!! Have a great weekend and pass on the love !!! :)

- credit rhiminee

– credit rhiminee

Jeaniut’s Story

Just got back from the show with my daughter and son-in-law and a friend of my daughter. I LOVED it. He was so loved. Everytime he came on the stage it was like electricity in the crowd. They just came alive with every little thing he did.

The women’s chorus was very classy and did this one number with these bright blue fans. They kind of did a drum beat with them and then all of the sudden they spread out the fans and did fancy things with them, all in the line of being very classy. Kind of like watching a Japanese dance with a fan although it was a Spanish Folk Song. Well after they were finished and were still on the stage to sing with David. David runs out on the stage and flips open one of the fans like they have and starts fanning himself. It was hilarious. I don’t think the chorus was expecting that.

My family loved David and the whole show. On the way home the friend that we brought with us said,” You know when you go hear someone you really enjoy live. Its a whole new experience. Sometimes you think, Oh Boy your production team sure makes you sound good on your recordings. In David’s case, he’s better that his recordings. There is something special about his Tone.” She loved it. She also said he doesn’t need to dance or have spectacular clothing. All he needs is that voice.

It was just heartwarming to have the audience love him so much.

I wish he could take Synthesis the jazz band and Vocal Point with him on his tours. And the Cougarettes as his dancers. t’would be so awesome. (even tho he doesn’t need all that.)

- credit rhiminee

– credit rhiminee

KMB’s Story

When David hits glory notes on any song, you are taken even higher even though you’re already on a high from the rest of the awesomeness. That’s a tough arrangement of NMGTT and David handled it perfectly to my ears.

Besides NMGTT, my other fav was EH. When he was singing it, it’s almost like he was “hurting” again and then by the end there’s peace on his face. David can really show us the emotional journey of a song, not just sing it well. I must say, the dance really helped to tell the story as well. Bravo everyone! :D

Crush brought back a lot of nostalgia and I loved the trumpet on the chorus. Imagine brought back memories of his Idol days, which was great. Nunca Pense was wonderfully fun. Parachutes and Airplanes was the most surprising selection but it was SO MUCH FUN, especially with all the instrumentation in the background. I’d forgotten how catchy that song is. Glorious was glorious as usual and the dance was a nice addition. I didn’t really like the finale because there was so much going on I couldn’t understand the words very well.

Wow, what a night last night. And more goodies may be in store tonight. HOW EXCITING THIS ALL IS!!!!! :D :D :D

*  *  *  *  *

The Vids!

Here are the vids (so far) from the 10/9/15 performance – I always love to see how David changes up the songs from one show to the next – you feel like you’re seeing a brand new concert!  Thanks again to all the wonderful Archies, Shelley, Muldur & Amanda for sharing their vids with us – since we couldn’t all be there in person, this is almost like being there!

The Everybody Hurts is beyond amazing, and Nearer My God To Thee, with that glory note – how does he do it?

I put the vids in a convenient playlist format so you can watch/listen on a continuous loop if you should so choose…. like who wouldn’t?

BYU Spectacular 10/9/15 (credit: Shelley FOD, 8throwcenter & Amanda Nielsen)

Vids on FB, IG & Periscope

- click to listen on IG

– click to listen to PANDA on IG

- credit Randy Wilson - click to listen on FB

– click to listen on FB

- click to listen on IG

– click to listen on IG

- click to listen on Periscope - hurry!

– click to listen on Periscope – hurry!

*  *  *  *  *

Props From Vocal Point

- credit @DavidArchie

– credit @DavidArchie

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 4.32.44 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 4.32.54 AM

It’s great when fans and concert attendees rave about an artist, but it’s something extra special when fellow artists respect your talent and actually enjoy working with you!  Two members of VP posted props for David on FB. Can we please have Vocal Point travel with David for his Christmas shows? *writes letter to Santa*

*  *  *  *  *

The ArchuFandom Diversity

This series of twitter pics celebrates the diversity of David’s fans – I love that the very young to the not so young, BFFs, couples and people from around the world are all Fans of David!

Fans 1

Fans 2

Fans 3

Fans 4

Fans 5

Fans 6

Fans 7

Fans 8

Fans 9

*  *  *  *  *

Fun Fan Finds

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.15.00 AM

Haha! At first I thought Kari meant the sign – then I figured out it must be Starbucks!! :-)

- Vocal Point tee & red shoes! -credit 3dottersvintage

– Vocal Point tee & red shoes! -credit 3dottersvintage

- credit pocoelsy

– credit pocoelsy

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.37.14 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.38.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.39.11 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.44.38 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.01.48 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.01.56 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.13.50 AM

*  *  *  *  *

Tweet Treats

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.20.48 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.31.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.15.06 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.15.24 AM

I file this under “Perils of being an Archie” #FanProbs


The following tweet gets the “David Has Arrived” award (if there was such a thing) we know David has a ton of female fans, but when you can get an offer like the one below where the guys have your back – you know you’re in a Good Place. *fist bump*


*  *  *  *  *

Get Your Tix Now!


– click for tix

*  *  *  *  *

Well it’s 5:36 am here and I’m blurry eyed but happy that there is so much David love to share!  The past two days has been a vindication of sorts – for the fans who have waited so patiently for David’s return and despite all the angst and hand-wringing, we stuck together and we were here to witness The man that he brought back.  And I, for one, couldn’t be happier!

Thanks again to everyone who shared their pics, vids and fan stories – we love you all for your generosity and willingness to include us in your ArchuAdventures!  Next up is the Nathan Pacheco concert on 10/16/15 with David as a featured guest artist.  Who’s going? 

I think this tweet from Fifi is accurate:


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