Meet Tollbooth Betty! In @Davidarchie’s own words “One of the nicest ladies”, What Song Title would you Tattoo results are IN! Jani’s story continued, As Found aRound is all about Christmas!

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Tollbooth Betty

tollbooth betty

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happy quote

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One of the nicest ladies …

tollbooth betty tweet

From David’s Facebook and Instagram:

This is my new friend, Betty. I met her landing back in Tennessee. She is one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet at a toll booth. But then again, all of the toll booth gals at the Nashville airport are wishing you a happy day and a welcome home. I love the South. 

#Betty #tollbooth #Nashville #Nashvilleairport#thesouth

How much do we love the use of the retro ‘gal’.  Nothing better than kind words and a warm smile as you arrive home.  And David called Nashville “home”.  As he did in Tuacahn as well.  I guess that makes it official!

Aww, if only some of the border guards at the US/Canada border could meet Betty!

And Kalei reminded me that David sang Happy Birthday (to Madison) while at a toll booth. He was 17!!! Interview in Lancaster.

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A Sunday Tweet


music prayer


And you agreed!



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Jani’s story continued

Picking up where we left off on Saturday, Jani was describing her journey to Tuacahn:

Day three – sweet Sunday 

Sunday morning dawned and it was a beautiful day, (actually every day was perfect, sunny, fall weather) and I was still reveling in the amazingness of the night before.  Shanny and I had decided to go to church together, so I found one near our hotel and Sharon and John dropped me off. (Bless their hearts, what would I do without them?)  I was a few minutes early and went on into the chapel, only to discover that I had forgotten my glasses in the hotel. Yep. Ugh… without them I couldn’t sit in my usual back-row-of-the-chapel spot and see anything, so made my way up to the second row in front, hoping Shanny wouldn’t mind.  When she and her husband got there, she said, “This is the exact spot we sit in every week in Australia.”

It was the Primary program. (Once a year the Primary children (ages 3 – 11) take up the entire worship service with songs and spoken parts. It’s precious.)  Shanny and I chatted a bit before the service began, and of course, we couldn’t help ourselves scanning the congregation…just in case. ;) I have to say that it was incredibly sweet for me to be sitting next to someone I had come to love and admire, from halfway around the world, all because of David. I kept thinking, “What are the chances of this??”  It was lovely!

And it was not lost on either Shanny or I that the children sang I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus for their first song, and later in the program, If The Savior Stood Beside Me – classic Primary songs.  Well how could we not think about the words, but also be reminded of David?! … another sweet coincidence.

When services were over we visited for a while outside in the glorious weather, then   said our goodbyes with promises to keep in touch.  It had been such a lovely morning!  I went back into the foyer to wait for S & J, and while sitting there, was pleased and surprised to hear choir practice going on in the chapel.  And they were singing a beautiful arrangement of Be Still My Soul!  I had heard three songs with David connections in one day. What were the chances?  You might be thinking,  “Pretty good,” but really, that doesn’t happen every day!  I was smiling from ear to ear when Sharon came.

Conclusion – Unforgettable Tuacahn

I’ve run out of words to describe this incredible weekend in St. George.  But it was just that – incredible.  Sharon and I relived it all while John drove us back to Vegas to catch our flights.  (Thank you, John.)  The Aruchuleta Affect (or The DA, for short) had not only rendered me speechless, but brainless on occasion as well. ;)  I had forgotten things left and right, and left things behind the whole trip.  Now I was leaving something else behind – a piece of my heart.  It’s with David, on that stage, in those beautiful red rocks.  I will never forget THAT.

p.s.  When I got home I discovered days later, when I finally unpacked my suitcase, (that’s a whole other story ;)) that I had left a pair of jeans and a sweater in the hotel dresser. Yes, I did.  The hotel is sending them. They have yet to arrive.

Thanks Jani for closing the loop on your Tuacahn adventure.  If a lost pair of jeans and a sweater is the only negative from a trip like that, sounds like a winner experience all the way.

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The Results are In!

tattoo poll

Other suggestions!

  • Forevermore
  • Tell Me
  • My Hands
  • Love Don’t Hate
  • You are My Song
  • Barriers
  • Imagine
  • You Can
  • Everything and More
  • Zero Gravity
  • Good place
  • Look Around
  • Numb
  • Stomping the Roses

Soon after the poll went up, we got a cool email from Barb who found this tattoo parlor in her travels!  Co-incidence?  You be the judge!  btw, this kind of stuff happens to Barb all the time! lol

archangels tattoo

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As Found aRound

christmas cfth wonderful

cfth tweet

christmas music tweet four cfth

Such a beast!

beast cfth

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And finaly ;)
after i hit send monkey

Story. OF. My. Life.

Adios amigos and amigas and for those of you in the US, have a most wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!!! We Canadians will be thinking of you as we toil in our little cubicles on Thursday lol! Have a good one :) :)

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Saturday snippets, We had no doubt ~ David sells out at DAC the Halls! Magic at Tuacahn from Jani, Two Polls ~ weigh in this weekend! @mydearwriter makes a shocking discovery!

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Layton Pam Pike 2

Layton Pam Pike 2

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David Archuleta’s Yuletide SELL-OUT #WeHadNoDoubt

DAC the Halls sells out in record time this past Tuesday!

What’s better than Christmas music?  What’s better than a David Archuleta concert?  Well, to all those people who rushed to get tickets over the past weeks, the answer to that is a Christmas David Archuleta concert.  And anyone who has attended a David Archuleta Jingle Jam, or Christmas from the Heart Concert, or more recently a My Kind of Christmas concert, knows this to be true!

And so, not surprising to see this!

dac the halls sell out

David looks pleased.  He looks downright giddy!

dac the halls david looks  pleased

So, how did you fare?  Take our poll!

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Tuacahn 1 screencap Don't give up vid cred Shelley 7

 Remembering Tuacahn

from Jani

Preface – This will likely be filled with things that will be of no interest to anyone but me.  But since I’m writing for my own memories, as well as for FOD, and I don’t want to do this twice, I’m just going to include everything from my experience; and hope that anyone else reading will understand.  Kalei asked if I would mind doing another recap, so here goes another attempt to capture an amazing concert experience.  It will likely be waaaay too long!  Plenty of skipping is allowed. J

Day one – still can’t believe it.

Once again, I was off to see David! Eeeeekkkkk!! I really could not believe it. Yes, it was smart marketing to announce the Tuacahn concert first in the lineup of David’s shows. Otherwise I KNOW I would not be coming all the way to St. George after already seeing David in Layton and Idaho Falls.   But, good for them, because of that, I had my tickets and I was on my way!

I met up with fellow fans Sharon and John at the MSP airport and we boarded the plane for Vegas. Woohoo!!! My seat was so far in the back of the plane that, I swear, it took me ten minutes to get there!  Just when they announced they were about to close the doors, and I was all settled in, I realized to my horror that I had left my iPad inside the gate!  Nooooooooo!!!!!  I plead my case to the flight attendant who was kind enough to let me run back to the terminal.  As I flew by Sharon up front I yelled, “I’ll explain later!” and ran inside to the spot I had been sitting.  YES!!!! It was there!!!  Whew, and ohmyheck!!!  I meekly smiled at the gate attendant who had called out, “What are you doing? We’re closing the doors!” as I had breezed by him.  Well.  I could breath, now, but holy moly, what a start to my David adventure.  More meek,  sorry–to–keep-you–all-waiting smiles as I made my long way back to my seat.  Little did I know it would not be the last thing I would leave behind. ;)

We arrived in Las Vegas to beautiful weather and a rental car for the drive to St. George.  That desert landscape left much to be desired, (as in it was downright ugly -  sorry any desert loving folks) but as our drive continued, it began to get more interesting and more and more beautiful. I had never been to this part of the country, and had only seen pictures of the beautiful red rock formations and mountains. Well…….. just like seeing David live, there is no comparison to pictures or vids, and the REAL thing! It had a rugged beauty different from anything I had seen, and I loved it! I had seen David live, so there was no question I was going to love that! J

We checked in to our hotel and I gazed around to see if there were any Archies, but didn’t see anyone. It was likely just as well, because by this time I was feeling really awful with a nasty sore throat, and remnants of a cold/flu from the week before.  Was I getting it all over again? Ugh!  I sent John and Sharon off to dinner and curled up snug as a bug in my room.  Sharon, bless her heart, came back later with the most delicious homemade (I swear, it was) chicken soup from the restaurant, and a lemon and some honey. (I’m pretty sure warm honey/lemon water was what David was drinking in that thermos in Layton.  If not he should had been! It felt heavenly. Thank you Sharon!)

I pretty much spent the next day in the same spot; snug under the covers drinking warm “honey juice,”  and anticipating seeing David and Tuacahn!  I was absolutely determined to be in good shape by concert time and was willing to do anything for it, including sleeping and lazing about a hotel room all day.  It did the trick because by late afternoon I was feeling much better and ready to go! (I would have gone in any case. ;))  We went to a lovely place for dinner, (cant remember the name) after which I discovered I had left my wallet in my hotel room, and couldn’t pay for the check! Honestly. It was Sharon to the rescue again.

jani and sharon

Finally time for the concert, or at least time that we could go and not be so obviously early we were the only ones there! What an amazing venue!  I had wanted to see it for years. It was perfect. I loved the steps up to the amphitheater, with the terraced waterfall rushing down beside them.  Amazing! The red rock all around added to the beauty and atmosphere, and I couldn’t wait to hear David’s voice soaring through the air!  Our seats weren’t together, so I headed off to find mine.

As I sat down (row H, yay!!!) and looked around behind me, I saw Linda from FOD just a couple rows above me!  Or at least I thought it was she.  Linda had been someone who had made me feel so welcome when I was a newbie fan, and this was her first concert!  I so wanted to meet her, so headed up and tentatively asked, “Are you Linda?” She said, “Yes!” We hugged, and then Gwen, who was taking pics, introduced herself, too.  More hugs, and pictures taken. (I’m a hugger, so if you’re not, you do not want to come anywhere near me, seriously.) It warmed my heart again to realize that the connection to David was a connection between fans, and you don’t need to know them.  Once again, it was just a lovely thing!

Ok, back to my seat and time for the concert!  Eeeekkkk!  I was really going to see and hear David again!  I was bundled up for the chilly night and ready for anything.  After sweet Gracie, Davie was finally there! How fun it was for me to see him off stage for a few seconds before he came bounding out, all smiles and waves to a very welcoming crowd.  Oh, I love that moment when it’s all about to begin, when you’re full of anticipation of what you know is to come!  And David looked absolutely stunning.

shelley 3Then here came that voice!!!  That mellow, rich, tender, powerful, moves-through-the notes-so-fluidly-and-grabs-your-heart-while-doing-it voice!!!  My goodness, I was struck again by his natural talent, and by the way he moves with the music!  I wish I could give a perfect description of it and of each song. I know I could not do them justice, because what happens is that I come under this spell, and am completely wrapped up in the beauty and joy of it, and can’t give a good account of either!  I can say that his voice soared through the night air, reached those rocky cliffs, and came back to us even more beautiful!  What a venue, and what a performance. Wow!

His banter was what I expected; completely genuine, funny, heartfelt, with a few more starts and stops than IF.  He left a few things unsaid that I had remembered from before, but no matter; I enjoyed every word, and every pause, every smile and laugh………and every note he sang!  It was a cold night, and I had to take off my gloves to applaud every time, (yes, I was determined he would hear that applause!) but David warmed it up beautifully!  And while I was a bit cold, I felt toasty warm and happy inside. (I later discovered that I had left one of my gloves there; no surprise, they were on and off so many times!)  When we left I was kind of floating down those waterfall steps, and couldn’t believe I would get to do this all again.

Day two –  amazingness not to be forgotten

For the next mornings’ adventure we decided to check out Tuacahn in the daylight, and drive a little bit up Snow Canyon.  Wow, it was even more beautiful!  I dearly want to come back to this place someday and do some serious hiking!  It was just breathtaking.  On the way there, we saw a small mountain with a big letter D on it!  I immediately thought, “Well, how nice of them to welcome David like that! J (I don’t care that it was probably for Dixie College.  For me, it was all for David….yes, it was!)  I tried to get a pic, but the light was wrong and it didn’t show up. I planned to get one later and in better light, but forgot! L Yeah, forgetting seems to be a theme here.  I had also left my coat in the hotel room and had to run back for it before we could leave for Tuacahn.  Sharon has now termed this the  “Archuleta Affect” Yep.

Tuacahn 2 fan lunch group pic credit Kalei

Tuacahn 2 fan lunch group pic credit Kalei

The next day was exciting because it was the Fan Luncheon (like, an official one!) and I had never experience that before.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but as we found the location, and saw the Archies that put it together in their bedazzled DAVID t-shirts, I knew we were in for a treat!  I first saw Kalei, and I can’t even express how lovely it was to meet this amazing MOD after enjoying her tireless efforts, fabulous writing and fun posts on FOD!  I learned (and shouldn’t have been surprised) that I had been mispronouncing her name all these years.  It is a lovely Hawaiian Ka-lei (as in flower lei, duh, of course!) instead of Kay-lee, as I had been saying in my mind.  How had I not figured that out?? I’m pretty sure I will always have to catch myself to say it right, now.  (Old dog, new trick.)  She was sweet as anything and had everything planned down to the last detail.

Fans of David Button

Fans of David Button

There was David’s music playing overhead.  I loved it, and stopped to listen for a minute, thinking, “How cool is it that I just heard that voice last night for real?!” Pretty cool, I tell ya. There were nice little gift bags on the tables, with David pins, notebooks, candies, and other fun items to remind us why we were there!  And the fans!  Once again, it was a delight to meet new fans, and watch others who were friends for years get reacquainted.  It was great to meet Gladys, and Shanny, sgj, and Margie, and Patty, and oh so many others that I shouldn’t even name names.  It was such fun, and yes, more hugs.  And I still didn’t meet everyone there.  Kalei said there were 52 of us. Wow. We played a cute “name that David song” game with coordinating gift bags for each song.  What a lot of work and planning went in to this.  I enjoyed it all, including the best brownies I’ve had in a long time!  I almost forgot my “goodie bag” on the table, and had to run back to get it.

After that, it was time to crash, (I was still nursing my sore throat) until dinner and another night at Tuacahn!  By the way, I was curious where that name came from and looked up the meaning.  It is apparently a Mayan word meaning “canyon of the gods.” Well, all I can say is being there with David was pretty darn close to heaven, and I was ready to go there again!

Tuacahn 1 The stage credit GwenMy seat was center and further back this time, but the really nice thing about it was the people around me.  I met Victoria from CA, who drove there by herself when her husband couldn’t make it.  She’s a young mom and has been a fan for only 1½ years!  She said she was smitten with David’s voice when she listened to CFTH; that it was so pure and the nuances so irresistible she had to know and hear more.  Oh, I love  that!  I was also surprised and delighted that Shanny and her husband were smack dab in front of me! How fun and what a coincidence.  We had conversed through email a bit, so “knew” each other, but never mentioned where our seats were.  That was a sweet little surprise, as those two seats were empty right up until the concert started.  Then…. there came Shanny!  So fun!  (And yes, she “fangirled” through the whole concert! Go Shanny!) J

naughtiest tumblr8Well, when David finally came out looking radiant, and sounding fabulous, I was doing the same! He seemed even more happy, confidant, and in his element than ever before.  This night was a tiny bit warmer, which was good because I only had one glove, ;) but it was still cold enough that when he told the crowd to stand up and get warm, everyone was quickly on their feet singing and dancing along!  This happened several times, and wow, I think David loved the energy from the crowd and just gave that back to us even more. His voice was out of this world good, and the beautiful outdoor venue made it that much better.

His banter between songs was more easy and flowing than the night before.  He expressed things well, and with a comfortable demeanor.  In fact it was so good that when he stopped at one point and said something like, ‘Oh, I need to stop talking,” the crowd yelled, “Noooooooo!”  He responded, “Well, you want to hear more songs, don’t you?”  Honestly David, it doesn’t matter to me.  You can talk, you can sing, I’ll happily listen to it all.

When he introduced Numb I got a better understanding of him, and of the song than before.  He said that before, he was trying so hard to please everyone, to make everyone happy; the label, the management, the lawyers, his family, and his fans.  He found he couldn’t do it, that they all wanted something different.  As a result he began to feel numb.  He then went to on explain some of the feelings he has already shared with us about not wanting to go to that place again, deciding through that process that he did want to do music again.  Somehow this time, I felt like I “got it” better than before.  I just have oodles of respect for this guy.

He was darling with one girl who yelled, “I love you David!”  This, of course, had happened several times, and this time he stopped and said something like, “I never know how to respond to that.  Because (smiling that smile) I don’t know who you are.”  She called out, “I’m Sara!  He laughed, paused, and said, “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Sara.” Adorable.  (Oh, actually, I think that was the first night.)  This night someone yelled, “My sister loves you!”  He laughed, smiled, paused, “Well… do you love your sister?”  “Yes, do you want her number?” He laughed again, “Uhmm, that’s not exactly how I plan to meet someone. But I’m glad you love your sister! I love mine, too.”  He really had us in the palm of his hand.  He was charming, engaging, open and real, along with captivating, inspiring, totally in command and on fire!  His voice was out of this world amazing, and his moves, his smile, his demeanor, and his energy were all just……….oh, I don’t even have the words for it anymore.

When it was over and David left the stage for the last time, to standing O’s, I couldn’t feel sad about the fact that I didn’t know when I would see him in concert again.  I had been blessed to be there THAT night, and that would hold me over for some time.  I felt, and still do, that I will most certainly see him again. It’s just a matter of where and when.

We felt reluctant to leave Tuacahn, and mingled with fans for a while.  Finally, it was time for hugs and goodbyes; and going down those awesome steps again, I felt all wrapped up in a cocoon of coats, blankets and joy.  I would not forget this night!  I would, however, discover, when I got in the car, that I had forgotten to turn in the seat cushion we had rented. Seriously? There it was on my arm, under the blanket.  The Archuleta Affect.  (Thank you, John, for taking it back for me. ;)) And thank you, David, for a night to remember.

….to be continued.

* * * * *

If someone paid you …

It’s poll day.  Free form this time.  Cuz i got nuthin else


I’m sure some of David’s songs titles don’t require such a expensive incentive, but love to hear what you’d want to sport on wherever, forever!   I started the ball rolling, but fill in your own title!

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As Found aRound

Whahhhhh MDW?

falling stars my dear writer

Let us bring you up to speed MDW :) :)

Gotta run to work!  Ciao for now all!

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