David Archuleta~ A Happyful Monday, Happy President’s Day Holiday! Happy Birthday Kalei, Happy 5th Anniversary Nandito Ako! David shares Nathan’s #Higher on fb, iTunes charting for Higher, A “Forever” memory shared


Happy Moments and Memories

David Archuleta  (crop) posing by Nandito Ako billboard- credit Kari Sellards

David Archuleta (crop) posing by Nandito Ako billboard- credit Kari Sellards

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quote A good life is a collection of happy moments

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HaPpY  bIrThDaY  KALE!!!!!

happy-birth-day.gif cake and presents Pikachu with maracas _2_by_bestary-d967kcu

David Archuleta happy birthday Kalei

Happy Birthday to our wonderful, talented, terrific, endlessly energetic, perfectly positive, wildly witty, stupendously supportive, mahhhhvelous adorable Hawaiian, fellow MOD, and forever Fan Of David Archuleta, Kalei!!!  Kalei is the consummate cheerleader whose joy and bubbly exuberance for David and his music are infectious to all the fellow fans. Kalei is the hostess with the mostest who works with her efam diligently to plan the best fan lunches ever!!! Her efforts this past November lead to a most incredibly awesome and memorable  fan lunch in St George!!

tuacahn-fan-lunch-full-group-credit Joanie

tuacahn-fan-lunch-full-group-credit Joanie

Kalei’s concert recaps complete with photos and videos read like the best detailed effervescent short stories that leave you yearning for more…and yearning for a DA concert experience with her the next time! We are so blessed to have her on our FOD MOD Squad team and are looking forward to more “DA” adventures together in 2017!

tuacahn-fod-mods FOD MODS WITH DFT FINAL

Kalei was able to see David a nice handful of times in 2016 ~ Here are a few more memorable moments with the fans, David and Nathan, too!

Queen Creek Lunch at the mall Credit Kalei 3/2016

Queen Creek Lunch at the mall Credit Kalei 3/2016

Queen Creek Kalei and Tina

Queen Creek Kalei and Tina 2016

- Janet, Kalei, Linda, Angela, Lily, Gwen & Sue

– Janet, Kalei, Linda, Angela, Lily, Gwen & Sue

- Entrance to Tuacahn

– Entrance to Tuacahn

Me thanking David - credit Arlene

Me (Kalei) thanking David – credit Arlene

Tuacahn fan friends group pic credit Shelley

Tuacahn fan friends group pic credit Shelley


Kalei’s 2016 concert adventures ended with David’s last tour stop in Sacramento just before Christmas. It was a very special ending to a fantastic year with the cherry on top coming at the VIP as David addressed her by name. :)

Kalei - efam-and David Sacramento VIP

Kalei – efam-and David & Nathan Sacramento VIP 12/23/2016

Kalei- Nathan- David Sacramento VIP

Kalei- Nathan- David Sacramento VIP

Mary Lou created a special tribute to Kalei’s “happiness” last year and I think it calls for a repeat in this post this year…because it’s her birthday and because she’s a happy gal! CLICK ON THE PIC.

kalei jib jab birthday credit Mary LouWishing you a fun-filled day, Kalei, complete with some yummy cake! May it be the beginning of a “new year” filled with fun , new adventures, a concert perhaps in Hawaii (hoping for you),  and that new David Archuleta single & cd to be playing in your ears VERRRRRY SOOOOOON!!!! xoxoxo

Quote wishing you another year full of amazing adventures
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Happy 5th year Anniversary Nandito Ako!!!

Nandito Ako  Billboard shot  cred Kari 2

Nandito Ako Billboard shot cred Kari 2

credit TV5Philippines

credit TV5Philippines

 credit sandra sonquillo

credit sandra sonquillo

IT’S BEEN 5YEARS ALREADY SINCE THE FIRST DAY/EPISODE ONE OF NANDITO AKO AIRED ON TV5! WOW! Kalei reminded me of this fact late last night. What a birthday present!!  On that day, (also her birthday), David Archuleta as Josh Bradley officially came into our home and hearts, along with Holly, Anya, Chit, and the rest of the cast on Channel 5 mini series. I guess because we had followed the filming over the course of January (2012), I didn’t remember right off the bat that the actual premier of the Filipino show starring David  didn’t actually begin airing until well into the month of February!! In fact, David was on his way back to the US the day episode #1 was broadcast.

What fan could ever forget the emotions that welled up inside and flooded across social media that day… and every day for the next month to follow?! David had accomplished so very much!! In such a short time frame David proved not only to himself but to the masses that he was a true actor, one to be believed and one who was lifted and embraced.

And so episode 1 began with David as Josh Bradley on stage~ “So when you find your true love, hold onto it and never let go, cause that’s what I would do.” <— Oh Josh, (and My Dear Writer) ~ you sure knew how to capture our hearts. :)  Today in honor of this anniversary, I’m posting the trailer to the series below! So. Many. Memories!

If you’d like to revisit the FOD (Pastel’s post) on the first day Nandito Ako aired, CLICK HERE.  If you’d like to revisit my 1st year anniversary post of the series (2013), CLICK HERE. And in case you’d forgotten, we have the links listed above (on the side right) where you can re watch Nandito Ako. Credit to JR4DA, The Nandito Ako Television Series, and to Jenny!!

And of course, David so beautifully in fine Tagalog, sang the title song “Nandito Ako”~ this video was his live performance at Talentadong Pinoy.

* * * * * *

David shares Nathan’s “Forever” and cd “Higher” on facebook!!

Nathan Pacheco higher cd

David Archuleta shared Nathan Pacheco‘s video.

Congratulations to my friend Nathan Pacheco with the release of his new spiritual album ‘Higher’! Nathan and I had a great time on our Christmas tour and if you enjoyed him at the shows be sure to check it out! (I love his version of Kari Jobe’s ‘Forever’)

Nathan Pacheco – ForeverFor the longest time I’ve wanted to do an album like this. I’m very excited that HIGHER will be released this Friday, February 10th. I can’t wait to share this music with you. http://apple.co/2jUDPJw

Posted by Nathan Pacheco on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

* * * * *

And Speaking of Nathan’s cd “Higher,” it is currently at #11 on the Christian and Gospel Charts on iTunes!!! So wonderful and so well deserved!! It’s a beautiful album! If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to soon!

Nathan Pacheco Higher Cand G 11

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Fantastic and Happy Inducing Fan Finds

While we wait…sitting on pins and needles ready for David’s new single to drop, our awesome fan family keeps us well nourished with Vitamin DA supplements!! Here’s a great snippet from Shelley : Riu Riu Chiu in Layton this past fall ~ as David was singing away in Spanish, the power suddenly went out! Instantaneous darkness! Yikes!

* * * *
Nancy shared this exquisite snippet of David singing “Forevermore” in Tuacahn November 2015 ~sigh~ this is so beautiful!! Thank you, Nancy♥

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And from Shanelle…to make sure we’re getting all revved up for David’s new music!

credit Shanelle

credit Shanelle


Can you see it yet??? We know it’s close~

nandito ako david sunglasses

Who’s on the edge of their seat for it?

Steve Blues Clues impatient 2

Or more than a little ready for it?!

sitting on pins and needles impatient blues clues Steve

I have a feeling we’re all going to be maybe just a wee bit crazy when that single drops, am I right?? I’m soooooo READY!!!!

ahhhh excited shaking gif

Just hang on for a little longer my friends~ we know it’s on it’s way… and it’s going to be SO WORTH THE WAIT, so what’s a wee bit longer… we’re very good at… “Patience,” :wink:


I’ll be here through the week and ready to pop on with any news but for now, if you’d like, take a minute to wish Kalei a very happy birthday in our comments, and if you’re in the US, Happy President’s Day Holiday!

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Not-so-calm before the Storm! New @Davidarchie music, CD, and music video coming! A Champagne / Golden / Grand Birthday for Amber! A week of snippets!


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shelley colour

Credit: Shelley


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A Fact-Filled Friday!

Kari unleashes some news!  Just waiting for the payoff!  David has been a busy bee!



Storm on it’s way! I’m expecting a deluge!


Keep those cards coming!

postcard & mailbox

Wouldn’t it be nice if David got a bunch of cards and letters, perhaps from folks he hasn’t heard from in awhile?  Here is the address!

Fan Mail Address

David Archuleta,
PO Box 4297
Apopka, FL 32704

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A very special birthday for Amber!

imikimi – sharing creativity

A person’s golden or grand birthday, also referred to as their “lucky birthday”, “champagne birthday”, or “star birthday”,  occurs when they turn the age of their birth day (e.g., when someone born on the 25th of the month turns 25 or when someone born on the ninth turns nine)

Well today Amber Archuleta turns 18!!! On the 18th of February!   Wishing her a very special day and hopefully a special musical wish from big bro~

FABULOUS birthday vid from Shanelle!!!

David has shared so many good times with his sister in pictures and vids over the years, hear are a few!

david amber and jazzy amber 17th birthday david and amber pokeman david and amber amber

Amber IG Instagram David and Amber Soupe festival david and Amber Celebration of Christ Amber credit david



- click to view the vid on IG

– click to view the vid on IG

And here’s David’s Ice Bucket Challenge!

Brio cafe with Jazzy and Amber credit jazzy david-and--amber-mickey

- Beautiful Utah! Credit Amber's IG

– Beautiful Utah! Credit Amber’s IG

From Shanelle

Snippet Sharing

We posted a bunch of concert snippets this week and many of you joined in!  I love snippets because they usually focus on a very exciting, interesting part of the song and has some special differentiator from the rest of the video.

Here are some here!

From Muldur. The Prayer from the last Layton show

And from Muldur. Joy to the World snippet from the same Layton show!

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As Found aRound

Beautiful edit from Miss Bianca!

miss bianca

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Hope next week is the one!!!!  Joanie will be with you next week!

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