David Archuleta ~ TOFW Houston!!! The Inspiration, the performances, the light! , Vid clips, Pics, Tweets… Orion NOW available for Pre order on iTunes!!! New FM Showcases David and Up All Night! more to come~


TOFW~ Sharing Inspiration, Faith, and Passion

TOFW Houston Shelley -David Archuleta  2

TOFW Houston Shelley -David archuleta 2

TOFW houston david archuleta 5 credit Michelle

TOFW Houston David Archuleta credit Michelle

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Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.41.16 PM

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New IG story from David! Or is it an anime? ;)

I love the whimsical side David shares with us from time to time in IG stories (along with all the other sides he shares.) :)

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David Archuleta’s ORION ep is now available for preorder on iTunes!!

We hoped this news was coming and yesterday afternoon our hopes grew BIG as Keiko let us know on twitter that the Orion (preorder) was available in Japan!! tweet ORION ep on Japan iTunes credit Keiko And sure enough, a little earlier than midnight ET, it became available in the US and Canada as well!! Oh my~ and how I love the longer preview snippets that iTunes offers! Be sure to preorder your Orion EP today and spread the word!!!  Click above to head to iTunes! * * * * * * Orion preorder iTunes tweet FOD * * * * *

An “Up All Night” Thumbs Up from Team FM

We always love to see promo for David’s music!! Why not give this guy a thumbs up and follow him on twitter @TeamFMRadio …and RT his support for david and “Up All Night” TEam FM tweet Up All Night Up All Night Team FM tweet

Who is Team FM? Learn more by clicking below!David Archuleta Team FM banner


Welcome to Team-FM~ Where Great Music Matters!

The Team-FM Top Tune!

The Team-FM Top Tune is a song recently released. But it isn’t just any new release. It has to be outstanding. It has to be top notch. It has to be way up there, to make you want to crank up the volume! If it isn’t all of those things, it’s not a Top Tune! You can hear the Team-FM Top Tune for the first time on Welcome to the Weekend with Brian D each Friday. But you’ll also hear it each time “The Hits Machine” starts. This week’s Top Tune is “Up All night” by David Archuleta. After two years as a missionary in Chili and what he has described as “A Rough month”, David Archuleta was invited by a family in Tennessee to fish the pond at their rural home. “Life was so simple there, the kids didn’t even have smart phones” he says. “When I got home I felt whole again.” This week’s top tune was inspired by that trip from being fractured to being whole. It starts quietly, then the hauntingly beautiful vocal leads into a big sound and compelling rhythm, the idea of not being able to forget something which has recently happened to us is something we can all share. For us, the fact that we can dance to this song, can sing along to its chorus, but can also really share in how the singer is feeling makes it this week’s top tune. Listen out for it in the Hits Machine and the Pop Machine. ***CLICK TO CONTINUE ** * * * * * *

TOFW Houston: The Music, the messages, and “The light,” and the “Jiggy!”

TOFW Houston fb

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.52.55 PM This is what it’s all about ~ it’s David emitting his own light  while he’s sharing inspiration and singing with such passion… David speaks of finding others who radiate that “light” while we’re seeing it blazing in front of us. :) TOFW houston credit Michelle tweet stronger faith

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Songs From the Event

Tina gave a lovely little capsule summation of David’s performances TOFW Houston Tweet Tina best summary TOFW Houston Tina tweet * * * * * *


(I’m going to post song clips and I’ll add photos down below. David sang 9 songs~ 9 SONGS and as Michelle tweeted, “almost like a regular concert.” )

* * * * *

BOTW~ credit Tina

(ps love her enthusiasm near the end ) :)

Pride from Shelley! Those runs!! ~and Get “Jiggy!!” :)

 TOFW Houston Tweet Michelle pride jiggy TOFW Houston Tweet Got jiggy with Pride Shelley * * * *

Invincible (clip) from Tina.

I’m so very proud of David for writing this song~ what an honest and heartfelt creation.♥

Clip from David’s new song Invincible #davidarchuleta #soooooooGOOD   A post shared by rhiminee (@rhiminee) on

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True Colors ~credit Shelley

* * * *

My Little Prayer


* * * * *

Say Me

A post shared by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on

* Waiting for 3 more songs to surface and we will post the clips as they become available* * * * * * *

Photos from Houston


So this guy is pretty ok to go see I guess ‍♀️ A post shared by rhiminee (@rhiminee) on

* * * * * *

I met David Archuleta tonight AND got his autograph! I’m freaking out right now! #tofwhouston A post shared by Brandee Bowen Bagshaw (@brandeeloveshippos) on

Perfect weekend to end my time in Texas! #tofwhouston #davidarchuleta A post shared by Mary Clement (@maryclement12) on

  #davidarchuleta A post shared by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on

True colors! Love ❤️ @davidarchie #tofwhouston

A post shared by Jennifer Carr (@jcarr1212) on

TOFW Houston credit Shelley 2

TOFW Houston credit Shelley 2

More pics from Shelley (posted on IG)

TOFW Houston Shelley David 1

TOFW Houston Shelley David 1

David Archuleta TOFW Houston credit Shelley

David Archuleta TOFW Houston credit Shelley

TOFW houston Shelley David 3

TOFW Houston credit Shelley ~ David Archuleta

What a ‘”Garden!”  ;) From @Gwenpo

TOFW Houston credit Gwen a garden with David

We Love New Fans!!

TOFW Houston Shelley with NEw David Archuleta fan

TOFW Houston new fan Shelley tweet 1

TOFW Houston new fan Shelley tweet 2

TOFW Houston new fan Shelley tweet 3 JPGTOFW Houston new fan Shelley tweet 4 JPG

A few more from Michelle CLICK each to bigger! 

TOFW Houston david 2 credit Michelle TOFW Houston David 4 credit Michelle TOFW Houston David 3 credit Michelle TOFW houston david 5 credit Michelle

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 Photos from Valerie Gwen Murphy on fb Click below  to head to her fb page

TOFW Houston Valeris Gwen Murphy fb

TOFW Houston adoring mormon grandmas lol  credit Shenadaya  on IG

TOFW Houston adoring mormon grandmas lol credit Shenadaya on IG

Pics from Dulce Sanchez on fb Click to bigger below

TOFW Houston credit Dulce sanchez fb 1 TOFW Houston credit Dulce sanchez fb 2

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Continue to STREAAAM Up All Night

Remember to Spread the word for #OrionEP , pre-order, and continue to stream Up All Night on Spotify! CLICK HERE for directions given yesterday if you need them!

Spotify UAN new music friday post by David

I’m going to get this post up without finishing but I’ll keep adding, so refresh  from time to time ! :) There’s so much more when there are great uber fans in any David audience ;)

Thank you sooo much to Gwen, Shelley, Michelle, Tina, and all the other awesome contributors from TOFW Houston! We could feel the joy soaring in all directions from Houston last night! David Archuleta, thank you for continuing to give so much to your fans, and to all new ears willing to listen. The world so needs your voice and your spirit!

And thanks endlessly to Kari, David’s tour manager and adventure buddy who is always behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly for David and for the fans!! She is awesome and we are so incredibly lucky to have her on Team A and in the fans’ corner. :)

Happy Saturday everyone! More to come~

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David Archuleta : TOFW Houston Tonight! Honduran Enchiladas and Baleadas : Food Truck Delights & the Adventure Buddies, A Blackbird Collaboration for


“Tonight your memory is holding me”

David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 2

David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 2

* * * * * *

quote keep your eyes on the stars

* * * * * *

Houston Updates!!

Kari gives us a hello from Houston!!

Kari Sellards tweet hello Houston

* * * *

Lovely Fans waiting at the venue for a chance to grab their “golden tickets” for the signing later!

Hello @Gwenpo @Shell_eeeyyy @Hazeleyd71

TOFW Huston Gwen Shelley Michelle


GWEN GOT HER GOLDEN TICKET!! (They all scored!)

TOFW houston Gwen golden ticket

Nice seats, Ladies!!!

TOFW Houston Michelle seat

TOFW Michelle Houston

TOFW Houston Gwen stage

Tina has a lovely hotel view in Houston but I’m betting tonight’s view at TOFW will be even better!!

Hello Houston!!

A post shared by rhiminee (@rhiminee) on

* * * * * *

TOFW Houston Tonight!!

david archuleta TOFW houston George Brown Convention ctr David will be performing tonight at  the TOFW (Time Out For Women) event at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX! David’s appearance last week in Alaska was filled with wise words and musical nuggets galore that were shared by attendees on social media. Will we be lucky in receiving more “gifts” tonight?? Let’s look at who will be thee! Gwen (and Michelle) live close by and WILL BE THERE! TOFW Houston Geo Brown Convention Center cred Gwen Shelley flew to Houston!

Tina is there, too, after her roadtrip from Arkansas!

David Archuleta TOFW Houston Tina's there

Looks like we already have a very nice group of  fans who will be taking in David’s words and music tonight! Hoping to hear a lot about the event from them!! Let’s hope they’ll all be able to scamper back to the music/merch table prior to the start and receive one of 200  coveted “golden tickets” which allows them to meet and greet David at the signing table after the show. *hoping hoping hoping

* * * * * *

The Adventure Buddies in Houston: First Stop Honduran Foooood!!!

Last evening as the TOFW touring adventure buddies made their way into Houston, Honduran food trucks caught their attention (and their stomachs’ ;) )  We heard from both David AND Kari on Instagram!

Kari shared a yummy food post,too!! Love her words~ “Only with Archie”

Only with Archie we would do a Honduran Food truck in Houston! #yummy this might keep me #upallnight A post shared by Kari Sellards (@karisellards) on

I wondered what these yummy delectable looking items might be, and David answered that question for me by recording a little IG story! LOVE this as he measured the length of the baleada (pronounced ball-eh-ah-da) ;)

Ok, they had me at #yummy! Had to look for a recipe! Click below to make baleadas! baleadas * * * *

Brady Bills and Lexi Walker~ “Blackbird” for AMAR

AMAR charity This is a beautiful collaboration for awareness and charity between David’s guitarist Brady Bills and his friend Lexi Walker. David tweeted about the project on Wednesday evening. David Archuleta tweet Brady Bills and Lexi Walker Blackbird

To purchase the track (we would really love it if you did!): https://goo.gl/egz4Do

To learn more about the AMAR Foundation: https://www.amarfoundation.org/en-us/
** AMAR stands for “Assisting Marsh Arabs & Refugees “ To connect with the amazingly talented people who helped make this project possible: This is the first project I’ve done where everyone donated their time and talents to help create the track and video. Our hope is that you’ll join us and make a contribution that goes directly to the AMAR Foundation. Love, Lexi


Brady also posted on facebook about the project~ Brady Bills fb AMAR project

* * * * * *

Of course most everything we do on FOD relates back to David so I must post 2 beautiful performances of David singing Blackbird. The first time I heard David cover Paul McCartney’s lovely song was in Myrtle Beach back in 2011. What a wonderful surprise it was for all of us standing outside in the late spring air! ~ vid credit Tina~

More recently, this past fall at Tuacahn, David sang Blackbird again in a duet with Brady Bills on guitar. Again, it was sublime~ vid credit Nancy * * * * * *

Streaming Update! UAN on Spotify New Music Friday! Team David Shares!

This is AWESOME to see!! Read Deb’s instructions below to set up streaming for Spotify and search the New Music Friday playlist! David is listed at #47 ~ then hit the “repeat” as described below and stream stream stream!!!

Spotify UAN new music friday post by David

* * * * * *

Streaming “Up All Night” on Spotify!! An Idea from Deb  aka Snowangelz ~ Do it all night! :)

David Archuleta Up All Night stream

Deb aka Snowangelz aka TOfan has an idea to encourage others to participate in. It’s all about increasing the playcount and streaming numbers for Up All Night in hopes that this will improve charting numbers for David’s single! Click the Spotify graphic or link below.

Spotify install Spotify David followers and plays per song Hey guys! just trying to spread the word about another way to help Up All Night chart. (150 streams of a song =1 digital download, counted by Billboard) I downloaded Spotify for free onto my desktop (https://www.spotify.com ), found UAN & hit the repeat button (turned off the audio) and left it running all night and it was still going this morning! & more streams help w/charting, so if this isn’t common knowledge, please pass on! {{{{{{hugs}}}}} to all!!! find the repeat button here:


Thanks Deb for the great heads up!!!

* * * * *

More on Streaming~

This article from Forbes provides some additional insight into how streaming affects album performance.

Now That Streaming Can Make An Album Platinum, What Counts And What Doesn’t?


scotty McCreery platinum in Forbes

Recently, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) changed the methodology by which albums are certified gold and platinum. As of this month, streams are now being included, which modernizes the entire process. Sales of singles and albums decline every year, while the streaming industry is booming. Since the way that the masses consume music has changed, so should the way the industry recognizes success.

It might sound pretty straightforward, but there are a few important details to note in order to fully understand how an album will “go gold” from now on.

How Many Streams Does It Take?

In the new structure, 150 streams of a song equals one paid download, and ten paid downloads equates to an album download. So, an artist’s music will have to be streamed on any of the approved, included services 1,500 times for an album “sale” to be counted.

If, say, 1,500 people play Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, that will count as one sale of her album 1989. The RIAA is still going to be specific about which songs are featured on what records, so artists will continue to see certain albums being awarded. CLICK HERE to continue on Forbes.

* * * * * *

Dinner with David  Essay Contest at Snowflake- Final Day!!!

Hoping even more entrees flood our inbox today!! If you are in or near Snowflake Arizona and know of someone who might wish to enter the contest, please pass this info along! IT’s going to be a great night for the winner!!!

David Archuleta Snowflake essay contest FOD

* * * * * *

Fun Fan Finds

Gracie’s fond “Mars” memories (that St George landscape, though~)

gracie schram tbt st george tour life

* * * * * *

Sketch no.2 #DavidArchuleta A post shared by Paul San Diego (@waterpauls97) on

A Few More Pics to share From Pam Pike

Pam’s pics from Anchorage are pretty awesome! She has them posted over on her Sounds of David site on facebook so be sure to head over and take it all in! :) *Click to bigger the smaller pics below.*

David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 9 David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 4 David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 5 David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 8 David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 7 David Archuleta TOFW Anchorage credit Pam Pike 10

* * * *

It’s bound to be an exciting TOFW night in Houston!  Additional excitement and anticipation abounds as there are murmurs of the possibility that Jazzy, David’s sis who is near completing her 18 month mission, just might be there tonight! We’re sure hoping as it would be a beautiful reuniting time!! I’ll be adding to the post as the day and evening progress. Wishing everyone a great day! :)

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