David Archuleta: Happy Thanksgiving! A Thanksgiving Day Message from Papa FOD (Rich Parkinson), A Lovely “M” Mention, Facing the Future with Grace, A moment of Thankful Reflection


Giving Thanks~

Happy Thanksgiving Midland crop framed

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quote life is full of give and take. Give thanks

~ Today’s quote shared by Patty-Ann ~

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Happy Thanksgiving Charlie-Brown-Snoopy-Thanksgiving-Quote

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David Shares an Instagram Thanksgiving Greeting!

Instagram Thanksgiving meal credit David

“Nothing like a great big Thanksgiving meal shared with family. above everything else, I sure am grateful for them.” Happy Thanksgiving! #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2015 #family

This photo leaves me asking the burning question: Are those the rolls with the tiny orange specks??? :D

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A Thanksgiving Day Message from Richard Parkinson (Papa FOD)

*Thank you so much, Richard, for sending your Thanksgiving thoughts our way, today. We soooo love hearing from you, Papa FOD. Wishing you and your family a beautiful day of love, bountiful blessings, and gratitude.  Thank you for all you do! You are very much admired, appreciated, and loved!! * ~ Fans of David, and Fans of Papa FOD, too. ♥

Rich PArkinson

At 10:16 a.m. my kids are all still asleep in front of the fireplace that warms my home. Joey + Rory’s “A Farmhouse Christmas” softly keeps the silence away, and pretty soon, something’s gonna smell real good in here. I can already sense that today is going to be a beautiful day.

When I woke up, I spent a few minutes writing down the thoughts that went through my head. I do that most mornings. I’ve always looked at the ideas and thoughts that we receive as little gifts. If you think about it, we really can’t control the thoughts we have. But, we can control what we do with them. Any time we are blessed with something, whether it be a thought, or an opportunity, or a talent, it’s our opportunity and responsibility to decide if we are going to share that gift or keep it to ourselves. I’m grateful that so many have allowed me to share over the years.

As I knelt in prayer this morning, tears rolled down my cheeks as I expressed gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all of the blessings that I have in my life. I have learned so much over the past 12 months. I have some incredible people in my life, not because they feel like they need to be, but because they want to be. My kids have grown so much. Every day, I am amazed at their abilities and their desire to just be good people.

From the very bottom of my musical heart, I wish each and every one of you the most incredible Thanksgiving Day. As you spend time with those you love and care about, I encourage you to take a minute to look them in the eye, give them a huge hug, and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. It’s a choice for every one of us to have those around that we do. We make that choice every day.

They say you can’t choose family, but I disagree, because I have seen so many of you choose this family. For that, I am grateful. My life has been much richer because of so many of you. Thank you for making that choice.

May God bless you and those that you love. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Rich Parkinson

aka Papa FOD

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A Lovely Mention by “M”

m magazine



tollbooth betty

David Archuleta made a brand new friend this week, and he introduced her to his fans on social media. Read David’s sweet story that accompanied the photo above:

“This is my new friend, Betty. I met her landing back in Tennessee. She is one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet at a toll booth. But then again, all of the toll booth gals at the Nashville airport are wishing you a happy day and giving you a warm welcome home. I love the South. #Betty #tollbooth #Nashville #Nashvilleairport #thesouth”

Aww, that’s adorable! We’re glad David received a warm welcome after landing in Tennessee!

Keep up with David Archuleta in the pages of M Magazine by subscribing now!

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Baylee Faces Her Future With Grace~

Here is a story of beautiful determination and grace . I remember reading a piece last year on BayLee, a teen struggling with cancer who had finally been able to meet David as part of  a bucket-list fulfilment . Click below to head to the SLC Trib to read her update and remember BayLee in your thoughts and prayers.

The Salt Lake Tribune

salt Lake Trib UTah girl chooses to live now

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A “Glorious” Observation by Faye Cook

Bringing this over from comments where it was shared by Ali (Thank you, Ali…and Faye). It’s the little yet poignant and memorable moments that leave us feeling thankful~grateful

Ali comment from Faye Cook re Glorious and Midland

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On Thanksgiving~a little reflecting

David~ Thanksgiving Reflection~ edit credit Patty-Ann

David~ Thanksgiving Reflection~ edit credit Patty-Ann

Thanksgiving, in the United States, is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November. It is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October. Several other places around the world also observe similar celebrations.

 Today is a day set aside for all (in the US) to reflect on and celebrate with our loved ones,  all that we have and all that has been shared with us by others. Gratitude is the theme… the golden thread woven through the day. In celebration of our blessings, it is a day typically filled with great food from a bountiful harvest, fun, friends, family, more food, and lots of parades!  ;)

In reflecting on our own blessings and gratitude on Thanksgiving, it is also a good time to recognize, reach out to, and remember those who may need a little lift…or those who  have recently experienced  loss, illness, devastation, harm, or despair. 

David Archuleta in Midland~ credit Shelley

David Archuleta in Midland~ credit Shelley

What are some of the things that you’re reflecting on today? Along with my health, family, friends, and personal blessings which both humble me and energize me daily, I continue to be thankful and grateful for my fan family, and for the music and “man” of David Archuleta. I’m so very grateful that he’s chosen to continue to share his voice with us, and for the new music he’s been working  on *likeNumbCoughNumb*  which will both enlighten and inspire us as fans and people! David’s recent shows with pictures, stories, and vids shared by wonderful fans have given us many reasons to be grateful..and to look forward!!  Traveling to David’s show recently in Midland and hearing him sing “live” again  was definitely a huge highlight of 2015  for me!!! 

I continue to be thankful and grateful for my FOD “partners in posting” (Mary Lou, Kalei, and DavidFT on facebook.) You are each wonderfully fun, supportive, and loyal [to David] while working committedly, creatively, and tirelessly for our readers and fan-family. Thank you for allowing me to “lean” on you; I learn so much from each of you  daily!!

And a big heartfelt thank you, to all of you…our readers and commenters, who keep us  continually motivated, informed, and feeling so immensely appreciated!! Looking  forward to all of the excitement shared together this  December (Christmas shows) and this coming Spring when David releases his new music and begins to tour once again! 

I’m off to continue cooking and preparing for the large group of family and friends who will share Thanksgiving in our home today. Wishing you all a beautiful day celebrating with loved ones whether you’re together around the table, online, or in spirit. And while you’re celebrating, why not usher in the Christmas Spirit (if you haven’t already ;) ) by playing some Christmas tunes a la CFTH or GCT from David Archuleta! 

Kalei will be back on Saturday! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

thanksgiving turkey 2

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Meet Tollbooth Betty! In @Davidarchie’s own words “One of the nicest ladies”, What Song Title would you Tattoo results are IN! Jani’s story continued, As Found aRound is all about Christmas!


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Tollbooth Betty

tollbooth betty

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happy quote

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One of the nicest ladies …

tollbooth betty tweet

From David’s Facebook and Instagram:

This is my new friend, Betty. I met her landing back in Tennessee. She is one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet at a toll booth. But then again, all of the toll booth gals at the Nashville airport are wishing you a happy day and a welcome home. I love the South. 

#Betty #tollbooth #Nashville #Nashvilleairport#thesouth

How much do we love the use of the retro ‘gal’.  Nothing better than kind words and a warm smile as you arrive home.  And David called Nashville “home”.  As he did in Tuacahn as well.  I guess that makes it official!

Aww, if only some of the border guards at the US/Canada border could meet Betty!

And Kalei reminded me that David sang Happy Birthday (to Madison) while at a toll booth. He was 17!!! Interview in Lancaster.

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A Sunday Tweet


music prayer


And you agreed!



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Jani’s story continued

Picking up where we left off on Saturday, Jani was describing her journey to Tuacahn:

Day three – sweet Sunday 

Sunday morning dawned and it was a beautiful day, (actually every day was perfect, sunny, fall weather) and I was still reveling in the amazingness of the night before.  Shanny and I had decided to go to church together, so I found one near our hotel and Sharon and John dropped me off. (Bless their hearts, what would I do without them?)  I was a few minutes early and went on into the chapel, only to discover that I had forgotten my glasses in the hotel. Yep. Ugh… without them I couldn’t sit in my usual back-row-of-the-chapel spot and see anything, so made my way up to the second row in front, hoping Shanny wouldn’t mind.  When she and her husband got there, she said, “This is the exact spot we sit in every week in Australia.”

It was the Primary program. (Once a year the Primary children (ages 3 – 11) take up the entire worship service with songs and spoken parts. It’s precious.)  Shanny and I chatted a bit before the service began, and of course, we couldn’t help ourselves scanning the congregation…just in case. ;) I have to say that it was incredibly sweet for me to be sitting next to someone I had come to love and admire, from halfway around the world, all because of David. I kept thinking, “What are the chances of this??”  It was lovely!

And it was not lost on either Shanny or I that the children sang I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus for their first song, and later in the program, If The Savior Stood Beside Me – classic Primary songs.  Well how could we not think about the words, but also be reminded of David?! … another sweet coincidence.

When services were over we visited for a while outside in the glorious weather, then   said our goodbyes with promises to keep in touch.  It had been such a lovely morning!  I went back into the foyer to wait for S & J, and while sitting there, was pleased and surprised to hear choir practice going on in the chapel.  And they were singing a beautiful arrangement of Be Still My Soul!  I had heard three songs with David connections in one day. What were the chances?  You might be thinking,  “Pretty good,” but really, that doesn’t happen every day!  I was smiling from ear to ear when Sharon came.

Conclusion – Unforgettable Tuacahn

I’ve run out of words to describe this incredible weekend in St. George.  But it was just that – incredible.  Sharon and I relived it all while John drove us back to Vegas to catch our flights.  (Thank you, John.)  The Aruchuleta Affect (or The DA, for short) had not only rendered me speechless, but brainless on occasion as well. ;)  I had forgotten things left and right, and left things behind the whole trip.  Now I was leaving something else behind – a piece of my heart.  It’s with David, on that stage, in those beautiful red rocks.  I will never forget THAT.

p.s.  When I got home I discovered days later, when I finally unpacked my suitcase, (that’s a whole other story ;)) that I had left a pair of jeans and a sweater in the hotel dresser. Yes, I did.  The hotel is sending them. They have yet to arrive.

Thanks Jani for closing the loop on your Tuacahn adventure.  If a lost pair of jeans and a sweater is the only negative from a trip like that, sounds like a winner experience all the way.

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The Results are In!

tattoo poll

Other suggestions!

  • Forevermore
  • Tell Me
  • My Hands
  • Love Don’t Hate
  • You are My Song
  • Barriers
  • Imagine
  • You Can
  • Everything and More
  • Zero Gravity
  • Good place
  • Look Around
  • Numb
  • Stomping the Roses

Soon after the poll went up, we got a cool email from Barb who found this tattoo parlor in her travels!  Co-incidence?  You be the judge!  btw, this kind of stuff happens to Barb all the time! lol

archangels tattoo

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As Found aRound

christmas cfth wonderful

cfth tweet

christmas music tweet four cfth

Such a beast!

beast cfth

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And finaly ;)
after i hit send monkey

Story. OF. My. Life.

Adios amigos and amigas and for those of you in the US, have a most wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!!! We Canadians will be thinking of you as we toil in our little cubicles on Thursday lol! Have a good one :) :)

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