A Summer’s-Almost-Over Sunday Post, Happy Birthday Donna! @Davidarchie signed “Aura” ~ Last Day to Bid, A Dream Concert Setlist ~ Let’s Hear More!


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Nandito Talentadong ~credit Nareejo

Nandito Talentadong ~credit Nareejo


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Can you believe it?   In a few short days it will officially be autumn!  Here’s a quote to make this transition a little easier …

seasons quote


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Happy Birthday Donna!

Donna is one of our Chief Mods extra-ordinaire!

From her FOD bio, she states:donna higby

“I am from Maryland, my birthday is 9/21 TODAY!  I am a (retired) manager, and my Hobbies are David Archuleta, Sailing, Knitting, Computers, Music.  I am a Transplanted Midwesterner and trivia buff.”

ED NOTE:  And Donna has been taking Spanish for some time and writes a mean tweet in Spanish (I think lol)

We are so thankful that Donna is here to help keep our chat arm of FOD going strong!  Chat is a FOUNDATION of FOD, and it takes wonderful volunteers like Donna to keep it going.

Donna, this cupcake is for you!


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eBay Auction of David Archuleta-recently signed “Aura” benefiting The Road Home

Bidding ends tonight!  A generous gift from Harold Weinstein, and recently signed by David Archuleta to make this fundraiser for The Road Home even more successful!

Here is a picture of the front of the book and David’s signature.    And more details on why Harold is auctioning this book in last Monday’s post.


In the words of Harold:

“I would like to donate a copy of Aura to be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Road Home Project. In honor of David returning from his mission and his generosity, have asked David to sign this copy and have enclosed a picture of the book.

Being a Fan of David has changed my life forevermore.”

Here is the eBay link!

Bidding is currently over $100!

Bidding ends TONIGHT (or tomorrow morning), 

Monday, Sept. 22 at  4:42 am PDT

(7:42 am EDT)

Click to go!

ebay aura

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The Dream Setlist!

Yesterday, Kalei posted Lucy’s suggestion that fans post their dream concert setlist!  We are happy to post the first one today.  More coming tomorrow!

From PattyAnn:


And, in honour of this first entry, here is Nandito Ako, in front of a live audience.

THE SCREAMS! The signs! The excited fans! I’m so looking forward for David’s trip back to the Philippines, sometime in the future (its gotta happen!).   Enjoy!

That’s all for this Sunday.  Enjoy the last two days of summer!

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David Archuleta ~ Saturday Smiles: Trending Party! #MormonHashtags, Dream Set List, He Makes Us Smile


Smile and be happy!

- Ford Day - credit Peacesignpam

– Ford Day – credit Peacesignpam

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Ready – Set – TREND!

Warm up those trending fingers because we’re having another trending party! Things have been quiet in ArchuLand so let’s shake things up and make some noise!  It’s always fun to join with ArchuBuddies and tweet up a storm!  Let’s see what creative tweets we can post on our way to a WWTT!


Thanks to everyone who helped coordinate this next trend and to pocoelsy for the awesome graphic!  We’re here supporting David as he follows his dreams!

Date:  Friday, September 26
Time: 10:00pm EST (check the graphic for your location time)
Topic: Follow Your Dreams David Archuleta

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Thanks to Gemzone (aka Geri) for sharing this cute vid!  Saying “hashtag” in your everyday convos has become pretty normal – using 2 peacesigns together to make a hashtag is new to me!  David gets a mention and Elevator is the music for the closing credits!

#MormonHashtags (credit: Mormon Girls Say)

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What’s Your Dream Set List?

- Set List Kuala Lumpur 2011

– Set List Kuala Lumpur 2011

Lucy sent in a fun idea that needs your participation!  While we are waiting impatiently for news of a concert, we can all create our own “suggested” Set Lists – you know, for inspiration!

So send us your dream concert set list using any song that David has sung before – and even covers of songs that you’d like to hear him sing live!  You can also try your hand at a Christmas/Holiday set list since the holidays are just around the corner!  Send them to us at our FOD gmail, FB, Twitter or IG and we’ll share as many as we can on the front page! Thanks Lucy!

- Pond's Teen's Concert 2011 set list

– Pond’s Teen’s Concert 2011 set list

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He Makes Us Smile

Slow news day in Archuletaville, but there’s always a reason to smile when you’re hanging out with Archies!  We have so many great memories of concerts and road trips and hanging with our ArchuBuddies – with David, there’s always a reason to smile!  Enjoy this video playlist that’s sure to make you SMILE!

David Archuleta Makes Us Smile (credit: fansofdavidvideos)

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The Signs - credit Mary Dee - click here to hear the music!

The Signs – credit Mary Dee – click here to hear the music!

Hope you’re all enjoying a smiley Saturday!  Even though there’s currently a lull in the fandom, there’s great music on the way – so hold on, hold on – don’t let go!  It’s been SO HOT here – 90 degree temps with no breeze ugh!  I can’t wait for the cooler Fall weather to kick in!  I want to wear my hoodies!

Save the date – Friday, 09/26/14 – for our next trending party!  It’s always fun to hang with Archies and take over Twitter!  I will have to join you all from under my desk as usual lol!  Get your creative juices flowing and draft your dream concert set list!  You can also create a holiday version – since the holidays are just around the corner!  Send us your creations (embellishments and artful decorations encouraged!) and we’ll post them on the front page – I wonder how similar or different the set lists will be?  Have a great weekend!

Pastel will be back tomorrow with a lovely Sunday post!

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