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“This is such a wonderful place

to be …”

MKOC cred Naughtiest site

MKOC cred Naughtiest site

life quote perfect

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Where’s David???

Surrounded by the little girls, of course!

onevoice childrens choir rehearsal

ig 1voice

“And have you gotten your tickets??”

Less than a week to go before those lucky enough to be able to go enjoy an interfaith celebration.  Click on the “ticket” below to go to the site:

celebration of Christ ticket

If you have not purchased your ticket yet, you can use a promo code from Deseret Book and get 20% off!

Use promo code DBOOK & get 20% off tix for Nov 28/29 show “A Celebration of Christ”

Enter the code when you are selecting your tickets on the seating chart (in the link below,the Friday performance).  

promo code


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Sunday Slideshow

For this short Sunday post, I thought I would just post a number of random pictures in a slideshow from our media files.  No rhyme or reason to all 140 of them :)

Default Gallery Type Template

This is the default gallery type template, located in:

If you're seeing this, it's because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it's own.

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A Not So Silent Hymn

roadtripWhile on the road for work last week, I took the opportunity to give my entire playlist a good spin during several long drives.  It was also a good opportunity to kickstart my brain season with holiday music ~ it helps gives me a dose of reality that the season is quickly approaching.

With that extra time, I enjoy listening to some the David tracks that I give a “pass” to normally.  Just like each of you, I have my faves, but I decided to give the “B-roll” some extra air time.  And when you do this, the B-roll suddenly starts to increase in plays when you have those WhyHaventIListenedToThisMore? moments.

When David was on his My Kind of Christmas Tour, that exact thing happened when I heard The First Noel.  Its such a simple song, with no dramatic bridges or unusual licks. It’s a lovely hymn that we can all sing at the top of our lungs together at church, but in his interpretation, David takes it down to a quiet whisper.  And that humming.   It’s perfectly placed.  It becomes a lullaby of sorts.

Watch David transform an office of Type A’s instantly into a pile of goo at the Forbes’ mini concert in 2011.   Within a span of 4 minutes no less.

How does he do that?

* * * * *

Hashtags Galore!  From Keana Farms IG

A nice posed picture from the climbing adventure in Hawaii last week:

keana farms climbing hawaii david instagram


keana farms instagram hashtags galore

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Thank you Kalei!

I want to personally thank Kalei for her very meticulous recount of her impressions of the BYU-Hawaii Fireside from last week and for uploading the vids of the entire discussion and Q&A period.  I know that Kalei worked into the wee hours of the night on Thursday to not only do this but to gather up all the other information on social media about the Fireside.  And after she put her post to bed, and slept a little, she got up the next day for a full day of work, and then returned home and worked on another jam-packed post.  Wow!

And through Kalei’s words, and David’s, we understood so much more than we did a mere week ago about David and his plan.  From Kalei’s post:

A lot has changed over the years, but all of the important things have remained the same – David is still David, all smiley, rambly and random at times, yet with a new air of maturity and self confidence – he knows who he is, where he’s going and what he wants out of life.

There will always be music, but it will be music on his terms and on his timeline – there’s no rushing the Archuleta this time around – he’s definitely a man with a plan, and all we can do is hang on for the ride of our lives.

Full post here

See you tomorrow!

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David Archuleta ~ Sky High Saturday: David Tries Zip-Lining! BYUH Vid on Facebook, WWTT – We Did It! BYUH Great Ideas Contest, Who’s Ready For The Next Events? Brooke’s Christmas Concert, Grove Tree Lighting 2010, Awesome Thank You Vids, Saturday Goodies Roundup

The other side of down

DA Zipline


David went zip-lining!  This pic is all kinds of win!  He’s really tapping into his adventurous spirit and trying new things!  Who ever thought David would post a pic of himself wearing shorts, hanging upside down, dangling off a wire?  Folks, there’s a new sheriff in town!

Joanie Zip

And don’t think I missed that #iheartHawaii hashtag!  Well David, #HawaiiHeartsDavidArchuleta :-)  Oddly, this was the saying on the first David shirt I ever made – I wore it to the AI Tour Tulsa show – I’ll have to find a pic of it and post it later.

This pic, which he posted on his FB & IG, (but for whatever reason, did not show up on twitter) garnered all kinds of attention and got over 4,000 Likes on FB and over 5,000 hearts on IG!

One of my fave responses was actually a twitter convo from our very own Archies!  I file this under “Everything relates to a David song”:

hashtag 1

hashtag 2

hashtag 3

I have never tried zip-lining before – looks like fun!  If I ever do try it, you can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t be posting a pic of myself hanging upside down!  I wonder what other Hawaii adventures David will try?

If you’re ever in Hawaii and want to give zip-lining a try – check out Climb Works on the North Shore of Oahu.  It offers all kinds of nature adventures and the opportunity to learn about Hawaiian history and culture!

- click to visit their site

– click to visit their site

- click to visit their site

– click to visit their site

*  *  *  *  *

from pabuckie

 Thanks to Patty-Ann (aka: Pabuckie) for sharing this quote – it really reminds me of David :-)

*  *  *  *  *

Great HD Vid from BYU Hawaii

Remember when I said there was a camera set up front and center at the Fireside and they recorded the entire event – well I’m guessing this might be the amazing result of that recording!  If it is, I hope they post the Q&A session too!

It’s embedded on their FB page so you need to click on the pic below to watch it – choose the  full-screen option for a heavenly HD experience - feel free to grab some kleenex before you get started – just sayin’

- click to watch HD vid of If the Savior Stood Beside Me

– click to watch HD vid of If the Savior Stood Beside Me

*  *  *  *  *

WWTT – We Did It!

Go-Getters Got It Done!  Archies  took to twitter and achieved a WWTT to let the world know that it’s Almost Christmas David Archuleta!  Way to go everyone!  Thanks to those who sent in screen-caps!

Thanks also to everyone who helped coordinate the trend, to David from Texas (DFT) for promoting on our FB page and to Pocoelsy for the wonderful trend graphic!

WWTT mary dee


- Trending for 37 minutes!

– Trending for 37 minutes!

sam posted wwtt

US TT Trendinalia

– from Trendinalia

Tina posted


*  *  *  *  *

BYUH Great Ideas Contest

If I had better planning skills, I would have taken Thursday off so I could attend the Great Ideas Contest event at BYUH where the panelists from the Fireside were the judges!

spencer taggart


Nellie response

Apparently there was also a portion of the event where each of the judges gave a speech – I’m hoping for a vid of David’s speech, but so far, I haven’t found anything posted.  Send us a link if you find anything!  There were pics and tweets from the event that we can share:

Brian 1

Brian 2

Brian 3

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.24.49 AM

David shared some wonderful insights and inspirations with us these past two days – despite proclaiming that  “I’m not really good at talking” lol – well David, just keep on doing what you’re doing - you can talk to us all day, any day! #CaptiveAudience

In case you were wondering, the fruits of the judging panel’s labor was the following winning video by Jeff Collins!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 5.31.35 AM

Guitar Drum – MGMT “Kids” Cover (credit: Jeff Collins)

Here is another video that placed either 2nd or 3rd in the competition – I can’t seem to find a list of all the winners – this video is really cool!

Tribe of Many Feathers Promo Video (credit: Paul Bacera)

*  *  *  *  *

Who’s Ready For The Next Events?

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.32.55 AM

There’s still time and some seats left for next week’s Thanksgiving Weekend A Celebration of Christ Interfaith Concert featuring David as the headlining artist!  Many Archies will be going so I’m really hopeful that there will be vids and pics to share – if it’s allowed!  Get your tickets today!

- click for artTix site to get tix!

– click for artTix site to get tix!

Live Nativity World Record Event

On December 1st you can join a cast of hopefully world record breaking numbers – that includes David!  The event is FREE but you do need to register for a ticket to the event.  We know Shelley and Lisa will be representing for the Archies – any other fans willing to brave the cold for 5-7 hours to be part of history?  David will be there – so that’s reason enough to check it out!


- Click to register!

– Click to register!

February 14th Is For Lovers – David Lovers!

The next event is on Valentine’s Day 2015 – it’s the RootsTech Genealogy event where David will be one of the featured artists at the closing event – tickets are only $19 for a single day pass, and it’s been said that David will be singing four songs and will debut the music video he made in Cost Rica!

Best $19 you’ll ever spend!

- Click to buy tix

- Click to register

 There are quite a few upcoming events, and hopefully 2015 will bring us a new album and perhaps even a tour! Exciting times ahead for fans of David!

*  *  *  *  *

Brooke’s Christmas Concert

- click to buy tix

– click to buy tix


This concert is on December 11th – plenty of time for David to be the “Surprise Guest” or maybe he’ll just attend the concert to support Brooke!  Sounds like a fun holiday event for the family – let us know if you’re going!

*  *  *  *  *

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Excited for the upcoming holiday events!  Here’s a look back at the 2010 Hollywood Grove Tree Lighting with a duet by David & Charice!  David was a little under the weather, but they are so cute on stage!  They perform the duet Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas followed by Charice singing Jingle Bell Rock.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (credit: henrydtuason)

HYAMLC Soundcheck (credit: SideburnerSol)

Poor David you can tell he’s sick – but he’s such a trooper! Love the change ups in this soundcheck!

*  *  *  *  *

Awesome Thank You Vids!

FOD got some super cute thank you vids from fans!  Looks like a new thing you can do on FB – create thank you vids for your friends!  We appreciate these vids and would like to thank all of YOU for being so awesome!

- click for Jenleigh barry's vid

– click for Jenleigh barry’s vid

- click for Debbie Gloria's vid

– click for Debbie Gloria’s vid

- click for Shelley's vid

– click for Shelley’s vid

- click for simab's vid

– click for simab’s vid

*  *  *  *  *

Saturday Goodies Roundup

Sharing a bunch of pics, collages, graphics and tweets – so much fun stuff!

- credit @alyssamcdonell

– credit @alyssamcdonell

- credit abby clark

– credit abby clark

- Click to read article

– Click to read article

- credit Archie Thailand Admin

– credit Archie Thailand Admin

- collage credit Canadianarchie

– collage credit Canadianarchie

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

- credit gaaaiiil IG

– credit gaaaiiil IG

Jake Tweets

- credit paul bacera FB

– credit paul bacera FB

- credit ruth tibungcog

– credit ruth tibungcog

- screen cap by me

– screen cap by me

- via pabuckie's twitter

– via pabuckie’s twitter

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.33.42 AM

- credit raena_lopez IG

– credit raena_lopez IG

Stuart Edge collage

Stuart Edge Tweet

- credit Laurena

– credit Laurena

- collage credit Mary Dee

– collage credit Mary Dee

matt sorenson

- collage credit Mary Dee

– collage credit Mary Dee

- graphic edit pabuckie

– graphic edit pabuckie

- graphic edit shadowbenny

– graphic edit shadowbenny

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

*  *  *  *  *

WHEW!  We sure had a lot of goodies these past few days!  So excited for everyone who will be attending the Celebration of Christ Interfaith Concert next week – I must say, I’m a wee bit jellus too!  If pics and vids are allowed, please send them our way along with your recap of the concert!  

I am wiped out from the excitement of Wednesday’s Fireside event – I was too wired to sleep so I got home last evening and fell asleep lol – thus the lateness of this post.  I wonder how long David will be in Hawaii?  He went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, Zip-lining and went to the Aloha Stadium for the high school football championship game – he’s sure been a busy bee!  If he hangs around for the weekend, I hope he posts pics & tweets us!

Wishing you all a Sky High Saturday filled with fun and shopping for your Thanksgiving feast!  Tune in tomorrow for a lovely Sunday post!

To all my ArchuBuddies here, thank you for coming along for the ride and sharing in David’s Hawaii Adventure!


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