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Rolling in the Deep:  Pancakes and Conversation

IG isabeau miller Shaun Balin and David eating 2-4-16

lunch and conversation~ Credit: Isabeau Miller

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SUNDAY UPDATES: February 7, 2016

A Personal Invite To David’s  Denver’s Show in March ~From David!

facebook invite Denver David cap 2

David posted a sweet little message and video on facebook last evening inviting the fans to his show in Denver at the Bellco Theater on Wednesday, March 9th!

“Hi my friends in Colorado, this is David Archuleta. I’ll be doing a show in Denver at the Bellco Theater, so I wanted to invite all of you to come. We’re gonna have a good time , and so hope to see you there, and hope you’re doing well until then.”  :)

Shanelle  (@DavidUniverse) captured the vid and added it to twitter. Check out the post on David’s  facebook HERE or watch it on twitter by clicking Shanelle’s post below! Be sure to RT it! Be sure (if you have facebook) to head over and like this post and leave David a message.

Tweet Shanelle facebook post Invite to Denver David
“We’re gonna have a good time!” <—-LOVED THIS & had to screencap a bit! 

You, you guessed it, *Click the pics to BIGGER them* ;)

facebook invite Denver DAvid cap 3 facebook invite Denver DAvid cap 4

David (today) added his message to his You Tube channel! Yes!!! Be sure to head over and leave him a message here, too if you’d like!

So if you’re able, I hope you’ll goooooo! As David says “We’re gonna have a good time!”

Select your seats for Bellco Theater by clicking below! There are still some great seats pretty close to the stage and you can reserve seats for friends while they decide, too! :)

BEllco Denver select seats

* * * * *

Denver Fan Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory Organized By  Shelley

If you’re able to be in Denver for David’s show on March 9th, 2016, Shelley  (@Shell_eeeyyy ) has a great pre-concert dinner invitation for you!! Click below to head over and let her know if you’ll  be there! It’s bound to be a blast!

Shelley facebook Denver fan lunch invitefacebook fans of david dinner invite Denver
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CarterMatt Blog

New blog post from Matt Carter about the upcoming duets on AI featuring past contestants and I couldn’t agree with him more re: his David Archuleta and some others he mentions. David would be so perfect to “duet” with one of the Idol hopefuls! Feel free to click “source” to head over and leave Matt a comment!

Carter Matt article AI final seasonAmerican Idol Final Season logo


Ever since “American Idol” eliminated the results show on Thursday nights, one of the things that they have really struggled with is figuring out a proper way to honor many of the people who previously were a big reason for the show’s success. Luckily, we’re glad to see now that the Fox series is clearly coming up with some clever ways around that.

The network has announced that over the next two weeks, some stars from past seasons of the show are going to take to the stage to perform duets with some of the contestants who are taking part this time around. Let’s begin with February 11. PerBillboard, Fantasia Barrino, Ruben Studdard, Scotty McCreery, Caleb Johnson, Lauren Alaina, and Nick Fradiani will all be returning to do some duets. Some of these people were featured earlier this season, and for Fradiani we’re thrilled that he’s getting even more love as the reigning champion, even if he doesn’t have an album out just yet.

Meanwhile, for the February 18 show we’ll be getting a roster that includes Constantine Maroulis, Haley Reinhart, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks and David Cook. We really dig most of the people that are on here. There are a lot of great singers in here like Haley, Fantasia, and Lauren who don’t always get a lot of the limelight on the show these days (even Fantasia is a past winner and consistently puts out great albums). Also, there’s a nice assortment of winners.

We do still have a wishlist of people to see before the series comes to a close this year, and it includes Kelly Clarkson (who we already know is coming back), Adam Lambert, David Archuleta, Crystal Bowersox, Jennifer Hudson, and Jena Irene. We’d also be pretty thrilled if we could see some people like Katharine McPhee and Katie Stevens, who have become more famous as of late for their acting than their music.

Want to see our take on the top 24 this season? Then be sure to head over to this link, or sign up now to score some other TV news on everything we cover, sent right to you via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: Fox.)

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Saturday February 6th Post

“Start Where You Are”

Today’s quote by Arthur Ashe was inspired by David’s post earlier this week. Whether or not his quoted words were from Ashe’s quote, or from a different source, they offer good food for thought! fb David start where you are I thought about how “starting where you are”  somewhat parallels his writing session where “Numb” was born. As he shared this past fall, in shows prior to singing “Numb,” he was in a frame of mind where he wasn’t sure he “wanted to do this anymore.”  Writing the song about those  feelings seems like a new beginning ( getting started) … a new approach to continuing but not in a way where he’ll feel like he’s “losing himself” as he felt in the past… “start where you are~” Kim and Miss Bianca also shared some great ideas in comments yesterday: comment FOD Kim Bianca start where you are

Start where you are Chris Gardner  start where you are meera Patel

What are your thoughts about the quote?  Continue to share in comments. :)

* * * * * *

Rolling in the Deep: Pancakes and Conversation

Isabeau Miller posted this fun & delicious looking photo Thursday on Instagram. Mmmm a deep stack of pancakes accompanied by “deep conversation!” What could be better? Hmmm wonder what the “deep” conversation was about? ;) isabeau Miller IG lunch and pancakes The instagram location is marked as “Big Al’s” and because (like David) I’m always up for food, I looked up “Big Al’s” … just in case I ever happen to be in the Nashville area. :wink: What a cute place! Looks like it’s a true neighborhood cafe! Big Al's Deli Click below to see the menu! I need one of those magical transport thingys! Big Al's Deli About * * * * * *

LadyV Shares “Zootopia” With David ~ Did she find it relatable? ;)

tweet Lady V Zootopia David’s music collaborator and friend Lady V (Victoria Horn) tweeted David the link to the Trailer #2 link for Zootopia. Zootopia is the new Disney film set to be released on March 4th! In the mammal metropolis of Zootopia, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) enlists herself in the Zootopia Police Department. In order to solve the case of a missing otter, she ends up forming an unlikely partnership with con artist Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) where they also come across a savage outbreak. SOURCE~ WIKI The trailer shared shows a pretty humorous encounter between a quick little rabbit wanting to get things done with a very friendly and able but  S L O W  W O R K I N G  SLOTH! ;)  Pretty funny! * * * * *

Through The Years

Collage credit Shelley - David through 9 years Shelley made this beautiful collage showing David in concert/fan/and photos shared by him over the past 9 years!!! Yup, she even has one (shared by the man himself)  for 2016!! Love this! Here’s a challenge for y’all. How about find some of your favorite DA photos (they don’t have to be your own but jot names down to credit), create a “Through the years” collage of your own, and send it our way  fodfrontpage@gmail.com We’d love to feature them on the front page! If you don’t have a program to create a collage, no worries~ Try out Pic Collage. It’s super easy and even better, it’s free!! http://pic-collage.com/ * * * * * *

Puzzling DA Trivia!

Did that title throw you off? Well here’s a fun little bit of trivia put into a puzzle for David fans &  puzzle enthusiasts! Some of the questions will make you think…others are just goofy “trivia.” I know you can doooo it! And later today or tomorrow, I’ll add another puzzle! Have fun! For a larger size of this puzzle that you don’t need to “scroll’ back and forth on you can solve the puzzle by clicking on this site as well:  https://crosswordhobbyist.com/117073 * * * * * *

(Added) A New Sunday Puzzle For You

This puzzle (photo) is a beauty  taken by Pam Pike in Layton last fall! Thanks for the “pieces” of inspiration, Pam! ;)   Happy solving, folks!

* * * * * *

David Posts Zeke Concert Info on FB!

David is coming to Boise and Zeke Concerts is excited to share the info and ticket link!! David posted re: this on FB! Click below to head over! facebook David posts about Zeke Concerts And remember, all other current concert info can be found on DavidArchuleta.com and in Tuesday’s post here on FOD! * * * * * *

Request for Healing Thoughts and Prayers~

Jennifer-Barry-credit-Christian-Barry-at-the-dam I am so very sad to be posting this news, but I believe that when we come together in support and belief,  we are strengthened and good things…  miracles can happen!It was devastating to lose our fellow David Archuleta fan/friend Jennifer Barry, suddenly and tragically this past summer. Now, her husband and son are facing a new crisis and fight. Sean, their son who is 10, was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma ( bone cancer.) Sean has already began chemotherapy while they wait further results. If you are so inclined to pray, or offer thoughts of healing and well wishes, I know they would so greatly appreciate it. May God’s blessings and peace be with them through this journey and fight! As DavidDFT offered in the FOD comment on Christians fb, page stated: “CRUSH cancer, Sean!” Below is the fb post that Christian shared, and the link to Sean’s Caring Bridge site. Christian and Sean Christian Barry added 40 new photos — at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

My son Sean’s MRI a few weeks ago escalated to more tests which confirmed the swelling below his knee is caused by a malignant tumor. He has bone cancer. Specifically Osteosarcoma. While more testing is being done to determine what stage his cancer is at, he was started on chemotherapy immediately. He is currently in his first week of a 10 week treatment plan which will be followed by surgery to repair the damage. I wasn’t sure Sean would forgive me for giving him devastating news a second time in 6 months. He wiped the tears from my cheek and comforted me. Kids are amazing!

He is in excellent hands at OHSU’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. We are lucky to live within commuting distance to such an amazing resource. We are also lucky to have such loving and supportive friends and family. Sean has a tough road ahead but the talented people at OHSU are going to cure him and we will make it through together. I’ve been trying to capture moments of Sean’s journey and have included what I have so far in this post. Also, I’ve started a CaringBridge site for him to hopefully aid in sharing his progress:http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/seanbarry Stay tuned as we learn more… or with possible plans to send some “cheer” Sean’s way. * * * * *

Mighty Fine “Finds”

A Lovely Layton shot credit Lily! Layton Lily crop banter with the crowd Allison channeling SBL!! **Click the pic below** Tweet Allison Hang on Shanelle with a lovely msg/edit!

shanelle keep calm and listen to David Archuleta

Edit credit to Shanelle ~ original pic ?

* * * * * *

Richard is “Imagine” Remembering

I saw this tweet and all I could think of is AI Season 7. 2008. David Archuleta. Imagine. It was a moment like no other and forever will be~  :) tweet richard imagine 8 yrs ago With that, I’ll close with an “Imagine” more recent and no less beautiful! ~Credit: Shelley So sorry the post is later than I intended, but it’s been a busy past few days in RL here. :) I’ll be around this weekend with one more new puzzle and updates if needed.

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David Archuleta~ Happy February! New PIc, New Goals, New Language, & Pokemon! Slovenia? *Unconfirmed*, Ebay (Signed Items) Available, Carrie and Kari! Sending a Valentine’s Day Card? News Bits and Mentions


Hello February~ One More Month!

Midland TX Credit Shelley *click to bigger*

Midland TX Credit Shelley *click to bigger*

Quote Hello  February

* * * * * *
Quote no one can change a person but someone can be a person's reason to change

* * * * *

“Pokemon~  “A Heart So True” ~New Post and Pic from David!

I’m saying it (now) twice in this post…David and  kids are magic!!! Look at that smile!!!! ..Cute expression on “Pikachu, too!  ;)

IG pic David with kid in Pikachu hat

David shared some thoughts about a New Years resolution with all of us and asked how we were doing with ours. How exciting!! He’s learning another language to add to his (2) fluent languages of English and Spanish! What do you suppose he’s learning? Portuguese? French? Tagalog? ummm Slovenian or Croatian ? ;) I do hope he’ll share a few phrases with us, soon. I can easily see David as becoming a multilingual speaking man as he already sings in a number of languages! (English, Spanish, French, Latin, Italian, Tagalog, Portuguese…am I missing any?)

IG message about goals with kid pokemon


David Also shared this post on facebook

Facebook post with booy in Pikachu hat

* * * * * *

Happy Groundhog Day!

Shadow or no shadow? That is the annual question posed on February 2nd in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania! This little groundhog feels my pain! ;)

groundhog gif

Groundhog Day is observed on February 2nd, each year in the United States and Canada.  For a nice welcomed break during the winter, on this day the groundhog awakens from his nap and goes outside to see if he can see his shadow.  It is believed by many that if the groundhog sees his shadow that there will then be six more weeks of winter. If this is so,  he then retrieves back into his den and goes back to sleep.  If he is not able to see his shadow, the groundhog remains outside to play and people celebrate believing that spring is just around the corner.

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania has been chosen as the site for the annual Groundhog day event.  Thousands of people come to the town of Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day for this day of celebration.

*UPDATE* Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today soooo bring on the early Spring!!
* * * * * *

One More Month! Tickets Available

David is set to take the stage once again in just over a month! First stop is DENVER!

Zeke concerts tickets Bellco

Bellco Theater Denver CO 1 Denver BEllco Theater outside 2

Select your seats for Bellco Theater by clicking below! There are still some great seats pretty close to the stage and you can reserve seats for friends while they decide, too! :)

BEllco Denver select seats

If you’re not within driving distance, why not check out flight prices as some sites are offering great deals to Denver!

 … And BOISE just 2 days later!!

morrison-center-e1314994073987 Idaho Boise  Morrison Center 1

Morrison Center Tickets 1

Tickets Still Available for Queens Creek 3/25

Latest Tickets Seating Map Availability shows just 157 more seats until this 2nd added show is also SOLD OUT!! WOO HOO!!!! Click below to purchase.

Queens Creek seating

Boise State University has some promo out for the concert! Woot! Boise concert promo BSU

* * * * *

Slovenia in May?!?!?  *Unconfirmed Show*

Slovenia map slovenia pic

Paul Cardall facebook

Twitter was a buzz last evening with news *not yet confirmed by David and Team Archie* that he will be performing in the country of Slovenia this coming May alongside Paul Cardall, accomplished American pianist and heart transplant recipient from Salt Lake City. To learn more about Paul Cardall, read his bio by CLICKING THE “ABOUT” BELOW

Paul Cardall Bio

Tweet Paul Cardall  upcoming concert Slovenia with David

Slovenia Opera house inside Slovenian Opera house outside

Both Paul and The Church in Slovenia  posted on facebook about the (public) concert in which ticket purchases will be donated to a heart foundation charity. Click below to head over to the facebook posts. We’ll hope to hear more soon from David/Team David re: confirmation of this upcoming concert.

Slovenia Concert LDS fb page  Slovenia concert  facebook dan cardall
What a great opportunity for David (if confirmed) !! Slovenia is nestled in the middle of Europe and Rick Steves (of Rick Steeve’s Europe) describes it as “ the least visited and most underrated of Europe’s alpine countries.” I hope David will be able to take in plenty of other European sites while there, and I hope some of the European Archies will be able to see the show! Pssst David~ my great grandparents came from Croatia and Dalmatia right next to Slovenia… gorgeous coastlines and islands! hope you’ll stop by and then hop across the water to Italy! :D

 While waiting for confirmation and to hear more, enjoy a tour of Slovenia complimentary of Rick Steves:

best of slovenia

And some music by Paul Cardall~ yup, he plays a few tunes that we’ve heard David sing! :)

* * * * *

Ebay Items Available (Some Signed)

soldbymichelle9 ebay

@SmileyMichelle (Michelle) has a girl scout troop currently fundraising. As part of their campaign, Michelle, their leader, has decided to donate some of her “David” items and offer them for bidding and/or purchase on eBay! Check out her eBay page by clicking above! There are 9 items so be sure to click *show them all*

* * * * * *

Thinking of Sending a Valentine’s Day Card?

February is here and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you haven’t sent a card yet for David  and would like to, pop it in the mail soon. :)

Valentines send your cards

* * * * * *

Carrie and Kari…on tour??

tweet Kari re- carrie underwood show

Kari tweeted last evening that she was at Carrie Underwood’s “2nd show” in Atlanta on the Storyteller Tour. Her tweet begs the question~ Was it tweeted in fine “Road manager ” fashion as she was there to take in the show, or is she perhaps in fact working for a bit  (during David’s pre-concert times) with Carrie? Who knows, but cool beans either way! Carrie is awesome!!

UPDATE: Question answered! Sounds like it was a great show for Kari to be a guest at! :)

IG Kari guest of Carrie Underwood

* * * * * *

Newsy Bits and Mentions~

Over the weekend, Crystal bowersox shared this wonderful Instagram post while in Nashville at The City Winery for a show! *squishes* David and kids are pure magic!

Crystal Bowersox IG David and son Nashville Crystal bowersox son and David
* * * * * *

Love these tweets!

TWeet HAven't felt this tense
* * * * * *

Shanelle sunflowers edit also cred the os

Shanelle sunflowers edit also cred the os

* * * * *

Pocoelsy February shine bright

Pocoelsy February shine bright

* * * * *

Something ‘Bout Love…and February

Closing for now with a little throwback that seems like a perfect song to welcome in the month of hearts and love~ There’s something ’bout this song I’ll always love!! :) Thanks Patti-Ann for the upload!

I’ll be here throughout the week to update and add as needed. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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