David Archuleta and Finally Friday, Meet The Mormons’ Glorious-related Surprise Today! David “found” at Cornbelly’s, yet again! Social Media ~ the Ups and Downs, Jeff Leblanc Half Way There! Wigelo Dance Reprise


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David at Seton HS cap

Credit: Q102

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honesty transparent quote

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We Keep on Waiting …

How many times have we heard … big news coming!  The ‘job description’ of a fan includes understanding there will be such announcements from time to time, intentionally timed to build excitement.

Excited-Amy-Adams-In-Cute-Dress-Reaction-Gif excited parks and rec gif excited-baby

From the time of the announcement to the actual news, I’m invariably doing this …


Today is one of these days! We heard of a Glorious-related announcement recently from @MeettheMormons, as posted by Joanie earlier this week:

Tweet MTM Glorious Surprise coming

And yesterday, Meet the Mormons followed up with more timing on the “news”:

mtm tweet

Exciting Times!  Friday afternoon!  On Twitter and www.meethemormons.com.  Music Video outake?  Interview?  Something with Stephanie Mabey?  A Spanish version?

Put your best guess in comments!  

The “winner” gets bragging rights, and the ability to do your own happy dance!

adams family celebration

Whatever the news is, count on FOD to post it and tweet it out!

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David Back at Cornbelly’s!

Remember when David’s likeness was immortalized in the Cornbelly Corn Maze in 2008? Well, he was immortalized until harvest time anyway.


Looks like David’s likeness was again on display as tweeted by Janel!

janel cornbelly pumpkin carve maze utah

When you are popular in corn, you are popular forever!  Thanks for tweeting this Janel.

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David Archuleta on Social Media ~ the Ups and Downs

You know I like stats, and am often following how David is doing on social media, and have posted information here from time to time.

A few weeks ago, I was alerted to an interesting factoid on Twitter.  David Archuleta’s twitter followers are decreasing.  

Here is a graph of change of followers over the past 3 months (any more than that, and you have to pay a fee.)

twitter followers

The numbers aren’t huge, but it’s a decrease.  ON THE OTHER HAND, David’s instagram followers are only increasing!

April 2014 ~ 3K followers

instagram april launch


October 2014 ~  48K followers

instagram followers

Well, of course, they could ONLY go up on Instagram!

But take a look at Facebook:

December 2013 ~ 3.6 million likes

facebook likes mckenzie harris dec 2013

October 2014 ~ 3.8 million likes

facebook friends

David posts virtually identical information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with some minor modifications due to length on Twitter.  So many fans don’t see the need to be connected to David in all three streams.  This could be one reason David’s followers are decreasing, even despite numbers increasing or staying steady during the mission.

There are many other reasons to lose followers, like a change of frequency of tweets.  I’ve provided links to some articles on possible other reasons below.  I’ve listed a few here:

  • You aren’t following people back. <— Haha, true!  But, that’s actually a great strategy, David!
  • Twitter is deleting spam accounts  <—- Two to twenty percent of followers are actually automated accounts that have a single purpose: to make you click that link and get somebody some money.  Twitter clears them out from time to time ~ thankfully!
  • Your posts aren’t very interesting. <— Ha!  “Ginger.  So tasty” and “Hush cats” are not interesting?  Even the more recent “Uh, thanks?” tweet about the fatherhood confusion with David Arquette still makes me chuckle.
  • You are over promoting your website. <— Ummm, no.  David is probably deemed an “under promoter”.
  • You curse / swear <—  That’s actually funny.
  • Bad Grammar/spelling <— I actually think David is very careful to use proper grammar and spelling.  So, nope.

More reasons why our twitter followers decrease HERE and HERE.  And I do acknowledge  that not all these reasons apply to celebrities like they would for us regular folks ;)

As I indicated, with more options to get social notifications from David, it’s inevitable that there will be ebbs and flows in David’s popularity on each social stream.

We’ll keep you up to date from time to time on how these numbers change.  Cuz I love stats ;)

* * * * *

Jeff Leblanc Kickstarter for 4th CD ~ Half Way There!

Jeff announced on Facebook that he is half way towards his goal!  If you enjoyed Jeff during the My Kind of Christmas tour, this is a great opportunity to give a musical talent a little help, with benefits, towards his dream!

jeff leblanc half way there

Jeff has 67 backers. Are you one of them?  Some great gifts for EVERYONE who makes even a small contribution!

Here is the link:


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October 24th, 2008~  Wigelo!

(From Jenny’s original ’08 post)

A few pictures and vids from David Archuleta’s jam packed day in Ohio!

When the Archuleta Rawkstar visits Seton~an all girls Catholic High School!

Remember that Pennies for Archuleta Contest? Seton All-Girls Catholic High School filled 64 one-gallon plastic jugs to win Q102′s “Pennies for Archuleta” contest. They accounted for nearly half of the $6,400 raised from area schools for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure fund, and won a visit from David Archuleta to their school.

There were signatures galore for the girls.

David helped in presenting the $6,400.00 check (all schools participation total) to the Susan G Komen fund.

And, David performed in front of all the girls in all the pink!

Here, David is asked to perform one of their school cheers, and  you see David getting coaching before it all occurs!  Fun!

A different, close-up perspective.

David talks of his piano teacher being in attendance and being nervous to play!

Read More about the evening events from Nancy in our archives. *ClICK HERE*

* * * * * *

 More on that Archie App!

Love the look!

screen saver

One more THEN and NOW pic from Shadow Benny

then and now shadowbenny

* * * * *

Thanks A MILLION to Joanie and Kalei for filling in for me Monday and Tuesday of this week while I was away.  It’s so nice to know it’s smooth sailing on FOD, while one of us is venturing elsewhere.  We are still committed to posting a new nugget, even something from the past you may not have seen, or might have forgotten, on a daily basis.  Having a team where we cover for each other as needed helps to deliver this to you, while acknowledging our need for vacay balance.  It all works out :)

See you next Monday all!

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David Archuleta ~Thursday Thoughts~ Music Inspiring Others: A PS22 Glorious Cover, A Nostalgic Encounter, Have You Signed? Send Your Cards and Letters Today! TBT Links to EKS in 2010


Inspiring Others

MKOC Crop Kimmie David

MKOC Crop Kimmie David

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quote success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life

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An Inspired Cover: The NY Ps22 Chorus Covers “Glorious”

PS22 Chorus fb page

PS22 Chorus fb page CLICK to visit

Yesterday morning, Gregg Breinberg, Director of the PS22 Chorus, the famous youth choir composed of 65 fifth graders from Public School 22 in Staten Island, NY, had something very special to share!

tweet PS22Chorus 2015 sings Glorious

They say that imitation is “the greatest form of flattery.”  Beautiful songs that inspire are the songs that others will want to cover. “Glorious” by Stephanie Mabey, recently released by David Archuleta is a perfect example of this.

The lyrics for “Glorious” are uplifting, inclusive, inspirational, encouraging, and universal. It’s message is for all ages and is timeless.  Along with the lyrics, David’s vocals and connection are instantly felt. Whether you feel “chills,” are brought to tears, are bathed in a warm  enveloping calm, or all of the above when you listen to “Glorious,” it’s immediate and understood that this is one of those songs that will touch and inspire others. It inspired Gregg Breinberg to have his choir learn “Glorious.” I absolutely love this! The harmonies of these 5th graders are incredible! By watching the children sing, you can see they really understood…there was a connection. :)

Be sure to visit their You Tube channel and leave a comment.
I’m so happy David saw their video and tweeted about it! A perfect affirmation! I hope he (and Stephanie) will be able to visit the choir and possibly even sing with them one day. Wouldn’t that be cool?!
tweet David Ps22 Choir Glorious

And Kari loved it, too!

Tweet PS22 Chorus KAri

Gregg  Saw David’s tweet and was happy to let the “kiddos” know.

Gregg Breinberg responds to David's tweet

Gregg has a great backstory. If you’d like to read more about how the choir came to be, click to read the article below.

Gregg Breinberg Backstory
* * * * *

A Nostalgic Encounter

Earlier yesterday, David shared a “nostalgic encounter” 11 years in the making!

Tweet David I just ran into someone

Thoughts of who it might be? @Peacesignpam entertained the idea of Kelly Clarkson as a possibility! Anyone else? Hey David!~ we might need a clue for this one! ;)

* * * * * * *

Reminders for the day:

Have you signed David’s card? Shelley gave us a little extra time, but she’ll be closing the “signing time” very soon, so make sure you’ve taken the chance to get your message in! Click the card to sign. Thanks!

birthday card for David group card 2014

* * * * *

Sending David a card/letter?

mail  and mailbox david's po address

Kari will be sending David a package at the end of the month (1 week from now) so get your cards and letters out today! 

* * * * *

TBT to Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) 2010

If you’re looking for a fun David Archuleta time warp today, click the lovely pic (credit Christine) below to visit my post last year which included plenty of pics, buzz, and performance videos from David’s participation at the 2010 EKS event in Washington DC! 

EKS event 10-23-10 credit Christine

EKS event 10-23-10 credit Christine

That’s it from me (at least for now) on this lite Thursday. Let David’s music continue to energize & inspire you as we enjoy treasures like GLORIOUS and wait for the new music coming right around the corner and in the next year. Oh~ And look for a surprise coming from @MeetTheMormons tomorrow on their facebook page! Kalei will be here tomorrow with a fun Friday post and I’ll be back on Sunday! :)

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