David Archuleta ~ Friday Trending Par-tay! David Tweets & Posts on IG, Midland Tickets On Sale Now! Fun Fan Finds, Saturday Update: Trending Party – Archie Fever!


#photoshoot #Nashville


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.20.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.08.08 AM

We loved it the first time, but it’s worth a re-post when David posts the pic himself on Twitter and IG, and adds a fun tweet and his famous hashtags! Hope there are more photo shoot pics coming our way!

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Archie Fever – Archies Were On Fire!

- credit pocoelsy

– credit pocoelsy

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.18.45 AM

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Trending Party!  No WWTT this time, but there were tons of creative tweets and awesome graphics to highlight the trending topic of Archie Fever!  We captured as many graphics as possible, hope we didn’t miss too many!  Lots to look forward to as anticipation builds for September and beyond!

If you haven’t gotten your concert tickets yet, there are still tix available for Idaho Falls, The BYU Spectacular and Midland – don’t miss out!

My Dear Writer (MDW) joined the trending party with this reminder of Nandito Ako – calling Dr. Josh Bradley – we have Archie Fever!

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.33.10 AM


– credit shadowbenny

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

- credit wishal

– credit wishal

Here’s a slide show of great Archie Fever graphics!

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Hot Vids  - *Bring Your Own Fan

In keeping with the Archie Fever theme, here are 2 vids that kinda fit haha!

Disco Fever! (credit: bluedots)

The Christmas Song – Irving Plaza, NYC (credit: djbell13)

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Have a great weekend everyone!  Joanie will be back on Tuesday!

- credit shadowbenny

– credit shadowbenny

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Trending Par-tay Tonight!

- graphic credit pocoelsy

– graphic credit pocoelsy

With a bunch of concerts and events on the horizon, we’re all catching the fever – ARCHIE FEVER!  Join your ArchuBuddies on twitter and tweet your favorite reason that you have Archie Fever! Pics, collages and graphics are welcome!  We’ll post as many as we can tomorrow – hopefully along with a WWTT!  GO GETTERS GO!!

Check the graphic above for the date and time for your location!

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Get Your Midland Tickets Now!

Ticket sales for the general public starts today at 10:00am Texas time!  Lots of lucky Archies got front row tix during the pre-sale, but there are lots of great seats still available, so grab your tix today!

- click to buy tix!

– click to buy tix!

To find out who’s going to Midland so you can meet up with other Archies, check out DFT’s FB page dedicated to the Midland concert!

- click to go!

– click to go!

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Fun Fan Finds

Short post today since I had to work super late, but here are some cool fan graphics!

- graphic credit Mary Dee

– graphic credit Mary Dee

- graphic credit shadow benny

– graphic credit shadow benny

- credit

– graphic credit shadow benny

- collage credit pocoelsy

– collage credit pocoelsy

Dream Closet on Twitter posted these cool drawings based on Disney’s heroes -  anyone good at photoshop?  I’m thinking David would make a great Disney hero!



Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.36.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.37.07 AM

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Hope to see you all on twitter later today for the trending party and tune in tomorrow to see if we were successful at getting a WWTT!  ARCHIE FEVER!

The Doctor is IN!

- credit

– credit pocoelsy

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David Archuleta~ Midland Presale Tomorrow and Ticket info update!! Archie (Trending) Fever Coming Friday, “Dat Voice” Parody on The Voice by Skydancer, Hymns Prayers and Children, Wednesday Updates: Photoshoot Fun in Nashville, WELD Nashville, A Fantastic Fanshare, Thursday Updates: Pre-sale in Midland,


MTM premiere Mexico

MTM premiere Mexico

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quote it's better to look back on life and say- I can't believe I did that than to look back and say I wish I did that.

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Thursday Updates! July 30th, 2015

Midland Concert Tickets : Pre-sale Has Started!

If you didn’t already get in on the pre-sale to purchase tickets for David’s  Midland show in October, never fear, the email info is (also) here! Click either of the graphics below to head over. *PRESENTS* will get you in!

Wagner Noel buy seats


Wagner Noel choose your seats


After you purchase your tickets, head over to FOD’s facebook page where David (DFT) has set up a specific page for Midland, TX bound concert-goers!! Click Below ~

Wagner Noel Concert group facebook page

* * * * * *

Windish Agency News: (David’s Booking Agent)

Paradigm Announces Partnership With The Windish Agency


The War on Drugs perform during the 2015 Governors Ball Music Festival

David’s Booking Agent  “The Windish Agency” has announced a new Partnership with Paradigm

The Windish Agency, one of the most successful independent booking agencies in the music industry with acts including alt-J, Diplo, The War On Drugs, and Lorde, has entered the Paradigm fold in a deal described as a “partnership,” Billboard has exclusively learned.

Financial details were not disclosed. Asked to clarify the deal, Windish tells Billboard, “It’s a partnership.” As a proven success in artist development with a robust roster of acts active at festivals and hard ticket shows, Windish Agency has long been believed to be ripe for acquisition, but, “it really has nothing to do about money with me,” Windish says. “I don’t have big plans to go on vacation or something. It’s more about who do I want to pair up with that can help my clients and the people that work at my company get to places they’ve never been before and they want to be.”

Sam Gores, Chairman/CEO of Paradigm Talent Agency, on Leading Versus Bossing

A force in the electronic and indie rock spaces, the Windish Agency was founded by Tom Windish, 42, in 2004, and boasts a roster of about 750 acts booked by about 30 agents, all of whom are expected to continue with Paradigm. Among those acts are Chvrches, Chromeo, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Flume, M83, Odesza, The xx, The 1975, Tove Lo, and recent Windish signee Big Boi.

“We’re great at finding artists that find audiences very quickly, and I don’t intend for that to slow down,” says Windish. “I’ve got 29 agents here, and almost all of them are really kicking ass. I wanted to give those guys the tools so that when these acts get to that higher level that they feel comfortable and confident and that they have the skills and tools to be able to book them.” CLICK HERE to continue.

* * * * * *

Wednesday Updates July 29, 2015

A Fun Photoshoot!

photoshoot in Nashville 7/2015 credit Tiannacalcagno

photoshoot in Nashville 7/2015 credit Tiannacalcagno

Photoshoot Tiannacalcagno on IG message

I was curious about the hashtag “#WeldNashville” so I did a Google Search.

weld nashvilleweld community

A bit obscure sounding, but it seems like WELD offers a space for artists and innovators to come together to create~ in this case, a collaborative effort for David was taking place at WELD. :)

* * * * * *

A Fantastic Fan Shared Photo!

Mexico July 2015  *please know if this is your photo.*

Mexico July 2015 credit~ Ale Ocampo

How about a little “Crop?”

crop credit~ me

crop credit~ me original credit Ale Ocampo

* * * * * *

Midland Ticket info Update!!!

Thank you @DavidFTFOD (our fb ceo extraordinaire) for tweeting us this new ticket info! Click below to head to the site. Looks like your email will be coming Wednesday (or possibly Thursday) to purchase on the presale. For fans living in the area, there is also a package offering for 3 shows which David’s is included as a choice. The package deal gives a discount of $3 per ticket. (read more below)

Midland ticket info 2Midland ticket info 1

Midland Tickets Presale Tomorrow?!


As posted on Saturday by Kalei, FOD received an email  from a fan in contact with Wagner performing Arts Center re: The David Archuleta show in November. The email offered the following info from the Midland venue:

The pre sale for this show will happen next Wednesday,(JULY 29th) and if you are signed up, you should receive an email. This will allow you to purchase tickets ahead of the general public – those tickets will go on sale next Friday, July 31st.

So fans, if you are thinking about buying tickets to this show, be sure to sign up for email updates and information by clicking below. (This is the same “sign-up” posted in Joanie’s post earlier this week.)

Click on this link to go to the page at the venue that shows you how to sign up for email updates and information.


So sign up today! We’ll also post any new info as it becomes available.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.32.26 PM

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Who’s Got The Fever???? Archie Fever Trending Party on Friday!

- graphic

– graphic by Pocoelsy-

The perfect remedy for Archie Fever is to “burn up” twitter with a flood of support for our favorite guy and fire him right up to #1 as a Worldwide Trending topic!! The concert date list is expanding and fan excitement for live shows and new music (NEW MUSIC) coming this fall has fans all shaky!!! ~So be sure to set aside some time to join in the fun this Friday evening as we include “Archie Fever” along with tweets, graphics, and photos in celebration of this ailment that has no cure!!! :) Check out the graphic above to find your location and start time and see you there! Remember, if you’re not tweeting about “Archie Fever,” you’ll likely be dealing with it more like Josh! ;)

nandito ako Josh fanning 2 credit Sam nandito ako Josh fanning 1 credit Sam

This Archie Fever graphic as tweeted by Lisa M. looks ready to go!! We’d love to see your creations, too!

Created by:? (Let us know if this is yours

Created by:? (Let us know if this is yours)

* * * * * *

All About “Dat Voice”~ A Parody by Skydancer on The Voice

Skydancer was in fun creative form as she took the Meghan Trainor smash hit “All about That Bass” and rewrote the song for Archies to personally connect! Here’s the first verse, and be sure to head over to The Voice for the whole parody! Now if we could just get a fan to record that! ;)

Because you know it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice, no other!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice whoa brother!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice, oh mother!

it’s all about that voice ’bout that voice..voice..voice..voice


* * * * * *

David’s “Sunday Song~Sentiment”

This past Sunday, David shared lyrics in quote form from the hymn “A Child’s Prayer.”Tweet Child's prayer 1Twitter A child's Prayer 2

In honor of  David’s past and present affection for children and for their prayers, today’s featured performance is “Prayer Of The Children.” David’s rendition performed back in 2009 on the Christmas From The Heart tour brings tears to my eyes every time I re-watch it. Absolutely beautiful!! ~vid credited to Nancy~ *And Thank you Kalei for the inspiration! * :)

Just a small post to start off a new thread for Tuesday, but I’ll be here updating and tweeting any new info that comes our way. Wishing everyone a great day!

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