David Archuleta ~ Thursday… Get Ready For Gracie’s #DearFall EP out Tomorrow, Terrific Tuacahn Tickets Available from Kalei!! LOL-ing with Lily’s Ticket Buying Memes!


David Archuleta TOFW Sacramento~ credit Shelley

David Archuleta TOFW Sacramento~ credit Shelley

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Drums, Synthesizers, and NEW MUSIC!

David checked in with everyone today on Instagram to show us a little synthesizer playin’ …although today it’s all about drum tracks!! Woot!!! The sound of New Music Coming makes me hApPy!!!

Oh!! And David shared an IG story, too!… Their little break is over so we’re getting some “Drums. And then me, too.”  hahahahaha And did y’all catch David’s mini vocal clip??? so good!!!  :)

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 Gracie Schram’s #DearFall EP out tomorrow!!


Singer songwriter Gracie Schram who toured with David over the past year, and who we’ve become great fans of here at FOD, has a very special announcement; we couldn’t be more excited  for her!!! Gracie’s new EP “Dear Fall” is set to be released tomorrow!

Many will recognize these songs from her acoustic set, while opening on tour for David, where they were enjoyed and embraced. Now hearing them recorded and produced, they are even more captivating! Gracie sent us a personal video and a note about its release to share with all of you!

Hello Fans of David!
I hope all is well in your world! In less than a day, my new EP, Dear Fall, will be out for the world to hear – release date is tomorrow, Friday 9/30!  I am extremely proud of this project – these songs (and music videos to come later) are the result of more than a year of work and collaboration with amazingly talented people. EEEEK! Can’t wait!

Fingers crossed that you LOVED it! If you do, here’s how you can help:

#1  BUY #DearFall on iTunes TOMORROW– http://smarturl.it/DearFallEP  

#2   -Share link on social media on RELEASE DAY 9/30  (***THESE LINKS        WILL NOT GO LIVE UNTIL 9/30***)

#3 Write a review about Dear Fall – I’m glad to provide anything additional you might need.

#4 Enjoy the music & tell your friends!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am oh so grateful for your support! My goal is to drive as many people as possible to iTunes to purchase the EP on release day (9/30) – if we can create a buzz that day it will help with positioning and with enough sales could help Dear Fall chart on iTunes and maybe even Billboard.


Gracie Schram – Dear Fall – release date 9.30.16
Track Listing:
1 – Anywhere You Go*
2 – Walls
3 – You Are My Sunshine
4 – Don’t Cry Lullaby (From Ileana’s Smile Soundtrack)
Produced by:     Brad Corrigan of the band Dispatch – read more about Brad here: http://bradcorrigan.com/

*Produced by:    Rick Seibold – read more about Rick here: http://www.rickseibold.com/
Walls, You Are My Sunshine, Don’t Cry Lullaby –
Recorded at The Keep Recording Denver, CO - http://thekeeprecording.com/
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Kanan

*** Gracie’s hope is to get as many people as possible to buy the EP on iTunes on release day (9/30) and during release week. We so appreciate your help in spreading the word. She will be doing a periscope mini concert on 9/30 in the evening on the Coca Cola Music periscope ***

“Dear Fall”~ Already receiving a Warm Welcome!


Congratulations to Gracie on some early praise and a warm welcome for “Dear Fall! “

Click on the articles (photos) posted below to head over and read the glowing reviews of Gracie’s EP. In each, Gracie’s tour experience with David Archuleta is mentioned!


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FOD (Fans of David) are also “FOG” (Fans of Gracie) and we’re wishing Gracie the very best with #DearFall!!

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 Speaking of Gracie and David… “Leave Your Light On”


Gracie and David along with Isabeau Miller and Sean Baelin collaborated on “Leave Your Light On” this past summer in Nashville.  It’s a beautiful song with a message of love and hope. Gracie (accompanied by Cutter Gage) shared the song  via periscope recently from the Tumbleweed Festival in Kansas city.  We’re hoping that “Leave Your Light On”  will be recorded one day soon by David and Gracie!! Click below to watch~


david Archuleta and Gracie Schram

We’ve been able to listen to how beautifully their voices blend and flow together as they joined on stage during shows this past year . Their duet/rendition of “Don’t Give up” was ethereal and sublime~ Two lovely talented artists with very sweet spirits! :)

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Terrific Tickets To Tuacahn Available!!!


Hey fans, check this out! Kalei has extra tickets available for all 3 Tuacahn shows that are fannnntabuloso!!! (yes that’s totally a word because these seats are that good!) 2 tickets for each of the 3 shows in the center section, Row 3 with a center view!!!

3rd row center:

Thursday 11/3: C 117 & 118

Friday     11/4: C 105&106

Saturday   11/5: C 112&113

If you are interested in purchasing these tickets, please contact Kalei @Kaleiluvshawaii via dm on twitter, or Email us at fodfrontpage@gmail.com where you will be put n touch with her! :)

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LOL-ing with Lily: DA Ticket Buying Memes

Lily, @PlatinumArchie is keeping us smiling with her take on what it’s like to wait for those coveted David Archuleta Christmas tour tickets to go on sale through her awesome photos and captions! Enjoy! And Lily, hang in and hold on~ hopefully those Costa Mesa tickets will  also be on sale, soon!

lily-david-meme-tix-sales-1 lily-david-meme-tix-sales-2



  *** YASSSSSS!!!  Vegas Tickets In. My. Hands.!!! <—just thought that needed a bit more emphatical clarification.  ;) ***



Love your light and humorous take on all of the ticket anticipation, Lily!! Hopefully you’ll soon have your tickets to your chosen shows in your hands!!! #MerryChristmas #BlessedandLuckyGirl  ;) 

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Current Shows/Tickets on Sale

Westbury Santa Hat

David Archuleta~ Westbury 2009~credit Kimmie David

David Archuleta Christmas shows are in a league of “SPECIAL” all by themselves. I truly wish every fan could go and hope that there will be some great videos for all watching from home. ♥  The shows currently on sale include Tuacahn (not- Christmas), Indianapolis, Rexburg, Boise, Mesa, Las Vegas, and Sacramento.  Shows for Provo, Layton, and Costa Mesa are not yet on sale. Click below to head to the OS for complete listing or click on the names listed here to purchase tickets and VIPs (not available at all events).  **Note** The OS link to Rexburg is currently not functioning so click the city listed here. Also, there have been reported issues with ticket purchasing for the Las Vegas show. an email has been sent to Eventbrite regarding this issue. If you are experiencing difficulties purchasing tickets, please also contact the venue or Eventbrite if it applies.



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Fun Fan Finds

Katie Moore~ “This Not This” Website

katie-moore-avi naill-album-cover-credit-katie-moore

Katie Moore, professional designer, and art director who works freelance posted about her latest cover design which takes her in a very cool direction <—See what I did there? ;) Love what she did for Naill !! Anyway, I decided to check out her website “This Not This” as I haven’t been there in awhile~ If you appreciate great musical artists, talent, and an imperial eye for design, you should head over!! It’s an aesthetic place to park for a bit and sink into her creations! Of course there is one album cover spread I focused on as I perused through that might just be my favorite. ;) I’m wondering if Katie and her “favorite David” will be working together to design an EP/album cover in the near future? I fan can dream, can’t she? :D


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~That’s about it from me for now but I’ll be sure to add things as anything new comes our way. Wishing all of you a great Thursday and in closing to “Throw it back” along with David in that cute Santa Hat  from ’09, enjoy this gem from that same Westbury show! Sydnie, from comments, who is currently taking French lessons and will be traveling soon to France~ this one’s for you!  :)  Pat-a-Pan -in -a -Santa-Hat <<<credit DJBell

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David Archuleta~ Monday Funday ~ Indy Tickets Race to Get Them!! Tickets for other venues currently available and more~


“Indy” Are You Ready????


David Archuleta TOFW Madison~ credit: Joanie

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Get Ready & Rev Those Engines! Christmas Show Tix go on sale in Indianapolis TODAY!


CLICK Below for the Eventbrite Site info for the Indy show! Tickets and VIPs on Sale NOW!


Eventbrite has provided the following info for this event:

Message from Deseret Book Company


DAVID ARCHULETA is performing one night only at the Pike Performing Arts Center as part of his Christmas Tour. Enjoy favorites, new selections and Christmas music. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate Christmas with DAVID ARCHULETA and special guest NATHAN PACHECO.

DOORS OPEN: 7:00 pm


QUESTIONS: Please email Concerts@DeseretBook.com or call 1.866.832.8211

DAVID ARCHULETA MERCHANDISE: There will be a store at your concert with David Archuleta CD’s and exclusive tour merchandise.

ADA SEATING: To purchase ADA seating, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance: 1.866.832.8211.

SPECIAL NEEDS REQUESTS:If you or a member of your group requires special arrangements for ASL or other needs, all requests must be made directly to Concerts@Deseretbook.com  no later than TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event. We will make every effort to accommodate timely requests according to our special needs policies.

TICKETING POLICY: NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES: Paid tickets are transferable. 

CONDITIONS OF SALE: You assume all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during, or after said show. You assume all risk and danger of injury and you agree that the management, its agents, and the performers are not responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from such causes.


The event taking place in this area is being videotaped/recorded for future use by Deseret Book Company (“DBC”).  By entering this area you hereby irrevocably grant to DBC the right to photograph your image and record your voice, and to own, license, assign and/or use the same (and/or any portion thereof) forever and throughout the world in any manner and/or medium including, without limitation, in DBC and other programming, advertisement and promotion thereof. You will not receive any payment for such use and waive any right to bring any action in law or equity against DBC, its parent and related companies, subsidiaries (whether or not wholly owned), affiliates, divisions, and their past, present and future officers, agents, representatives, employees, successors, and assigns for such use. You acknowledge that you are at least eighteen years of age. If you are under the age of eighteen, you represent that you have obtained your parent’s/guardian’s consent to enter this area and to be bound by the terms set forth herein. If you do not agree to the above terms and do not wish to be videotaped/recorded as part of the event, please avoid areas where filming or photography are taking place.

Have a question? Contact the organizer at Concerts@DeseretBook.com

Lucky Fans are grabbing them while they’re fresh and hot Hot HOT!!


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Pike Performing Arts Center : Show Promo Up!

Tickets went on sale yesterday(monday) and today the PPAC site is decked with a  David/Nathan show promo page! Click below where you can visit the site which also includes a linked ticket tab to purchase tickets and VIPs on Eventbrite!


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Tickets On Sale also now for Tuacahn, Boise, Mesa, and Las Vegas! Also Rexburg!

Tuacahn seats are becoming fewer by the day but are still available listed as “good’ for Thursday and Friday, while Saturday is ‘limited!” Click below to head over to purchase tickets!tuacahn-ticket-link

Heading to Tuacahn?? Interested in a room at a discounted rate??


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Boise~ December 5theventbrite-boise-tickets

And speaking of  “boise,” I received this notice re: hotel availability in Boise! Click below to see more~


* * * *

Las Vegas~ December 16theventbrite-las-vegas-tixMesa ~ December 19thmesa-tickets-christmasSacramento~ December 23rdsacramento-christmas-tickets Tickets for Costa Mesa December 21st~ Coming Soon


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Tickets for BYU Rexburg Complete with a Dinner Option!


CLICK ABOVE for more Info and to purchase tickets!

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Christmas in September

While tickets for David and Nathan’s upcoming Christmas Tour are going on sale, why not let David put you in the Christmas Spirit a bit early with these playlists from DAC The Halls and Pocatello last December. Thank you to Mundo and Shelley for these treasures!!
Layton 12/12/15 ~ credit Mundo Archuleta

Pocatello~ 12/15/15~ Credit Shelley

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Fun Fan Finds!

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Good Luck to all continuing to buy tickets this week! May “persistence” pay off in achieving those perfect seats! :) screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-12-09-11-am

Just getting this post up and running but stay tuned as I’ll be adding more~ Happy Monday everyone! :)

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