David Archuleta~ Happy September- Let the Shows Begin! Our Deepest Condolences going out to Virginia’s family, David in Idaho Falls Coming Soon~ A Press Rocket Release,Muses on Songwriting DA connections.


Happy September~ Time To Begin Again!

roots tech cap Glorious Cred Shelley's vid

roots tech cap Glorious Cred Shelley’s vid

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Quote songs are emotions

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Wednesday Updates September 2, 2015

More Amazingness Found From Down Under!!

Thank you Shanelle @ShadowBenny for the finds! Credit: (TOFW) Bruce and Patsy Brereton

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.38.11 PM

New Zealand~ crop original photo credit Bruce and Patsy Brereton

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.37.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.27.10 PM

And~ a “Blue Hoodie” collage created by Shanelle!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.39.50 PM

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Twist Mentions David’s Quote~

twist logo

Twist mention David quote

A Late night Reflection (quote)  re: giving of your time/self to someone in need~

david Tweet Quote tweet consider someone in need

Taking time to help someone in need~ like taking time to create a video singing a hymn and sending it to a fan and her family~ a beautiful example. :)

Trent Dabbs is right on in his response to David’s quote. “rarity” is a wonderful thing..and a personal thank you for David being David  <3 (click Trent’s name to read more about Trent from a post earlier by Kalei)~ David was at the Ten Out Of Tenn concert, created by Trent Dabbs in Nashville with buddy David Cook earlier this year)

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.56.35 PM

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Thoughts, Prayers, and Condolences Extended to Virginia Banker’s  (@bankergin1) Family~


Our deepest condolences go out today to the family and friends of one of our own, Virginia Banker, a Golden Archie who we’ve been holding up in prayer recently. Kari also shared recently that she had been placed in hospice care. DavidFT received word from her daughter that Virginia passed away earlier this morning. We are so very sorry to hear of her passing. She will be so greatly missed! Please lift her family in your prayers during this most difficult time. This is the note and information she shared~

Virginia Banker 2

From Margaret Torres-Furno To all. I am sorry to say that my mom Virginia has passed away this morning. She was a wonderful and caring person and we will miss her. I would like to thank David Archuleta for sending mom a personal video and singing one of his hymns. David you are truly a wonderful person and your music kept mom in a peaceful place.

God Bless David for his kindness and thoughtfulness to a dear fan. I’m sure his “reaching out” meant the world to her and her family. What an incredibly special act of caring and kindness. ♥ ♥ ♥ In remembering Virginia today, I can’t think of a more lovely song to share than David singing Be Still My Soul~

Thoughts and prayers

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It’s September- Let The Shows BEGIN!!

September gifcollage performing Roots tech and Australia

It’s September!! Time for MORE CONCERTS TO BEGIN!!! ARE YOU  R E A D Y ????? WE ARE SOOOOO READY!!!

Gwen is reminding us today that it’s only 16 more days to wait!!!

16 more days ~ credit Gwen

16 more days ~ credit Gwen

And More Anticipation/ Excitement From Wishal Shown in Her Collage

collage getting excited September shows credit Wishal

collage getting excited September shows credit Wishal

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David’s Coming to Idaho Falls ~”Expect a Heartfelt Performance!”

Press Rocket Release


From pop to classic rock, Getaways Resort Management has the latest update on the best music performances in Eastern Idaho this fall.

ISLAND PARK, Idaho (PRWEB) August 31, 2015

While fall is considered one of the best times to enjoy the natural beauty this corner of Idaho has to offer, there are still plenty of events to enjoy back in town.

For visitors to Timbers at Island Park Village, Getaways Resort Management has the scoop on upcoming concerts at nearby venues. Hiking, fishing and hunting are exciting activities, but Getaways Resort Management says nothing brings on a second wind like an evening of live music.

**David Archuleta: Not yet 25 years old, this American Idol star already has six albums under his belt. David Archuleta has been singing on television since he was 12 years old, first on Star Search and then on a variety of talk shows and other competitions. And it’s no wonder: his mother is a salsa singer and his father is a jazz musician. According to Getaways Resort Management, this talented vocalist is also a philanthropist, donating his time and money to a variety of causes. Attendees at this show, which will be held in nearby Idaho Falls on Sept. 17 and 18, can expect a heartfelt performance from this genuine young man.**

Now THAT’S a nice bit of concert promo for Idaho Falls… “Expect a heartfelt performance” … They’ve sure got THAT right! :)  For the complete article, click on “Source” above! :) Don’t have your tickets but are in the area or considering to make it to Idaho Falls for David’s September return to the concert stage?? Click below to head over to get your tickets now!

Idaho Falls TicketsIdaho Falls Tickets

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Tickets on Sale For Midland Texas in November!

Thank you, DavidFT, For posting this “Midland” reminder as well on fb!! Click below!

midland seats posted by dft on fb

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Writing the Music that “feels right” ~ Muses on Songwriting with DA connections

David playing piano writing with Joe Cruz

writing with Joe Cruz 2015

This past few days has been slowwww for news, so today as we gear up for the new shows, and excitement of hearing a little of what David’s been working on, I’ll share some thoughts about the writing process from David in the past as well as a couple songwriters with DA connections. First, from the man himself, David shared a thought earlier this year about writing his new music.


David’s quote from Blog #1 of 2015 included a thought about his current and continuing  songwriting process:
“I have still been writing and working, and in the next few months will continue doing that, as I am really excited to find the right story to tell this time in music. “

Finding the right story to tell and the “emotions expressed” in a song is a highly personal decision and journey each songwriter must take whether writing alone or collaborating with another artist. David, in Chords of Strength though much younger, shared great wisdom and personal goals regarding the writing process:

One of my goals is to continue learning as much as I possibly can about songwriting. Though it’s one of the scariest things for me, it’s necessary for my shaping as an artist. Not to mention that without songwriters there would be no songs to sing! As a performer of songs, I feel I should understand the process from the beginning — to participate in the process. Songwriting is the new dimension for me, the next level.

Nashville Late night writing with Stephanie crop

I’ve been able to feel good about songs I’ve been a part of writing in the past, whether on my own or ones I’ve been able to write with other great songwriters, but I just feel I have so much farther to go. I can really appreciate the idea that being able to create something is incredibly satisfying. You can look at it and say, Wow, this is something I helped create. It came to life. It’s from my soul.” …”What mark do I want to leave? What is my message? What do I stand for? what is my sound? These are huge questions, and the answers will color and shape my future as a singer, writer, and interpreter. [~ David Archuleta -Chords of Strength p. 231]

David has worked with a great number of artists in his past endeavors, and over the past year, he’s been working with many additional artists, i.e. Stephanie Mabey, Naima Adedapo, Casey Abrams, Isabeau Miller, Drew Castle, Joe Cruz, The Nashville Tribute Band, and Jeffrey Trott just to name a few.

It’s wonderful that he’s been able to take the time so vitally needed to explore different music styles and a variety of artists as he continues to learn more about himself and the “story he’s chosen to tell” with his new music.

* * * * * *

Shelley Peikin~Serial SongWriter Confessions of a serial songwriter

David, Shelley Peiken, Mike Krompass

Shelly, who collaborated with David on Elevator and Who I am, has a book coming out soon !  “Confessions of a Serial Songwriter” will hopefully hit the shelves this Fall. You can read about it on her BLOG and also read more about Shelly on her AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE! Below, she muses about her songwriting experiences and where inspiration can come from.

We posted Shelley’s words on working with David (and his talent) earlier this year when she mentioned him on FB. Wonder if they’ve had any new collaborative sessions and if we might hear something new from them in the future? *hope so!* :)

- click to visit Shelly's FB

- click to listen!

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Five For Fighting on Songwriting

*Ed note* I recently saw John Ondrasik (Five For Fighting) perform at a  Concert On The Lake held at my neighbors last month for charity. He performed an acoustic set…just John, his guitar(s), a keyboard, and his voice. It was A W E S O M E!!! Ironically, one of my favorite Five For Fighting songs that he didn’t perform, was none other than “The Riddle” which David so perfectly covered on his CFTH tour in 2009! (Thus the DA connection.) Maybe that’s a good thing though as David’s rendition will forever have a special place in my heart.*  ;)  We were treated when David posted a pic of himself with John following an outdoor concert last year in Utah. Awwww the two had finally met. :)

John Ondrasik and David 2014

John Ondrasik and David 2014

Somehow, I’m thinking David or someone else possibly shared with John that he had covered “The Riddle” because not long after, John tweeted the following~

Tweet John Ondrasik Five For Fighting tweets David re the Riddle

Anyway, excuse me for getting sidetracked. During the concert on the beach, John shared some great stories about songwriting over the years…the ups, the downs, the unexpected successes, and the many lessons learned. I wish I’d been able to record all of what he said because he really did share a lot of great wisdom.

One of the things he said was that when it comes to songwriting, “for every one good song you write, you leave at least 100 on the floor.” Wow! He also shared a great story about one of his songs that became a big hit. He said it was originally written for a big blockbuster movie but instead he chose to have the song used in a small budget film because it felt “right” to him. Not sure which “big” film didn’t get the song, but it all worked out ok as the song was “Chances” and the “little” film that ended up getting it was The Blind Side. :)

Although I wasn’t able to record the things John talked about re: his experiences songwriting, I found a video of his where he discusses some of the things he shared. Good stuff!

Where Songs Come From: John Ondrasik at TedxMidwest

If you ever have the chance to go to a Five For Fighting concert, doooo it! Great music, and a truly great artist.

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An Additional Related Article on Writing Songs~

In the following article, Cliff Goldmacher describes the 4 different ways songs can come together in the creative process.  Click the pic below if you’d like to head over to read it on BMI. :) It would be fun to hear from David in the future which of the four approaches described seems to work best for him.

Four dos and Don’ts when writing songs:

bmi 4 dos and don'ts of songwriting
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Fantastic Finds

Closing out the post for now with a couple of great Fan Finds/Creations!

screencap credit shadow Benny

screencap credit shadow Benny

And an uber cool vlog-collage by @Magdelenaa123

collage hello guys it's David here credit Magdelenaa123

That’s all for now from “moi”. I’ll be around to update over the next few days and Kalei will return on Friday!! :) It’s getting closer and closer to concert time and I’m so very happy for all the fans who will be able to see David as he takes the stage beginning his Fall concert series in Idaho Falls! Thanks so much from us here on the site and from DavidFT on facebook for being here with us! And again, please keep Virginia’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

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David Archuleta ~ Mini Friday Post: David Makes us SMILE! Friday “Soothing” and Smile Updates, A “Perfect” Perfectionist New Music Response from Kari, Gracie Schram To Open For David, David Cook Interview (Mention), Tickets Available For Tuacahn 11/7!


Love that smile!

-collage credit Shadowbenny

-collage credit Shadowbenny

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David Archuleta – Smile (credit: ohnopurple)

David Archuleta – U Smile (credit: bluedots)

David Archuleta – When I See U Smile (credit: Metta Kristy)

*  *  *  *  *

This post was set to auto-post because I’m currently away on a business trip – but David always gives us a reason to SMILE! :-)  I love in Bluedots’ tag she mentions using a Beiber song AGAIN haha!  But hey, any song about smiling when it’s connected to David is all right by me!

No Saturday update tomorrow unless there’s breaking news, then Joanie will post it! Otherwise, see you guys here next Friday! ~ Kalei

- The smile that captured a million hearts! credit American Idol

– The smile that captured a million hearts! credit American Idol

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Hi everyone! Joanie here~ Just breaking into Kalei’s super smiley post to add some more updates sure to make you smile. I thought it’d be better to add them (here) today instead of my post last evening sooo here ya go~ and Happy Friday everyone! :)

Additional “Soothing,” Smiles, and Updates for Friday!

Begin photoshoot posted Smile  by @DavidUniverse

Begin photoshoot posted Smile by @DavidUniverse

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Baby Carlee is “Soothed” and Smiling With David Singing “Glorious.”

Published on Aug 26, 2015

Carlee LOVES this song! She spent 3 months in the NICU and I played it for her every single time I visited her (every day for 97 days). Now that she’s home, it has become “her song” and is a sure fire way to calm her down when she is fussy and/or soothe her whenever she is inconsolable. Read Carlee’s story at: www.utahmillers.com

Thanks so much to Ali for finding this vid and sharing it in comments. Carlee’s story is definitely one you might like to read; she’s already faced great challenges in her little life and she’s part of a very special family. You can read about her and her family by clicking to visit her family’s blog below

Carlee blog Our Little Family

Carlee's adoption Story



Glorious Carlee's Happy Place

Also, thanks to Maureen (@Maureen_ABMS ) for tweeting the vid to Kari and David! Kari’s response to Maureen was perfect! :) 

Carlee vid tweeted by Maureen to Kari

Tweet Kari respons about Carlee vid

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Kari’s  Perfect “Perfectionist” Response re: New Music! Plus David shares a quote!

Recording in Lady V's studio 2015 crop

Recording in Lady V’s studio 2015 crop

Janel asked Kari about David’s new cd and when we might be hearing more~ Kari’s response looks “perfectly” promising!!

Tweet Kari perfectionist new music

Hmmmm and it seemed very timely that soon after Kari responded about David working to “perfect” his new music he tweeted a very good quote!
Tweet David Archuleta quote -To reach a Goal-8-27-2014

A tweet by David always triggers good responses. Here’s a sample. ;) tweet david goal response 1tweet david goal response 2tweet david goal response 3tweet david goal response 5tweet david goal response 6tweet david goal response 7

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Gracie Schram To Open For David in September!

Gracie schram 1

Now listed along with David on his Windish Agency “Current Tours” page is Gracie Schram! Gracie will open for David in Idaho Falls and Layton (The first 4 upcoming shows.) Young, talented, driven, and super sweet, learn more about Gracie below.

Tour Windish page Gracie Schram

Gracie Scram website

You could walk right by Gracie Schram at a crowded party and not notice her. And that’s partly by design. “I’m a wallflower,” the youthful brunette proudly belts, “you might miss me if you’re not looking.” That humble but ironic statement comes on track 2 of I Am Me, Gracie’s stunning new album of disarming and rustic indie-pop songs of yearning, hope, and self-discovery, released May 5, 2015.

Though she’s a proud outsider to the core, Gracie won’t be a bystander for long. A mere 17 years old, she already possesses all the songwriting brilliance and vocal prowess needed to earn fast fans among critics and casual listeners alike.

Gracie proves her mettle again and again on I Am Me — on songs like the shimmering slow-burner “Different,” co-written with indie luminary Jason Reeves (Colbie Caillat, Lenka), with its outcast-anthem chorus, “I’m in love with being lonely, and I’m awkward when you hold me.” And also on the bluegrass-infused ode to a not-yet-existent love, “Breakup,” which showcases not only Gracie’s impressively gritty vocal range but her knack for smart storytelling.
Though Gracie alone with a guitar could probably stop a noisy party in its tracks, I Am Me is driven by expert production from Nashville tunesmith Charlie Peacock, best known for his work with contemporary folk acts including The Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow, and Brett Dennen. Peacock’s backporch wizardry is on full display throughout this 11-song jewel box of sparkling, country-flavored tunes rich with emotional nuance, heartstring-plucking acoustics, and tightly woven harmonies. A seasoned vet and an inspired upstart, Peacock and Schram collaborate to form a sweet and potent chemistry.

“I Am Me” marks Gracie’s first time working with a full-fledged producer, but, surprisingly, it’s not her first album. At the age of 10, she recorded and self-released a six-song CD to benefit underprivileged children in Haiti and Africa. The impressively polished Showers from God went on to raise more than $30,000 for The Global Orphan Project, and the follow-up 7-song release, Different, also benefitted charity.

Giving back is at the heart of Gracie’s passion as a songwriter, and it drives her pursuit of a career in music. “That’s the reason I got into music at all,” she says. “And as I started to perform more and more, it was great to see people inspired by my music and connecting to my songs.”

Gracie intends to donate a portion of her proceeds from each album to charity. She hopes that her songs will empower listeners to make positive change. “I want people who hear my music to know that when you are your own true self, you can make a difference,” Gracie says.

Whether she’s writing songs to build orphanages in Haiti or simply to comfort lonely souls in need of musical solace, Gracie Schram is as true as they come.

If you’d like to preview Gracie’s latest cd, “I Am Me,” Click below to head to iTunes. Keep your eyes on David’s Windish page for further updates and postings for additional opening performers  for Tuachan and Midland shows in November!

Gracie schram on iTunes I am Me

An Additional interview with Gracie and  The Johnson County Library Can be watched by clicking the pic below.

gracie Scram yellow shoes on

Follow Gracie Schram on TWITTER @gracieschram

Gracie Schram on FB

* * * * * *

David (Cook) & David ~ Good Friendship Continues! Interview on 104.3 MYfm



Thanks to Ali for another fun find! This interview was posted in comments at MJ’s. David Cook, preparing to release his newest album “Digital Vein” in September sat down with Lisa Foxx on 104.3 MyFM to talk about the new music,  Pledge Music, new tattoos, and old AI friends. Click the pic below to head over and watch the interview. About 2/3 of the way in, at about the 5 minute mark, Cook talks about his continuing close friendship with David (Archie). He shares that they’ve been able to see more of each other as they’ve both been living in the Nashville area. Earlier this year, they attended the “TEN OUT OF TENN” at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville!  Nice!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.40.30 AM


His newly released (first) single from the album “Criminals” is also posted in the interview, and his album Digital Vein can be previewed and pre-ordered ON iTUNES.

* * * * * *

2 Tickets Available for 11/7  Sold-Out Show at Tuacahn in Utah! 

Tuacahn tickets for sale

FOD has received an email from a wonderful fan, who due to unforeseen circumstances, is unable to attend David’s Tuacahn  show in Utah in November.  The tickets are for Saturday Nov. 7th 7:30 pm.  Aisle 2 center row EE seats 109 and 110.

The tickets cost $34.50 each (face value) and the seller is hoping to sell them at this price. If you are interested in purchasing these tickets, please email us at  fodfrontpage@gmail.com and we will connect you with the seller. The show is SOLD-OUT so this could be your only opportunity for tickets if you (or someone you know) would like to go! Don’t miss your chance!

* * * * *

That’s it for all the updates. As Kalei said up top, I’ll be around today and tomorrow to post any more updates. Wishing everyone a great weekend, and keep smiling! :)

quote a smile is the prettiest thing

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