David Archuleta: “Workin’” , Remembering Cherry Lane, Jeff LeBlanc: Updates from Tour, Dave Filice: Podcast with The Music Mentor, A Lovely “Puzzling” edit from Bianca, Slow Days and Summer VACAYs


We Workin’ It!

Queen Creek credit ~ Pam Pike

Queen Creek credit ~ Pam Pike

And a second  on this “We workin’ it” Monday~

Credit Shelley

Credit Shelley

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Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.59.36 PM

Tuesday Treat~ Adele and David~ Soaring Similarities

Adele’s IG: iFLY

Seattle, WA

A photo posted by @adele on

Pastel’s tweet

- Zero Gravity!

– Zero Gravity!

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Late Monday Additions!

Hiking buddies~ International Love & Sibling Style

hiking buddies~ credit Amber Archuleta

hiking buddies~ credit Amber Archuleta

“My brother and I went on a hike a couple of weeks ago. It was sooo beautiful but soooo hard (for me). We had to take more than just a couple of stops, so it took a while. But it was worth it. My brother was so patient with me, as he always is. It made it an enjoyable hike for me to be on.” 

This photo from Amber’s (public) IG  was shared on twitter. Amber is such a sweetheart and sure loves her siblings who offer both hiking support and great advice! :)  So cute the way they were sporting  some “International Love!”  David may have left “a little part of his heart” in Canada this past May,  but he’s proud to wear the Canadian Maple Leaf  on his head!! ❤️  You can find the complete IG post by CLICKING HERE.

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Victoria Horne (David’s pal: @LadyVMusic) tweets about that lil Ranch experience~ ;)

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Collaboration Update:  James The Mormon and David  ~ “Workin’”

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Now jump to this past Saturday when James The Mormon, Thom Reed, Big Budha, and others began sharing pics, tweets, updates, and clips from the filming of the music video for “Workin’ . **Thanks, too, to Janel for the heads up!** ” Thom Reed shared a live facebook segment during his cast instructions and filming of the video! Watch below and listen for David singing! He is smooooth and his voice sounds so good!!! Love that little riff where he “works it” up to that higher place!

I think I can speak for all the fans when I say we hope to hear more of David in the final cut of “Workin’”! Didn’t see him in any of the shots shared from the mv filming and as David is listed as being “featured”, I’m wondering if his recorded part will be THE place to listen for him in this collaboration? Hoping though that we’ll also see plenty of him in the vid!  We’ll soon see as August 8th is just around the corner!

On set at the new Jamesthemormon video “Workin’” ft. David Archuleta Posted by Thom Reed on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Listen for it~ “We out here grindin’ we workin’! Looks like it will be released on August 8th!

Big Budha was also excited to share!

The filming got quite lively as this clip from Thom Reed shows us:

Kid history shared a clip with a different perspective! Actually, it looks like there were many perspectives filmed as many cell phones were held high and recording!

Randy and John filming music video for Jamesthemormon featuring David Archuleta! Posted by Kid History on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Thom also shared a “cast” pic as the shoot for the MV was wrapping up. No sign of David anywhere, but as he is “featured” on the track, listening for his golden voice (and now perfected rapping) could be the best place to hear him!

JamesTheMormon shared some album art possibilities for the single~

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Speaking of collaborations and David being “featured”…

David,  Brooke White, and “Cherry Lane.”

David IG support Brooke Brooke and David Cherry LAne My other favorite past David Archuleta “feature” and collaboration was with Brooke White in  “Cherry Lane,” a single on her Pledge Music project for OUR Rescue. Every time I listen to their sweet little tune, I find myself longing to hear morrrre of David’s voice. It beautifully blends with Brooke’s while offering (her) melody that rich buttery understated harmony David so masterfully provides.  * * * * * *

Jeff LeBlanc : Large Crowds & Standing Ovations!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.24.09 AM Congratulations to Jeff LeBlanc now on Tour! David’s past MKOC tour opener Jeff Leblanc is out on tour around the country singing songs from his latest “Vision” album! Last week he played in David’s home state of Utah (SLC) to a 3K+ capacity crowd and was rewarded with standing ovation following the show!

And last night in Denver, Jeff was met with a similar response to the same size crowd!! This is so awesome for him!!!

Check out the remaining dates/venues of Jeff’s Tour and appearances by CLICKING HERE. * * * * * *

Dave Filice on The Music Mentor Podcast:

 “Staying grateful in life, in general, helps you have a better life and be grounded.” ~ Dave Filice

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.03.29 AM

Ahhh the memories!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.19.54 AM

screencap~ MKOC tour Westbury 2009 ~ HYAMLC~ video credit Gengen

David Filice (past base player for David in 2009) recently sat down with his friend Demian Arriaga to talk music and touring for a podcast segment of The Music Mentor. David is such a wonderfully talented musician and has many experiences along with words of wisdom to share. He is also one of the most caring and down-to-earth guys out there.   He mentions touring with David Archuleta at least a couple of times in this podcast. Definitely worth a listen, so sit back & click below!

***Click below to head over to soundcloud to listen to Dave’s interview***

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.37.08 AM

On this week’s episode I get to interview someone who exemplifies professionalism, gratitude and musicality. Dave Filice is a phenomenal bassist and producer who has worked with people such as Bono & The Edge, Richie Kotzen, David Archuleta, The Rembrandts and more. He currently plays with DMC from run dmc and with The Party Crashers, one of the busiest and best corporate bands you’ll find. Hear Dave talk about his career, about playing with legendary musicians, his take on authenticity and his experience during that ill fated show in Rhode Island with Great White.”

Because we love Dave, good memories, and celebrating Christmas in July, please indulge me…and sing along! Feliz Navidad en Julio ;D vid credit DJBell

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An Awesome Artistic Edit from Miss Bianca!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.43.39 AM
Miss Bianca shared an additional awesome artistic edit that I’m sharing with y’all today as a Jigsaw to solve at your leisure! Thank you so much, Miss Bianca!! Enjoy, all! Click below to head over to Jigsaw planet to solve!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.57.32 AM

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Slow Days & Summer “VACAYs!”

relaxing-on-hammock-animation gif

The end of July is upon us and as David is (most likely) busy finishing up his music project! YAY!!!  It’s currently s-l-o-w on the news front, so we (MODS) will take advantage over the next few weeks and grant ourselves a little vacation. We’ll be a little quieter here on the front page and on facebook with DavidFTFOD, but we’ll definitely bring you all breaking news as it presents! We hope you’re all enjoying some summer sunshine and relaxation capped off with David’s music!

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David Archuleta: Calm before the Musical Storm, All Kinds of Nampa Wonderful ~ in pictures, An Insightful Nampa Recap, Steven J Robinson Remembers Jakarta, Sweet Hanne, As Found aRound


A beautiful edit from Miss B!

FB-Crop_spectrumexperiment Miss Bianca

And a lovely personal pic from Shelley!

shelley david archuleta

Credit: Shelley

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Every once in awhile, and too often these days, we must remind ourselves of the impact we can make if we embrace and practice kindness.  No experience needed.  No degree required.  It’s innate, and it feels amazing, for all parties involved.

* * * * * *

It’s verrrrryyyyy quiet

cricketsSo we know David is working on music and we know there will be a music video shot at some point but this silence is really eerie!  I do hear the sounds of one tour manager missing her flight to Nashville tho :(  She’s safe and sound now!


During this time, put your feet up and enjoy some musical faves!  Here’s one to enjoy on a hot summer night

Pictures extraordinaire!

COME events (Christian Outreach Multimedia Events) posted many pictures to series of events in Nampa. They also posted a disclaimer on their front page indicating we were not allowed to make copies or prints of these photos, with the exception of the Meet & Greet photos. The Meet & Greet photos may be copied for personal use only. 

That’s quite unfortunate.  Bummer really #cries.  The pictures are outstanding. But posting them would require us to copy the jpegs so (almost as good) we will post links to the pages instead.  So please click on the screencap page, visit and enjoy.  In addition, you can comment on each picture though the Flickr app.  Here is the Table of Contents ~ click to go:

COME table of contents

The pictures show a very very full weekend of events, and a happy happy happy David, Marie, Alex and NTB.  A jam packed weekend for sure!   I truly hope there was some downtime for all involved.  Click on the pictures to go!

2 pm Meet and Greet

2 pm Meet and Greet


2 pm Concert

2016 NTB 2 pm concert

7 pm Meet and Greet

7 pm meet and greet

7 pm show

2016 NTB 7 pm concert

Sponsor Breakfast

2016 NTB sponsor breakfast


2016 NTB Sound Check

VIP Dinner

2016 NTB VIP Dinner

* * * * *

Nampa Recap “Aren’t you glad you are still on the bandwagon?”

@Taterzen wrote a beautiful and relatable recap of her Nampa Nashville Tribute Band performances at Deb’s Snowangelzz site and we’d like to link you to it with permission.


It’s marvelous.  You will smile all the way through it.  And just like @taterzen,  you will say to yourself “I love it when I’m right” when she describes how David’s performances made the light bulbs go off in everyone’s heads ~ that they were witnessing an amazing talent. Isn’t it just the best when you can witness David winning folks over?  It’s inevitable, but it still feels great to see it in action. And cool to see all the folks from the various denominations in attendance.  What a great, moving experience.

Worth a read and please comment on the site too.

* * * * * *

Steven J Robinson reflections of Jakarta

On Wednesday Steven J Robinson, drummer extraordinaire with the Archuband of TOSOD Asia tour and MKOP tour posted about his memories in Jakarta 5 years ago.

Steven is enjoying a great tour currently with Selena Gomez.  Posting his IG and FB reflections here.  I think it’s fabulous to comment on these especially if you saw him in concert and want to wave hello!  What a fabulous career for Steven!

“Just over five years ago to the day, I was a 21-year old-brand new U.S. passport holder, who had just taken his first steps on international soil in Jakarta, Indonesisa, as the drummer for American Idol pop star David Archuleta. This was the first stop on “The Other Side Of Down Asia Tour”-my first major tour. I was reminded today of that significant experience as the Selena camp and I walked through the same airport doors onto the Jakarta streets to begin the Southeast Asia leg of Revival Tour.” ‪#‎NeverForgetYourFirst‬ ‪#‎FullCircle‬ ‪#‎KickinItWithJakartaSince2011‬

FB Post:

stev rob facebook jakarta

As Found aRound

Not much happening folks, so that’s when I turn to my “favourites file”.

I like this picture @davidarchie

A photo posted by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on

And folks covering David?  Love it!

* * * * * *

Remembering Hanne

“I am a huge fan of David Archuleta – It was his voice that brought me here, but who he is as a person made me stay” ~ Hanne Ankersen

hanne and DavidOur good friend and David Archuleta fan Hanne Ankersen passed away in 2013, and today (Thursday, July 21) would have been her birthday.  I included a link to one of the many posts dedicated to Hanne from FOD:


Many of you did something personal to keep her memory alive.  I’ve posting a few of the tributes below

Debbie Shellor for Hanne img 1

From Debbie Shellor

- Balloons for Hanne - Louise B.P.

– Balloons for Hanne – Louise B.P.

- Rose of Hanne bush - Louise B.P.

– Rose of Hanne bush – Louise B.P.


- Sunburst windchimes for Hanne - Mary L.

– Sunburst windchimes for Hanne – Mary L.



Forget Me Nots from Candy


- click to go to FOD FB to view

– click to go to FOD FB to view

- David & a balloon for Hanne - Sharon R.

– David & a balloon for Hanne – Sharon R.


From Kalei


From Joanie

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 5.01.48 AMAlso sharing some of her amazing edits.  She had a way …

- photoedit hannedenmark

– photoedit hannedenmark

Hanne Denmark edit Original Photo by @nareeJo -taken after Grand Fans Day~Feb. 2012  **CLICK TO BIGGER IT**

Hanne Denmark edit Original Photo by @nareeJo -taken after Grand Fans Day~Feb. 2012 **CLICK TO BIGGER IT**

 - Nascar 2011 photo edit by hannedenmark

– Nascar 2011 photo edit by hannedenmark

David on Talentadong~ Hanne Denmark Edit Original photo NareeJo~

David on Talentadong~ Hanne Denmark Edit Original photo NareeJo~

Hanne Denmark edit original photo: Derik Lim **Click to make it bigger!**

Hanne Denmark edit original photo: Derik Lim **Click to make it bigger!**

And I must end with the socks story from Kalei …

My favorite memory involves colorful socks….

We were having a twitter convo on the topic of gifts for David.  Specifically, why we felt such a strong urge to bring along a little gift for David whenever we went to a concert or event.  We weren’t sure if this was a universal feeling that all fans shared with their artist of choice, or if it was unique to David’s fans.  We noticed that not only did fans want to bring a little something for David, we also went out of our way to help other fans get their cards, letters and gifts to David too!  We’ve developed a mail & package delivery system that rivals the US Postal Service and operates with the speed and efficiency of FedEx.  We all understand the feeling of wanting to share something of ourselves with him.

We talked about gifts that we’d given David and Hanne mentioned that she had knit David a pair of socks.  I was dumbfounded – I mean who knits socks?  To me, socks were something that came from WalMart in packs of 10 – I thought to myself that maybe she had meant a Christmas stocking, but no, she had actually knit David a pair of socks!  Then she said that David had liked the socks so much that he asked her to knit him some to use as gifts!  She was so thrilled, and I was thrilled for her too!  When she tweeted a pic of the socks, I was even more amazed – these were not just socks, these were SOCKS!  Like knock-your-socks-off socks!  I have relatively few occasions to wear socks, but I would definitely wear a pair of these lovingly hand-knit socks – colorful socks that are a reflection of our fandom – all different, all beautiful, created one stitch at a time and knit tightly together forever….perfect for our walks down memory lane.

Hanne, we love and miss you ~ you are in our hearts always.

* * * * *

I’ll be back with more info as it comes in.

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