A soon-to-be most excellent Canadian Adventure for @davidarchie and @kariontour!


justin canada

Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just found out about our visitors!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.37.31 AMI am beyond excited that David and Kari will be venturing north for a Time Out for Women event.  I have to confess, living in the largest city in Canada, I was almost certain  that David’s eventual trip north to sing  would mean a visit to my vibrant, concert-hall laden town.  But I was incorrect in my thinking which is par for the course in predicting David’s future plans lol.


Well, not to be (this time!) but I’m sooooooo excited nevertheless.  David (and I assume Kari) are going to Alberta!! Alberta is our second most western province and is one of three Canadian provinces and territories to border only a single US state (Montana) and one of only two landlocked provinces.   It’s capital is Edmonton and many years ago, I made numerous trips there and it’s an absolutely beautiful province.  In fact, I was in Alberta a few weeks ago (my timing is lousy, I know).  A trip to Alberta is economical for an American these days ~ for those venturing to Canada, your dollar goes about 20% farther here (ALWAYS ALWAYS exchange your US dollars for Canadian dollars so that you get your fair share of the exchange) and Alberta has no sales tax!  So, what are you waiting for????

And a trip to Canada means that not only does David get to sing for my country-mates in the western part of the nation, but its one step closer to (hopefully) open doors across the entire country.  And that’s very very good for all of us living here!

So….where is Lethbridge Alberta, the location of the next TOFW event on Friday May 6th?

As it turns out, it’s much closer to many of you reading this than it is to me!

lethbridge map


It’s a nearly 6 hour plane trip from Toronto and a 30 hour drive.  But wait!  If I drove I would go through The Mitten, maybe picking up a friend or two, then Chicago (for some pizza of course), then venture to Minnesota and pick up Joanie who would most definitely be in for a road trip, drive through Fargo, ND where you betcha I always wanted to travel, through Montana (any David fans here from Montana?) and scoot up to Alberta to Lethbridge.  Easy peasy!

Well, actually, it’s neither easy nor peasy and totally impractical this time.  MEGA SAD FACE ☹  But look how close it is to Washington State!  Idaho!  California!  and Minnesota!


Other than exchanging your dollars in advance (see the differences in the way Can and US bills compare above), you should know that Lethbridge is the largest city in southern Alberta. It is Alberta’s fourth-largest city by population with the nearby Canadian Rockies contribute to the city’s warm summers, mild winters, and windy climate.  

So, the 10 day forecast indicates that Lethbridge will go through a virtual heat wave this week with temps in the 80′s, but but the time of the TOFW event, a more seasonable 70 degree daytime temperature will prevail.  So no ski jackets necessary, but not tanning weather either.  BTW, Canada follows the metric system for temperature so 70 degrees equates to 21 degrees Celcius :)

ice skates hockey skatesIf David and Kari are looking for an outing, as they often do, the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in south Lethbridge is said to be one of the top attractions.  It was opened in 1967 as part of a Canadian centennial celebration attended by Japan’s Prince and Princess Takamatsu. The ENMAX Centre is a 5,479-seat multi-purpose arena, in Lethbridge. It features a full-size ice rink, and a walking track so bring your skates David and Kari!!!  And Nunsense is playing there this week!




Regarding food, it’s all about the beef.  Lots of choice tho ~ beef is barbecued, braised, grilled, minced and skewered with different complements such as onions, mushrooms, green peppers, rice, sauces and beans.  Alberta is also known for it’s stews (combination of diced steak, garden vegetables and biscuits cooked in rich gravy).  But there would be plenty of game, so a burger from bison or moose is not out of the realm.  Not sure if they would be in season next week, but wild berries are used in desserts.  And this area is also known for alfalfa honey and clover nectar.  So the Canadian Adventure extends to food too.

And not to be forgotten, a Canadian butter tart or Nanaimo Bar would round out the meal (best butter tarts are in Ontario tho, just saying).  Okay, I’m hungry now

Grandmas-butter-tarts buttertartsnanaimo-3001339079848


So, fill the backpack and have a most wonderful time, both Kari and David.  Canada is so happy to have you!!!!


david-archuleta-with-a-backpack Canadian-flag-background-for-Canada-map




In fact, even our Prime Minister and his wife can’t help but show their excitement!



justin waving

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Thursday evening update ~ Showing @davidarchie’s Sister Amber alot of Love and Respect, David and @nathanpacheco together again! And at Christmas! #TBT and some gif nostalgia


* * * * *

david and Amber Celebration of Christ


* * * * * *

Show Some Love ❤ Everyone

David takes the highly unusual step to encourage us to vote for an event, specifically his sister’s entry in Miss Teen Utah International, People’s Choice Award on Facebook.  Every girl entered is lovely!  Click to go to the FB page.

peoples choice amber

… and specifically, you vote here for Contestant No. 7.  CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW TO VOTE:

tumblr_static_seven #7

contestant no 7 amber

Read David’s sweet write up on Facebook and on Instagram:

My sweet little sister Amber is in her first pageant. It’s a service-oriented pageant called Miss Teen Utah International. She is trying to get people’s choice on Facebook so please show some love and like her photo in the link in my bio! She has always shown me some love in all that I do so I’m doing the same for her now! Her cause is on mental health awareness specifically with depression and anxiety. You can check her blog she wrote about her own struggles in her bio link. Be sure to show some love to all the other girls too! They’re doing a lot of good in their different causes. ‪#‎sister‬ ‪#‎littlesister‬ ‪#‎Amber‬ ‪#‎missteenutahinternational‬ ‪#‎Pageant‬ ‪#‎pageants‬‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎service‬

Nice comment on IG:

michelle d

And on Twitter:

tweet amber service oriented pageant

And Amber’s Bio Link

If you want to hear more about Amber’s personal stories, you can do so on her IG account, as she welcomed Marcia to do so:

amber and marcia

We wouldn’t normally post family accounts, but Amber has been very open and honest about her personal struggles, and I admire her greatly for this.  Talking about it is a very important step in acknowledgement.   Very admirable and brave:


Aww, this bro certainly loves and respects his sister.  I mean, they indulge in good soup and play Pokeman together.  That’s love <3.  Good luck to Amber and all the girls!

Instagram David and Amber Soupe festival

david archuleta pokeman instagram feb 27

* * * * * *

Nathan Pacheco and David together this fall!

Singing Yuletide Carols!  And for two nights!



BRAVO! 2016-17

Tony Award-winning actors, Grammy Award-winning musicians, and celebrated dancers and theatre-makers from ten different countries come to Provo next season for an unparalleled program of world-class performances. From Broadway legends to chamber music masters and time-honored dance to thrilling circus—there are many treasures to discover during the new season of professional performing arts at BYU.

Additional information about each performance will be available in the coming weeks.

Season tickets on sale May 11 (renewals) and May 23 (new orders). Single tickets on sale approximately four to six weeks prior to each performance.

Here is what you see when you go to the Site:  LINK

yuletide carols

The Gerrit de Jong, Jr., Concert Hall is used for concerts of the major choral and instrumental organizations, musical theatre productions of the opera workshop, special lyceums, and official meetings of the college or University. It is also used for high-quality recordings and live film and television productions of musical events.
The de Jong Concert Hall is beautifully designed, aesthetically and acoustically. Its seats are arranged in continental seating style with no center aisles. The stage is 94 feet across and 47 feet deep, with a tip that adds 10 feet for a total depth of 57 feet. A functional, handsome facility, it seats 1,268.  (Pastel’s note:  THAT’S gonna sell out quickly!)

Gorgeous venue!

de jong concert hall seating chart de jong concert hall

Okay, one more picture.  Here is the picture of the little hovel in Utah I need to seek out in order to take in a David Christmas Show.  It’s big enough for lots of us!  Who’s with me?

hovel in utah

* * * * *

Still #TBT and feeling gif-nostalgic

I got room in this post for some REAL throwback gifs from our mediafiles.  Just cuz.

When You Say You Love Me gif.




David with Duke National Dog Day gif


One of the BEST Heaven’s EVER!  How does he do that?  While sitting???

Rhiminee Heaven gif2


David in Witchita.  That night he was not feeling well.  Still rocked the house.


Rhiminee evolution Wichita 4  gif


And a few more.  Thanks to Sam G for many of these.


bunny-gif-2 Bench gif 3 mylovedavidArchuleta tumblr sam shop around gif 3 Sam gif INTENSE 2


homecoming gif gif dancing with Jordin crush-5-gif

Oh probably my favourite.  God bless you Miss Jill Scott.  Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah….


gif yeah ohSee ya later!


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