David Archuleta ~ Let Freedom Ring Friday


Let Freedom Ring!

- credit Kris Conner/Getty Images

– credit Kris Conner/Getty Images

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Happy (Early) 4th of July!



Happy early 4th of July!  This post is going to be short & sweet as I am on a borrowed computer on very limited time!  David is almost synonymous with Patriotic songs (as well as Christmas songs, but that’s for another post) and he has delivered some of the most heartfelt, touching and memorable patriotic performances EVER!

Since I won’t be able to update the post tomorrow (lack of a computer) I’ll let you all take a stroll down memory lane and re-vist some of the 4th of July posts from our FOD archives:

July 4, 2009:  CLICK HERE

July 4, 2010:  CLICK HERE

July 4, 2011:  CLICK HERE

July 4, 2012:  CLICK HERE

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Star Spangled

This is one of my favorite David videos – created by Katie Moore, it has a dream-like quality that is timeless and everlasting – just like freedom….

Star Spangled (credit: Katie Moore)

Click the link below to view

Click the link below to view

star spangled from katie moore on Vimeo.

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Wishing everyone a very Happy 4th of July – and remembering and honoring those that have served and continue to serve to protect our freedom.  Have a safe and fun holiday!



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David Archuleta~ Wednesday Concerts and Connections, Happy Canada Day! Happy National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day! Jeff LeBlanc Opens For Tori Kelly in TO! @ShayCarl : Birthday Tickets and Beautiful Toes!


Myrtle Beach signing after the show~ credit me

Myrtle Beach signing after the show~ credit me

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Quote Listen to your own voice

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Happy Canada Day to all our lovely friends and fans to the north!!!

1617-happy-canada-daytweet david canada

 Yes!!! Hoping it’s s**n!!!

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Happy National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day!!

Cartoon David  and and a furry friend with ice cream credit pocoelsy

Cartoon David and and a furry friend with ice cream credit pocoelsy



National Ice Cream flavors Day pic

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  July 1st celebrates National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, a day to ponder over, or taste, the many creative, awkward or just plain silly different types of ice cream flavors. It is meant for more than the love of the traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

Celebrate by venturing out to your local ice creamery and testing their many concoctions, or head down to the grocery store and get creative with finding different ingredients to make your own!  You can also try to find some crazy flavors yourself!  Here are just a few we came across – mashed potato ice cream, beer ice cream, olive oil ice cream, buffalo wing ice cream, goat cheese ice cream and candied bacon ice cream.  Willing to try one?  :)


While researching National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, an “unofficial” national holiday, we were unable to locate the creator. –

David ice cream shop in Kodak Gallery credit Sunny Hilden

Photo credit : Sunny HIlden~ “Festive finding this today:) I was there that night, after seeing “This is It” with him & his band. Sometimes #TheSoulMan is a little boy, wise beyond his years, a heart full of ancient angels & a voice that elevates. We wanted to write that night, but he was losing his voice & had a concert the next day, so: vocal rest, movie! We went to a church youth production of Joseph. D knew all the songs:) Aw, I’d love to see it. He tweeted about a magical writing day we had last fall & I was so happy I saw it:)” ~ 6-20-2012

Creative Ice Cream Flavor tweets Shared by David!

David has had his fair share of interesting and unusual ‘ice cream experiences” that he’s shared with us over the years; have you tried any of these?

tweet ice cream snow and chocolateTweet ice cream MAshti Malone'sIce cream MAshti Malone's combinationsice cream tweet 3tweet ice cream cashew raspberrytweet ice cream orange goat cheese silly gooseDavid ice cream shop crop

I hope all ice cream lovers will be able to get out today and try an interesting new flavor! I wonder if David was ever able to try Apricot Mango sorbet? Well, Thrifties may have discontinued this refreshing flavor, but alas; Apricot Mango sorbet is alive and well in Tina’s Cocina! Just click on the pic below to learn how easy it is to make!

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Concert Connections: Jeff LeBlanc Opens For Tori Kelly in Toronto!

Jeff Leblank tweet after Toronto

David’s MKOC tour “opener” and friend Jeff LeBlanc opened for Tori Kelly in Toronto last evening to a very enthusiastic and welcoming crowd at The Phoenix Club! Mary Lou (@pastelpastel) and Penny ( @dangitdavid) were able to be there to support Jeff while enjoying 2 fantastic  artists!

tweet pastel thrilled to eatch Jeff Leblanc

I’m sooo very happy that Mary Lou and Penny were able to go. Mary Lou has been a great kickstarter supporter for Jeff’s new cd “Vision.” Although she had received a cahnce for a VIP at Jeff’s recent New York show, she was unable to make it so this experience last night was a very short notice but fun surprise!

Tweet Mary Lou to Bianca re Jeff's concertTweet Mary Lou to Kalei about Jeff's concert

Mary Lou (Pastel) shared a couple of Instagram clips last night. click the pics to view on Instagram.

PAstel IG JEff LeBlanc killing it

MAry Lou Tori Kelly IG

Penny also treated us to  clips!

Penny IG Jeff LEblanc

I’m thinking Jeff had a pretty awesome night! Check out the Jeff Leblanc “fan love” he received following his set at the merch table. :) 

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou 2

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou 2 Are those fans beaming or what?!?  :)

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou 5

Jeff LeBlanc Toronto~ Credit Mary Lou

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou 4

Jeff LeBlanc with fans in TO credit Mary Lou 4

* * * * * *
I saw Tori’s show here in Minneapolis in June and had such a wonderful time!! We didn’t have the fun bonus of having Jeff perform, though we were entertained by the uber cute and talented “Us The Duo” , and Tori is so talented and fun!!  Jeff will also be opening for Tori on July 3rd in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club. It looks like there are currently no more tickets available, but as advised, “keep checking back” as some more seats may open!! If you’re planning to go, be sure to let us know! :)

* * * * *
Before I close out this segment, I feel inclined to include David and Jeff’s WOTWTC duet from Beaver Creek! It’s one of my most favorite “David” duets! Would LOVE another duet (and tour) with these two one day! Anyone with me??

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Shay Carl’s Perfect Birthday Gift For @katilette

shay carl and David

In his latest video, Shay shows us how to choose the perfect birthday gift for his darling wife then subsequently begin to prepare …his toes in anticipation of the event!! ;) Watch beginning at ~2:20 in.

Colette Bday tx Shay Carl's Happy Toes ready for a DA September show

~So Shay and his wife, Colette, will be seeing David in September and some Archies might just get to meet him!

Shelley tweet meet Shay in September
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Joy Williams Article With a DA Mention

joy williams article DA mention Under The radar Joy williams Venus

Joy Williams ~ Finding Her Voice


For Joy Williams, raising a toddler and pursuing a music career is a balancing act. Literally. During tour rehearsals in April, Williams was singing her Afro-pop flavored single “Woman (Oh Mama)” when her two-year-old sidled up to her.

“He squeezed my hand and looked up and said, ‘I hold you?’ I had him on my hip for the rest of the song and the whole rest of rehearsals,” says Williams during a phone call from Los Angeles. “I sang pregnant with him a lot, so there’s nothing greater than having him in my arms [while I'm] singing. Especially a song like ‘Woman,’ which is so much about embracing who you are.”

On her new album, Venus, Williams has certainly embraced who she is and found her own voice. The 32-year-old calls it her “coming-of-age album.” It was written at a time when the young mother was rocked by a series of blows. Williams’ father had been diagnosed with cancer, her marriage was in trouble, and The Civil Warsher wildly successful Americana band with John Paul Whitehad unexpectedly split up. (Never has a band name been so cruelly ironic.) *** CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

*This is an excellent article/interview  by Stephen Humphries * There is a brief mention of David and their writing ventures, but be sure to read the entire piece. It offers good insight into what Joy has been through and why this album is critical to her musical journey as well as her personal growth and healing.*

* * * * * *

Fan Finds/Shares/Connections

Ali corralled  and listed all of David’s (supposed) upcoming events in Comments  (Thank you Ali!!!)

david's upcoming events credit Ali

A Couple more Archu-awesome photographs to revisit!


David Seattle credit Jen Barry

David Seattle credit Jen Barry

Hong Kong Credit Ch

Hong Kong Credit Channel 5

Credit pabuckie

Credit pabuckie

Credit Pastel

Credit Pastel

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 To Be With You

In closing for today~ a lovely video posted in comments by Lisa from Tx recorded in Idaho Falls by Gengen <— a connection for THIS Fall! ;)

Have a great wednesday everyone! I’ll be around to update through tomorrow.

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