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 Too many lead pics to count …

military girl arms up

Motivational Theater

This one is so casual, maybe they are talking World Cup?

Motivational Theater

Just two happy dudes here …

Motivational Theater

And the final goodbye in Afghanistan.  To a Standing O.

standing o* * * * *

steven jobs quote great work


* * * * *

More from Afghanistan and Kuwait!

“Who wants a hat?”

Motivational Theater

Yesterday I posted links to two albums from the Regional Command East entitled “Motivational Theatre” with some pictures of David, Dan, Jason and Dean during their performance.  The ablums chronicled the team’s arrival, performance and photos with the military men and women in attendance.

For those of you who did not see yesterday’s post, you will not want to miss these awesome, and often moving, pictures:

Arrival and performance

Motivational Theater


gorgeous smile

Photos with the troops


But last night I went through every single picture, picked the largest setting, and saved SEVENTY-THREE (73) of my favourites here.  It was a tough job, but some FOD Mod had to do it ;)

All high rez and LARGE!  A beautiful summary of the evening in Afghanistan.


* * * * * *

Pipay/Faith gets a special greeting from David

David was kind enough to wish a fan a special birthday.  Click on the picture to listen Source

special greeting

* * * * *

BEGIN. cover credit Shadow MT recordsThe BEGIN. connection

What a wonderful idea to bring BEGIN. CDs to the troops during this military tour.

 It’s the perfect collection of inspirations and uplifting, powerful songs.  This CD will be eye, and ear, opening up to many, providing a new set of fans who may have not even known of David before.

 Here are but a few pictures of that CD and those who received one during this tour.

posed shot begin signatures signing begin photoshoot gun begin

… and one more:

The Story of Danibear777

We read with interest a tweet a few days ago:

danibear777 1

Following with interest, we were curious to see if this would happen.  Here’s what happened next:

danibear777 2

Looks like Danielle was going to see the show!  And then THIS happened!

danibear777 3

So she got to go!!!  And then, THIS happened!

danibear777 4 guitar

And she rounded the whole experience out with this …

danibear777 5

* * * * * *

Walter Clark ~ you are EVERYWHERE!

Walter Clark is the nurse who provided some great pictures and provided the Bring Him Home video on his Facebook account.  And yesterday, we saw him in a picture with David, Dan and Jason looking particularly happy!  I love this shot!

walter clark and the 3 guys

I have no idea what he’s done, but Walter looks incredibly guilty.

Motivational Theater

And here he is videotaping David.  Excellent vantage point Walter.  Naree would be envious lol.

walter taking a pic of david

If you are reading this, we are just teasing with ya, we love you W!  You are welcome to chat with us in comments :)

* * * * *

The coin pass!

From Dean Kaelin’s July 19th Blog:

Military leaders all have their own special coin created. When someone offers exceptional service, the leader will sometimes “coin” the person. They do this by placing the coin in their palm and then shaking your hand, passing the coin to you. We have been “coined” at nearly all of the places we have performed. So I have a very cool collection of coins to bring home as souvenirs.

Is this what happened here, when the two generals came up onstage to close the show?

coin transfer

And is this what David could have in his pocket?  Eagle Eyes @kcupjunkie spotted that.  Too round to be an iphone.

coin in pocket java girl

The original pic.  I’m thinking yes!

Motivational TheaterAnd @ds1no on Twitter responded today with this!  A collection of her family’s coins!  Thansk for sharing!


* * *  *

Dan Clark Speaks some more

Great tweet and acknowledgement of the wonderful team on this trip

dan clark tweet at the end of the day

The tweet took you to Dan’s FB page.  Go on over there and like and show the love.  That message was so sweet!

I’m growing attached to all these guys too!

dan clark and friends

dan clark speaks pics

* * * * *

An add from Dean Kaelin

Dean posted a comment on his own blog yesterday, after he friended a number of folks and they provide alot of comments:

dean blog

* * * * *

Military Tour Buzz

slc tribute afghanistan

From the SLC Tribune:  Source

Utah singer David Archuleta returned from his LDS mission earlier this year, but he’s still got the travel bug.  Archuleta, the former “American Idol” runner-up, is on tour performing for U.S. troops in Afghanistan,he wrote Friday on his website.

 The tour, Archuleta writes, was organized by Dan Clark, a motivational speaker known as a main contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series. The tour includes a comedian/impersonator, Jason Hewlett, and Archuleta’s vocal coach, Dean Kaelin.

Archuleta visited Bahrain and Kuwait before landing in Afghanistan, where he encountered dry desert heat that “feels like a hair-dryer blowing in your face.” He also met soldiers who thanked him for “bring[ing] a piece of home”.

“These are people who learn what the word ‘duty’ means,” Archuleta wrote. “They literally put their lives on the line with rockets being shot at the bases, mines exploding their and civilians’ paths, and suicide bombers coming at them.”

“A Day of Inspiration for their Heroes”

From Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System.  Thanks to Violet4ever for sending this to us.


CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait – Armed Forces Entertainment presented the Dan Clark and friends’ tour as part of their summer events series. This presented an opportunity for service members, Department of Defense civilians and military contractors to enjoy laughter, music and motivational speaking, while taking a break from the over 115 degree temperatures here in Kuwait.

The performance called for an afternoon of music, comedy and motivational theater and featured Dan Clark, A New York Times bestselling author, most notably for his contributions to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series; David Archuleta, the American Idol Season 7 runner-up as well as a platinum selling singer; and the one man comedy and music act Jason Hewlett.

According to Clark, this tour is one of many he puts on for the military. He said it is a way for him to give back a little bit of his time and to help service members through motivational speeches. Clark said he also does a lot of resiliency training on military bases helping service members with professional, personal and family matters.

“It is the greatest honor of my life to be able to bring this event to the dedicated and selfless men and women who sacrifice so much for our nation,” said Clark. 

“I got with David and Jason to see if they wanted to be a part of this and they were just as motivated as I was to give something back to those who keep us safe and out of harm’s way,” Clark continued.

Since World War II AFE has been charged with providing entertainment to United States military personnel overseas by the DoD. Today they host more than 1,200 shows around the world, entertaining over 500, 000 service members at 270 military installations and proudly presenting thousands of volunteer entertainers to give military personnel a well-deserved break from the action.

“I hope that they continue to bring events like this to Camp Arifjan and other overseas bases. It is a great morale boost and gives service members a break from their everyday routine,” said Tania Trowbridge, audience member.

“The whole show was amazing, I really enjoyed each aspect because they gave you something different, and they made you laugh [Hewlett], cry [Archuletta] and think [Clark] all in one performance,” Trowbridge continued.

Archuletta concluded the show by giving thanks to all those who serve overseas and protect our great nation with their lives. He also wanted the service members to know that his youngest sister always includes a prayer for those who are serving before their family sits down to dinner.

The final song he performed was the Simon and Garfunkel classic “Bridge over troubled water” which brought the audience to a standing ovation.

Read more: http://www.dvidshub.net/news/136786/day-inspiration-their-heroes#.U84DiONdWSp#ixzz38Azf5M3I

* * * * *

As Found aRound


hubby mission 2 hubby mission1

A HUGE thanks to all of our commenters for bringing over alot of content for today.  Before I put my post to bed, I check comments to see what I might have missed. You guys are great at bringing in some cool stuff, and we appreciate you doing that.  Here are a few things I obviously missed during the day, but found them on comments.  Wrapping it up thanks to you!

gordon block getting stuck in kuwait

Whewww … that’s alot of stuff. What a gift we were giving over the past few days.  What a great reception everyone has been getting.  And the Military Tour team is giving just as much as they get, as stated by David in his blog over the weekend.

I’m excited for everything to come.  HOW ABOUT YOU????

I’ll see you next Monday all!  Stay cool :)

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Two lead pics today!

regional command east motivational theatre

from melissa gross

Collage from Melissa Gross

Let’s make that threeeee~

jason military soldier david dan thumbs up

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Last week of Military Tour!

… and the Team has many shows on the go!

david archie tweets 2 shows military tour

And David wraps up Afghanistan with a tweet to the troops:

david tweets afghanistan


New pictures surfaced!

david tossing hat

Thanks PattyAnn for tweeting us this:  Regional Command East posted an album entitled “Motivational Theatre” with some pictures of David, Dan, Jason and Dean during their performance.

Here is how the album is described:

World renowed speaker/author Dan Clark, American Idol superstar recording artist David Archuleta, and celebrity impressionist Jason Hewlett performed for deployed troops and civilians at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, July 18, 2014.

Motivational Theater

regional command east motivational theatreMotivational Theater Motivational TheaterWOW!!! Here is the link for all the rest!


and another album here:


screen shot regional command east second album


You can BET we’ll be putting a super duper slideshow together for you!

* * * * *

Banner Brilliance!

Don’t you love this?  Thanks David from Texas for a very fitting banner!  LINK

fod facebook banner and here is the awesome banner on the OS!  LOVE IT!

os banner * * * * *

Dean Kaelin blogs!

Wow, this one gives us more insight into security for the Military Team.  A dose of reality.  A must read!  Source

Yesterday we checked out of Ali Al Salem and drove to Buehring Camp, which is the closest U.S. military base to Iraq. Talk about desolate!! Nothing but flat land and sand as far as the eye can see. It is amazing. We even saw a few dead camels by the side of the road. Heck, if camels can’t even survive out here what hope is there for the rest of us?! Haha

The base was as nice as they could make it being in the middle of nowhere in a desert, but it was far from nice. There were a lot of very young soldiers here doing their training. They had a very nice, little theater we performed in. It is the same place they use for showing movies. It seemed like a bit of a tough audience since they were so young. They didn’t even know some of the people Jason was impersonating I think. However, at the end they gave us a standing ovation so I guess we did ok.

After the show we drove to Camp Arifjan. It was a scary ride. The freeway here is pretty crazy. And the security team that is driving us around are treating us like we’re the president or something. Whenever we travel there are 3 SUVs that go as a convoy. They split us up so that 2 of us are in two cars, then another vehicle follows up in the rear. The thing that is scary though is that they drive so close together it is like we are in the Daytona 500. Seriously! They were driving between 70 – 80 miles an hour with literally only 10 to 30 feet distance between the vehicles. I guess they do that to keep people from cutting into the convoy. At one point there was a car that cut in and broke up the convoy. You look over and it is a guy in all white robes with a beard and turban and such, so they don’t know if it’s a good guy or a bad guy. So they race like heck to try and force him out and get back in the convoy. Honestly, I felt safer on the helicopter in Afghanistan getting shot at by insurgents! Haha. I guess it’s their job though and they do it well. They are very concerned about security here. In Afghanistan nothing goes out alone, everything is in at least twos; planes, helicopters, convoys, etc. I guess they are responsible for our safety, but it seems a little over the top, especially since we are in Kuwait, which is overall pretty safe. Two shows tomorrow.

(Dean has friended a number of people so you can now comment on his blogs on FB)

david dean dan jason posing with group base dean empty auditorium dean kaelin desolate dean kaelin dean david and group

* * * * *

Encounter in Kuwait

Yesterday, PattyAnn responded to an innocent tweet, as many of you often do, re: “who is David Archuleta”.  But this tweet was more than just a general question.  This young woman is in Kuwait! emmilouu 1 And Emily L. has a great vantage point during the performance and tweets this picture: emmilouu 2 great voice And lucky Emily gets to meet David after the show!  I hope she was able to get a BEGIN. CD! selfies emmilouu 3 More from Emily on the message from Dan Clark: emmilouu 3 dan clark I hope you had a good time Emily!  Thanks for the recount for the fans! * * * * *

Where in the world are the FOUR?

First, a summary from Jason: jason hewlett tweet travel And how hot is it? Yikes, always the same:  sun sun sun sun sun :)  And heat!  Even in the evening, it’s close to 100 degrees F! *Editor’s Note:  I have no idea if the group is in Kuwait City or elsewhere; just a guess* kuwait city temperature Yesterday, Dean mentioned that they had to travel the “long way around” to get to Kuwait, as they could not fly over Iran airspace.

We flew back to Kuwait on an C-130. Everyone was hoping for a C-17 because the C-17 is a jet and the C-130 is a 4 engine prop plane. It was a 5 ½ hour flight in not very comfortable seats, no beverage service, SUPER loud, and not even a lavatory. It was extra long because we can’t fly over Iran so we have to go around.  Source

Here’s a reminder geography-wise of where the group has travelled: afghanistan map Yesterday, Jason reminded us of where they all are :) jason hewlett kuwait It appears from Dan Clark’s early blog there are stops in Ethiopia and Djibouti : we’ll see!  All the best to the team and wishing them continued success and safety in the days ahead!

Our Reader Sparkles2 Shares

The reality of dealing with life changing events in the military came to life in our comments section yesterday.  Sparkles shared her story about her son’s struggles, and we appreciate her doing that with us.  David and his team are helping to inspire and uplift those who need it most.  Thanks again Sparkles2

Sparkles 2 (Big Time Lurker) says:

You know our children leave for war having no idea what awaits them. My son was always adverturesome and happy go lucky. No matter what, he could find a way to be happy. Since returning from Afghanistan, he is different. Smiles don’t come as easily and he feels like he is always on guard. He says, they told us that as long as we are consistent things will be okay. That doesn’t explain why a fellow soldier decided to end his life during their tour of duty by shooting himself. Seeing this was life changing for my son. He says now this need for consistency has followed him home and he needs a sense of order to things. Depression has replaced his happy deameanor. Fighting the never-ending paper work and different channels that the VA puts him through in seeking help has only added to this tragedy. Bring Them Home…The question is..Who are they when they come home? Where is the help they need when they now need our country to fight for them? They fought so others could have peace and freedom from oppresion. When will their internal peace return and the constant impressions the stain of war has left on their young souls fade. My heart weeps for my son. He may not have missing limbs, but he is wounded none the less. Pray for all our young men and women as they make that transition back home and may they find the support they need from their country and not be victimized again when they seek help.

Thanks Fab-4 for what you are doings. Thanks David.

* * * * * *

From Orrigami Entertainment

From Gina Orr’s FB page.  A good reminder of all those goes into bringing a musical artist to each of us to perform.  A large investment!  Source here.

From Orrigami Entertainment's FB page

From Orrigami Entertainment’s FB page

* * * * *

Celebrate!  National Junk Food Day today

national junk food daySo, I did a Topsy search looking for “junk” as in junk food on David’s account, of course, and found nothing.  David tweets about the good stuff, but I’m sure there is a hamburger, handful of fries, or chips with dip sprinkled here and there in the diet.   My man child certainly does! This is about the closest I got to today’s national day with this one … burger tweet Sad, right?  A few tweets about elk and bison burgers.  No tweets about junk food, but boy, did I ever find ALOT about food.  I could take a map of the world and colour in all the countries David has mentioned in his food tweets.  Of course, Asia and South and Central America would be an explosion of colour!  Maybe we’ll do just that on World Food Day in October! * * * * *

This Friday!

A message from Gwen, Linda and Poco! Trend * * * * *

Prayers to members of our Fan Family

Thinking of members of our Fan Family at this time.  Thanks to TheVoice for letting us know:

skydancer the voice   * * * * * *

As Found aRound

From Pocoelsy.  Original picture from Dean Kaelin poco original dean kaelin christmas cds   molly cleverSee you tomorrow!

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